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37843     Two prong "pig-tail" versions, Thermax AF-1
Created by fairfaxclass on 01/01/2019

37846     Tristar CS Filtration and Performance
Created by fairfaxclass on 01/01/2019

37848     Thinking of buying a Kirby and conflicted between models
Created by got2bjennyg on 01/02/2019

37854     Our newest store just opened...
Created by Scvacuumguy on 01/03/2019

37855     Steril Aire ST-450 and Delta D-450
Created by fairfaxclass on 01/03/2019

37858     Contents of Vacuum Store on Long Island For Sale
Created by vacman1961 on 01/04/2019

37861     How to Properly Clean and service 💩 Dyson vacuums
Created by vacuumdevil on 01/05/2019

37863     Bissell wet/dry vacs
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/05/2019

37870     New vacuum options: seeking advice
Created by mister3 on 01/06/2019

37871     I’m back and with a new vacuum!
Created by thevacuumman on 01/07/2019

37877     What's the best 1.25" Dust Brush?
Created by ABCVacPlacentia on 01/08/2019

37879     Kenmore Crossover Canister is it worth repairing?
Created by got2bjennyg on 01/08/2019

37884     How to figure out the age of a Miele S311i?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 01/09/2019

37890     Miele vacuum motors
Created by richmnz on 01/10/2019

37891     How to date a Dyson?
Created by Ilovehoovers on 01/11/2019

37910     Watermatic V and Filter Magic 2008 Edition video
Created by fairfaxclass on 01/14/2019

37911     Metal mesh shrouds on bagless vacuums
Created by niclonnic on 01/15/2019

37914     I ordered a Royal Everlast!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 01/15/2019

37915     Kirby theft rings??
Created by got2bjennyg on 01/16/2019

37919     Dyson Swivel Lock Replacment
Created by blakaeg on 01/18/2019

37920     Using a Power Nozzle to Scrub In Zorb
Created by danorob1 on 01/18/2019

37927     Fantom Fury sighting
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/19/2019

37933     My $63.99 Miele... Todays Bed Bath & Beyond Bargain Find
Created by danorob1 on 01/20/2019

37935     Is the Riccar Sunburst the same vac as the Bissesl Zing?
Created by got2bjennyg on 01/21/2019

37936     Clean with Me
Created by Ocscott3085 on 01/21/2019

37937     Is Bissell deliberately trying to sabotage their vacuums?
Created by crazykirbydude on 01/21/2019

37938     I think my Miele Platinum needs a new hose?
Created by kacyc1 on 01/21/2019

37939     Dyson to move HQ from UK to Singapore
Created by Vacfan1982 on 01/22/2019

37947     A very thoughtful gift and a lucky find!
Created by broomvac on 01/23/2019

37948     what is the brand of this toy vacuum
Created by st3phxxx on 01/24/2019

37949     The new quantum upright water vacuum!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 01/24/2019

37950     Rainbow Silver Hose With Gold Canister Body And PN?
Created by vaclab on 01/24/2019

37952     Robot Vacuum Cleaners - Novelty or Useful Tool?
Created by niclonnic on 01/24/2019

37953     The Dri-Lux Dry Carpet Cleaner Has Arrived...
Created by danorob1 on 01/24/2019

37962     sanyo scx90 upright vacuum cleaner
Created by st3phxxx on 01/26/2019

37982     Sanitaire S675A video review
Created by got2bjennyg on 01/29/2019

37987     Kirby Brushroll Question
Created by repairman on 01/30/2019

37992     My new 12 Amp Mighty Mite "Pet Lover"
Created by fairfaxclass on 01/31/2019

37993     2012 Sentria - What do I need to be careful about?
Created by got2bjennyg on 02/01/2019

