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Sebo canister or Air-way
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Post# 1743   9/26/2006 at 22:45 (5,059 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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I'm looking to purchase a new vacuum but im not sure what to buy. I am a former member of the VCCC and have always loved vacuums since I was a little kid. I was always a huge fan of Electrolux but their current machines do not have enough power. I love my Kirby Diamond Edition but its loud and I having 75% bare floors its not the ideal vacuum for my house. I also have a Miele Red Velvet and Blue Moon. I like these machines but their power nozzles just dont seem strong enough for american homes with pets and they are awful when it comes to manueverability. I loved my Electrolux Ultralux that i had years ago and since the Air-way Centurion has a similar design and more power i thought this might be a good choice. I am also interested in the Sebo C3.1 canister. The Sebo is supposed to be well made and an excellent cleaner. I also would like to check out a Rainbow, but they are not popular in my area and im not sure if i want to have a machine that requires so much work to use it. All you need to do is plug in the mieles and you are set. Please let me know what anyone thinks about both the Air-way and the sebo. The Air-way sounds like a great machine but I never heard of them until i was part of the VCCC. Thank You! -Steven

Post# 1745 , Reply# 1   9/26/2006 at 22:57 (5,059 days old) by swingette ()        

well, the sebo got excellent marks in CR, and has an excellent powernozzle. if its as well-engineered as the sebo upright... good thing. ive always wanted a sebo canister, or a sebo *felix*.


Post# 1749 , Reply# 2   9/26/2006 at 23:24 (5,059 days old) by compactc9 ()        

What power nozzle are you using on the Mieles? If you are using the SEB217, then you might want to get the larger one with the headlight. Otherwise, I personally ould go with the AirWay, its a great vacuum that is built to work well and last.

Post# 1753 , Reply# 3   9/27/2006 at 00:26 (5,059 days old) by dualsanitronic (Omaha)        

The AirWay is the very best of its type,bar none!

Post# 1761 , Reply# 4   9/27/2006 at 10:13 (5,058 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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I always tell people that inquire about Air-Way........after you get tired of trying 2 to 3 different vacuums and they are unsatisfactory for whatever reason, you will want to purchase an Air-Way. It's designed to last a life time and longer. Hand assembled, made of lightweight metal, the finest in filtration, the power nozzle is now "Quiet Drive" and built in the USA.

An Air-Way is the last vacuum you will need to purchase. I still use my Grandmother's Mark II 88 from 1973. I would put it's cleaning ability against any other manufacturer and it's filtration against any other manufacturer.

Post# 1762 , Reply# 5   9/27/2006 at 10:18 (5,058 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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I have the 236 power nozzle (the largest one with a head light) on the Red Velvet. Its the standard nozzle that comes with it. On the Blue Moon i have the 226 i believe, it was the largest power nozzle prior to the models with the head light. They are very good, but not great. Does the airway power nozzle have a beater bar? Is the Centurion a quiet machine like the mieles? How does the rainbow compair to the sebo and airway? Sorry for all the questions, lol, but i know that you all you're talking about so this is the best resource for me.

Post# 1764 , Reply# 6   9/27/2006 at 10:24 (5,058 days old) by kirbykid (Horseheads,New York 14845)        

I LOVED MY AIRWAY!!! that is the brand i would suggest.... I have the Miele Red star(before the Red velvet) and I love it it is so quiet and powerful but yeah you are right the power nozzle sucks)and not in a good way)) oi !!

Post# 1778 , Reply# 7   9/27/2006 at 13:39 (5,058 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        
More on Air-Way

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The Air-Way canister is a 12 amp vacuum so there is a moderate amount of noise. It is not as quiet as the Miele. However, the modest noise difference is well worth the difference!

About 2 weeks ago, I was with Jeff Parker and Fred Nelson in Chicago and we looked at Miele's in a variety of price ranges. I could not believe for the $$$$ how cheap the hose was! And, IMHO, I thought the power nozzles looked like something from "Barbie's Dream House."

The Air-Way power nozzle is made by Cen-Tec Systems. It has a 4 position height adjuster, headlight and is V belt driven making it very quiet. The beater bar was changed to a 4 brush strip brush roll--quadraflex type. It is very effective and the customers that have purchased from me really like them. I have received many unsolicited testimonials from customers.

