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Do Dyson's Really Rip Up Carpet? Or Is It Just The Underwhelming Quality Carpets These Days?
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Post# 224450   3/20/2013 at 15:39 (2,036 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        

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I just came across this article on the internet and I have heard lots of stories about Dyson's shredding carpets. I don't see how Dyson's shred carpets, they can't even clean them for god sake.
Is it just the Dyson's? Or is it the low quality carpets they are making these days? Or is the quality of carpets better with the higher price you pay? I have heard other vacuum manufactures rip up carpet too.



Post# 224452 , Reply# 1   3/20/2013 at 15:59 (2,036 days old) by petek (Ontario)        

Firstly the article is almost 5 years old. Secondly this was new carpeting she installed and any vacuum cleaner is going to fill a bag or two of carpet fibers/fluff intially. It's exactly what happened when we moved into our new house with new wall to wall carpeting. I was shocked at the amount as well. However once that was out all was fine.

Post# 224453 , Reply# 2   3/20/2013 at 16:03 (2,036 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
Do Dyson's Rip up carpets?

I cannot speak for all Dyson's. I can only speak for MY Dyson. It did ruin both a dining room rug by pulling out threads the whole length of the carpet and also caused "fuzzing" of carpet fibers on more than one area rug. I have also had damage done with my newer Hoovers. It is my thought that many of the new machines with such aggressive brushes could do damage to certain man made fibers.
I was talking with a carpet installer and he said they have seen this many times and not just with a Dyson.
The damage or "fuzzing" of carpet fibers would not show up immediately but over time.
Just compare many of the new machines with an old Hoover or Electrolux brush and you can see the difference in how much softer the older horsehair brushes feel.
The power nozzle on my Hyla was also way too stiff and strong for my wool braided rugs.

Post# 224457 , Reply# 3   3/20/2013 at 16:52 (2,036 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

I use my Eureka Dial-A-Nap for vacing shag carpets & didn't have any carpet shredded.

That's why I don't own too many newer vacuums; if I was to buy a brand new vacuum, it'll be:

Eureka Mighty Mite
Aerus/Lux Guardian Platinum
Hoover Guardsman
TriStar CS
Eureka Boss 1934

At least they have soft bristle brush rollers; except the Mighty Mite, which is straight suction only.

In the meantime, I'd stick to the old-school vacs!

Post# 224466 , Reply# 4   3/20/2013 at 18:40 (2,036 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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I agree with Petek here - and takes me back to when we had new wool carpets installed. I thought my SEBO was chewing up our new carpet many years ago only to discover that MOST brand new carpets with a fine, medium to thick pile do this - its called Top Soil layer or words to those effect when my parents rang the carpet shop with a worrying query. Infact the carpet shop did send a letter eventually explaining that for many carpets, it is absolutely normal that top layers are pulled off by vacuums, whether they have a suction only floor or even a brush roll. Brush rolls are therefore "more aggressive" because of their natural brush and tuft out design. The dust bag from the X was absolutely stuffed with top soil "wool" from the wool carpets we had, and to this day I've never felt a bag so light on the top layer it brings off new carpets - you could knit with that stuff.

Post# 224469 , Reply# 5   3/20/2013 at 18:57 (2,036 days old) by dlb764 (Central Florida)        

I purchased my home brand new in 2009. The builder put very nice tile in the house but unfortunately didn't use the same quality for the carpet. The first time I vacuumed the dirt bin on the central vacuum was pretty much completely filled with carpet fiber. I wrote it off to being cheap polyester carpet.

I recently purchased new Mohawk Smartstrand carpet and it is being installed this weekend. This is supposedly a very durable type of fiber so I'll be interested to see how much it sheds initially.

Post# 224500 , Reply# 6   3/20/2013 at 23:46 (2,036 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
Just once

My Dyson DC-17 has very short and sharp brushes. It once caught a loose string on a flat commercial style carpeting we have and pulled an entire line of it out all the way to the wall it was probably about a 3 foot string.

Post# 224510 , Reply# 7   3/21/2013 at 02:43 (2,036 days old) by MikeKLondon ()        
Dyson on Rugs

I had a Dyson Upright years ago and it ruined a rug in a matter of weeks they are far to aggressive, but its not only Dyson. I like my Miele as it has 2 PN's one hard and one soft + you can turn down the suction.

Post# 224549 , Reply# 8   3/21/2013 at 12:11 (2,035 days old) by dysondestijl (east midlands, UK)        

My dysons aren't carpet shredders. Well, unless you go over the edge of the carpet then it will tear it up. But then again any brush roll will.

