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Well there goes the Turbo Power as Hoover's flagship model!
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Post# 199301   9/5/2012 at 12:22 (2,761 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I just loaded up a minute ago and see the Globe is now representing Hoover Vacuum Cleaners.

Can't say I'm surprised with all the marketing they are doing just now featuring the Globe.

I give the Turbo Power another 6 months at the most before it is discontinued.

I mean, who would really pay 250.00 for a Turbo Power when they could have a Globe with "twist and steer" for 229.99 ?

I'm not saying that is what I'd do, but from the general consumer's point of view, you have to concede the Globe does have more "modern" appeal.

Post# 199349 , Reply# 1   9/5/2012 at 13:53 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        
No, not quite.

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Just because the Turbo Power isn't being shown as the first model in the home page, doesn't mean the model is being discontinued. Websites do this often when trying to promote a product, simple as. Miele did this recently with their homepage to their cylinder vacuums, showing off the "monster suction" from an S8, weeks before the S8 actually arrived in the shops.


I doubt the Turbo Power will completely disappear. The Slalom for example is no longer being listed on site but there's Tesco selling the black model SL8127 at £79.97


Also the Globe is very different - it swivels for a start and has lower wattage plus a 1.7 litre dust bin. 

The Turbo Power has higher wattage and a 3 litre dust bin. 


One only has to realise the differences by actually reading the info on both to know the differences - and I highly doubt Hoover would replace the standard push/pull upright with a swivel upright that has a much smaller dust bin capacity and eliminate buyers who won't necessarily want a swivel upright. 

Post# 199350 , Reply# 2   9/5/2012 at 13:56 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The blue Turbopower UTP1610 that I have was always on sale in Argos for about 120, the same with the red version at variuous times - it was only really Comet that insisted on charging the full 250 for it, which is why I never shop at Comet.
Its an OK cleaner, but has its flaws, the worst is it can be very difficult to push. They brought out the Jazz, which is a turbopower with fancy coloured bins, and thats on sale for 100 in Argos now, or was anyway.
At least the new Turbopower has a dirtsearcher light - something only seen before on the Turbopower 1 as they omitted it on the TP2 and TP3/TP1000.

Post# 199353 , Reply# 3   9/5/2012 at 14:00 (2,761 days old) by SeamusUK (Dover Kent UK)        
Dont all rush at once now.....

Half price Globe ....



Post# 199356 , Reply# 4   9/5/2012 at 14:06 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Cue the Turbo Power bagless PETS version at £99-00, same at Argos, reduced from £114 and comes with 8.5 metres of cord compared to the Globe's 6 metres. For an upright that has a bigger dust capacity and despite no swivel, I know what I would be buying if I HAD to - but TBH the best current bagless upright I've owned so far has to be the Vax Mach Air Reach - tons of cord, compact design and lordy, its just so simple to operate and move around with - I see Vax have brought out a new Air3, i.e the same again but with a swivel built in.

Clearly there's a market opening up for swivelling bagless uprights again, outside the Dyson styles with the Electrolux Nimble probably being one of the first of the established brands to bring a model out.

Post# 199360 , Reply# 5   9/5/2012 at 14:14 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I bought the Vax Mach Air total home from Argos when they were half price, and its a great little cleaner - quiet, light, and very easy to push about. Only niggles are the cord hooks could do with being a bit longer as the cable is very long. I saw an American Hoover Windtunnel that looks identical to the Vax Mach Air - so whose design is it? Vax's or Hoover's?

Post# 199363 , Reply# 6   9/5/2012 at 14:21 (2,761 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I never said the Turbo Power would be discontinued solely because it wasn't the flagship model anymore. I was saying that because I believe people would rather have the Globe over it for the simple fact (and sad fact I may add) that people are drawn to appliances for how they look these days it would be discontinued due to lack of sales.

Post# 199364 , Reply# 7   9/5/2012 at 14:22 (2,761 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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That should read "and it would be discontinued due to lack of sales".

Post# 199369 , Reply# 8   9/5/2012 at 14:35 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Nowadays, we have the internet and many review sites that people can post about bad experiences with a product. Its very easy now to make an informed choice about a product by reading reviews, many people read these reviews and may decide not to buy a product unless it has many good reviews. New products may not take off until there are good reviews on them posted up, and I think the Globe may be seen as another gimmick like the Dyson Ball. Argos doesnt have many reviews on the Globe yet, but I will keep an eye on them to see how people are getting on with the Globe.
We all saw what bad publicity did to the Hoover "the one" cleaner, and thats why it didnt sell. Price alone is not the final decider as to whether a cleaner sells or not - but bad reviews are a killer for a product. Werthiems have bad reviews, and I subsequently wouldnt buy one - my choise was made by reading their reviews, not by the price of the Werthiem.

Post# 199390 , Reply# 9   9/5/2012 at 15:42 (2,761 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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That's true Steve.