I have had no personal experience with SEBO so I can't comment. The newest Rainbows have much improved suction--as they should for a $2300 suggested retail price. I've tried to "like" Rainbows but I find them SO labor intensive to use. And, for that price, I would prefer it NOT be made out of molded plastic injection.

I also think that Mieles are frightfully costly for all plastic bodied vacuums. Air-Way is all metal, hand assembled and well under $1000 dollars. Seems to make far more sense to me.

Post# 1779 , Reply# 8   9/27/2006 at 14:50 (5,058 days old) by andy (Boston, MA)        


I am a dealer for both machines, and I personally prefer the Miele hands down. The Sebo handle is very small, and the powernozzle does not clean nearly as well as Miele's 236 powerhead. The Sebo is an excellent machine, but it is not nearly as refined and user friendly as the Miele. Have you seen the new S5's? They have the absolute BEST floor tool on the market.

I also prefer Miele over Airway, but then again, that's just me. The airflow of the Miele is far superior, and it's much less clumsy than the Airway. However, I am VERY interested in seeing this quiet drive powernozzle that you speak of, Charlie. I hated those old style Kenmore powerheads. They were rattly, and while they cleaned well, they didn't groom my carpet worth a damn.

I'm probably gonna commit social suicide on this board with these next comments, but one thing that I don't understand is why people get all hung up over this plastic/metal issue. The old owner of this store sold many Royal all metal uprights, yet I get several in every week that have worn out pieces in the handle fork. The pins that hold the bag ring on wear out, and there are just several areas that get loose and rattly over time. The problems that I see with plastic machines is mainly in uprights that use high speed brushrolls and motors mounted in plastic housings that melt from all the heat build up. Yet I hardly ever see melted 7 amp Hoover Elites. I got some three year old Windsor Sensors in for service the other day that were used in a Sleep Inn. Once again, every day use. They're an all plastic machine, but you know what was wrong with them? The housekeepers had run over the cords and chewed them up.

Don't write off Miele and other modern machines just because you see alot of plastic in them. There's far more to the design of the vacuum that determines overall quality. And like my Royal example, all metal isn't necessarily better. Our area Molly Maids uses Miele as an attachment machine. They brought one in that after 11 years of daily use, had a burnt out motor. The other parts of the machine were just fine.

Post# 1781 , Reply# 9   9/27/2006 at 16:01 (5,058 days old) by talktotravis ()        
Miele hose

With no disrespect to Air Way (and I actually don't know about their hose so I'm just guessing) I prefer the Miele type any day, any time. For one, the hose is very lightweight, so that if one is dusting it won't knock over things on a table or counter. Secondly, Miele hoses ARE entirely crushproof, despite their light weight--I have seen many a crushed wire-reinforced hose, it just takes one step too many. While others such as Aerus and Kenmore claim better airflow due to being wire-reinforced, I find the tradeoff minimal--thier relative inflexibility, weight, and fragility are not worth it. (And I have yet to find a cleaner that matches the performance of the Miele vortex motor). As Andy says, the Miele has the right stuff where it counts--sometimes it's in the design.

Post# 1782 , Reply# 10   9/27/2006 at 16:08 (5,058 days old) by talktotravis ()        
Miele Floor Tool

Forgot to add--just as Andy claims, the new Miele floor tool (parquet) is unmatched--there's simply nothing like it on the market. It swivels in all directions, is low profile, does not leak at the neck, and can lay completely flat to go under furniture. Even though I love the machines, I also find them pricey--but this tool is worth it.

Post# 1786 , Reply# 11   9/27/2006 at 16:48 (5,058 days old) by andy (Boston, MA)        

The Airway hose is a lightweight crushproof style, but it is the common 1-1/4" diameter variety which facilitates less airflow than Miele hoses.

