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Anybody deny letting you see they're vacuum?
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Post# 187841   7/1/2012 at 17:13 (2,828 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

When we were little and younger, we would go to our parents friends houses or our friends houses and ask to see or use they're vacuum. We've all done this right? Well.. Generally they would always be flabbergasted by us asking to see they're vacuum cleaner. Because, most of them, have not ever heard of somebody having a vacuum collection as a hobby. Then they would of course say go right ahead, because anybody in they're right mind would enjoy a free vacuuming of they're rugs and floors.

However, I'm sure we've all been in the position where they're were a couple of people who would not allow us to run the vacuum through they're house. For certain reasons, a couple I've heard are: "No, it's to heavy to take out and put away, or it's broken, it's somewhere around here I'm not sure. Like they misplace they're vacuum cleaner. How grim. Or the "I've already vacuumed today.." excuse. I can respect the fact that people do not want they're vacuums messed with if we don't know
them very well, would think maybe we're the kind of person that would pick up anything and damage they're vacuum because theyre not ours. But that's not the case. I would with mine if it was something
It could handle like, a small wrapper or a occasional penny in a clean air machine. To make sure I don't damage the fan, or fan casing.

Have you ever had anybody do this? If so. Please tell us your story! I'm sure a lot us on here would love to hear your stories. (;

Post# 187861 , Reply# 1   7/1/2012 at 19:08 (2,828 days old) by dustin (Jackson, MI)        

dustin's profile picture
My Grandparents' house! I was almost never allowed to vacuum at their house, they had a Dirt Devil plus, and the bag was almost always full. I remember one time (I was maybe 13 or 14) they went to the store or something and let me stay at the house alone, well of course the first thing I did was get out the vacuum! They got back after I had finished and put it away, and my Grandma said "DID you vacuum?" And I told her that yes I had. She said in the harshest tone I ever heard from her "it did NOT need done, it was already CLEAN." I now have that vacuum after the attachment hose diverter got broken. I fixed it though. Grandpa replaced it with a Bissell Cleanview widepath in about 2006 and it is pretty much worn out. I have used that vacuum much more and repaired it twice since Grandma passed away in 2010. I hear my grandma every time I vacuum in that house even to this day. I almost forgot about the time she sent my grandpa down to the basement where I was vacuuming and told him to bring the vacuum (the bissell) back upstairs before I wore the carpet out lol.

Post# 187863 , Reply# 2   7/1/2012 at 19:56 (2,828 days old) by vacuumfreak95 (Aransas Pass, Tx)        
Happend to me.

vacuumfreak95's profile picture
This happend to me with my Aunt only I didn't ask to use the vacuum. I asked if I may try out her shark steam mop since I had never used the steam pocket mop before and she rudley so NO! To this day I wish I had been able to ask her to use the vacuums sice she a had a Hoover Concept one and a very old Oreck. Oh well......

Post# 187880 , Reply# 3   7/2/2012 at 02:33 (2,828 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Never had that, because I've never asked. I have some decorum thank you very much!

When I'm at somebody's house, I'm there to see them, not their Vacuum Cleaner.

I did change the bag and quickly run my Grandfather's Miele over the living room carpet, but I wouldn't actually say to somebody "where's your Vacuum Cleaner so I can use it ?"

I don't mean to insult anybody or say that if you do this you are strange in any way, please accept my most sincere apologies if it was conveyed in that way.

Post# 187882 , Reply# 4   7/2/2012 at 03:03 (2,828 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

Maybe you should re read it. I said, when we were younger. When we were younger and would go to parents friends houses, I'm sure a lot of little kids did it. And I wouldn't say 'where's your vacuum so I could use it' to anyone. That sounds down right rude. Read the post again and make sure you know what your talking about before posting. Thanks.

Post# 187883 , Reply# 5   7/2/2012 at 03:13 (2,828 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I do know what you were talking about, but granted, I could have made more of an effort to express what I was saying was in past tense.

It was early, I hadn't drunk any coffee, my apologies.

Post# 187884 , Reply# 6   7/2/2012 at 03:16 (2,828 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
And by the way, I didn't mean you would actually say it in that context ("where is your Vacuum Cleaner so I can use it ?"), but it is what you would mean, deliberately or not.