Post# 224573 , Reply# 9   3/21/2013 at 15:48 (2,035 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

My Dyson DC25 animal has done this, my DC01 YDK, not Ametek, the DC04 lime hasdone this and on numerous occasions the DC01 standard, I can show you the shreds if you want! the shred is so bad, that the whole entire corner of the carpet ripped off, not by us pulling it, but the Dyson

Post# 224588 , Reply# 10   3/21/2013 at 18:28 (2,035 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        
My Dyson DC25 animal has done this, my DC01 YDK, not Ametek,

turbo500's profile picture

then why do you like them if they shread the carpet?

Post# 224590 , Reply# 11   3/21/2013 at 18:49 (2,035 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        
The DC01 rips up carpet?

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The suction is weak (for a clean air) and the brushes are very soft, how can it rip it up?
I should of said before that I have never experienced a Dyson or any other brand of vacuum for that matter rip up carpet. I must say our carpet can't be bad quality because it is 20 years old this year! It started off as medium pile carpet in 1992 and now it is like short, I have measured it in it's thickest part and it measures 1.5 cm and in the main traffic areas it is 0.5cm thick! The carpet has lost 1cm in 20 years which I imagine wasn't helped by it being cleaned with a VAX 121, Electrolux Contour and Dyson DC01 over a period of about 10 years, yes they would of groomed the carpet a bit but wouldn't of gotten out the potentially deep down damaging grit.
My Mum did have a Hoover Turbopower freedom which was probably the best capret cleaner she had, she never let it clog as she used to bang the hell out of the filter after every use, but she only had it about 2 years, figures! Ironically she hatted it. :P

Post# 224591 , Reply# 12   3/21/2013 at 18:50 (2,035 days old) by thekirbylover (Warrington, cheshire )        
they dont rip up carpet

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i have 30+ Dysons and i can say they have never ripped up my carpet even the dc07 on my fairly new carpet on my landing, they ''rip up'' cheap carpets IMO if you buy cheap carpet then what do you expect ive used many Dysons in many peoples homes on many types of carpets/rugs and ive never had fibers spinning around in the bin

Post# 224592 , Reply# 13   3/21/2013 at 18:53 (2,035 days old) by thekirbylover (Warrington, cheshire )        

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the bit about cheap carpet came out wrong i meant to say that they dont rip up carpet and if they do it will probably be because the carpet is low quality

Post# 224618 , Reply# 14   3/21/2013 at 23:22 (2,035 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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In my experience, even expensive carpet that has been nailed down and then starts to come away at the edges thus causing loose threads as an attractant to any moving brush spells disaster. Its all very well pointing the blame at the brush roll but look at the edges of your carpets or rugs and check for any wear/tear.

Post# 224636 , Reply# 15   3/22/2013 at 03:26 (2,035 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

My DC 14 has torn a chunk out of my carpet... none of my other machines have.... the Dyson just seems hungry for carpet. I use my Dyson on the shag rug all the time, but only with the straight suction nozzle attached to the hose. That lady should have gotten a Kirby or an f and g style Eureka.... they seem to be made for shag!

Post# 224662 , Reply# 16   3/22/2013 at 11:37 (2,034 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

With our Family DC04 lime, we went over the edge of the carpet and it munched it up like a paper shredder!! I can show you a pic, but I will make a video of it shredding carpet, that part of the carpet is hidden under the sofa :)

I like Dyson for their colours, performance, I grew up with them, ease of use, they last long if you don't treat them like **** and also they are one of the best performing vacuums in the UK

Post# 224732 , Reply# 17   3/22/2013 at 21:42 (2,034 days old) by chan55 (Green Bay, WI)        

I work in retail, and I have had trouble with Dysons wrecking carpets. It is not cool when they come back to me and tell me their problems. They return the vacs and try to fight it out with the carpet companies.

I would never own a Dyson.

Post# 224735 , Reply# 18   3/22/2013 at 21:49 (2,034 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Parwaz if you have had a vacuum cleaner that destroyed carpet, how can you condone the model from being the best performing? I think you've fallen for Dyson's tricks. I know myself. I did it when I had the DC01, DC03, and DC04. It's so easy to believe that a machine like Dyson can forever be best at performing when the suction just keeps going - but at what cost to your floor surfaces? 


I don't think any of the members on here have treated their Dyson machines like **** though, or any of their collected brands.

Post# 224736 , Reply# 19   3/22/2013 at 21:55 (2,034 days old) by vacuumman206 ()        
that's unbelievable!

Well my first question after reading that article is what kind of idiot designs long shag carpet with the notion a vacuum with a brushroll shouldn't be used? Chances are it just wasn't very good carpet. Dyson brushrolls are cheap junk with quality and construction almost like that of mini vacuums I've seen, just on a larger scale. They are wimpy and the dyson relies solely on its suction which is supposed to never decrease.

