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39395     Miele S7210 changing belt questions
Created by kris_loehr on 01/01/2020

39398     So, what's up with Aerus/Electrolux?
Created by weltron on 01/02/2020

39400     Trading sebo x4 for Felix?
Created by Johnsmith96 on 01/03/2020

39404     electrical connection on telescoping wand
Created by gdc76 on 01/04/2020

39410     Vacuum motors turned CCW by hand...
Created by superocd on 01/06/2020

39411     First post. What would you want on a new Kirby design?
Created by link9454 on 01/06/2020

39412     New to the site
Created by WitJam on 01/06/2020

39416     What is the story behind Cirrus?
Created by repairman on 01/07/2020

39429     two new vacuums
Created by n0oxy on 01/09/2020

39436     Shark Rotator Professional Troubles PLEASE HELP!!!
Created by Richeymg on 01/10/2020

39441     exactly how do vacuum distributors work
Created by n0oxy on 01/11/2020

39451     AURA Roboclean (water vacuum)
Created by vacuumdevil on 01/12/2020

39452     Make the hose longer
Created by rivstg1 on 01/12/2020

39454     Electrolux epic Restoration
Created by 4501933ho on 01/13/2020

39461     Kenmore Elite 31150 Hose
Created by O0John0O on 01/17/2020

39468     Current Kenmore
Created by RainbowD4C on 01/19/2020

39470     Im starting to become more of a classic Hoover/Eureka Fan.
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 01/19/2020

39472     Shark Navigator Freestyle strange Power button double press issue
Created by prodikl on 01/20/2020

39480     Tool storage cover for kenmore progressive
Created by gdc76 on 01/21/2020

39483     My whole Collection...
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 01/22/2020

39486     The best gift ever
Created by Rainbowvacfane2 on 01/23/2020

39487     Vacuum Cleaner Collection
Created by Rdwdcp on 01/23/2020

39497     Cordless craftsman hand vac to corded
Created by 4501933ho on 01/25/2020

39499     Sebo airbelt K3 or E3 premium?
Created by Johnsmith96 on 01/26/2020

39501     Miele U1 Cord Issue
Created by photowizd on 01/26/2020

39512     Sebo G4 and G5
Created by Mieles5380leo on 01/27/2020

39513     Does Rainbow E2 Black really need a hepa filter?
Created by Vintage_Kitchen on 01/27/2020

39515     Miracle mate and their bags
Created by Blackheart on 01/28/2020

39526     An update on my Sanitaires
Created by sanitairewill on 01/30/2020

39536     Drainvac's 2020 central vacuum series
Created by n0oxy on 02/02/2020

39538     How to put on an Oreck lifetime belt
Created by Mieles5380leo on 02/02/2020

39549     The Best Hard Floor Tool For Pet Hair
Created by vacuumdevil on 02/05/2020

39551     "Metal" Sanitaire 7 amp motors sold as new -- OEM NOS or aftermarket?
Created by superocd on 02/05/2020

39552     The machine everybody should be talking about right now.
Created by vacuumdevil on 02/05/2020

39558     Performancereviews now published in the VDTA magazine
Created by vacuumdevil on 02/06/2020

39564     Oreck stores closing
Created by S2_82 on 02/07/2020

39573     A flawed test of series vs parallel setups.
Created by Blackheart on 02/09/2020

39574     Just wondering if there are any woman collectors? If so Hi :-) And what do you have?
Created by sanitairewill on 02/09/2020

39578     Hoover vs Shark at Dept stores
Created by gottahaveahoove on 02/10/2020

39579     Different types of Electrolux Velocitys
Created by Rdwdcp on 02/10/2020

39590     Fair price for an Electrolux EPIC 6500 SR?
Created by joshp83 on 02/12/2020

39591     Commercial vacuums used in industry
Created by Marks_here on 02/12/2020

39600     Not worth it: Riccar/Simplicity tandem air uprights
Created by Mike811 on 02/15/2020

39601     How were these?
Created by Eureka1998 on 02/15/2020

39603     Latest Vacuum!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 02/15/2020

39607     About the Dyson DC07
Created by Rdwdcp on 02/17/2020

39614     Custom Central Vacuum Inlets
Created by mmcphee on 02/18/2020

39619     Kirby G6 Tandem Air With Nilfisk GM80
Created by Mike811 on 02/21/2020

39622     Bissell PowerForce Compact 2112 Honest Review
Created by crazykirbydude on 02/21/2020

39625     Whatever happened to twister cups?
Created by Oreck_XL on 02/22/2020

39626     Central Vacuum Mufflers
Created by mmcphee on 02/22/2020

39627     VDTA Las Vegas Vacuum Show 2020
Created by vacuumdevil on 02/22/2020

39632     Sanitaire PowerForce
Created by crazykirbydude on 02/23/2020

39633     The Ideal suction AIr Flow numbers for a Vacuum
Created by gregvacs28 on 02/23/2020

39637     Sanitaire S5000a part
Created by Mark_usa on 02/24/2020

39638     Curious: what does the model/serial tag look like on Sanitaires made under Bissell?
Created by superocd on 02/24/2020