Again, sorry if this offends, it is not intended to do so.

Post# 187898 , Reply# 7   7/2/2012 at 09:11 (2,827 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

Oh no it's fine. I just remember when I was young asking people to use they're vacuum when the adults were talking and having drinks. I used to entertain myself with that. And no apology needed. I understand.

Post# 187899 , Reply# 8   7/2/2012 at 09:16 (2,827 days old) by turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

turbo500's profile picture
I didn't have the easiest time with my vacuum interest as a child. My mother HATED it. She thought it was weird and would get embarrassed by it. If ever we went out to someone's house and I mentioned vacuums or washing machines, I would get grounded.

However, I was sneaky. My childminder would always let me use her vacuum and help out with the washing. My Dad was always great with it and my Nan and grandparents always used to let me use their vacuums. I still remember what was in every house on our street.

I don't ever remember anybody refusing to let me use their vacuum, but I do recall my Aunt insisting I was supervised when using her brand new Dyson DA001 in 1993. It was the first Dyson I had ever seen and was fascinated by how modern and funky looking it was compared with our Kirby. I got to vacuum her whole living room with it, but I had to be supervised as it was brand new.

Post# 187901 , Reply# 9   7/2/2012 at 09:33 (2,827 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
"I didn't have the easiest time with my vacuum interest as a child. My mother HATED it. She thought it was weird and would get embarrassed by it. If ever we went out to someone's house and I mentioned vacuums or washing machines, I would get grounded." That sounds a little harsh if I may say so!

I don't mean to disrespect your mother, but she should have accepted you for what you were, that being somebody who was interested in Vacuum Cleaners and Washing Machines.

Is she more understanding these days ?

Post# 187903 , Reply# 10   7/2/2012 at 10:01 (2,827 days old) by turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

turbo500's profile picture
Yeh, she's better with it now than she's ever been - she will actually ask for my advice now if she needs it. She still won't willingly have a conversation with me about appliances though.

I do understand now why my Mum did some of the things she did when I was a kid - doesn't mean I agree with them, but I understand more.

Post# 187907 , Reply# 11   7/2/2012 at 11:06 (2,827 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        

bagintheback's profile picture
All my mother's friends were very nice about letting me see their vacuums. I didn't always get to use it, but they were happy to show it to me. In fact one time a friend of hers gave me a Bissell owner's manual as a birthday gift.

However, my grandparents on my father's side have issues with me and vacuum cleaners. We only get to see them about twice a year, but they know very well how knowable I am about vacuums. They don't really like to talk about or allow me to use any of their machines. One year in July I asked if I could use their Beam central vacuum, which had not been used for years, if not a decade, and they let me use the whole week we were at their house. But the following year they refused to let me use it.

They once also excluded me from a vacuum purchase. My uncle was buying a new condo so he need a new vacuum. My grandparents are very, very loyal to Oreck. So they told my father they were heading over to the Oreck store that day, but they didn't invite me. When we got to the condo that day, they told me all about the Oreck store. I found that a little rude. Plus I would have happily given them a vacuum if they had asked, and I even had an extra Oreck at the time.

Thankfully I haven't had to deal much with negative opinions about vacuums, but I feel sorry for those that do/did. It must make you feel very sad.

Post# 187908 , Reply# 12   7/2/2012 at 11:42 (2,827 days old) by vacman117 (Valparaiso, IN)        

vacman117's profile picture
Almost every where I went I did that. Most of my friend's families or my parent's friends knew, so it was never a shock if I asked to see their vacuum. My dad's and my mom's parents never had a problem with me using their vacuums, in fact, they loved having me over because I'd always vacuum the entire house! I remember at Christmas, probably around 2000-2001, one of my uncles was having the family Christmas party, and during the party they actually let me use their Dirt Devil Lite, I have a picture using it that day! But almost anytime I asked to see a vacuum, people would gladly show me, and they would go on and on about how good this particular model was and they'd go through all of the features that they loved about it.

