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Miele bags and filter generic options
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Post# 248496   8/31/2013 at 14:56 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        

I purchased the following on Amazon and offer the following opinion.

Generic Bags: 5 bags and filters for $8 which is $1.60 per bag or a $2.40 per bag savings from the OEM bags. I do not see a big difference in the quality between the generic and the OEM bags, maybe a slight edge to the OEM bags as they have a closing flap but for the savings worth considering.

Generic Hepa filter: I paid $11 for the generic filter from Amazon. This is a $38 saving from the OEM brand. The fit and finish is exactly like the OEM filter less the words Miele on the side. This is a no brainer, why would anyone pay $38 more? The generic Hepa-filter is the clear winner.

Post# 248497 , Reply# 1   8/31/2013 at 15:07 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Hepa filters

Take a close look, a $38 saving is huge and worth giving the generic a try.

Post# 248499 , Reply# 2   8/31/2013 at 15:37 (3,375 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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IMHO, there's two machines you should never use an aftermarket bag or filter on: Miele and Filter Queen.

While the 3M (EHCPNA) bags tend to be the better aftermarket, they still leak fine dust into the bag chamber on a Miele. The genuine AirClean do not. The aftermarket HEPA's use inferior media that will not filter to genuine specifications. In addition, the aftermarket HEPA's are more restricting to the airflow, hence the machine runs hotter.

Why would you spend good money on a high-end machine and be proud to save a few dollars on the expendables that will compromise its filtration and airflow? Your experiment with aftermarket will void the warranty, too...

Personally, I have fifteen Miele's in my collection. Over the years, I've tried the majority of aftermarket bags and filters in my "beater" s314i, and NONE have come close to matching the genuine.

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Post# 248500 , Reply# 3   8/31/2013 at 15:40 (3,375 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

When using generic bags in Miele's you must be very careful, I have used them in the past for our red star but never in a new machine.

Is this for that home care you just bought? Because if so then using these copy bags and filters just invalidated your warranty, I can say this with experience as I work for a miele service center.

Plus these bags do damage to the machines innards over time, we have repaired machines where copy bags either burst, leaked, or let too much dust into the motor.


Use at your own risk!


Post# 248504 , Reply# 4   8/31/2013 at 16:02 (3,375 days old) by joshdonnell ()        
Generic bags and Generic Filters

Will Void your warranty. I only use Genuine Miele bags and filters. And that goes for all my bagged vacuums. My Rainbow i bought a Generic filter . I think thats ok tho. And plus its an older Rainbow .

Post# 248505 , Reply# 5   8/31/2013 at 16:08 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        

Snake oil, that is what you are selling when you state these bags and filters are some how going to destroy your machine. These generic bags are actually made by Electrolux and there is a good chance the generic filter is made by the same company that manufacture the Miele brand and put their name on it.
The same BS Is used with automobile oil filters,you must use the OEM. Than you find you find out that the OEM issues the same third party manufacture as the generic. If you really are convinced that using a generic Hepa filter really will destroy your machine than waste your money.

I can tell you that the Miele GN bag does leak even with a seal. The only person who will try to scare you away for using generic bags and filters are the dealers who mark up these items as mush as 80%. If you want to argue that I want to support my local dealer by purchasing from them, I will agree with that argument as a valid reason to purchase OEM bags.

I can tell you that the dealers by me sell Generic bags for every make they sell and mark them up about 50% Internet pricing. Oes the fact you paid more and purchased them from a dealer make them better?

Post# 248506 , Reply# 6   8/31/2013 at 16:16 (3,375 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

It's your warranty to void and your money to waste.