39648     Miele S7 or U1 Parts Needed or Motor Help?
Created by chicagomike on 02/26/2020

39661     Oreck's full size cordless vacuum
Created by vacuumdevil on 02/29/2020

39663     Lux Guardian upright
Created by Blackheart on 03/01/2020

39673     Mom, you have 1 smart son and 1 son with a master's degree. Vacuum story, the worst I've seen!!! :-O
Created by ericwt01 on 03/02/2020

39675     What to get for hardwood?
Created by micahmcdowell on 03/03/2020

39676     Looking for help regarding Oreck Dual Stack fan
Created by Hoover1124 on 03/03/2020

39679     Trying to find a Maytag m1200
Created by Ctvacman on 03/03/2020

39684     Sirena refurb worth it? What about Quantum X?
Created by Lux_Luthor on 03/04/2020

39692     Biggest selling Vacs in the US?
Created by vacfan1982 on 03/06/2020

39695     Replacement hose for Kenmore Model 116
Created by m_conrad03 on 03/06/2020

39705     Help! What is happening to my Rainbow
Created by mark40511 on 03/10/2020

39710     Dyson v11 "Outsize"
Created by singingrainbow on 03/11/2020

39711     Miele s6 Jasper with SBD-650 Nozzle
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/11/2020

39714     My airflow tests (mainly from the nozzle)
Created by Mike811 on 03/12/2020

39717     Is the Kirby's airflow and performance over exaggerated?
Created by vacfan1982 on 03/13/2020

39721     Tristar CS melted motor
Created by cam2s on 03/13/2020

39723     Chinese have come up in the world Roidmi X20
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/14/2020

39730     Miele U1 - Red
Created by fantomfan57 on 03/15/2020

39732     Clean Paint/Scuff Off Plastic & Rubber Trim
Created by chicagomike on 03/15/2020

39733     Air nozxle
Created by Lesinutah on 03/15/2020

39734     Sanitaire Blue Line Uprights Discontinued
Created by speedqueen on 03/16/2020

39736     Neato XV-21 issues
Created by Turbo360 on 03/16/2020

39738     Lindhaus cordless upright
Created by Ctvacman on 03/16/2020

39739     New Vacuum Cleaner Shopping
Created by O0John0O on 03/16/2020

39741     Sebo X7
Created by S2_82 on 03/16/2020

39746     lindhaus activa 30
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/18/2020

39759     Aerus/ Electrolux Lux 4000
Created by RegularRett69 on 03/22/2020

39760     Severin Canister Vacuum BC7058-N
Created by fantomfan57 on 03/22/2020

39764     Am I The Only One.....
Created by repairman on 03/23/2020

39766     Shark vacuum repair
Created by Miskini on 03/24/2020

39769     Deodorizing Vacuums with a DishBoscher
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/25/2020

39777     Where can I find vacuum patents?
Created by funnynet123 on 03/27/2020

39778     Dyson V10 vs Roborock S5
Created by Dfm1011 on 03/27/2020

39780     Public Service announcement!
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/28/2020

39781     Sentries 2 outer bag.
Created by Preston on 03/28/2020

39783     please post pictures of the worst and rarest plastic vacs.....
Created by stephaniekoro on 03/28/2020

39787     SEBO Felix Suction control problem
Created by Shattered on 03/29/2020

39789     Will bags make a comeback?
Created by Jake1234 on 03/30/2020

39792     New European Philips Stick Vac
Created by eurekaprince on 03/30/2020

39799     Homemade vacuum that works
Created by Mike811 on 04/01/2020

39801     Carbon Fiber Kirby
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/01/2020

39807     Is Regina coming back?????
Created by matty0033 on 04/02/2020

39811     Bissell Hercules Slim Vac
Created by MVPDude on 04/02/2020

39815     Cordless Upright Water Filtration Vacuum
Created by myles_v on 04/03/2020

39819     New Shark Innovation coming Spring 2020
Created by HaveAGreatDane on 04/03/2020

39821     Steam sanitizing for covid 19
Created by Jo on 04/04/2020

39826     Why are cord clips on modern vacuums so flimsy?
Created by niclonnic on 04/04/2020

39827     A Dyson Stick vacuum alternative
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/04/2020

39834     Are you interested in some rare crap? Well you know I am!
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 04/06/2020

39837     Vax X5
Created by thevacuumman on 04/07/2020

39842     Show me your Windtunnels!
Created by thevacuumman on 04/08/2020

39844     Felix Pet Exhaust Filter
Created by O0John0O on 04/08/2020

39846     Maintenance tips needed for my 750w Hoover Purepower
Created by mikanic on 04/08/2020

39848     A 4K look inside Miele's flagship product of the mid 2000s
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/08/2020

39854     any toy vacs that are interesting? maybe for sale?
Created by stephaniekoro on 04/09/2020

39855     rarest toy dyson in the world toy dyson dc15
Created by stephaniekoro on 04/09/2020

