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Tristar EXL
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Post# 326514   6/6/2015 at 19:37 (3,101 days old) by Kirbyduh (Kentucky )        

I finally "bit the bullet" and bought myself a nice, used Tristar EXL. I had been looking for a new daily driver machine, and the Tristar really caught my eye. It is my first Tristar machine, and I am not disappointed. It just screams quality, especially for a vacuum made today. It's also really quiet it seems compared to its Aerus counterparts of the same era, which I believe share the same motor. I attribute that to the metal body and metal power nozzle cover. I was very impressed with the amount of dirt it pulled out of my house on the first go around.

I just wish that I had realized beforehand that the EXL power nozzle doesn't lock in the upright position. Oh well

Post# 326527 , Reply# 1   6/7/2015 at 05:37 (3,101 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
An excellent choice

blackheart's profile picture
The EXL is either the best or the 2nd best Aerus made tristar out there. The EXl uses a dual stage motor with a tapered front fan and produces about 3x the airflow of the MG1 and MG2 which use the single stage VM3 motor. The new CS, which uses a brushless motor, is supposed to have about 42 cfm so it's very comparable to the EXl's flow.

Post# 326540 , Reply# 2   6/7/2015 at 09:32 (3,101 days old) by Kirbyduh (Kentucky )        

I have seen the motor upgrade kits to convert to the CS motor, and I think I may do that in the future. I really like brushless motors. I wonder why they used a motor in the MG vacuums that moved less air than the EXL?

Post# 326542 , Reply# 3   6/7/2015 at 10:29 (3,101 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
Lane, TriStar moved away from using the double-stage motor because when the EXL was introduced they sourced the motor from Electro Motor. When Electrolux changed to Aerus & sold off Electro Motor, that's when they switched to the VM3 & Johnson motors.


Post# 326548 , Reply# 4   6/7/2015 at 14:06 (3,101 days old) by Kirbyduh (Kentucky )        
Thanks, Rob

That is very interesting. It's a shame that the VM3 motors were not as good.

Post# 439451 , Reply# 5   3/6/2021 at 00:02 (1,002 days old) by ridgidwd0670 (se wood co ohio)        

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U can purchase the Spring Clip Elbow Release (Part #70280) for your TriStar EXL PN; it's supposed to hold the wand upright

Fits all TriStar A101 PNs (EXL, MG & CS Series)

Post# 439457 , Reply# 6   3/6/2021 at 08:27 (1,002 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
VM motor

I'm pretty sure the VM motor is the same one that is used in the Aerus classic cleaner. I have that machine, the motor works fine but I prefer the two stage motors. The biggest issue I have with the Aerus made tristar cleaners is the hose end and power nozzle connection are nonstandard so you can't use other attachments. I think there is an adapter that will allow you to use standard attachments but that doesn't address the power nozzle connection. I realize most users will not be using different power nozzles with their cleaners but since I'm a collector that's something I enjoy doing.

Post# 439458 , Reply# 7   3/6/2021 at 10:34 (1,002 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

lesinutah's profile picture
People say I put tristar on a pedestal. The motor is a 2 speed very similar numbers to the compact one speed motor. The compact motor doesn't burn up as quick seal has 1 inch water lift higher and similar cfms.
The glasses worn by the praisers are putting this vacuumm on a pedestal. I get grilled for saying compact c9 and dxl are great and powerful.
This is a good vacuum and I'm guessing it filters so well. If you put the but plug or filter on a compact the difference is a wash.
It's great you toot your horn on this but cut down the c9-dxl compacts.
It's funny diss on vacuums they don't like but toot the horn of vacuums they do like.
Aerus made over priced average vacuums. The aerus electroluxes remind me of a long bus. The aerus tristars motors burn up very quickly.
To the original poster I'm not trying to hijack this thread. You have a great vacuum and it preforms well.

Post# 439459 , Reply# 8   3/6/2021 at 12:51 (1,002 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
oh no someone disagreed with your opinion?

