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Bissell Powerforce In Commercial Settings
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Post# 187987   7/2/2012 at 22:09 (2,829 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        

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These Bissells are getting more and more popular every year. I see them everywhere, and often outside household use. I see them in use at thrift stores, gas stations and department stores. Just about every setting you would think it would perform the worst. And of course the pre-motor filter is always dirty. A few years ago all these places had Sanitaires. Any idea why people are doing this?

Note that this is not my picture, but I used it to show how DIRTY every one I've seen looks.

Post# 187995 , Reply# 1   7/2/2012 at 23:05 (2,829 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        
Any idea why people are doing this?

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They are cheap, reasonably good performers, and disposable.

Post# 187997 , Reply# 2   7/2/2012 at 23:08 (2,829 days old) by dustin (Jackson, MI)        

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There is 3 at our church, (2 BOL bagged, one mid range bagless) and they perform fairly well even though two of them are really worn out. The worst one (black BOL bagged) was bought new for the church in 2003 and while its still working, the height adjustment is gone, the handle release is broken, the brushroll is worn out and the motor bearings are loud. Of course the headlight is still working... I donated the other two over the 2 years I cleaned the church, the bagless has noisy motor bearings and a worn brush, and the other bagged one is in good shape. I don't think they are too bad for the price, better than most walmart brands.

Post# 187998 , Reply# 3   7/2/2012 at 23:10 (2,829 days old) by sanitairered (Michigan)        

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Not to mention easy to work on. If something goes wrong, replace a belt or clean a filter! They're cheap and reliable.

Post# 188069 , Reply# 4   7/3/2012 at 09:54 (2,829 days old) by director12 ()        

I feel Bissell is not very popular towards commercial products.

Post# 188090 , Reply# 5   7/3/2012 at 14:31 (2,829 days old) by trebor ()        
Wal-mart sells...

an exclusive model called the Powerforce Helix for 47.84. A new brushroll is 24.99, and belt 4.99 and a set of new filters 19.99. Do the math. It is cheaper to replace it every six months and have no maintenance costs except perhaps one or two belts. Four new vacuums per year for under $200.00. The miracle of mass production and cheap foreign labor at work.  I do not blame retail shop owners for going this route. No matter what they do the help they hire is not going to give a damn about the vacuum, and these can be unclogged, the brushrolls and filters cleaned, and a new belt installed. Cords can be replaced with a cheap extension from the hardware.  Sad, but this is the world as it is now.


Post# 188152 , Reply# 6   7/3/2012 at 17:41 (2,828 days old) by dustin (Jackson, MI)        

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Walmart also has a bagged version for like $42. That's what we have at our church, and one has been going since 2003. The church has about 10,000 square feet carpeted. As far as I know it has had the belt changed twice and the bag changed as needed and it keeps going.

Post# 188160 , Reply# 7   7/3/2012 at 18:55 (2,828 days old) by director12 ()        

Since 2003 you say? Well, I'm guessing that was proof Bissell used to be awesome. They launched the Powerforce in 2001 as a cheaper alternative to the Powerglide.

Post# 188169 , Reply# 8   7/3/2012 at 20:48 (2,828 days old) by dustin (Jackson, MI)        

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Yes I have looked at the manual for the vacuum which was dated feb. Of 03 and had a new post motor filter in 04. Its not in great shape but can still be used for vacuuming and picks up dirt.

Post# 188174 , Reply# 9   7/3/2012 at 21:08 (2,828 days old) by sanitairered (Michigan)        
"Well, I'm guessing that was proof Bissell used to b

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Bissell still is 'awesome'. They are reliable, cheap and easy to work on, just like they always have been..

Post# 188590 , Reply# 10   7/6/2012 at 01:01 (2,826 days old) by cam2s (Nebraska)        
Bissell Cleanview

We use a Bissell Cleanview were I work. I probably wouldn't mind using it if I didn't feel like I was going deaf when it is on. However, it always is always dirty and nobody there bothers to clean the filters. (except me of course) I've had to take it apart to fix it and I can say that it get horrendously filthy inside the machine. I can't even begin to imagine what the machine pictured in this thread looks like on the inside.