Post# 199392 , Reply# 10   9/5/2012 at 15:45 (2,761 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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In saying what you did about having the internet these days for reviews and thus people buying Vacuum Cleaners (and anything else for that matter) based on good reviews, you'd think manufacturers would be making BETTER products wouldn't you ? It seems to be the opposite - back when the internet didn't exist vacuums were made to last but these days with the internet they aren't for the most part.

Our throw away society has a lot to answer for as well of course.

Post# 199457 , Reply# 11   9/5/2012 at 18:08 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Well Jamie you didn't make it clear in your initial post. As per usual you ignore the total fact that just because the website shows the Globe as the being the vacuum "first in line", you automatically assume the Turbo Power "will last another 6 months before its discontinued."And if you look at the website, it's not as if the Globe is close up - its too far away for people to actually look at it and coo over it.  Let's see in another 6 months if you are indeed right regarding the Turbo Power; it too had a couple of videos to promote it when I looked at Hoover UK a couple of months ago.


Steve - I posted similar thoughts regarding reviews of vacuums but in a different light in another thread - Hoover UK have shot themselves in the foot using Reevoo as some of the reviews on the products Hoover are promoting are very negative. Of course you could argue that Hoover are giving buyers the benefit of the doubt - but really, even if reviews are being read by buyers to base their decision on a purchase, most buyers would probably like to see and use the vacuum first before making an actual purchase. In many ways aside from John Lewis who allow you to test their appliances first, some Comet, Currys & Euronics stores let you also try vacuums first before buying.


Vax Voice - an online subsidiary of Vax that works like the Amazon Vine principle (you get a free product and you write a review about it) also sends buyers/owners new Vax appliances free only for the "free price" of a good review. Its a bit cheeky really, as half the time it confuses buyers and half the time the reviews on the Vax site really can't be trusted in light of the Vax Voice offer. After all, if you have received a free machine and you're on a low income with an existing vacuum that has seen better days, you'd delight in the fact that a brand has sent out a free machine for you to keep.


Not many will know about Vax Voice unless you're already an existing Vax owner and you've bought products from Vax UK online, only to get the invite to join the panel months later. I was a member but I never won the chance to test a new product and eventually cancelled the free subscription to Vax. So, what help on a fairness level is that going to be any reader/buyer who is interested in the product??


Steve - the Vax Mach Air, Total and Pets model all have short cords - I had the orange model initially and couldn't deal with the 1.1 metre hose on board never mind the short cord. The Mach Air Total was initially a QVC special before Vax put it on their books for other franchises. I recall it came with a flexible bendy long crevice tool, extension hose and an upholstery tool, but there was never any where on that model to put them all.


Eventually I bought the Reach model which has 10 metres of cord and the all important clip on extension hose. If you like the Total model already, the Reach is so much better for the longer cord, mini turbo tool and extension hose, putting it more in line with the Windtunnel Air in the U.S where specs are concerned. I think prices are falling for the Reach as well, down from £249 to £149; probably to make way for the new Swivel upright that will be coming out.


I'm not too sure about the actual model but I think Vax designed that model for themselves in the UK whilst Hoover had their own thoughts. Certainly the Vax came out in the UK before Hoover got the Windtunnel Air, but I've given up on actual product launch dates where Vax are concerned because they're owned by TTI and it can get confusing as well as frustrating - Vax in other countries have some really good bagged cylinder vacuums but they've yet to come to the UK.



Post# 199458 , Reply# 12   9/5/2012 at 18:09 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Yes it does - but the problem is that the internet has introduced a lot more competition and price knowledge amongst consumers, and its easy now to shop around to see who offers the best prices on the best cleaners. This competition has made the manufacturers try to produce cleaners for lesser costs, so that they can compete with the other manufacturers. This has now reached epidemic proportions, with vacuums now reaching very low prices compared to what they would have cost in real terms in 1975 say. In 1975 vacuums were made to a quality and the consumer paid the price as there was not as much competition and no internet to compare prices. Nowadays, vacumms are built to a price - mass produced by robots and machines and quality is less of a factor - unless you are prepared to pay for it by buying a Kirby or a top line Miele. The exception is Dyson, where the products are not best quality but very expensive (ie, the DC41).
People are getting fed up with buying crap, so they look at reviews a lot more now and tend to buy well tested and tried cleaners such as the Numatic Henry, and the Miele canisters. The cheap bagless cleaners will die a death now that multi-cyclonic has spread across the board with Dysons patents expiring, look at ebay - they cant even give the cheap crap away! - people read reviews and then the products just dont sell any more. Dyson will lose a lot of custom now that other manufacturers are producing multi-cyclonic cleaners at lesser cost, but better quality. For example, the Vax Mach air is a great cleaner, but much cheaper than a Dyson, and has good reviews - so I bought one! The Henry has fantastic reviews, and lots of them, so I bought one of them too. There is a Hoover "The One" cleaner that has been kicking around Ebay for weeks now with several different spares thrown in - but no-one wants it - need I say more?

