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GE MV2 Portable Vacuum
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Post# 3355   11/1/2006 at 19:03 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        

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I just picked up a beautiful GE MV2 portable vacuum in green with the tool caddy and all the attachments. It is just like the one I talked my mom into buying in the 60's. I would like to use it but it takes paper bags. I also have the GE electric carpet sweeper that needs bags. Does anyone have any of these that they would like to sell? I'll post a picture of the MV2 shortly when the attachments and hose come out of the dishwasher. I was wondering if Oreck Buster-B bags would work.

Post# 3357 , Reply# 1   11/1/2006 at 19:13 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Here's The Vacuum

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Side Shot

Post# 3358 , Reply# 2   11/1/2006 at 19:14 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Here's Another

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Front Shot

Post# 3359 , Reply# 3   11/1/2006 at 19:16 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Last Shot

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The Bag - The machine looks like an Oreck (Yuk)but if the bags fit, I'll use them. This really is a great little machine and it looks like it had no use. I am cleaning up the hose and attachments because they were pretty dusty. When the attachments are dry, I will shoot a glam shot. This would be perfect to have at the ready to clean up after Ms. Bridget, who loves to spread her food on the floor.

Post# 3360 , Reply# 4   11/1/2006 at 19:17 (4,345 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
Buster B bags would probably work.

It might require some modification because I don't remember if the MV2 had a cardboard cuff attached to the bag. Other than that, they're basically the same machines with the obvious difference in motors, colors, manufacturers. Don't get me started on Dave Oreck, though. That's another topic altogether. Let's just say that I'm amazed at what that man can do with another company's patent license on a particular machine once that patent expires.

Post# 3361 , Reply# 5   11/1/2006 at 19:18 (4,345 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
Just saw your pics

Yep. Bags look the same.

Post# 3363 , Reply# 6   11/1/2006 at 19:23 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Thanks John

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There is an Oreck store here in St. Charles. I'll stop by and pick some up. I vowed never to go into that place, but it is for a good cause. And I promise not to trash the machines or show my extreme distaste!


Post# 3365 , Reply# 7   11/1/2006 at 19:40 (4,345 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        

I used to manage one of those places. (shhh!) What always cracks me up is when I look at an Oreck aand can figure out what it used to be. (under someone else's brand) That's part of the reason for one of my "dream machines": a Whirlpool CVR 2000, black with the black/white 'hounds tooth' vinyl bag. Got one from a garage sale when I was in jr. high.

Post# 3366 , Reply# 8   11/1/2006 at 19:41 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
OK Here is the Glam Shot

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They really made these well. Good long cord, solid tools and a good reinforced hose. I almost cringe to think I will probably see what Oreck did to it.

Post# 3367 , Reply# 9   11/1/2006 at 20:09 (4,345 days old) by vacconnection (West Bend WI.)        
Eureka style W bags

Fred, If the Oreck Buster B bags dont work I have a pack of Eureka style W bags that might work. They look the same as your MV2 bags.

Post# 3368 , Reply# 10   11/1/2006 at 20:19 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Thanks Duane!

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What machine did the Eureka W bags go with?

Post# 3369 , Reply# 11   11/1/2006 at 20:20 (4,345 days old) by buffalo-joe ()        
I've got a cloth bag.........

I have the Premier version and it has the cloth bag. I thought of using Oreck bags, but never tried them. The MV 2 and its Premier twin are really nice mini vacuums.


Post# 3370 , Reply# 12   11/1/2006 at 20:21 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Just a Couple More Comments

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These machines, for their size, really have great suction. Of course, the cardboard caddies didn't last long, but the machine was designed with a cut-out in the back of it to use to hang on the wall. Great design and a GE motor to boot.

Post# 3371 , Reply# 13   11/1/2006 at 20:25 (4,345 days old) by vacconnection (West Bend WI.)        

Fred, The bags went into a small portible hand vacuum that looks like your MV2 and like the older style Buster B

Post# 3372 , Reply# 14   11/1/2006 at 20:39 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        

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Well you guys got me going on GE Vacuums. The MV2 was one we had when I was young, but now realize we had two more. I always had Electrolux envy, but these weren't bad machines. Here is my mom's actual GE Carpet Sweeper. One of the few things I got when she cleaned out the family house. You can tell what my priorities are!

Post# 3373 , Reply# 15   11/1/2006 at 20:40 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
GE Carpet Sweeper Inside

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Not only do I need bags (which are reusable) but I see I need some belts as well. I should be able to scrounge something up that will work.

