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Vacuum Dreams
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Post# 24854   11/19/2007 at 03:13 (3,985 days old) by sireluxomatic ()        

Hello all. I'm not sure if the vintage forum is the proper place for this, but as more than half of my collection is vintage, I suspect I'm right in posting here. I wonder if anyone has had the experience of dreaming of vacuums. I'm presently working thousands of miles away from my collection, and I often find myself dreaming about using the vacuums, or, just as frequently, someone else using/abusing them. Sadly, the latter happens more often. As I believe I mentioned in another thread, vacuum abuse saddens me (I swear I've woken up as from a nightmare, with the sweat running off me, after dreaming of someone "accidentally" sucking up some water with one of my vacuums).

I daresay homesickness and separation anxiety have not a small part to play in this :)

Post# 24861 , Reply# 1   11/19/2007 at 06:23 (3,984 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
I haven't had vacuum dreams yet, but I've had dreams about other collectables being ruined or dissed by family. And dreams about my things when I was in rehab with a broken leg last year, very distressing. Hope you can get back to your vacs soon.

Post# 24862 , Reply# 2   11/19/2007 at 06:49 (3,984 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

A freind of mine had a dream of my vacuums attacking me.He even called me to see if I was OK.I told him the vacuums were unplugged.He said in his dream the vacuum cleaners were levitating and chasing me.I reassured him my vacuum cleaners were freindly.

Post# 24864 , Reply# 3   11/19/2007 at 06:55 (3,984 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

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When I was six, in Lynchburg VA, I had a dream that the neighbors and I saw a flying saucer. When it landed at the end of the street, we discovered it was a giant electric skillet. A giant salt shaker came out of it. At the time I was more scared than amused.

Post# 24868 , Reply# 4   11/19/2007 at 07:32 (3,984 days old) by ian88 ()        

I sometimes have a dream I have a great massive collection of vacuums ;p some made up, some real..all real brands.

I even had a jetflo ;p

then I wake up and it's just "ah bollocks" lol

Post# 24888 , Reply# 5   11/19/2007 at 11:55 (3,984 days old) by vacuumfreeeke ()        

I've had dreams of made up vacuums before. Ones that I know only exist in my dream land. Or mixed ones with a Hoover bottom and Kirby handle or something! Have had dreams of my vacuums coming to life and me having conversations with them!

I had a real life nightmare when a former roommate took my G5 and started ramming it into the walls and junk in his apartment. Then he proceeded over the the kitchen floor, left the transmission on and was about to vacuum in front of the sink where the floor was wet from just having washed the dishes. I was infuriated! I had just gotten the thing... only had it a week when he did that. I snatched the plug, got his Wal-mart Bissell out of the closet for him, and whisked the Kirby to the locked storage shed. He said, "It's just a GD vacuum.". We never spoke again. Thank goodness I live alone now!

Post# 24891 , Reply# 6   11/19/2007 at 12:30 (3,984 days old) by charles~richard ()        

I posted the following essay several years ago on the old forum. Here it is again, with an addendum from last night!

"You are not alone."



Am I the only person who dreams about vacuum cleaners?

I have been having dreams about sweepers for as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid, the dreams were usually along the lines of being at someone's house and finding the vacuum cleaner, and seeing that there was something amazing or unusual about it -- that it was ridiculously small or large in size, or that it had 10 hoses, or a 100-ft cord, dozens of attachments, etc,

In later years, my vacuum cleaner dreams nearly always take place in thrift shops and junk stores. In fact some of the dreams are "serial" in nature --- I will be in a dream, in a certain thrift shop, and the place will be familiar; I will know I had been there before. Sometimes that awareness is more lucid than others where I will even say, "Oh, it's this dream again!" However, it is not the same exact dream time after time, just the same place -- but different, although similar, things happen.

There is one particular dream where, when I find myself in the particular thrift shop, I eventually realize I am there again, and sometimes I will even say or think to myself, "Oh, here we are again. I wonder what I will find this time!" In this particular dream, there are three or four thrift shops connected by common doors -- sort of like a thrift shop shopping center! When I am arriving at the thrift shop I am always walking, and the weather is always nice and sunny -- a warm summery day.

I come to a corner of a very steeply angled intersection. What I mean is, the cross-streets do not run at a 90-degree angle but converge in a point from, like, 45-degree angles. Such that when I am standing right at the apex of the corner, there is a street running behind to my left, and another one running behind to my right.