Post# 199459 , Reply# 13   9/5/2012 at 18:14 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Ryan My Vax Mach Air Total Home, has 10 metre cord, just measured it, and its a bitch to get it all coiled around the silly little cord holders. It did come with the flexi crevice tool and the mattress nozzle, also a turbo tool, and 2 in one crevice tool, and hose extension. Its back to 279.99 in Argos now though, but I think its a great little cleaner especially as I go it at 129.99 when on promo.

Post# 199463 , Reply# 14   9/5/2012 at 18:35 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Of course the internet has brought competition - its like a worldwide encyclopaedia of information - but the internet is not to blame for cheap products and if you look up Dyson on EBAY you'll find its the biggest brand in so far as refurbished models and spare parts. One could easily point and say that the brand are thus probably number 1 in so far as customer ownership and accessibility. However, I'd like to think it's because of the fact that early models had a lot more problems than the current lines Dyson now sell, hence the popularity of reselling older machines but with new motors/refurbs at cut down prices.


On the high street pound shops have literally robbed private DIY stores who used to sell Blackspur rollers and paint brushes for a marked up price -as well as so many other products. Blackspur are a pound shop product range by trade - (I used to work in a pound shop as a summer job many moons ago) and their products are dirt cheap. As a nation we are looking for bargains instead of paying out for quality - these are hard times and the UK is still getting back on its feet with the recession.


Anyone remember Hinari appliances? They existed well before the internet and so did supermarket/department brands. Thus, although there weren't many vacuums, it wasn't before long that budget brands brought out their floorcare appliances and the catalogues followed suit. I still have an Index catalogue somewhere that shows far more JMB vacuums than anything else - and that was before Index went online. 


In 1975, life was very different -and we had a far more stable economy - and though the UK had plenty of factory strikes and constant rioting, there was still an industry going on too. the coal mines shut down because there is little demand for it and it is costlier to produce than other energy forms. The UK doesn't have that now, not because of the internet or shopping around for the cheapest deal, but for the fact that production has moved to Asia because it is cheaper to produce and thus with cheap prices has pulled the buyer in. All the while, the catalogue brands keep growing and new brands are popping up.


Appliance brands no longer have much of an interest in building appliances that are made to last. It's all about trying to make money and in the fastest and biggest way possible. Electrolux are a great example - why bother buying one of their freezers when you can buy a John Lewis one that has a cheaper price, a few more features or a fancy finish, or a Zanussi, from the same home company with either an extended warranty and missing one of the features that the other two have. Buyers are no longer interested in who owns what - the prices define what the buyer will be attracted to, or the stylish look - and that is no fault of the buyer, but rather of the home company whose priorities that once lay in customer loyalty has had to be cut because of wasted money to back the process in the first place. Again its a money issue.


Post# 199464 , Reply# 15   9/5/2012 at 18:36 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Ah,, there were two then  - the QVC channels sold a model called Vax Mach Air Total, not Vax Mach Air Total Home. There's the confusion - it had a dark burgundy red bin filter nicked from the pets model compared to the Total Home. I didn't have a problem with the 10 metre cord on the Reach though, and it is effectively the same machine body wise. 

Post# 199465 , Reply# 16   9/5/2012 at 18:42 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Here is a pic of my Vax Total Home, it does have a red bin insert:

Post# 199467 , Reply# 17   9/5/2012 at 18:50 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Compared to earlier vax "power" range of uprights, this multi-cyclonic is a winner for them, its just excellent in many respects, including the size and weight, it is very nimble to move about, but doesnt clog up easily like the "power" range. The larger Mach machines were more cumbersome, but this they got just right and they have good reviews as well. Its very similar to the Dyson Dc18 though dont you think?

Post# 199468 , Reply# 18   9/5/2012 at 18:56 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

However its a newish model and time will tell if they are reliable in the long term - I am always sceptical about machines with seperate brushroll motors, the Dyson DC24 and DC25 have not been reliable in this area, with many machines suffering early brushroll motor problems. I have a DC15 that I bought new, and its been OK although had to be replaced under warranty due to a faulty upright switch, meaning the brushroll was on all the time even when stood upright. I prefer single motor cleaners, as there is less to go wrong, and even the Sebo X4 only has one motor although it would have been nice if it had a clutch to disengage the brushroll when stood upright and using the tools.

Post# 199471 , Reply# 19   9/5/2012 at 19:04 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Oh yeah, Vax definitely copied Dyson on a few levels with the Mach Air. There's an old thread on here somewhere regarding the Dyson and the Vax crevice tool design - aside from the brand embossed on the plastic, it was clear who Vax looked at for inspiration when they looked for a 3 in 1 tool. I dont know if its similar to the DC18, I'd say more to the DC24. See a thread about the Vax Mach Air (now archived) on here


Also the QVC Total special had a much darker burgundy red compared to the "commercial upright Dyson Red," (as I call it) that Vax used in the Total Home model.