39856     Your opinion matters a lot to us (a university group)
Created by Team_GAGE on 04/09/2020

39866     Eureka vacuum cleaners
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/11/2020

39872     Strange name
Created by Marks_here on 04/11/2020

39873     Beam 2900 central vac
Created by Evilvacuumman on 04/11/2020

39874     Fein Shop Vac
Created by MadMan on 04/12/2020

39876     Miele accessories questions
Created by joha on 04/12/2020

39880     Stimulus check vacuums
Created by Kloveland on 04/12/2020

39886     New Aerus pricing question
Created by jbowie31 on 04/13/2020

39893     Toy Dyson DC07 low reach
Created by Rdwdcp on 04/14/2020

39894     EdenPure Bio SpeedClean Fan Substitute?
Created by crazykirbydude on 04/14/2020

39896     Hoover Portapower Disposable Bags
Created by dandagreer on 04/14/2020

39901     I need a cord hook for a Miele S7
Created by kacyc1 on 04/15/2020

39906     My Henry and Oreck conversion
Created by vcollector5 on 04/16/2020

39909     What will the CCP Virus mean for Kirby?
Created by ABCVacPlacentia on 04/17/2020

39911     Royal Vacuum Company
Created by brandong on 04/17/2020

39913     Dyson v8
Created by Tomdawg on 04/18/2020

39914     still the best consumer-grade cordless vacuum
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/18/2020

39915     Euro pro belts
Created by Turbo360 on 04/18/2020

39917     Electrolux
Created by Jake1234 on 04/19/2020

39920     Incinerating vacuum?
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/19/2020

39921     Is it better for a vacuum to run on slower or faster speed?
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/19/2020

39924     My vacuum collection is "gone"
Created by Johnsmith96 on 04/20/2020

39928     Tristar HEPA Bags
Created by Preston on 04/20/2020

39937     New Deebot 901 robot coming
Created by dartman on 04/22/2020

39939     Why are a lot of indoor/outdoor vacs ear-piercingly loud?
Created by Tseg on 04/22/2020

39941     Trash find yesterday
Created by Jo on 04/22/2020

39949     Kirby Shampooer leaving rugs and carpet rough/flat
Created by mariotron on 04/23/2020

39950     how many of dyson dc07 clic were produced
Created by stephaniekoro on 04/23/2020

39952     Sebo Canister
Created by O0John0O on 04/24/2020

39955     Aerus Website
Created by Jayelux on 04/24/2020

39956     Filthy Riccar Vibrance
Created by dandagreer on 04/24/2020

39959     Tacony Cordless
Created by VacNewbie on 04/25/2020

39962     vacuum shop clean out
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/25/2020

39963     Neighbors owning the same vacuum?
Created by niclonnic on 04/25/2020

39965     Coronavirus and vacuums in the news
Created by Jo on 04/25/2020

39973     Lindhaus dealer
Created by Ctvacman on 04/27/2020

39975     My new work vacuum
Created by Rainbowvacfane2 on 04/27/2020

39976     How's it going, haven't posted here in a long time.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 04/28/2020

39977     My new to me Rainbow E Series E2 Single Speed
Created by jfalberti on 04/28/2020

39978     Suppose You Discovered That Your Favorite Vacuum
Created by vaclab on 04/28/2020

39980     Oreck dual stack commercial
Created by Electroluxxxx on 04/28/2020

39981     Old NWL Store Circulars (Vacuum Section)
Created by Eureka1998 on 04/28/2020

39986     Shopvac pn 2.0
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 04/29/2020

40000     can someone post pics of a toy hoover windtunnel
Created by stephaniekoro on 05/01/2020

40003     Odd little vacuum
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 05/02/2020

40004     Oldest attachments still in production
Created by fan-of-fans on 05/02/2020

40006     Dyson ball total clean origin 100$ Walmart clearance!!!!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/02/2020

40011     UK to United States plug adapter
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/02/2020

40012     Making a Central Vacuum Control unit
Created by gregvacs28 on 05/02/2020

40013     Building a Top Fill Central Vacuum out of old CV
Created by gregvacs28 on 05/02/2020

40015     Goblin name at Asda UK
Created by keiththomas on 05/03/2020

40016     Lux Legacy exhaust port
Created by JustJunque on 05/03/2020

40019     Time to take the Miele plunge
Created by dandagreer on 05/04/2020

40020     Hoover "Central Vacs" discontinued?
Created by gottahaveahoove on 05/04/2020

40022     Does anyone know how to replace a cable on a Electrolux velocity
Created by rdwdcp on 05/04/2020

40025     Aerus color sequence?
Created by Jo on 05/04/2020

40026     4 Trash finds including a Kenmore progressive canister!
Created by Jo on 05/04/2020

40027     EU-limited vacuums explained
Created by Mike811 on 05/05/2020

40030     How are these Royals performance wise
Created by Eureka1998 on 05/05/2020

40031     Aerus/Electrolux 80th Anniversary Ultralux
Created by ridgidwd0670 on 05/05/2020

40040     Aerus Electrolux website question
Created by Luxman107 on 05/06/2020

40043     My Sebo cleaning trio
Created by matt8808 on 05/07/2020

40048     Sebo Felix on its way!!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/08/2020

40052     Sebo Felix shoulder strap - 3D printed
Created by moojuiceuk on 05/09/2020

40053     100$ Walmart Dyson
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/09/2020