37996     Surprised by a vacuum
Created by S31463221 on 02/01/2019

38002     Central Vacuum-- Have I reached the Pinnacle?
Created by vexorgtr on 02/02/2019

38004     Used Aerus vac... yellowed hose options?
Created by DJub85 on 02/02/2019

38012     sanitaire heavy duty model zc880
Created by watsonw on 02/04/2019

38014     Cirrus cr99 or cr79 or a prolux 9000
Created by Johnsmith96 on 02/05/2019

38021     Consumer Reports no longer recommends Dyson stick vacs
Created by niclonnic on 02/06/2019

38023     Dyson DC02 cord rewind issue
Created by Unconscious on 02/07/2019

38029     What's "The Vacuum" of the 2010s?
Created by bagintheback on 02/10/2019

38032     Best cordless stick vac?
Created by crazykirbydude on 02/11/2019

38033     Dyson Ball Animal 2 worth it?
Created by niclonnic on 02/11/2019

38035     Other belts to fit riccar Supralite?
Created by Johnsmith96 on 02/12/2019

38036     new vacuum electrolux widetrack 1000
Created by st3phxxx on 02/12/2019

38042     My new work vac
Created by Rainbowvacfane2 on 02/13/2019

38045     The Vax Blade 2 Max - Should you really get it?
Created by mikanic on 02/14/2019

38052     Hoover Air Steerable
Created by niclonnic on 02/16/2019

38057     royal all metal domestic upright cleaner
Created by watsonw on 02/17/2019