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Post# 439468 , Reply# 9   3/6/2021 at 20:30 (1,001 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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You trolled the thread. I'm not crying I'm telling you that your a homer.
I bet you didn't know you don't have to have a license to drive a sandwich.
Disregard all you want. I'm trolling your posts doing the same thing to you.
Disregard it your wearing rose covered glasses anyway.

Post# 439560 , Reply# 10   3/8/2021 at 19:26 (999 days old) by ridgidwd0670 (se wood co ohio)        

ridgidwd0670's profile picture
once U use a EXL TriStar or any of the current style TriStar vac (with 2-stage motor) it'll put all of the other vacs to shame

Post# 439567 , Reply# 11   3/8/2021 at 22:49 (999 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

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It really won't. If you put a higher powered replacement motor yes. If it's the stock motor the compact motor is better cfm, water lift, same power.

Post# 439677 , Reply# 12   3/12/2021 at 03:25 (996 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

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Ok, that's it! Hold it right there. It's time to call you out, correct some of your mistakes in your post & put you & your arrogant, know-it-all attitude & opinions in your place!

"Aerus made over priced average vacuums. The aerus electroluxes remind me of a long bus."

Oh really eh? Well, then I guess you had better say the same about your beloved Compact & TriStar vacuums, whether made by Interstate or Aerus Electrolux. For starters, the Aerus Electrolux canisters that use the Style C bag actually filter BETTER than the genuine OEM TriStar bags. The Aerus Home Solutions & aftermarket 4 ply bags based on their previous designs leave hardly ANY dust in the bag chamber, because they have layers to trap the dust & also help the vacuum to retain it's airflow LONGER than the TriStar & Compact canisters. The TriStar & Compact OEM bags are single ply paper bags with no microfiltration lining at all, & leak TONS of dust into the cloth bag which holds the paper bag in the cleaner. Even if you use the aftermarket microfiltration bags, they are slightly better, but some of the microfiltration layer gets blown off at the back of the bag, so dust leaks through that area. Yes, there are Vacuum America Clean HEPA Cloth TriStar bags which correct the issue of the dust leakage from the bags, but they are harder to find and obviously more expensive then the normal paper bags, even compared to buying generic single layer TriStar bags. Electrolux 4 ply bags are also cheaper to buy than the TriStar bags too, so there's less cost of ownership too. In addition, unlike what Compact & TriStar claim about their claners being "cyclonic", they are NOT. Sure the dirt falls at the front of the bag & not towards the back, but if you look where the end of the hose port is in the bag door, it's obvious why the dirt falls at the front of the bag! Furthermore, Miracle Mate, Vortech Force & Patriot all came out with tubes incorporated into their bag doors, redesigning the "cyclonic" action so that it works better.

However, the Aerus Electrolux canisters ARE cyclonic. See the ribs inside the bag chamber? Go ahead & use your Electrolux to clean with, then open the bag door, hold the hole open, shine a flashlight into the bag, & what do you see? The dirt is on the side walls of the bag, not the back, & there is a clear path right in the middle of the bag for air to get through to the motor. Furthermore, on the earlier Electrolux 2100 canisters & the Electrolux Epic 6500SR & Aerus Legacy, they have the Automatic Control system which not only tells you when the bag is full, but unlike others, it can be customised to your cleaning needs & actually REALLY WORKS. Unlike most of these piston-style bag check indicators that only go off when the bag is so full & clogged it's doing hardly any cleaning at all.

Furthermore, the Aerus Electrolux Epic 6500SR & Aerus Legacy have a headlight on their powerheads, & floating height adjustment in the back, so unlike the TriStar powerhead's fixed wheels, it won't dig in too deeeply into the carpet. However, you can fix the wheels on the Aerus Electrolux powerhead too if so desired. Also, the Legacy & Epic 6500SR wands are wider in diameter internally than the plastic TriStar wands, which means the vacuum is capable of moving more airflow thru the entire vacuum. And where do you think TriStar got their hose material, MiniStar small powerhead & cloth electrostatic exhaust afterfilter from? Aerus.