It is indeed a super vacuum compared to what Vax used to sell, although it was very similar in feel to my very old and much missed basic upright only Vax Quicklite V-045 with its paper pleated cone (Dirt Devil U.S Dynamite.) And of course those horrid Swift uprights that actually have big thick plastic handles and hopeless front hoses that you have to manually attach at the front if you want to use the darn hose and tools - those machines were a pain to get under low furniture and the hose connection at the front often broke. 


I know the X series can be a faff without the brush roll stopping - but then I just used to remove the entire brush roll if I ever used the upright hose & tools in extended use compared to using a cylinder vacuum. I think Sebo's slightly-improved-2012 370 commercial upright now stops the brush roll when the upright locks up, so it's only a matter of time before Sebo apply the same to the X.

Post# 199473 , Reply# 20   9/5/2012 at 19:13 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

"and hopeless front hoses that you have to manually attach at the front if you want to use the darn hose and tools - those machines were a pain to get under low furniture and the hose connection at the front often broke."

Reminds me of another well known brand - Kirby, but at least Kirby's tools are a bit better quality? I only use my Kirby as a carpet vacuum - too much of a faff to get the hose out and take the front off, and then the worry about sucking anything up that might damage the fan.

Post# 199477 , Reply# 21   9/5/2012 at 19:21 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

At the end of the day, the Sebo X series is a very dated design now, but I still like using my X4, and in its heyday, it was the most advanced cleaner available. They are very reliable which is why they still sell well, and they are idiot-proof, so dizzy housewives cant get the motor overheated by trying to use them with a clog or full bag. If they did update the X series, then I think they could incorporate some kind of clutch to stop the brushroll into the speed sensor assembly, as the idea is there already. The clutch is a useful addition to the multi-floor dysons, and stops users damaging the cable when using the tools and hose and accidentally placing the cleaner head on the cable. I see so many Dyson non clutch models with the power cords damaged when users have accidently let the cleaner sit on the cable when using the hose and tools.

Post# 199499 , Reply# 22   9/5/2012 at 20:21 (2,761 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Yep, the X is dated, but it is a commercial based upright first and foremost, as is Sebo's main expertise and similar to Numatic's Henry and company, both don't see much of a point in updating everything in one go, but a little update here and there. Plus the company is privately owned, so major updates to models are very few and far between. I guess in Sebo's eyes, if it ain't wrong, don't fix it seems to work best for them. They may have an outdated design but I live for that brush bar release button and auto sensor head- so handy and crucial for cleaning pet hairs when they wind around the roller as well as finger tip gliding on the handle - I've yet to find another upright on the market that can be steered by a mere pinch of the fingers on the back of the handle. 

Post# 199502 , Reply# 23   9/5/2012 at 20:42 (2,761 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I have to admit the X4 is very easy to push around - so light that I often think - "is it actually doing anything?" but I know it is as the carpet is cleaner and I have cats so pet hairs get everywhere. My Kirby with tech drive is light to move around, but not as manouverable as the Sebo. I find the Henry with the Airobrush head is very easy to move about and great for the pet hairs, and it has the advantage that the head can get into nooks and crannies that the uprights cant get into. Also Miele's S6 with turbine head is as good as the Henry, with the added bonus of variable power control - something that would be good on the X4 as the Felix has it. Variable power control is useful for using the tools and the only upright aside from the Felix that has it these days seems to be the Miele S7. It only seems to be an option on the bagged cleaners as multicyclonic models need full power to work the filtration properly.

Post# 199534 , Reply# 24   9/6/2012 at 04:56 (2,760 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Vax is never a brand I've been drawn to to be honest, but I must say I am impressed by the suction my 2012 Vax Performance C91PF1BT cylinder has.

It must be somewhere near 300AW by my reckoning, it is just insane AND BAGLESS.

But the two bad things about that Vax is the fact the bin has the MAX mark right at the bottom so after cleaning a few really dirty rooms you'd have to empty the bin since there is hardly any dirt capacity.

Secondly, it is 1800W which I find too high and the fact the suction is so high just proves my point - Vax could have easily afforded to lower it to AT LEAST 1400W (which is the highest wattage I will see as acceptable) and still have enough suction to match the competitors, but hey-ho.

Post# 199556 , Reply# 25   9/6/2012 at 09:27 (2,760 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Why did you buy that Vax then Jamie - its bagless which you hate, its not multicyclonic so the filters need constant maintenance, its power hungry which goes against your grain, and its buy a brand that you dont think much of? just wondering? - surely another contender to be sold off to make way for another nice power efficient dirty fan cleaner at a more modest 400W?

Post# 199572 , Reply# 26   9/6/2012 at 11:15 (2,760 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Well you are dead right, I would never have spent a penny on one but the only reason I have it is because it was free (when I went to pick up my also free Dyson DC04 - now sold - the person had that too).

I'm actually trying to sell it, so desperately I've listed it for 10!

I know, I must be mad but one less bagless is one less worry.