Post# 187913 , Reply# 13   7/2/2012 at 13:25 (2,827 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
MY long suffering Father would always take me to see the vacuums in shops, hotels, his offices. Yes there were people who thought it was strange but then there were my parents friends who knowing I was coming over not vacuum so I could vacuum there house for them, at the time I thought it was great and that they were kind but now I just think, The sneaky little buggers.
What was really cool is they came into my shop the other day not knowing who I was and bought a dyson, only after they did so did they see a pic of my dad and I when he took me to Electrolux at age 12, Then they knew exactly who I was and great laughter.


Post# 187914 , Reply# 14   7/2/2012 at 13:59 (2,827 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

kirbysthebest's profile picture
I never asked to use someone's vacuum, but I had to see it. If they wouldn't tell me where it was I would search for it. Thank goodness my beloved Aunt would "hide" the toy box in the hall closet next to her suitcase Hoover.

Now babysitters, they would let me vacuum as it served a two fold purpose. It kept me busy, and they got their floor clean. One only had an electric broom, poor thing.

Post# 187918 , Reply# 15   7/2/2012 at 14:57 (2,827 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        
Never asked to use one, never will ask to use one!

Yeah, I've never asked to use a friend or relitive's vacuum. I get my fair share of the vacuums at home!;)

Post# 187921 , Reply# 16   7/2/2012 at 15:23 (2,827 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

I remember back in '85, a family friend of my parents bought a red TriStar CXL 2-speed, so I got the chance to vacuum their house. Later that year, we bought a red CXL too; & still have the TriStar to this day. :)

There were a few folks I knew that would NOT let me use/see their vacs!

Almost everyone I knew had their vacs stored in plain sight & not in closets.

TriStar CXL (various color/models)
Rainbow SE
1980s Hoover Convertibles
Electrolux Diplomat (now mine)
Eureka ESP
1990s White Westinghouse upright (Eureka Bravo or Powerline?) (My sister's vac)
Craftsman 16-gal Shop Vac
Green Hoover Celebrity stored by front door

Post# 187923 , Reply# 17   7/2/2012 at 15:31 (2,827 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
The vacuums I got to use or see( im talking early childhood under 10 )

Moulinex Major ( moms )
AEG vampyr 509 ( moms
Hoover turbomaster ( moms )

Electrolux 504 ( nextdoor neigbour)
Electrolux 506 ( lady across the road)
Electrolux 502S ( paster's wifes)
Electrolux Z1000 ( paster's wifes)

Electrolux 404 ( Grans )
Hoover sensitronic ( Grans )

Hoover Junior ( one of the church vacs , the only one light enough that I could push)
Hoovers concept one ( friend of mom's )

Post# 187927 , Reply# 18   7/2/2012 at 15:41 (2,827 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
"Electrolux 502S ( paster's wifes)" Ah, I have one of those, did you know that ? :)

Post# 189697 , Reply# 19   7/12/2012 at 20:35 (2,817 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

fan-of-fans's profile picture
I never really asked to see anyone's vacuums except my grandparents on both sides of the family. My grandmother would let me take her Singer Silver Glide canister out of the coat closet to put it together, play with the attachments and look at the instructions. We often talked vacuums. Later she had a Hoover Elite that I would play with the attachments on too, and once explained each attachment to family members who were visiting. LOL My other grandparents have a Rainbow and once I asked about it as a kid and grandma put it together and did some vacuuming to show how it worked. She would also let me use her Regina Electrikbroom to sweep the kitchen after dinner.

I never asked my neighbors about their vacuums but once. I went to a neighbor's house and she had the vacuum out and it was a Fantom Thunder! I asked her if she could show it to me, so she did a bit of vacuuuming. Other neighbors I found out what they used anyway. Two of the neighbors had Kenmore 5055 bag canisters that I would see them vacuum their cars with in the driveways. Another had a Kirby G3 and a BOL Kenmore Powermate canister (early 90s front hose and bottom cord wrap type) as I saw them in her laundry room when we visited.

Post# 189716 , Reply# 20   7/12/2012 at 23:48 (2,817 days old) by BrianKirbyClass (Eudora Kansas)        

briankirbyclass's profile picture
I could write a whole book on this subject!
My love affair with vacuums started practically the minute i ever saw one. It was my Grandma's Electrolux Model E rigged up with a PN1.
Both sets of Grandparents were very understanding about my interest in vacuums. Both Grandmother's incouraged it infact, and always loved for me to come to their house and vacuum.