38062     zero g canister vacuums
Created by n0oxy on 02/17/2019

38068     Kirby Sentria II vs Miele Canister
Created by kirbybb on 02/18/2019

38071     Round Brushrolls vs. Helix Brushrolls
Created by vexorgtr on 02/18/2019

38072     Risqué vacuum commercial
Created by Miskini on 02/18/2019

38076     Best way to clean Dyson DC07 hose?
Created by niclonnic on 02/19/2019

38080     Kirby broken front wheel axle!
Created by scudo on 02/20/2019

38082     What's going on with Electrolux?
Created by Oreck_XL on 02/21/2019

38084     Some of my Kenmore Power-teams!
Created by thevacuumman on 02/22/2019

38087     Lux Platinum
Created by funeraldirector on 02/22/2019

38088     Lux Platinum Commercial Hose
Created by funeraldirector on 02/22/2019

38090     Vacuum bag odour question
Created by matt8808 on 02/22/2019

38095     Crazy Aerus ReStore Find
Created by crazykirbydude on 02/23/2019

38101     Filter Queen airflow retention.
Created by Blackheart on 02/24/2019

38103     Hoover Carpet Cleaners, Which One?
Created by weltron on 02/24/2019

38107     Brand New Royal Pro Series Metal Upright and Old Royal 5700 (9700)
Created by fairfaxclass on 02/24/2019

38110     Why me? I couldn't say no! Found a Kirby AVALIR for $15...
Created by superocd on 02/26/2019

38112     New royal brushroll coming tomorrow!!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 02/27/2019

38113     Dyson Made in Philippines?
Created by adamthemieleman on 02/27/2019

38115     I have Rainbow Rep coming to my house
Created by tomdawg on 02/27/2019

38116     Longer Hose....
Created by vexorgtr on 02/28/2019

38117     boots toy vacuum cleaner (1998)?
Created by st3phxxx on 02/28/2019

38121     Midea Eureka looks like a Bissell
Created by crazykirbydude on 03/01/2019

38122     Red Intelligence
Created by funeraldirector on 03/01/2019

38128     Rainbow Serial Numbers
Created by Aaryn256 on 03/02/2019

38135     Are Miele 4D bags discontinued?
Created by Tseg on 03/03/2019

38137     Upright Vacuum for Garage?
Created by niclonnic on 03/04/2019

38138     Hoover Ground Command users?
Created by dptemp on 03/04/2019

38143     Where to get Kenmore Q bags of older style
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/05/2019

38145     Ridgid HD1200 Wet/Dry Vac
Created by crazykirbydude on 03/06/2019

38148     Cirrus cr99 is on its way!
Created by Johnsmith96 on 03/06/2019

38153     Fair Price for a new Aerus Commercial Upright
Created by vacfanatic on 03/07/2019

38163     Electrolux power nozzle bearing noise
Created by Bimmer740 on 03/08/2019

38166     Where do I store my vacuum
Created by Jashields83 on 03/09/2019

38167     Kirby G7 Clicking
Created by repairman on 03/09/2019

38169     Vacuum Power Heads on canister vacuum
Created by tomdawg on 03/09/2019

38172     Quantum X on EVINE shopping network
Created by Johnsmith96 on 03/11/2019

38174     Royal 8600 "skipping"
Created by Leoleonardo on 03/12/2019

38175     The Dyson Doofuses
Created by huskyvacs on 03/12/2019

38176     Need advice on which Electrolux to buy
Created by Hvac on 03/12/2019

38180     Why I dislike Dyson
Created by niclonnic on 03/12/2019

38181     Robot Vacuum Debate
Created by vacmaster on 03/12/2019

38182     My New Hoover Clean & Light U4707
Created by huskyvacs on 03/12/2019

38186     Sirena vacuum question
Created by Miskini on 03/13/2019

38188     The New Panasonic MC UG 383 (MC UG 223)
Created by fairfaxclass on 03/13/2019

38193     How to clean a Kirby
Created by kirbybb on 03/15/2019

38195     Dyson DC26 City...
Created by fantomfan57 on 03/15/2019

38196     The most frustrating vacuum video on Youtube.
Created by vexorgtr on 03/15/2019

38198     Rainbow e2 type 12
Created by Tomdawg on 03/15/2019

38207     Deep in the bowels of the church...
Created by fairfaxclass on 03/16/2019

38208     Why I like Dyson
Created by Vacfan1982 on 03/17/2019

38210     Electrolux Ambassador III died and I helped!!!!
Created by rodknock95 on 03/17/2019

38216     All opinions welcome, need new machine
Created by LMB9955 on 03/18/2019

38217     Differences between Lux Intelligence and 115S?
Created by TLFinland on 03/18/2019

38224     Carpet "Dry Cleaning" Does anyone have any experience?
Created by vexorgtr on 03/19/2019

38227     Miele cx1 bagless vacuum the gateway Miele
Created by vacuumdevil on 03/20/2019

38229     Dyson v11
Created by singingrainbow on 03/20/2019

38234     Vacuum Cleaners Dysons and Hoover and Me Ryan
Created by Rdwdcp on 03/22/2019

38235     Miracle mate accessories
Created by shenny on 03/22/2019

38237     The Bank Heavy Duty (Sanitaire Clone)
Created by fairfaxclass on 03/22/2019

38240     Sightings today
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/23/2019

38244     Chinese Royals?
Created by 97widerider on 03/23/2019

38249     Gave my biggest vacuum a workout today
Created by broomvac on 03/24/2019

38250     Hyla impression
Created by rivstg1 on 03/25/2019

38251     filter cleaning test
Created by rivstg1 on 03/25/2019

38253     aerus guardian 75th anniversary wheels
Created by rodknock95 on 03/25/2019