Post# 1789 , Reply# 12   9/27/2006 at 18:33 (5,058 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
New Mieles

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I was just looking at the new Miele S5's and they look nice. However the power head is the same as the one i have on the red velvet. Is the Red Velvet vortex motor the same as the one in the s5? I like that they have improved the hose handle on the top of the line model and how the hose doesnt swivel at the canister end (i cant stand the swivel on mine). I dont know about the new floor brush, but i will tell you that i absolutly HATE both the smooth floor brush and combination brush i have for mine! They both get clogged with hair and just push the dirt around the front of the bristles. They kirby bare floor brush from my diamond edition is my favorite! Anyone know how the length of the cord on the Airway compares to the Mieles? I do think that the mieles are over priced for a plastic machine and i loved my all metal ultralux. Thanks!

Post# 1792 , Reply# 13   9/27/2006 at 18:50 (5,058 days old) by talktotravis ()        

Yes, the SEB 236 is the same in the S5, and the hose connection to the body is much improved--it does not swivel, but feels sturdier and does not leak air. I believe that the early Red Velvet models used the 2-fan 1100W motor and the latest ones, prior to the s5, have the Vortex. The way I always tell is by looking at either the hose control or the control on the body--1100W is 2-fan, 1200 is Vortex. The new floor tool, although only for hard floors, is night and day compared to a combo rug/floor tool (which I don't like either). The hose handle is now a pistol grip system similar to Sebo, but doesn't leak and feels better made. I like the Kirby floor tool as well, but the Miele stole its lunch and is my new favorite.

Post# 1794 , Reply# 14   9/27/2006 at 19:31 (5,058 days old) by andy (Boston, MA)        
Floor brushes

Miele has addressed the issue of hair getting caught up in the bristles by making the brush out of a combination of natural and synthetic fiber. Just try this new floor tool, trust me, you'll be hooked.

Post# 1799 , Reply# 15   9/27/2006 at 21:16 (5,058 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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With due respect to my fellow posters, I will only add at this point, that a prospective buyer should really just try out the vacuums they are considering and see what feels/works best for them and their pocketbooks.

I think we all have our favorites for a variety of reasons which is what makes this club and site so much fun.

I'll admit that I am partial to Air-Way and grew up with them as well as Electrolux and Hoover. So, I'm probably always go to recommend them and I've arrived at this point in life, (mid 50's now....gosh that scary!), that I really believe in putting American made money back into the hands of American workers. And, yes, I drive an American made car. Okay, go ahead and shoot me now!

Seriously, I'm glad we can have a discussion of this sort on a site like this and I stick with what I said. It's like buying a car.......take a test drive, or vacuum if you will, and determine what is best for your and your needs. I've always let my customers "play" with an Air-Way if they have any hesitation as part of being successful in the world of selling vacuums is putting the right machine with the right buyer. I do sell several other lines as well.

Post# 1802 , Reply# 16   9/27/2006 at 21:27 (5,058 days old) by andy (Boston, MA)        

Do you have a pic of that powernozzle with the new brushroll? I find this very interesting.

Post# 1803 , Reply# 17   9/27/2006 at 21:39 (5,058 days old) by talktotravis ()        

Well said, everyone has their favorites and I respect your opinion. I honestly haven't used an Air-way, and I'm sure they are great machines. (Last canister I had, however, was a Royal "pony," and they seem similar--that was a great machine). For me, the Miele suits my needs fine now, and should for a while, but that can always change and then I may look at Air-way. No doubt that it is a very well-made machine, and being American-made is great also.

Post# 1825 , Reply# 18   9/28/2006 at 09:47 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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I should have said "Hi!" to you long ago and congrats on your store and I have followed your articles regularly with great delight that appear in the VDTA magazine. We missed you in St. Louis! Any chance for Omaha?

Back to business, UPS just delivered several packages from Air-Way while I am writing this.

Upon opening the power nozzle box, it is the original power nozzle but with a chevron brush roll and no beater bar. They did tell me they were going to go back to this but never gave a time frame. I'm going to check the other boxes and see what power nozzles are in them.

A Quiet Series was sold to Fred Stachnik and several other non-vacuum people but regular customers. You may want to inquire Fred about pictures of that model.

Air-Way, as you know, has made several changes including the bags and as I mentioned here, the power nozzle. The Quiet Series was used starting this year and now it seems to have reverted back.

Pictures will be forthcoming here later today or tomorrow.

