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Premiere Mini 175
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Post# 186469   6/20/2012 at 12:38 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Hi, guys.

Recently been taking a trip down memory lane and came across the Premiere Mini 175. I am looking at a cheap one to add to me rather small collection. But, I haven't decided yet if I should buy one, this is where you guys come in.

If you own one of these machines, could you post the specs, a little review of it and a few images and if you have video footage, that'd be awesome!

Thanks in advance!


Post# 186473 , Reply# 1   6/20/2012 at 12:53 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

turbo500's profile picture

Hi Jason,


Welcome to the forum :)


I don't have much experience with Premier Mini products, but I have heard great things. Ryan (Ry_Ry87) will be able to help you out more. In the meantime, here is Ryan's video of the Premier Mini 175. 


Best wishes,



Post# 186476 , Reply# 2   6/20/2012 at 13:00 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Thanks for the warm welcome, mate!

Oh, sorry! I beat you to finding the video. Watched it a few months ago when I found his channel!

Still, thanks for the help! Much apprechiated!

I did find this one, though. Seems a good deal! (Click on the link below!)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Scaniabebe's LINK on eBay

Post# 186479 , Reply# 3   6/20/2012 at 13:06 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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That's pretty good. I imagine the durability and strong suction power make these a great all-rounder for daily use. 


The Premier Mini is actually still on sale as the Premier Turtle Vac (see link). Still essentially the same vacuum, but a bit more jazzed up. 


Post# 186480 , Reply# 4   6/20/2012 at 13:11 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Hmm, seems rather nice. But, bit to violent on the eyes, for me!
Actually, the Premiere Mini and the Turtle Vac are partly related to Numatic Vacuums. Numatic parts will fit these interesting designs. So will the Hepa-Flo bags! Which is a bonus!

Post# 186481 , Reply# 5   6/20/2012 at 13:11 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Still, great vacuum to have as part of your history. My Primary school had a Goblin Commander hardbag and a 2 Henrys. 


Feel free to have a nosey around my YouTube channel if you're interested :)


Post# 186484 , Reply# 6   6/20/2012 at 13:17 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Thanks for the link to your YouTube channel, been looking for some new 'Vacuum' realted YouTube Channels.

It was a treat when the Cleaners let us use the vacuum cleaners. Was like getting the day off school because of snow!:)

Post# 186486 , Reply# 7   6/20/2012 at 13:27 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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If it's Numatic's you're interested in, you should check out James's channel - he's got some great machines :)


Post# 186487 , Reply# 8   6/20/2012 at 13:31 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Already beaten you to that. This was one of the first ones I found!:P

Post# 186489 , Reply# 9   6/20/2012 at 13:35 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        
Already beaten you to that

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Damn, I'm loosing my touch! I need to up my game :P

Post# 186493 , Reply# 10   6/20/2012 at 14:03 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

You're been beaten to it by a 21 year old!:P
Wake up, man! Haha!

Post# 186495 , Reply# 11   6/20/2012 at 14:12 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Oh, well, I'm 22 so I guess that's acceptable 

Post# 186497 , Reply# 12   6/20/2012 at 14:15 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

Ah Premiere Mini's. Superb little vacs. First came out in 1976 and have been in production ever since. They're not related to Numatic in anyway but the bags do fit which is handy because genuine Premiere bags aren't cheap. Up until about 2002 they had 35mm tools too. There was also a bigger version called the Maxi 275 but they're like hens teeth now. They get a bit noisy with age and being all-metal some are a bit rusty now so get a good one. They're ultra reliable though and last for years.

Premiere are very helpful though and can supply most parts new for them including new chrome tops which tend to get rusty with age.

Heres a pic of mine

Post# 186500 , Reply# 13   6/20/2012 at 14:19 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

heres quite an early one with the older 35mm pip fit tools. I'm pretty sure the ones at my school had white hose too to match the floortools

Post# 186501 , Reply# 14   6/20/2012 at 14:21 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

later ones were a little bit smaller and had a clip above the hose inlet

Post# 186504 , Reply# 15   6/20/2012 at 14:25 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

1990's instructions

Post# 186508 , Reply# 16   6/20/2012 at 14:41 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Thanks for the info and images, Ryan!
Oh, by the way, I commented on your Premiere Mini you made a while ago.

Post# 186509 , Reply# 17   6/20/2012 at 14:48 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

No worries, The one if the video is different one to the one i've got now. I spent an absolutely fortune doing that one up, it was a wreck when I got it. But Premiere supplied all the bits no problem at all. I always thought they looked a bit like this...