Post# 248507 , Reply# 7   8/31/2013 at 16:17 (3,375 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

I think the general consensus here is would you put cheap gas and Wal-mart tires on a BMW? I think I remember someone saying exactly that on this forum some time ago.... and the sewing machine mechanic told me that when I brought my Bernina in for a tune up loaded with thread from Joann's instead of from his store... LOL

I have had a problem with aftermarket bags in a Miele... 2 Mieles actually. I bought some aftermarket DVC brand FJM bags for my Miele Plus S251 canister years ago... I thought they would be the same because they were the same synthetic cloth like material and they were not paper. Well, I've had 3 of them burst! The side seams split wide open and dirt got all in the bag chamber... had to clean it out with the Dyson. It was a mess each time. I thought I'd learned my lesson. I got the Miele S7 upright a few months ago, and the bag that came in it was genuine Meile. It was pretty full, yet there was not even an ounce of dust in the bag chamber. I noticed in a video on Youtube that had made their own bags and they were supposed to be the same quality as the genuine Miele U bags... I bought a box. I've been using the cleaner for a few months and, well... you can see by the picture below what the result is.

I'm a slow and stubborn learner, but eventually catch on... For me, from now on, NO aftermarket products for the Miele, period! I'm not claiming that I know for a fact that using an aftermarket product will run your machine, but there is typically a difference in quality... I buy aftermarket bags for soft bagged, fan first machines all the time, but it's a machine where the air goes through the motor, I've learned not to do that.

Hope you have better luck than I did :o)

Post# 248508 , Reply# 8   8/31/2013 at 16:28 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        
it your money

My OEM GN Miele bags leaks, period. It's your money and you need to spend it the way you want. Your not driving down the freeway at 80 MPH in ur mIele so the tire comparison is silly.

Another excellent choice, it's your money.


Post# 248509 , Reply# 9   8/31/2013 at 16:34 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        
This is the OEM bag

See the dust leaking. I have only used the OEM bag, they are no better than some of the generics.

Post# 248510 , Reply# 10   8/31/2013 at 16:48 (3,375 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

That does look pretty bad... are those paper or the synthetic cloth like material?

Post# 248511 , Reply# 11   8/31/2013 at 16:49 (3,375 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

If your miele is leaking that much dust into the bag chamber then something is seriously wrong, did your miele come packaged with the hyclean or airclean bags?

Post# 248512 , Reply# 12   8/31/2013 at 16:54 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        
OEM bag

This is the bag, OEM has not been changed.

Post# 248513 , Reply# 13   8/31/2013 at 16:57 (3,375 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

To be honest, I am stunned.

I have never seen an S8 with that much dust leakage.

In this case, if the copy bags don't leak as much than I would use them!

Post# 248515 , Reply# 14   8/31/2013 at 17:01 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Might be a defective bag

The bag may be defective? I do believe the Bag Go Vac sells is just as good as the OEM. While arguments against premotor filters might be valid as some manufactures are inferior to the OEM. The Hepa filter to me is worth the savings. I do belive this after market Hepa filter to be the exact same quality as the OEM.

Post# 248516 , Reply# 15   8/31/2013 at 17:01 (3,375 days old) by joshdonnell ()        
Miele bags

I use the oem bags and they dont leak . I might be something your picking up.

Post# 248518 , Reply# 16   8/31/2013 at 17:12 (3,375 days old) by vacman117 (Chicago, IL)        

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That is most definitely not normal for your machine to be doing that. I have never seen or used a Miele that leaked that much dust, and every one that I have owned and used has had a genuine Miele bag. I would replace the bag with another genuine one and see what happens. If the problem persists I'd take to your dealer and see what they think...



Post# 248519 , Reply# 17   8/31/2013 at 17:17 (3,375 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

I echo what chase said, wipe out the chamber, put a new genuine bag in, and if it does this again then take it to a service center and have it fixed under warranty.


Post# 248524 , Reply# 18   8/31/2013 at 17:52 (3,375 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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The bag leakage shown occurs when the machine has been used after bag door is opened and the collar on the bag has not been pushed back into its slot. Therefore, you always make sure the bag collar is all the way in the slot before closing the bag door and using the machine...

Post# 248525 , Reply# 19   8/31/2013 at 17:58 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Bag collar

The Bag collar has always been pushed back down in the slot. The Miele bags are not an air tight seal and do leak fine dust. If you take off your hose and look into the vacuum you will see the flap is opened. The flap only closes when you open the bag access door. I do believe the GoVac bags that GOVac sells for $2 per bag will work just as well as the Miele bags.