40056     How to remove the swivel on the Sebo G1/X1
Created by spacey3 on 05/10/2020

40057     Sebo X1 Servo replacement issues
Created by spacey3 on 05/10/2020

40058     Covid-19: Are your local vac shops open?
Created by eurekaprince on 05/10/2020

40062     Sebo airbelt k3
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/10/2020

40067     Best cleaning powerhead
Created by automaticg on 05/12/2020

40072     Does anyone know how to find out when a Dirt Devil was Made?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 05/13/2020

40074     Trash find ...Dyson DC 07 and an attachment question
Created by Jo on 05/13/2020

40075     180$ sebo airbelt
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/13/2020

40078     New addition the Hoover Windtunnel
Created by Hooverah on 05/14/2020

40079     40 years of technology
Created by Hooverah on 05/14/2020

40082     Moreso just a general question I've thought about for a long time
Created by Eureka1998 on 05/14/2020

40084     Thread of Thrift Store Visits
Created by Eureka1998 on 05/15/2020

40087     ROTOVAC
Created by stephaniekoro on 05/15/2020

40093     Kirby Ultimate G power cord color change
Created by vacuumkid47 on 05/17/2020

40095     Miele S8 UniQ
Created by Vacmaster on 05/18/2020

40100     Electrolux Ultralux C125E Wiring Diagram
Created by vacuumkid47 on 05/19/2020

40102     Oreck Bag Dock Required
Created by broomvac on 05/20/2020

40103     Opinions on the new RICCAR R25 D and 25p?!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/20/2020

40104     Brittle ABS Plastic
Created by DesiredName on 05/20/2020

40106     $20 Sebo X4 a steal? Almost
Created by Hooverah on 05/21/2020

40109     Bissell ProLite model 3561-2
Created by Louvac on 05/22/2020

40110     Miele Triflex
Created by adamthemieleman on 05/22/2020

40117     the best cordless upright vacuum on the market thank you Lindhaus!
Created by vacuumdevil on 05/23/2020

40118     Home Fire!
Created by HonestJoe68 on 05/23/2020

40119     Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Handheld & Upholstery Cleaner
Created by niclonnic on 05/23/2020

40125     Aerus/Electrolux question
Created by Marks_here on 05/24/2020

40126     I'm loving my FELIX
Created by Johnsmith96 on 05/25/2020

40127     Why you should clean the brush roll end caps on your vacuum
Created by niclonnic on 05/25/2020

40128     I miss "real" vacuum departments at stores!
Created by fan-of-fans on 05/25/2020

40129     Is this a new style Kirby Belt or bootleg?
Created by Natureclone on 05/26/2020

40145     A Shark - Everyone's Favorite!
Created by MadMan on 05/30/2020

40151     Battery vacuum advice
Created by shag on 05/30/2020

40153     Dyson DC 59 Problem
Created by frkirby560 on 05/31/2020

40159     Worst hose you've ever used
Created by niclonnic on 06/02/2020

40160     Update and Question Answer
Created by RegularRett69 on 06/03/2020

40162     Updates and pictures..
Created by RoyalFan103 on 06/04/2020

40169     Hoover Daily Drivers
Created by dysonman1 on 06/05/2020

40170     Vacuuming posture?
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/05/2020

40174     Toy vacuums based off of real vacuums
Created by Eureka1998 on 06/06/2020

40175     What's the point?
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/06/2020

40181     Rare ruclean руклин toy vacuum cleaner
Created by stephaniekoro on 06/07/2020

40182     Anyone have this in the bright red color?
Created by Eureka1998 on 06/07/2020

40190     Favorite Vacuum for attachment use
Created by whiteley03 on 06/09/2020

40194     Dyson DC14 nozzle issues...thank you for your help in advance!
Created by highroller on 06/10/2020

40196     possibly my next vacuum
Created by n0oxy on 06/11/2020

40198     Central Vacuum Inlets
Created by Gman on 06/11/2020

40204     My vacuum sightings
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/13/2020

40205     Vacuum cleaner pick up tests on carpet
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/13/2020

40208     Oreck Magnesium RS $249 at my local Walmart
Created by Hoover78 on 06/13/2020

40209     My toy vacuum cleaner collection currently
Created by stephaniekoro on 06/13/2020

40214     Is it ok to post a maintenance question?
Created by bdp31770 on 06/14/2020

40230     Windtunnel self propelled brushroll spinning slow
Created by Gj9696 on 06/16/2020

40231     Franken-Bissell!
Created by suckolux on 06/16/2020

40238     Rainbow SRX Recalled
Created by danorob1 on 06/18/2020

40240     Homeworld Business: Target Pulls Plug On New Hoover Z Upright (5/22/06)
Created by huskyvacs on 06/18/2020

40244     Kenmore canister pile height adjustment broke
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/19/2020

40247     Miele HX1 Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaners only $4.99
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/19/2020