Post# 3375 , Reply# 16   11/1/2006 at 20:42 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
OK - Here is What Replaced Mom's Kenmore Commander

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A GE Swivel-Top. This is not her's but an almost exact duplicate. She always favored canisters until she bought the lavender Hoover 33. That is a whole other thread.

Post# 3377 , Reply# 17   11/1/2006 at 20:54 (4,345 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
I just luuuuuuuvvv those pink G.E. bags!

or as we say in Texas, "Pank". I just remembered seeing one of those electric carpet sweepers at a pawn shop. First time I saw it there was 1993, then again in 2000. This is one of this little Mom & Pop owned shops that are usually a front for money laundering, which is why the inventory never changes. I'm going to look for it next week.

Post# 3378 , Reply# 18   11/1/2006 at 20:54 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
BTW - Here is Ms. Bridget

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The 16 year-old Lhasa Apso who can spread her food far and wide!

Post# 3379 , Reply# 19   11/1/2006 at 21:09 (4,345 days old) by talktotravis ()        
Whirlpool Upright

Bigbubbacain, if you still have that Whirlpool upright I would love to see it. From what I understand the XL uprights are carbon copies of this original Whirlpool design. I have never seen one.

Post# 3380 , Reply# 20   11/1/2006 at 21:28 (4,345 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
I wish I did. (sigh)

The CVR actually had some elements to it that were reminiscent of a few different things. The nozzle head looks just like old Kenmore Powermate nozzle from the late 60's and early 70's. The model immediately before Kenmore introduced carpet height adjustment on the powermate. The hollow tube which moved the air to the bag was square, not round. Just like on the first generation Oreck which had a handle release and a ball-bearing motor. (long before the "8 pound" days) The only real similarities between the XL and the Whirlpool are the size/shape of the bag fitting. (The Whirlpool has that strange teardrop shape like the Oreck), and the inner workings of the fan setup on one side of the motor.

Post# 3387 , Reply# 21   11/1/2006 at 22:34 (4,345 days old) by luxg ()        

I can just hear Ms. Brigett saying, "who me" you know I would never do anything like that, I am a lady!! Love the GE mini vac and carpet sweeper Fred. Our neighbors had that little mini vac and I loved using it. Thanks for sharing. Terry

Post# 3396 , Reply# 22   11/1/2006 at 23:35 (4,345 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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I can remember seeing Oreck commercials and advertisements since I was a kid but I never knew that David Oreck ripped off another companies design. I would love to here more about this since I assumed that he came up with that design by himself. David Oreck certainly doesnt have a problem taking credit for another companies design.

Post# 3398 , Reply# 23   11/2/2006 at 00:31 (4,345 days old) by dualsanitronic ()        

David Oreck worked for Whirlpool,but bought the idea from them since they couldn't properly market the machine.He sure did.

Post# 3401 , Reply# 24   11/2/2006 at 00:50 (4,345 days old) by dial-a-nap (Omaha - the home of the TV Dinner)        

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Great looking cleaner, Fred!

Jeff, follow him to the Oreck store and take pictures! We can use those next September at the convention!

Post# 3403 , Reply# 25   11/2/2006 at 01:13 (4,345 days old) by eluxomarty (Palm Springs)        
Hi Fred

I have some extra bags for your GE carpet sweeper! They are in storage so i won't be able to look for them until next week.

The Eureka W bags went to the updated "Whisk" hand vacuum that looked just like the GE MV cleaners. I always thought that maybe Eureka made those cleaners for GE. The attachments look like Eureka.

I will get those bags to you next week some time.

Post# 3404 , Reply# 26   11/2/2006 at 01:15 (4,345 days old) by swingette ()        

does that GE bissell-style sweeper produce suction? or does the agitator simply fling the dirt into the bag?

Post# 3406 , Reply# 27   11/2/2006 at 01:24 (4,345 days old) by eluxomarty (Palm Springs)        

There is a ( Hi, I thought i would answer this one hehehe ) small motor behind the bag that provides the suction. Do you remember the Dirt Devil Room Mate? It was basically an electric carpet sweeper that had a little dirt compartment with a filter in front of the motor. They were loud but did fine for quick clean ups. I wonder why DD stopped making them? I thought they were better than all that other junk they make.

Post# 3411 , Reply# 28   11/2/2006 at 01:41 (4,345 days old) by swingette ()        
where ya been, Marty?

yes i do remember the roommate. never used one. closest thing i have (and thats a stretch) is the old-style upright *Broom-Vac*.

