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41180     Oreck XL21 Decedents
Created by bagintheback on 01/01/2021

41190     This will make you laugh...
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 01/04/2021

41191     The Royal PowerCast
Created by vacuumdevil on 01/04/2021

41197     Oreck Edge Canister Filter
Created by jscarlato on 01/05/2021

41200     Picked up a Quantum Upright
Created by Blackheart on 01/06/2021

41201     My first Numatic [NVR170]
Created by compuvac on 01/06/2021

41219     Adding Shop Vac to Tools
Created by detroitdirtbag on 01/11/2021

41226     Sanitaire S645: Old School But Not Exactly Old...
Created by human on 01/13/2021

41227     Hoover H74 Purepower Bags- going extinct?
Created by mikanic on 01/14/2021

41229     Looking for a great cleaning lightweight upright
Created by Tjb on 01/14/2021

41233     Are the Eureka Dream Machines and Carpet Cleaners with Power Pumps going extinct?
Created by one9ki on 01/15/2021

41237     SMC Lewyt
Created by Hooverman99 on 01/17/2021

41247     Miele S8 Cat and Dog vac
Created by Skyrunner on 01/19/2021

41249     Miele S7 - Issues/Questions+
Created by szymonrules on 01/19/2021

Created by MATTINLA on 01/21/2021

41261     Kenmore intuition
Created by Chan55 on 01/22/2021

41265     What kind of motors do Dyson use?
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/24/2021

41266     Please help!
Created by RegularRett69 on 01/24/2021

41267     Alternative to Dyson Zorb
Created by danorob1 on 01/24/2021

41272     Craftsman hand vac mod 3.0
Created by Zenith12 on 01/25/2021

41273     Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled
Created by martin187 on 01/25/2021

41274     DIY vac parts with limited tools
Created by Zenith12 on 01/25/2021

41278     Eureka Bag Seal
Created by Detroitdirtbag on 01/26/2021

41280     Waiting Months for Bags/Filters
Created by mark40511 on 01/26/2021

41281     What is your favorite brand that still uses old designs?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 01/27/2021

41282     Numatic George wiring help
Created by tonygee on 01/27/2021

41283     toy boots vacuum cleaner 1998 uk ?
Created by stephaniekoro on 01/27/2021

41292     Discord
Created by vacuumdevil on 01/28/2021

41297     Saw a Kenmore Progressive at Goodwill Today and Walked Away
Created by human on 01/29/2021

41303     Where can I get New-Old-Stock vacuums?
Created by j3ttf on 01/30/2021

41304     Rainbow E2 Black hose
Created by cam2s on 01/30/2021

41308     Attempt to soften the rubber strips of the RD 285
Created by moderneezer on 02/01/2021

41309     Vacuum order forms included when new
Created by RegularRett69 on 02/02/2021

41310     Looking for advice.. Commercial wide path upright $350-$500?
Created by Dustin on 02/02/2021

41311     Filter For An Old Kenmore Progressive Bagless
Created by Bluecube448 on 02/03/2021

41315     Dyson Monster
Created by rdwdcp on 02/04/2021

41318     Anyone Have Some Info On this Brand?
Created by Bluecube448 on 02/04/2021

41319     2 new tools for Numatic James
Created by moderneezer on 02/04/2021

41326     When’s the last time y’all have seen one of these?
Created by thevacuumman on 02/05/2021

41327     New Delphin Pro
Created by electro on 02/05/2021

41328     Kenmore Intuition bu4022 (bagged shark)
Created by vacuumdevil on 02/05/2021

41330     There is a Henry Hound for sale in the UK!
Created by j3ttf on 02/06/2021

41331     Vacuum Cleaners Clay Models
Created by rdwdcp on 02/07/2021

41345     Dyson DC07 Full Kit
Created by rdwdcp on 02/10/2021

41356     Working on a Sebo Essential G2.. Need help!
Created by Dustin on 02/11/2021

41360     Rexair video
Created by ralph123 on 02/11/2021

41362     any great vacuum canister cleaner that equals tristar compact
Created by salicia on 02/12/2021

