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Kenmore Magic Blue
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Post# 173294   3/14/2012 at 22:56 (2,936 days old) by Koobam ()        

Are there any happy owners - or ANY owners - of the current generation Kenmore Magic Blue canister vacuum that quite honestly looks to be a IMO beautiful, cheap, and as per what I read a very powerful little apartment-suited canister?

I'm thinking about buying a near-new one off a friend of mine that gets liquidations from Sears (has a giant box full of Kenmore parts, hoses, power nozzles/mates, and canister bodies) - thoughts on this?

Basically, I know there are or at least WERE some current generation Kenmore Magic Blue owners here and I'm wondering how long the machine lasted. That's the basics - as if it at least lasted a couple years, then it's a done deal. I've read a couple reviews where it lasted at least 2 years, I think it was even three (one was maybe more) before it kicked the bucket. I'm good with electronics and rebuilding/fixing things so it'd even make a neat project to fix it haha if it does end up in my position and eventually breaking down - like all things do.

Post# 173360 , Reply# 1   3/15/2012 at 17:02 (2,935 days old) by Koobam ()        

Anyone own one and have any insight?

I'm getting mine in a couple hours for $50 supposedly near-mint/brand new condition - looking forward to it for now, anyways, relatively speaking.

Post# 173361 , Reply# 2   3/15/2012 at 17:11 (2,935 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

suckolux's profile picture
I have one I like a lot, but its old, like ten years.

Post# 173419 , Reply# 3   3/15/2012 at 23:09 (2,935 days old) by Koobam ()        
I just got one (newer one)

And I love it - so far anyways! The build quality is quite impressive overall - especially given the price - and I've owned Miele's, Dysons, Kirbys, Electroluxs (both companies), and FilterQueens. The suction is completely out of control - it's Miele level, if not higher.

For the time being of how I feel about it for now - I think I can heartily recommend the Magic Blue as a quality, well built, and fantastic performing small apartment/house canister. I've read reviews of it lasting past 2 years, I think one was even 3 years.

The parts are easy to come by, the bags are cheap on, and the machine is easy in and of itself to replace.

If ANYONE has ANY Kenmore vacuums or parts (Magic Blue included) - I may buy them from you if you're willing to part ways with them/it.

I may do a review of this machine with pictures and all, but overall it's probably the best quality and performing budget canister around for under $200 - easy.

Post# 173423 , Reply# 4   3/15/2012 at 23:39 (2,935 days old) by sanifan ()        

I get the impression that a lot of people like the way the Magic Blue performs, just that the bags are on the small side. Did your MB come with a power nozzle?

Doesn't a 2-3 year lifespan seem short? I'm hoping to get between 10-20 years on my vacs. I'm partial to machines with a known track record of durability (Tristar, Windsor, Kirby, Sanitaire, etc.) and generally like to own and use those.

I'm sure a lot of us would love to see a review of the Magic Blue when you have the chance. Glad you like your new vac!

Post# 173425 , Reply# 5   3/16/2012 at 00:15 (2,935 days old) by Koobam ()        
In response to sanifan

Yeah it's a short lifespan regardless for sure but for $100 retail the build quality is pretty remarkable to say the least IMO and the suction is unbelievable - but what kind of motor is $100 gonna get you longevity-wise? I think for a machine in this price range that can last past 3 years is excellent - and who knows, given the superb suction this machine has I bet the motor is super-high revving and probably just wears out carbon brushes pretty quick, so if those are replaceable, then this machine has more or less an infinite amount of years left until the body breaks down or something.

Unfortunately it has *NO* dusting brush of ANY kind, and the only negative I have about this machine so far is the stupid design choice to make the attachments - besides the crevice tool - ONLY fit on the end of the metal wand - NOT on the nice-feeling and ergonomic handle itself...WTF?! Lol, anyways, besides that, it's just a BRILLIANT machine overall IMO, and worth every penny - even if it cost $150-175 if not $200.

