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Nilfisk GAD 70- recent bargain!
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Post# 117259   12/6/2010 at 12:03 (3,699 days old) by rob_89 ()        

Hi guys,

Wanted to share my latest purchase with you- I know very little about Nilfisks apart from their excellent reputation, and hoping somebody out there can help me answer a few questions..any Nilfisk collectors about?!

I presume this is pre 1980. Overall condition is quite good, though it has seen some use over the years! Looking at the cable and the filter inside (which was full of very fine dust dust, now vacuumed clean) I think it must have been used in an office or similar.

Does anyone know if the hose is original to the cleaner? Not sure how well it shows in the photo, its a dark green vinyl finish- never seen a hose like this. Seems to still be airtight.

Cleaner is very quiet, and motor is spotless behind that giant cotton filter. Suction seems good.

Does anyone know the rough age of this? Unfortunately missing the wheeled trolley, but its light enough to glide over carpets.

Currently unsure whether to leave it as is with a 'vintage patina' or to attempt to restore the original surface finish. Does anyone have a secret to shining up oxidised aluminium? Would hate to damage it!

Would be great to see other Nilfisks or any info about this one would be greatly appreciated!



Post# 117260 , Reply# 1   12/6/2010 at 12:07 (3,699 days old) by rob_89 ()        
Main filter- motor removed

Few rust marks, but appears to be very effective at retaining dust

Post# 117261 , Reply# 2   12/6/2010 at 12:09 (3,699 days old) by rob_89 ()        
And separated into sections..

Apologies for the picture sizes everyone, currently unable to resize them.

Post# 117263 , Reply# 3   12/6/2010 at 12:31 (3,699 days old) by joe22 ()        

wow congrats, a really neat vac, i like how the hose swivels where it connects to the vac

Post# 117268 , Reply# 4   12/6/2010 at 13:00 (3,699 days old) by rob_89 ()        
Hose swivel

Thanks Joe :-)

Both ends of the hose use a clever ball joint fitting, with the fittings rubberised to seal them airtight. I'm planning to get a replacement hose to use with the cleaner, as this one is a bit rigid and I don't want to damage it.


Post# 117288 , Reply# 5   12/6/2010 at 16:06 (3,698 days old) by Vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London)        
It been around longer than you have

vacbear58's profile picture

I would place this machine at mid 1970s - I certainly used one like it when I was at college in 1976. And longer than that too - this machine (more or less) appears in the first Which report in April 1960. It originally had separate carpet and floor tools, the one on yours, which is original, probably came in the the mid 1970s. It operates rather like the 1960s Electrolux although by the time it was on the Nilfisk, Electrolux had moved away from that style, at least on its UK mainstream models. The hose itself is not original although the ends are - it should have a woven hose, again rather like Electrolux. Given that this model always had a semi-commercial applications (bit like a fore-runner to the Henry) it is possible that the hose came from one of the more emphatically commercial models - woven hoses were prone to wear and air leaks. It was around for many more years with a more extensive filter on the top and amended handle arrangement

Post# 117313 , Reply# 6   12/6/2010 at 17:17 (3,698 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        

aeoliandave's profile picture
A remarkably lovely & robust vacuum cleaner indeed, Rob.

I'd never heard of them either until I came across this one in Toledo. I was immediately drawn to its all aluminum body and compact tub shape. I got it for free with just the braided hose.

Drawing inspiration from the baby blue rings on the hose and transparent blue handle I paired it with anonymous blue un-badged tools from the spares bins and a pair of aluminum Electrolux wands. I see I didn't get the exhaust defuser disc, either. Also didn't get a power cord so I paired up a blue one and put an appliance socket on the end that fits over the angled power blades; the Electrolux 30 plug is too fat to insert. Mine does have the three wheel dolly with fender pontoons. Very stylish.

About the impressive multi-stage filter bag setup, I was told that these Nilfisks were the only vacuum that could be used in the Rochester Xerox copier Research Labs to pick up the fine toner powder that was inevitably spilled.

It's a hard aluminum shell and you'll find it polishes up nicely with Mothers Aluminum Mag Polish. Do NOT use fine steel wool on it, tho.

Post# 117314 , Reply# 7   12/6/2010 at 17:23 (3,698 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        

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I think it was Edgar in Belgium who posted this picture of the 70 that shows the tool caddy and nozzles.

Post# 117318 , Reply# 8   12/6/2010 at 17:58 (3,698 days old) by kenkart ()        
I have a...

GS 80 and a GS 90, they are great machines, but the bags are EXPENSIVE!!!

