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Are ST Style Bags Good
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Post# 176080   4/6/2012 at 10:09 (2,924 days old) by henriquesousa7 (California)        

I'm Planning To Replace The Shakeout Bag On My Sanitaire Sc886 To A ST Style Bag System Because I'm A Huge Allergy Sufferer! ST, Good or Bad. And How Do I Install It?

Post# 176094 , Reply# 1   4/6/2012 at 12:50 (2,924 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

eurekastar's profile picture
All you'll need to do is purchase one of these. The ST bag adapter then slides onto the exhaust horn. I once found one online. I'll search around and see if I can't find it again.


Post# 176098 , Reply# 2   4/6/2012 at 13:13 (2,924 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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It appears that this bag assembly already comes with the ST bag adapter.


Post# 176104 , Reply# 3   4/6/2012 at 13:38 (2,924 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        
Bag conversion

I had converted my eureka to accept kirby bags and that had made a MAJOR improvement in airflow and filtration!

Post# 176109 , Reply# 4   4/6/2012 at 14:09 (2,924 days old) by stricklybojack (Southern California)        
Cheaper options

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My link is to the ST bag conversion at sears for $50...
I have an F & G sanitaire 670 (nice blue & chrome one) & a shake out sanitaire 888 (the wide red & chrome one). i'm going to buy the ST bag conversion, but what machine should i put it on?
i could make my 888 an F & G, & make the 670 the ST or vice versa...although the aforementioned plan mixes up the OEM color scheme, the 888 is old faded & will probably be sold whereas the 670 is a daily driver at my mothers house.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO stricklybojack's LINK

Post# 176112 , Reply# 5   4/6/2012 at 14:16 (2,924 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

Kirbyvertibles(Phillip) got me the conversion tube from somewhere, that will convert any F&G bag tube to use the ST bags, and yes, they come in paper and cloth, and I have used the cloth bags and they're awesome, and sooo much easier to change than the old style. You could buy the most inexpensive F&G replacement outer bag you can find, then convert it over and would probably be less than the one above in the link, I would think.

Post# 176115 , Reply# 6   4/6/2012 at 14:55 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

I got a complete bag assembly for my Electrolux C12, the double-zip job with the ST filltube, and that thing is just as insane as it was with the shakeout bag, and the bags are just the best, they just breathe so well while filtering to a high standard, they're just brilliant... :)

And be aware, the ST filltube will NOT fit "any" F&G filltubes, they will only fit *genuine* Eureka/Sanitaire F&G tubes, the generics are slimmer and thus the base of the ST tube will not seal properly (I have a generic bag and I have tried it, despite being told before about it, and the ST tube does not stay put), it only works on the real deal...

You may aswell buy the whole bag assembly in strictlybojack's link, it makes the conversion simpler and makes your vac look newer (my C12 looks all nice and new with it's Sanitaire ST bag!!), and installing is easy as pie, just remove the old bag, and fit the new one in it's place... :)

And a pic of the C12 to show how nice it looks with it's ST bag:

Post# 176116 , Reply# 7   4/6/2012 at 15:02 (2,924 days old) by stricklybojack (Southern California)        
F & G conversion

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okay @vac-o-matic i'm picking up what your laying down...ha ha.
see link for F & G (i think it doesn't actually say) bag conversion for $30 delivered.
It does say "assembly" & i think that's important as there are plenty of very cheap replacement sanitaire outer bags to be found, but they lack a fill tube of any kind, neither the short F & G or the long ST one. I think a OEM ST style fill tube cost nearly $20 delivered so seems my original Sears link is better as the ST bag has the nifty double zipper for easier bag changes. But I did find a Kobelenz ST style on Ebay for $20 delivery (to the USA, as is everything i post, sorry you English blokes & others vac fans world-wide). see this link for that:

looking to see if this Kobelenz does indeed take an ST inner (paper) bag. Kobelenz's are Sanitaire knock offs in the first place so it's good guess.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO stricklybojack's LINK

Post# 176120 , Reply# 8   4/6/2012 at 15:31 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

That pictured bag is an F&G version, but will of course happily take an ST tube, and looks nice on blue-line Sanitaires... :)

There is/was a seller on ebay with all three colours of the new-style ST bag assemblies, they come in Red, Blue and Black/dark Grey, as per the F&G bags, but all have the same screen-print on them, I'm just looking for it now...

(And as for international postage, that's where having helpful friends in the US is handy for such things!! :P )

Post# 176122 , Reply# 9   4/6/2012 at 15:35 (2,924 days old) by fantomlightning (Ohio)        

This is the fill tube converter from the last thread it was recommended in

CLICK HERE TO GO TO fantomlightning's LINK

Post# 176129 , Reply# 10   4/6/2012 at 16:29 (2,924 days old) by stricklybojack (Southern California)        

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Which model Eureka vacuum? What type/model Kirby bag? was it an easy trade? in short could you flesh out your intriguing comment with these & other details please, (where did the idea come from? what type of carpet is being vacuumed etc.).