You can say all you want about Aerus vacuums being some people they are when bought new. But so are the TriStar vacuums too. But the Aerus Electrolux canister vacuums are FAR FROM AVERAGE. And might I remind you, Electrolux actually invented the canister vacuum in 1924 in the first place! Your beloved TriStar & Compact vacuums would have never existed if Electrolux never invented the canister vacuum for them to copy decades later when the patents expired.

"The aerus tristars motors burn up very quickly."

Are you referring to the Electro Motor made motor originally installed in the EXL, or the Domel replacement motor that was the authorized warranty replacenent motor Aerus supplied after they sold off Electro Motor? Yes, the Domel double stage motors were short lived, because they were made in Slovenia & poor quality. The Electro Motor originally installed works excellent though and lasts about 20 years on average, same as the Ametek 116311 motor used in the TriStar CXL. And as for your statement to Rigidwd0670 that the stock Ametek 116311 motor used in the Compact & TriStar CXL would have mote power, waterlift & CFM, you would definitely be wrong on that! Those motors only pull 90" waterlift. The current double stage Electro Motor sold thru vac shops pulls 100" waterlift, as does the Ametek 115923 that can fit all these vacuums. In addition, Numatic has a Ametek double stage motor that pulls 110" waterlift, and there is a double stage Electro Motor from available that pulls 117" waterlift! Now, would you like to be foolish enough to try to defend your statement?

Get your head out of your ass & start being a bit more polite & not so insulting in your postings, please and thanks. I for one am getting sick of seeing your superior attitude, & insulting others with opinions different than yours. Just because you don't agree with someone's opinion is NO EXCUSE to be rude in a reply to a fellow member!

I DARE YOU to reply to this, because you literally just got your ass handed to you!


Post# 439680 , Reply# 13   3/12/2021 at 06:30 (996 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

You are right on the Elux cyclonic action.To demonstrate we would-use cloth demo bag,pour in Clean Sweep air freshener chips,add clear plastic cover,leave door open,turn on Elux,hold bag lock out switch and watch chips in cyclonic motion in center of bag.I can use the same 4 ply self sealing bags in a tan Mo G,rebuilt blue G and Olympia and change them in 5 seconds when the auto control opens door.

Post# 447695 , Reply# 14   11/7/2021 at 01:41 (756 days old) by SudburyMan (Sudbury)        
Rob's response...

This sure has provided me a lot of insight as a collector of Electrolux and having thought about scooping up a pending listing of a Tristar. My hat is off to you Sir.

Post# 447936 , Reply# 15   11/17/2021 at 13:17 (746 days old) by Thevacomaticiec (Bathurst New Brunswick Canada )        

thevacomaticiec's profile picture

I have to agree with Kirbylux77'   on it the bags for tristar cost more and the lining  do  wear and tear  after time NOT and issue with the trusted lux desing i have to agree on that  yes  .Owning both  a Compact C8 C9 CXL  and a lux zb89  the lux  never tore a hole in her bag or  lining never  .


So if you do go for a cxl c2 or new  a101 mg2 mg3 cs ect tristar comapct be prepare to keep an eye on your bags more ofthen than  her Electrolux sister  .But with that in mind you will havea wonderfull fun   machine to play and clean with   good luck to ya  .


and  lets try to keep it clean in post i am guilty  of  blowing up but i  came back   again i agree Kirbylux77'.But i will say we all here to  tlak vacuum bag filter ect  so lets apreciate the fact that  some love  other machine than us   i dont like bagless yet i usea tristar  lol go figure   

Post# 447956 , Reply# 16   11/18/2021 at 00:39 (745 days old) by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
Thanks for your kind words, Antoine. One other nice thing about changing a Electrolux bag is it's so simple, easy and clean. With a TriStar, being a open top bag design, the dirt is exposed and usually a bit around the rim too. And unlike a Electrolux bag that you just drop in, you have to mess with putting the TriStar paper bag into the cloth liner bag, then put both in the vacuum. The Electrolux bag design is such a nice, pleasant, easy to use design, no wonder the same bag has been used continuously with hardly any changes since 1952.