Right in the corner, is an old movie theatre with the old-fashioned marquis above with the hundreds of little light bulbs and the old red plastic letters. It is a a two-faced marquis -- one side faces the street running down the left side, and another side faces the street running down the right side. I never notice or remember what the marquis says, but am just aware of it and that I am there again. I walk under the marquis and by the little glass-enclosed booth where the ticket-seller is seated, and then I go out from under the marquis and turn left up the street that runs along the other corner of the theatre, and that is where the door is that leads into the first thrift shop.

(I go into all this detail simply because there IS so much detail to remember, and it is always the same when I return each time to this strange place in my dream.)

When I go into the thrift shop, there are always other people milling about and sometimes I recognize some of them, and some of them seem to recognize me as well: they will nod or smile, or give, you know, a "psychic," unspoken indication that they are aware of me.

This first thrift shop is a very large place, kind of -- well, you know, uncrowded and not too cluttered. There is always a large open area in the center where I can stand and look around and see stuff along all the far walls. There is always one long wall of light-tan wooden book shelves, and in the middle of that wall of shelves, or at one end, is a hallway leading to another area of the store and that is where I know I will usually find vacuum cleaners.

I say usually, because sometimes there are sweepers and sometimes there are not. Sometimes I see so many vacuums in that back room that I am wondering to myself how I am going to get them all in my car (not realizing at that point that I had walked there!), or about how I could pay for everything.

Other times, there is nothing there or only a few broken-down plastic junk machines. And other times, they will be in a different place of the store and I am a little irritated, yet happily surprised, to go to another area and find a bunch of old vacs! For instance, oftentimes there will be a large area with lots of old furniture -- large easy chairs, sofas, rolled-up carpets, etc., and nestled around and amongst these will be many old vacuums.

Now, these are not usually machines I can identify -- I mean, not standard models like an Electrolux XXX or Hoover 725 but are strange, odd machines. And here is where there is a similarity to my childhood dreams, in that the machines are usually of odd size, too large or too small, or have unusual attachments or of disproportionate size. I'll see, for example, a model XXX Electrolux but that has a hinging front cover like an AE, and the front cover is turned sideways like the Canadian Z88-89 machines. That is just one example.

(Speaking of the Z88-89, the first time I saw one of those it really stopped me in my tracks! Because it had every making of one of the odd, strange machines in my dream -- it was like a G, but NOT like a G --- odd color, strange XXX-type attachments, Hoover-type telescoping wand, the front cover turned was really quite an odd and somewhat unsettling experience for me to see that machine; it was almost as if one of the machines in my dream had materialized in my waking world, and to this day I get that same "vibe" from the Z88 and 89. For that reason, I still feel sort of odd and uncomfortable around those machines. I had a really nice Z88 that I traded to John Young, who has found great fame and fortune with it by winning a prize at one of the Vac Club meetings. I was actually pretty happy to be rid of it as it kinda "scared" me. It really did bother me, because it just "did not make sense" as a machine and seemed to have come from another dimension.)

I find a lot of Electrolux floor polisher attachments in these Dreamland Thrift Shops, but again, they are generally of strange colors and larger than in real life. These are usually stuck inside large, jumbled boxes of hoses, wands, and attachments in dark corners of the store or under a table or something where I have to really look to find them, or see them by accident. Or they might be on a shelf with unrelated stuff -- e.g., mixed in with old toys or books or whatever.

After being in the first store for quite a long while, I then make my way to the other thrift stores that, as I said, are connected by common doorways. My recollections of these stores is not as vivid as the first. They are smaller, more cramped, usually have long rows of clothing -- coats and suits, stuff like that. More "antiquey-boutiquey" kinds of stuff than thrift shop stuff like the first place, and I usually realize as soon as I am in there that there won't be anything. The vacuums always seem to be in the first, largest store.

At some point I always find myself outside again, walking up the street beyond the other side of the theatre. it is dusk, a little cooler, the sun is going down, and I realize I have to get home. I don't ever seem to have bought any vacuums, in fact those are forgotten as I begin to make my way home. I usually have to have to wait --- either for someone who I am expecting to give me a ride home (usually my dad or my brother Noel), or for a succession of buses or trains. Sometimes the wait is long and I get anxious; or several buses will pass by and not stop. I do always get on the right bus, however, or my ride does finally come along, and my last lucid recollection of the dream is that I am headed home.

If other people have dreams like these, I'd love to hear about them!

NEXT -- a new dream I had just last night, which is what prompted me to write about this!

Here's my most recent vacuum cleaner dream.

