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Does anybody use their Kirbys to shampoo carpets?
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Post# 1220   9/13/2006 at 16:17 (4,394 days old) by robgwisdala ()        

Does anybody use their Kirbys to shampoo carpets?
I have a carpet cleaning business. I started it in March 2004. I have a Kirby G3 with attachments and shampooer. I also have a Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition with attachments and shampooer and ZippBrush. I use Kirby Allergen Formula shampoo...It works great! I charge $20 per room.

Post# 1221 , Reply# 1   9/13/2006 at 16:22 (4,394 days old) by robgwisdala ()        

I also have a Hoover F5914 SpinScrub SteamVac and Hoover bagged self propelled WindTunnel. I use Bissell steamvac shampoo and Hoover steamvac shampoo...Both work great!

Post# 1227 , Reply# 2   9/13/2006 at 18:14 (4,394 days old) by converto-skip ()        

Rob I have used my Kirbys to shampoo the carpets but the only down fall is the carpets stay wety for a long time but they do get out the stains but I rather use my Eureka Alantis shampooer and also use My Kenmore canister shampooer and sometimes times my e-series Rainbow


Post# 1245 , Reply# 3   9/13/2006 at 21:21 (4,394 days old) by electrolux-dude (Canyon, TX)        
Using a Kirby to Shampoo Carpets

Hi, Rob--Nathan Thomas here, I would not recommend using a Kirby to Shampoo your carpets. Reason Why, is they don't do any extraction. A Kirby is basically a "Dry-Foam System" that after the solution dries, it crystalizes the dirt, and then you're supposed to vacuum it after it dries. Another potential problem is, a lot of the products out there leave a lot of foam or residue in the carpet and make it that much harder to clean. The best way to clean your carpets is to have them professionally cleaned once every 6 months to a year. Professional Carpet cleaners like myself, have Truck-Mounted steam cleaning units, and they do a tremendous job at extracting the dirt from the carpets. The Heat, High Pressure, and High Suction from the Truckmount will thoroughly flush the fibers of your carpet and the cleaning results are astonishing! I have seen carpets that looked like they were "ready for the dumpster", and after being cleaned with a truckmount they look like brand new! These little Bissell, Hoover, Etc. so called "Steam" Cleaners that you buy at Wal-Mart, cannot match the power, high heat, and suction of a truckmount. All the Bissells, Hoovers, etc. are good for is really just spot-cleaning. For a truly deep-cleaning, you can't beat a Truckmount!

Post# 1311 , Reply# 4   9/15/2006 at 04:56 (4,393 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I don't use my Kirby shampooers much eihter-in this humid climate here-the moisture left in the carpets is just asking for mildew and rotting of your subflooring.Even truckmounts really can't get them dry enough to aviod this problem.I use dry carpet cleaners such as Host and Capture-I was really surprized at how they work-no wet carpets.and most of the dirt gone.I would love it if Kirby went to the Dry carpet clean system-they could provide an attachment to work the Host or Capture cleaner into the carpet-then you can use the Kirby to vacuum it up after it has worked.

Post# 1501 , Reply# 5   9/20/2006 at 16:13 (4,387 days old) by alex ()        
Kirby Rug Renovator

YES! Not only did I use carpet shampooing as a way for my trainees to get in to demo but made a good living with the Kirby shampoo system on a private basis. It's not for deep cleaning, or stain removal, but for light shampooing of apartment models, and so on it works great.

Post# 1506 , Reply# 6   9/20/2006 at 17:01 (4,387 days old) by rocketwarrior ()        
Nathan's probably right

I like my G3 for one floor 2000SF cleaning. My son borrowed it for shampooing and things just got too wet. No extraction.

Post# 1518 , Reply# 7   9/20/2006 at 23:13 (4,387 days old) by frkirby511 ()        
Kirby to Shampoo

I have had excellent results with the Kirby shampoo system -- G-6 and Legend. And yes it can leave too much moisture. You have to be careful with it.