Another Sanitaire knock-off (or even re labeled Eureka's not sure) is the Oreck upright commercial line of vacuums (see link).
Outer bags come in various versions like Sanitaire, but seem cheaper in price however.

So we have Sanitaire, Eureka Commercial (Sanitaire's parent company), Oreck, Kobelenz, & lets not forget Powr-Flyte! (seems to be Kobelenz brand vacs relabeled). All seem to be nearly the same vac especially where the outer bags are concerned. & i'm not even an old timer vac guy! (btw lets here from one of you'all on this pls).

Lastly there are many "Bojack" bags for the standard Sanitaire as it is probably the most common commercial vac in existence...or at least once was...these probably cost the least, but rarely seem to come as assemblies with tubes for inner bags, but rather simply shackout style bag replacements.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO stricklybojack's LINK

Post# 176130 , Reply# 11   4/6/2012 at 16:49 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

I modified my ZC-880 to take Kirby bags, it's not hard to be honest, just attach a Heritage-style filltube to the F&G tube with a couple of zip-ties, and the top can be either the Style-3 or the F-style adaptor, I used a long zip-tie to hang it from the 'taires bag-spreader dowel (gotta love wooden parts, like a 2CV's "block 'o wood" wheel chock for replacing wheels), worked great until I ran out of Kirby bags (at the time)... :)

I would show a picture, but, I can't find them.... :S

Post# 176131 , Reply# 12   4/6/2012 at 16:56 (2,924 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        
Using Kirby bags

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If I had to guess, you could use the older wire reinforced fill tube from Kirby and attach it to the exhaust horn using the bag spring and some zip ties. Then just attach the bag adapter to the top and you're in business. If I had an old Eureka, I'd try that!

Post# 176133 , Reply# 13   4/6/2012 at 17:07 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

Found the pics, the main one being the F&G to Kirby tube one:

Post# 176135 , Reply# 14   4/6/2012 at 17:08 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

And the other pic:

Post# 176182 , Reply# 15   4/7/2012 at 02:06 (2,924 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

AWESOME performance on my Sanitaire Contractor model SC883.My machine came with the ST outer super!!Like the idea of the Kirby conversion---less bag types to carry -Kirby disposable bags can be versatle-use them on other vacuums.I have some Eureka and Koblentz vacuums that use F&G bags-would be nice to convert them to the Kirby bags.The vac dealer near me has plenty of Kirby fill tubes.For ST bags-use the Eureka Arm and Hammer Filtrete bags.The more I use the Eureka with the ST bags-more I like it.Kirby is getting a rest for now.

Post# 176193 , Reply# 16   4/7/2012 at 06:35 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

How about a Hoover Junior with Kirby bags? :P

(same filltube assembly as the 'taire above)

Post# 176195 , Reply# 17   4/7/2012 at 06:37 (2,924 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

And with the outer bag (made from an old pair of my trousers) covering the Kirby bag:

Post# 176277 , Reply# 18   4/8/2012 at 01:00 (2,923 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I have only seen one Hoover Jr like the ones pictured-went under the name of Lark-and it was built in England.Very nice machine-owned by one of the Greenville Sew & Vac customers-Mike tried to get it as a trade in toward another vacuum-the customer didn't want to give it up.also have a red Lark cloth bag and the inner paper bags for it.Came from the Chocowinity,NC swap shop-again you never know what they get in-the owner of the place gave it to me-saying"I remember you collect vacuums-maybe this would be of interest to you"The bags were in a box-from the Washington, NC Furniture Fair store-1958.Too bad I don't have the vacuum that went to that bag-the Lark appears to be a nice little vacuum.How well does it do with a hose?I am figuring on the one pictured the hose inlet is behind the front panel on the front of the floor nozzle?I remember somewhere reading about making vacuum bags from pants fabric and from jean fabric.Besides being tough-filters well.Good the Kirby bags can work with the Hoover Lark-Jr vacuum.Hope Mike has a good supply of Kirby fill tubes!Remember he has them in his parts.

Post# 176284 , Reply# 19   4/8/2012 at 01:46 (2,923 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        
Kirby fill tube

You just simply slide the "PLASTIC" kirby fill tube over the F&G fill tube and if you want you can roll the spring up over it or you can just leave it with out the spring. Either way the fill tube will stay snug on there.

Post# 176285 , Reply# 20   4/8/2012 at 01:52 (2,923 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        
Kirby Fill tube

It can be performed on any Eureka-Sanitaire that has an F&G fill tube on it. IT vastly improves airflow, If you use the poly bags and the filtration is improved too. And when you are out of kirby bags you can just slide the Kirby fill tube back off and continue using F&G bags. make sure to still keep the bag spring handy though if you wish to use F&G bags. On a pancake motor it is just insane how much power the F&G bags hold back. If you use a shake out it will pretty much have the same airflow when it was new but with better filtration.