Post# 3417 , Reply# 29   11/2/2006 at 07:26 (4,345 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
I think

A Hoover Elite belt will work on that GE Fred, A few years back I picked up TWO of those GE carpet sweepers for my friend Tony, and if I remember right I used an Elite blt with some success?
We can experiment this weekend when we get toegther

Post# 3419 , Reply# 30   11/2/2006 at 08:38 (4,345 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Thanks Jeff and Marty

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Marty, thanks for looking for those bags for me. This machine is special to me since it was my mom's (although she wasn't much of a vacuumer, that was left to me!) Those GE bags are like hen's teeth, very hard to find. Also, they open up at one end and are reusable.

Jeff, I was thinking that a DAM belt might work. I didn't even realize that the belt was missing till I opened it up to take a picture. Belts for older machines are definitely easier to improvise with than the bags are!


Post# 3420 , Reply# 31   11/2/2006 at 09:12 (4,345 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
DAM-vs-Elite Belt

Fred either or might work, DAM belts are a bigger diameter, but close in width to Elite belts.
We'll use whichever one puts the least stress on the motor!

Post# 3421 , Reply# 32   11/2/2006 at 09:13 (4,345 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
DAM-vs-Elite Belt

Fred either or might work, DAM belts are a bigger diameter, but close in width to Elite belts.
We'll use whichever one puts the least stress on the motor!

Post# 3611 , Reply# 33   11/7/2006 at 09:17 (4,340 days old) by rexairman ()        

Sorry I hadn't looked at this thread before, as I have about 20 original bags for the MV-1. I also have one of these machines, though not nearly as nice as Fred's, so I don't want to give up all the bags, but will part with some. Whe GE got out of the vacuum business, and then Premier subsequently went under, this same machine eventually became the Eureka Whisk, which used the Style W bags. Style W Eureka bags, however, have also been discontinued for a long time.

Post# 3612 , Reply# 34   11/7/2006 at 09:39 (4,340 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        
Whirlpool CVR 2000/3000

Does anyone have a Whirlpool CVR they would like to sell? I have the Oreck CVR-4000, and I would like it's predecessor. I can be emailed directly at Thanks.

Post# 3616 , Reply# 35   11/7/2006 at 10:14 (4,340 days old) by dysonman ()        

Buster B bags won't work unless you cut the cardboard. GE sold their dies to Eureka for the Wisk, which is exactly the GE MV1 (which I have) and the MV2. I have extra bags for the GE if you need them, will give them to you at the Mini Meet in St. Louis.


Post# 3620 , Reply# 36   11/7/2006 at 12:26 (4,340 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
older Oreck uprights

Hey Ohio_Tuec:

Is your Oreck upright the one with the handle release and the ball-bearing motor from the early 70's? I loved that machine. I had the CVR 2000 when I was a kid. I burned the motor up when the bearings in it wore out and I wasn't clever enough to try and fix it or replace the motor. I'm looking through a friend's "bone yard" later this week. If I find anything, are you open for a "trade" ?

Post# 3621 , Reply# 37   11/7/2006 at 12:43 (4,340 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
response to Bimmer740

You wrote: "I would love to hear more about this since I assumed that he came up with that design by himself. David Oreck certainly doesnt have a problem taking credit for another companies design."

Basically, what Mr. Oreck did was purchase the expired patent licenses of other machines formerly under different brand names. His saving grace is that somewhere along the way, he made a few improvements and transformed the appearance of these machines so that they were new and different again. It does amuse me to look at his machines and see what they used to be in a different brand. For example:
Big Foot upright- aka Premier 2 motor upright. (circa 1970's)
Buster B - G.E. MV2
Celoc Canister (orange)- similar components to Whirlpool canister (circa 1980's) but designed not to be too similar to Whirlpool or Kenmores of the time.
Commercial canister (circa 1980's) - Whirlpool com. canister (circa 1960's)
Iron Man - Douglas MVP (?) canister
Dutch Tech - Philips canister (circa early 1980's)

probably his oldest design which has been out of production since the mid 90's was the Big Foot power nozzle. This was modified from the very first power nozzle made for the Kenmore/Whirlpool canisters in the late 50's.

Post# 3626 , Reply# 38   11/7/2006 at 13:54 (4,340 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
Please tell me if I'm wrong on any of these...

I'm certainly no expert and alot of my info is based on memory until I see a machine again in person.

Post# 3634 , Reply# 39   11/7/2006 at 15:31 (4,339 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        
response to Bigbubbacain

Yes, the Oreck CVR-4000 (which began production in 1962, and continued as the XL-4000 in the '70's), is the Oreck with the stubby handle, handle release, and ball-bearing motor. They were made for Oreck by a company in West Germany called MacDonald electric. Tom Oreck (David's son and now CEO of Oreck) told me this at Oreck University. I did see the MacDonald electric machine for sale on eBay not too long ago, but since it was in the UK, I figured the shipping would be prohibitive. When the bearings are good, they are very quiet. I would love to have a Whirlpool CVR-2000/3000, since that was the prototype. If you do find one, yes I would be interested in a trade. Please let me know. Thanks.