I was in a very cluttered, kinda funky thrift shop. This was not one I recall being in before in a dream. There was lots of stuff in boxes on the floor under tables and racks of clothing. In one corner I saw a bunch of vacuum cleaner stuff.

There were several tattered boxes with turquoise and white printing on them and they were for 60s-type Eureka canister machines. One was a round pot sort of thing, like the Rotomatic, but it was turquoise. The box had just the machine, but there were at least a half-dozen other, smaller boxes --- one had a hose and some nozzles, another had brushes, etc., then there was some sort of air-powered attachment which I was quite amazed to see as I had never seen one before nor known it existed!

Then there was another box that had another Eureka canister, just the machine, and was one of the later, more "square-ish" canisters where the whole top half of the machine lifted up to get to the bag, and there were attachments stored inside. This machine was also turquoise, with white trim, cord and bumper, and I thought that I should also get it as it matched the color of the Rotomatic type machine.

But the most amazing find was a small carton, about 10" wide and a foot tall and deep, that contained hundreds of 7x10 envelopes containing different things -- instruction leaflets, little spare parts like screws and vials of scented oils, etc. Some of the envelopes were that old glassine paper, like wax paper, so I knew the stuff was old; others were white or brown paper, and there were also a lot of plastic "baggies" containing things. I became very excited about this stuff! (I am a bit embarrassed to admit that my thought was, "gee, I can get a FORTUNE for this stuff on eBay!!")

Then I thought I ought to get up and look around above. (I had been scrounging around in a corner of the store, on my hands and knees, pulling these boxes of Eureka stuff out from under a display type of case.) I looked up and was amazed to see an Electrolux polisher sitting on the top of that display! It was turned so it was facing away from me (the snout to attach the wand was pointed in my direction), and I could see that it was pretty beat up, dirty, covered with old caked-on wax etc., but of course I was happy to see it as I am always happy to see on in a thrift shop, for real, or in a dream!

I quickly stood up and then saw that there was another Electrolux polisher next to it, as well as two or three polishers from other machines -- a Filter Queen polisher that was white with red trim, and a couple of others that I did not recognize but was amazed to see.

Then, on the floor next to me I saw what appeared to be a miniature Compact machine made out of styrofoam, or, I guess the top part was white styrofoam and the bottom was turquoise plastic. It was about a foot long and, oh, 5-6" in circumference, a perfectly shaped miniature of the Compact machine from the '50s. I wondered what in the world the thing was, so I knelt down and opened the top of it. I laughed to myself when I saw that it was a shoeshine kit! It contained small circular brushes and an air-powered apparatus to attach to the wand of the machine. I said, "Boy, some Compact nuts are gonna freak when they see this!" (yes, more eBay greed!)

The dream fades at this point, and that's about all I can remember.


Dream last night (11/18/07)

I was in a thrift shop, another one I have been in many times before, where there is an old junky area upstairs accessed by a flight of rickety wooden stairs. Sometimes in this dream that part of the store is open and sometimes it is not. Sometimes, I see it is closed but when I go ask one of the proprietors if I can go up there, they will let me. And sometimes they do not.

This time, I went up there and it was not as junky as usual, and there were quite a few vacuums there. But I was aware that the prices on them were ridiculously high and that made me mad.

The one that I clearly remember seeing was a Hoover model 700 that had been modified. When I saw it I thought to myself, "What the hell??!" It had been painted hammertone gray, and the on-off switch was the large silver "push-push" switch from a 515 Kirby. It was located on top of the agitator housing, right in the center area! Now, it was not the whole switch assembly with the cord etc., just the switch itself, mounted in a sort of rectangular flange-type holder. I saw that it had been permanently riveted to the machine so there would be no way of restoring it. "What dumb-s#!t did this," I thought to myself.

Then I looked around further and saw a half-dozen or so early straight-suction upright machines that looked like they were brand new! The metal finish on all them was sparkling and beautiful. I thought to myself that they must have been donated by a vacuum cleaner collector. The odd thing was that none of them had bags. I went looking for someone who worked there and found a stout lady with short hair. I asked her if she knew where the bags for them were and she said she would go check, but she seemed reluctant, as if she didn't really want to help me.

There were other people milling about looking at this and that, and I was afraid if she didn't hurry back with the info about the bags that someone else was going to buy the machines.

That's all I can remember about this dream now.

Oh, and by the way, yes, I do dream in color!