41402     bad reviews of Sebo Felix and Kirby
Created by n0oxy on 02/21/2021

41407     Kirby brush height query
Created by gob on 02/22/2021

41416     Rainbow E2 Black vs Sebo D4 cleaning
Created by Tekjunkie28 on 02/24/2021

41422     why did Dyson not make a DC09 and DC10?
Created by rdwdcp on 02/25/2021

41434     Looking for new shark upright vacuum
Created by doron on 02/28/2021

41437     Dyson dc22 turbinehead
Created by Evilvacuumman on 02/28/2021

41438     Central Vacuum Recommendation For Small Space
Created by kirbyduh on 02/28/2021

41457     Rug Doctor mighty pro 3
Created by MattC on 03/06/2021

41462     Cheap Stick Vac Recommendations
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/07/2021

41463     Questions on cleaning tile/non-carpeted flooring.....
Created by Air-WayCharlie on 03/07/2021

41466     Torn on new power nozzle
Created by vgwpg on 03/07/2021

41485     Kenmore Progressive Canister
Created by cam2s on 03/11/2021

41488     Tempted by an Ultimate G Diamond Edition
Created by human on 03/11/2021

41489     New ProTeam cordless GoFree FlexPro backpack vacuum
Created by tolivac on 03/12/2021

41495     Canister Deep Cleaner
Created by mark40511 on 03/13/2021

41497     Hyla
Created by Lesinutah on 03/13/2021

41498     Filter Queen- Now available through Essco
Created by Blackheart on 03/13/2021

41500     Piranha Trio
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 03/14/2021

41505     Power Head for a numatic NVQ 380 b-22
Created by Ben770 on 03/14/2021

41507     My dirt devils :)
Created by LeoMan04 on 03/15/2021

41516     Are orecks any good?
Created by Ben770 on 03/16/2021

41522     NIB Hoover Windtunnel Twin Chamber low suction
Created by Gj9696 on 03/18/2021

41527     The Rainbow SRX, thank you ElectroluxxxMike!
Created by luxmanmatt on 03/19/2021

41529     new dyson coming out
Created by juju93 on 03/19/2021

41535     Trash vacs
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/20/2021

41537     TriStar Closing?
Created by electro on 03/20/2021

41538     Canister VS Upright
Created by Ben770 on 03/20/2021

41540     Carpet Washer Method
Created by mark40511 on 03/21/2021

41548     Nilfisk power nozzle has arrived.
Created by Ben770 on 03/22/2021

41552     Karcher CV 300 Brush Roll On Off Switch / Swivel Neck ?s
Created by PinkPower4 on 03/23/2021

41553     ebay seller selling broken merchandise.
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/23/2021

41555     Eureka The Boss Power 2275
Created by Cope304 on 03/23/2021

41561     Lindhaus / Windsor
Created by Ben770 on 03/24/2021

41563     Aerus Guardian Platinum
Created by Tjwpa on 03/25/2021

41566     Dyson V15, Omni Glide and their “new” strategy
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 03/26/2021