40251     We just decided. . .
Created by repairman on 06/19/2020

40256     Miele Triflex HX1 finally comes to the US.
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/20/2020

40258     Funny!
Created by Jake1234 on 06/21/2020

40266     Oreck magnesium sold at Walmart!?
Created by Johnsmith96 on 06/25/2020

40274     Spinscrub 50 vs Proheat Revolution 2x Pet
Created by mariotron on 06/27/2020

40286     Bissell Customer Service FAIL
Created by niclonnic on 06/30/2020

40294     Kirby Sentria 1 clicking while pushing.
Created by link9454 on 07/02/2020

40298     Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI Vacuum & Mopping Robot
Created by niclonnic on 07/02/2020

40299     Do many people get built in vacs and not install them permanently?
Created by Clean-Air on 07/03/2020

Created by watsonw on 07/03/2020

40304     Any Aerus News?
Created by bagintheback on 07/03/2020

40314     Sebo K1 1200 or E1 890W
Created by Timothy1 on 07/06/2020

40322     The search ends after 12 years
Created by Eureka1998 on 07/07/2020

40325     Fantom Thunderbolt
Created by Countryguy on 07/09/2020

40326     Which is better? Bagged or Bagless
Created by Scoots on 07/09/2020

40331     Eureka Flash Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum Model NES510
Created by niclonnic on 07/09/2020

40335     Do you own LG cordZero A9 stick vacuum?
Created by vacuumdevil on 07/10/2020

40338     Bags are getting expensive!
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/11/2020

40339     What's with that performance review guy?
Created by vacuumdevil on 07/11/2020

40341     Rainbow E2 Black
Created by cam2s on 07/11/2020

40342     Need Plumbing Diagram for Bissell 9500 Pro Heat Cleans Shot 2X
Created by JeffNC on 07/11/2020

40343     Uprights with bare floor attachments
Created by fan-of-fans on 07/11/2020

40346     Rainbow SRX V. Rainbow E series E2
Created by adiosToreador on 07/12/2020

40347     "Shark Attack"
Created by gottahaveahoove on 07/13/2020

40349     Wessell Werk ebk 340
Created by Lesinutah on 07/13/2020

40360     FilterQueen Curiosity
Created by jscarlato on 07/15/2020

40368     Electrolux E10A Power Nozzle Brush Roll???
Created by ripjgarcia on 07/17/2020

40369     Delphin vacuum cleaner
Created by Smow69 on 07/18/2020

Created by stephaniekoro on 07/19/2020

40374     Oreck Dutchtech Bag Holder
Created by cam2s on 07/19/2020

40376     vacuum cleaners in argos books (2000s)
Created by Rdwdcp on 07/20/2020

40385     Early Kenmore Stick Vacuum?
Created by RegularRett69 on 07/20/2020

40387     Rainbow HEPA filter
Created by adiosToreador on 07/21/2020

40390     How's this for a bit of comedy
Created by vacman101 on 07/21/2020

40391     Eureka Groove Robot Vacuum Cleaner NER300
Created by niclonnic on 07/21/2020

40393     How much is a Kirby Factory Rebuild?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 07/22/2020

40398     Anymore info on CWP brushrolls?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 07/23/2020

40399     Modern Day Installed
Created by Gman on 07/23/2020

40404     Where to buy a Miele Libra
Created by Ilovehoovers on 07/24/2020

40405     The SRX has been tested
Created by Blackheart on 07/24/2020

40406     Do you hate Hoover? This is the perfect ranting thread!
Created by mikanic on 07/25/2020

40408     Maytag Hoovers from the early to mid 2000's.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 07/25/2020

40422     Bissell Crosswave and wood floors question.
Created by Blackheart on 07/28/2020

40425     Early 2000s Hoover Concept Designs
Created by Hooverman99 on 07/29/2020

40430     Simplicity Synchrony with a bad roller?
Created by badmotorfinger on 07/29/2020

40434     Any experience/knowledge on Allegro central vacuums?
Created by Blackheart on 07/31/2020

40435     Experience with European wet & dry vacuums
Created by compuvac on 07/31/2020

40438     My Eureka Whirlwind Lite with an Identity Crisis!
Created by thevacuumman on 08/01/2020

40439     In-depth look at an modern engineering marvel
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/01/2020

40440     Filter Queen Bagged Variant
Created by ryan1994jeep on 08/01/2020

40441     Sentera 2 Kirby vacuum
Created by kirbyvacuum on 08/01/2020

40449     Miele mini turbo tool repair
Created by Gmarquez on 08/04/2020

40451     Hoover Windtunnel Max bagged
Created by BillbobJim on 08/04/2020

40454     Hoover self-propelled WindTunnel u64xx
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/05/2020

40455     What happened to Oreck in the UK?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 08/05/2020

40459     Dyson Dc28, Why I hate Dyson, And why I love this one.
Created by BillbobJim on 08/06/2020

40460     Latest FrankenKirby Spotted!
Created by wavid on 08/06/2020

40463     Electrolux Velocity 1700w Pet Lover
Created by Rdwdcp on 08/07/2020

40464     Miele Bags Letting Dog Hair Escape
Created by coder on 08/07/2020

40465     Why have vacuum attachments gotten so dinky over the years?
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/07/2020