Post# 3649 , Reply# 40   11/7/2006 at 18:48 (4,339 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
You Guys Are Great!

compactelectra's profile picture
What a great group of folks. I have been getting emails (there are a bunch of Eureka W bags on Ebay right now) and a package arrived in the mail today from George Bocknewch in Florida. It was some GE bags and some W bags! Thanks George. Also Jeff Parker was able to fix up my GE Carpet Sweeper this weekend with a Dial-A-Matic belt.

Also while Jeff and Fred were here (cleaning up the Hoover Floor Washers) I shared with them the latest addition to the collection, a beautiful Kenmore Commander-type vacuum on a cart in lovely turquoise and polished aluminum rug tool. This must have been the top of the line. Can anyone date it?


Post# 3650 , Reply# 41   11/7/2006 at 18:56 (4,339 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
Speaking of the Floor Washers

compactelectra's profile picture
Here is a glam shot of the four we rescued from the basement of the gentlemen who had just passed away. They were in the original boxes, but the boxes had been exposed to moisture and had deteriorated and the machines were a bit mildewed. A bit of bleach, Mr. Clean and elbow grease and they are like new! Sorry guys, they are all spoken for! Boy this thread is getting a bit off track, huh?

Post# 3651 , Reply# 42   11/7/2006 at 19:05 (4,339 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
Such a wicked man!!!!

The very idea! Teasing us with four Floor-a-Matics! There probably haven't been 4 displayed in a row that way since a vacuum trade show in the 1960's. All kidding aside, congrats. They're beautiful. It all hearkens back to the day when the Hoover brand could compete in the marketplace.

Post# 3654 , Reply# 43   11/7/2006 at 19:26 (4,339 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
Ohio_Tuec: thanks for the info.

I do remember how quiet those machines are/were. Tell me, is yours the orange, purple, or black?

I honestly believe this machine should have been more of a template for what Oreck is doing today. In my opinion, I think they strayed a bit off the mark. They got so hung up on the "8 lb. upright concept" and decided this one factor should be the cornerstone for their "lightweight" upright platform that they ignored good qualities like the ball bearing motor. There are those who would argue that ball bearing motors require more maintenance, but this would be maintenance that most customers have already paid for with the purchase of their machines. I kinda feel as though they designed these machines around the weight factor at all cost. Please understand, I'm not trashing Oreck (even though I am a disgruntled former employee). I respect Dave and Tom as businessmen. They ARE marketing geniuses. I would, however, like to see them take their other machine concepts (other models) through the same evolution process the same way that Dave did with the Whirlpool CVR. We both know it's basically the same design concept with quite a few improvements. In fact, I believe the earliest Orecks were quieter than the CVR's.

Congrats on going to Oreck University, btw. You're a better man than me. You must be really good. If the climate at Oreck agrees with you, go for it and don't stop until you own a franchise for yourself!

Post# 3655 , Reply# 44   11/7/2006 at 19:47 (4,339 days old) by hygiene903 (Galion, OH)        

hygiene903's profile picture
Yes, that is one beautiful Commander! And I'll bet it runs as good as it looks, too! I'm no expert, but my guess would be that it was one of the last of the Commander series, before they went to the pot-type or box-type cannisters. Probably mid to late 50's I think.

Post# 3657 , Reply# 45   11/7/2006 at 20:02 (4,339 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
The Kenmore

compactelectra's profile picture
My mom had a maroon Commander and all I remember was that the suction was lousy. I don't know if it was due to bad maintenance or just a bad machine. It was the first one I remember using and only needed one wand to vacuum with since I was probably no older than four or five when I was fascinated with it. You are right, it runs great! I was amazed at the suction of this machine. It was a bit dirty and filled with dirt, but cleaned up great. It is one great vacuum. I was talking with Tania tonight about it. I must admit, I was working on her to find me a matching hose, but told her, this was one great vacuum!