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Post# 248532 , Reply# 20   8/31/2013 at 19:21 (3,375 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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The silicone gasket on the bag opening forms an airtight seal to the spout when the bag door is closed and the bag is inserted correctly. This means dust and debris will not leak between the bag collar and spout when inside the machine provided the bag is inserted correctly. If the bag is not inserted properly, it will cause dust to accumulate on the collar and other areas throughout the bag chamber, as your photos show...

Post# 248533 , Reply# 21   8/31/2013 at 19:24 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        

Not an airtight seal. Try and find anywhere in writing where-as Miele claims it to be. It is only a seal to prevent leakage when taking the bag out to change it. Airtight is something people assume and never claimed by Miele.


Miele AirClean GN bags replace IntensiveClean Plus GN bags.
Bags fit Miele S400, S2000 or S5000 Series canisters
Improved technology features 9 layers of filtration to trap and hold dirt and debris in the bag, including dust mites, pet dander and pollen
Self-locking collar automatically closes when removing dustbag to prevent escape of dust and allergens
25% larger bag capacity requires fewer bag changes and waste
Includes 4 AirClean GN dustbags, 1 Motor Protection Filter and 1 Air Clean Filter

Post# 248534 , Reply# 22   8/31/2013 at 20:41 (3,375 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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I'm sorry, vegassucks, but I do not need to find it in writing. The silicone gasket on the Miele AirClean bag forms an airtight seal to the spout on the bag door provided the bag is installed correctly.


If the bag door is opened and closed repeatedly without the bag being pushed back into its slot completely, it will do exactly what occurred in your photograph. Judging by the stress marks on the pullout tab on your GN bag, it appears you've removed and inserted it multiple times.


Good luck with your aftermarkets, though...

Post# 248544 , Reply# 23   8/31/2013 at 23:15 (3,375 days old) by vegassucks ()        

If you believe that the bag is airtight I cannot stop you. Many believed the earth as round, Piano_God
you might still believe it is LOL. Thank you anyway for your good wishes. Those who believe Miele has some superior bag that can not be duplicated for half the price are good for vacuum shops and Miele so there is a positive in everything.

Yes my bag was removed to try and figure out why it was leaking. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the gasket seal is very cheap and not an airtight seal. While the bag compartment is an airtight seal when on, the bag in the compartment is not an airtight seal. Do you have any idea how tight it would fit around the pipe if it were?

When you change your bag next time just lift the inlet around the pipe and move it around, you will realize how lose the fit is. Actually the Go Vacuum bags look to have a higher quality seal than the Miele bags.

Post# 248859 , Reply# 24   9/2/2013 at 21:10 (3,373 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Well if you have the bags from Go Vacuum, do report. If not, why try and assume that they are just as good? The Proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

I have used copy bags too in my Miele vacuums - and the story isn't good. Oh yes they're cheap at the time to buy but they tend to have a shorter life than Miele's genuine bags.

My other problem with the bags is that they don't stay in after the lid has been opened. They seem to catch on the main dust channel shroud and prise themselves out of the plastic holder thus causing damage TO THE plastic holder cartridge when the lid won't pop open properly. I have bought copy bags in the past when stocks of the IntensiveClean bags have either dried up or they are no longer on sale.

Bagged vacuums hardly expel as much dust anyway as bagless - but by using copy bags, I find that not only can they lead to damage due to their poor fixings but also they can damage/badly stain the felt filter at the motor vent (not the exhaust).

Post# 248868 , Reply# 25   9/2/2013 at 22:14 (3,373 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Not all are equal to OEM

Not all after market bags are equal. I am purchasing from Amazon so I can return any that are not up to par. I do believe the Hepa filter is just as good and may even be manufactured by the OEM manufacture. I will update on the Go Vacuum bags, I should have soon. The first ones from Electrolux (3m) do not seem up to par so I am sending back for refund and do not want to risk using them. I am not very impressed with the Miele OEM seal, the bag quality itself is excellent.

