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Electorlux Oxygen EL 6988
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Post# 182379   5/23/2012 at 22:31 (2,871 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Hey guys, I found this for sale for 85 dollars and I quite like it. The only problem is that it doesn't come with ANY of the attachments.... What do you think would be a fair price for this thing considering that it doesn't come with the attachments? I'd want them, so I'd have to look on ebay...

I think these are quiet and sealed, and I love the look of the power nozzle, but I don't use canisters much, so I won't be devastated if I don't get it, but what do you guys think about these?


Post# 182381 , Reply# 1   5/23/2012 at 23:34 (2,871 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        

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While i've not used this exact model i've tried out the ultra silencer deep clean and i was fairly impressed by it the power nozzzle on them is aggressive and seems to clean well

Post# 182391 , Reply# 2   5/24/2012 at 01:21 (2,871 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        
Electrolux Oxygen w/ Sumo wands...

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That machine is my favorite Electrolux AB model, but be cautious of that hose, wand and powerhead.


The electrical connections in the hose, wand and powerhead neck tend to burn out quite easily. Usually, this occurs when the hose or wand is removed when the powerhead is still switched on.  Also, the powerhead neck itself has a tendancy to crack in the bent section, so I strongly suggest to lift the powerhead off the carpet only when in the upright (locked) position.

Post# 182399 , Reply# 3   5/24/2012 at 05:24 (2,871 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
Electrolux Oxygen El 6988

Scott is right on the money about the wands and electrical connections. I have the Electrolux Oxygen 3. It is a very powerful machine and one of the quietest machines and power nozzle I have ever used. Very user friendly machine to use.
I have been told by more than one vac repair shop that the problem is the electrical connections with the early wands,hoses and parts are difficult to find.
This had not been a problem on my machine BUT I am a collector, machine not used every week and have been very careful to turn machine OFF before removing the wands.
You should be ok if you can check the hose and wands out first.
My Oxygen 3 is quieter than both my Filter Queen and the Electrolux G.

Post# 182402 , Reply# 4   5/24/2012 at 07:00 (2,871 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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I once had one of those.  The wand and power nozzle were a problem.  Twice, the wand failed while under warranty.  Electrolux was quick to respond by sending me a new wand, but I got rid of it.  The height adjuster on the nozzle was also very fragile and broke by simply stepping on it. 

Post# 182414 , Reply# 5   5/24/2012 at 11:25 (2,871 days old) by Koobam ()        
Electrolux AB - One Of The Best

Honestly, I think Electrolux AB makes some the best, highest quality, most well designed, powerful, and userfriendly machines out there. This is one of them, however like others have mentioned BE SURE to turn the machine OFF before disconnecting the wands and powernozzle and hose - at any point in the hose/wand/powernozzle chain.

I've owned Miele, rebuild Dyson and Kirbys, owned a Silverado, and a FilterQueen, rebuild the Silverado, and I still think Electrolux AB is one of the best. Solid 2 year warranty (NOT the best, I know, but still), and machines that are almost quieter than a sleeping baby all while having enough suction to almost peel paint off a car (not really, but sure seems like it, and if the paint is peeling, then I'd bet money it could peel paint off a car).

We have the Ultra Silencer Deep Clean and having nothing but good things to say with the exception that the powernozzle would cut out for like a split second then come back on, but to my knowledge that little quirk went away on it's own. Connections still seem fine. The noise is almost non-present and the cleaning ability is one of the best I think.

To me it's Aerus, Electrolux AB, Miele, then SEBO, then Kenmore, then Dyson, then Fakir (not necessarily in that order, but those are my top picks for brands)

Post# 182418 , Reply# 6   5/24/2012 at 12:26 (2,871 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

I was all set to get it this morning and the piece of trash that owned it sold it to someone else... I had an e-mail waiting for me when I woke up telling me not to come because he'd just sold it... I think I will still use the address to go throw eggs on his door.... Grrrrr

Post# 182544 , Reply# 7   5/25/2012 at 18:36 (2,870 days old) by Koobam ()        
That's low

What a tool. Definitely let it slide, but I wouldn't blame ya for wanting to egg the guys house haha (or girl, w/e)

I hate it when crap like that happens. Here's the thing though, you'd be much better off getting one of their later models that are more reliable such as the UltraActive or Oxygen 3 (the fuse goes on these often, but easy to replace), or the Ultrasilencer models.