Post# 188687 , Reply# 11   7/6/2012 at 23:10 (2,825 days old) by jodan3399 (Brownsville, PA)        

They're cheap, can take alot of abuse, and some employee's don't know how to change a bag...or like the last young bartender my ex hired will run it without one and wonder why dust is flying everywhere because "they thought it was bagless". lol

I've picked up alot of them (I scrap the motors, etc when they're beyond hope), most seem to use them like they would a shop vac, even saw a couple they used to suck up water with.

Post# 188772 , Reply# 12   7/7/2012 at 13:03 (2,825 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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At work we have a tan Bissell bagless, slightly higher end I guess as it's HEPA and has a turbobrush. I've also used the low end purple ones without HEPA. It wasn't bad for a $40 machine, but I could see fine dust coming out.

Really, I see a lot of those purple Bissells around. They must be like the modern day Elite of uprights! They seem to last OK despite needing a good clean.

Post# 188781 , Reply# 13   7/7/2012 at 13:17 (2,825 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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My Dad and I co own a carpet cleaning company, If we have to do a house that is infested or particularly dirty Were I wouldn't want to use one of our own vacuums.We buy a powerforce use it and then dispose of it with the hazardous waste. The model we get here comes with a small cartridge filter located under the dust container so it filters pretty well, ( filters as in it stops the dirt getting out while its still new .

Post# 188783 , Reply# 14   7/7/2012 at 13:22 (2,825 days old) by director12 ()        

I replaced the HEPA filter in my Powerforce Turbo today, and it smells so good. It's a Febreeze filter, and it smells so much better than the original filter. I still do not have a foam circular filter, I threw it out, but the pleated one is there.

The plastic filter, small filter, and bin are rinsed when using another vacuum doesn't work at times.

Post# 188785 , Reply# 15   7/7/2012 at 13:37 (2,825 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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when that filter is clean this is a very effective vacuum cleaner

Post# 188811 , Reply# 16   7/7/2012 at 15:25 (2,824 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Why they are being used instead of a dirty fan Hoover, Oreck, Sanitaire et cetera is because they are cheap to buy, simple as that.

I'd far rather have one of the aforementioned GOOD Vacuum Cleaners that last a lifetime, but that is the world these days, driven by money and what is cheapest.

Post# 188891 , Reply# 17   7/7/2012 at 17:12 (2,824 days old) by ncovert (Grove City, PA)        

I concur. I think it is better to have a good one that will last a long tome than buying a cheapo one from walmart.

Post# 188981 , Reply# 18   7/8/2012 at 03:24 (2,824 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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You are missing the point, its very nice to have a Hoover guardsmen or Sanitaire but when you have staff they wreck it anyway.

The cleaning staff of today are not the same as the last generation, they don't care about your equipment they just want to clean and get it done. when we hire new staff we always give them the cheaper machines because they stuff them in a week.

Why waste money on a sanitaire when its just going to be broken in a week any way

Post# 188989 , Reply# 19   7/8/2012 at 05:12 (2,824 days old) by director12 ()        

I'm guessing a Powerglide, any Cleanview (be the older models from early-to-mid 2K or Helix versions), the Lift-Off or Digipro work, all because of being cheap, simple to operate, and being disposable after a breakdown.

Post# 188991 , Reply# 20   7/8/2012 at 06:50 (2,824 days old) by Trebor ()        
Director 12....

You got it! The Powerforce Helix is on sale @ Wal-Mart for 43.87! A friend from karaoke said she is going out to buy FOUR of them (one for each level of her home) plus an extra set of filters.  $224.13 for four vacuums plus a spare set of filters, including tax. None of them will see hard use because each one will only handle one level of the house. She will buy a deluxe tool kit with an extension hose from me and use it when she is doing in-depth above-the-floor-cleaning. Even with the tool kit and a few spare belts she will spend less than $300.00 How can you beat that? With a $2000.00 Kirby that she has to carry up and down four levels, making multiple trips to fetch the tools?  The Bissells in her home will last her at least 10 years because she is not hard on things, and her home is clean to begin with.

Post# 188992 , Reply# 21   7/8/2012 at 07:06 (2,824 days old) by director12 ()        

Why is the Powerglide not in production anymore?

I'm also guessing the Digipro can use a commercial setting.

Post# 188999 , Reply# 22   7/8/2012 at 08:30 (2,824 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I wasn't aware of that Gareth, are people really that careless ?

If I owned a business I'd be sure to hire CAREFUL cleaners so my vacuums, no matter how cheap or expensive, didn't get broken. Although, I accept they are few and far between these days.