Post# 1827 , Reply# 19   9/28/2006 at 10:10 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        
New Info RE: Air-Way

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Okay, I just got off the phone with Air-Way and here it is direct from the factory:

The housing for the most current power nozzle is just like the one used when the Signature Series was introduced as modified by Tom Gasko.

The brushroll is a chevron design using the V belt and motor. It is considered a "Quiet Drive" series because of this. It still has the 4 height adjuster, headlight, quick connect/disconnect and "cord management" holder at the hose end for direct connect to the hose.

I will do pictures later.

Post# 1830 , Reply# 20   9/28/2006 at 11:23 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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Here is the complete power nozzle with wands.

Post# 1831 , Reply# 21   9/28/2006 at 11:24 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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Close up of the power nozzle only.

Post# 1832 , Reply# 22   9/28/2006 at 11:25 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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The underside showing the chevron brushroll with fairly stiff, nylon brushes.

Post# 1833 , Reply# 23   9/28/2006 at 11:26 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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Here you see the Cen-Tec labeling and note the last letters are QD for Quiet Drive.

Post# 1837 , Reply# 24   9/28/2006 at 17:46 (5,057 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
New Air Way power nozzle

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One of the things that stuck out in my mind was that the Air Way still had a beater bar on its power nozzle. I thought that it may be what the power nozzles on my other machines were missing to make them good and not excellent. Why would they change to a chevron brush with no bar? Is the beater bar power nozzle a better cleaner? Are their any canister that have a beater bar anymore?

Post# 1839 , Reply# 25   9/28/2006 at 18:51 (5,057 days old) by air-waycharlie (USA)        

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This is my opinion ONLY.........I think to stay competative, Air-Way had to reduce the noise of their vacuums. The only way was to reduce the noise of the power nozzle as the main canister is not the loud.

Smooth belts and V belts are much less noisy than geared belts. The power nozzle with the beater bar used a geared belt. Not only did you have the vibration of the beater but the whiney noise of the geared belt. To me is was no big deal to others they would claim it was damaging their hearing.

If they had kept the beater bars with the V belt, it probably would have been too much drag/friction for that type belt making it stretch out too fast or even break. The beater bar was very effective and I'm sorry to see it go.

However, much of today's carpeting just really does not need a beater bar any longer. Royal discontinued using the beater bar nozzle as far as I know on their canisters and I'm not sure Kenmore is using it any longer. The brushes are so aggressive and well made, that in conjuction with the chevron design are quite effective.

I've used the new nozzle on my berber, which is one of the most difficult to get really clean, and it seems to work fine. Customers that have purchased the Air-Way with the new nozzle have had no complaints to me but only sing praises of their vacuums.

Post# 1842 , Reply# 26   9/28/2006 at 20:04 (5,057 days old) by normvac (COLUMBUS, OHIO)        
New Air Way

I am a major fan of Air Way (I have your old 55 and 66). I have been watching for a decent 77 to collect. You just don't
see them here in the columbus, ohio area.
Can you post a picture of the new/current machine. I would
like to have a visual of the difference between then and now!

Post# 1861 , Reply# 27   9/29/2006 at 16:37 (5,056 days old) by rexairman ()        

I am a big fan of both Air-Way and Rainbow, and sell them both. I still have trouble figuring out what makes any of the European canisters special, other than a protected profit for their dealers. This includes Miele, Bosch, Sebo, etc. I am constantly approached by these companies to sell their products, but have not done so. They are all very well built machines, but of very conventional technology. I love the Air-Way for the fact that it is built the way it always has been. Incredible, all metal, hand built quality. If a customer needs a vacuum that performs only the traditional functions of a vacuum cleaner, Air-Way is the way to go.
Now the Rainbow is a completely different situation. They have completely overcome the objection of being difficult to set up and use, with the new e2. The e2 is A.H.A.M. certified as an air cleaner, and designed to be used like any other air cleaner, running continuously around the clock 24/7. To accomplish this, a new motor, which has no carbon brushes (to produce emissions or limit motor life) has been developed. On low, air cleaning, speed, the machine is virtually silent. The user lets it run all the time, cleaning the air, which it does with better than HEPA results. When you want to vacuum, you simply connect the hose, and turn the switch on to high speed. When finished, pour the dirty water down the toilet, refill the basin with clean water, and turn the machine back on, on low speed, and let it run. I have talked to customers whose machines have run 24/7 for two and a half years, since this model was introduced. The machine also picks up water, enabling it to scrub the kitchen floor, and clean carpet. The new AquaMate II shampooer is very convenient, and does such a good job that there is no product I carry on which I have received as many compliments on the job it does. And these machines have a history of running for 40 or 50 years without problems. What is also amazing is that in the US, the Rainbow is the second largest selling canister cleaner on the market. Only the combined number of Kenmore and Panasonic (who build the Kenmores for Sears) is greater. And according to surveys conducted by Nordhaus and Associates of Southfield, MI, and The Schoenwald Group, of New York City, the Rainbow has the highest owner satisfaction rating of 98%.

