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Will a Dyson DC02 motor fit a DC05?
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Post# 195666   8/17/2012 at 02:19 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Hoping to pick up a broken DC05 later today, to replace my mothers ageing DC02. If the DC05 motor is the cause of the problem when I get it, would the perfectly good 5 year old motor from the DC02 fit?

Also, how easy/hard would the cable be to replace? Anyone got any experience with the DC05 Cord reel?



Post# 195681 , Reply# 1   8/17/2012 at 05:28 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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No it won't I'm afraid, however if the carbon brushes are what is at fault on the DC05's motor then you can buy them cheaply since there are many on sale.

If it is the motor as a whole you can still buy replacement motors too.

That is the one advantage of Dysons being rubbish - spares are everywhere! Ha ha...

But, I don't bash so that is only MY opinion.

Post# 195704 , Reply# 2   8/17/2012 at 07:39 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Cheers for your help Jamie.

I picked it up at lunchtime, took it back to my parents, and it was indeed dead.

However, I remember reading that the end of the cable can snap itself, so I chopped a metre off the end, put a new plug on and voila, it fired up!

Now got to strip it, clean it, fix the extension tube / nick the extension tube from the DC02 it is replacing and buy a new filter for it.

Wouldn't sink 30 on it if the motor was broken, it's not worth it to me.

I have to say, I like the older dysons better than the new ones. After a brief look it's as simple as you like, indeed it does work perfectly well, I vacced mum's front room with it and it worked as well as it could.

I was in John Lewis the otehr day, looking at the latest DC9 million for the stupid amount of money it cost, and said to Amy that I thoroughly look forward to pulling one out of a skip/from the kerb/freecycle in 3 years in perfect working, but grubby order. Don't mind Dyson's so much when I get them like that. Of all the dysons I've had (several DC01's, DC02, DC05, DC07 X2 and a DC14,), the most I have paid is the petrol to get them, and none have been more than 4 miles away! The cost depends on my right foot!

Post# 195708 , Reply# 3   8/17/2012 at 07:53 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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That's good news, I was going to say it could be a break in the cord.

I presume it was free ?

If so, a Fiver or so for a new filter set and a fix to the extension tube will make for a very cheap Dyson.

I got my 2001 DC04 for free and it didn't need ANYTHING replaced, even the belt was still fine despite being the original.

All I bought for it was a new set of Generic tools for 5 and she's now fully functional.

I suppose I could do with replacing the hose but the gaffer tape is good enough for me, it isn't like I care about the machine or anything so I'm not bothering about it being in new condition as I do with my others.

Post# 195712 , Reply# 4   8/17/2012 at 07:59 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Yep, good old Freecycle. Got a few cleaners from there recently.

DC04's are the most reliable dyson's in my opinion, and my favourite upright dyson by far, it just works.

The top filter is very clean, and either new or washed. It will need a new motor filter, but will get a bojack one for it, unless a genuine one is going cheaply. The pipe could be taped up, but that doesn't appeal to my OCD side. My mum wouldn't have a problem with it. Everything is there, but the gray collar has come away from the tube. I need to see tonight if it can be separated and put back together.

It did not come with any small tools either, so I'll either buy a cheap set on the bay, or use the small tools from the DC02. My mum never uses them anyway, so they will be for decoration only!

So, probably 10 max to get it fully working and back to new condition.

Post# 195715 , Reply# 5   8/17/2012 at 08:07 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Indeed, out of all Dysons the DC04 is the one that I actually don't mind so you can imagine how lucky I felt to get just that when I saw an advert on Gumtree for "lots of things free". Of course I can't help but snigger when I read that sticker on the front, how erroneous!

In case you didn't see my previous thread about it (I don't think you were a member at the time) here it is before and after the clean up - a big difference, no ?

P.S. Yes I'm trying to get you to post some pictures of that DC02!

Post# 195716 , Reply# 6   8/17/2012 at 08:10 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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And after, looks much better even though I still hadn't done the finishing touches.

Post# 195718 , Reply# 7   8/17/2012 at 08:13 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Here is a picture with the finishing touches done, it is to the right of the Junior.

Post# 195773 , Reply# 8   8/17/2012 at 15:28 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

That is very good, love the lime green colour. There was a DC01 De Stijl at the last car boot, but it looked very ropey, and I'd already spent my money on the Philips P60. Will have another look at the next one, could do with a dyson in the collection.