Post# 189003 , Reply# 23   7/8/2012 at 09:53 (2,824 days old) by henriquesousa7 (California)        
It's Funny

Every Dollar Tree or Payless Shoe Store That I Go To (That Has Carpet) Have Sanitaire's Weather It Would Be The Sc886,Sc888, or The Sc899. Now When I Go To Stores Such As TJMaxx, Ross, And Target Here In Turlock, California, They Seem To Be Cheap With Buying Hoover (Household Line,)The Bissel (Like The One You Have Pictured),and The Electrolux (The Stick Vac)
To Kleen Their Stores..

Personally If I Have A Store Or Business I Would Have To Choose The Sanitaire Sc886 or The Sc888:)

Post# 189215 , Reply# 24   7/9/2012 at 16:37 (2,822 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

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I've noticed that a lot of lower end stores like Target and Wal-Mart use these machines, but I think a lot of that is cause they're probably using returns or abused display models, to save from sending back to manufacturer, since it's what they sell anyway. I was quite surprised the other week to learn that our church uses a Bissell bagged Power Force Turbo. It needs a good cleaning and the attachment hose connection is looking broken, but we're hoping to get a new janitor so perhaps we'll replace the vacuum then too.

I worked for Ruby Tuesday and we had the Bissell bagless PowerForce Turbo. Of course we were always going to Wal-Mart for office supplies so somewhere along the lines someone got a vacuum from them. Currently Wal-Mart lists it at $69 but I've seen it lower than that.

Older relative of ours used to have a Eureka Boss Widetrack lightweight vacuum. It broke and I went shopping for another lightweight vacuum for quick ups for her. Well the 12" wide Bissell PowerForce bagged upright feels really lightweight but is a full size upright with lots of power. I bought her one, told her to try it, if its too heavy, I'll go to something else. SHE LOVES IT!! She uses that as her primary vacuum as she stopped using our central vac- didn't like the heavy hose and her Kirby G4 is too heavy. She makes her husband use the Kirby G4 in her carpeted enclosed porch and carpeted areas for cats in garage.--Her garage is set up as a cat hang out/ sewing/ storage room, not your typical garage setup. She thinks the $40 Bissell is too nice of a vacuum for other areas other than the house!!
So we ended up getting one for our part of the house as a quick vac. It does good but I rotate one of our Hoover PowerMax canisters, vintage Eureka Roto-Matic 1784B or central vac- if we get new powerhead and hose for it as the weekly deep cleaning.


Post# 189229 , Reply# 25   7/9/2012 at 16:55 (2,822 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        
Bissell DigiPro

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Noticed some people talking about the Bissell Digipro. The Digipro is Bissell's first powerhead canister vacuum. It's been on the market for over 10 years, no changes ever made. It has a telescoping wand, the powerbrush looks like one off of a Samsung Quiet Storm 9069. It has some onboard tools, agitator on/off on handle, headlight, dual brushed agitator. Kohls and Macy's used to sell it in store years ago, but other than those 2, I've never seen it in a retail store. All the vacuum stores I've ever been to, don't carry Bissell products anywhere, it's not a quality vacuum to them. It's available online at various places but never used one. Mixed reviews. I contacted Bissell about getting one and or one of their other powerhead canisters but neither of their canisters offer a barefloor tool, and they don't offer one otherwise for that. I love canisters but I insist on a barefloor brush for hard surfaces and motorized powerhead for carpet, if it doesn't offer the 2, I'm not interested.

Back to cheap uprights. Any Bissell PowerForce bagged or bagless is much quieter and a better cleaner than its almost double in price competitor the Eureka Maxima upright. I don't care what color you make it, or especially the yellow Eureka Maxima 4750 bagged series, I believe now called the Lightspeed. I can't stand those machines. They sound awful, suction seems good, but the carpets and air don't seem clean. My friends bar was using a Eureka bagless Powerplus- white and green Wal-Mart model. I tried it a couple of times to help him out. A few days later I bought him a new Hoover Tempo Windtunnel styled bagged upright for about $100. He loves it, amazing difference. He says get that the other thing outta here.


Post# 189291 , Reply# 26   7/9/2012 at 20:10 (2,822 days old) by Trebor ()        
Vac shops do not sell Bissell...

because we cannot buy them as cheaply as Wal-Mart sells them. It is definitely true of the Powerforce and the Powerforce Helix. I have read in some of the reviews that some people bought them in the store for $39.00!   Out of 885 reviews, 738, or 83% rate it a 4 or a 5, 86% would recommend it to a friend. Bissell is WAY better about service under the warranty than any other Big Box brand.



