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Santa was OK to me ; )
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Post# 166089   1/16/2012 at 18:59 (2,995 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Look what Santa (me) got for Christmas 2 Aerus Guardian Ultra`s . The one on the left is the first series and the one on the right is a late December 2011 model they updated . The newer one now has Aerus on the Rubber bumper and a redesigned power nozzle with LED head lights which are super bright .They also brought back the flip Carpet Floor Nozzle . I still think this model looks cheap like a classic just a bit fancier . They (Aerus) claim this model is well received and they have no problem selling them . Oh well not every one is as picky as me I just love to have every high end vacuum made for my collection . Pictures to follow enjoy !

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Post# 166090 , Reply# 1   1/16/2012 at 19:01 (2,995 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
More pics

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Enjoy this is the newer one . Improved version .

Post# 166091 , Reply# 2   1/16/2012 at 19:03 (2,995 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Last pic

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This is the first version .

Never satisfied I had to have them both  Innocent

Post# 166092 , Reply# 3   1/16/2012 at 19:12 (2,995 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 166098 , Reply# 4   1/16/2012 at 19:53 (2,995 days old) by minivanmegafun ()        

Is that still the turbo-powered Sidekick II, or is it back to being electric?

Post# 166099 , Reply# 5   1/16/2012 at 19:59 (2,995 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
As far as I know Aerus

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never made a turbo side kick . I owm many Aerus vacuums and have never seen a turbo side kick . This is the Side kick III whichis from the Tri Star . The hose upper handle and wand`s and tool`s Crevice and floor brush are also Tri Star .

Post# 166100 , Reply# 6   1/16/2012 at 20:05 (2,995 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

I prefer the Guardians, but I haven't seen a good picture up close like you posted yet... not as bad as I thought I guess.... the finish on the top looks like it would scratch easily... what are the differences between the two that made the second one improved?

Glad you got some machines you enjoy.... congrats :o)

Post# 166102 , Reply# 7   1/16/2012 at 20:20 (2,995 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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I posted the differences in the first post . Go back and check it out Wink.

Thanks Dan

Post# 166103 , Reply# 8   1/16/2012 at 20:36 (2,995 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke ()        

Duh! Thanks!

Post# 166139 , Reply# 9   1/17/2012 at 12:30 (2,994 days old) by danemodsandy ()        
Change for the better....

I'm glad to see that Aerus has finally figured out that it's not good business to hide your brand name.

And that the old Electrolux flip floor/rug tool beats the heck out of that thing they've been trying to foist off on owners since the new ownership took effect.

NOTE TO ALL VACUUM CLEANER MANUFACTURERS: Just because your vacuum includes a power brush or PN does NOT mean your customers will want to do without a rug tool. There are scatter rugs, touch-up vacuumings, all kinds of reasons a consumer will want or need to use a rug tool instead of the PN or upright's power brush.

Post# 166146 , Reply# 10   1/17/2012 at 13:07 (2,994 days old) by bimmer740 (Long Island, New York)        

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Dan, congatulations on having both editions of the Guardian Ultra! Have you had a problem with the suction being too stong for the paper bags? I remember a while back someone said that the bags were being damaged by their machine because they could not hold up to the more powerful suction from the Ultra's motor. Has Aerus made any effort to make the second version of the machine quieter?

I too agree with Sandy, its nice that Aerus has brought back the combo floor brush as the standard floor tool which is the way it should be being that its the TOL model. The standard floor tool that come with the first edition isnt a bad tool, but I find that it just doesnt weigh enough to be used with the plastic wands. I have a hard time using the brush with my Renaissance, its lifts up to easily when trying to swivel the wands to stear the nozzle. I dont remember this happening when I had the 6500 but regardless I still like the combo floor tool better. My only complaint about the combo brush is that it doesnt always fit under all baseboard radiators.

Post# 166149 , Reply# 11   1/17/2012 at 13:38 (2,994 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

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These new pictures! Do you have a "gallery"? I guess the new look is getting you around... Congrats.