I've got a DC14 that I got from freecycle about 4 years ago, had to buy a new hose and filters for it, but it's been worth it. Currently full of the plaster dust that was in the P60's bag, didn't fancy using the Miele or TP to get that out! Will probably give it away soon though, or restore it.

Not got many pictures of the DC02, got a few though. I got this from freecycle, must have been about 6 years ago now. New motor and filters and it was running again. The cord rewind is broken though, the cord always retracts and I couldn't see a way of stopping it. I tied a knot in the cord, and it stays permanently out.

It was the main house vac for about 4 years, used for DIY jobs as well. Got relegated to upstairs in Feb when I got mum a Miele.

Only real picture I have is this one, which I took when I decorated the hallway. Scraped off 20+ layers of paint, and this gobbled the lot. Filled it through into the hose about 9 times, then put the poles and floor brush back on and put it away...

Poor thing is due some love, will probably keep it at my mums, and tell them to use it for dirty jobs etc.

Post# 195780 , Reply# 9   8/17/2012 at 15:49 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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An abused Dyson - I like it!

Post# 195782 , Reply# 10   8/17/2012 at 15:53 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

It took it surprisingly well!

Some pictures of the new beast. Well, beast is the wrong word. The P60 has stronger suction than this does!

Post# 195783 , Reply# 11   8/17/2012 at 15:56 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

almost top of the range too (once!)

Post# 195785 , Reply# 12   8/17/2012 at 15:58 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

Pah!! Bet I can make it re-gain the horses it has lost.

Post# 195786 , Reply# 13   8/17/2012 at 16:00 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

The horrible floor tool

Post# 195787 , Reply# 14   8/17/2012 at 16:01 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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You've done a good job cleaning it up, but still, I'd rather have the P60!

Post# 195790 , Reply# 15   8/17/2012 at 16:04 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

The broken poles. No chance of me fixing these I don't think! Managed to wedge them open with brute force, the DC02 will be donating it's poles to this one unless anyone has any hints?

Post# 195791 , Reply# 16   8/17/2012 at 16:06 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Well I got another one today too - the usual grubby neglected type that I like:

Post# 195793 , Reply# 17   8/17/2012 at 16:07 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

another view - filthy, no tools, no belt lol

Post# 195794 , Reply# 18   8/17/2012 at 16:08 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        


Post# 195796 , Reply# 19   8/17/2012 at 16:09 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

And the last one

Post# 195798 , Reply# 20   8/17/2012 at 16:11 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

It does work though, and iyt was only 14.50 - its actually one of the very last DC07s to be made - an Argos exclusive model

Post# 195801 , Reply# 21   8/17/2012 at 16:14 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Just out of interest what are the filters like on that DC07 ?

I know my DC04's filters (all three) were FILTHY when I got to cleaning them.

The pre-motor ones were caked in compost (don't ask) and the exhaust filter was BLACK.

It still is actually - the exhaust filter - since I'm too cheap to replace it!

Post# 195806 , Reply# 22   8/17/2012 at 16:20 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The filters arent too bad as it isnt actually all that old:

Post# 195807 , Reply# 23   8/17/2012 at 16:21 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Just removed the U bend, typical - u can tell she had kids:

Post# 195809 , Reply# 24   8/17/2012 at 16:23 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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How can you tell she had kids ?

I'm perplexed as to how a Bic got through the brush roll however.

Post# 195810 , Reply# 25   8/17/2012 at 16:25 (2,791 days old) by hooverhoover98 (Wales,South)        

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that dyson absolout plus is the same model that my nan had after the philips one, she gave the dyson to somone to fix and never saw it again :(
i have happy memories of being little and watching nan hoover up with it lol
Tom :)

Post# 195811 , Reply# 26   8/17/2012 at 16:26 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

It didnt - that U bend is at the bottom of the stretch hose, and kids love to put things down the hose from the top of the handle dont they - This explains why the releif valve was blowing when I switched it on. It'll look really nice when I'm done stripping and cleaning it - I prefer the non clutch models, better brushrolls, and easy to change the belt

Post# 195813 , Reply# 27   8/17/2012 at 16:27 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Wavering off topic Tom, your username is actually a rhyme with "mirror mirror on the wall" if you say it out loud... Just noticed that this moment.

