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Rainbow E2 two speed
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Post# 173576   3/17/2012 at 00:22 (2,934 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

Hi everyone, I got a Rainbow E2 two speed the other day from a storage auction and clearly it wasn't all that taken care of. The separator was black, and I really don't think it has ever been cleaned. The inside has dirt caked on from where the hose hooks up and under where the separator goes. It still runs, but needs a real good deep cleaning. The outside of the unit doesn't look bad but it has some paint marks from going up against the walls I am guessing and other than being dusty it looks pretty good. The power nozzle is also in good shape other than being dirty as well, but there are some brushes missing on part of one brush strip. What would be the best way to get this back in top shape and clean again, like what are some good cleaning products anyone would recommend?. I plan on taking pictures of everything later tonight and posting them on here tomorrow. Does anyone know of any good sites, that sell rainbow products that are 100% real?

Post# 173597 , Reply# 1   3/17/2012 at 02:07 (2,934 days old) by venson ()        

Sounds like your in for quite an adventure.

For economy's sake, I'd browse eBay. A large amount of Rainbow parts show up there, especially filters. Have you checked behind the HEPA? It sounds as if the machine needs to be almost completely disassembled AND I am assuming you've done this before.

No need to go overboard regarding special cleaning products. Use what you have around the house. Since it's largely plastic, take the dirty pieces to a sink and use dish detergent and warm water with a little laundry bleach added in. OR, use a solution made with dishwasher detergent and warm water. It will help quickly dissolve caked on dirt (it's great on bathroom tile too). A tablespoon or two per gallon of warm water should do it. Note: do not mix chlorine bleach with other household chemicals.

Also employ a sponge plus an old toothbrush to get into nooks and crannies as best you can. Mix no chemicals, use no abrasives and do wear rubber household gloves if your hands are sensitive. Rinse all parts you've washed thoroughly and allow to dry completely before reassembly.

Best of luck.

Post# 173629 , Reply# 2   3/17/2012 at 03:50 (2,933 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
Yea. It's definitely going to have to be completely taken apart and fans cleaned on the inside and hepa replaced. GRRRR - I can only imagine what the fans/housing looks like if the separator was black. Taking a two speed apart is tricky. I personally wouldn't attempt it but I've seen a video of it done, but I can't find it. If there is a Rainbow dealer in your area I think they charge 60 dollar to take apart and clean it.

Post# 173642 , Reply# 3   3/17/2012 at 07:41 (2,933 days old) by venson ()        
Tearing down a Rainbow E . . .

Hi rainbowkristy,

mark40511 has a point. Since he mentioned there being a repair video around, I checked out YouTube and came up with the following. You may want to take a look at it before proceeding with the clean up yourself.

If it's a little too difficult to broach, go to, enter your zip code and do a search for "Rainbow vacuum".

Again, good luck.




Post# 173735 , Reply# 4   3/17/2012 at 18:57 (2,933 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

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Venson - That particular video is of the E series one speed. The 2 speed is completely different on the inside. If I had a one speed rainbow, I could probably do this - but that video I saw of the two speed being taken apart was made by Joel here on the forum and I was too intimidated watching it to even begin to try it with mine. Not that mine needs to be taken apart and cleaned - but I still thought it was cool to see one taken completely apart.

Post# 173737 , Reply# 5   3/17/2012 at 19:00 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

Mark I still have it. I have it private.

Post# 173738 , Reply# 6   3/17/2012 at 19:02 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        
My video taking two speed apart.

Video one. it sure hard filming awhile taking apart.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO rainbowjoel's LINK

Post# 173739 , Reply# 7   3/17/2012 at 19:04 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        
My video taking two speed apart.

Video 2

CLICK HERE TO GO TO rainbowjoel's LINK

Post# 173740 , Reply# 8   3/17/2012 at 19:06 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        
mmm the link is not work

maybe this one works.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO rainbowjoel's LINK

Post# 173748 , Reply# 9   3/17/2012 at 20:27 (2,933 days old) by venson ()        
@rainbowjoel / mark40511 . . .

Thank you! Here's one machine that kind of dispels the "fan in a can" theory.

Rainbowjoel, thanks for the videos and all that effort. What was the stuff you used when you re-seated the motor? An adhesive or a sealant of some kind?

Mark40511, Rainbow only charges 60 bucks for that much work?

Thanks again and best regards to you both.


Post# 173749 , Reply# 10   3/17/2012 at 20:37 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

I used lotion so it can slide easier.

Post# 173751 , Reply# 11   3/17/2012 at 20:55 (2,933 days old) by venson ()        
@rainbowjoel . . .

I see! How long did it take to become able to disassemble and reassemble these new models as quickly as you do? To a novice, the job appears totally baffling.


Post# 173752 , Reply# 12   3/17/2012 at 20:57 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

Thanks everyone for the help, I have spent most of today trying to clean it up the best I can. I know the basics, how to clean the hepa filter, the separator and all that but there is no way I will be able to take it all apart and put it back together right. The filter was nasty, it has taken the most to clean and still doesn't look very clean to me, the water is running a little clearer but there is still more dirt to come out. I plan on calling around Monday to see how much it will cost for it to be cleaned on the inside from someone who knows what they are doing. I have taken a few picture and I am uploading them now so I will be posting the before pics soon.

Post# 173756 , Reply# 13   3/17/2012 at 21:06 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        
just nasty!

I really don't understand how someone can spend all that money on a Rainbow or any vacuum for that matter and then not take care of it.

Post# 173757 , Reply# 14   3/17/2012 at 21:07 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

another one...