Post# 166163 , Reply# 12   1/17/2012 at 14:43 (2,994 days old) by danemodsandy ()        
The Lack of a Rug Tool....

....Is only one of the things I dislike about many of today's canister vacs - the bean-counters have caused way too many features that should be standard to be dropped.

The lack of a rug tool is the most obvious. Sadly, my own favorite brand - TriStar - was one of the first to eliminate it, trying to foist that silly clip-on "rug shoe" off on consumers. At least they gave consumers SOMETHING, even if it didn't work all that well. Many vac models today come with - zip.

I also dislike the elimination of horsehair dusting brushes. I'm not saying nylon is all bad - Nutone makes a nylon-bristled dusting brush that's nice and soft - but the nylon used by some manufacturers (I won't name names, but the initials are TTI), is very scratchy and tends to leave fine scratches in furniture finishes. So far as I know, you can't even buy a Hoover dusting brush with horsehair bristles as an upgrade, which feels like they don't care at all.

And my biggest pet peeve is power nozzles where you're expected to use the cleaner's wands for both PN and attachments. It's always fiddly to take the wands off the PN, and annoying. Again, TriStar is an offender here. My solution with my CXL was to purchase two extra wands for use exclusively with the PN. They only cost what my mother used to spend on two weeks' worth of groceries for a family of five!

And speaking of wands, wands are METAL, people - not plastic. Plastic, in case there's anyone at the manufacturers who hasn't figured it out, breaks. Frequently.

I can see some of these "cost containment" measures on BOL models from mass-market manufacturers; there is only so much you can give people and hold to a lower price point. But even TOL vacs selling in the high three figures or even four figures are lacking some or all of these features that anyone who actually USES a vacuum finds pretty essential.

It stinketh.

Post# 166166 , Reply# 13   1/17/2012 at 15:10 (2,994 days old) by danemodsandy ()        

I've considered the TriStar Mg3, and ABSOLUTELY decided against it because of the plastic wands, the change from metal tools to plastic and the elimination of the Ametek motor.

Don't get cheap on me when you're asking close to three grand (full list price) for your machine!

Post# 166167 , Reply# 14   1/17/2012 at 15:32 (2,994 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Awesome looking machines

Post# 166189 , Reply# 15   1/17/2012 at 20:55 (2,994 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Steve , John & Sandy

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

Steve ,

I really havent given them a work out yet so I havent noticed bag breakage hope it won`t happen .


John ,

Lol thanks I like change a lot .


Sandy ,

I hear ya about vacuum companies being cheap . I own a Mg2 and owned an Mg1 and love them . I understand about the metal wands on the DXL which I also own plus 3 other Older Tristars from the 70`s NIB . I never had a problem with the wands being plastic they hold up rather well .

Post# 166265 , Reply# 16   1/18/2012 at 13:59 (2,993 days old) by massagemiracle ()        

Those Guardians are fantastic looking machines!  I have been a fan of the Guardians since they came out! Especially the 9000's. I also had a Tristar MG3 and loved it! That was such a great vacuum and I bought it off of craigslist for $50.

Post# 166267 , Reply# 17   1/18/2012 at 14:23 (2,993 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

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It looks like the new Ultras are a step back from the previous 9000s? i.e. no 3 speed selection, on/off switch removed from handle, is there still a full bag indicator?


Post# 166268 , Reply# 18   1/18/2012 at 14:41 (2,993 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
It is a shame

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these clean very well much better than previous Guardians but in my opinion they are cheap looking . I too prefer the previous models but this model according to Aerus is selling very well . Yes it has the full bag indicator , no bag indicator and thermal protection light plus power on light . I hate not having controls on the hose and having to step on power switch . It has suction bleeder valve single speed motor .These are a step back from the Rennisanse I think . I do love the new power nozzle with LED lights and the new style .


Post# 166335 , Reply# 19   1/19/2012 at 00:44 (2,993 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

The wand power connectors on both the Lux and TriStar can burn--have seen this at the vac shops.The metal wands didn't have this problem.

