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Help please - Hoover Turbopower 1000 bit the dust...
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Post# 192938   8/3/2012 at 08:14 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I decided to use the 1994 Hoover Turbopower 1000 today as it had been sitting for a couple of weeks. I did all the upstairs carpets which took about 15 minutes and it worked perfectly, adjusting up and down on Autosense as required, no problems.

I shut it off, unplugged it and went downstairs then plugged it in and proceeded to vacuum the carpet in the hall way. Again, no issues.

Once I'd done that, I put it in the upright position (still running on low Autosense), moved the height adjustment to Shag/Tools, pulled the hose out and attached the extension tubes then all of a sudden the pitch changed from the quiet smooth hum to a really dull noise and it sounded like the motor had slowed down to about half the speed it was running at and a smell of burnt rubber was apparent. I immediately thought I'd caught a bit of thread in the brush roll and it wasn't spinning so I turned it off and checked the brush roll, which was fine and spinning freely...

I took the base plate off just to make sure and everything was fine.

I thought maybe there WAS a bit of thread stuck but it sorted itself out just as I turned it off - that was possible.

So I turned it back on again and it sounded even worse than before, sort of like a cat being strangled, plus the burning rubber smell was even stronger. It smelled like the belt was burning up but it couldn't be because the brush roll was rotating FINE.

I then checked the hose for suction and there was hardly any, despite the Bag Full/Blockage light not illuminating. I turned it off again and checked for a blockage, which there was none, I even replaced the bag just to be sure, but when restarted it still had pessimal suction, probably due to the motor running VERY slow.

Please tell me my old faithful Hoover hasn't died a horrible death ?

I'll give you a link to a video I'm uploading at the moment when it uploads so you can hear it, but perhaps you can help even without it. I really don't know, all I know is I'm very sad that my favourite vacuum has let me down.

Post# 192944 , Reply# 1   8/3/2012 at 08:58 (2,800 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

turbo500's profile picture

Sounds like the motor has burnt out Jamie :(

Post# 192947 , Reply# 2   8/3/2012 at 09:07 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
That's what I thought Chris... To say I am disappointed doesn't touch the surface.

As The Big O would say, it's over...

Post# 192950 , Reply# 3   8/3/2012 at 09:11 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

I am so sorry that this has happened, I know what it is like to lose a beloved vac.

But to me, it sounds like Chris is right.

I did check ebay uk for replacements but unfortunately, I found nothing.

I would take it apart and try to find out what happened, or if there is a vac shop near you I would take it there.

Sorry I could not be more help.


Post# 192951 , Reply# 4   8/3/2012 at 09:12 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Agh, bad luck mate...
Maybe you could buy a cheap one of eBay, and extange the motors?
Or, just buy a good condition used unit, and get rid of the old?

Still, Rest in Piece, Turbopower....

Post# 192953 , Reply# 5   8/3/2012 at 09:17 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
OK, a bit more information.

When I rotate the brush roll by hand now it makes a "click click click" noise quietly, like spinning the fan on a Hoover Senior in the wrong direction.

Post# 192954 , Reply# 6   8/3/2012 at 09:19 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

Sounds like possibly the carbons have gone.

Post# 192955 , Reply# 7   8/3/2012 at 09:21 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
So it could just need new brushes ?

Post# 192956 , Reply# 8   8/3/2012 at 09:23 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

So, it might not be such a big job as first thought. When they break. There's often that kind of sound. That's maybe because the springs are toutching the motor or what's left of the Brushes might have moved out of position...

Post# 192957 , Reply# 9   8/3/2012 at 09:25 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

Well, not exactly, since you ran it with this problem, there might be dammage to the motor itself.



Post# 192958 , Reply# 10   8/3/2012 at 09:27 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Yes, probably scraping the commutator and thus the clicking noise.

Post# 192959 , Reply# 11   8/3/2012 at 09:31 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

I would try keeping your eye out for a donor on ebay, or other local listings and use it for parts.


Post# 192960 , Reply# 12   8/3/2012 at 09:35 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Will do Scott.