I have also learned -- when I want really deep cleaning -- to team up the Kirby shampoo system with one of the new "vapor-steam" vacuum systems. I got mine last spring. I have been watching them for some time on various web sites. It is different than the usual extraction machines in that they actually use steam vapor. There is no solution in the tank, just water for the steam. None of the vaporvac systems have any type of revolving brush; only a nozzle with both suction and steam jets. It makes a perfect pair with the Kirby. I use the steam without suction first to loosen the dirt. I use the Kirby shampooer. Then I use the steam WITH suction to "rinse." When it's dry, I vacuum with the Kirby. Then I use a clean [i.e. not ever used on the floor for buffing] Kirby floor buffer to fluff the carpet. It sounds like a lot to do but it really doesn't take that long and it gives excellent results --- better than with any single unit I have ever used.

I also get excellent results with the Kirby alone when the carpeting doesn't seem to warrent the both processes. Last summer I used just the Kirby system on a very expensive oriental rug that was left in the residence I moved into. It did an exceptional job. One person I know who is in the carpet and flooring business who had seen it before and after asked me where I sent it out to be cleaned.

Anyway in tandem with the vapor vac system or all by itself, I have found the Kirby shampoo system to be effective and consistent.

Bruce C.

Post# 1519 , Reply# 8   9/20/2006 at 23:23 (4,387 days old) by swingette ()        

yours was an excellent suggestion. i hope Kirby was listening. btw, ive used the Rug Doctor and classic style Hoover Steamvac with rotating brushes and had excellent results. technique has a lot to do with the result. the trick to drying is turning on the AC to very low temp and use a fan too. the AC removes the moisture from the air. also thick carpets should be raked to speed drying.

Post# 1520 , Reply# 9   9/20/2006 at 23:29 (4,387 days old) by vegaslux60 ()        
Kirby for shampooing !

My Wife, is a big Kirby fan! She has a G-5 and does like the shampooer! It does do a great job, however our big complaint is that it leaves the carpets too wet! If we use it to shampoo, we then go over the carpet with our Hoover SteamVac to extract the wetness! Then we "dry" the carpet with the blower outlet from an Electrolux! This works well in combination however it is quite an ordeal to use three different machines to shampoo carpeting, especially in a 2,ooo + square foot house! Their is no perfect machine for shampooing!
Once the carpets are dry, we then vacuum thoroughly with either the Kirby or a Hoover Convertible with an empty bag! We do really like to use the floor buffer as a "nap-lifter" with our plush works great!

Post# 1536 , Reply# 10   9/21/2006 at 16:07 (4,386 days old) by alex ()        
Kirby Rug Renovator

As a former Kirby trainer I can tell you that most people have trouble with saturating the carpet. Our trainees did it all the time! The term we used was "laying down the suds." The point is to start with the toe-touch controll at the lowest setting. The higher you go the more suds. Not a good idea! Make ONE backward pass then move the Kirby over, roll it forward and overlap the line of suds and repeat till the entire section is done. Now with the suds down work them in with the brushroll. Let the carpet dry and vacuum. If done RIGHT there is no problem and the carpet is dry in two hours.

I did this professionally for several years during the years I worked for Kirby and between assignments.

Most people don't like Kirby because they don't know how to use the tools like the Run Renovator, or the Handi-Butler. But then most people buy a Kirby set it in the upright mode and NEVER use the hose and tools. By following the instructions in the owners manual shampooing the carpet of waxing the floor is easy.

In reality the hardest part of shampooing with a Kirby is cleaning the Rug Renovator assembly and suds dispenser.

I also suggest that people switch to the Mirical-Head to work in the suds after the carpet is damp and the suds have been worked in. This gives the shampoo a chance to work.

Post# 1537 , Reply# 11   9/21/2006 at 17:56 (4,386 days old) by frkirby511 ()        
Miracle Head

By the "Miracle Head," do you mean the floor buffer?