38255     Question About OfferUp Shipping Charges
Created by huskyvacs on 03/26/2019

38265     Sebo X7 in the US: when?
Created by broomvac on 03/28/2019

38266     Shark Steam Pocket Mop not steaming
Created by niclonnic on 03/28/2019

38268     How to make your own pre-motor filter (what to use?)
Created by fairfaxclass on 03/28/2019

38270     Sanitaire Commercial Vacs
Created by 97widerider on 03/29/2019

38276     New Sanitaire Quickboost Cordless Upright
Created by eurekaprince on 03/30/2019

38281     Kirby to move production to China
Created by Vacfan1982 on 04/01/2019

38286     Bissell CrossWave vs. Symphony - Which one is best?
Created by niclonnic on 04/01/2019

38287     New Kirby robot vacuum cleaner
Created by Vacfan1982 on 04/02/2019

38289     Any Updates to Aerus Lux Guardian Platinum?
Created by georgect on 04/02/2019

38290     Windsor S12 and dubious repairs
Created by cam2s on 04/02/2019

38292     Henry Cordless :)
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/03/2019

38296     Toured Riccar and Simplicity
Created by rodknock95 on 04/03/2019

38299     Thoughts on NEW Cirrus Canister 2019
Created by georgect on 04/04/2019

38301     What's Going On With Simplicity?
Created by DE409 on 04/04/2019

38302     Bissell CleanView 2019 Redesign
Created by crazykirbydude on 04/04/2019

38307     Kenmore Whispertone filter
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/05/2019

38311     90th Anniversary Guardian PLatinum
Created by rodknock95 on 04/06/2019

38313     Simplicity Synergy Problem
Created by vacmaster on 04/06/2019

38316     Rainbow water question
Created by chris on 04/08/2019

38320     DeepClean Powerhead problem. So bummed out.
Created by completenutt on 04/09/2019

38322     Trash Find Bissell
Created by crazykirbydude on 04/09/2019

38323     Not another Royal
Created by 97widerider on 04/09/2019

38324     Only with a Rexair
Created by electro on 04/09/2019

38325     New Simplicity S20EZM
Created by ralph123 on 04/09/2019

38326     I "adopted" some Animals
Created by broomvac on 04/09/2019

38327     It's spring cleaning - and that means trash finds
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/09/2019

38330     Is it a burglar, or a Roomba? Sometimes, both
Created by Kirbysthebest on 04/10/2019

38349     Oreck XL Housekeeper compact canister
Created by vexorgtr on 04/14/2019

38350     My Opinions On The New Rug Doctor
Created by crazykirbydude on 04/14/2019

38352     Shark EVOPOWER Hand Vacuum (Japan)
Created by niclonnic on 04/15/2019

38360     The best cordless vacuum in 2019
Created by vacuumdevil on 04/17/2019

38364     Old Dysons (DC01- DC07) Crack Fixes. The Best and Easiest way to Prevent Cracks Spreading
Created by maxeley4103 on 04/18/2019