Post# 248886 , Reply# 26   9/2/2013 at 23:33 (3,373 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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"...[the silicone gasket] is only a seal to prevent leakage when taking the bag out to change it."


Thank you for the laugh, vegassucks! I suggest you cut the collar from a genuine bag and observe it from the reverse. Report back with your findings...



"If you believe that the bag is airtight I cannot stop you."


I never said the vacuum bag is airtight. As someone who has spent years in the vacuum industry, I've never come across an airtight vacuum bag. It doesn't sound like it would work very well, though.



"When you change your bag next time just lift the inlet around the pipe and move it around, you will realize how lose the fit is."


I wonder why Miele installed a silicone gasket then? If you hold the bag against the spout and observe the gasket through the use of a small mirror, you'll notice the gasket maintains its seal when moved around due its flexible nature. When properly installed in the bag holder, the gasket will create an airtight seal to the spout when the bag door is closed.



"Do you have any idea how tight it would fit around the pipe if it were?"


Last I checked, friction isn't the only way to create a seal. Materials, such as silicone, can create a seal too.



"Those who believe Miele has some superior bag that can not be duplicated for half the price are good for vacuum shops and Miele."


I have tried the 3M (EHCPNA), EnviroCare Technologies and the DVC branded melt blown polypropylene bags in my Miele s314i. All of them leaked fine dust into the bag chamber and soiled the pre-motor filter. Bobby kindly took a photo of the bag door on his Miele S7280 using the "ZVac" bags sold through GoVacuum. Judging by his photo, they appear to leak dust too.


Miele's nine-ply melt blown polypropylene bag is superior and has yet to be equalled. When you have a precision piece of German engineering, it's a real shame that you seem to advocate the use of cheap Chinese expendables that greatly compromise the proper operation and long-life of the machine. 

Post# 248888 , Reply# 27   9/2/2013 at 23:53 (3,373 days old) by vegassucks ()        

Your use name alone tells me not debate someone who thinks their God, so I will not waste either of our time. It might be that my bag is defective but it does not seal properly around the collar, big gaps. Look at the photo of my bag you can see the seal looks deformed.

I will give Go Vacuums bag a try because I believe their company has integrity and would not sell complete garbage, that being said if I do believe it is garbage I will post my opinion. I will use the aftermarket Hepa filter in the above photo after a year. I do believe it is built to the same quality as the OEM and for $38 savings I will take my chances. Worst case senerio it is more Than likely better than the s-class filter.

Post# 248889 , Reply# 28   9/2/2013 at 23:57 (3,373 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Actually what you should do is order another OEM HEPA filter and take it apart. I think Go-Vacuum do a superb video on You Tube showing how difficult it it to take apart the Miele HEPA filter, to prove that it is sealed up. Only then by comparing the actual destruction of the OEM part will you know whether it is the same as the one Miele also sell.

Post# 248894 , Reply# 29   9/3/2013 at 01:29 (3,373 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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I debated even responding to you as you seem to think you know everything. However, as an industry professional and life-long hobbyist, I'd like to point out the source of all your issues as it's blatantly obvious...


!!! Your bag is not installed properly !!! 


Please clean off the collar using another vacuum, install the bag PROPERLY and you'll find that the issue will disappear.


...or don't do as I suggest, as I'm sure you'll just continue to direct your ignorant comments towards me.


(For your convenience, I took the time to attach a PDF of the owners manual for your Miele.)


Post# 248896 , Reply# 30   9/3/2013 at 02:02 (3,373 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Piano or Vacuum God?

Piano or Vacuum God or whatever you call yourself! YOUR WRONG! But I do appreciate your attempt to fix something that is not broken. The bag is in correctly, PERIOD. The seal is deformed or it may have been installed incorrectly when new but it only install one way and it is installed correctly.

The photo is not how the bag is now, it was pulled to take photos and was installed properly prior to removal and after the photo was taken. That is funny I knew Piano_God would see that thou.