Post# 1542 , Reply# 12   9/21/2006 at 19:41 (4,386 days old) by dualsanitronic ()        
The Bubble Bunch

Also,after you have "worked the suds in" ,you should go back over the room without dispensing.On all renos from the D50 to the Heritage,you'd take the hose off,put saran wrap over the suds screen,then the hose back in place.By going back over the room without dispensing,the hinge covered drum brush will pick up excess suds and dirt,"hurling" them into the tray.BTW,the Heritage II introduced the Stop Suds feature,a plastic cap hanging off the hose's end to be used for that purpose or to spot scrub without excess "soaping".I like the renovator alot,but there ARE much better suds out there than Kirby's own brand.

Post# 1545 , Reply# 13   9/21/2006 at 21:26 (4,386 days old) by frkirby511 ()        

What brand of suds do you recommend using with the Kirby?

Post# 1546 , Reply# 14   9/21/2006 at 22:30 (4,386 days old) by dualsanitronic ()        
foam,foam on the range

I don't know if they make it anymore,but Bissell Wall-to-Wall shampoo for foaming shampooers was suprisingly very good,as well as commercial foaming shampoos that state that they dry to a "crisp" non-sticky residue that vacuums away when dry,such as Von Scraeder dry-foam carpet shampoo or janitorial supply brands.

Post# 1884 , Reply# 15   9/30/2006 at 14:55 (4,378 days old) by vacuumkid3 ()        
Kirby Carpet Cleaning...


I found that Kirby's do a better job making the carpet smell better than getting out stains. I think the vacuum alone does a better job vacuuming that "renovating rugs". I have used my Rug Renovator with my Kirby Heritage and it made the carpet smell nice, but did not get out pet stains. I was dismayed in that... How does the Rainbow equivalent handle carpets? Thanks!


Post# 1944 , Reply# 16   10/2/2006 at 00:02 (4,376 days old) by alex ()        
The real reason for the Rug Renovator

The various features like the Rug Renovator, Miracle Head, spray gun, crystalator and Handi-Butler were all designed to 'close the sale.' Kirby WAS designed as a vacuum cleaner but the carpet shampoo process DID dazzle the customer and did in fact close many a sale! Kirby was not however, in the carpet shampooing business, nor was Electrolux so they were limited to 'light cleaning.' I always told the prospect that "this will not remove deep stains." It DID in fact remove light dirt.

The same with the Handi-Butler it got the husband interested, suddenly he had a set of power tools, right! Once in the closet the Kirby was just the houshold vacuum cleaner.

Post# 1948 , Reply# 17   10/2/2006 at 00:13 (4,376 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Yes,the Kirby Shampoo system did "Dazzle" some customers-but after the sale and all is said and done--the shampooer spent most of its time in the closet-usually never to see the light of day again.during the short period me and another guy were selling TRiStars-we got Kirby shampoo systems that were UNUSED!To some users the Kirby shampooer is too much trouble.I do use mine on occasion.

Post# 1956 , Reply# 18   10/2/2006 at 10:13 (4,376 days old) by kirbykid ()        
Kirby Shampooer

I use my Kirby shampooer on my Diamond Edition and it seems to be the only way I can get these darn Berber carpets clean... If anyone else has a suggestion how to clean berber let me know please...KIRBYKID

Post# 3182 , Reply# 19   10/29/2006 at 22:02 (4,348 days old) by scott55405 ()        

I used to do it now and then. I thought the results were respectable and I never had the too wet carpet issue. The tank is a bit small, and mine was always clogging, but I later learned I was missing some sort of filter, so that was hardly the fault of the unit. I think it'd be great to do a room here and there, some traffic areas or a small apartment. it would be more work than it was worth to go beyond that all it one time.

These days I use my Hoover Floor-a-Matic for shampooing, with some "Zep" shampoo I found at Home Depot made for this type of unit. It cleans well, works great and barely wets the carpet. I like that the tank is big and I control the flow of the solution to the rug. Does a great job on some area rugs I have too.

Eventually and occasionally, I will have it professionally done, since I know it's good to get that stuff extracted out of there. I will say however that I think scrubbing/agitation is necessary for good cleaning, just a steam wand is not going to do the trick. Just my opinion.

Post# 3189 , Reply# 20   10/29/2006 at 22:58 (4,348 days old) by luxg ()        

Scott, I have to agree with you. I think if you really want clean carpets you have to use some type of scrubber first and then the steam hot water extraction. I have always found this to do the best job, but there again, just my opinion.