38372     Bye Bye Royal metal vacuums
Created by bikerray on 04/20/2019

38373     Shop vacuum hoses
Created by ridgidwd0670 on 04/20/2019

38374     Miele hose part. does it exist
Created by mister3 on 04/21/2019

38375     TriStar appears to have changed names
Created by electromatik on 04/22/2019

38377     Are there HEPA synthetic “cloth” bags for Tristars?
Created by broomvac on 04/22/2019

38378     Rainbow E2 Black Question
Created by Gagesrainbows96 on 04/22/2019

38381     Fine dust buildup on Fantom brushroll
Created by niclonnic on 04/22/2019

38383     Rainbow D4C SE motor reassembly after repair - doubt
Created by JohnMalkovich on 04/23/2019

38391     Bissell Owns Sanitaire Now????
Created by bagintheback on 04/25/2019

38392     Older riccar brilliance vs new Maytag m1200
Created by Gmarquez on 04/25/2019

38393     Need a modern vac with less than 55" h20 (suction)
Created by VacuumWars on 04/25/2019

38394     Is Simplicity Now Made By Bissell?
Created by crazykirbydude on 04/25/2019

38403     Interesting Beam "cart" central vacuum....
Created by luxflairguy on 04/26/2019

38404     Hoover Air Steerable
Created by suckolux on 04/26/2019

38411     Tapered Hose on Miele Blizzard Bagless Canister Vac
Created by eurekaprince on 04/28/2019

38418     Shark Rocket Duo Clean Ultralight
Created by Tseg on 04/28/2019

38432     Our new Bissell
Created by moderneezer on 05/01/2019

38437     a couple of new central vacuum units
Created by n0oxy on 05/02/2019

38447     Avalir shampooer is awesome!
Created by luxflairguy on 05/05/2019

38450     Kirby vacuum noise
Created by Kirbybb on 05/06/2019

38461     I got a Filtropur! (Aeropur, FVS)
Created by fairfaxclass on 05/08/2019

38479     Less Vacuum Ads?
Created by huskyvacs on 05/12/2019

38486     Goodbye rainbow hello riccar
Created by Gmarquez on 05/14/2019

38490     Pigs
Created by Lesinutah on 05/14/2019

38500     Vacuum particle smoke test
Created by panasonicvac on 05/17/2019

38504     Electrolux Sidekick Brush Roller
Created by vacuumman on 05/17/2019

38506     using a transformer to use a 240 volt central vacuum on a 120 volt outlet
Created by n0oxy on 05/18/2019

38507     Miele Powerhouse S177i
Created by fantomfan57 on 05/19/2019

38509     Kirby Sentria
Created by bikerray on 05/19/2019

38519     Wessel Werk TK 286
Created by vacuumdevil on 05/22/2019

38529     interesting article about new Domel motors
Created by n0oxy on 05/25/2019

38530     How often do you recommend vacuum servicing by a professional vacuum technician
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 05/25/2019

38537     New to me Sentria 2 - is this acting "right"?
Created by LauraB on 05/27/2019

38538     Does anyone else shake thier vacuum bags down to try to push the dirt to the bottom of the bag
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 05/27/2019

38549     The Lupe Cordless
Created by Vacfan1982 on 05/29/2019

38552     New Roomba S9 Robot Boasts Big Improvements
Created by henrydreyfuss on 05/29/2019

38556     Need Help Hoover Windtunnel Max Belt won't shut off in upright position
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 05/30/2019

38557     Very High Priced Vacuums - The Future?
Created by robsmith1977 on 05/31/2019

38561     Matching Dirt Devils
Created by Hoover300 on 05/31/2019

38567     Hoover commercial CH54115 bag blow-by
Created by psyberemt on 06/03/2019

38570     Hoover made by Tacony
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/04/2019

38571     Dyson V6 Car + Boat - Motor cutting out
Created by niclonnic on 06/04/2019

38574     Ideas from Moderneezer
Created by moderneezer on 06/05/2019

38577     Trash find
Created by Hoover300 on 06/06/2019

38580     Lowes selling Kenmore vacuum cleaners
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/06/2019

38588     Hoover Windtunnel Self-propelled model help
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 06/09/2019

38590     Kenmore Evo canister
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/09/2019

38597     ,Filter Queen motor replacement
Created by rickpretired on 06/10/2019

38598     Hoover belt keeps breaking - possible roller problem
Created by WhyNotSmile on 06/11/2019

38599     What's your favorite or preferred color(s) on vacuums?
Created by panasonicvac on 06/11/2019

38602     My Best Trash Find yet!
Created by Hoover300 on 06/12/2019

38603     Lindhaus HF6 the portable Central vac alternative.
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/12/2019

38607     Does anyone else avoid using vacuums because they fear they're going to break
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 06/13/2019

38609     Royal Power Tank Motor Sparking—Is this normal?
Created by vacuumman on 06/14/2019

38611     New Japanese Vacuum Cleaners
Created by eurekaprince on 06/14/2019

38615     Absolute best parquet tool for canisters?
Created by cinema on 06/14/2019

38624     Real life shark attack
Created by vacuumdevil on 06/15/2019

38626     Proteam Provac FS6
Created by Blackheart on 06/15/2019

38627     Hoover UH700015 Handle Foot Latch Broken
Created by bhart on 06/15/2019

38628     VacuuMotion now on YouTube!
Created by broomvac on 06/15/2019

38630     Anyone know how to tighten the floor head in a Hoover windtunnel self-propelled anniversary
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 06/16/2019