41577     Old Panasonic Vaccuum
Created by blueskies on 03/28/2021

41600     Electrolux Guardian Encore C134C
Created by SudburyMan on 04/03/2021

41602     Attention folks that own cleaning companies........
Created by Air-WayCharlie on 04/03/2021

41605     Trash find Cleartrack
Created by cam2s on 04/03/2021

41606     Part For nilfisk Gd200
Created by Ben770 on 04/04/2021

41607     WANTED: Sebo Felix
Created by Shrink1982 on 04/04/2021

41616     Dreametech T10 Cordless Keeps Up With Full Size
Created by vaclab on 04/07/2021

41618     Horsehair bristle inserts
Created by ridgidwd0670 on 04/07/2021

41625     Just Stop it!
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/09/2021

41629     Facebook marketplace score! WindTunnel
Created by suckolux on 04/09/2021

41630     Obscure (and most likely cheap) stick vacuum
Created by Eureka1998 on 04/09/2021

41639     DC17 thoughts
Created by cam2s on 04/11/2021

41642     New Kirby
Created by KirbyMan2007 on 04/12/2021

41648     Water vacuums in Consumer Reports, Spring 2021
Created by ralph123 on 04/13/2021

41655     Panasonic MCV225
Created by gmkubancsek on 04/15/2021

41670     Been in a Dyson mood lately
Created by cam2s on 04/16/2021

41671     Why don't you own Bosch vacuum ?
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/17/2021

41676     Are there any vacuums in the UK (brand new) that are soft-bag?
Created by J3TTF on 04/17/2021

41684     Need Help Installing Oreck "Endurolife" Serpentine Belt
Created by UberGreenGuru on 04/19/2021

41686     Kirby Ultimate G Zipp Brush
Created by KirbyMan2007 on 04/20/2021

41688     hoover hand vac for freeeeeeeeee
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 04/21/2021