Post# 192966 , Reply# 13   8/3/2012 at 10:30 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Post# 192970 , Reply# 14   8/3/2012 at 10:44 (2,800 days old) by thevacuumlover1 ()        
another one bites da fluff

and another one gone, and another one gone another one bites the fluff.

Post# 192987 , Reply# 15   8/3/2012 at 11:35 (2,800 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        

super-sweeper's profile picture
I agree with the inteligence above,The carbons sound like they've "Bit the dust".
Compare your vacuum's sound witht his vacuum's sound (Just don't run your vacuum to hear the sound,Use your video to not cause the cleaner more harm!).


Post# 192989 , Reply# 16   8/3/2012 at 11:44 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
So do you think it is worth replacing the brushes Scott ?

Post# 192990 , Reply# 17   8/3/2012 at 11:50 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

sounds like its completely burnt out to me. sorry mate

Post# 192992 , Reply# 18   8/3/2012 at 11:54 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

I supose its worth a try. But I would inspect the commutator first and if it is damaged, then you will need to find a new one, if you replace the brushes and the commutator is not to bad off, then I would burnish it to smooth it back out.
But don't expect miracles.
Hope this helps.

Post# 192993 , Reply# 19   8/3/2012 at 11:57 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Well I'll try and remove the motor cover and take a look.

How exactly would I burnish the commutator ?

Post# 192995 , Reply# 20   8/3/2012 at 12:00 (2,800 days old) by suctionselector (Leeds, England)        

suctionselector's profile picture
For such an advanced machine, yes, it is worth it!

Hopefully I can get one of these so I can have something over those low sucking Dysons I am trying to get rid of!

Good luck!

Best Wishes

Jacob =]

Post# 192997 , Reply# 21   8/3/2012 at 12:19 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

to clean the commutator up Jamie you'll need a comm stick, however if its not too bad, it can be done with a bit of wet & dry. If the commutator does appear black and charred, its probably a goner and cleaning it won't do much good. You're better off trying to find another motor.

Post# 193004 , Reply# 22   8/3/2012 at 12:24 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Thanks Ryan, I'll check if I can get the motor casing off, hopefully it won't be too difficult!

Post# 193009 , Reply# 23   8/3/2012 at 12:33 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

when you've got it out obviously check to see if the carbon(s) have completely gone, if not post a clear pic of the commutator to show how bad it is. check for any charred sections or heavy scoring

Post# 193010 , Reply# 24   8/3/2012 at 12:34 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

You will need to get a carbon brush seater stone and while the motor is running with new brushes in it, touch the stone to the commutator a little at a time and the stone will wear down. and it will basicly clean and smooth the commutator, Of course you will want to wear safety gogles for this.
Someone else might be able to explain it better.

Post# 193011 , Reply# 25   8/3/2012 at 12:40 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        
2 Vacuums Not Working in 1 Day, mine & Jamie's....

Jamie, I know how you feel about it. Hopefully, it's just the Carbon Brushes, but as Ryan said, it could be the motor.

I feel your pain. For all who don't know, I was using my Numatic James JPV180A today. I went to unplug, and it had jammed in the socket. Had to get an electricion out to put a new socket in, but, he couldn't even get the plug out. So, at the moment, my James has it's very own Socket! Got to order a new whole new cable for it, now! Annoying, as I use this vac almost everyday in the garage (I also use my HVR200A for around the house), and as I use this vac almost everyday, and the new Cable won't be here until about Monday (at least). It's not gone well at all!:(

Post# 193020 , Reply# 26   8/3/2012 at 13:05 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

A comm sticků.


Post# 193022 , Reply# 27   8/3/2012 at 13:07 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

going back to what Scott said, there is an easier way of doing it. once the new carbons are in, rather than comming it in while its running, just get a powerful cylinder, put the hose over the fan inlet to get it spinning and comm it in that way. Its less scary than trying to do it while the motors running lol

Post# 193023 , Reply# 28   8/3/2012 at 13:08 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
OK, update, I've tried to get to the motor but have hit a problem!

I got the floor head off OK and have taken the two screws out that hold the motor casing on but it won't move more than about a centimeter. It is like there is something else holding it on but I can't see anything else!