38632     Oreck 40 year Aniversay
Created by kirbyvacuum on 06/18/2019

38637     Sebo Felix Question
Created by broomvac on 06/18/2019

38645     Even More airflow tests (part 3)
Created by Blackheart on 06/20/2019

38650     Small shop vacs
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/22/2019

38652     Do you think Bissell is discontinuing the Big Green Complete?
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/22/2019

38654     Cutting down my collection
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/22/2019

38658     Thermax Vacuums
Created by jfrank on 06/24/2019

38661     sebo k series breakdown
Created by cinema on 06/25/2019

38670     Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean cordless
Created by dartman on 06/27/2019

38672     Consumer Reports
Created by kirby519 on 06/28/2019

38674     Does your family or friends ever use your vacuums?
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/29/2019

38676     Kenmore Magic Blue
Created by thevacuumman on 06/29/2019

38677     activating a central vacuum
Created by n0oxy on 06/29/2019

38687     Hard to find Hoover Y Bags
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 07/03/2019

38689     Miele Art
Created by vacuumdevil on 07/03/2019

38690     When you want a Maytag but all you have is a Riccar...
Created by broomvac on 07/03/2019

38695     Hepa bags. A gimmick?
Created by Rowdy141 on 07/05/2019

38696     Best brand of belt for Sanitaire Vacuum
Created by mylesrom on 07/06/2019

38707     So, I tried a pickup test. (Lindhaus Diamante)
Created by Blackheart on 07/08/2019

38709     Shopvac to the rescue sanding
Created by compactc9guy on 07/08/2019

38713     My small collection of Kenmore Canisters
Created by thevacuumman on 07/09/2019

38718     Miele S7 upright (S7580) correct motor part number??
Created by greglig on 07/10/2019

38724     Install Truck Mount Carpet Extractor in Home
Created by cbimmer on 07/11/2019

38729     Carpet Cleaners: Rug Doctor 93146 v.s. Bissell 1986
Created by hooverU4089 on 07/13/2019

38738     Hoover Hushtone 15+ (CH54115) 3 month review
Created by psyberemt on 07/17/2019

38745     The Worst Downgrade I Have Ever Seen!
Created by Hoover300 on 07/18/2019

38751     Do you all think you can use regular mop solution in a Hoover steamvac
Created by CMBCOOL01 on 07/18/2019

38756     Oreck Magnesium today
Created by fantomfan57 on 07/19/2019

38758     Rainbow E2 4 quart basin questions
Created by constellation86 on 07/20/2019

38770     Rainbow AquaMate Carpet Shampoo Alternatives
Created by mmcphee on 07/22/2019

38772     Rexair Rainbow trademarks SRX name - could new machine be coming very soon?
Created by ralph123 on 07/22/2019

38778     Rainbow E2 Gold won't turn on
Created by mmcphee on 07/23/2019

38779     Kenmore Elite Vacuum Cleaner issues...need help taking it apart...Thank you in advance!
Created by highroller on 07/24/2019