Post# 117352 , Reply# 9   12/6/2010 at 22:33 (3,698 days old) by Collector2 (Moose Jaw, Sk)        

collector2's profile picture
I think the hose is a later replacement as it appears to be the same one that is on my Nilfisk. Though I dont know why they put it out in green.

Post# 117367 , Reply# 10   12/7/2010 at 01:25 (3,698 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

At my workplace one of the cleaning contractors had a similar Nilfisk "silver Bullet" canister vacuum-tried it one time-was really nice-then that cleaning companies contract ran out-and we were switched to another building cleaner.the Nilfisk was left behind for a couple months-I asked if I could have it if the contractor didn't claim it-I had to wait another month-then at the last week they came and picked it up.--so close!The one that was here had a vinyl hose and the wheeled canister base-no tool caddy-just the wands and a bare floor tool.Thats another of my "want one" machines.

Post# 117372 , Reply# 11   12/7/2010 at 02:25 (3,698 days old) by watsonw (Newport, Shropshire, UK)        

Try the new, albeit pattern spare, white fibre type dust bags that can be found on ebay (for GS80)they're good.

I bought a new GS80 complete with the tool holder and bought some additional tools among them the turbo head which amounted to @ 300 in 1992; worth every penny for the build quality; a huge ball race each end of the armature rather like the pre war hoover 7/8 & 900 range hoovers. Your GA70 motor will be much the same but with a wattage rating @ 550/600 watts. Mine is 700.

Great find, Regards, Walter, Newport, SHROPS.

Post# 117373 , Reply# 12   12/7/2010 at 02:39 (3,698 days old) by rob_89 ()        

Thanks for all the replies!

Al, thank you for confirming the age, I thought it would be around that era. I think the flip over tool is great on hard floors.. tested it with some oats scattered over kitchen tiles and all went straight up, without being pushed ahead of the nozzle.

I also have an early- mid 80s Henry- this Nilfisk can't match it in terms of suction power, but it is quieter.

Dave, your one looks great with the accessories! I wish mine had come with the wheeled trolley, hoping to find one at some point. I will look for some Mothers Mag polish over here, I'm sure we must have it or a similar product.

Doug, what model is your Nilfisk? That does appear to be the same hose. I've found it quite heavy and unwieldy, I don't know if thats just due to the age of it though. Not sure why they used green either, but looks ok with the cleaner!

I've got a GM80 model arriving soon- I'm hoping I can fit the wheels and hose onto this, as they seem to be basically identical construction, just a different motor unit.


Post# 117374 , Reply# 13   12/7/2010 at 02:47 (3,698 days old) by rob_89 ()        
white bags..

Hi Walter,

thanks for the tip..I just got 15 regular paper bags for 99p on ebay, but may order some of the white bags to try them too.

I went for the cheap option as I often throw away bags after a few weeks or so, even if not really full. Having said that, I use the white polypropylene 'Hepaflo' bags in my Henry, and wouldn't switch back to paper ones! Filtration seems to be so good that nothing escapes the bag.

Have tried a turbo head with my model, works well on low pile carpet. From the videos I've seen on youtube now, the GS80 looks quite a bit more powerful, so I imagine its better in this respect.

As an aside, does anyone else have a two speed switch on the back of the motor unit on their cleaner? Mine has a dial with I and II positions marked. Does not seem to do anything though!



Post# 117391 , Reply# 14   12/7/2010 at 08:30 (3,698 days old) by Collector2 (Moose Jaw, Sk)        

collector2's profile picture
Hi Rob:

Mine is a Type: GSD


Post# 117410 , Reply# 15   12/7/2010 at 10:54 (3,698 days old) by Vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London)        

vacbear58's profile picture

I suggest you get yourself down to Halfords and get a tube of Autosol polish - it comes in a tube (and box) like toothpaste. Its not cheap but its probably your safest bet. Although it is a very gentle metal polishing paste I would give it a try on an inconspicious area first just in case. Autosol is also great from taking marks off plastic too.

A quick google search indicates that you cab buy it on line too, if there is not a Halfords close by.

Post# 117413 , Reply# 16   12/7/2010 at 11:30 (3,698 days old) by a007kirbyman (--->> Originally My Mom <<--- (now Wisconsin))        

a007kirbyman's profile picture
Hello Rob.

Al is right, AutoSol is great stuff.

We use to be able to get AutoSol directly thru Kirby. With the importing, regulations & pricing; Kirby made the decision to switch to Flitz.

I've used other brands as well, 3M Polish, Mother's, etc., & I think Flitz does a great job. I have a customer who has a 'bar' in his home, & he says the Flitz gives him the best & longest lasting finish on the brass railings. The other nice thing is it's versatility of materials it may be used on.