Post# 195814 , Reply# 28   8/17/2012 at 16:30 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Oh I see, maybe I don't have enough experience with children to know that. When I think about it, yes, it would seem plausible.

Though, it could also be an accident whilst vacuuming down the side of the chair. That happens to me all the time, luckily never with a dirty fan! I believe the icon I should add after that is :O

Post# 195815 , Reply# 29   8/17/2012 at 16:32 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

How much did Sam pay for that DC05? doesnt look half bad - the cables are always a favourite for failing on the DC04 as well, I got a DC04 the other week that needed a new cable, broke internally at the grommet where it enters the body by the switch. Looks like a suck up test is imminent as well judging by all that shredded paper!

Post# 195816 , Reply# 30   8/17/2012 at 16:33 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

You and your dirty fans Jay - you are obsessed with them lol

Post# 195817 , Reply# 31   8/17/2012 at 16:35 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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My main obsession is dirty, but nothing to do with fans.

At that, I shall leave you wondering.

Post# 195819 , Reply# 32   8/17/2012 at 16:48 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

A quick view of the cyclones from the top:

Post# 195820 , Reply# 33   8/17/2012 at 16:49 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Its a de-rooted one so no clogs here - it has larger holes at the tops of the cyclones. Also has the re-inforced handle - these are quite rare on the DC07

Post# 195821 , Reply# 34   8/17/2012 at 16:52 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

People dont seem to realise when they empty the cyclone bin, that all that horrible smelling muck is still in the top of the housing, and this is a clean one compared to some I've seen.
Have you had your cyclone to bits yet to clean in all inside?

Post# 195823 , Reply# 35   8/17/2012 at 16:54 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I should really take the cyclone out of my DC04 to get that compost out of it.

I thought I got it all out by washing it still attached to the handle and filter assembly but a layer of compost keeps forming on the outside.

Post# 195828 , Reply# 36   8/17/2012 at 16:59 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

You need to take the 2 screws out from under the filter, and pull the cyclone assembly out - you would be amazed how dirty it will be under there!

Post# 195831 , Reply# 37   8/17/2012 at 17:03 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

I paid nothing Mad, and it cost me my lunch break to go and fetch it!

The cyclone assembly changed on DC07's. I had a yellow and grey one that I gave to a work colleague who still loves it, and with about 8 t15's the whole thing came apart, rubber seals, everything.

My step-aunt asked me to sort her Purple and Silver one out, and it was all plastic-welded together, and as it wasn't mine I didn't want to get poking with the flat-blade. It had a clutch as well, which was a pain as it took twice as long to get into the motor to check it!

Post# 195832 , Reply# 38   8/17/2012 at 17:03 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I'll do that and give it a good clean, don't know why I didn't originally as it happens...

Post# 195834 , Reply# 39   8/17/2012 at 17:10 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I've never come across a DC07 cyclone that came apart at the middle, they have all been glued together - its the only Dyson model where you cant get access to the base of the cyclones - not the best of designs the earlier ones werent either as the holes at the tops of the cyclones were too small and often got clogged up, they "de-rooted" later models (as the pic above) to stop that happening. They are also the noisiest cyclone assemblies as well, as the cyclones were coming out of the bin, instead of going into it on all other models.

Post# 195835 , Reply# 40   8/17/2012 at 17:12 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

However - I still think the DC07 is the best looking upright Dyson has made to date, and the tallest!

Post# 195836 , Reply# 41   8/17/2012 at 17:14 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

taller than the dc14

Post# 195837 , Reply# 42   8/17/2012 at 17:15 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Well I would clean the cyclone if it weren't for my lack of torx screwdriver! I'll have to buy one to access it, but for now I don't really care - heck, it isn't a Hoover or anything...

Post# 195840 , Reply# 43   8/17/2012 at 17:20 (2,791 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Lol - you havent got a TORX set? its a T15 BTW when you get them - just get a set, they are useful to have, and the later models had anti tamper torx fitted as well, so another T15 is needed with the tiny hole cut out in the middle.

Yes Sam, its a lot taller than the DC14 - the ideal hoover for tall ladies!