Post# 1869 , Reply# 28   9/29/2006 at 23:56 (5,056 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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I am still waiting for product material to arrive from Air-Way about their machines so can check them out. I dont think that there is a dealer in my area, since i had never heard of them since Tom G. told me about them when i joined the VCCC a while back. Is there any place online that has more detailed info, since the AirWay site has very limited info? I also noticed while checking out one members pictures online that they have the purple Centurion, and it has the newer style (kenmore like) centec power nozzle. Anyone know if that is what the Anniversary Edition power nozzle looks like? What is the price of these machines? All I know is that they are less than the $1200 that the Red Velvet lists for. Has anyone tried the new Windtunel? I bought a new self propelled one and then quickly returned it about 6 months ago because it was loud enough to make a person go deaf and it was sooo clumsy! It was however a pretty decent performer. Are the new ones any quieter and easier to steer?


Post# 1880 , Reply# 29   9/30/2006 at 12:36 (5,055 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Riccar/Simplicity Cannisters?

How to the new Riccar/Simplicity cannisters compare to contemporary Miele, Aerus and Air-Way machines? Does anyone have any experience with them?


Post# 1999 , Reply# 30   10/3/2006 at 21:47 (5,052 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
Central Vacuum instead of AirWay

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Ok, so I bought a new VacuFlo unit model 566Q instead of another canister. I have a large german sheppard and I just cant deal with how my machines smell after a few uses. My housekeeper cant stand it either! She also hates that my Miele Blue Moon and misses the Lux Epic 6500. Its not practical to change the bag after two or three uses and I will not buy a portable bagless vac. I figured this is the best way to go, no smell since its vented outside and constant power. I purchased the Hayden Superpack with the machine since my vac dealer said it has a much better hose than the Vacuflo. It has almost the same power nozzle as the Air Way. It should be completely installed tomorrow and i cant wait to see how it works. Does anyone have one of these units and are you satisfied with them?

Post# 2000 , Reply# 31   10/3/2006 at 22:05 (5,052 days old) by compactc9 ()        

I don't have a Vacuflo, but I can say that from my reoair experiance, they are very reliable and well built. I do have a Riccar central vac. I really feel that the best vacuum anyone can get is a central vac, nothing comes close in power and cleaning ability.

Post# 2007 , Reply# 32   10/4/2006 at 01:32 (5,052 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
Central Vac

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Do you like the Riccar? My dealer sells Riccar and Simplicity vacuums and speaks highly of them. I have never used one, but they sell only the VacuFlo as their only central vac line. I was looking at the Riccar but I didnt want a filter or a bag to change. Do you like your system and its power nozzle? Did you install it yourself? I have a colonial splanch so it should be easy to install it myself. Only thing that may be a slight problem is wiring the direct connect valve. Ill know tomorrow if i bit off more than i can chew.

Post# 2014 , Reply# 33   10/4/2006 at 10:57 (5,051 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Congratulations on your Central Vac Purchase!

I bought and installed a Beam Serenity central vacuum system over five years ago and I love it. I actually wanted to go with a VacuFlo unit, but I didn't like the local dealer. His customer service skills were very poor and he came across as a real jerk. I wanted to do my own installation, but he insisted that installation in an existing home was too complicated for a layperson. The Beam dealer was totally the opposite. He was very encouraging and extremely helpful. He even stopped by my house before the purchase to go over my plan with me. He gave me all sorts of helpful hints and told me to call if I had any problems or concerns at all. He even lent me a "do-it-yourself" installation video to watch before I began.