41709     Kirby Heritage-Orange Bag
Created by Louvac on 04/26/2021

41713     HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created by KirbyMan2007 on 04/27/2021

41727     Weird thing happened with my vacuum today
Created by mark40511 on 04/30/2021

41729     Fanton model FM766HG
Created by glb1glb on 05/01/2021

41731     Shopvac 16 gallon on duty
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 05/01/2021

41732     New Kirby Avalir2 system owner. Impressed engineer.
Created by DougH on 05/01/2021

41745     Mom's Aerus quit
Created by JustJunque on 05/03/2021

41747     Kenmore Intuition bagged
Created by Luxkid1980 on 05/04/2021

41758     Wessel Werk EBK360DC Cordless Powerhead
Created by vacuumdevil on 05/05/2021

41759     Eureka QuickUp Motor
Created by Hoover300 on 05/06/2021

41761     Eureka?
Created by vacman4 on 05/06/2021

41774     Wet dry separators, have you used one?
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 05/07/2021

41779     Shop-vac. Still around?
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 05/08/2021

41782     Rainbow's 85th Anniversary/ any new kirby info?
Created by juju93 on 05/08/2021

41799     Show me your modified vacuums!
Created by vacuumkid47 on 05/12/2021

41802     What is the best vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning.
Created by Amibar on 05/13/2021

41807     Eureka RD belts
Created by luxflairguy on 05/14/2021

41809     Shark Rocket deluxe pro HV322 brush roller not spinning
Created by Snt on 05/14/2021

41810     Buying a formidable and available used vacuum
Created by 2cats2many on 05/14/2021

41814     Best way to vacuum carpeted stairs
Created by ralph123 on 05/15/2021

41828     RainbowMate 12
Created by juju93 on 05/18/2021

41830     Curbside Shark Vacuum
Created by gottahaveahoove on 05/18/2021

41841     Simplicity Craigslist Purchase: NO SUCTION!
Created by 3beans on 05/21/2021

41842     The BEST vacuum cleaner
Created by dysonman1 on 05/21/2021

41843     Aerus Pigtail Hoses
Created by vacuumman on 05/22/2021

41845     Use your Rexair to clean your screened porch
Created by electro on 05/22/2021

41859     Shark design changes in "newer" models ala Electrolux?
Created by Zinda on 05/24/2021

41875     I really like the new Dyson's
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 05/28/2021

41882 (vacuum ownership history)
Created by Blackheart on 05/29/2021

41886     Tornado Magic One
Created by Magicone on 05/29/2021

41889     Miele SEB236 Powerhead wand locking mechanism
Created by jbellafesta on 05/30/2021

41893     Rainbow SRX PN paired with E2 black
Created by chris on 05/31/2021

41894     MetroVac commercial
Created by fan-of-fans on 05/31/2021

41900     Which to add to the collection?
Created by Eureka1998 on 06/01/2021

41904     Dyson V6 Absolute UK Spec Cyclone Question
Created by blakaeg on 06/02/2021

41930     Unknown Item Electrolux
Created by SudburyMan on 06/05/2021

41942     Looking for a canister vac similar to tristar exl
Created by missjenniferd1 on 06/08/2021

41946     Aero/Electrolux Lux Legacy Canister
Created by OneEyeMan on 06/10/2021

41947     S658 Blue Moon compatible tools
Created by 2cats2many on 06/10/2021

41955     Lupe Cordless (Kickstarter vacuum)
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/12/2021

41965     Dammsugare Sweets or Vacuum Cleaner Cookies
Created by eurekaprince on 06/14/2021

41988     Hoover windtunnel supreme twin chamber
Created by vintagevac955 on 06/15/2021

41992     Kirby Company sold to Right Lane Industries
Created by iRONMAN on 06/17/2021

42020     Majestic M360ss
Created by cam2s on 06/24/2021

42068     Sanitaire S675 - changing bag type
Created by directorair on 07/05/2021

42070     New Upright Recommendation
Created by nashman50 on 07/06/2021

42072     Numatic in [North] America
Created by Undecided on 07/06/2021

42085     Boots toy vacuum cleaner 1998 uk color example
Created by stephaniekoro on 07/09/2021

42086     A new 3-in-1 system from Vacmaster
Created by Blackheart on 07/09/2021

42091     The future of Aerus
Created by electromatik on 07/10/2021

42111     Red Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled?
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/16/2021

42113     Upright hose useability
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/16/2021

42121     Fantom Fury find.
Created by cam2s on 07/18/2021

42124     Best Hard Floor Tool That Stands Upright
Created by O0John0O on 07/19/2021

42136     Hepa-style bags for kenmore model 116 upright?
Created by thevacuumbarn on 07/22/2021

42145     Ranking The Consumer-Level Carpet Shampooers
Created by wstonehocker96 on 07/24/2021

42147     Bissell In The Early-To-Mid 2000's
Created by wstonehocker96 on 07/25/2021

42153     Gtech Pro 2 Upholstery Tool Hack- MUST SEE
Created by mikanic on 07/27/2021

42161     Simplicity Syncrony find
Created by cam2s on 07/28/2021

42164     Hoover Windtunnel 3
Created by tsx500 on 07/29/2021

42165     Sebo ET1 kicker plate change
Created by Tekjunkie28 on 07/29/2021

42171     Nilfisk vacuums
Created by n0oxy on 07/31/2021

42172     Help! Royal 4000 wiring diagram
Created by fantomfan57 on 07/31/2021

42175     Issues with bags ripping?
Created by TheVacuumBarn on 07/31/2021

42176     Royal vacuums all gone?
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/31/2021

42183     Hoover Portapower questions
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/01/2021

42186     Kirby Sentria gift
Created by fantomfan57 on 08/01/2021

42191     Help on a Bissell Part
Created by Detroitdirtbag on 08/02/2021

42196     Need to replace a Sebo Felix...
Created by Tseg on 08/03/2021

42220     Woo Hoo!!! A Brand New Budget Bagged Upright In The UK!!!
Created by Jake1234 on 08/08/2021

42236     Shark AV2001 AI Robot Vacuum
Created by niclonnic on 08/12/2021

42238     MIELE BOOST CX1
Created by Eniot on 08/13/2021

42256     Riccar,Simplicity,Oreck,etc at auction
Created by rugsucker on 08/17/2021

42257     Central Vacuums
Created by k15 on 08/17/2021

42261     Avalir 2 x 2 speed
Created by rivstg1 on 08/19/2021

42270     Dirt Devil Ultra Hand Vac - discontinued?
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/20/2021

42273     Miele hose end very hard to insert into wand
Created by mjhoshaw on 08/21/2021

42274     HIZERO'S New auto mop
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/21/2021

42278     How was Hoover's twin chamber bagless system really?
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/21/2021

42286     Eureka/Sanitaire brush strips
Created by luxflairguy on 08/22/2021

42297     Kirby G6 and....
Created by fantomfan57 on 08/25/2021

42299     Bissell pro heat 2x carpet cleaner change to vibratory pump
Created by Zinda on 08/26/2021

42300     Bissell Rewind Clearview (trash find)
Created by LadyDobermann on 08/26/2021

42303     I don't think the bag change indicator is accurate
Created by mark40511 on 08/26/2021

42304     Rainbow rain jet
Created by Tomdawg on 08/26/2021

42305     Hoover Windtunnel 2 bagged upright?
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/26/2021

42310     Hoover Portapower Commercial
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/28/2021

42311     A look at the Electrolux /AEG Harmony canister
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/28/2021

42312     So What Really Happened To TTUEE2006/Tristar
Created by wstonehocker96 on 08/28/2021

42314     Hoover’s Design Adventures
Created by cam2s on 08/28/2021

42318     What’s the best way to sell refurbished vacuum cleaners in today’s market?
Created by TheVacuumBarn on 08/29/2021