Post# 189294 , Reply# 27   7/9/2012 at 20:31 (2,822 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        
Vac shops do not sell Bissell because we cannot buy them as

piano_god's profile picture

That's exactly it, Robert!


In Canada, if an independant store wanted (for some strange reason) to carry Bissell products, they'll find most are cheaper to purchase directly from a big-box store than Bissell directly, or to purchase the canisters and uprights branded by the manufacturer, Samsung.





The Bissell Digipro is the Samsung Digimax (VAC8913BP).

This post was last edited 07/09/2012 at 20:49
Post# 189442 , Reply# 28   7/11/2012 at 00:22 (2,821 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
Is the Samsung Digimax VAC8913BP still on the market or discontinued. I never saw that one in the U.S. The U.S. had the Samsung Quiet Storm 9048, then Samsung came out with the 9069 with the new power head which is the one that appears on the Bissell Digipro. I don't know when in relation if Bissell hit the market first with that power head or Samsung. It just occured to me within the last year seeing a Samsung on a website again that it looked extremely similar to the Digipro, so right away I put a Digipro on my internet search and I was stunned!!

For a short time period Best Buy started to carry some Samsung canisters. It wasn't called the Quiet Storm there was another name they came out with but similar overall design. I remember Consumer Reports like the Samsung Quiet Storm 9048 but they said the older power nozzle with the metal base plate design was hard to maneuver because of its incredible suction seal to the carpet. Sounds very similar to my Roto-Matic power nozzle on my green Eureka 1784B canister. Nice vacuum, good cleaner, but definitely sticks to the carpet well making it a little more difficult to push than most other power head canisters.

Anyway shortly after Best Buy started carrying Samsung vacuums, Samsung stopped manufacturing vacuums in the U.S. according to their website. Now today there are vacuums on their U.S. website bagless canisters, didn't read up on them yet, not sure if its an electric power head, turbine or combo floor tool. It almost looks like the new Wessel Werk without a headlight. Have to take a closer look. Samsung Canada website only lists 2 vacuums both stick vacs.

I saw the Samsung Digimax on Amazon Canada.

Post# 189443 , Reply# 29   7/11/2012 at 00:32 (2,821 days old) by Durango159 (State College, PA)        

durango159's profile picture
Yes it is true that the bagged Bissell Powerforce vacuum is about $39.92 I believe. The bagless Bissell Powerforce vacuum is about $42, and 15" bagless Bissell Power Force Turbo is/ was $65. See my discussion on those in the "Bissell as Commercial vacuum" thread under Contemporary listings.

Funny story, that I was looking to get a lightweight stick style vac to replace a broken Eureka Widetrack lightweight for older relative. The Bissell PowerForce bagged vacuum at $39.92 was the cheapest vacuum anywhere and I knew that it would have much more power than any lightweight style vac, yet still felt light itself. I got it for her, told her try it out, see what you think, if its too bulky or heavy or anything I'll return it and look into something else. SHE LOVES IT. She will only use it in the house, she won't let her husband use it. She won't let be used on the carpet in the enclosed porch or where her cat hangs out in her "fancy style"
garage. She loves it. I was going to do some quick vacuuming for her one time, but didn't think she would let me use it, so I used my trusty Hoover. We actually got one for ourselves and I like it for a quick vac/ mid week vacuuming. But for my "Works" style full throttle cleaning, I use the canister vac. I am looking to get our Central vac working again it needs a powerhead, I'll be posting a thread on that soon for suggestions.

Post# 189447 , Reply# 30   7/11/2012 at 01:01 (2,821 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

piano_god's profile picture

Yes, the Samsung Digimax VAC8913BP is still available in Canada. Smile


When the full-size 9000 series machines first launched in Canada, depending on the model, they came included with either the Wessel Werk EBK 280 or Lindhaus powerhead. All machines since have their powerheads made in-house by Samsung, and to be honest, these don't clean carpet very well...


Samsung vacuums available in Canada (through independant vacuum stores only) can be found in the following link.


Post# 189877 , Reply# 31   7/14/2012 at 09:02 (2,818 days old) by director12 ()        

I know what you all mean about those cheap Bissell uprights. The Powerglides are also used commercially.

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