Post# 248897 , Reply# 31   9/3/2013 at 02:17 (3,373 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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"Piano or Vacuum God or whatever you call yourself! YOUR WRONG! But I do appreciate your attempt to fix something that is not broken. The bag is in correctly, PERIOD."


For my sanity and the sanity of Vacuumland, I'm finished with you, Vegassucks


Sadly, I cannot "fix" an ignorant owner whose vacuum is clearly over the head of its user. Hence, I suggest you return your Miele.

Post# 248900 , Reply# 32   9/3/2013 at 02:36 (3,373 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Vacuum God

Vaccuum God, Thank you for freeing me from your ignorant advise, next time wait until someone ask you for advise prior to giving it. So you can sleep with peace a photo of the bag installed.
My advise to you is, stick with Piano's

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Post# 248902 , Reply# 33   9/3/2013 at 04:00 (3,373 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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I am delighted my advise assisted you in installing your GN bag correctly. It's incredibly kind that you'd take the time out of your busy day learning how to use your Miele to think of me. A picture truly is worth a thousand words and I'll cherish it for many years to come. Knowing that I got through to you only once is truly a highlight for me.


I'd also like to apologise for the additional advise I provided you, which was also read by the many members and guests of Vacuumland. As I believed this forum was open to all members, regardless if they were hobbyists or those in the vacuum industry, I thought participation was encouraged. Obviously, I was mistaken and for that I'm truly sorry.


As you already know everything, rest assured that the entire membership of the forum shall worship you silently and only create discussion unless you give prior permission for that discussion to take place. I'll also be in contact with various vacuum manufacturers and parts distributors to inform them that there's someone who knows everything. They'll be delighted!


In addition, I see you've created a new "favourite vacuum" thread; a typical trend of yours. September's "flavour of the month" appears to be a Sebo 370 Comfort. Please know that I'm waiting eagerly for your next "favourite vacuum". Could I suggest contacting media for breaking news coverage on your next favourite machine? Oops, my apologies for causing further stress with that suggestion. 


My deepest, sincerest, heartfelt apologies for the incredible inconvenience I've put you through while you underwent a three-day ordeal attempting to install a bag on your vacuum cleaner. It's a highlight that my advise was able to end your suffering.




Scott (AKA God, Vacuum God, Vaccuum God, Piano God and Piano or Vacuum God or whatever you call yourself)

Post# 248904 , Reply# 34   9/3/2013 at 04:27 (3,373 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

I have to say, I use genuine Miele bags too, and I get a fine amount of dust leakage. Not enough to keep me awake at niight, and certainly not as much as the generic tat bags I got with it, but there is some.

Could be worse, the Panasonic I cleaned up and gave to mum has already browned it's bag door with an incredible amount of dust leakage from genuine panasonic bags!

Post# 249009 , Reply# 35   9/3/2013 at 21:34 (3,372 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Go Vacuum bags

I did receive the Go Vacuum bags. The seal is actually better than the OEM. The material of the OEM bag seem thicker, I will purchase a new OEM bag to compare. What I am really surprised about is how much power the Miele looses with a 1/3 full OEM bag. I do not have a gauge to prove how much but the suction with the new Go Vacuum bag is much greater.

I would like to see Go Vacuum do a dust particular reading on the exhaust to see if there is any filtration loss with their bags.

Post# 249010 , Reply# 36   9/3/2013 at 21:36 (3,372 days old) by vegassucks ()        
The OEM seal

Now see the seal n the OEM bag, it is not truly round, might be a bad bag I will purchase new ones and compare.

Post# 249233 , Reply# 37   9/6/2013 at 00:13 (3,370 days old) by thevacuumman (Borger, TX)        
I don't own a Miele, but...

