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Oceanblue Vacuum cleaner
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Post# 2192   10/7/2006 at 22:25 (4,888 days old) by converto-skip ()        

I was wondering if any of You have heard of this New Vacuum cleaner, the Rainbow distributor behind my house has switched over to the Oceanblue and also the rgm of Rainbow has also switched over. Kayla said the Oceanblue is a much better vacuum then the Rainbow and sells like 300 cheaper then Rainbow. I have to admit it is a very goodlooking vacuum but was wondering What everyone's thought is on this vacuum. I have posted the link for the oceanblue here


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Post# 2228 , Reply# 1   10/8/2006 at 12:13 (4,887 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Smells like a pyrmamid scheme of dreams to me, hence absolutely no information at all on the product but plenty on "opportunities" and getting wealthy.

Post# 2232 , Reply# 2   10/8/2006 at 12:58 (4,887 days old) by converto-skip ()        

I have to agree with You. I'm puzzled because All the recent E2 series Rainbows That They sold, they have gone right back with the oceanblue and the people are switching right over to Oceanblue. Now Just a few mintues ago I did go because Sonja was there and let me play or test the oceanblue out. The powernozzle is just like the latest power nozzle that goes with the vortech force but does have a headlight on it. But My honest opinion is it is just a carbon copy of a rainbow. It doersn't have a 2 speed motor like the e2 but Anthony did tell me they are coming out with a newer model in a couple of months that is suppose to have the 2 speed motor on it. But now that I got to play with it of course I want one. Just the other day I went to Roy's vac shop and he had the New sentria there and I did play with that one as well and again I want one. I thought all these new vacuum cleaners coming out that I wouldn't want no part of them boy did I fool myself. It seems like I want them all


Post# 2239 , Reply# 3   10/8/2006 at 16:43 (4,887 days old) by sudsman ()        
Rainbow is disguise

The whole thing ain't right it just ain't right.

Post# 2245 , Reply# 4   10/8/2006 at 19:13 (4,887 days old) by converto-skip ()        

What are your thoughts on it do You think this is kinda like a fly by night thing meaning 6 months down the road they will be out of business or what? Just curious as I have several thoughts about this.


Post# 2269 , Reply# 5   10/9/2006 at 08:07 (4,886 days old) by sudsman ()        
Would love to hear your thoughts too

The whole thing just seems a bit "funny" to me I would swear that is a Rainbow rebrand. Mabe made in mexico or something like that??? /// Granny sez when something is too good to be true it usually is. Will be interesting to c how this plays out// What is your take?

Post# 2271 , Reply# 6   10/9/2006 at 10:18 (4,886 days old) by converto-skip ()        
My Take


I kinda think this might be a fly by night thing then my other thought is being that most Rainbow distributors are switching over to Oceanblue that Rainbow Will probably sue Oceanblue saying that it is an exact copy of rainbow, which I have to admit in my eyes it is, Same basin, same separetor, looking under neath You would think You would looking at a Rainbow,but then I think about it and the Delphin is also just like the Rainbow, which I do have Rainbows and the Delphin in my collection even the big power. I just wonder if it will end in 10 years like the bison did, because the guy that designed the Rainbow is a former designer for Rainbow, same situation between Kirby and Bison. I guess We wil have to sit back and Watch What happens. But What amazes me is there are about 20 Rainbow distributors here in South Louisiana that Have totally switched over to oceanblue. But I do know oceanblue is spending tons of money on each distributor's office. Kayla who's office is behind My house totally spent 10,000.00 remoldeling her office as well as all the others. Then for each Rainbow e2 that they turn into Oceanblue. Oceanblue gives them a new oceanblue in it's place. Because there is one requirement is there can be no rainbow of any kind in there office, even if it is a trade in on an oceanblue. Which I think is kinda stupid. I asked kayla what is she going to do about that because They have gone to around 15 customers who just bought a e2 and turned around and sold them the oceanblue. I do know she has most of them at her house at the moment. But yet any other brand can be brought back to the office. That doesn't make sense to me.