Post# 193027 , Reply# 29   8/3/2012 at 13:19 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

god its been years since I've had one of those apart, i've got a feeling it should be 4 screws holding the motor casing on? 2 at top and 2 down the bottom. You might have to ask Ric or Benny for help on that

Post# 193030 , Reply# 30   8/3/2012 at 13:31 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Nope, only two... Well, that I can see.

I'll email Benny and see if he can help, haven't seen him around on here for a while as it happens.

Post# 193033 , Reply# 31   8/3/2012 at 13:35 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Try moving the main body of the unit, backwards, or forwards (depending on where it is. As the bag container and handle may be covering the screws!;)

Oh, and I've found a machine that you could get a motor from! I'll send a few links through!:)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Scaniabebe's LINK on eBay

Post# 193034 , Reply# 32   8/3/2012 at 13:37 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Another one, but this one looks slightly different and is Red!;)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Scaniabebe's LINK on eBay

Post# 193036 , Reply# 33   8/3/2012 at 13:40 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I can't understand what you're trying to say Jason...

Post# 193037 , Reply# 34   8/3/2012 at 13:44 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

Jamie, did you check to see if the bag door was covering the screws?
Also, Jason the red hoover is a dirty fan machine and does not have the same motor as Jamie's hoover.

Post# 193040 , Reply# 35   8/3/2012 at 13:48 (2,800 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

The clicking noise is a lifted segment from the commutator catching the brushes. So as Ryry suggested, the motor has had it. But as these cleaners rarely burn out, you should fine another one fairly soon and take the motor from it for yours.

Post# 193042 , Reply# 36   8/3/2012 at 13:49 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Can't see any screws near the motor cover inside the bag compartment, though I did look!

Yes, that is true Scott, the red one is a Turbopower 1 which obviously doesn't have a compatible motor, least of all because it is dirty fan plus half the wattage!

Out of interest, how do you know about the Turbopower being a dirty fan since you are in America ?

Post# 193043 , Reply# 37   8/3/2012 at 13:51 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I see Benny, thanks for explaining!

Post# 193044 , Reply# 38   8/3/2012 at 13:53 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Dirty Fan? Huh? You lost me?-.-
Still, that Blue Turbopower should be the right one, am I right?

Post# 193045 , Reply# 39   8/3/2012 at 13:54 (2,800 days old) by singingrainbow (Texas)        

Oh, recently I have become interested in U.K vacs and have somewhat of an understanding of the various brands and model lines dating from the 1970's and onward, but anything older than that I have no clue about.

Post# 193046 , Reply# 40   8/3/2012 at 13:57 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
What do you mean Jason ? The Turbopower 1 is dirty fan, that is common knowledge. Or I thought it was.

Post# 193047 , Reply# 41   8/3/2012 at 13:59 (2,800 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Dirty-fan, it is what we call the cleaners in the UK where the dirt is sucked into the fan and blown into the bag. The Hoover Turbopower worked like that. The Hoover Turbopower 2, 3, and 1000 was a clean-fan machine where the dust was sucked straight into the bag, like a cannister cleaner does.

Post# 193049 , Reply# 42   8/3/2012 at 13:59 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Oh, but Benny - do you know how I can get the motor cover off ? Because I'll need to get it off to replace the motor if that is what I need to do.

Post# 193050 , Reply# 43   8/3/2012 at 14:00 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Nah, have no idea between a "Dirty Fan" and a normal fan. I'm guessing the "Dirty Fan" is dirty?;P

Post# 193051 , Reply# 44   8/3/2012 at 14:01 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I see, I thought you'd know.

Benny explained well enough I think.

Post# 193052 , Reply# 45   8/3/2012 at 14:01 (2,800 days old) by suctionselector (Leeds, England)        
Hey =}

suctionselector's profile picture
The red one is the one I'm going to bid on :P

Post# 193053 , Reply# 46   8/3/2012 at 14:02 (2,800 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Jamie below the bag door is a piece of curved trim. From inside the bag unit it looks like there are two screws missing. Only there isn't. You need to unclip that trim and you will find two more screws holding the motor cover down.

Post# 193054 , Reply# 47   8/3/2012 at 14:04 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Thank you Benny, you have been most helpful. I did notice that trim but couldn't see a way to remove it. I'll try again.

