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Fantom Technologies Inc (UPDATE 2 AND QNA)
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Post# 379767   10/14/2017 at 18:41 (367 days old) by FantomTechGuy (US)        

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FantomTechGuy here with the 2nd update to the Fantom Technologies Inc Reboot Project.

I apologize for not posting an update in awhile. The reason being is when I post an update, I need to make sure the info I put in them is accurate and confirmed so I don't need to post an update to that correcting whatever it was. And the other reason for not updating is waiting for responses.

As you guys know, I have contacted many people and companies about the proper name and loyalties purchasing. So far, I have only received an answer from one person. So with that being said, waiting for proper responses have hindered the progress.

BUT,I am still going on with the project! So please don't think I dumped it!

To add, I am purchasing a new computer system to re-master the Fantom How-To-Videos. I want the re-mastering done right, so I will do it myself.

Also, This thread will be the official QNA (question and answer) on the project.
If you have ANY questions, please let me know below and I will get back to you. I want everyone to be on the same page and everyone to be informed with the same info as it develops.

I await the questions!

Post# 379774 , Reply# 1   10/14/2017 at 19:55 (367 days old) by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

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I'm all for entrepreneurship and you doing your own thing that's really cool! Why are ue using one of the worst names in the industry?

Post# 379780 , Reply# 2   10/14/2017 at 21:47 (367 days old) by FantomTechGuy (US)        

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Fantom is a big part of my life and brings back memories. It is also a big part of Vacuum history.

Post# 379790 , Reply# 3   10/15/2017 at 07:53 (366 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        

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I think this is a very nice thing to do but I really donít think there is a market for it, you have to look at this from a business point of view and not so much a personal one.

Post# 379796 , Reply# 4   10/15/2017 at 12:27 (366 days old) by NickTechTalk (Winter Park, FL)        
Alex does have a point....

You need to look at the aspect of the consumer market. Us collectors of course would love to be able to buy a Fantom again, but as far as the consumer market goes, its gonna be a tough sale. People just go out and buy Sharks nowadays, so its going to be hard to convince people to buy a Fantom, when the name has no reputation that's good nowadays. Though like I've said (and even donated to the project!) I still think this is a great idea and I like the fact about how serious you are about it. Keep going!

Post# 379835 , Reply# 5   10/16/2017 at 08:33 (365 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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I think it's great. I still have ppl in my area who remember and lovesd their Fantom. I think the older middle aged generation will go ahhh I have one and loved it I'd like another one. Of course I'm sure you have plans you can't share with us yet to come out with some of your own modifications to the old design to compete with Shark and Dyson. If Amway can still sell enough "Workhorse" vacuums to stay in business I'm sure Fantom will sell.

Post# 379847 , Reply# 6   10/16/2017 at 16:30 (365 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        

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Keep in mind that you should probably update the old Fantom designs for the 21st century. The average consumer does not want old technology. They want the cutting edge. No one really wants the dual cyclone system anymore. It's obsolete on higher end machines. You might want to add more cyclones. Also, think about people who want a bagged machine. I myself would not pay over $80 for any bagless machine. However, I would pay up to $1500 for a good bagged machine. You might want to release a bagged version of some of your cleaners as well. I hope you succeed in your attempt to revive the Iona Fantom!

Post# 379850 , Reply# 7   10/16/2017 at 19:02 (365 days old) by FantomTechGuy (US)        
Thanks for the responses!

fantomtechguy's profile picture
I appreciate the responses form all of you. Now I will try to answer them.

1. I have made some designs of the "21st Century Fantom" I have made about 3 designs that have been finalized. For obvious reasons, those will NOT be made public.

2. I have been studying the vacuum market for over 3 years. I have a vast knowledge on what sells, whats crap and how to sell. I still study business and my education in that field has greatly increased over the years of studying.

3. If anyone has donated to the project, everyone will get their perks. Like I said before, I am currently waiting on my new computer system. I am waiting more towards the holidays to buy parts because they will be cheaper. So when I finally get it all together, I will start the Fantom How-To-Video remastering process. It's going to take awhile because I want it done right and professionally.

And to add, if you got the perk(s) with the poster, you will receive it in about 2-3 weeks. Just make sure you give me your address so I can send it to you.

4. This is random but I thought I'd say it now. This was going to be kept secret but I am excited for this so I'll tell you.

I will be making Fantom Vacuum Miniatures. If you are familiar with the Casdon toy vacuums, then these will be the same. These models will feature working lights, actual suction, and will be very detailed. They will also feature attachments, HEPA filter and a manual. These will be available when I get more information, but for now they are still in the prototype stages. The models will include the Fury, Thunder and Cyclone XT. If these go well, more Fantom models will be made. And to add, they will not be made by Casdon, I used that as an example.

So I hope I answered everyone's questions and I hope to bring more updates as soon as they develop. If anyone has more questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks again!

Post# 379854 , Reply# 8   10/16/2017 at 20:20 (365 days old) by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

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If you need some beta testers feel free to contact me I'd be happy to give you a report.

Post# 379868 , Reply# 9   10/17/2017 at 11:52 (364 days old) by sptyks (Skowhegan, Maine)        

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I agree with crazykirbydude. Most people today will not pay more than $100 for a bagless vac unless it's a Dyson. Most of todays younger generation have never heard of a Fantom vacuum and will most likely buy only a $100 bagless WalMart vacuum.


Older Americans like myself who want a quality machine will buy a bagged vacuum from to name a few Tacony, Kirby, Sanitaire or Royal. Just say'in.