It even has a seemingly decent to GOOD if not QUITE GOOD *RUBBER SEAL* around the canister bag area that truly seals the machine together. Really nice touch.

The thing is - they cut corners to save money where it *DOESN'T* affect quality or performance -

- Shorter hose

- Lower quality plastic on handle but still sufficient

- Small and cheap tools but still very durable feeling IMO

- Small canister period

- No rubber on the wheels, even on the floor tools

- Chincy feeling cord rewind but if it lasts - which I've yet to read a review that claims it's been a problem - then that's all that matters

- And short cord

So really, they put the money where it counts on this machine -

- Quality plastics on the body

- UNBElIEVABLY strong suction motor

- Decent enough quality hose

- Decent enough metal wand with virtually *NO* wiggle or play -even at the handle connection - very impressive to me

- One of my favorite aspects - probably one of the best thought-out turbo nozzles ever. You can *REMOVE* a cover that reveals the fans and belts to vacuum and clean them out! And it has a rubber bumper around the whole attachment. Plus the plastic feels solid and of good quality overall, to me but I'm even comparing this to a Miele, for example.

Anyways we'll see how it lasts but for a small condo or living space I think it's a quality addition to a home.

Post# 173541 , Reply# 6   3/16/2012 at 20:07 (2,934 days old) by fan-of-fans (USA)        

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There was an older Magic Blue at my Habitat that was gray with a clear blue bag cover. It had the variable speed on the hose handle and a metal bottom nozzle plate. Seemed like a nice machine. I agree 3 years is very short lifespan. My Kenmore vacuums have lasted well beyond that.

Post# 173549 , Reply# 7   3/16/2012 at 21:03 (2,934 days old) by venson ()        
A nifty machine that doesn't cost a lot . . .

While I worked two 13-weeks stints doing brand launches at several Sears stores, I was surprised by the number of owners stopping by the vac department to gets bags for the Magic Blue. They were much more popular than I'd imagined. This machine was also on sale quite often, making it an extra attractive buy at about 60 to 69 dollars.

Economically, they fit the bill for lots and lots of people.

What it lacks as far as attachments go can easily be remedied by a stop at your local vac shop for generic tool extras. Don't bother getting them from Sears as they'll be over-priced.

Post# 173723 , Reply# 8   3/17/2012 at 16:24 (2,933 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        
Magic Blue DX

Had an ELECTRIC Power Nozzle & NOT a TURBO PN.

I wanted to buy that Magic Blue DX, but at that time I thought it was too much $ for me to spend; but now I'm wanting one.

Who made these vacs for Kenmore? Bissell? Eureka?

Post# 173726 , Reply# 9   3/17/2012 at 16:32 (2,933 days old) by thevacuumman (Borger, TX)        
I may be wrong but,

thevacuumman's profile picture
I believe they were made by LG

Post# 173728 , Reply# 10   3/17/2012 at 16:35 (2,933 days old) by kenmorekid ()        
Magic Blue

I had one of these I got for Easter in 2001 it was such a neat little canister I just fell in love with it! I wanted the one with the power nozzle, but they didnt have it and they had it on sale and I ended up getting the display model for $79.99. I used it a few years till I moved out and left it with my mom. She still uses that little thing today, the suction is still as strong as it was on day one, although the hose where it connects to the canister is a little wiggly and sometime cuts off, other than that its still in great shape! The bags could be a little bigger but for the size of the vacuum I guess they are good sized. She has lost the crevice tool and cheap furniture tool a while ago but she makes due with a kirby dusting brush and the original floor tool. She had used this over her Kirby Ultimate G Diamond for a number of years and recently retired the Kirby to me. Aside from this vacuum she has the Dyson DC26 City and she still prefers little "Blue"

Post# 173731 , Reply# 11   3/17/2012 at 17:01 (2,933 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        

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I have had a Magic Blue since 2005, and it gets used every once and awhile. I'm not sure why I wanted it, but I do remember using the first generation at Sears with a PN. The one I own has fantastic suction and is very durable. It comes with steel wands and has been dropped down the stairs quite a few times, and it still works perfectly. LG did a great job on it.