My own Mother however was completly different.
She was totally and completly AGAINST ANYTHING to do with me and vacuum cleaners. She thought, and still does think its TOTALLY CRAZY.

(and she is a nurse with a Masters Degree in Nursing,,you'd think she would be a little sympathetic,,even just a little!)

Dad was oblivious, but more excepting than Mother. Dad loved for me to take the vacuum out and do the car interior!

Infact, there was a day when i was 8 yrs old that is still a sore spot between Mom and i.
What happend was, She MADE ME go to swimming lessons ON PURPOSE so she could sneak off and go buy the new vacuum WITHOUT ME there. (of course she bought a vacuum i HATED,,a Hoover Dial A Matic Powerdrive.)

Ive often wondered WHY it would have been so horrible to have let me come along. KNOWING it was the ONE THING in life i really enjoyed.
And, for the most part, i did most ALL Of the vacuuming in our house by this age anyway. WHY couldnt i chose WHAT vacuum i wanted?!!
Still a sore spot to this day. (im 45 yrs old)
And, Mom still refuses to understand my vacuum hobby, and dismisses it with a huff.

I did get my way in later yrs however, so the story does have a happy ending.

1. My Gramma bought a new Electrolux Golden Jubilee, which i loved, and grew up using at her house, and its in my collection today.

2. After using that Dial A Matic and letting it spew dust all over for years, when i was old enough to drive and had my own money, i took it and traded it for a used Rainbow D2 with PN. Yes, Mom and i had a fight over it at the time, but i won the battle. She hadnt touched a vacuum in yrs,,and I did ALL of the vacuuming anyway,,,so WHY couldnt i have one that i liked to use!!

3. When she saw all the TONS and TONS OF FILTHY DIRTY WATER that came out of our carpets from the Rainbow,,that her Dial a Matic was spewing for years,,,she finally just walked away shaking her head.

I know it sounds crazy,,,but when your own Mother deceives you, when you are a kid,,,its hard to forget. That one incident drove a wedge between Mom and me, and i knew from that day on that i couldnt trust her. I found in later yrs more than once that this was true.
Ive told her this in later yrs too, but like with my vacuum hobby,,,she dismisses it like it was nothing.
She just dosent get it.

As for checking out other people's vacuums as a kid,,absolutely! Most were thrilled that i was interested in their vacuums,,and some did let me get it out and use it!
Infact, several neighbors that were older or elderly,would pay me to come and run their vacuum, which was fine by me! One sweet neighbor lady had Central Vac,(early Kenmore with a Kenmore PN) which i was totally facinated with,,she would let me come over and use it anytime i wanted to. Of course i was oblivious to the fact that she was getting her vacuuming done for free!,,i was just having fun!

(If i was with Mom however, i was totally BANISHED from even MENTIONING ANYTHING to do with their vacuum, even if it was someone that i new would let me use theirs)

One time when i was about 7, my Gramma who was an avid Bridge player( Card game played mostly by woman) got and emergency call to a card game as someone couldnt make it at the last minute.
(you have to have 4 players in a game of Bridge,,no more, no less)
She was baby sitting me at the time, and told the lady that called, that she would have to bring me along.
So, away we went to this lady's house.
When we got there,Low and behold,,wall to wall carpet. HA,,their HAS TO BE a neat vacuum around here somewhere. The hall closet perhaps?
YEP, sure enough,,,a BRAND NEW TAN Brown Electrolux Model G, with Tan PN1.

So, as the ladies played bridge at the kitchen table,,,,i vacuumed the whole house, stairs, furniture and all! That brand new Model G purred like a kitten.

For years afterward,whenever id see her, that lady asked me if id like to come run her vacuum,,and she would laugh and laugh.
She never forgot that.

Post# 189719 , Reply# 21   7/13/2012 at 01:12 (2,817 days old) by beerad (Beautiful Vancouver BC)        

My mother took me to an effing psychiatrist when i was about 9 for my "Obsession" with vacuums. I laughed and told the man that I would vacuum WHEN EVER I WANTED TO , and that I would talk about vacuums ANYTIME AND HOWEVER MUCH I WANTED TO! and I did. haha. That kind of backfired on my mom. I guess it was a mom thing to do for HER to try to understand. I look back to and think to myself that my MOTHER was the one who was the one to see the psychiatrist!