Post# 199595 , Reply# 27   9/6/2012 at 12:23 (2,760 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The problem is now that people have worked out that those cheap single cyclonic cleaners are nothing but bother and constant clogged filters, companies cant even give them away - theres so many of those things on Ebay now for next to nothing, people want multi cyclonic cleaners now, or Henrys - amazing how well the Henry sells these days after people get sick of their cheap bagless cleaners and consign them all the rubbish pile.

Post# 199601 , Reply# 28   9/6/2012 at 12:48 (2,760 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Actually Steve, buyers haven't worked out that single cyclone vacuums are rubbish - there's still a market for them and there's still a healthy amount of reviews for the cheap products. The only ones who have worked out that the vacuums are rubbish as the ones who have been let down - either by the performance of the vacuum - but also of consumer expectation - cue maintenance - not many buyers/owners check the filters regularly both in bagless or bagged vacuums, hence you'll see quite a few being chucked out all because a bag is clogged up, or the hose or the machine etc. Buyers just make the excuse that because vacuums are cheaper to buy, they'll just replace the old one with a new cheap vacuum rather than repairing the vacuum themselves or having the model repaired as the cost price of repair may be higher than buying a budget priced vacuum cheaper than the cost repair.



Post# 199602 , Reply# 29   9/6/2012 at 12:53 (2,760 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I'll say it again - disposable society.

And manufacturers are LOVING it.

Post# 199603 , Reply# 30   9/6/2012 at 12:54 (2,760 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I am seeing more reviews though of people dissapointed that they have to keep cleaning the filters after each room or suction is lost - the Hoover Alyx for example, or any other that uses the central pleated filters inside the dirt canister - where the dirt just clogs the filter instead of filling the bin. That was the biggest problem of Hoover's "The One" cleaner - poor filtration and motor burnouts through overheating. Why do you think it is that the Henry has never been so popular - I've lost count of the reviewers who say "So sick of this cleaner I threw it out and bought a Henry".
Vacuum manufacturers do themselves no favours at all by producing poorly designed high maintenance cleaners like the Hoover Alyx, and the Vax Centrix etc.
Whats the point in it being cheap, if its not fit for purpose?

Post# 199615 , Reply# 31   9/6/2012 at 13:20 (2,760 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Yes, but your idea of something being fit for purpose may not be the same purpose that brands produce their vacuums to. Take my orange Vax Mach Air for example - an absolutely brilliant little vacuum but with a wasted effort with the standard 1.1 metre hose on board. Vax said it was 1.5 metres - not by MY tape measure though - and it pulls the vacuum over if you use the handle pipe and suction pipe added - despite the fact that the hose is located right at the bottom of the vacuum at the back.  The user manual does indicate that you have to hold the vacuum at the same time, but with that And the handle and the hose snapping back due to the force of suction, it isn't my idea of efficiency or fit for purpose. 


Same with the Sebo Felix - it has a short hose by its design but measures 3 metres when fully stretched out - also indicated in the user manual that the machine has to have a hand on the machine to steady it - but I find it is better to manage with than going through the palaver of having to remove the hose at the back of the Vax, then unlock the handle, then add it to the hose for more reach and then on top of that having to hold the vacuum at the same time to minimise it falling over. 


In the defence of the Felix though, a lot of new owners moan about the hose and the small bag but they are judging it on the expensive cost price, seeing past the fact that the Felix is a small to medium upright with the capability of going hand held, a design that I don't really like, but at least you can still do it. Sebo's Felix is really more or less, a direct rival to the Vorwerk. 

Post# 199621 , Reply# 32   9/6/2012 at 13:32 (2,760 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The Felix is a very modern looking cleaner in comparison with the X series, and it has a more versatile theme to it, as you say, its able to be converted to a handheld, a floor polisher (fitting the Disco head) and a lightweight vacuum. It addressed issues with the X series such as it having variable power, being lighter to carry, and looking more hip and trendy with the various exhaust filters available to customise it with. I didnt like it at first, but have warmed to it as its a triumph of design. I have bidded on a couple on Ebay, but they go for more than I want to pay at the moment, on average they are selling for 80 - 140 for a decent one second hand. I got a good deal on X4 at 160 and it was only used a couple of times by an old woman who didnt like it and bought a Henry instead as she was used to canisters rather than uprights.
The only thing that I dont like about the Felix is it doesnt have the auto height adjuster motor - but then I suppose it would have added weight and bulk to the floorhead.

Post# 199623 , Reply# 33   9/6/2012 at 13:41 (2,760 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Well, *and Im pretty sure the member is on here - there is a seller on EBAY UK who was selling a Felix with the old, heavy auto adjusting sensor head, the ET-H that originally came with the K3 Premium canister. I've tried it on my own Felix since I have a K3 Premium - but it doesn't allow the Felix to stand up properly and it's a lot heavier despite the auto adjustment. It isn't a good match for the Felix since it also lacks a brush stop roll function. Due to its bag capacity and smaller size, the Felix is in no way a replacement for the X series; Sebo just want to retain the X as a classic upright vacuum and to reaffirm its simpler operation.