Post# 193055 , Reply# 48   8/3/2012 at 14:06 (2,800 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well look from the inside and you will see two clips, one going left and one going right. You need to give them a flick with a screwdriver to pop it off.

Post# 193060 , Reply# 49   8/3/2012 at 14:29 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
OK, got it off thanks to Benny.

I'll post the three pictures I took before my camera batteries died, hopefully you can make out that the left carbon brush is down to nothing and the right one still has a tiny bit left. It isn't so much making a clicking noise when rotated as much as a gentle rubbing noise (not constantly, just like "rub rub rub rub rub"), I was mistaken before.

You guys know more than I do, but I presume the reason it was running at half speed was because the brush that still has some "meat" left was getting contact while the other wasn't ?

OK, here they are, I apologise again for the poor quality.

Post# 193061 , Reply# 50   8/3/2012 at 14:31 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Second picture, showing the left brush:

Post# 193062 , Reply# 51   8/3/2012 at 14:35 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
And the right brush, again, sorry for the quality being absolutely awful.

Post# 193076 , Reply# 52   8/3/2012 at 15:15 (2,800 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

can't see anything from those fella :(

Post# 193077 , Reply# 53   8/3/2012 at 15:16 (2,800 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I know, sorry. Damn camera! I'll charge up the batteries and play around with the flash.

Post# 193091 , Reply# 54   8/3/2012 at 16:14 (2,800 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Try using Macro Mode, also. Gives good quality close ups!;)

Post# 193189 , Reply# 55   8/4/2012 at 09:16 (2,799 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Right, here are two hopefully clearer pictures!

Post# 193190 , Reply# 56   8/4/2012 at 09:19 (2,799 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
And the second, a video will come in the next few minutes so you can hear the noise when rotated by hand.

Post# 193192 , Reply# 57   8/4/2012 at 09:23 (2,799 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
And the video. Hopefully from the pictures and the video you can confirm whether it is a gonner or whether maybe it just needs new brushes and a commutator stone.


Post# 193212 , Reply# 58   8/4/2012 at 12:27 (2,799 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

still can't see the commutator mate so its had to say. I'd still say going by the sound of it, its a goner

Post# 193216 , Reply# 59   8/4/2012 at 13:07 (2,799 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

I will still 2nd that. The comm sticks are only there to clean a dirty commutator. They cannot reseat a lifted segment.

Post# 193219 , Reply# 60   8/4/2012 at 13:25 (2,799 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Yes that is true, but did you watch the video Benny to see if the sound was lifted parts of the commutator ?

Post# 193225 , Reply# 61   8/4/2012 at 14:18 (2,799 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

yeh sounds like its catching a buggered segment. time for a new motor!

Post# 193228 , Reply# 62   8/4/2012 at 14:35 (2,799 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Alright, new motor it is.

Post# 193229 , Reply# 63   8/4/2012 at 14:36 (2,799 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Oh, so I know for when I find a replacement - how do you remove the motor wires ?

Post# 193330 , Reply# 64   8/5/2012 at 07:29 (2,798 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Anyone ?

Post# 193333 , Reply# 65   8/5/2012 at 08:05 (2,798 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

They are spade terminals if my memory is correct.They should just pull away from the terminals. If I cam wrong, you may have to cut and rejoin them safely, using joining blocks.

Post# 193334 , Reply# 66   8/5/2012 at 08:09 (2,798 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Yes they do look like they should pull off Benny, but I've tried and they don't seem to budge. Maybe I need to be less delicate.

Post# 193337 , Reply# 67   8/5/2012 at 08:27 (2,798 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

If they are spades and won't move, look into the middle of the spade and you may see a tiny tag pushed into a round hole in the terminal. This tag needs to be pushed out of the way.

Post# 193338 , Reply# 68   8/5/2012 at 08:32 (2,798 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Thank you Benny, you've helped greatly.

Post# 193339 , Reply# 69   8/5/2012 at 08:33 (2,798 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

That's fine. Are they off now?

Post# 193340 , Reply# 70   8/5/2012 at 08:38 (2,798 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
The neutral wire came off and the live moved a bit, I'll probably get it off easily with a pair of pliers since it is hard to get a good grip on such a small connector.

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