Post# 224849 , Reply# 20   3/23/2013 at 16:14 (2,033 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

My Dysons never clog, I never had a vacuum clog in my life apart from an electrolux, even if I try to clog them up, and Dyson's never lose suction on me, I use them with care, they clean well, 10 years ago, approx 75% of my area in Birmingham where I live, used to be VAX owners and some Numatic, now about 65% of the owners changed to Dyson! I recommended my eighbour a Dyson, they got a DC33 multi floor which replaced a Henry and a vax 3 in 1, they didnt like the performance of the old vacuums, they LOVE Dyson, their neighbour has a DC19 origin, their neighbour is my uncle who has a numatic nrv200, I think, its the henry machine with a big base, and its called numatic instead of Henry and it has a push button, and also he has a DC04 Absolute, that works very hard, its abused, but runs like new, and my uncle's neighbour is my Dad's friend, he has a White DC14 All floors, and a White DC15 Allergy along with an original black Swivel Sweeper, My friend had to replace a vacuum every few months, I recommended a dyson, he liked the DC25 for it's ball, so his uncle bought him a DC40 multi floor, and they love it! he used to wash the filters every month, now he dont care and his brother threw it once in anger (Dont ask why, but its a sad story) and its ;like new! and finally, a good friend at schoo, he hated his Henry from 2005-2008ish tat it cant pick up pet hair etc, so he went to comet or Currys, Can't remember, and his cousin got a DC37, and he got a DC41 Animal, and he LOVEs hpow it picks up everything in one pass, even hair!

My neighbour's Dyson get's full every 3 Days, and once they borrowed my Mum's DC04 and they vacuumed only the upstairs with it, when they returned it, the Dyson had picked up nearly half a bin! I think I needed to replace the belt and wash the filters too.

Our house is 5 bedrooms, large family, 1 baby, 1 toddler, and 2 kids, and one teenager which is me. The Dyson never breaks down, its like using a Henry in a school, the Dyson never breaks down, When I use my DC14, the dirt it picks up it satisfying, the DC07 gets up LOADS of Dust and Dirt,, the DC04 lifts the carpet REALLY well, the DC25 grooms the carpet amazingly, the DC08 has amazing suction, the DC01 is a nice back up machine, it does groom well, but not the best

Post# 224862 , Reply# 21   3/23/2013 at 17:54 (2,033 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        
DC01 and DC03

alexhoovers94's profile picture
The DC01 and DC03 are probably the most misleading performing Dyson cleaners ever made, because they have that clear bin to make you think it is doing this absolutely wonderful job when in reality it really is not. The brushroll is very underwhelming and the suction is not very strong on eaither of these models. I am sure the way those two models work is just by sweeping up surface litter and the minimal suction takes it away. The surface litter you see flying around in the bin on the DC01 and DC03 is what grabs the consumers eye for the machine being a really good or one of the best performers, which for comapered to todays Dysons and it's competitors they are good but the old ones had nothing on the Hoovers of the time, which was the Brand Dyson took over from as best sellers.

Here is a video I made and you can see the difference in agitation between the Hoover Junior from the 70's and the Dyson DC01 from the 90's. A Hoover from the 90's - Turbopower 1 or 2 would of perfromed way better than the DC01.


Post# 224869 , Reply# 22   3/23/2013 at 18:52 (2,033 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

The DC03 looks ice, has a nice design, but the performance is terrible, mine was also fragile, I got rid of it in approx June 2007

Post# 224875 , Reply# 23   3/23/2013 at 19:33 (2,033 days old) by MadaboutSEBO (Midlands, UK)        
Agree with AlexHoover94

madaboutsebo's profile picture
Have to agree with AlexHoover94, having been an avid Dyson Fan, still I'm in terms of seeing what new technology they come out with but not with their vacuum cleaners anymore. I've owned and used all the uprights from the DC01 to the DC15, and the DC05 and DC16 (excluding the DC14), and I think out of them the DC07 had the strongest suction and the DC15 had the best agitation! I've tested the DC40 & DC41 thought they where ok, the DC40 only has one row of brushes each side on the brush bar why!?