Since discovering Sebo some time ago I've often recommended the cheaper X1.1 - it is far better priced and there's not much of a difference between the X1.1 and X4 other than extra tools, which as you know you can readily buy and sometimes cheaply off the internet. Sebo UK also sell tools and stuff quite competitively. The white X1.1 also hides scratches much better than a dark plastic colour. Shame the "Euronics" red model has a higher price though.

Post# 199627 , Reply# 34   9/6/2012 at 13:51 (2,760 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I like the red X1.1, nice colour, but my favourite is the one I went for, the X4 Extra in navy with yello trim, its a lovely looking cleaner even if it is regarded as stalwart these days. Its quite quiet as well as vacs go, but I need the turbine mini head for it and i cant get one cheap on Ebay as Sebo uses an odd size (37mm or something like that) fitting, so all my other turbo brushes in 32mm and 35mm wont fit it. Its annoying really, that becuase I have cats and they get hairs all over the sofas etc I cant clean them with the Sebo, and have to get the Dyson out or the Miele S7, or the Henry etc to use the turbo brush.
I wish they would standardise the tool size fitment across all makes - but they wont do it due to greed for profit.

Post# 199630 , Reply# 35   9/6/2012 at 13:58 (2,760 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture

Well, the way to look at it is, if you buy another Sebo in the future, at least you'll be able to use all the tools on the other models, as well as the brush roll from the X into the Felix. 


Don't quite know what the prices on EBay UK are, but if they are anything like Amazon UK at £45 to £50 that's too expensive. Get yourself to John Lewis - they're £29-95!!


Post# 199636 , Reply# 36   9/6/2012 at 14:07 (2,760 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I'm a tightwad lol - thats too much to pay - I want one for under a tenner lol second hand, its just a matter of time till one comes up that I can get for a bargain - I dont pay full price for ANY of my vacuums or accessories - the shops can get stuffed, I want them on special offer or with subtantial amounts knocked off the price. The most I paid for any of my vacs was 270 and that was for an ex-display S7510 in immaculate condition never used, and I insisted on a turbo brush being thrown in and a pack of bags - which I got as well!
We are living in hard times and the sooner shops realise this the better - some are already offering excellent deals, like Argos, but Comet need to wake up and start offering better deals and keeping more stock in the stores instead of home delivery only, as I like to see the cleaner in the flesh before deciding on it.

Post# 200151 , Reply# 37   9/10/2012 at 07:01 (2,756 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture
Ugh. I see your point but to be honest I like a pet hair brush to be brand new, so that it is clean. I've bought second hand tools in the past for my Hoover Turbopowers etc but they stank and had to be cleaned out. It is a small price to pay - because most sellers don't go far enough to clean/wipe the fan impellers in the turbine. If it has been used to constantly clean up pet hair, it will stink - and Febreeze or Neutradol can only go so far!

Post# 200188 , Reply# 38   9/10/2012 at 13:51 (2,756 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Comet are only one packet of dustbags away from going under. They've recently been sold-off yet again. It's no wonder they are streamlining their services. Times may be hard, of this there is little doubt, but I for one have never seen goods on sale (not just electrical goods) for the low prices they are today. I agree that shops need to get more footfall for their own sake, but the public is literally voting with it's feet and buying more and more online. Dropping prices further is not the answer. When the high street as we know it dies out (and it will), it will largely be due to people who chose not to use it. Sometimes our problems are closer to home than we realise.

Post# 200190 , Reply# 39   9/10/2012 at 14:20 (2,756 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I choose to use shops that offer good discounts and special offers. I wont pay full price for anything electrical. Things are just too expensive now with most working class being paid little more than the minimum wage, and petrol and utilities prices strangling all but the rich. If a store like Comet wont offer the discounts that Argos does, then they deserve to go bust. Too many companies are bled dry by greedy directors, and end up bust nowadays. Consumers are fed up with high prices just being charged to line someone elses fat bank account.
I have to buy more hoover spares online because there is just nowhere local that sells what I want. But I always choose the online suppliers I use based on price and postage charges - the cheapest win the business, the greedy can go swing.

Post# 200195 , Reply# 40   9/10/2012 at 15:27 (2,756 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well, I have to disagree, I think electrical goods have never been cheaper and I think they should be much more expensive. Margins on electrical good have always been tight and it is largely through moving much production to China and other such places that we have the cheap prices which we have today.

I also disagree that people who charge more are universally greedy, but this comes from having been in business myself and being in positions where I found items I was selling in my shop were available elsewhere for not a lot more than what I was paying to get them 'cost'. Of course, some companies are greedy, but without seeing cost prices and overheads it is impossible to know who is and who is not being so.

Post# 200205 , Reply# 41   9/10/2012 at 16:53 (2,756 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London)        

vacbear58's profile picture
Well said Benny, cheapest is not necessarily best, and there are a lot of extra considerations to be factored in. Nor are all companies being bled dry by directors, quite the opposite in many cases.