Post# 189720 , Reply# 22   7/13/2012 at 01:23 (2,817 days old) by beerad (Beautiful Vancouver BC)        
funny thing is..

my mom was a nurse at the time too!
hmmmm........ I can tell you that after my "Serving" experiences with female nurses by serving them in a restaurant. They area the rudest, most demanding, piggy, low tipping, group of people. I have been a waiter for over 25 years. I also think that the nurses have a "DENIAL" theme in THEIR life happening, and then just project their stuff onto others, especially their own family.I have experienced this first hand numerous times. Maybe they just don't like to vacuum?
What do you think?

Post# 189834 , Reply# 23   7/13/2012 at 19:33 (2,816 days old) by thekirbylover (Warrington, cheshire )        
i got my mum to ask

thekirbylover's profile picture
i always got my parents to ask or if i went to a friends house without my parents i would get my friend to get it so i never got that arqardness, i always remember using my friends kirby g6, or my neibours hoover turbopower 1 (which i now own), one of my friends mums came up to me about a year ago and said shes got a video from when we were little, shes filming their 5th birthday party, there playing football outside and all you see is me in the conservetary using a dyson dc04

Post# 189839 , Reply# 24   7/13/2012 at 22:15 (2,816 days old) by BrianKirbyClass (Eudora Kansas)        

briankirbyclass's profile picture
I think you are 100% right Brad! Good thing i never listened to my mother either. Ive always found her to be dead WRONG on most everything.

Post# 190189 , Reply# 25   7/16/2012 at 15:26 (2,813 days old) by suctionselector (Leeds, England)        

suctionselector's profile picture
The same happened to me, my parents would try to stop me liking washers and dryers, and vacuums, even to go so far as to get rid of my toy Dyson and Casdon Hotpoint, but they have since given up as they know that I will never stop liking them.

Nowadays, its a completely different story. family friends ask me for advice, I reccomended a Miele vacuum the other day to a family friend!

Just to show how times change...

Post# 190237 , Reply# 26   7/16/2012 at 19:47 (2,813 days old) by thevacuumlover1 ()        
my mother...

When my mom bought her g5 when the end of production was coming in early 1999, She wouldn't let me NEAR IT. I remember begging to vacuum the house when i was younger and she would always tell me " I DON'T WANT YOU GETTING HURT PUSHING THAT THING!" I would reply " Mom, it's a vacuum cleaner." But she always insisted that i didn't touch it. One time when she was taking a shower i took it out and played with it and accidentally took off the handle and i couldn't get it back on. I left it like that and she found out haha. Thats when she started keeping it in her room. Anyway I really didn't ask to use other vacuums at other houses because i was just to shy when i was younger. But once in a while i would go to a friends house and see the mom or dad using it (if i was lucky enough) I do remember seeing one of the original dirtdevil Vision. When ever i saw one of those ugly visions at another home the bin was always full. It never failed i would go to my moms friends house and Boom dirt devil vision full of much minge singe and dinge.

Post# 190323 , Reply# 27   7/17/2012 at 12:37 (2,812 days old) by andy-lux ()        

When i was young i always managed to find the vacuum in a family mambers or friends house. Everytime i can round they had to hide it from me. My nan had a turbo junior exclusive softbag. u1223 iama still after that perticular colour and model to this day

Post# 190333 , Reply# 28   7/17/2012 at 13:02 (2,812 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

kirbymodel2c's profile picture
Hi Andy, What colour is a Hoover Turbo junior U1223? I don't remeber what it looks like??


Post# 190397 , Reply# 29   7/17/2012 at 21:41 (2,812 days old) by s31463221 (Frenchburg, KY)        
I love reading these....

s31463221's profile picture
I thought I was the only one who got funny looks for wanting to look at / use other folk's vacuum cleaners. Like some of you I have had a fascination of vacuum cleaners and fans for years, I guess since I've been old enough to know what they were. At first my parents were appalled by it, but they quickly realized that it was who I was and I had no plans to change for anyone. Not too long after that, my dad brought home an Electrolux Super J and told me I could keep it upstairs to use so we wouldn't have to keep lugging one up and down the stairs. They had an Electrolux Olympia One at the time (which I now have) so I guess I'm a little biased toward Electrolux's today because of it! Anyway, that I guess started me on my path. I now collect and restore vacuum cleaners (mostly Hoover and Electrolux) and have a rather large collection of electric fans (but that's for another forum). As I posted in one forum yesterday I just acquired the top prize for my Electrolux Electrolux Commemorative Edition that was a VIP presentation to Gary Griffin, the former CEO of Electrolux! My parents now come to me for advice on vacuum cleaners and yes they still are using Electrolux vacuum cleaners (not the re-badged Eurekas from the big box stores either). Thanks for the great laughs and for bringing back so many memories!