38780     Hyla GST Seemed to have passed the "baby powder test"
Created by mark40511 on 07/24/2019

38781     Maytag M700 Lifetime Belt
Created by Dysonman1 on 07/26/2019

38783     Today's thrift store finds!
Created by Blackheart on 07/26/2019

Created by electrolux137 on 07/27/2019

38790     Numatic Henry and friends
Created by vacuumdevil on 07/29/2019

38793     Titan Vacuums
Created by Kirbysthebest on 07/30/2019

38794     Vax SpinScrub carpet/floor cleaning head
Created by ridgidwd0670 on 07/30/2019

38800     Sirena Vacuum, broken hose clip
Created by Kirbysthebest on 08/02/2019

38802     Fantom Cyclone XT
Created by HVRVACLVR on 08/02/2019

38803     Bagless Swivel Glides (not vision)
Created by Hoover300 on 08/02/2019

38805     Improving VacuFlo Central Vac Filtration
Created by mmcphee on 08/02/2019

38809     Best and largest cordless shop vacuum.
Created by mariotron on 08/04/2019

38810     wondering what kind of motor this is
Created by n0oxy on 08/04/2019

38814     Where to find GENUINE Dyson DC07 Animal hose?
Created by niclonnic on 08/04/2019

38818     The new Oreck I mean Hoover
Created by panasonicvac on 08/05/2019

38822     Let's talk-Hoover Empowers, Fold Aways, U series Sprint 12 amp,etc.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/06/2019

38828     I rented a rug dr (rant)
Created by Blackheart on 08/08/2019

38836     Updated video on my vacuum collection
Created by FantomFan on 08/10/2019

38838     My Favorite Bagless vacuum
Created by Hoover300 on 08/10/2019

38840     VacuFlo Model 26
Created by mmcphee on 08/10/2019

38842     Is there a date code on Kenmore vacuum cleaners?
Created by fan-of-fans on 08/11/2019

38845     Bissell Quicksteamer Plus Model 1950 (FAIL)
Created by niclonnic on 08/11/2019

38852     Shark - amazing rise to the top of Consumer Reports
Created by ralph123 on 08/13/2019

38856     2000s Bagless Bissells (CleanView, PowerForce, Lift-Off, etc.)
Created by niclonnic on 08/13/2019

38861     Ametek motor for Miele vac - extra board??
Created by bison on 08/14/2019

38862     My X took the old kirby and tri-star,
Created by rebar on 08/14/2019

38865     New Riccar Upright Models..Any Info yet?
Created by luxlife on 08/15/2019

38871     Hyla versus a hotel room.
Created by vacuumdevil on 08/17/2019

38872     A rare mint Goodwill Shark Big Hand Vac score!
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/18/2019

38873     A dream machine I hope to find that I would like to talk about.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/18/2019