My avatar is of the one my mother owns, and it's one of the best vacuums I have *EVER* used - seriously, I've owned Miele, rebuilt Dysons and Kirby's etc., and it's hands down just so user friendly, well built, and the performance is insane.

My next canister I want is either a SEBO D4 or an Aeru Epic 6500. Or maybe a Dyson machine, but meh, maybe not, they're fantastic, but their canisters have no electric PN unfortunately >:(

If I ever spot another good deal on an Electrolux AB machine, I'd be a fool not to get it though if I could afford it. There's amazing eBay deals on these machines, too! Look around on eBay bud! :)

Really enjoy the YouTube vids too man, you're Bobby, correct? Good stuff man

Post# 182549 , Reply# 8   5/25/2012 at 20:36 (2,870 days old) by kirbfan94 ()        

I have an ultra silencer deep clean. It's built OK, but nothing stelar. Mine turns off almost every time I use it so I just don't try any more. The bags a tiny, if you have a large house be ready to fill a whole one in one use. But it is really quiet and does clean well.

Post# 182556 , Reply# 9   5/25/2012 at 21:15 (2,870 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        
Oxygen 3 reliable? Ha!

piano_god's profile picture

In my experience, the Oxygen 3 is the most repair prone of any of the Electrolux AB machines. Like you mentioned, the fuse blows frequently, but it's not designed to be replaceable. The "sumo board" that contains the fuse is one of four (yes, that's FOUR) separate circuit boards in the upper rear portion of the machine. No vacuum needs that much circuitry, IMHO...


After experiencing numerous issues with my own Oxygen 3, including the dreaded freezing issue complete with all lights blinking, I pitched the entire thing into the garbage bin. In fact, I got rid of all of my Electrolux AB machines, except for my Ergorapido. I like my Ergorapido, but only if the battery pack doesn't explode like it did with earlier models! Laughing

Post# 182558 , Reply# 10   5/25/2012 at 21:56 (2,870 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Kaboom, yes, I'm Bobby.... and thank you :o) I really appreciate that!

I did look on Ebay, I saw one for 150, shipping 34 dollars, and another for 99 dollars, but the cord was out and that makes me think the rewinder isn't working... I should write to ask....

I was really bummed about this because I like the looks of the machine and thought I would really enjoy having and using it and also just the lack of the respect the guy gave me... selling it right out from under me like that....

PianoGod.... I use my Ergorapido almost daily and it's great for cleaning around the cat litter box and such.... but the battery has started to last about 5 minutes before the power fades considerably... of course I bought it for 15 dollars used, so I can't complain, and I rarely use it longer that that. I'd like the one with the lithium ion battery with a battery level indicator....

Did you see the Ergorapido they have out now with the pedal you can step on to clean the brushroll? Too cool! I played with it at Best Buy the other day and it was really awesome! It actually felt heavier and more solid than other Ergorapidos I've seen and pushed better too (mine is the orange base model... no fancy LED headlights here!).... I like the Intensity too, and if I ever see a good deal on one, I'm going to snatch it up... just such a unique thing to have in a collection...

Anyway, this Oxygen has definitely made it onto my list.... I even googled the attachments and found a site (evacuums I think) that had them for much less than Ebay.... I was really excited about this vacuum, so it's definitely made it onto my "list"... I know they aren't rare and I'm likely to see another one if I'm patient. I just love the splash of orange on the handle against the white on the body and that power nozzle really does something for me! I just wish it had the power switch on the handle! And variable suction.... guess you can't have everything :O)

Thanks again guys!

Post# 182571 , Reply# 11   5/25/2012 at 22:44 (2,869 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

piano_god's profile picture

The Ergorapido is perfect for quick clean-ups around the litter box. The one feature I appreciate most is that it can be emptied using another machine. So, when I am using my central vac or Miele, it is very convenient to empty and there's no dust cloud! 