Post# 195873 , Reply# 44   8/17/2012 at 17:58 (2,791 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I did order one from eBay once and got a mini flat head and phillips head set for some reason... That's eBay for ya!

Post# 195875 , Reply# 45   8/17/2012 at 18:04 (2,791 days old) by beko1987 (Stokenchurch, United Kingdom)        

I need a good torx set. I borrow my stepdads set, but like to have my own tools. I have a T15 driver, if I need a T20 I need to break out my clunky ratchet set.

Post# 196173 , Reply# 46   8/19/2012 at 12:14 (2,789 days old) by baglessball ()        

I am massively interested in this DC07 cyclone you can separate!!

When i was younger one of my aunts bought a DC07 when it was first released she 'treated' herself to a new Dyson every year, i never saw the machine but she had it replaced in the first week because if you knocked the cyclone against anything it would fall apart. The second machine suffered the same problem.
Her husband demonstrated this to all the staff in Comet with all the machines on show. So they swapped the machine for a DC04.

Ive never heard or seen anybody else with this problem. I am interested in your thoughts!!

Funnily i have never really liked the look of the DC07. I love using them to clean though. Ive always like the look of clutched DC04 - they always look the they are ready for work.

Those de-rooted cyclones are screamers! The earlier ones are much quieter. Ive always wished dyson would have quiet motors, id love all the main noise to be all the air rushing through the machine. It sounds like power!! :o)

I don't separate the top part of the cyclone on most of the 07's that i service now. I tend to add some uncooked rice and shake it like a b*****d!

Post# 196189 , Reply# 47   8/19/2012 at 14:33 (2,789 days old) by FantomLightning (Ohio)        

That picture of the DC07 upper cyclones is why I've always preferred the Dual Cyclonic technology of the earlier Dysons and Fantoms.

Post# 196212 , Reply# 48   8/19/2012 at 19:26 (2,789 days old) by Rolls_rapide (-)        

Would someone care to explain the term, "De-rooted"?

As far as I can tell, the small cyclones still act together, effectively as one. Therefore it is still a Root Cyclone system.

What Dyson did alter was:

Remove the aerofoil "propeller" style of vortex finder, and replace with a simple fin in the later vortex finders. Hence the change of high-pitched whistle/scream to a roar instead.

Remove the tri-legged spacer at the top of the inner dirt tube, which previously allowed a mat of dust and dirt to be held in the upper reaches of the cyclone assembly.

Post# 196216 , Reply# 49   8/19/2012 at 19:58 (2,788 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The early model DC07's had the same layout, yes, but the inverted cones (cyclone chambers) were taller with a smaller hole at the top. Apparently, many of these cones got blocked at the top because the exit holes were too small. This lead to the pre motor filter becoming dirty very rapidly and the cleaner losing suction and begin cutting out through overheating. No amount of filter cleaning would alter this behaviour due to the cyclones being clogged up from the top down.
Dyson modified the cones by taking the tops off lower down the cone to form a much larger exit hole at the top of each one - De-rooting. Each revision to the cyclone assemblies resulted in a number being stamped on the housing next to the rectangular exit hole from the cyclone chamber (the exit that leads to the pre-motor filter) Earlier cyclones were marked with a "1" and later ones with all revisions marked with a "2" I think the original earliest model cyclones had no number at all (the ones with the smallest cylone exit holes).
The other main problem which was never addressed was the fact that dirt could become compacted at the base of the inner tube, and not come out when the bin flap was opened. This would then build up over a period of months to completely fill the inner tube and cyclone top housing, eventually causing the cyclones to have nowhere to expel their dust, so causing total cyclone clogs and having the result the same as the original problem where all the dirt was sucked straight into the filter clogging it each time the cleaner was used.
Anyone with a DC07 should always turn the cyclone upside down when emptying and check the central fine dust tube is empty from top to bottom. I have come across several that have been partially filled and compacted - its easy to clear them with a bamboo cane or similar long pole.

Post# 196347 , Reply# 50   8/20/2012 at 18:17 (2,788 days old) by Rolls_rapide (-)        


The DC07 design was indeed inherently troublesome. My aunt's later "independents" model suffered from the compacted dirt problem. Only a matter of a few inches were left free at the top of the cyclones. Thankfully I cleared it before major problems occurred.