Central vacuums are perfect for households with pets. I have an English Springer Spaniel and dog hair is a constant concern. She actually likes the central vauum and loves to be vacuumed/groomed with it. (I purchased the pet grooming brushes).

Installation went very smoothly in my 2-story townhouse. (I only installed the standard inlet valves, not the "direct connect" dual voltage electric valves. However, I am going to upgrade my valves this week to the direct connect "ElectraValves." I ordered a "fuse plug" hose end kit to convert my "pig tail" hose into a direct connect hose.) I had a lot of fun planning my installation and even doing the actual install. I'm sure you will too. It requires minimal technical and craftmanship skills and only very basic wiring skills (even for the 110-volt electric inlet valves).

When I purchased my system I bought the standard Beam Rugmaster Plus Power Team. I didn't like the "Eureka" power nozzle at all. It was effective and cleaned well, but it was VERY loud, INCREDIBLY rattly and didn't seem to be of the same quality as the other components in the system. So, after a very short time, I upgraded to a Lindhaus PB14 Electronic power nozzle, which I liked MUCH better. It was much quieter, cleaned just as well (if not better -- especially on throw rugs) and it was of much higher quality. Plus, it was adjustable and had a cogged drive belt. But, I found that the brush roll supports would become bound up with dog hair three or four times a year. So, this year I upgraded again, this time purchasing an entirely new attachment set (hose and all) with a Wessel-Werk EBK340LL power nozzle. So far I'm fairly impressed with this nozzle, but it isn't adjustable and is more difficult to use on certain throw rugs. It does have a telescopic wand, which I really like and it came with a large, European-style dusting brush, which is very handy.

I can't wait to hear about your experiences installing and using your new central vacuum system. Good luck and have fun!

Post# 2016 , Reply# 34   10/4/2006 at 13:38 (5,051 days old) by swingette ()        
nothing comes close in power and cleaning ability

...except a Hoover upright (on rugs)!

Post# 2024 , Reply# 35   10/4/2006 at 19:12 (5,051 days old) by compactc9 ()        

I love my Riccar, the best part is the power nozzle with the 3 full rows of bristles and the all metal bottom. The unit wass also the most powerfull home unit on the market at the time, and probably still is. I also got the direct connect electric inlets, and would never have anything else.

Post# 2041 , Reply# 36   10/5/2006 at 09:09 (5,050 days old) by ahzeks ()        
I second that Swingette!

I have a Hoover 1060 that I used to use regularly to deep clean the carpets. But, unfortunately last year it developed motor problems. The motor starts and runs okay at first, but after 15-20 seconds of use is starts to slow down and comes almost to a stop. I've never repaired an electric motor before, so I wouldn't know where to start or even what to look for. So, I've been keeping my eyes open for a replacement. I should get it fixed as I really miss using that machine.

Post# 2042 , Reply# 37   10/5/2006 at 09:13 (5,050 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        

It could be something or nothing- carbon brushes would be a good place to start looking :).


Post# 2043 , Reply# 38   10/5/2006 at 09:37 (5,050 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Direct Connect Inlet Valves

Yesterday I converted my central vacuum hose end to direct connect and upgraded my first floor invlet valve to an ElectraValve. What a difference! Getting rid of that 6-foot pig tail cord makes using the hose so much easier, especially when it comes to coiling it up for storage or moving it from one level to the next. (I was always worried about tripping over the pig tail when carrying the hose up or down the stairs as it was often a challange to keep the cord from dangling loose while carrying the whole hose from one location to another.) Plus, the hose connection is now made in one simple step.

The hose conversion was very simple. It took all of three minutes to complete and the only tool required was a flat screwdriver to release the hose cuff. The valve conversion took a about 45 minutes, most of which was spent in running the Romex a short distance through the wall and in order to tap into the nearest electrical circuit.

I plan to convert the second level inlet today. That one should be much easier as it is on a wall behind which is the attic space of the garage. I will be able to easily tap into the outlet circuit in the garage cieling/floor of the attic that serves the garage door opener.

Post# 2044 , Reply# 39   10/5/2006 at 09:43 (5,050 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Carbon brushes...