Post# 173758 , Reply# 15   3/17/2012 at 21:08 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173759 , Reply# 16   3/17/2012 at 21:10 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173760 , Reply# 17   3/17/2012 at 21:11 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173761 , Reply# 18   3/17/2012 at 21:13 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173762 , Reply# 19   3/17/2012 at 21:15 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173763 , Reply# 20   3/17/2012 at 21:15 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173764 , Reply# 21   3/17/2012 at 21:16 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173766 , Reply# 22   3/17/2012 at 21:27 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173767 , Reply# 23   3/17/2012 at 21:29 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173769 , Reply# 24   3/17/2012 at 21:30 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173770 , Reply# 25   3/17/2012 at 21:31 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173771 , Reply# 26   3/17/2012 at 21:32 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173772 , Reply# 27   3/17/2012 at 21:32 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173774 , Reply# 28   3/17/2012 at 21:33 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173775 , Reply# 29   3/17/2012 at 21:34 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173776 , Reply# 30   3/17/2012 at 21:35 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

kinda hard to tell in the pic but that's a hooters wet napkin that came out when I opened it up.

Post# 173777 , Reply# 31   3/17/2012 at 21:36 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173778 , Reply# 32   3/17/2012 at 21:38 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

this was after I cleaned it, didn't get before pics of it.

Post# 173779 , Reply# 33   3/17/2012 at 21:39 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        


Post# 173780 , Reply# 34   3/17/2012 at 21:40 (2,933 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

this was the best I could get it cleaned, I left it overnight in hot soapy water. It looks a lot better since when I started it was black.

Post# 173782 , Reply# 35   3/17/2012 at 21:44 (2,933 days old) by venson ()        
@rainbowkristy . . . .

Wow, glad you put the pictures up. It is a shame but one good thing is that the self-cooled motor, save for the suction fans, is spared exposure to a lot of the mess.

I too don't quite get how you can spend that much money and not take care of your investment. But, to each his own.

Anyway, it still looks like an adventure to me and I hope it works out well for you.


Post# 173801 , Reply# 36   3/17/2012 at 23:03 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

Omg that poor thing need help badly. You can get a new brush roll or brush strips. @ verson I would say under an hour to finish.

Post# 173802 , Reply# 37   3/17/2012 at 23:05 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        
@rainbowkristy .

you can get hepa filter and brush roll at

Post# 173804 , Reply# 38   3/17/2012 at 23:10 (2,933 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

i just noticed I have been spelling your name wrong. lol I didn't brought my E2 two speed new either. I brought at ebay. It needed some cleaning when I got it. It's second time I take apart.

Post# 173827 , Reply# 39   3/18/2012 at 00:35 (2,933 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

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Wow! I leave for a few and come back and this thread exploded!

Thanks for posting those Joel.

That's in SAD SAD shape! I'm amazed the inside housing that you see through the hole where the hepa filter goes and you can see into the fans didn't look worse than it did.

About the price. All I know is that I called the local Rainbow Dist here in Lexington and asked the guy how much they charged to check & clean mine and he said 60 dollars. I didn't take it because it's still pretty spotless - but I was bored one day and wanted to know. So I'm just going on what he told me......But for something in this kind of shape I have no idea. You can clean it up as best you can and then take it in and tell ask them how much they charge.

You can get replacement hepa filters on Ebay for under 20 dollars and that filter will last years. Don't try to clean that filter, just replace it.

Post# 173964 , Reply# 40   3/18/2012 at 19:45 (2,932 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

Ok, I am done cleaning it up, going to take the after pictures tomorrow and post them then. I still can't get over how someone could just neglect something the way these people did but you are right, to each his own. I plan on looking for a new filter, should I go ahead and get a new separator too or do yall think that one is still ok?

Post# 173968 , Reply# 41   3/18/2012 at 20:31 (2,932 days old) by venson ()        
New separator . . .

As long as the separator is in one piece and working there's no dire need for another. BUT . . .

Having owned Rexairs and Rainbows, there's no harm in keeping extra essentials around the same as you would regarding PN belts, HEPAs, etc. Being the ounce of prevention saves the pound of cure and because the separators are not expensive I don't see the harm in getting an extra one to tuck away.

You work fast. I hope the final internal cleaning is easily arranged.



Post# 174416 , Reply# 42   3/22/2012 at 19:58 (2,928 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

Ok sorry it took so long to get these pictures, they are not the best because I took them with my cell since the battery on my cam is dead. I just cleaned the basic stuff and got it looking ok again, I called a vacuum store not to far from here and he said to take it all apart, clean it and all that good stuff would start out at 129.00. I plan on taking it in as soon as I get some free time. It cleaned up pretty nice so far. Sorry again for the crappy pics.

Post# 174417 , Reply# 43   3/22/2012 at 19:59 (2,928 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        
this one is blurry


Post# 174418 , Reply# 44   3/22/2012 at 20:01 (2,928 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

. had to shine the flash light to get a semi decent pic so that's why it looks so bright and the white thing that looks like it's under it is just a stain on the table from paper that got stuck to it.

Post# 174419 , Reply# 45   3/22/2012 at 20:03 (2,928 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

. stopped after cleaning this up a bit, didn't want to mess anything on the inside up so it doesn't look all the great but better safe than sorry.

Post# 174420 , Reply# 46   3/22/2012 at 20:15 (2,928 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        
@ Kristy

It looks much better. almost new.

Post# 174580 , Reply# 47   3/23/2012 at 18:15 (2,927 days old) by rainbowkristy ()        

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the link to your videos on here, they were helpful to see the inside even though I chose not to tackle that task lol. It cleaned up a lot better than what I thought it would, just waiting on the extra parts then some free time to take it to be cleaned completely out. And thanks to everyone that replied, this sure is an awesome forum!

Post# 175131 , Reply# 48   3/28/2012 at 09:56 (2,922 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

Your welcome. Keep us updated.

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