Post# 200206 , Reply# 42   9/10/2012 at 17:12 (2,756 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Thank you. I must suggest that cheapest is rarely the best, though of course there are a good deal of circumstances where cheapest is 'good enough' if it is that what one is buying is going to get very little use, or conversely a good deal of use and be thrown away or consumed rather quickly. I am not one for offers, indeed I would much prefer a consistent, clear, fair price all year round. Yet I think I am in the minority. If I am not, then why do I have to put up with the racket from that terrible man in the television advertisement who promises to supply and install the windows at the back of my home for free, should I decide to order those at the front first. I am not at all sure who would possibly believe this to be a genuine reduction in price, but then one only has to look at the crowds of people outside a DFS on boxing day to see that money off is what people seem to lust after. Maybe I am just a cynical old man who is just bitter that he can no longer obtain his true bargain in life; a box of Cadburys Misshapes.

Post# 200208 , Reply# 43   9/10/2012 at 17:36 (2,756 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Cheapest is best if its an item that is usually expensive, like a Miele or Sebo, that is on a substantial special offer like 50 - 100 off, or that has been marked down as a return under 30 day guarantee, or a shop soiled ex display item etc. Then it becomes a very good bargain. People like bargains, and thats a fact. Benny, I'm not saying that you are wrong, thats your opinion and what you like. if you want to pay a higher price for your goods, then you are perfectly entitled to. It all depends on how much income, and savings people have - with those that are better off, preferring to buy the best at high prices, such as a Miele Washing machine for full price at over 1000, or a Miele vacuum at full price from Lohn Lewis, or a BMW 5 series from the dealers brand new - these items are not cheap I can assure you.
I am not well off, and have little money - so that that I do have I want to go the furthest it can. I buy the cheapest but not necessarily the cheapest quality. I live in a cheap house in a cherap area of the country. I drive a cheap 1.0 Toyota Yaris which is 13 years old, and I am happy to do this. However, I dont like reading about company chief Execs that pay themselves hundreds of times that of the lowest paid in the company (Barclays, Lloyds, Tesco, Sainsburys etc). That is greed. Plain and simple.

Post# 200225 , Reply# 44   9/10/2012 at 18:50 (2,756 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Yes of course, that is greed. I don't deny it. I also don't disagree that if one can find the exact thing one was looking for at a reduced price, then it is worth having. I think we may have our wires crossed slightly, for which I apologise. When you said about not paying full price for anything, you came across to me as one of those people we often see on television who claim to stand in high-street stores demanding a discount for cash or such, or to only buy something which has a reduction on it, even if the product is not quite what we needed it to be. I am realising now that this is probably not your modus operandi and for that I apologise.

I still can't agree that electrical products are too expensive because, as I said, I have never known them to cost less. But perhaps you are right, and that prices need to drop further to suit the modern consumer. I don't know. What I do know is that as a society we have become rather keen on the something-for-nothing attitude, whether this be our expected price of goods in shops or the idea that the country's benefit system is just one huge pot of cash. I am not pointing the finger, I am not blaming any one person or any one factor, all I am saying is that the idea that we may have to aspire to something or wait our turn and so on and so forth is almost becoming obsolete. As prices drop more, I worry where it will all end. The saying "A throw away society" is one we hear a good deal these days. I cannot help but think that if items cost us more, we'd be less likely to dispose of them so soon, assuming of course it was still possible to look after items and get them repaired as necessary, which it so often isn't.

Unlike yourself, I do have some money. It is one of the few things I do have and it is money I have inherited as a result of my father, who worked very hard, but insisted we went without, for most of our lives. My mother only got control of the money less than 18 months before her death, and it was completely wasted on her as she didn't get the chance to make use of it. It arrived too late. She made-do for all her life, she worked for most of it, not knowing how much her husband was hiding away. Having some money however, does not make me rich, because the things which I need now -like someone to help me with those tasks that I am struggling to manage through failing health- cannot be bought at any price. I have no family. The nearest is a step-daughter who is such as a result of a disastrous marriage I underwent rather late in life. She is a god-send to me, but I don't like to bother her as she lives a good distance away.

Anyway, the point I am making so very badly is that I don't go splashing my cash on material objects at any price, I think because I just don't know how to do so. What I have noticed is that I am much more keen on paying more for a good, reliable service. I don't mind paying for peoples time when they do jobs for me. In that respect I am lucky to be able to afford to do so; what is so hard is finding someone reliable and willing to work for people these days.

