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Post# 179080   4/29/2012 at 09:23 (2,897 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

Hi, just wondering how much was the dc01 de-stijl's? I have been on the lookout for ages

Post# 179092 , Reply# 1   4/29/2012 at 10:25 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

79 with a years warranty, 59 with 3 months warranty... :)

They're in a shop in Stanley, Co. Durham, you'd have to find someone other than me to post them as they'd be too fiddly for me to transport (no car, and bus drivers aren't keen on large cargo being brought aboard their buses)... :\

Post# 179111 , Reply# 2   4/29/2012 at 11:11 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I thought you had a car ?

I'm sure there was a video on your YouTube channel about your Rover or something...

Maybe my memory is failing me, as it often does.

Post# 179115 , Reply# 3   4/29/2012 at 11:22 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

Nope, no car, and I wouldn't have a Rover even if they paid me (not that they could, cos rover is long dead, just like 99% of their cars!!)... :P

I haven't got any car videos on my youtube channel (same name as here), just vacs, a narrowboat, cats, and some random bits and pieces... :P

And, with a name like "twocvbloke", it'd be obvious what I'd prefer to have... :P

Post# 179120 , Reply# 4   4/29/2012 at 11:36 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Oi, what's wrong with Rovers ?

OK, head gaskets on the K-Series, but apart from that, I don't see any.

Our 1998 Rover 216 SLi is a brilliant car and is very reliable.

Post# 179122 , Reply# 5   4/29/2012 at 11:47 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

There's a looooooong list of what was wrong with Rover, they're rust prone, they're not well built, they're slow, they're rather boring, they break down too easily, I think that covers the basics... :P

There have been some okay rovers, at least when they were new, like the SD1 with the V8 engine (my dad had one), and the Mini (well, technically it wasn't a Rover, but as they'd amalgamated all the brands into Rover, it became one, but I'd prefer a Morris or Austin Mini, cos I like older cars), and I suppose the Land Rover, but the rest, nah.... :P

It would be funny seeing if an SD1's V8 would fit an Austin Maestro though, though I'm sure that trying to go top speed in that would result in the Maestro undressing itself.... :D

Post# 179149 , Reply# 6   4/29/2012 at 13:56 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Well the 1.8 VVC (Variable Valve Control) engine in the Rover 200 was very peppy and so is the 1.6 K-Series in our 216.

Our Rover has very little rust, is all intact and hasn't fallen apart, is very reliable, and compared with other late 90's cars it isn't any more or less boring.

If you want a boring car look at the Vauxhall Astra from the same year, 'nuff said!

Post# 179151 , Reply# 7   4/29/2012 at 14:01 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Just noticed I put a comma before an "and" in that above post. Darn it! Surely we should be able to edit posts without paying...

Post# 179161 , Reply# 8   4/29/2012 at 14:30 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        
"Surely we should be able to edit posts without paying..

You'd think, but it seems money is more important...

Post# 179166 , Reply# 9   4/29/2012 at 14:33 (2,897 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well why should anyone run a forum for free? Especially with some of the comments which have to be policed. What is happening here is the same as everything in life. You get what you pay for, or in this case don't pay for. Somehow as a nation we've come to think that everything should be free and should be of the best quality too. Like all good salespeople, this forum is offering a taster of what you can have.

Post# 179168 , Reply# 10   4/29/2012 at 14:38 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

This is the only forum I use that has a requirement for payment, other forums I use have their own sources of finance, such as advertising, user donations, sponsorship and other non-subscription financial deals, so they don't have to force users into paying if they want basic features that come as part of any available forum package...

I've done this before though, my opinions are already known...

Post# 179171 , Reply# 11   4/29/2012 at 14:48 (2,897 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

If I was to pay, I would be doing so through choice. I would never feel forced into it. Of course, I have seen no other forum quite like the VCCC so technically if one doesn't like it, well I would say one can go elsewhere. But we can't. You could always set your own up I suppose. Personally, I think it is a great place to exchange information and share knowledge. Maybe you could charge people to read your messages and use that money to upgrade your account? I'm not being flippant I am being serious.

Post# 179172 , Reply# 12   4/29/2012 at 14:51 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

I offer my advice and opinions for free, because I'm not interested in financial gain... ;)

Post# 179174 , Reply# 13   4/29/2012 at 14:55 (2,897 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well that's refreshing to hear.

Post# 179175 , Reply# 14   4/29/2012 at 14:55 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Same here David, I'm happy to give my information for free, but there are other forums that are free and that you can edit your posts on.

I wasn't really complaining as such, just observing...

Post# 179177 , Reply# 15   4/29/2012 at 15:00 (2,897 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

JMurray, I am sure you were. I think it was more how it came across.

Post# 179205 , Reply# 16   4/29/2012 at 15:32 (2,897 days old) by earthling177 (Boston, MA)        

Personally, I think I like it better this way, with no annoying ads and other stuff.

I saw my contribution to the club as a donation, I did not feel forced to do it. Given how much it costs to run the website, I'm surprised they even allow for non-members to enjoy as much as they do, not being able to edit a post afterwards is just minimal annoyance compared to advertisements, they could easily force people to pay *and* endure ads like many other clubs/websites, but they don't.