Post# 196350 , Reply# 51   8/20/2012 at 18:38 (2,788 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

All of the above serves only to confirm what I said somewhere else about how no amount of factory testing can guarantee what will and won't happen in the real world. Dyson cleaners seem to have had more built-in defects than anything else I have known about, although as I also said recently too, if only James Dyson had taken a moment to look at vacuum cleaners through the decades and chosen to use the same tried & tested aspects on his own unique machine, his cleaners wouldn't have had some of the problems which they then had to sort out. In his crusade to build a different cleaner which addressed the issues where current vacuums were failing, he totally ignored the aspects which were actually working rather well. He tried to re-invent the wheel - literally so, with those new ball cleaners.

Post# 196351 , Reply# 52   8/20/2012 at 19:03 (2,788 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

The very early DC07 cyclones were troublesome, yes, and also the very early models now appear to have a much greater incidence of snapping or cracked plastic components - especially the motor retainer plate which cracks and breaks around the rubber seal with the pre-motor filter housing. Later DC07 Animal spines (purple coloured) seemed more prone to snapping off of the handle retainer lugs. Its a matter with dyson of "let the customer test the product and we will modify any common faults when they become common". The most common DC07 problem by far was the handle on the top of the cyclone housing, which was very prone to fracture, and huge amounts of them have failed - Dyson later released a modified top handle with a spring loaded re-inforcement piece of plastic, but by that time, the DC07 had been replaced by later models.
Despite its flaws, the DC07 remains one of the best selling and most popular Dysons to date, and also one of the most powerful in terms of suction.

Post# 196353 , Reply# 53   8/20/2012 at 19:09 (2,788 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Hi. I don't dispute that things like a new cyclone cylinder needed time to prove themselves, but many other aspects of older Dyson cleaners (not just the 07) have contained sharp bends, flexible tubes to the cleaning head which split, mains leads positioned so that they are easily pulled and stretched, and so on and so forth, all of which have been addressed in the past by other manufacturers who built cleaners with these faults.

The carry handle on the 07 was a disaster waiting to happen. Too small, too brittle, and too thin. Any fool could see that, but of course Dyson has no fools working for them, so it didn't get noticed.

Post# 196355 , Reply# 54   8/20/2012 at 19:24 (2,788 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Notice though that Dyson refuse to sell the top handle of the cyclone on its own - one has to purchase the entire cyclone half at a fairly high cost. Do you ever think they design faults into the cleaners deliberately to sell more parts for them in the future? I'm sure the greedy for profit factor creeps into every company eventually. I also agree about the DC04 cable entry point - the last DC04 I bought had failed for exactly that reason. I also agree about the flexible floorhead tubes, but notice as well how common the main wand hose failed due its thin and delicate contruction. Many of the hose cuffs cracked as well, also due to the plastic being too thin and too brittle. Makes me wonder why I bother with Dysons at all, when I think about how many flaws the old models had.
Remember the old British car industry, the Austin Allegro, Maestro etc - not exactly reliable they werent were they? It was left the the public to test the cars and put up with endless breakdowns. Renault are terrible for this as well - trying to introduce too many gadgets and untested electronic devices to quickly.

Post# 196357 , Reply# 55   8/20/2012 at 19:29 (2,788 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Not surprising we used to call the Allegro the "All Aggro" and the Americans call the Dyson the "Die soon" lol

Post# 196359 , Reply# 56   8/20/2012 at 19:39 (2,788 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Failure has to be built in as standard, as no one would ever buy new if it wasn't. However, with Dyson, 'failure' was widespread, consistent, and for the consumer, rather annoying. If the parts on Dyson cleaners which failed had done so because of 'built in' failure, I don't think Dyson would have bothered to replace the parts as readily as they did. No, I do think that most parts failed as a result of not being up to the job.

One has to remember though that the Dyson company is a strange one. Their contact centre is open 7 days a week, from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. Great for the consumer, but absolutely ridiculous for a profit making company who are selling a one-off product and not a continual service. Dyson do what they feel like, even if that means ignoring a persistent design fault and sending new parts to 'correct' it.

The DC04 is not the only cleaner to have has failure of the mains lead, as the DC01 did so too. The remedy was the introduction of a 'doughnut', which resulted in even more failure as this part was liable to cut into the lead instead of taking the stress. Electrolux had this problem with their 500 cleaners. They ran for a couple of years and then changed the flex sleeve from straight to right angle. This was in 1975. The 500 series as you know then ran for years and years and to this very day many examples are easily sourced. Would it have killed James Dyson to take one home and analyse it before making his own machines for the mass market in 1993?