I've also witness recently a test between a Dyson DC41 and a SEBO Felix in a well known Electrical Store, where the sale man went over a patch of carpet with the DC41 and then with the SEBO Felix using the demo dirt collector on the top but it had a used half full bag in the machine as well, as he showed me it. Both didn't have the brush bars running (not sure why never asked!) and the SEBO pulled out extra dirt the Dyson left behind! Bare in mind he didn't put anything on the carpet just vacuum it with both machines, The Dyson DC41 is Dyson new op of the range and the SEBO Felix has been out on the market for a while. The sale man side the Dyson rep doesn't like him anymore as he recommends SEBO and that the public are all 'brain' washed into thinking bagless\Dyson are better! Yes he used to own and think Dyson where the best. It was interesting to see and hear the sales man comments.

I've had a SEBO Felix for 5 years now 3 of which I still had a Dyson DC07 and DC15 and the SEBO Felix deep cleaned and groomed the carpets better! You could physically see the carpet pile was lifted and groomed by the Felix. I have sold all my Dyson's for now! I don't miss emptying the bin or washing the filters! Each to there own but for me and for now I will not own another Dyson until they improve a few things one being the brush bar.

Post# 224897 , Reply# 24   3/23/2013 at 19:53 (2,033 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        

alexhoovers94's profile picture
Despite me putting down the DC01 it is my faveourite Dyson and I absolutely love them as (unfortunately) I grew up with one. I wish mum had a Turbopower (she did but before I was born) when I was growing up, but I am thankful I have the Turbo's I have now.
I have never really jelled with Sebo's they are too much of a commercial machine for my liking.
My nana has the DC41 it is a great vac, much better than any of the monstrositys they have released in the past. I still wouldn't buy one though, as they are way to expensive. And they are bagless, I am all for the bags, plus I prefere older vacs... Don't we all?

Post# 224913 , Reply# 25   3/23/2013 at 22:01 (2,033 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture
Parwaz - where is your evidence regarding the percentages of vacuum cleaner ownership in Birmingham?? Just because you may ask sales people what they've sold or what people buy doesn't make the brands you mention to be the highest.

Or the best.

And, to put you in the picture, obviously anyone who has a cylinder vacuum cleaner like the Numatic Henry WITHOUT a turbo brush is obviously going to adore a Dyson that has a brush roll. I don't think its the brand here but rather a completely different vacuum cleaner altogether. Also for the fact that all of the select models you have mentioned that people had previously, they all love Dyson - well it is a bagless brand after all.

Alex - maybe if your mum got a Sebo, she'd like it rather than you. I suspect that before long one day you may get a bagged vacuum if she gets fed up having to empty dust all the time. Having to deal with so much dust is a nightmare for her. Fair enough if you feel the Sebo is too commercial for you = I always felt Hoover's Turbomaster was inspired by the Sebo X1 Automatic. In what way do you feel the Sebo vacs are too commercial for you?

Post# 224920 , Reply# 26   3/23/2013 at 23:39 (2,033 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        

alexhoovers94's profile picture
I just think the way they are designed, they cut out a lot of down time as is crutial in the commercial vacuum business, such as life time belts, very easy access brushroll, quick release handle and cord all that I miss on a “normal“ upright, it is not a bad thing that they are easy to maintain but I just think they look and fit better in a commercial setting, rather than a home.
By the way, how come you think Hoover got the idea for the Turbomaster from the X1, they are nothing alike. :s

Post# 224921 , Reply# 27   3/23/2013 at 23:42 (2,033 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        
Oh, also sebofan...

alexhoovers94's profile picture
She has the Sebo X4 now, her DC01 went ages ago the DC01 I have now is mine that I got off eBay for nastalga.

Post# 224923 , Reply# 28   3/23/2013 at 23:52 (2,033 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture
It took me a few years to see the resemblence - my best friend's mum had a Turbomaster for many years and he loved using it - so when he clapped eyes on my old parent's X1 Automatic, he thought it was a new improved version of the Turbomaster! It is easy to see where Hoover got their inspiration from.

Sebo were the first company to patent the hose and hoister but from a visual point of view without the headlight, the Turbomaster does look a little like the SEBO X1 and it wouldn't be the first time Hoover have been inspired by Sebo - their much later (and current) "Insight" is a more direct copy of the X1/G2 series with the manual dial adjuster.

The X1 Automatic was actually developed for the domestic market *and the X1.1/X4/X5 thereafter. Certainly from the point of view taking into account the bigger BS36 and 46 series (and their other one), those are purpose built commercial vacuums compared to the X1. As a Hoover fan first and foremost, I was sceptical for many years with my parents X1A. They gave me their old Oreck and Vax canister as well as a very old Hoover Junior - I wasn't taken with the Sebo at first as I loved the classic uprights like the Senior, Junior and even the Powerplus - but I think as time went by and after selling my Powerplus and TP3 upright, I was more or less ready to give the Sebo a second chance - and I was totally hooked after that.