Post# 3219 , Reply# 21   10/30/2006 at 06:44 (4,348 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

myvacsrock's profile picture
I use mine weekly!!

I love my Kirby carpet shampooer! It smells wonderful and really get the stains out! I also use it when i clean people's house and they LOVE the results!!

Kyle Krichbaum

Post# 279043 , Reply# 22   5/2/2014 at 21:38 (1,606 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
Kirby Shampooer...

I do actually use mine, in part for fun to demo a classic like my D50 for friends in a rental clean up. I agree w/ above said, I find most who found issues were not using them to best technique or as directed in most cases. I do as Alex does above. I find if using different commercial foams, they do well but some require less flow so adjust as needed then shut off as soon as u put down the suds. This is another area I hope Kirby reads. I am working on a cable operated rotary valve control to handle mount to control suds flow on the spot as with an Electrolux Floor Pro. My prototype works much like a throttle or choke on a lawnmower and fixes to the upper handle to b finger controlled. I've used mine for years and never had wetness issues and in fact family or friends were impressed with how soon they can move things back or walk on.

I have part BerBer so for this I find I like my Electrolux rotary 3 brush system of the Floor Pro Again, w/ a finger control of suds you lay them down where you want when you want and agitate and scrub as desired. I like that you can spend more time on needed areas without sucking up foam too soon. I like The Electrolux Floor Pro system in general for an every day on stand by use especially in a busy furnished home. It just gets in and around things so much easier and quick to put away and set up again. I honestly just leave a mixture in machine ready for next spot clean up.

I do like using both. I like my Kirby for a nice wide open area and a good cross pattern grooming then follow with fluffier brush. I primarily use Electrolux's Turbo dry foam but I do like Kirby's non scented or for rentals I use the commercial grade w/ a stronger sanitary odor but people like that it smells clean. If you got an empty room, the Kirby is great, lay down the suds, and groom. I don't use this for a day to day at home as it is more work to take down and clean for storage then would prefer. In our case we own several Kirby's so we can keep 1 set up as a full time shampooer , vacuum and buffer.

To add, the trick to limit the wetness is to keep it moving, do not stop with suds flowing, If you must stop for an interruption, power off. The G series have much more power so use that suds control. I can clean 1 10x12 room with my D50 w/ its small tank. The Sentria , if left wide open will blow out more water. The Electrolux Turbo Floor Pro is very good with its flow control.


Post# 279052 , Reply# 23   5/2/2014 at 21:48 (1,606 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
Kirby Heritage 1-HD in shampoo mode

here's my example of my Heritage ready to use, and that we did. Even the family dog likes it.

Post# 279068 , Reply# 24   5/2/2014 at 22:24 (1,606 days old) by KirbyClassicIII (Milwaukie, Oregon)        

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I have one for my Classic III but my mom is concerned of me using it to shampoo the new carpeting this house has had installed in 2010 and 2011... she warns it may leave unattractive stains.

That is also the reason she does not want me looking for a Rainbow canister vacuum since dust filtration is via clean, warm water and spilling that over the carpeting would also leave unwanted stains.


Post# 279076 , Reply# 25   5/2/2014 at 22:47 (1,606 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
Kirby shampooer on new or old carpet...

I was concerned with this as well. But I waited 1 yr b4 I did mine, the new carpet. I did use the Electrolux 1st though as it was or seemed more gentle with more control. The same I found for older carpet of 10+ yrs. I found that the Kirby's can loosen up the weaken under matting if too wet. I found they can pull up the carpet from padding if too low setting of brush roll. If care is taken, I got great results with old carpet as much as 15 yrs to look nice, especially using the fluffier brush. This is where I like the Kirby option over the Electrolux. The Electrolux Floor Pro has a set of rake type brushes, the nap lifting brush, you put in place but I always felt they were too rough on an old carpet.

Post# 279095 , Reply# 26   5/2/2014 at 23:54 (1,606 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


I've used my Legend II renovator a couple of times and think it does a really great job -- much better, actually, than the Electrolux B8 Carpet Beautifier.