Also, you could just proof read the post (for free) before clicking "Post", just saying... ;-)

In any case, I suppose they could allow for a list of people who can't pay to be sponsored by others who don't mind paying extra for other people's benefits, but I understand if they want people to actually actively apply to be members of the club and give full name, address, email etc instead of just being promoted to full membership by strangers who don't know any of their personal data.

And in any case, I found out that it cost less per year to be a member here than getting a yuppie coffee once a month, not that money grows on trees and all. But people spend way more than $35/year on things that are easier to live without than enjoying this club.

-- Paulo.

Post# 179212 , Reply# 17   4/29/2012 at 15:42 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Yes, I normally proof read and thought I had with that post, but I must have overlooked the comma.

I definitely will be paying for a membership later this year/next year when my financial situation improves.

I love this forum more than any other on the internet.

Post# 179213 , Reply# 18   4/29/2012 at 15:50 (2,897 days old) by earthling177 (Boston, MA)        

Jamie, my impression from reading your posts is that you communicate well. So many people can't spell or worse, if you din't post calling attention to your mistake, it would be so easy to just not see it compared to the average on the web. People posting here really appear to be several notches above the usual, for which I'm glad.


Post# 179216 , Reply# 19   4/29/2012 at 16:00 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Yeah, I could have just ignored it, but if I make a mistake I like to correct it, or at least acknowledge it failing that.

It annoys me when people can't even string a sentence together that doesn't require some degree of deciphering, as it doesn't take much thought to think about what you're saying/typing and get it grammatically correct, or at least as correct as your knowledge permits.

Post# 179219 , Reply# 20   4/29/2012 at 16:08 (2,897 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

I think that for a lot of people, writing is not something which comes naturally. I have always been so very lucky in that respect, but I fail in many other areas, such as mathematics. I do not get annoyed or offended by poor written communication if it comes on a personal level, such as a private letter or a message on a public forum. However I do not expect it from a business and more and more these days I see professional publications and websites containing errors. There are people and services available who can attend to such matters prior to publication.

Post# 179222 , Reply# 21   4/29/2012 at 16:17 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I, like you Benny, have good English skills but not so good mathematical skills!

I can do mental maths (every day stuff) but am hopeless with long division and anything like that.

When I get the free weekly paper through the letterbox every Wednesday, I always see a few grammatical errors in it, even without looking for them.

Normally it is just something like a comma prior to an "and" or the misuse of inverted commas (for example, using an inverted comma in the word "its" to make it possessive, which isn't correct - "it's" always means "it is", and nothing more!)

Anyway, off I go again on one of my long winded preaches!

Post# 179223 , Reply# 22   4/29/2012 at 16:18 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
I also see a lot of grammatical errors and discrepancies in fiction books I read, which annoys me as you expect a book which has been edited to also be corrected to a high standard. It seems not.

Post# 179224 , Reply# 23   4/29/2012 at 16:21 (2,897 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

I know a proofreader via another forum, and let's just say she's never out of work... :P

Post# 179226 , Reply# 24   4/29/2012 at 16:28 (2,897 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        
twocvbloke :)

Thank you

Post# 179234 , Reply# 25   4/29/2012 at 16:37 (2,897 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

Well in respect of the use of commas prior to an 'and', opinion is divided. You see, the idea of a comma is of course is to suggest that the reader needs to take a pause. As such, the author may well decide if a pause is needed between the word before an 'and', and the word 'and'. Like I did just then. You may not like it, but I do it all the time, and neither is right or wrong really. The other sort of comma which causes debate is the serial comma. This type of comma is used in lists, and many people say that the last part of the list of words should not need a comma between the last but one word and the final word, given that the word 'and' is used between them. For instance, "The vacuum cleaner required a new belt, bag and filters".

Personally, I would always write a comma, making the sentence ""The vacuum cleaner required a new belt, bag, and filters" as the bag and the filters are not directly connected to each other. Unlike in the following sentence "For dinner we had mushy peas, pickled egg, fish and chips", though of course that whole sentence is badly worded and could be written much better. I am just trying to think of an example.

Without the serial comma, I often read things incorrectly. However, even with the comma, the chances are the sentence I am reading could have been written better in general.

Post# 179307 , Reply# 26   4/29/2012 at 23:09 (2,897 days old) by earthling177 (Boston, MA)        

<<Wouldn't the sentence "I want to put a hyphen between the words Fish
and And and And and Chips in my Fish-And-Chips sign" have been clearer
if quotation marks had been placed before Fish, and between Fish and
and, and and and And, and And and and, and and and And, and And and
and, and and and Chips, as well as after Chips?>>
-- Swiped from a fortune.


Post# 179330 , Reply# 27   4/30/2012 at 05:12 (2,897 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

jmurray01's profile picture
Yes, I see what you're saying Benny, but I've always thought that a comma prior to an "and" is redundant, but I see your argument for it to be correct.

Post# 179741 , Reply# 28   5/2/2012 at 16:53 (2,894 days old) by Organboy1974 ()        
comma before 'and'...

is also called the Oxford Comma.


Post# 179743 , Reply# 29   5/2/2012 at 17:01 (2,894 days old) by vintagerepairer (England)        

That is correct ;)

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