Post# 190924 , Reply# 30   7/22/2012 at 03:39 (2,808 days old) by andy-lux ()        

Hi James I think the junior turbopower was in cream with a brown cloth bag and headlight. I may have got my model numbers mixed up. :)

Post# 190956 , Reply# 31   7/22/2012 at 11:57 (2,807 days old) by motojoejo (MO)        

I didnt really ask much when I was a kid due to my mom putting the fear of embarrassment in me.

These days its as easy as can be. Being a piano tuner, all I have to do is ask, "can I borrow your vacuum to clean out this piano before dive in?"

Post# 194051 , Reply# 32   8/9/2012 at 16:23 (2,789 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        

anthony's profile picture
when i was very young [about 5] i sucked all the water from the toilet with my mums Connie it was a pink one so that will give you some indication of the date this happend in 1962 .my auntie had a Goblin wizard deluxe i was teriffied of that but strangly interested as i got older i used to love watching it in action although looking back i dont think it was very efficient the blue bag with the little goblin on it . My dad put the connie in the airing cupboard for a week or two and it was fine . Whwn i was about 10 my parents took me to a shrink because they didnt think my interest in domestic apps was healthy so i am sitting in a room with this man on the desk is a large glass paperweight the doc tells me to imagine its an apple and to take a bite i said you have a bite first so i can see your teeth fall out he went outside to my parents and said theres nothing wrong with him take him home he will grow out of it i am 55 now and my mum is still waiting for me to GROW OUT OF IT by the way the connie is long gone but i do have the Goblin wizard cheers Tony

Post# 194112 , Reply# 33   8/9/2012 at 23:32 (2,789 days old) by bravokid ()        

when i was a kid i was always curios as to what type of vacuum relatives friends parent and parents of friends had. i always ask what kind they had so i could tell them if it was good or bad and where to get the best deals on parts lol and most of they time people appreciated the advice and would let me look at it and if i was lucky i got to run it. but on a few occasions i was looked at as very wired i had a friend whos mom would send home if i even brought up vacuums or fans and never got to see their vacuum or even know what brand it was they thought its was an unnatural hobbie. as far as my mom she was cool with the interests i had in vacuums if i was well behaved she would pic one up when ever she went to a yard sale. the first on i can remember was a white Kenmore twin fan with a bright blue vinyl bag.

Post# 194281 , Reply# 34   8/11/2012 at 07:45 (2,787 days old) by Ipreferkirby ()        
My experiences

When ever I am at relatives I ask if they want their house vacuumed for free and most of the time they accept my offer. I have used these vaccums.
*Kirby G3 (Now mine)
*Kenmore Progressive Canister (What they replaced the Kirby with)
*Hoover Tempo
*Bissell Powerforce (blech)
*Hoover Elite with hard bag cover

Post# 194415 , Reply# 35   8/12/2012 at 10:43 (2,786 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
I was chatting to a friend the other day and he said to me his mom used to ask him when is Gareth coming to play because I used to vacuum here entire house with her Hoover concept one.

Brad: Our school psychiatrist told me that if I didn't drop this obsession of mine I would amount to nothing, Years later we were house hunting and Guess what when I pulled up into the drive in My brand new Benz he just looked at me, finally he placed me and said to me so you finally moved on and dropped the vacuum obsession. I looked at him and laughed I told him that my " Obsession " paid for the smart car I drove and would allow me to buy his house with ease, he was dumbfounded. He told me he had retired I said Good so you won't be trying to crush any more children's dreams. It may have been a childish thing to do but there is something deeply satisfying about going, stuff you I succeeded when you had no faith in me

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