How easy is it to locate and examine the carbin brushes on the 1060 motor? And, being a novice, what should I look for once I find them? (How do you tell if they are in need of replacement?) Are replacements readily available?

Post# 2046 , Reply# 40   10/5/2006 at 09:57 (5,050 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Riccar Central Vacuums


Do you have photos of your Riccar central vacuum installation and especailly its power nozzle? I visited the Riccar Web site, but it doesn't really offer much information on their central vacuum systems. Would I be able to conncect a Riccar power nozzle to my standard button-lock wand system? Is the power nozzle/hose handle electrical connection compatible with standard central vacuum hoses (see picture below)?

Post# 2072 , Reply# 41   10/5/2006 at 20:53 (5,050 days old) by compactc9 ()        

I have their best power nozzle, the same as the one sold with their most expensive canister, but with a nicer looking (to me) blue hood. The link has the picture of the hose and p/n.


Post# 2073 , Reply# 42   10/5/2006 at 20:54 (5,050 days old) by compactc9 ()        

There is also a much better picture of teh unit in there too, I didn't realize this picture was soooo small.

Post# 2096 , Reply# 43   10/5/2006 at 23:21 (5,050 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
Central Vac Muffler

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Ok, so I didn't finish installing my central vac. I ran into a few problems running one of the inlets but hopefully I will be done tomorrow. One thing im not sure about is how do you put the muffler on the unit. My system vents outside, does the muffler slide over the exhaust tubing, or does the exhaust tube get cut and the muffler attached between the tubing? I think that if it is attached to two ends of tubing that it will get all cloged with dirt from the exhaust, but im not sure how the muffler really works.

Post# 2100 , Reply# 44   10/5/2006 at 23:46 (5,050 days old) by compactc9 ()        

The muffler is installed by connecting the pipe to each end, like any other fitting, just glue the pipe into it.

Post# 2127 , Reply# 45   10/6/2006 at 11:51 (5,049 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Compact9 -- Thanks for sharing the photos...

...of your vacuum cleaner collection and central vacuum! I like the looks of the Riccar power nozzle and would like to check one out in person. Unfortunately, our local Riccar dealer just went out of business. We do have a Simplicity dealer and I assume there is a comparible Simplicity power nozzle. I wonder, does Riccar/Simplicity sell just the power nozzle and wand assembly? From what I can tell from your photo it looks like the wand has the industry standard central vacuum hose connection.

Also, what is the red/beige Filter-Queen-looking canister in photo #8 of your collection? I've never seen a FQ in that color scheme.

Post# 2128 , Reply# 46   10/6/2006 at 12:21 (5,049 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Muffler won't clog


The muffler installs on the exhaust port of your central vacuum power unit and the exhaust tubing is then connected to the muffler. I've attached a picture from my Beam install manual that shows the muffler placement in the exhaust tube.

It won't clog with dirt. I'm not sure what type of muffler you have, but mine is the "Sound Off" model. If I remember correctly, it's simply a larger plastic tube lined with sound-absorbing foam.

I'll examine mine later today and see exactly what it looks like.

Post# 2131 , Reply# 47   10/6/2006 at 14:35 (5,049 days old) by rexairman ()        

Since my last post to this thread I have sold two new Rainbows, one rebuilt Rainbow, and one new Air-Way. I have heard from all those customers, and they all love their machines. The Rainbow customers were all repeat buyers. One of the new machines was sold to a well-to-do couple who bought a new machine from me in June for their vacation home, and wanted another for their primary home. When they bought the second machine they told me they would probably be wanting another one soon. The other new Rainbow went to a lady who traded in her very well worn Rainbow D3, about 20-25 years old. The rebuilt Rainbow went to a lady who had bought one from me a few years ago, and since gave it to her daughter, who had just purchased a new home. The mother realized she couldn't get by without a Rainbow, and bought a second one from me the other day. She called me yesterday and told me she loves it. The new Air-Way is an interesting story. I sold it to a customer who has been using a Miele. They wanted something that wouldn't be plagued by expensive and constant repair bills. Just before buying the Air-Way from me, the Miele dealer told them their machine needed $200 worth of repairs, and that wasn't the first time they had a big bill on it. Just thought I'd send this along.