One word of caution with the Electrolux bags though - one thing I have noticed that is a design flaw, and has since been rectified by Aerus, is the blue sealing strip that holds the top and bottom of the bag together at the back. On both genuine and generic bags, by Envirocare and DVC, what I have noticed is you will get the odd bag that starts to split right at the sealing strip and leak dirt. Enough that I would suggest anyone using those bags put the paper bag in a HEPA Cloth bag as a liner when putting in the vacuum. However, there are certain brands of bags you can get for Electrolux vacuums where the paper bag is made the conventional way by folding over the bag material and gluing in place at the back. The blue Aerus Home Solutions bags, Arm & Hammer bags, Clean Fairy brand Electrolux bags sold on Amazon, and one of Hibbert International's brands of bags (vac shop distributor in Canada) are brands of Electrolux bags being made this way. These bags will NOT split in the back and cause any issues. Or of course you can just use HEPA Cloth Electrolux bags :).

Jimmy - Good to know what the Aerus Electrolux dealers are using to demonstrate Electrolux's cyclonic bag action. That actually makes sense....if the customer likes the scent of the Clean Sweep chips, that's one more thing they can sell the customer. I actually just recently found a dealer in Brampton, Ontario that had the Style C and Style R cloth demo bags in stock, so I ordered 2 of each for my Guardian and Epic 6500. Nice to have for messy jobs you don't want to waste a bag on :).


Post# 463197 , Reply# 17   5/17/2023 at 11:37 (200 days old) by bleb (NYC)        

Resurrecting this thread to ask if anyone has specs for the Tristar EXL. Things like airflow, noise level, and weight.

Blackheart said: "The new CS, which uses a brushless motor, is supposed to have about 42 cfm so it's very comparable to the EXl's flow."

This makes me think the EXL pulls around 42 CFM, which is extremely weak compared to the modern canister and backpack vacuums I have been looking at, which claim 100-150 CFM. And yet the EXL and CS are praised here for their airflow. Am I missing something?

This also makes me think there are specs for the CS and EXL available somewhere, but the closest thing I could find when searching was this thread! I would really like to be able to compare the EXL to the other vacuums I am considering.

Some background: I'm looking at canisters which have a long 10-12 ft hose. Tristar makes a 12 ft hose which is compatible with the EXL and MG, but not the CS.

Post# 463200 , Reply# 18   5/17/2023 at 14:23 (200 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
Some revisions

blackheart's profile picture
My my such an old thread and man was I clueless at the time.
The CS does not use a brushless motor it's a brushed motor made by Johnson Electric there were rumors that it would be brushless and I think it having the brushes near the front of the fan case only fueled this rumor.

Also my assumption of 42 cfm is far off. The methods I were utilizing at the time was based off bad assumptions created by a poor understanding of the airwatts formula.
Here you can see how the Tristar MG2 does. and I also have measured a CS but unfortunately I have little data on the EXL other than knowing it does indeed have more flow than the MG2 not 3x as much granted but more than it.

Now I don't know if the EXL surpasses the CS or not. Do keep in mind the longer your hose is the more airflow you'll lose.

The measurements I had gotten for the CS Were:
Hose: 90.41 CFM ~67"
Wand:85.29 CFM 63"
Head: 68.33 CFM ~16"

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Post# 463204 , Reply# 19   5/17/2023 at 20:38 (199 days old) by Lesinutah (Utah)        

lesinutah's profile picture
Person is still wrong. What there wrong on idk but were all wrong.

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