Post# 2272 , Reply# 7   10/9/2006 at 10:21 (4,886 days old) by converto-skip ()        
meant to say

Sorry I meant to he is the designer of the oceanblue and was a former designer for Rainbow

Post# 2277 , Reply# 8   10/9/2006 at 11:14 (4,886 days old) by charles~richard ()        

"Sorry I meant to he is the designer of the oceanblue and was a former designer for Rainbow"

Do you know this to be a fact or are you speculating?

Post# 2281 , Reply# 9   10/9/2006 at 15:21 (4,886 days old) by sudsman ()        
Skip Really Strange at the least

Our Rainbow dealers here have not done anything like that yet. I will be interesting to watch for a while thats for sure . Skip did you see my thread no good ol spanking? Did any thing like that ever happen to u ? I was always peeping at the vacs everywhere we visited . Ohhh mom got mad as hell more times than I can count .... I got in trouble about that many times too. He Ha

Post# 2292 , Reply# 10   10/9/2006 at 20:54 (4,886 days old) by converto-skip ()        

I'm getting my information from Kayla who was a Rainbow distributor but now is a Oceanblue distributor.Her office is in the back of my house.

Post# 2293 , Reply# 11   10/9/2006 at 21:06 (4,886 days old) by converto-skip ()        

I'm going to look for it now and Yes I did the exact same thing but doing it so much I never got a spanking but as soon as We got to one of the friends house the first my Mother told them is that I will be looking for there vacuum cleaner and most of them would go get and let me play with it.


Post# 2298 , Reply# 12   10/9/2006 at 21:35 (4,886 days old) by converto-skip ()        

Where is your thread at in what section I looked high and low and couldn't find it.


Post# 2315 , Reply# 13   10/10/2006 at 00:19 (4,886 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

whats with this striking machine-is it made by Rainbow?Or is the OceanBlue company trying to "recruit" Rainbow dealers to sell the machine?Its an attractive machine.However as a Vortech Force owner-the power nozzle has problems-the handle switch breaks a lot.Maybe they have solved that problem.

Post# 2326 , Reply# 14   10/10/2006 at 16:17 (4,885 days old) by sudsman ()        

# 238 Vintage

Post# 2335 , Reply# 15   10/10/2006 at 08:48 (4,885 days old) by frkirby511 ()        
Skip......Rainbow, Vortech...or something new?

What is your thinking on the vacuum itself as opposed to the selling method, company etc.?

You have seen the Oceanblue up close and used it. You said earlier that you see it as an exact copy of the Rainbow. Is it in every way, though, and exact copy? Is there anything about it that is unique? You already mentioned the Vortech power nozzle; but is there anything else that, in fact, would distinguish it from the Rainbow in a substantive way? What features, for example, do these sales people use to sell them to someone who has already paid top dollar for a Rainbow? Is there anything that is unique with this machine that you haven't seen on some other vacuum?

Are there some other very similar features to the Vortech? Could this be a conflation between a Rainbow and Vortech? Are the other tools more similar to Vortech's? It is interesting that the Vortech web page promotes their machine as having "the force of nature," and the Oceanblue web site speaks about their cleaner as "driven by nature."

Just wondering about the machine itself.