Post# 2134 , Reply# 48   10/6/2006 at 17:01 (5,049 days old) by ahzeks ()        
Central Vacuum Muffler Photos

Here's a photo of my Beam central vacuum system power unit with the Sound Off muffler attached and a close-up of the muffler end. You can see the sound-absorbing foam on the inside of the tube. It shouldn't clog or interfere with the exhaust as the foam layer (about one half inch thick) only goes around the inside of the tube leaving plenty of open space for the exhaust air to pass freely through.

My system isn't exhaused to the outside, so I have no exhaust tube attached to the other end of the muffler.

Post# 2145 , Reply# 49   10/6/2006 at 19:12 (5,049 days old) by compactc9 ()        

the power nozzle is the same on the Simplicity and Riccar, but the central vac wands have a different electrical connection for the hose than the canister version, as well as a more Miele like locking tab, the wand will only fit a Cen-Tec hose that has the correct metal tube on the end. THe canister wands will only fit the Riccar/Simplicity canister hose end. Buying just a nozzle and wand wouldn't do much for you unless you already have a hose that it will fit.

Post# 2152 , Reply# 50   10/6/2006 at 21:37 (5,049 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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Ahzeks thank you so much for the info and the pictures! They are a huge help! I just need to run the exhaust line outside tomorrow, connect the wires, and Im all done with the installation. I have to say it was alot more work than I thought. Im not the do-it-yourself type (im only 22), im more of a pay-someone-else to do it for you type. Anyway, it wasn't extremely difficult to do but it is time consuming! I'm glad i put it in myself and learned how to run the pipes, but in the next house im having someone do it for me!
Thanks Again!

Post# 2167 , Reply# 51   10/7/2006 at 13:20 (5,048 days old) by dysonman ()        
Air-Way's new brush roller

The only new brush roller offered by CenTec is the current, chevron style. The beater-bar brush, with replaceable bristles, is only available as a repair part. For many rugs, the beater-bar brush is the way to go. However, for newer rugs with very long pile, the new chevron brush is really better.

Air-Way has done a splended job of keeping the machine up with the times. When I first became involved with them, back in 1999, the machine was still white in color (like an oxygen cart), it did NOT have direct connect at the handle or the power nozzle end, and it had the cheap Douglas power nozzle. I have a video tape that I made during my two visits to the factory. One of them shows the owner of Air-Way and myself fighting over the position of the two speed switch. I got my way, and the first Air-Way Signature Series models were, indeed, two speed machines. Ultimately, Air-Way decided that the extra manufacturing costs involved with the two speed models was not feasible and discontinued the two speed motor models (called "select-a-flow"). Those first two speed models are now collector's items.

Post# 2286 , Reply# 52   10/9/2006 at 19:06 (5,046 days old) by normvac (COLUMBUS, OHIO)        
Red/Beige Filter Queen

The machine is made by filter queen but (owner correct me if I am wrong) made for sale in retail, usually a Vac Shop. At a lower price point than the door sold model. It is called a princess! I was approached back in the 80's to be a dealer!

Post# 2294 , Reply# 53   10/9/2006 at 21:15 (5,046 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
Central Vac

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So I finally got my VacuFlo unit up and running and I LOVE IT! I am waiting for the 110v to be wired into the inlets this weekend and I'm very anxious to see how well the power nozzle works. I love the power of the machine! Its so quiet! Even if you stand next to the unit down in the basement, its not very loud at all. VacuFlo claims its 60Dbs, which is great! I used it to clean my cat's two cat condos with the upolstery nozzle and it got the hair right up! Its usually much more difficult to get it all up and very time consuming. I must say that I am a little shocked at what is in the container so far and I haven't even used it on the carpets yet. I thought my house was cleaner. Scary!

Post# 2310 , Reply# 54   10/9/2006 at 22:47 (5,046 days old) by compactc9 ()        

You will about faint when you see what it gets from the carpet. I was shocked the first time that I used my central vac on our carpet that was only a few weeks old, and had been vacuumed daily since we moved in.

Post# 2506 , Reply# 55   10/14/2006 at 20:34 (5,041 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        
Air-way PN and Hayden PN

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Does anyone know if the Airway power nozzle and the Hayden Super Pack power nozzle differ in any way other than a different hood?

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