40466     What the best/your favorite "mainstream" vaccums and brands?
Created by mariotron on 08/08/2020

40467     Sebo's upright series
Created by n0oxy on 08/08/2020

40468     Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless/Featherlite Vision/Vision lite
Created by Hoover300 on 08/08/2020

40471     New Kenmore Intuition bagged lift off style vacuum
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/09/2020

40473     Sebo X series bag vs Third party
Created by photowizd on 08/09/2020

40474     Electrolux UltraCaptic Disassembly
Created by Titaniciscool on 08/10/2020

40478     New "Kenmore Intuition" from Cleva available online
Created by danfiction on 08/11/2020

40479     Pair of Windtunnel V2s
Created by cam2s on 08/11/2020

40480     I have a question about Central Vacuum.
Created by matty0033 on 08/12/2020

40483     The PERFECT Electrolux Commercial upright
Created by dysonman1 on 08/12/2020

40487     Has anyone talked about the Hoover Preferred Lineup?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/12/2020

40492     Vacuum recommendation
Created by Evilvacuumman on 08/15/2020

40493     A Tier and Special tier vacuum brands
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/15/2020

40494     Hoover Steamvac Made in USA
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/15/2020

40495     Perfect(lux) c hepa bags
Created by Chris on 08/15/2020

40498     How to remove cooling fan of Rainbow E-2 Single speed?
Created by Vinci on 08/16/2020

40501     What happened to royal?
Created by Oldskoolguy on 08/17/2020

40505     Vacuums you think look alike.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/18/2020

40507     A bargain Miele
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/19/2020

40508     Aerus Lux Classic Cord...Is this a problem?
Created by sweeperboy on 08/19/2020

40510     Found a Rotho
Created by Blackheart on 08/19/2020

40514     My new Panasonic MC-V5248
Created by Johnsmith96 on 08/20/2020

40516     Kirby shampooer vs rainbow/extraction.
Created by tekjunkie28 on 08/21/2020

40518     Parents new Rainbow
Created by Brando_husky on 08/22/2020

40524     Miele Vortex Motor question
Created by fantomfan57 on 08/23/2020

40525     Eureka Retro F&G
Created by RegularRett69 on 08/23/2020

40526     The FilterQueen 360 motor is smaller!
Created by Blackheart on 08/23/2020

40533     NEW Shark Vertex coming soon
Created by haveagreatdane on 08/24/2020

40539     Lupe Cordless Cleaner
Created by Rolls_rapide on 08/25/2020

40540     Kirby Vacuum Sighting on TLC’s “Counting On”
Created by KirbyCollector on 08/25/2020

40545     What are your thoughts on Aerus?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 08/26/2020

40552     Has anyone ever heard of this strange kenmore
Created by Hooverman99 on 08/26/2020

40553     Got a new toy!
Created by adiosToreador on 08/27/2020

40561     Great (contemporary) vacuum binge of 2020
Created by Blackheart on 08/28/2020

40567     Here's some hard machines to find.
Created by vacman101 on 08/29/2020

40570     Hide-A-Hose
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/29/2020

40580     Filter Cleaning
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 09/01/2020

40582     Kenmore Intuition
Created by adiosToreador on 09/02/2020

40586     Could someone post the picture of the prototype Kirby Avalir?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 09/04/2020

40589     My new toy - Patriot P4 Hybrid
Created by countryguy on 09/04/2020

40594     Help, Miele Capricorn (in fact any Miele with gelled up paint)
Created by fantomfan57 on 09/05/2020

40597     why do they still make this machine?
Created by vacuumdevil on 09/05/2020

40598     My Journey with Various Cordless Cleaners as a Corded Replacement
Created by mixman on 09/05/2020

40602     Bought a Miele Triflex
Created by mllc on 09/06/2020

40604     for all the Kirby lovers
Created by n0oxy on 09/06/2020

40606     Custom build idea- Henry Allergy Cordless?
Created by mikanic on 09/07/2020

40608     Robot Vac Help
Created by DetroitDirtbag on 09/07/2020

40610     How much does it cost (on average) for a vacuum store to put a hose on a loose hose end on a vacuum?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 09/07/2020

40613     Can vacuum cleaner repair stores source parts?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 09/08/2020

40617     How to get my Miele to pick up dog hair
Created by Ilovehoovers on 09/08/2020

40618     Shop Vac Grinding Noise.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 09/08/2020

40620     Selling stuff advice
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40624     The brand new Titan lightweight upright
Created by dysonman1 on 09/10/2020

40629     Proper way to carry new Bissell Vacuum
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40631     Sebo Automatic X8
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40633     Kirby sentria vacuum review
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40635     What should be my next project?
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40638     Miele Motor...
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40641     Carpet out of fashion?
Created by MATTINLA on 09/14/2020