Post# 196361 , Reply# 57   8/20/2012 at 19:43 (2,788 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

On the subject of expensive spares, what I will say is that I think Dyson have moved away from standard 32mm fitments for the tools as they knew a good deal of people were using none Dyson tools as likely as not. They want the whole of the attachment market for themselves.

Post# 196364 , Reply# 58   8/20/2012 at 20:01 (2,787 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

I find the accessories were much better on the early models, with separate crevice tool and dusing brush, but later models had the dusting brush attached to the crevice tool - a crap design making the crevice tool not fit for purpose as the brush would not come off it. Hoover made similar tools which were model specific for the Freedom - it had a crecent shaped socket for the tools so I cant now get hold of a turbo tool for mine unless I buy it new as no-one sells them second hand and nothing else will be compatible.
Sebo too use a strange size socket for their tools that I cant get a turbo tool for my X4 without buying a Sebo one at 's
Its just another example of greedy companies trying to screw as much out of you as possible.
Dyson charge a lot of money for new models, this should more than cover all the "free" parts they send you over the life of the warranty, and the cost of the call centre opening times. The cleaners probably cost peanuts to produce in the far east, so they can afford to keep spending out on sending out parts under warranty. R+D costs are probably the most expensive as they still do al that at Malmesbury, and have to pay the going UK rate in salaries. It would probably be prohibitive to modify designs and machinery to change failing parts designs midway through a product's lifecycle and they only do it in extreme cases such as the cyclone handles on the DC07.

Post# 196367 , Reply# 59   8/20/2012 at 20:14 (2,787 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well I can't argue with any of that. Only thing I will say is that if a call centre is only open say 8am until 6pm, people have no choice but to call at those times, other than to not call at all. It would make more financial sense to have more staff on-hand during those hours to cover the extra calls they would get. Like I say, theirs is a product and not a service, with no legal obligation what so ever to speak to any end users who bought a product from a retailer. Dyson chooses to do this. Some say the service is excellent. Others have said that considering the price they paid for the cleaner (even if that is to largely cover the cost of the R&D and not the actual parts), for it to fall to pieces so quickly is considerably bad form.

I note your point about it being expensive to modify a design midway through. But like I said about the DC07 carry handle, some parts are so obviously not up to the task from the off. James Dyson likes style and shape. But this is a utilitarian appliance which we speak of, not a vase or table lamp. It is something which is pulled about the house, doing a dirty job, not sitting on the mantle piece. The parts of it have to be built like it needs to be, and though a 'chunky' handle may not be pretty to some, it is never the less practical and necessary. I'm all for changes, but only with the intention of it being for the greater good; a change for the sake of it, or worse still the look of it, seems stupid to me.

Post# 196374 , Reply# 60   8/20/2012 at 20:38 (2,787 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

Yes I suppose you are right about the "all show and no go" idea with the Dyson cleaner, but people buy products based on features and looks, and Dysons stand out above the other "utilitarian" cleaners in Curry's shop displays. Why do you think the Henry has been so popular? I think the smiley face has a lot to do with it, as it is otherwise just a plain old tub vac.
But, the Henry is all show and all go, as it backs up its cute looks with great durability and reliabilty, and also a reasonable price - thats why the Henry has been so popular for so long, because Numatic dont make changes for the sake of it.
I think people are gojng to start thinking that as soon as they buy a Dyson, it will be "yesterday's model" in a year or so when a new model comes out, and that will eventually be Dyson's downfall - constantly changing products, having such a vast array of confusing DC model numbers, and not building a reliable cleaner. People will revert back to the "trusted" brands like Miele or Numatic - even though these use bags. You only have to look at the Argos website to see how many Henry's they sell and have reviews on, compared to the expensive Dyson models. Also read how many people say that their current Dyson will be their last due to its unreliability and it initial high price. Dyson need to take heed of the old saying "too much medicine will eventually kill the patient" with medicine being technology, and the patient being the vacuum cleaner.