I was also shown the technique of covering the suds outlet with saran wrap and going over the carpet a second time. My Lord, the crap that got scrubbed out of the carpet! It looked beautiful afterward and wasn't so wet that it took longer than a few hours to completely dry.

I was recently given a complete G4 and look forward to trying out the renovator.

Post# 279128 , Reply# 27   5/3/2014 at 09:51 (1,606 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        

super-sweeper's profile picture

I love the Rug-Renovator on my 1-CR, it works great on both my plush, frizzy carpets, and my short pile carpets! The carpets always smell fresh and clean, plus the crap it pulls out of the carpets is always astonishing!Laughing

Post# 279212 , Reply# 28   5/3/2014 at 23:20 (1,605 days old) by vacuumssuck213 ()        
wish i could...

Every time I get my g6 shampoo powerhead attatched as soon as I twist the belt lifter towards on the head buckles and falls off have no idea what's going on I perch it right. Very frustrating

Post# 279290 , Reply# 29   5/4/2014 at 17:39 (1,604 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        
how many

anthony's profile picture
beat up kirbys have you seen that have had years of use while its carpet cleaning atachments are still in the box brand new it speaks volumes there little more than useless .i have tried mine quite a fiew times each time all it dose is leave the carpet wet no dirt extraction what so ever then you have to start cleaning the dam thing before you can put it away well mine has been put away for good it wont see the light of day again if i have anything to do with it .i now use an old hoover scrubber /floor polisher once i have given the carpet a good scrub i then go over it with a Vax three in one filled with clean water it rinses all the soap and dirt out really well and leaves the carpet almost dry .the Kirby contraption may work on cheap carpets but if you have good quality thick carpet i wouldnt trust it you will just end up with a wet soggy carpet that smells like wet dog

Post# 279343 , Reply# 30   5/4/2014 at 21:15 (1,604 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        

super-sweeper's profile picture

People do not leave their Rug-Renovators in the boxes for their 'useless' factor, rather because they could not be bothered to set it up, thus leave it to sit. ANY carpet cleaner you have to clean before putting away, otherwise your letting a bag of nasty water and etc. To sit and mold + sour. The Kirby system is a breeze to rinse out in a sink, it's far simpler than that big tub of your Vax or so.


My carpets are not cheap, rather a luscious and plush nap.the Kirby DIGS the dirt out of the carpet, I'm always impressed.

Post# 279347 , Reply# 31   5/4/2014 at 21:54 (1,604 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

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Yep I agree with Alex!Smile



Post# 279411 , Reply# 32   5/5/2014 at 15:10 (1,604 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        
exactly the response i expected

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dont get me wrong i love my kirby as a vacuum cleaner both as an upright and as a suction cleaner and i have used the spray gun quite a lot its great for painting the shed and fence its really fast and gets into all the nooks and cranies but the carpet cleaner na its crap .perhaps its time Kirby made the atachments optional extras then they might sell a fiew more machines to people who just want to buy what is an exellent robust vacuum cleaner but get a life guys thats all it is a carpet cleaner it aint and without some major re design it never will be

Post# 279420 , Reply# 33   5/5/2014 at 16:06 (1,603 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

kirbymodel2c's profile picture

Hi Anthony, I completely disagree with you! I've got some great results from my Kirby shampooers when used with genuine shampoos and pre treaters and as directed . That goes on different types/styles of carpet.  Especially compared to some of the other domestic shampooers on the market of which I've tried quite a few. Most of which aren't worth.....


But again I'm sure your expecting a response like this as well. I wouldn't want to disappoint. This Kirby collector does have a lifeWink







Post# 279421 , Reply# 34   5/5/2014 at 16:09 (1,603 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        

I dont have a shampooer, I want a Kirby shampooer though!

I shampooed my nearly an inch think carpet in my bedroom.
What I did was use soap and boiling water and then brush it in well with a stiff broom. Then I got my Dyson DC07 Origin and vacuumed the water out and when it was full, emptied it into a bucket and went over the carpet many times till the water stopped being extracted.