Post# 200233 , Reply# 45   9/10/2012 at 19:48 (2,756 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The something for nothing culture is far from it - this Government is causing untold misery to millions in this country with their "Welfare Reform". Hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people are being driven to despair by the ruthless cuts to their benefits and allowances that allow them to live any kind of life.
Unfortunately, the actions of a very few people have been blown out of all proportion by Conservative propaganda to tar everyone in the country on benefits - not just Jobseekers Allowance but DLA, Incapacity Benefit, Housing Benefit - of which many claimants work but get paid so little they have to be subsidised by the state - as workshy idle scroungers. This is what they want you to believe Benny. Mr Iain Duncan Smith is so divorced from the actual reality on the streets that its frightening and very worrying. Benny - you are very lucky you have money, as many elderly people in your position with failing health are being made destitute, miserable and homeless - not to mention those in their late 50's and 60's being forced onto work for benefits schemes when they are too sick or incapable - You must have read about the ATOS healthcare assessments that are blighting the lives of the sick and disabled by declaring them fit for work and stopping vital benfits they depend on.
If you have failing health, and have no family and no one else to turn to for help in this day and age, then you need plenty of money to pay for this as the state is increasingly turning its back on people like you.
My father is a Staunch Conservative, probably the same sort of age as you (he's 72) and is not short of a bob or two - but even he thinks the Government are going too far with what they are doing - all because one man - Ian Duncan Smith thinks all welfare claimants are the Something for Nothing, workshy, Idle scroungers.
As I have pointed out, its not just the unemployed who "sponge" off the state, and what the Government and the Right wing Press are doing is causing a class war between the haves and the have nots. Its causing a lot of tension in this country, and a lot of misery for most on benefits - who DO NOT live champagne lifesyles - far from it on the paltry sums they receive which barely allow any existence at all.
The examples of benefit cheats are blown out of all proportion to make it seem to you that everyone on benefits is living the life of Riley.
Benny - look after that money, because the Tory's will bleed you dry with care costs as your health gets worse, until the money is gone. My Gran who died in December 2010 had to spend 6 months in a care home which charged her estate 700 per week and she was treated as nothing more than a cash cow for the care home bosses. I dont like the way this country is going, and if the welfare state is dismantled then I dread to think of the consequences - do you?

Post# 200285 , Reply# 46   9/11/2012 at 04:10 (2,755 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture
I can assure you that since 2010, prices have steadily increased - and right across the line of white appliances and others. Take the Argos upright vacuum for example - I originally bought mine for 37 when they made it in blue. Now this is the cheapest of the cheap - a rebadged TTI bagged upright model that is not sold anywhere in the UK other than at Argos under the Argos Value Name. However it increased by 12 to 49 earlier this year - and now Argos, thankfully have slashed the price to 26-99

What were once budget value appliances have seen a massive hike in pricing and availability due to the recession. My ASDA Smart Value slow cooker I originally bought for 6 is no longer on sale and the cheapest ASDA cooker that effectively replaces it is now 15 - not my idea of budget pricing, even if ASDA's "Smart Value" tag incites cheapness from its budget origins. One of my friends tried to get the ASDA slow cooker after she had seen mine and in the end we ended up buying a second hand 1970's Swan slow cooker that offers better quality and cost her a mere 3.

My flat mate's Canon Pixma MG3150 printer cost her 37 a year ago - it now sells at ASDA for 54-99 - a substantial hike.

At the opposite end of the scale though I was surprised the other day to see that three local shops have opened up in my next town selling second hand goods and plenty of those charity shops that have PAT testing on site - thus you can pick up a lot of second hand products at cheap prices - naturally - but then you're also putting up with the condition, functions. use and cleanliness. Most of their bagless vacuums they have are Samsung or Bissell - they are a collector's dream come true where sprucing up the machine is concerned, but then you're also putting up with the hose and the system probably having to be dismantled to clean it through before use.


Post# 200289 , Reply# 47   9/11/2012 at 06:49 (2,755 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

turbo500's profile picture

Ryan, interesting about the Argos Value upright. Are these cleaners any good? They seem like a fairly decent, basic bagged upright. I really liked the bagged Proaction uprights, they were nice vacs and a great price

Post# 200290 , Reply# 48   9/11/2012 at 07:04 (2,755 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

sebo_fan's profile picture
To be honest Chris I really treated that upright as an upright vacuum - you know -very few worries about bashing the thing or treating it with abuse - although initially I treated it gently due to its thin plastic build and after a year realised it can take reasonable wear. The only downside to the model is that the bags can only be purchased from Argos and you need to do a lot more assembly than just screwing the handle in - a possible reason to why it isn't available on the market elsewhere - you have to screw lock the bin assembly in as well as the cheap clip to hold the hose in and there's one miserly long tapered crevice tool - handily though, I found an old Dyson dust brush could slip on the top of it as it badly needed a dusting brush.

Compared to my old Powerlite, the upright is cheaply made but it has a more streamlined feel and design. It is also pretty good on carpets which is why I bought it at the time. I was a fan of the old LG uprights, which Proaction supplied before using other Chinese brands on their red bagged uprights before the Argos Value tag. Its not all rosy though as my linked review will show and unlike my old Powerlite which that review shows (but isn't correct) there's a piston valve bag indicator on the bin door compared to the Powerlite, which has none.


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