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I have run nothing but genuine hepa bags in my Riccar Vibrance since I bought it and I haven't seen any dust in the bag chamber. I used to run generic Riccar bags in my old Riccar HP3000 and the bag chamber always had a thin layer of dust in it but I switched to genuine and I haven't found anymore dust in the bag chamber on it

Post# 249234 , Reply# 38   9/6/2013 at 02:31 (3,370 days old) by vegassucks ()        
You results may vary

Of course everyone results will vary depending on the manufacure and the quality of aftermarket bags. Miele bags are more expensive than Riccar bags. So far the Go Vacuum bag has not leaked any dust and is working just fine. Miele bags are outrages at $4.73 per bag. The Go Vaccum bags are $149.00 per bag and seem to be as good as the OEM bag.

Post# 249236 , Reply# 39   9/6/2013 at 05:15 (3,370 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

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Hi, I don't think the genuine Miele bags @ $4.73 per bag are outrageous compared to the $149.00 per bag copies.Hehehe.


Post# 249245 , Reply# 40   9/6/2013 at 10:25 (3,369 days old) by vegassucks ()        
$4.73 bag expensive?

No, not if there was not a generic that could do the job. If I felt the Miele bag was superior I would gladly pay three times more. Another item to consider is the Miele loses considerable suction with a bag that is 1/3 full, I will change my bags at 1/2 full. There are some people who use super unleaded in a car that only requires regular, it's their money.

Post# 249252 , Reply# 41   9/6/2013 at 11:06 (3,369 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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I honestly have not noticed my Miele loosing suction much as the bag fills.G/N.

Post# 249257 , Reply# 42   9/6/2013 at 13:23 (3,369 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Losing suction

I did not either until I pulled my 1/3 full bag and compared it the new Go Vacuum bag. I have no way to measure how much loss but I assure you it was substantial. Miele is a side drop not a top drop bag as Sebo is, if you do not think that that extra layered thick bag is not a factor in the airflow loss as it fills then you just not being honest with yourself. Is is enough to effect the cleaning ability? Probably not.

I am amazed at how many people think their vacuum is perfect just because is was expensive. There is a cost for everything including the 0 particles emissions that Miele delivers. IMHO, Sebo is much closer to building the perfect vacuum than Miele is. Miele does build the best vacuums for allergy sufferers.

Post# 249259 , Reply# 43   9/6/2013 at 13:30 (3,369 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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Honestly, takes me months to even half fill a bag, normally just change it then, and typically I use it on pretty low power setting also.

Post# 249260 , Reply# 44   9/6/2013 at 13:42 (3,369 days old) by vegassucks ()        

Each persons home is differnent. Size, amount of carpet, pets, children and the dust levels in the air all very. I vacuum every day, have 2000 sq feet of carpet and need to change my bag more often.

I read someone's review putting down a mIele machines brush roll. Stating they only vacuumed once every 2 months? Then why the heck worry about what vacuum they use if their willing to live in filth for 2 months?

Post# 249261 , Reply# 45   9/6/2013 at 13:53 (3,369 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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I vacuum daily also, however its a lot of hardwood floors and only 650 sq ft, plus the Miele does not do the daily clean, too much trouble.

Post# 249272 , Reply# 46   9/6/2013 at 16:40 (3,369 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Some people can live in dirt. I can't but then I can't vacuum every day = my wool carpets wouldn't stand up to such brush roll treatment.

Post# 249317 , Reply# 47   9/7/2013 at 00:44 (3,369 days old) by tony88988 ()        
Solid construction, made in Germany. TOTALLY AMAZING PRODUC

I just purchased the Miele Twist and I know how these reviews are important to me, so I hope that I can help someone esle who is considering the Miele S7 series (any model).