Cheers & hagd,


Post# 117421 , Reply# 17   12/7/2010 at 13:19 (3,698 days old) by watsonw (Newport, Shropshire, UK)        

I second what Al says......its amazing what will be revealed.

Forget BRASSO;you may as well use baby lotion !!!

Regards, Walter.

Post# 117529 , Reply# 18   12/8/2010 at 14:43 (3,697 days old) by rob_89 ()        

Thank you for all the suggestions guys!

I have a big Halfords store nearby so went and bought a tube of Autosol earlier this afternoon. Will post some before and after pics once all shined up!


Post# 281997 , Reply# 19   5/27/2014 at 08:25 (2,431 days old) by danvac ()        
1920 ad from Nilfisk

Nilfisk fans, Watch this 1920s ad.:

To the real fans, Nielsen & Fisker also produced this:

I am well avare the thread is quite old, but as I am new here, better this, than starting a new, as my mavigation skills are not too good.

Post# 423724 , Reply# 20   4/18/2020 at 21:27 (277 days old) by nilfiskGA70 (Limerick, Ireland)        

I am a new arrival to this forum and this is an old thread, but i would like to add a few helpful hints as my first 'proper' job was as a service engineer for a cleaning company who were official Nilfisk agents. Indeed, my boss, Tony, once worked for the Nilfisk head office in Cookstown, Tallaght, Dublin. Two of his Nilfisk colleagues also branched out on their own - Clarence O'Flaherty, who ran a cleaning supplies firm in my native Galway, and Des Kavanagh, who also ran a successful domestic appliance sales/repair business, also in Galway. The very first pic here shows a GA70 with a green rubber hose - this would have been the commercial version - the domestic version had a white braided hose. The exhaust port cap design suggests mid 1960s/early 70's as the design changed again in the 70's to a moulded grey plastic one-piece cap. The main filter was replaced at one stage because the second pic shows it having a blue plastic ring that was used as a handle to shake it - the original filter had a silvery metal ring. The second and third pics also show the optional 'micro filter' - a sock that was an optional extra - it was pulled over the white motor base and gave extra filtration. It was not a standard fitment. I would say this vac spent time in a premises like a medical facility or a cleanroom in its past life. Nilfisk also supplied HEPA filters for the exhaust, never saw them for the GAE/GAD motors but I fitted them to the GSD/GST motors used in the Verbatim floppy disk factory in Limerick. Another factory in Limerick, called INFO LAB, based at the old Ferenka factory, had a fleet of Nilfisks - they manufactured copier toner and fibre optic cable filler. These machines had a tough time, as the toner chemicals attacked PVC and made it sticky and gooey - I hated seeing these motors coming in for a service as I would be black and filthy afterwards and I also had to replace every one of the internal PVC cables inside the motor housing. The first pic also shows the legendary Nilfisk '3-way-nozzle as we called it. From this pic, it is clear that the rubber edge around this floor nozzle has taken a beating. I don't know how many of these rubber 'bumpers' I have replaced in my two years working for that repair firm. Yes, we were able to obtain the individual items to refurbish those floor nozzles - bumpers, latching mechanisms, brush strips and the swivelly plastic piece that slipped onto the steel tube. The fourth pic, showing the 'baby blue' accessories, is unusual, as the European accessories were grey. The white braided hose is the standard domestic hose for the period, the exhaust port is missing its cap but it would have been the aforementioned one-piece grey cap from the mid 70's. The fifth pic shows the comprehensive accessory set and caddy which was the same as the one my Mum purchased new in 1976. The last pic shows the oval-bodied GS81 - there was also a GA71, same motors as the domestic vacs but bigger bodies, more filtration area and more robust rubber hoses, there were a popular vac for offices and contract cleaning firms. The hose coupling to the machine was a clever design, a ring of 'teeth' latched on to the forward groove between the hose coupling and a sliding plastic ring. To remove, the coupling was pushed in fully, causing the teeth to 'ride over' the plastic ring, a quick pull then withdrew the coupling. I replaced many a set of teeth on these. Good design. The rubber coupling between the hose and the curved steel tube was called a 'muff' in our shop - the originals were grey or green with grey rings, the rings then changed to blue, today, the 'muffs' are still available albeit in black. All in all, these were great vacs, two fans (10mm thick) ensured a good airflow, despite the apparent low motor power (350/500w for the GA, 800w for the GS) - modern vacs advertise powers of 1000 to 2000W but they often just have one thin fan spinning at a crazy speed). The Nilfisk motors were a bit more relaxed so bearing and brush life were very good.

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