Post# 279426 , Reply# 35   5/5/2014 at 16:37 (1,603 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        
you bet the collector has a life!

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I'm betting you used the wrong shampoo, Anthony. The genuine Kirby shampoo bubbles into a dry foam, whereas a non-genuine 'fit all' shampoo may not foam, and leave carpets wet.

Post# 279429 , Reply# 36   5/5/2014 at 16:46 (1,603 days old) by madabouthoovers ()        

What would put me off using the genuine Kirby shampoo is the cost. Its very expensive in the UK.

Post# 279437 , Reply# 37   5/5/2014 at 17:21 (1,603 days old) by sptyks (Skowhegan, Maine)        
The Kirby carpet shampoo system works great for me...

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I think the problems that most folks on here are reporting are caused by improper use of the shampoo system. Following Kirby's official instructions will ensure success in most all cases.


Remember - you must make sure the Toe-Touch control is in the very lowest position or you will lay down too much suds which will cause excessive drying time. Also make sure to lay down only one layer of suds on each pass. After suds have been properly laid down, turn the suds control valve on top of the tank to off and go over that area again which will work the suds deeper down into the carpet. This added step will make a big difference in stain removal and overall cleanliness of your carpet.


The final and probably most important step is to vacuum the area thoroughly. Make sure the carpet is completely dry and that your bag is no more than half full so as to get maximum suction and airflow from your Kirby. The dirt in the carpet will attach itself to the dried shampoo suds and will come out when you vacuum.

I got my Sentria with Kirby shampoo system last year and have shampooed my carpet 3 times since then with excellent results. I have a very light beige plush wall to wall carpet and you can definitely tell where sections of carpet close to furniture are darker but  the center of the room which was just shampooed is cleaner and a couple shades lighter. Of course when it's dry and I have vacuumed that center section, I move the furniture to the middle and shampoo those sections last. I now do it in reverse order and get similar results.

Post# 279561 , Reply# 38   5/6/2014 at 15:19 (1,603 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        
i have followed the instructions to the letter

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on the numerous occasions i have tried the kirby and each time the results are the same .when the carpet eventually dries you vac up the residue then you are left with a sticky carpet that gets dirty really quickly as i said earlier i have had reasonable results by going over the carpet with just clean water in the vax the proof is in the bin afterwards and when the carpet is dry there is no sticky feel to it afterwards

Post# 279563 , Reply# 39   5/6/2014 at 15:25 (1,603 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        
have you tried a diffrent

super-sweeper's profile picture

Carpet? Perhaps the problem is not in the machine!Tongue out

Post# 279567 , Reply# 40   5/6/2014 at 15:41 (1,603 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        
the above pic is the sticky residue

anthony's profile picture
i was talking about if the carpet is allowed to dry with this lot in it it feels sticky afterwards so what i do is rather than have to dismantle the Kirby then fit the carpet washer i simply use the hoover scrubber that dose a far better job them remove the dirt and water with the vax the results are exellent .I did a test some time ago with a offcut of cream carpet i poured honey coffe gravy and some black treacle on it then left it out in the garden in the sun all day till it was totally dried [i didnt clean it straight away like they do on those silly tv programes ]next i tried to clean half of it with the Kirby it loosened all of the dirt and even managed to flick some of it into the suds tray but the big brown stain was still there i then left it to bake in the sun again till it was dry then i did the other half with the Hoover scrubber rinsing with the vax the lot was gone in one go a couple of hours later the carpet is dry and more important not sticky

Post# 279607 , Reply# 41   5/6/2014 at 17:39 (1,602 days old) by kirbymodel2c (Nottingham, England)        

kirbymodel2c's profile picture

Hi, As I've mentioned before I get that same residue on many makes and models of vacuum cleaner coming in for repair.

Most if not all don't own a Kirby. Many own Vax and Bissells shampooers. Some don't have any carpet shampooer at all.

Also I don't get any residue like this on my Kirby rug plates. Nor are my carpets left sticky.