For me, life after the TP3 was softened with the arrival of the Sebo X1Automatic. I much prefer it to the more modern looking current series.

Post# 224947 , Reply# 29   3/24/2013 at 04:34 (2,033 days old) by philip0603 ()        

My carpets are all 80% wool & 20% polyester 'axminster weave' and the oldest is 30 years old and now starting to show signs of wear. The most expensive carpet I have is 15 years old and is a worsted wool job and cost over £90.00 a square meter. It is showing no signs of wear and never has really fluffed up even when new.

If I had a shag type carpet I would never use a cleaner with a brush bar as the pile is too long and will wrap itself around the bar and tend to get pulled. Mind you, I detest cyclonic vacuums, finding them heavy and a nightmare to empty and clean out.

Post# 224954 , Reply# 30   3/24/2013 at 05:51 (2,033 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

Sebo_fan:- These are not accurate, its just that i have seem so many people upgrading to Dysons, its LOADS of people in the area, I used to see people vacuming cars with no dysons, now what I see is mainly DC14's, DC04's, DC19's and DC33's and 2 people I know have DC40 and DC41's, these are not accurate percentages though, they are just estimated guesses

Post# 224955 , Reply# 31   3/24/2013 at 05:59 (2,033 days old) by AlexHoovers94 (Manchester UK)        

alexhoovers94's profile picture
I would choose a Turbopower 2/3 over a Sebo every single time, sorry but I love them. Don't get me wrong Sebo's are great they are just not my thing.
I also understand what you mean about the Turbomaster and the X1 now, the body styling is very alike without the hose on.

Post# 224960 , Reply# 32   3/24/2013 at 10:19 (2,032 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture
There are many reasons to why people buy Dysons - but mainly for the fact that most are changing up from bagged vacuums because they don't want to keep buying bags. I can understand that, that's people's choices. But, to say that your Dyson has destroyed a carpet and then in the same breath condone the model for great performance, it's not exactly cost effective, is it?

In that regard, are the cylinder models with the air driven turbo brush kinder?

Post# 224969 , Reply# 33   3/24/2013 at 11:52 (2,032 days old) by hoovermad ()        

I've had no issues with my DC24,I like that's it's lightweight and compact and it makes a nice job of grooming my carpets,it's a great little machine


Post# 224970 , Reply# 34   3/24/2013 at 12:25 (2,032 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Back when I was a boy, a carpet was an investment. You had to live with it for tens of years whether you were thoroughly sick of it or not. They cost a fortune and were built to last a lifetime.

Now, we have the choice of buying good or bad quality - one gets what one pays. But for me it gladdens the heart to think that I could pay a mere percentage of a high quality carpet for one which I can change so easily, should I desire to.

As for bagless cleaners, I can see clearly the attraction of no dust bag. What I don't fully understand is that people who have gone bagless are probably the very same people who I see in the supermarkets, buying design bin liners for their fashionable kitchen bins.

Post# 225553 , Reply# 35   3/29/2013 at 14:55 (2,027 days old) by garlee (england)        

garlee's profile picture
Have got numerous Hoover Juniors of different models and ages and the best one for carpet care and cleaning is the old 1334 series of Hoover Junior especially the ones with the alloy hoods .I know a few people who have Dysons and have asked me to have a look at them as the performance wasnt too good on them and all the filters were clogged up and the general build quality is so poor with the plastic .After repairing them was not impressed with the brushroll action on the carpet and why would anyone want to be covered in dust just to empty the dustbin ! give me a bagged hoover anytime

Post# 379463 , Reply# 36   10/9/2017 at 09:04 (372 days old) by kloveland (Tulsa, OK)        
I pulled a Dyson DC 17

kloveland's profile picture
out of the trash this weekend. Cleaned it up and started vacuuming my dining area which has Berber carpet. It caught a snag in between the threshold and the door and completely ripped up a section of the Berber carpet. I'm going to replace the carpet eventually anyway still irritating! The brush roll and motor are pretty powerful in these.

Post# 380615 , Reply# 37   11/3/2017 at 13:06 (347 days old) by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

vacuumdevil's profile picture
There's 3 issues with new carpets and really any old carpet with Dyson vacuum cleaners .

1. Brush rollers on Dyson vacuum cleaners are very sharp and can rip and melt it to carpet fiber.
2. There's no height adjustment on most Dyson's this ensures air flow and brushes are set properly.
3. Dyson's don't clean particular well in leave embedded dirt in the carpet which can destroy it.

Those are the reasons why carpet manufacturers don't recommend a lot of vacuums.

Link to CRI who writes vacuums for carpet manufacturers.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO vacuumdevil's LINK

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