Post# 176301 , Reply# 21   4/8/2012 at 08:16 (2,923 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

I like the Juniors, it's probably the only Hoover I actually like, they're light, they're manoeuvrable, the two I now have only use 250 Watts, and because they were a very common vac here, spares are everywhere (most made by Qualtex these days), so they're easily maintained to keep them going, and I've had 4 to date, a U1104 (Sold, pictured above and got a couple of youtube vids of that), a 1346 (Scrapped, the above & below pictured one), a 1334 and a 1334-lookalike rebuilt in the 90's by a Hoover dealer... :)

That said I'm thinking of selling off the 1334, mostly because it's still packed up in a box from moving across the country, I do like it, but, I just don't feel like keeping it...

As for hose use, I haven't a clue as I haven't got a toolset, but from what Jack (vintagehoover/DysonAnimal(?)) says on his website, it outperforms the Seniors with their tool converters fitted, as the Juniors work like Kirbys do in that you have a belt lifter adaptor that slots into the front, turn the dial and it removed the belt, and then slot your hose in and off you go doing your dusting... :)

Anyway, that Junior above didn't always look like that, when I got it it was a different colour, and was in very sad shape, it was a 1346, probably in it's Coffee & Cream colour, but someone with a tin of beige paint and a brush just slopped it all over the base of the vac, I did remove the paint, but the plastic looked awful so I sprayed it a Vauxhall metallic red (was going to be blue, but nobody stocked a blue I liked), which looked awful, and the motor gave out so, I left it behind when we moved, but the handle assembly, brushroll and some of the wiring lives on in my 1334-lookalike...

The picture is only half the story, the smell was terrible:

Post# 176323 , Reply# 22   4/8/2012 at 11:47 (2,922 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        
Well I know it's not Sanitaire but I did to my converti

My Convertible takes Kirby's G Series bags. I not going back to type A bags. lol

Post# 176480 , Reply# 23   4/9/2012 at 11:49 (2,921 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

I would suggest using Hoover Type-Y bags with that Type-A filltube, but, I got a generic Eureka bag from a friend that was used on a Hoover with such a setup, and the dirt went right through the Type-Y bag and left a slight stain on the cloth bag, so, yeah you are definitely better off with that Kirby filltube and Kirby bags... :P

Now buy these Kirby bags instead and be amazed!!:

CLICK HERE TO GO TO twocvbloke's LINK on eBay

Post# 176486 , Reply# 24   4/9/2012 at 12:48 (2,921 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        
Kirby bags

Twocvbloke, those bags will let up soo much power in that convertible as well as filter better and maintain airflow!

Post# 176733 , Reply# 25   4/10/2012 at 22:56 (2,920 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

You're talking to me right? lol

Post# 176772 , Reply# 26   4/11/2012 at 14:05 (2,919 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        

Yes he was. LOL

Post# 177348 , Reply# 27   4/17/2012 at 04:58 (2,914 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I have ordered two Kirby "F" style bag fill tubes-The tube end that goes onto the cloth bag connector is molded and more flexible-should adapt to the other vacuums bag tube better.The test subjects I have in mind--An "A" bag metal Royal,and a Koblentz that uses F&G bags.Will leave the ST bag in my Sanitaire.Mike was out of stock on them,.He had only two left-an older G type tube and the new F fit one.Dry test runs on a Sanitaire bag he has that uses F&G bags show either could fit-the F one fit more easily.You could form the end of its more flexible tube to fit-and it has a groove for a ty-wrap or other fastening device.

Post# 254092 , Reply# 28   10/27/2013 at 01:00 (2,356 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        

Sorry for the year late reply. I performed the conversion on an Eureka 1432A. The filltube came off of my Kirby Ultamite G Diamond Edition. You slide the Kirby's filltube over the horn on the F&G outer bag and rolled the spring up to lock it in place. I have since had a Sanitaire ST fill tube in my Eureka with a new white cloth outer bag installed. I got the fill tube by politely asking my closest authorized Sanitaire/Eureka deal if he could please order one in for me and I would go and pick it up and pay for it then. The fill tube costed me $9.99 with 6% sales tax for Michigian. Then about a year or so down the road I got a genuine white cloth Eureka bag for around $29.99 as well as a new VG2, so i could preserve my almost 32 year old VG2 from 1982 that has the " over 20,00 beats per minute lifetime lubricated ball bearings " sticker on it.

Post# 254093 , Reply# 29   10/27/2013 at 01:03 (2,356 days old) by vacuumfan96 (Oxford, MI)        
Outer bag

I paid either $19.99 for the outer bag or $29.99 memory is a little foggy at the moment. Maybe the VG2 was $29.99. I will have to check the receipts later on today.

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