Post# 196446 , Reply# 61   8/21/2012 at 03:19 (2,787 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well exactly. And I totally agree that the radical look of a Dyson is what made it stand out from the crowd, though I do also have to remind myself (and I do have to, as I do forget) that for people aged 20 and under, a Dyson is a perfectly 'normal' looking machine as the design has, for them, always been around. However, as you also point out, it is the bog standard no-frills make up of the Henry and such which make it appealing to people who've been through many other makes and models. In effect, the lack of features on a Numatic cleaner are the features in itself.

In many ways I think Dyson did the right thing to keep up to date with models over a period of time, unlike Vax as we knew it, who's cleaner was a one-trick pony and led to a slump in sales once the novelty wore off. However I think there is a danger -as you said- in having too many models on sale, because whilst some consumers might be keen to upgrade, others may be offended that the Dyson they've only just bought is now being 'rubbished' by the very people who made it by them saying how much better the latest model is. And then of course there are the consumers who may throw their arms in the air and think 'I give up!' on the basis that their cleaner will always be out of date, even though ultimatly it is only a vacuum cleaner.

Post# 196457 , Reply# 62   8/21/2012 at 05:34 (2,787 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
The way I see it Dyson are solving problems which don't exist (i.e the ball and articulated steering) and not solving the ones which have been there since Dyson started out!

Post# 196473 , Reply# 63   8/21/2012 at 07:29 (2,787 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

That is exactly what they are doing. If Dyson told the world that the best way to clean a room was to wear a bobble hat and a grass skirt whilst doing so, the only question raised would be 'do they come in my size?'. There is an element of "The Emperors New Clothes" about the Dyson cleaner.

Post# 196475 , Reply# 64   8/21/2012 at 07:32 (2,787 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
"Not surprising we used to call the Allegro the "All Aggro" and the Americans call the Dyson the "Die soon" lol" Well my mother had an Allegro in the early 90s and I'm informed it was like a "tomb". It actually rolled over once while not going all that fast around a corner.

And I thought I was the only one who said Die-Soon...

Post# 196491 , Reply# 65   8/21/2012 at 08:39 (2,787 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

Sorry Jamie, we have been saying that since they arrived over here. I totally agree with what is being said here. I am in the process of fixing up a dc17 which is missing the cyclone assembly seal, and I had to buy the entire cyclone assembly second hand on ebay just to get a STUPID little piece of rubber!

And dyson does not even sell the cyclone assembly itself, let alone the seal. Plus on this particular model, the seal was very troblesome and I would have thought it to be one of the parts dyson stocked, BUT NO!

Sorry for the little rant.


Post# 196496 , Reply# 66   8/21/2012 at 08:57 (2,787 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

That was a major problem with the DC17 - the bad design on the early models allowed the inner bin flap seal to move up the inner dirt tube and stop sealing it off at the bottom. As this happened the cyclones started to draw dirt in from the bottom of the bin, and subsequently became totally clogged up, resulting in loss of suction. Dyson had to re-design these seals to prevent this happening, but not before an awful lot of Americans had been inconvenienced by the problems of clogged up DC17's. They sent out new parts free of charge to all DC17's under guarantee where the owners complained about clogging and loss of suction. This little flaw did a lot of damage to Dyson's reputation in the US, as the Americans are not as tolerant of product flaws as we are in the UK.

Post# 196498 , Reply# 67   8/21/2012 at 09:00 (2,787 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I do think we are perhaps TOO forgiving here in the UK of manufacturing flaws...

Post# 199226 , Reply# 68   9/5/2012 at 01:38 (2,772 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        
dc04/ dc01 cable problems

I had a DC04 absolute years ago, it was a really quiet Dyson, and liked it for it's power and everything. I accidently stepped on the cable whilst i wasn't wearing any shoes and socks on and the cable flew out with sparks!!! it was scary , and the same thing happened to me with the DC03 in 2006.

I saw a DC01 for spares on Gumtree locally for 6, so we bought it, I collected it with my Dad+ Brother and ht gave it to me, it came with the small dusting brush only, which i understood because with loads of dc01's i used and even with my mum's one the tools kept falling off when they were being forced off by the furniture, so I tested it, DEAD!!! i put in a new fuse and fixed the cable joint, and VROOM!!!!! it was working! but it had am ametek motor though, (which i hated on the DC01's!) but its descent and for 7, its amazing

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