Post# 249319 , Reply# 48   9/7/2013 at 01:27 (3,369 days old) by vegassucks ()        
Owning A Miele

The Miele vacuums are amazing, my advise to anyone who purchases one is to treat it like an expensive sports car. They look great and perform well but they are fragile. You do not want to throw one around like you can a Sebo, they will brake. Note all the broken S7 that sell on eBay, the mechanics are solid but the frame is not. Also be careful with the S7 and what you suck onto it. One vacuum shop told me they had to tear apart an S7 Completly because it had a stuck bottle cap. Another tip is use plastic polish to keep that awesome finish looking good. You now own one of the best performing uprights at any cost.

nice review and enjoy yur S7

Post# 249604 , Reply# 49   9/9/2013 at 15:46 (3,366 days old) by richardlxixxx (Jupiter, Florida)        
OEM Miele Bags

I have three Miele vacuums - S4, S5, and a brand new S8. The 4 is used in my small studio apartment, the 5 in my condo, and the new 8 in the big house. In my opinion, and I do know vacuums, is the Miele canister vacuums are the best vacuums in the market place. Superior suction, air flow, and filtration. Plus the added benefit of being able to customize each vacuum to YOUR particular needs, not what some uninformed engineer thinks you need.
Also, as an owner of a few top of the line Electrolux vacuums, I would never use any type of bag that was not OEM. Using off brands just increases the risk of motor damage, reduced air flow, and inferior filtration. If it is recommended by the manufacturer, I use them and nothing else. If you are willing to spend the money for a high line vacuum, why cheap out on the bags. If you do not want to spent money on bags, buy one of those useless bag less vacuums.
Someone on this site has a thing for bashing. Miele vacuums are absolutely not fragile. Anything will break if abused. I treat all my vacuums, in fact all of my things, with respect and care. Recently I gifted my Electrolux Super J to my housekeeper. When I informed of the vacuums age, she was shocked. It looked brand new. Care and respect is what it is all about.

A great day to all,


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Post# 456002 , Reply# 51   8/19/2022 at 01:51 by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

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For anyone reading this wanting to save money on Miele bags, there is a way to buy the Original Miele AirClean FJM and GN bags and save TONS of money!

Every dealer has access to the Miele ProPack packages of GN and FJM bags - this is their supply of bags they buy at discounted rates for repairs when a customer brings in a Miele vacuum for repair and the bag needs replacement. It is a box of 32 bags plus the pre motor and Super Air Clean filters per 4 bags.

Go into your local authorized Miele dealer and tell them you will buy each bag loose for $2.00 a bag plus tax. Trust me, they WILL do it - McHardy Vacuum here in London, Ontario at the Dundas Street location in particular will do it if you go in store to purchase - so don't let any authorized Miele dealer tell you they can't do it! Threaten the dealer that YOU WILL go to their competition if they don't sell the bags at that price. And I would also use it as a bargaining chip if you're buying a new Miele vacuum from them - warn them if they don't agree to sell the bags at that price after the sale you will take your business to their competition. Considering a 4 pack of genuine Miele bags is $20 plus tax, this is considerable savings vs paying $5.00 a bag.


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Post# 456109 , Reply# 52   8/22/2022 at 15:03 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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I remember this thread. I still can't figure out why and how those genuine Miele bags were leaking out of vegassucks's machine. It's possible it was a defective bag as he thought it might've been, not sure though.

Post# 456118 , Reply# 53   8/22/2022 at 19:46 by kirbylux77 (London, Ontario, Canada)        

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Alex, the problem vegassucks had was he made the mistake most new Miele owners make - opening the bag door to check the bag. and not clicking the bag back in place in the bag holder before closing the bag door again. Then since the bag door tube didn't go into the hole in the bag collar, dirt leaked into the bag chamber instead of going into the bag. Vegassucks was dumb enough to think it was because the silicone seal surrounging the hole on the bag collar didn't make a good enough seal to the bag door tube and was "defective". Man that guy was such a dumbass! :P

As far as I am concerned, I don't care what anyone here or ANY Miele dealer tries to say - when installed and used properly, THE GENERIC BAGS DO NOT LEAK - PERIOD! I have owned several Miele canisters and used many generic bags over the years, and my experience has been they work perfectly fine. The only thing I suggest is to buy generic bags with the IntensiveClean or AirClean style collar for best results. I merely decided to mention about being able to get the genuine Miele bags for cheap when I found out about it through my local dealer - who just so happens to be Canada's largest Miele dealer, I might add - that way, anyone else who chooses to use the genuine bags for whatever reason knows how to get them at the best possible price.


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