Post# 186510 , Reply# 18   6/20/2012 at 14:53 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Haha! That looks more like the 1970s Hitachi.
Still, those Premieres are nice machines. Maybe you could make a video of the newest one you own. Would love to see the newer ones in action!

Post# 186511 , Reply# 19   6/20/2012 at 14:58 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

To be honest the newest one i've got is from 2002 I think. It's completely identical to the old ones. Same motor etc It's only when they got the single stage motor in about 2004 that they changed much

Post# 186512 , Reply# 20   6/20/2012 at 14:58 (2,838 days old) by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        
That looks more like the 1970s Hitachi

turbo500's profile picture

You mean these?

Post# 186513 , Reply# 21   6/20/2012 at 15:00 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

or this?

Post# 186515 , Reply# 22   6/20/2012 at 15:04 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

The second one Hitachi.;)
Don't personally like it, that much!

Still, a nice HD Video of it will be a pleasure to watch!:)

Post# 186516 , Reply# 23   6/20/2012 at 15:11 (2,838 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

lol ok, if i'm bored enough at some point i'll do one for you

Post# 186517 , Reply# 24   6/20/2012 at 15:18 (2,838 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Thanks, mate!

Post# 186762 , Reply# 25   6/22/2012 at 14:30 (2,836 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

Hi mate I wish you a speedy recovery. i've been in and out of hospital recently with liver issues not brought about by excessive drinking I might add lol I'll do my best to keep this one going mate with any Premiere 175 related stuff I come across.

Post# 186779 , Reply# 26   6/22/2012 at 17:00 (2,836 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Ry-ry you refer to the Premier as having 35mm tools but my own recollection is that they were 30mm. This made them very easy to block up and buying attachments in that size was almost impossible. I recall well selling one customer an entire brand-new 32mm tool kit as I could not locate a new floor tool in that size and she'd found it cheaper to get a kit from me than she had getting a new floor tool from whoever she'd found was selling them.

Post# 186783 , Reply# 27   6/22/2012 at 17:53 (2,836 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

yep you're completely right, i meant to say 30mm. i remember the caretaker trying to unblock one at school with a broom handle once lol

Post# 187093 , Reply# 28   6/25/2012 at 11:51 (2,833 days old) by SeamusUK (Dover Kent UK)        
Premier .......

Hey Guys

The example Ryan posted about was mine but it went to live with him when I attempted to thin the herd a bit. I missed it and it was replaced with this which I found on Ebay for a bargain price. It is smaller than the metal base 175s but still pretty sturdy- this comes with Hepa filtration as well :)

Post# 187094 , Reply# 29   6/25/2012 at 11:52 (2,833 days old) by SeamusUK (Dover Kent UK)        
Its not a Premier, its a ....


Post# 187095 , Reply# 30   6/25/2012 at 11:54 (2,833 days old) by SeamusUK (Dover Kent UK)        
Hepa filter.....


Post# 187096 , Reply# 31   6/25/2012 at 11:54 (2,833 days old) by SeamusUK (Dover Kent UK)        
Pre filter


Post# 187097 , Reply# 32   6/25/2012 at 11:55 (2,833 days old) by SeamusUK (Dover Kent UK)        
And Finally......

Get well soon Jason!!!


Post# 187102 , Reply# 33   6/25/2012 at 12:18 (2,833 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

Have you seen the latest colours they do them in now? you can get a barbie pink one!


Post# 187552 , Reply# 34   6/29/2012 at 12:05 (2,829 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Thanks for the kind messages, guys! I'm back, by the way!

Thanks for the infomation, and the barbie pink one, I think Nicole (my wife) would rather use a Hetty or a Henry instead of the Turtle! Just saying!;)

Post# 187558 , Reply# 35   6/29/2012 at 12:56 (2,829 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

glad ur back mate lol i've been in and out of hospital recently so I know its not the most pleasant of experiences

Post# 187575 , Reply# 36   6/29/2012 at 15:22 (2,829 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Yeah, hope you become better soon, too! It's not pleasent at all! Still, back to topic. I still get stomach cramps, but no where near as bad as before! I actually treated myself to a McDonalds after no food for almost a week.

Post# 187577 , Reply# 37   6/29/2012 at 15:34 (2,829 days old) by ryry_87 ()        

lol! thats exactly what I did after I got out of hospital with gastroenteritis. good old maccy d's

Post# 187581 , Reply# 38   6/29/2012 at 15:48 (2,829 days old) by Scaniabebe ()        

Yes, I was lucky to use the Drive-Thru. Good old Chips and a Burger, best stuff ever!

PS: Check your Windows Live Requests!;)

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