40643     Carpet Cleaners
Created by MVPDude on 09/14/2020

40650     Miele or Riccar or something else
Created by Tekjunkie28 on 09/15/2020

Created by MATTINLA on 09/16/2020

40653     Shop vac is over
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 09/16/2020

40667     I had enough with my Hoovers...
Created by weltron on 09/19/2020

40669     Any Info on this?
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 09/19/2020

40670     Parts For Kenmore Progressive Upright
Created by Bluecube448 on 09/19/2020

40673     Kirby Carpet Shampoo System
Created by adiosToreador on 09/20/2020

40677     Triple S Twin power vac (electrolux discovery/prolux)
Created by Hooverman99 on 09/21/2020

40680     TRISTAR A101 a new use!
Created by MATTINLA on 09/21/2020

40681     Recommendations for a new vacuum
Created by gaedtke12 on 09/22/2020

40687     Another new 2020 vacuum from Kenmore
Created by panasonicvac on 09/23/2020

40688     SEBO K3
Created by Shattered on 09/23/2020

40693     vacuum cleaner collectors convention
Created by vacuumdevil on 09/23/2020

40705     Royal All Metal Upright Dethroned by "Budget" Bagless Vacuum
Created by Ornery on 09/25/2020

40706     The Dyson that shampoos rugs
Created by Dysonman1 on 09/25/2020

40707     Ive added a bag dock on my oreck!
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 09/25/2020

40709     Can you make a non-electric Miele compatible with a powerhead?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 09/26/2020

40712     Help with vacuum info?
Created by kingpink on 09/26/2020

40718     Car wash vacuums
Created by Adam-aussie-vac on 09/27/2020

40720     my central vacuum collection
Created by n0oxy on 09/27/2020

40724     Neat little thrift-store Sanyo
Created by Bluecube448 on 09/27/2020

40728     T-Series? Tempo?
Created by Hooverman99 on 09/29/2020

40730     What would be a good recommendation for a Central Vacuum System?
Created by thevacuumman on 09/29/2020

40740     Eureka Groove NER300 Robot Vacuum Review
Created by niclonnic on 10/01/2020

40743     Any info on this vacuum brand? TMB Vacuums
Created by compuvac on 10/01/2020

40751     Techdrive lever fell out of Ultimate G Diamond
Created by mariotron on 10/03/2020

40752     New Accu Nova head?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 10/03/2020

40754     Hoover OnePwr cordless upright.
Created by vacuumdevil on 10/03/2020

40757     Shark and Dyson Cleaners
Created by MVPDude on 10/04/2020

40765     Older Bissells you have in your collections?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 10/05/2020

40766     Electrolux Nimble model E8605 start up issues
Created by Zinda on 10/06/2020

40767     Electrolux Nimble model E8605 start up issues
Created by Zinda on 10/06/2020

40772     Shark NV680UKT Replacement Motor/Base
Created by DaveC on 10/07/2020

40797     Rigid Blower/Vac
Created by detroitdirtbag on 10/12/2020

40803     3D Printed Parts!
Created by Jake1234 on 10/14/2020

40807     A Weird Introduction To Water Filtration Vacuums
Created by Bluecube448 on 10/15/2020

40808     Does anyone know about Filter Queens?
Created by RoyalFan103 on 10/16/2020

40809     Best Uses for your Rexair Rainbow
Created by electro on 10/16/2020

40810     Since when Brother made vacuum cleaners
Created by Hooverman99 on 10/16/2020

40817     For those interested in the cordless Hoover OnePwr
Created by vacuumdevil on 10/17/2020

40825     Where to get a new face sticker for my Henry?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 10/18/2020

40827     Why not to use car wash vacs
Created by detroitdirtbag on 10/18/2020

40829     Newer Lux Legacy not a sealed system
Created by Kloveland on 10/18/2020

40830     Numatic James for my workplace
Created by moderneezer on 10/19/2020

40834     Cirrus Cr75
Created by mark40511 on 10/19/2020

40844     Dry Cleaning
Created by Kirboover on 10/22/2020

40845     Riccar Radiance Premium Dirt Sensor
Created by domblom36 on 10/22/2020

40846     Royal 7300
Created by Vacuumdevil on 10/22/2020

40859     Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum
Created by oliveoiltinfoil on 10/23/2020

40867     How often do Sebo's need servicing?
Created by weltron on 10/24/2020

40870     Dyson v11 Mk II testing and unboxing.
Created by vacuumdevil on 10/24/2020

40871     Clean Obsessed "Electrolux"
Created by dysonman1 on 10/24/2020

40874     Shopvac extraction
Created by Thevacomaticiec on 10/25/2020

40876     Electrolux Oxygen canister and upright question
Created by fan-of-fans on 10/25/2020

40879     EnviroCare bags defective?
Created by MATTINLA on 10/25/2020

40891     New Hoovers made in USA!
Created by gottahaveahoove on 10/27/2020

40894     Hoover Powerdash Pet Problems
Created by thevacuumman on 10/29/2020

40898     2020 Henry Vacuum
Created by MVPDude on 10/30/2020

40903     Miele Canister Hoses and Wands - Different Lengths?
Created by eurekaprince on 11/01/2020

40915     Can steam vacuum cleaners be used as a regular vacuum cleaner?
Created by ryancormier81 on 11/05/2020

40917     Bissell PHE Lift-Off Brushroll Questions
Created by niclonnic on 11/05/2020

40921     Nilfisk Canister Model CDF2040
Created by Louvac on 11/06/2020

40924     Miele S8 marin cord reel problem
Created by Johnsmith96 on 11/07/2020

40927     Vacumaid P-225 Question
Created by vgwpg on 11/07/2020

40937     Looking for a new upright vacuum
Created by briant73 on 11/10/2020

40938     Bagged DD Vision
Created by VacTec2 on 11/10/2020

40941     Rainbow 2 speed motor
Created by Gmarquez on 11/10/2020

40942     Brushless nozzle from Wessel Werk
Created by moderneezer on 11/11/2020

40943     Hoover Onepwr HEPA+ (Oreck Elevate Cordless)
Created by Hooverman99 on 11/11/2020

40946     Oreck Endurolife Belt & Grooved Pulley >> Compatibility With Older Oreck Models??
Created by UberGreenGuru on 11/11/2020

