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Post# 175294   3/29/2012 at 21:45 (2,926 days old) by Jayelux (Dallas, TX)        

I was approached by the sexton of our church about replacing an old commercial Elecrolux. She said she loves the vacuum, but it has seen better days. Does anyone have experience with the blue knock-off Prolux vacuums? Are they as good as the originals they replaced? The church is small, and the Electrolux seemed to be a good fit.
Also, I remember when I was a kid visiting many churches because my mother was an organist. While she was practicing, I always searched for vacuums. At one very large and old Baptist church, I saw two Electrolux Model Ls with power nozzles being used. They had to have been twenty years old at the time, and they probably saw frequent use.
Remember seeing Hoover convertibles a lot also.
Anyway, any recommendations?

Post# 175302 , Reply# 1   3/29/2012 at 22:04 (2,926 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
I would recommend a HOOVER Commercial.

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
I cleand my church, see below, for years with a metal HOOVER Guardsman. It stood the test of time cleaning miles of carpets.

Post# 175324 , Reply# 2   3/30/2012 at 07:42 (2,926 days old) by Vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture

First, are they sure the Electrolux can't be rebuilt! Almost everything on that machine is repairable.

A good Electrolux Dealer should be able to get back up to snuff in no time. For church use, that machine is perfect! The hose is long enough to get in the pews, you always have tool use available to get edges, can be used for hard floor cleaning easily...and it works great cleaning around the pedal board on the organ.

Otherwise, I would suggest a good Sanitaire Upright....if the pews are spaced far enough apart. If not, a Sanitaire with a good back pack vacuum would also work. That is what we use at St. Luke's. Both machines we use now have the ST bags. I keep the a supply of replacement brush strips and service the machine every quarter.


Post# 175325 , Reply# 3   3/30/2012 at 08:19 (2,926 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Our church had a sellotaped up old canister vacuum, an old Sanyo that was fairly old and fairly lacking in power despite having clean filters. I eventually parted with my Sebo Dart 1 (commercial version of the Felix). They're very happy with it and well, that's been 6 years now. The Dart seems to be good to get under the pews because of its swivel head and being low generally means they can get around the church in no time at all! Only additional attachment they've required is a clip to the handle for an added dusting brush - handy for all the delicate kneeler cushions.

Post# 175371 , Reply# 4   3/30/2012 at 20:26 (2,926 days old) by kenkart ()        
I wonder??

Why more Churches don't install central systems, that would be ideal in a Church!

Post# 175379 , Reply# 5   3/30/2012 at 21:08 (2,925 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
Central Vac

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I think i saw a video where they had a central vac mounted onto a cart if memory serves it was an electrolux central vac. it's low profile would be great for cleaning under and between the pews. I don't think too many church custodians would like having to haul it around though or deal with the hose. I do lke the idea of fixing their current lux i feel they are some of the more fool proof vacuums out there (won't run without a bag brushrolls shuts off when jammed) and they do fine with glued down carpeting.

Post# 175384 , Reply# 6   3/30/2012 at 22:42 (2,925 days old) by tazcatsdad (Buffalo, NY)        
Unless there's absolutely no way that the Electrolux can

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I would try getting it fixed first.  Electroluxes are pretty much "bulletproof", in my opinion!  But, if it really does need replacement, I'd suggest any one of the following machines as a worthy successor:


Windsor Sensor

Sebo Felix

Koblenz Endurance Clean Air U900 (hardbody, similar to a Panasonic)


or any Sanitaire model.  I currently use the Windsor as my "daily driver", and my church uses them as well -- they're really top notch machines!


Bill W.

Post# 175401 , Reply# 7   3/31/2012 at 06:21 (2,925 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Here is a machine made up by Mike at Greenville Vacuum and Sewing for doing churches and other similar places-probably could even work for cinemas,too-and transmitter sites!We have one here at the plant-works very well.The machine could stay outside of the transmitter-and you bring the hose and tool inside it-and works well from a ladder.The machine stays on the ground.Mike is even shown with the machine!


Post# 175403 , Reply# 8   3/31/2012 at 06:28 (2,925 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Essentually Mikes machine is a MD central vacuum on a janitors-housekeepers cart.The unit is handy for us-he has made up and sold several to the churches in the Greenville area.Has two of them waiting in his store for delivory.Suppose another prospect---Hotels and motels would like this machine.Don't know about shipping if you want one for the collection or to use.

Post# 175408 , Reply# 9   3/31/2012 at 08:02 (2,925 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

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I did know of a church that had central was a mess! The hose was always caught on something! They ended up never using it.

I am not fond of central vacs. We had one at the funeral home I cleaned for many years. I never used it...always brought my Kirby! The owner was disappointed that I would not use it.