Post# 24892 , Reply# 7   11/19/2007 at 12:36 (3,984 days old) by ohio_tuec ()        

Boy, what a nightmare that was. Something similar happened to me about two months ago when my mothers manipulative boyfriend tried to smash my New Beetle convertible with a Hoover Dial-A-Matic 1140 which I just had a new motor installed on. Before he could get out the door with it, he grabbed me and a fight ensued. I've got a scar along the back of my neck now. On the DAM's, I'm now in the habit of supergluing the handle to the frame. He actually jarred the handle loose. Thank God the two of them aren't together anymore.

Post# 25191 , Reply# 8   11/24/2007 at 07:49 (3,979 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

My vacuum dreams are Its garbage day and there are lots of vacuums by the curb,that one usually turns out that the block is having a yard sale and they put everything out early so they are for sale and not free,a couple of times I was in a thrift store and found some Filter Queens,I guess because I never find them in thrift stores,The most recent was yesterday so it is fresh in my mind,There were several Hoovers on top of a dumpster,so I had to climb up to get them,the first two I grabed were a red Dial-A-Matic and a rust colored Floor-A-Matic,there was also an orange Hoover Cleaning System,a green Hoover portable and an early Celebrity, the floating one,I have a Dial-A-Matic but not the other models in the dream,then I couldn't find my car,that is one of my other dreams,we should start a thread in the super section,so we can tell other dreams that don't involve vacuums,very interesting. Mark

Post# 25192 , Reply# 9   11/24/2007 at 09:04 (3,979 days old) by charles~richard ()        

so we can tell other dreams that don't involve vacuums

hmmmmm... that could get a little dicey, hahaha!!

Post# 25196 , Reply# 10   11/24/2007 at 10:02 (3,979 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture
I finally had a vacuum cleaner dream last night, well at least floor tools. The most I can remember is being in a very nondescript thrift store, the blank-wall faced cashier with glasses checked me out. I was explaining the two floor tools were off a 1951 model Mercury vacuum cleaner, I paid 50 cents for both. One was a black low profile job like the last Roll-Easy model, and the other was charcoal colored. They were both well used, and had that mouldy dark decayed look about them. I didn't have a Mercury vacuum, but the tools were to go to some other project, until I found one. I told the cashier I wanted them because my parents used to have an old Mercury car. The expression on her face wouldn't be unknown to the rest of you vacuum shoppers. She was wearing a Mennonite looking frock in an off white with tiny little blue flowers on it.

Post# 25197 , Reply# 11   11/24/2007 at 10:03 (3,979 days old) by ian88 ()        

Well i've had dreams i've either a.) been or b.) worked for this gent:

Post# 25278 , Reply# 12   11/25/2007 at 08:00 (3,978 days old) by swiveltop (Galveston, TX)        

True LOL,I meant to say Off Topic in the vacuum forum,but Super really would be better in the Automatic Washer Forum for that content. hahaaa. Mark

Post# 368428 , Reply# 13   3/14/2017 at 18:18 (581 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        
This Is A Little Bit Off Topic But...

crazykirbydude's profile picture
I used to take the handle off of my Bissell PowerForce Bagless and snuggle it at night like a stuffed animal. I was a very weird six year old.

Post# 382088 , Reply# 14   12/2/2017 at 23:17 (318 days old) by KirbyCollector (Columbus Ohio USA)        

I have had several dreams of Vacuums.

I remember in one drean meeting an older, wiser collector. He said he felt his time was coming soon, and had no one to give his machines to. He decided to give me his collection. He didnít say anything about his collection, didnít tell me how many machines, or what they were. So it was a big surprise what Iíd get. He had this 50s pickup truck, and used it to haul over the nice machines he kept in his house. Took him at least 10 trips to get those over to my house. Then he took me to a storage unit. The storage unit had 20 buildings, each 300 ft long. He said that three of them were filled with the rest of his collection. We took weeks to look at everything in the storage units. The Vacuums were many different brands, ranging from Canister to Upright, small to large, household to commercial, really antique to contemporary. Whatever vacuum you can think of, it was there. So many Vacuums. I was extremely overwhelmed, but pretty happy. The man said something along the lines of, ďthis is all yours now, take care of it all.Ē After that, it kinda faded out and I woke up disappointed that it wasnít real, but amazed that I had that dream.

A friend of mine told me he had a dream that while he was sleeping, his Kirby D80ís headlight glowed red in the dark room and slowly rolled towards his bed, then attacked him. He said he immediately woke up, strangely with his D80 next to his bed.

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