Post# 2372 , Reply# 16   10/10/2006 at 21:10 (4,885 days old) by converto-skip ()        

Hi Bruce yes I vacuumed with it Sunday but I really don't see the difference between the 2. But they swear has far more air purifacation then the Rainbow. The oceanblue doesn't even have the ability to shampoo carpets like the Rainbow. They are selling the Koblenz polisher/shampooer to go with the oceanblue, They claim they own Koblenz and I heard from Anthony yesterday that They own the bissell spotbot/shampooer and that it sure soon bear the name oceanblue on it. I know that it is selling like 300.00 cheaper then the Rainbow. But I am still puzzled about the whole situation. Six months ago Kayla swore that the best vacuum was Rainbow. and Now swears that the oceanblue is much better then the Rainbow. Is now saying Rainbow is very deceiving about the true quality of there vacuum. I just don't understand the sudden change of heart when In my eyes it is a totally duplicate of a rainbow. But again there could be filters on the vacuum that I don't see maybe that could be better then the Rainbow. Another strange thing is how there are getting all of these customers who just bought an E2 Rainbow to bring them in and trade them even steven on a Oceanblue, In my opinion they will lose there butts off doing this as there are making no money on trading. I'm not saying Kayla isn't making money but the factory of Oceanblue isn't simply because for every Rainbow E2 that kayla turns into Oceanblue they give her a oceanblue in the place of the E2. But yet on the tradeins she can have any vacuum brand in her store except any Rainbows. That's another thing I don't understand either. I think Oceanblue is trying like Hell to run Rainbow out of business but I don't see that happening. This is a thing to watch for sure. I do know that Oceanblue is trying to totally wipe out Rainbow here in Louisiana as all of the southern part of the state have already switched over to oceanblue. There website doesn't give you any information about the vacuum at all, Just tells You How to make money selling them or tells You where to find the nearest dealers where You live.


Post# 2373 , Reply# 17   10/10/2006 at 21:17 (4,885 days old) by converto-skip ()        

Hi Rex I have a vortech force Vacuum cleaner with the latest p/n and mine is just fine no problems at all with it. I have had in for about a year and a half now

Post# 2378 , Reply# 18   10/11/2006 at 00:04 (4,885 days old) by frkirby511 ()        
Giving them away............!!!!

Oh.......somehow I didn't get in your earlier post that they are actually giving this new vacuum to recent Rainbow customers. That is a bit odd. Certainly they can't keep that up for long. Hope the vacuum is all what they say it is.


Post# 2386 , Reply# 19   10/11/2006 at 08:02 (4,884 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Where is it made?

Post# 2432 , Reply# 20   10/12/2006 at 14:06 (4,883 days old) by talktotravis ()        

Even if the product is sound, the company seems sketchy...I'm not a Rainbow fan by any means, but it can be said of them that they do stand behind their product and it appears to be solidly built. (Rainbow, along with Miele, constantly appears at the top of CR's reliablity ratings).

Post# 2458 , Reply# 21   10/13/2006 at 03:38 (4,883 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Mine still needs repair-the switches are hard for the repair place here to get.He has a few of them at the place waiting for the part.Sounds like Vortech must of corrected the problem in newer nozzles.

Post# 2687 , Reply# 22   10/18/2006 at 16:20 (4,877 days old) by rexairman ()        

I just heard about the Ocean Blue today. Looked at their website, which contains absolutely no product info, other than a picture of the machine without its tools, Power Nozzle, or any other accessories. Looks like a D4 of SE knockoff to me. Ho-hum! Along with Hyla, Big Power, Delphin, etc., it is probably an OK machine, and will compare with a pre- e-Series Rainbow. But they are a miniscule company, compared to Rexair. They don't have the name recognition, organization, or customer support to compete. Knock-off companies like this try to recruit disgruntled sales people and former sales people from the larger, better known companies. These are usually short-lived ventures, but who knows? Anything is possible, and time will tell. It would be interesting to get to play with one of the machines. And I plan on asking my RGD and Rexair what they know, and will share later.

Post# 2768 , Reply# 23   10/19/2006 at 18:08 (4,876 days old) by converto-skip ()        

What I'm suprised about is how Kayla and her crew sold like 20 E2s just before She switched over to Oceanblue and Got those 20 people to exchange there e2s for the oceanblue. I couldn't see myself trading an e2 in for the oceanblue because the E2 performs more then the oceanblue. The oceanblue doesn't have the shampooer system with it at all.


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