The Kirby was quicker not as heavy as lugging that 35 foot hose, and cleaned and groomed the carpet much better than the Turbo Cat powerhead on the central vac.

My sister has central vac in her home...beleive it or not, her Oreck XL21 cleans and grooms better than her central vac with the turbo ct powerhead.

I still think rebuilding the Electrolux would be my first option....rebuilt you would have a great vac for another 40 years!

Post# 175411 , Reply# 10   3/31/2012 at 08:53 (2,925 days old) by Jayelux (Dallas, TX)        
Great Advice!

Mike's Port-a-Vac is ingenious. A perfect solution for many situations, but our church is small. The sexton had a long list of what she likes about the ProLux, so the best option, after hearing from you all, seems to be to rebuild the ProLux. I believe the biggest problem is the short hose coming from the power nozzle. A local shop in Denton did not want to mess with it and was only interested in selling her a heavy monster that she was not interested in.
I really appreciate everyone's advice.
Thank you!

Post# 175417 , Reply# 11   3/31/2012 at 10:23 (2,925 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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I have used many ProLux uprights over the years in a commercial setting and they can certainly take a beating and keep on cleaning. They are very easy to rebuild yourself too and you are making the right choice by keeping it.

I'm assuming that the duct hose on your machine needs to be replaced and its a very inexpensive part as well as a very quick fix. The hose simply twists on and off, and only takes a few minutes to replace. For $3.95 I don't think the hose in the attached link is a genuine Lux part, but even a genuine Lux hose is probably only a few dollars more.


Post# 175419 , Reply# 12   3/31/2012 at 10:37 (2,925 days old) by guardsman69 ()        


Post# 175438 , Reply# 13   3/31/2012 at 14:41 (2,925 days old) by djtaylor (Salt Lake City, Utah)        

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Maybe you should rebuild the ProLux and ADD a smallish canister for all of the above-floor cleaning. I like the small Eureka/Sanitaire canister(Mighty Mite?), it has good suction and lasts fairly well.
In my church we use Windsor uprights for the chapel and class rooms, NSS "Pig" for above-floor and an NSS Pacer(like a lawn mower) for the very long halls and foyers.
The Windors are OK, I'd like more suction. Actually, I'd prefer a G Series Kirby with the 50' cord.

Post# 175524 , Reply# 14   4/1/2012 at 19:59 (2,924 days old) by xraytech ()        

Our church uses a circa 1984 Hoover Concept One, onlt the Altar and the vestubiles are carpeted, between pews we use a big dust mop

Post# 177530 , Reply# 15   4/18/2012 at 20:40 (2,907 days old) by vacman1961 (North Babylon, New York)        

Take your Electrolux commercial uprights to an authorized Aerus Electrolux store to see if it can be repaired. The way those machines are built they can be repaired many times, even the body parts can be replaced, if not invest in a new Aerus commercial upright, they can be purchased for under $500.00. Stay away from the imitation versions, such as the ProTeams and the look alikes, they are nothing but Chinese made junk. I was in the vacuum business for over 30 years and I used to sell all the Churches, funeral homes, catering halls and restaurants Electrolux commercial uprights and we kept them going for many years with little problems. If you have a reliable vacuum store that you can trust, that uses only Genuine replacement parts take them there, if not go direct to Aerus. I just purchased a new one for my local Knights of Columbus hall, they had 2 units that were 10 years old, and they recently needed a third, I made a few phone calls and I was able to get one for $470.00. Good Luck.

Post# 177567 , Reply# 16   4/19/2012 at 05:08 (2,906 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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My recommendation ? A Numatic!

And, if you can, get that old Lux from her and keep it yourself :)

Post# 177823 , Reply# 17   4/21/2012 at 08:21 (2,904 days old) by sebo_fan (Scotland, UK, member AKA ukvacfan, & Nar2)        

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Numatics are common in large UK churches, especially with the varnished dark wood floors - in smaller ones where carpets are used more, uprights are better.

Post# 180528 , Reply# 18   5/10/2012 at 10:41 (2,885 days old) by thevacuumguy96 (Nampa, ID)        

I go to the same church as Justin(djtaylor) just a different building and every church I have been to that is part of my religion, has windsor and nss vacuums. I agree with Justin about the G series Kirby with the 50' cord. Imo, the Windsors aren't very good for the hard carpet. My church building just recently switched to NSS uprights from windsors though and even though I don't like Windsors, I can honestly say that I miss them. My favorite vacuum at my church though is the NSS pig. I think that is a great all around machine for churches, offices, hotels and even household use. If it were me, I would like to have a Kirby or a Sanitaire at my church though, because of the longer cords and more durable motors.