Post# 279659 , Reply# 42   5/7/2014 at 11:32 (1,602 days old) by sptyks (Skowhegan, Maine)        
Sounds like...

sptyks's profile picture

Too much foam was laid down. Possibly the toe-touch control was not all the way down.


What kind of shampoo was being used? Was it Kirby shampoo?

Post# 279663 , Reply# 43   5/7/2014 at 12:52 (1,602 days old) by anthony (leeds uk)        

anthony's profile picture
was done to the letter and yes Kirby cleaning products were used

Post# 279839 , Reply# 44   5/9/2014 at 01:05 (1,600 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
I further agree.

I primarily use Electrolux Turbo in my Kirbys mainly cause it's what I have on hand. Not any more expensive then Kirby but I am used to it. My dogs like it. I've used Kirby as well as other commercial dry foams with good results. For rentals, I use Franklin Dry Foam which is more concentrated so it can go further or produce good suds.

I actually use my vintage Kirby Dual Sanitronic 50 w/ its original Rug Renovator w/ satisfying results compared to the big "G" series. Not better, just good for its age. I empty 1 little tank per room but it works. Just a note, this would be the 1st running model of 1965 where we are introduced to the, then called, "Rug Renovator" known now as the Carpet Shampoo System. Notice the same basic design exist today. I don't mind using this in small room s since the stay is shorter so you can get closer and more snug fit up against ways where tray can't get.

Be sure to store your shampooer tray in its box properly in the fitted cradle so not let sit on its soft rubber guides. This, if deformed, will cause uneven foam spreading. The older kits didn't sit in bottom but take care to set down so not to let other items lean against the rubber. Keep facing to side of box.

Easy to clean up as said many times. Not the quickest, but easy. To help dry out the brush I lift roller and let spin for a moment, usually 30 seconds, before taking apart to help make clean up a little easier. If brush is dry, you can simply comb out dry foam & dirt by hand so you are not waiting a long time to put away. Avoid putting away with a wet brush.

Post# 279908 , Reply# 45   5/9/2014 at 17:29 (1,599 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        
a Flat shampoo cap!?

super-sweeper's profile picture

Well, look who's the new Kirby expert on the block!Tongue out

Even I didn't know of a Flat cap, wonder how the shampoo was supposed to be measured?

I wonder if the housewife used the measuring cup she kept handy after another successful cake!

Post# 279941 , Reply# 46   5/10/2014 at 00:10 (1,599 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
Rug Renovator measuring cup & cap

The cap is same fitting as the later with cup built in. But the 1st runs used this flat cap but supplied a matching 2oz measuring cup seen in photo. Notice the small cut out to assist in pouring. Everything else about this 1st generation take is the same. Suds filter scree was a tighter woven fabric so clogged faster. The intake foam dirt filter sponge old style foam broke down with age so count on getting a new 1 if using it. It's smaller in diameter then the "G" series but same thickness so you can trim 1 down just fine. I'd use a newer suds filter screen as this made for better suds. These "2" components are essential in producing good suds or putting out too much water too fast. Check liquid tube to make sure it flows freely. Fill tank in sink and tip foreword. water should slow steadily out the suds nipple with screen removed. Use new foam dirt filter sponge, clean if dirty. dirt hair and fuzz will be stuck here.

Post# 279943 , Reply# 47   5/10/2014 at 01:34 (1,599 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
Kirby D50 Rug Renovator

Here's the Rug Renovator on the D50 going to work. Handled very well. With the right suds screen you can get a nice steady slow peed of suds lay down as to not have to move so fast to keep up.

Post# 280011 , Reply# 48   5/10/2014 at 12:10 (1,599 days old) by super-sweeper (KSSRC Refurbishment Center)        
using Electrolux shampoo,

super-sweeper's profile picture

In a KIRBY system!? Oh, the horror!Tongue out

I guess you can teach old Kirby experts new tricks,I never knew that!

Post# 280206 , Reply# 49   5/11/2014 at 22:40 (1,597 days old) by Elektrolux ()        
RE: in a Kirby system,

Lol, yes, It's what I had on hand for regular use. I do like and use Kirby shampoo when I have it.

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