Post# 3658 , Reply# 46   11/7/2006 at 20:32 (4,339 days old) by rexairman ()        

Here's the skinny on the Whirlpool/Oreck deal. In 1963 David Oreck set up in business to liquidate the unsold inventory of Whirlpool branded vacuums, when Whirlpool decided to get out of the vac business under their own name, even though they continued to build the Kenmore for Sears. Those machines included the lightweight upright - there was a similar Kenmore. As this was a successful product for him, when these were all sold, he found the similar German built machine and sold it until they were all gone too. Then he contracted Bissell to build the current style Orecks for him (Ever notice that Oreck part numbers and Bissell part numbers follow the same format, or that the older Oreck boxes show that they came from Grand Rapids?) At the same time, he sold other machines made for him by other manufacturers such as Douglas, and even Hoover (a Portapower). When Bissell refused to renew the contract, he bought the assets of the bankrupt Regina Corp. to acquire their Long Beach MS factory. He then became a manufacturer for the first time, having previously sold machines built by others. This also explains how he came by the piece-of-junk Regina Steemer carpet cleaner which he now sells as an overpriced Oreck. He also acquired the Regina name, which he tried unsuccessfully, to re-introduce as a lower priced line.

Post# 3663 , Reply# 47   11/7/2006 at 21:03 (4,339 days old) by dial-a-matic ()        

I would like to see pictures of thoes vintage orecks/whirlpools.


Post# 3671 , Reply# 48   11/8/2006 at 07:47 (4,339 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
Whirlpool vacuum

Whirlpool stopped selling vacuums with their name on them because Sears asked them to. Sears had a much bigger share of the market that Whirlpool ever would have had anyway.

Post# 3673 , Reply# 49   11/8/2006 at 08:54 (4,339 days old) by veg-o-matic ()        

Here's a scan from Consumer Reports about an Oreck and a Whirlpool that I think turned into an Oreck.


Post# 3679 , Reply# 50   11/8/2006 at 14:46 (4,339 days old) by earlieone (San Mateo, CA)        
back to the GE mv

Funny this thread should pop up. Two weeks ago I got a mv1 from an estate sale. Well actually my friend beat me there and bought it for me. it is in original box - much larger than mv2 box - long and flat. The cover of the box is an advertisment for all its uses in picture form. This machine had to have been used only a couple of times. The original screw is still mounted in the box for hanging. Great machine - quiet - so-so suction. Mine has a cloth bag.

Post# 3682 , Reply# 51   11/8/2006 at 15:16 (4,338 days old) by dial-a-matic ()        
Whirlpool upright

Thanks for the pic I allways wondered what a early oreck upright looked like.

Andy Beres

P.S. This site is fantastic!!

Post# 3684 , Reply# 52   11/8/2006 at 16:05 (4,338 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        
response to Bigbubbacain

While I do enjoy the product line very much, I do tend to agree that now Oreck is using the "only 8 pounds" virtue to their advantage by cheapening the product. The newer Ametek 12 and 24-bar motors seem to have a shorter lifespan and are MUCH noisier. I appreciated the quietness of the CVR/XL-4000 series, and even the later XL-100C, XL-200S, XL-5000, and so on. They used very energy-efficient 2.8 amp motors, which worked. Nowadays they use 4 amp motors. The new motors seem to last a couple of years and that's all. Of the new product line, I like the XL-21 the best. It's quieter than the rest, has the best filtration, and has a 21 year warranty with free yearly service. I feel it's the most durable, and trouble-free. Customers love how it actually pulls you along.
I have the CVR-4000 in a light blue, and the XL-4000 in black. I have seen it in orange also. I would like to know what other colors it came in. Like I say, if you are able to locate a Whirlpool CVR-2000/3000, I would gladly entertain a trade. I thank veg-o-matic for the consumer reports article, showing the machine. I'm guessing this was during the transition period when Oreck had already taken over Whirlpool's vacuum manufacturing branch?

Post# 3690 , Reply# 53   11/8/2006 at 18:47 (4,338 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Looking at that GE MV it does look very similar to my 1975 blue Sears Hand-Vac. It's a great little vac very powerful but the tools and wands are a bit cheap friction fit plastic. The nice thing about it is you don't need to use the hose, you can put the brushes or the wands directly onto the housing and have a stick vac.

Post# 3764 , Reply# 54   11/10/2006 at 10:41 (4,337 days old) by bigbubbacain ()        
Thanks Ohio_Tuec!

I'm definitely going to look.

Post# 3772 , Reply# 55   11/10/2006 at 14:40 (4,337 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

I hit the Goodwill today and lo and behold there was another little Sears Handvac there in pristine condition, lime green with a few daisies near the switch, has only the hose and crevice tool though..
Inside was one bag Sears 20-5021. I went to Sears and the store no longer carries that bag so I called Sears parts and service 800# here in Canada and they have them. The model of the Kenmore Handvac is 208.61110.
Looking at the GE bag it looks pretty identical, so if those Orecks don't fit let me know and I'll mail you some of the Sears bags.

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