Post# 166384 , Reply# 20   1/19/2012 at 12:38 (2,992 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Yes the connections burned on

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
the metal wands with the wire`s on the outside . I repaired many tristars , rainbows, eurekas with the wires you plug in by hand . Almost any Vacuum will have problems that`s why us Vacuum repair men/women were placed on earth by God !

Post# 166711 , Reply# 21   1/22/2012 at 16:19 (2,989 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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I have used both the older version and the newer version and both have not destroyed the bag . Both bags are intact but also gotta say WoW the power is incredible and they pick up a ton of dirt and I prefer the newer version because of the LED headlights .

Post# 166761 , Reply# 22   1/23/2012 at 03:24 (2,988 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

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Don't the power connectors only burn "IF" you leave the PN power ON while quick releasing it? Or do they eventually burn anyway? The only problem I've ever ran into with this is my Kenmore Canister. My Rainbow hasn't shorted out at all, nor has my Epic 6500 (though I've only had it a few months).

Post# 166776 , Reply# 23   1/23/2012 at 08:32 (2,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Mark ,
I have seen it happen while the vacuum`s were running and also just plugged in sitting around and just burned up .

Post# 166787 , Reply# 24   1/23/2012 at 09:53 (2,988 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        
Won't touch any Aerus-Electrolux after the Guardian 9000

kirbylux77's profile picture
I am sure the Aerus Guardian Ultra cleans well, & cleans even better than the original Electrolux Rennaissance or Aerus Guardian did. But, when I was down at the Aerus-Electrolux branch in Barrie, Ontario, to have a new rubber seal put on the bag door of my Electrolux AP280 I inherited from Mom several years ago, I tried out the new Guardian Ultra, as I had been interested to find out whether it really was much more powerful. Well, I was VERY disappointed! It had OK suction, but airflow seemed best. It could have also had to do with the oversized hose handle hole the airflow goes thru that made it seems weaker....which it has to be bigger to accomodate the plastic direct-connect wands....but it just seemed weaker vs. my normal Electrolux hose with pistol grip.

My Electrolux AP280 from the late 1970's would beat the Guardian Ultra hands down for suction & airflow, since it has a Electrolux-made Double Stage Motor, vs. the single stage VM 3 motor the Guardian Ultra comes with. And I also have a GE powerhead back from the 1980's with brushes/beater bars (same as FQ Model 48 PN, but with beater bars), or also have a spare PN-5 I could use with the AP280. Like Dan, I may like fancy features, too....but what I REALLY care about is QUALITY & CLEANING PERFORMANCE. If the new one isn't made to last as long & doesn't clean as well, I'll be damned if I buy the new model....rather, the old one is getting all the repairs it needs to keep it going for many years to come!

Back when I was visiting Sault Ste Marie, Ontario for the holidays, I had stopped into a local vac shop to get some cloth HEPA bags for a vacuum I own. He was selling the Perfect Canister in his shop for $900 dollars CDN....I tried it out while I was there, as I always wondered how good it was compared to the Aerus models. Well, all the claims I have heard made about the Perfect were true....and then some!! The suction was definitely close to the 120" waterlift they rate the Ametek Advantek double stage motor at, AMAZING suction & airflow the Perfect Canister had, & the canister was very well built. I have heard some people claim the fit & finish on the Perfect Canister was poor, but I did not find this to be true at all. In fact, if I hadn't seen the maker's label that said MADE IN CHINA, I would have never guessed, it was that well made. Now that I have seen the Perfect vs the Aerus models, I would take the Perfect Canister ANY DAY over the Aerus models if I had to buy a new canister vacuum, & just live with buying the HEPA bags & not having the Automatic Control or a full bag indicator like the Aerus Legacy & Guardian Ultra have.

Another interesting thing to note....I tried the Guardian Ultra HEPA filter on my AP280 while I was at the Aerus branch, & the HEPA filter fits PERFECTLY on the AP280, as well as the Aerus Classic. The AP280 also did not leak any air around the filter when I turned it on, so it would be sealed just like the new models.
So, any older plastic bodied Electrolux can take the HEPA filter with no modifications....only thing is that the filter cover has to be left off, but thats a minor thing.


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