42320     No hating please!
Created by suckolux on 08/29/2021

42323     Bissell PowerForce Helix is the defacto vacuum for lodging establishments
Created by superocd on 08/29/2021

42325     Who Remembers Vacgirl9111
Created by wstonehocker96 on 08/30/2021

42331     A recent thrift store find
Created by Jo on 08/30/2021

42346     Good news for the future of vacuums as major home appliances
Created by electromatik on 09/02/2021

42347     Shark Rotator Professional (trash find)
Created by LadyDobermann on 09/03/2021

42368     Hart Vacuums?
Created by huskyvacs on 09/07/2021

42377     Electrolux Ergorapido Cordless Stick/Hand Vacuum EHVS2510AW
Created by niclonnic on 09/09/2021

42389     New Aerus models
Created by panasonicvac on 09/11/2021

42395     UK Dyson Cylinder Cleaners Discontinued
Created by Rolls_rapide on 09/12/2021

42401     Sebo Felix Exhaust Filter Options
Created by O0John0O on 09/14/2021

42404     Decisions for a new daily driver
Created by tekjunkie28 on 09/15/2021

42421     2 rare toy hoovers for sale Dyson dc07 clic and hoover purepower
Created by stephaniekoro on 09/17/2021

42423     Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX Multi Surface Cordless Stick Vacuum BH53352V
Created by niclonnic on 09/17/2021