Post# 180600 , Reply# 19   5/10/2012 at 23:43 (2,884 days old) by KirbyClassicIII (Milwaukie, Oregon)        

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I think you should procure a 1981 to 1995 Royal Heavy Duty Commercial upright with at least a 4.5 amp motor but no higher than a 7.0 amp motor, the highest rating available of the non-drop-in motor.

Models with 4.5 amp motor:
Model 607 (1985-1987)
Model 608 (1981-1985)
Model 611 (1981-1985)

Models with 5.0 amp motor:
Model 654 (1987-1990)

Models with 5.4 amp motor:
Model 608 (1985-1987)
Model 611 (1985-1987)
Model 618/620 (1984-1985)
Model 655/656, 7500/7510 (1990-1995)

Models with 6.0 amp motor:
Model 360 (1987-1995)
Model 361 (1989-1995)
Model 380 (1987-1995)
Model 381 (1989-1995)
Model 618/620 (1985-1987)
Model 660/662, 7600/7620 (1987-1990)
Model 661/663, 7610/7630 (1989-1990)
Model 680/682, 7800/7820 (1987-1990)
Model 681/683, 7810/7830 (1989-1990)

Models with 7.0 amp (non-drop-in) motor (all produced from 1990-1995):
Model 670/672, 7700/7720
Model 671/673, 7710/7730
Model 690/692, 7900/7920
Model 691/693, 7910/7930

The best brush roll to use on models with a 5.4 or lower amperage motor is part #2-080221-000. For 6.0 and 7.0 amp models, use part #2-088221-000 (for 14" wide nozzle models) or part #2-061821-000 (for 18" wide nozzle models).


Post# 180602 , Reply# 20   5/11/2012 at 00:13 (2,884 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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I cleaned my church for 15 years. I used a Panasonic proformance plus that I bought new when I started. This was a huge church and I never had any problems with the vacuum. I quit doing it 2 years ago because I just didn't have time to do it anymore. I took my Panasonic with my to ad to my collection and replaced it with a NICE like new maroon Royal 10 amp machine dated late 90's. The pastor took over cleaning and whinned about the Royal. I don't like it, it takes bags, it looks old fashioned bla bla. He said do you have any used walmart vacuums that are bagless?? We argued about it but he won. I sold him a dirt devil platinum force from the mid 90's out of spite thinking that will teach him for being a dumbass. OMG he loved it! It was the best vacuum he had ever seen because he could see the dirt. Well it lasted about 3 months hahaha. So then he said I would perfer another one but sell me whatever you think I should have. I sold him a new red Cirrus commercial. He had to admit he was wrong and this was the best ever. I sell them for $300.00

Post# 180628 , Reply# 21   5/11/2012 at 08:38 (2,884 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
A Panasonic...

blackheart's profile picture
Never crossed my mind i have tried one of the performance plus machines it seemed to work rather well strong suction good metal agitator the onboard tools, that may have been a good option too.
I was told that Lindhaus machines were great for glued down carpeting thanks to their high speed brushrolls i've had a few dealers tell me this

The last time i checked our church used a Bagless windtunnel V2, a softbag elite (350) i think, upstairs a Hoover Caddy Vac. There is also this tank style machine in the back of the cleaning closet that has a wide power nozzle with it i'm not sure of the brand and i've never seen it used before. I know we also have had a Regina eletric broom and a broken Regina steemer someone donated.

Post# 180687 , Reply# 22   5/12/2012 at 03:50 (2,883 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Another possible Church vacuum---the NSS M1.In the NSS catalog they show an attachment package specifically for church cleaning.the kit has the hose,hand tools and "high up" angled wands for cleaning parts of the church high off the floor-like HVAC vents,organ grills,etc.

Post# 180744 , Reply# 23   5/12/2012 at 21:16 (2,882 days old) by electroluxxxx (Somewhere out there)        

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I clean a congregational church here in my hometown, if I am not mistaken they bought a brand new simplicity freedom a couple of years ago with a Pullman holt wet/dry vacuum that is equipped with a eureka vg3 power head. I am not too keen on the simplicity as it seems like a cheaply made cleaner. although very durable and light the machine's feel seems a little skeptical. the Pullman holt on the other hand seems like a well made machine with many uses. due to how much there is to vacuum I will sometimes bring in the Windsor sensor :)

Post# 180789 , Reply# 24   5/13/2012 at 08:05 (2,882 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
Simplicity Freedom

blackheart's profile picture
I know what you mean it does feel a little cheap but it's performance is amazing for it's weight.

Post# 180810 , Reply# 25   5/13/2012 at 14:06 (2,882 days old) by electroluxxxx (Somewhere out there)        

electroluxxxx's profile picture
yes the performance is great and that's what I like about it, I am looking to pick up a royal though for a more thorough cleaning.

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