40949     Aerus/Electrolux CentraLux Filters
Created by mmcphee on 11/12/2020

40950     LUX 6000 Attachments
Created by mmcphee on 11/12/2020

40952     Fall Cleanup 2020
Created by panasonicvac on 11/12/2020

40962     Quantum X
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/13/2020

40965     Back Pack Vacs
Created by bacpacvac2007 on 11/14/2020

40967     2007 Hoover U5753-900 WindTunnel Bagless
Created by Hooverman99 on 11/14/2020

40970     On no they didn't
Created by Lesinutah on 11/15/2020

40977     Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition Transmission Question
Created by mmcphee on 11/16/2020

40978     Early Sentria Trash Find
Created by Hoover300 on 11/16/2020

40979     Kirby Diamond After Fire
Created by KirbyCollector on 11/16/2020

40986     Got a new (used) Sanitaire System_Pro upright circa 2006
Created by superocd on 11/18/2020

40988     Aerus Lux Classic
Created by VacTec2 on 11/18/2020

40989     Rainbow Air purifier mode.
Created by cam2s on 11/18/2020

41001     Did your friends/family love uprights and dislike canisters or vice versa?
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/22/2020

41009     Kirby Avalir 2
Created by adiosToreador on 11/24/2020

41012     Another Decent Machine Discontinued
Created by Jake1234 on 11/24/2020

41013     Aerus/ Lux uprights then and now
Created by luxflairguy on 11/24/2020

41018     What brand or type of bags do you prefer?
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/26/2020

41023     Vacuum for Elderly Woman
Created by GrossRug on 11/26/2020

41027     Sebo's and... Baking Powder (Advice Needed)
Created by weltron on 11/26/2020

41038     Dual-motor upright vacuums
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/29/2020

41040     Opinions Wanted: Rug Doctor vs. Bissell Big Green
Created by weltron on 11/30/2020

41043     Simplicity Symmetry Upright model
Created by Louvac on 11/30/2020

41044     Hoover WindTunnel Switch
Created by vacman4 on 11/30/2020

41052     Dyson filter(s) getting dirtier as the vacuum ages
Created by niclonnic on 12/01/2020

41055     Working vacuum test gauge explained.
Created by vacuumdevil on 12/02/2020

41062     New vacuum manuals that contain older material/verbage
Created by fan-of-fans on 12/04/2020

41064     Kenmore upright extension wand
Created by fan-of-fans on 12/05/2020

41071     Strange looking kirby
Created by Hooverman99 on 12/05/2020

41073     Rainbow SE question
Created by Chris on 12/06/2020

41080     Simplicity S5
Created by Kirboover on 12/07/2020

41082     The Rainbow, the Robot, and the Ritello
Created by dysonman1 on 12/08/2020

41084     Kirby Sentria Optional Accessories
Created by mmcphee on 12/08/2020

41085     Anyone else surprised by a found vac that becomes a favorite?
Created by suckolux on 12/09/2020

41088     Kirby Stain Removal Chart
Created by mmcphee on 12/09/2020

41092     SEBO Felix hose not sealed?
Created by timothy1 on 12/10/2020

41094     Kirby Here's Proof Book
Created by mmcphee on 12/10/2020

41096     Damage from using it as a blower
Created by rivstg1 on 12/11/2020

41103     looking at a few more central vacuums
Created by n0oxy on 12/13/2020

41113     What are the main vacuums you have used thru the years
Created by Briant73 on 12/16/2020

41123     New Sebo Vacuum Cleaner
Created by rdwdcp on 12/19/2020

41125     "Lint Lizard" attachment
Created by gottahaveahoove on 12/20/2020

41134     Phillips Triathlon
Created by nfsandrei on 12/23/2020

41137     Shark Uplight and Other Stick Vacuums.
Created by RainbowD4C on 12/23/2020

41139     Has anyone found an actual bag that works in a Filter Queen?
Created by Jim90 on 12/23/2020

41154     Oreck HEPA Cordless Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner BK95520PC
Created by niclonnic on 12/25/2020

41158     Adding Sound Insulation to Central Vacuum Motor?
Created by vgwpg on 12/26/2020

41166     Kenmore intuition 116
Created by Lesinutah on 12/27/2020

41172     Gray Star Tools to buy Shopvac??
Created by gottahaveahoove on 12/29/2020

41173     Gloss Boss floor scrubber
Created by ridgidwd0670 on 12/29/2020