42428     Bissell Powerforce Helix (trash find)
Created by LadyDobermann on 09/18/2021

42433     My new sirena vacuum arrived here are my thoughts.
Created by Ryan7053 on 09/18/2021

42452     ET-1 Problems
Created by tekjunkie28 on 09/21/2021

42472     filter queen now sold on line
Created by n0oxy on 09/26/2021

42490     What to buy if I want a recent Aerus vacuum
Created by mjhoshaw on 09/30/2021

42492     Some rather devastating news...
Created by niclonnic on 09/30/2021

42512     Hoover's quick decline in brushroll drives and belts eaten up
Created by Zinda on 10/02/2021

42519     Numatic's advertising is truly on another level
Created by j3ttf on 10/05/2021

42520     Vibra groomer 2 not going back together
Created by Oldskoolguy on 10/05/2021

42526     The Dirty Fan question
Created by Eureka1998 on 10/06/2021

42527     Numatic imitator by Vacmaster
Created by Blackheart on 10/06/2021

42547     Aerus Manufacturing Locations
Created by sweeperboy on 10/09/2021

42550     A rather unique addition.
Created by Blackheart on 10/10/2021

42553     Why The Hoover Duros And Bissell DigiPro Make No Sense
Created by wstonehocker96 on 10/11/2021

42572     Anatomy of an Oreck bag
Created by niclonnic on 10/17/2021

42577     Sebo Felix score!
Created by kirbylux77 on 10/19/2021

42586     Will the sentria shampooer work with a g 2000?
Created by Hunster87 on 10/21/2021

42591     Vacuum Cleaner Diversity
Created by loganvac on 10/23/2021

42592     Not Enough Female Vacuum Collectors
Created by wstonehocker96 on 10/23/2021

42599     Kenmore vacuums at other retailers
Created by fan-of-fans on 10/24/2021

42600     Rexair Rainbow saved the day!
Created by electro on 10/25/2021

42604     Found a Gsix at Goodwill...
Created by human on 10/26/2021

42606     Large debris monster of a vacuum.
Created by vacuumdevil on 10/27/2021

42612     Kirby Ultimate Diamond Edition G7 - hose compatibility
Created by xaerocool on 10/28/2021

42619     Ultimate G Diamond Edition going through belts very fast
Created by mariotron on 10/29/2021

42621     Robotic vacuums? Anyone?
Created by Jo on 10/29/2021

42634     Is Sebo Felix really good?
Created by bannister on 11/01/2021

42645     Dreametech H11 Max Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Created by niclonnic on 11/04/2021

42646     Rainbow SRX
Created by funeraldirector on 11/04/2021

42647     Filter Queen
Created by rexair on 11/04/2021

42653     Daily driver candidate acquisition (proteam 1500xp)
Created by Blackheart on 11/05/2021

42655     Favorite Color On A Vacuum
Created by wstonehocker96 on 11/06/2021

42656     Hoover Floormate: Filling The Tanks Isn't Hard
Created by wstonehocker96 on 11/06/2021

42657     Looking for Perfect canister c101
Created by Johnsmith96 on 11/07/2021

42660     Aerus guardian upright
Created by Johnsmith96 on 11/08/2021

42667     Advice replacing or repairing a nearly indestructible Sebo
Created by avic on 11/12/2021

42670     Is it possible to convert a Sebo K2 to a K3?
Created by avic on 11/12/2021

42672     Electorlux S165A Floor Shampooer squeaking wheels
Created by lux165a on 11/13/2021

42681     The new filter queen color!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 11/15/2021

42683     Aura CleanMax and dinner
Created by dysonman1 on 11/16/2021

42685     Aerus Lux guardian hepa filter change issues! Plz help
Created by Johnsmith96 on 11/17/2021

42692     Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Model 2003T Leaking
Created by niclonnic on 11/18/2021

42694     Rainbow PN3 SRX
Created by funeraldirector on 11/18/2021

42695     Double Hoover thrift store find!
Created by LadyDobermann on 11/19/2021

42696     Miele remakes the lewyt big wheel
Created by vacuumdevil on 11/19/2021

42698     Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal
Created by niclonnic on 11/19/2021

42699     I just bought a new lindhaus!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 11/19/2021

42700     Can TTi Design A Decent Machine
Created by wstonehocker96 on 11/20/2021

42709     Kenmore Progressive canister vac trash find
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/22/2021

42712     My concept for the revival of the Hoover portable
Created by WindsorFan on 11/23/2021

42714     How to fix Dyson mini turbine head?
Created by niclonnic on 11/23/2021

42717     Dyson V8 Bin Issue
Created by blakaeg on 11/26/2021

42718     Central Vacuum Hose Issue
Created by sweeperboy on 11/26/2021

42723     Prolux CTX Water-Filtration Vacuum
Created by robsmith1977 on 11/27/2021

42726     Quantum X Upright Water filtration vacuum
Created by kirby519 on 11/28/2021

42728     Bissell Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush Plus Model 2846
Created by niclonnic on 11/29/2021

42729     So It Seems I Have My Own Vacuum Brand Now...
Created by vaclab on 11/29/2021

42739     What vacuums are you hoping would come out in 2022?
Created by panasonicvac on 12/02/2021

42751     Hoover WindTunnel Model 5491-900 w/DirtFinder Indicator
Created by Louvac on 12/04/2021

42756     New Member Here looking for recommendations
Created by Will77 on 12/05/2021

42767     New Makita Cordless Upright
Created by eurekaprince on 12/06/2021

42769     Does Euro-Pro Even Exist Anymore
Created by wstonehocker96 on 12/07/2021

42799     TriStar A101 Adapter ?
Created by MATTINLA on 12/16/2021

42805     Perfect C105B Cordless Canister - MFG Date from Serial Number?
Created by mieles7 on 12/18/2021

42812     Sourcing YDK Motor for Dyson DC39
Created by lothian on 12/20/2021

42814     Old, but brand new vacuum you bought at a store?
Created by niclonnic on 12/20/2021

42821     I don't think this counts as a new vacuum but it's close enough.
Created by WindsorFan on 12/23/2021

42827     Vacuum related Holiday Gifts?
Created by thatwasherguy on 12/25/2021

42828     Strange Kenmore ad on eBay
Created by fan-of-fans on 12/25/2021

42830     Anyone know about these?
Created by Hoover300 on 12/25/2021

42843     Newest acquisition!!!!!
Created by Eureka1998 on 12/29/2021

42851     New Shark rocket duo clean corded.
Created by Jo on 12/31/2021