The 12V Ergorapidos have a more quality feel than the 9.6V. As far as I am aware, the Shearclean model hasn't made its way into Canada, but the machine otherwise appears identical to the Ultra+ (which is a nice machine). I hope to see the Shearclean model soon! Smile


Hopefully they'll ditch the NiMH batteries altogether in the next version...

Post# 182589 , Reply# 12   5/26/2012 at 05:52 (2,869 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

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I *almost* bought one of these a while back. Don't you just hate it when there is a machine that you love but those little repair issues come up. Same exact experience I had with Kenmore canisters. Direct connections would always develop a short, even when turning PN power off before disconnecting. Also the cord coming out of the PN (the bent part) would fray.

Post# 182628 , Reply# 13   5/26/2012 at 19:20 (2,869 days old) by Koobam ()        
To piano_god: Throw it OUT?

That's just stupid IMHO, I mean, at least give it away instead of contributing to the junk that's already building up in our world. It's a QUALITY machine, but DOES have it's ISSUES. Don't get the Oxygen 3 Bobby, that was a bad slip up on my part, however from what I read it's really easy to replace the fuse on the SUMO board. And to throw out ALL Electrolux AB machines just because one of their quality machines had a design flaw and you got fed up with it? That's despicable and disgraceful.

Next time at least give them to someone who appreciates such a machine and could otherwise not afford one, like me.

Post# 182629 , Reply# 14   5/26/2012 at 19:22 (2,869 days old) by Koobam ()        
Or NOT throw them all out?

Sorry if I assumed you threw them ALL out, if it was just the Oxygen 3 that's one thing, and if you just SOLD or GAVE AWAY the rest that's fine, but if someone just pitches all of a certain brand like Miele just because they had a bad experience that's just clinically unstable and insane. Which I can be at times, but not that crazy yet ;) Haha

Post# 182635 , Reply# 15   5/26/2012 at 21:43 (2,869 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        

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How is it "stupid" to dispose of the machine once it has reached the end of its usable life and is not worth repairing? Also, why would I want to give away/donate a faulty machine?


You have assumed that I disposed of all my Electrolux AB machines. The only machine that was thrown out was the Oxygen 3, the others in my collection (except the Ergorapido) were sold.


What's despicable and disgraceful is that Electrolux AB brought the Oxygen 3's to retail prematurely without thoroughly testing them before placing them into production. That decision has, to quote you, "...contribut[ed] to the junk that's already building up in our world". I don't appreciate being used as a guinea pig (unknowingly) to a flawed product.


You hold the opinion that Electrolux AB is a quality machine. Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree... Laughing

Post# 182718 , Reply# 16   5/27/2012 at 13:28 (2,868 days old) by Koobam ()        

IT's not an opinion so much as it is a reasonable fact - the Oxygen 3 being an exception. What defines a quality machine in my book is -

Long lasting

Built to last

Superior filtration

Superior suction

Great, lush design comfort

Maybe that's just me, but seeing as how most of Electrolux AB's machines fit that criteria, I call them a quality machine. It's fine if you disagree, but I just can't see why - except for the Oxygen 3. And the older models were kind of them re-getting their ish together in the American market, but now with the likes of the UltraActive and Ultra One, their arguable SOME of the best of the best.

Post# 182719 , Reply# 17   5/27/2012 at 13:29 (2,868 days old) by Koobam ()        

they're* arguably some of the best of the best*

Post# 182725 , Reply# 18   5/27/2012 at 14:22 (2,868 days old) by piano_god (British Columbia, Canada)        
Well, in "your" book is, again, "your" opini

piano_god's profile picture

I encourage you to spend some time working in the vacuum industry, then report back to us on your findings...


I'm done with this conversation, Koobam. Have a great day! Laughing


Post# 182916 , Reply# 19   5/28/2012 at 14:36 (2,867 days old) by Koobam ()        
If you say so...

Been there to a degree, rebuilt machines, seen many shops and what's there to be fixed. Electrolux AB is rarity for the newer models, which are quality machines.

Good day sir.

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