One thing I would like to know about these cleaners is whether or not there is a automatic shut off if the motor gets too hot. When ever I use my 50ft central vac hose on my Miracle Mate, the motor shuts itself off after about 20 minutes of use. But when I use the Kenmore, I can use it for it more than an hour and it continues to run.

Post# 173746 , Reply# 12   3/17/2012 at 20:17 (2,933 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Yes the Magic Blue vacs are all made by the Korean company LG.

Interesting trivia: LG stands for "Lucky Goldstar" - these were two separate Korean corporations that merged at some point. Like Japan, Korea's corporate world is dominated by a few families whose individual companies have many subsidiaries with fingers in every industrial area, from home appliances to cars and construction. Lucky was one of those family conglomerates - along with Samsung, Daewoo, Hyundai and Lotte. I also remember seeing Goldstar computer monitors a lot in North America in the 1980's. ("Goldstar" is also the name of a beer company in Israel - not related!)

Post# 173793 , Reply# 13   3/17/2012 at 22:07 (2,933 days old) by sanifan ()        
How's the filtration on these?

Is the filtration any good? Is it Hepa rated and are the filters expensive to replace?

If I knew these were so cool I would have picked one up. One thing that always gets me, though, is small bags. They seem so inefficient and a poor value. No one has complaints?

Also, how is the noise on these? I love the suction on my Dyson DC23 but it is a bit loud in the upper midrange region. My Tristar CXL has a lower pitched hollow roar that's not as loud; so much easier to live with. Is the Magic Blue okay on sound?

I'd love to get one with a power nozzle. Is that still available? It sounds like a cool little vac... but then there's that small bag thing.

Post# 173870 , Reply# 14   3/18/2012 at 10:35 (2,932 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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well my older one is very quiet and Consumers rated the filteration very good, not Hepa

Post# 173897 , Reply# 15   3/18/2012 at 13:03 (2,932 days old) by Koobam ()        
LG vs. TTI?

Not sure who makes the CURRENT Magic Blue - but it is seemingly very well made and I wouldn't have a problem putting my whole 195 pounds of body weight forcefully on top of it. It feels better made than even the higher end Progressives. Much more solid plastic.

The suction, again, is just insane. A test I do is I put my thumb in the hose and feel how strong it pulls and pools the blood to where my thumb hurts, and whichever machine does that the quickest and strongest (most painful) - is the most powerful.

This machine is on par with Miele and Dyson in terms of suction and airflow. It pulls in things that are a good 4-5 inches away very quickly.

Though I'm just not sure who makes it. I'd guess TTI given their making Kenmores lower end line from WHAT I HEARD - but I could be wrong. Even if it IS TTI - that's fine as it's obviously made to a high standard surpassing all of their other vacs except their higher end Hoovers and Royal machines that have 5-6 year warranties on them.

The noise is not quiet, it's noticeable, but I can talk with someone in the same room fairly easily whilst it's running at full bore. But I'd say it's probably about as loud as DC-23 if not *SLIGHTLY* louder. Maybe quieter? I'd say around that ball park haha.

Filtration is NOT HEPA after the motor, but I'm about to get these awesome bags from GoVacuum which I think would do a more than fine job for anyone that's not suffering from the most severe allergies or cancer...

Link below


Post# 173901 , Reply# 16   3/18/2012 at 13:06 (2,932 days old) by OCScott3085 (DMV)        

I had one of the original Magic Blues with power nozzle at my house in college. I lived with my swim team at the time and we put that machine through absolute HELL and it survived amazingly enough. I was surprised while walking through Sears that later versions no longer carried an electric powernozzle option. Maybe having a power nozzle caused the small bags to fill too quickly and people stupidly complained?

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