Post# 379872 , Reply# 10   10/17/2017 at 14:01 (364 days old) by dysonman1 (Missouri)        

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When Fantom was the new vacuum, I signed my vac shop up to be a Fantom Warranty Center, mostly so I could order repair parts. The Lightning had just come out. I remember how mad people were at their Fantoms, constantly breaking down. Each model had its own problems, many of them caused by cheap construction and materials. The Lightening model was particularly problematic.

I have noticed that you've shied away from actually saying your going to be creating (designing) a new model Fantom, and will have it go into production for sale to the public. That's a huge gamble of millions of dollars - but a gamble it is. Failure is the norm.

You might want to take a minute to read James Dyson's autobiography "Against The Odds". It details the HUGE struggle to get the Dyson into production, it also details how he was screwed by Amway. Remember, the beloved Fantom was a Dyson designed product, manufactured under License by Iona. Good reading.

Post# 379874 , Reply# 11   10/17/2017 at 14:34 (364 days old) by FantomTechGuy (US)        

fantomtechguy's profile picture
I have read that book, it is a very good read. I personally am not afraid of failure, because it is how I learn to do better or change what I failed. Too add, I have made 3 new designs for the "Modern" Fantoms featuring new concepts and ideas never before seen in Vacuum Cleaners. These models are completely new and I soon will start prototyping on them. Keep in mind that I will not share my new designs or prototypes to keep them confidential.

Post# 379881 , Reply# 12   10/17/2017 at 16:27 (364 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

There is a lot to overcome with a defunct (read failed) vacuum. Namely their reviews.
As someone that claims to have a business sense, It would be wise to avoid using the name. If you have a new design inspired by nostalgia, build it, but call it something else. For someone to make an investment of time and millions of dollars into a name that has gone away is not the wisest business decision. IMO.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Kirbysthebest's LINK

Post# 379890 , Reply# 13   10/17/2017 at 17:54 (364 days old) by buster1849 (Chattanooga,TN)        
I hope all is going well for you

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I am really looking foward to seeing the new fantoms. My grandparents actually used to have a thunder(or a fury I honestly don't remember) but stupid 2 year old me stepped on the cord alot of times and broke it. They currently have a hoover twin chamber which is possibly the worst vacuum I have ever used. Will they have the old design mixed in with the new design? Will they have the same names? I honestly think that janitors(and rednecks) will like to use the thunder for heavy duty use. The Fury,Lightning,and Cyclone XT would do very well in big box stores(walmart,target,lowes,etc) If you absolutely have to bring back the wildcat and crosswinds(and I hope you don't) put them right next to the dirt devil and bissell powerforce compact at walmart.

Post# 379894 , Reply# 14   10/17/2017 at 19:26 (364 days old) by carolinaguy1996 (Candler, NC)        

I feel Dyson needs to go to back to England and stay out of America. Dyson haters, do you agree?

Post# 379896 , Reply# 15   10/17/2017 at 19:32 (364 days old) by buster1849 (Chattanooga,TN)        

buster1849's profile picture
I agree!

Post# 379927 , Reply# 16   10/18/2017 at 09:19 (363 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

kirbyvertibles's profile picture
What is a fantom crosswinds? I guess that one escapes me

Post# 379928 , Reply# 17   10/18/2017 at 09:20 (363 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

kirbyvertibles's profile picture
I know Airway has done this. Has anyone heard how well they are doing with reviving the airway name?

Post# 379934 , Reply# 18   10/18/2017 at 11:05 (363 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

The difference between Air-Way and Fantom. The Air-Way was a good vacuum.

From what I see the resurrection of Air-Way is in name only, and the Asian built machines bearing the name in no way resembles the design of the Air-Way that once was. It appears from the website the company is more into marketing central vacs bearing the Air-Way name. In any case it is an attempt to capitalize on a good name, whereas when being an alchemist for Fantom, it may be a good idea to stray away from the name, possibly the design as well.

This post was last edited 10/18/2017 at 18:59
Post# 379946 , Reply# 19   10/18/2017 at 16:15 (363 days old) by daknx1994 (Southern Indiana)        

I think a Fantom with modern tweaks would be great for today's market. As has been mentioned not many younger people will know what a Fantom was so they may not have too much knowledge about their history. I don't particularly love Fantom's but I would take one of them over the bagless offerings of today. I still have my parent's Fury that they purchased when I was four years old. Still runs good. Take the old models and seal them better and add multi cyclonic technology and you may have a winner there. We still don't know his entire plans for the brand like manufacturing and what his price point will be. If the price is right they could sell well in Walmart. Maybe have more deluxe models to be sold in vacuum stores or even infomercials. Either way at his age to be doing what he is doing, kudos and I wish him well.

Post# 379947 , Reply# 20   10/18/2017 at 16:21 (363 days old) by AmwayClearTrak (Honolulu, HI)        
This kind of reminds me of WMJ Refurbishing...

Maybe instead of vacuums, you could re-manufature parts for Fantom vacuums and sell them. Kind of like how WMJ Refurbishing sells every part for the Amway ClearTrak.

Post# 379977 , Reply# 21   10/19/2017 at 00:44 (363 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

A Fantom and a Cleantrac, whoever comes to my clean out meet the first of the year will be able to get them very cheaply, as I don't keep or use plastivacs, or anything bagless.

Post# 380130 , Reply# 22   10/22/2017 at 11:31 (359 days old) by carolinaguy1996 (Candler, NC)        

Bagged Fantoms? Why those?

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