Created by watsonw on 08/18/2019

38880     Electrolux/Aerus CentraLux Central Vacuum Inlets
Created by mmcphee on 08/18/2019

38882     Airflow vs Suction for Carpet Extractors
Created by ridgidwd0670 on 08/19/2019

38883     Kirby Avalir fabric Case/Tote/Caddy
Created by Rowdy141 on 08/20/2019

38885     Simplicity no longer sells most of their machines
Created by Johnsmith96 on 08/20/2019

38889     Ways to clean a Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/22/2019

38891     Oreck Magnesium motor Question.....
Created by fantomfan57 on 08/22/2019

38902     Prolux Carpet cleaner for Rainbow, Sirena, Ocean Blue, ProAqua, ...
Created by ralph123 on 08/26/2019

38903     Dirt Devil Quick Vacs.
Created by RoyalFan103 on 08/26/2019

38904     Miele telescopic wand collapsing
Created by Walker on 08/27/2019

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38948     My street found/still working optima and boss mini
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38949     Why I think canisters aren't popular in United States anymore
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38951     a vacuum meme
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38954     Royal PowerCast 9100
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38957     Royal CR5128Z vs Sanitaire SC886F
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38961     Hepa / Synthetic / Cloth Bag Efficiency
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38963     Royal vs Sanitaire commercial upright
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38966     Kirby Ultimate G Headlight
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38970     Some Odd Finds
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38972     Eureka Superlite 405
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38979     Vacuum Mods
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38980     is this a Patriot?
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38981     Changed out my central vac unit
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38984     2005 to 2007 eureka commercials
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38985     New Eurekas at Home Depot
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38987     New (Old/Used) Find! Royal Model 08240
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38989     Rainbow Floor Brush Bumper Issue
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38992     Miele HX1 cordless Stick vacuum
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38995     R10/S10 brushroll performance?
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38999     What the?
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39001     Eureka Find
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39004     Post your favorite Heavy looking vacuums here.
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39006     Anyone bought a Maytag Satellite??
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39013     Did dirt devil copy shark? Or did they partner with shark to make this.
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39014     Mini uprights paired with turbo tools.
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39017     Does anyone remember this?
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39018     Oreck Intake seal
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39019     $10 Sanitaire!
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39024     Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off - Front Wheels Tangled
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39026     Shark UV 440-25
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39027     ISO Sebo Felix “FUN” pattern orange NEW IN BOX
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39029     Panasonic vacuums are still made and innovating.
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39034     I’m not just a Kirby fan
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39038     Curbside find Hoover
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39041     Tons of questions to ask about Hoover in the 2000's.
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39046     Adding Fragrance to a Bagged Upright Vacuum
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39047     craftsman ridgid & workshop brand (emerson tool co) 6 & 9 gallon vacs
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39058     South African Elna Distributed Miele S428i
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39059     some of my favorite vacuum brands
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39061     “Pigs on the Wing”
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39064     Reddit seems biased on vacuum sections.
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39067     Rainbow Cleaning System SRX
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39068     Some more pictures on the eureka dream machine!
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39069     No power to Sebo ET-1 head or bush roll switch broken?
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39072     Dyson DC39 Quandry
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39074     Bissell dissing on hoover,dirt devil and eureka! JEEZ!
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39075     2004 Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vac 08201X
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39080     Bissell ProLite model 3561-2-Do you have one?
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39083     What happened to VCDiscounter?
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39084     Rainbow SRX power nozzle review
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39086     Aerus/Lux 4000 Original MSRP
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39094     Bissell 9500 Pro Heat 2X Won't Squirt Water In "Tools"? Mode
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39096     Curious about Circuit Boards in Vacuum Cleaners
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39097     Consumer reports
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39100     I made a roblox free model on the eureka dream machine lol
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39101     The never seen before manual for the dirt devil/swiffer sweep & vac!
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39104     Question regarding Hoover Windtunnel C1703-900
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39106     Riccar still US made
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39107     new Electrolux cordless
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39111     How do you clean a Vacuum Motor Fan without removing the fan casing?
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39114     Henry HVR200A stops starts
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39118     Deciding between Miele C3 cat and dog, Sebo Felix and Sebo E3 Premium
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39142     My New Rainbow SRX 🌈
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39146     Hoover Steamvac Spot
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39152     Hoover SteamVac Agility
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39153     Im close to getting my dream machine (eureka dream machine or eureka carpet shampooer power pump)
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39157     Hoover 2nd generation bagless machine
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39159     So I did a Thing...
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39168     Newest Find
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39174     Bought me a Filter Queen Majestic 360
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39179     I finally bought a new Avalir2
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39180     Procyon carpet shampoo
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39183     My Kirby Avalir adventures
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39184     SEBO C canister 💦
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39194     Lindhaus Healthcare Pro Hepa
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39196     Flashback Tuesday: Shark UV617
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39206     The best car detailing machine out there .
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39208     I need advice...
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39209     How Often to change Hepa filters in (HEPA) bagged vacuums?
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39218     Remake of one of my previous threads
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39220     Troubleshoot Kenmore Cannister Vacuum
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39227     SEBO k3 🇩🇪
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39229     I created a discord bot called Vacuum!Bot
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 11/20/2019

39230     Yup, i got it.
Created by EurekaFanSquid on 11/20/2019

39238     Been piling up some NIB Hoovers
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39239     How does a Kirby not draw in moisture when in shampoo mode?
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39243     Air flow test box how to build
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39245     The 1.79 Hoover from Goodwill.
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39250     Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal list.
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39255     Dyson DC 39
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39270     Oreck with built in radio.
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39275     Problem with the bagless vacuums
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39291     Kirby Sentria 2 not outcleaning a rainbow e2 black
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39292     Found something new...
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39293     kenmore 600 series pop n go
Created by gdc76 on 12/04/2019

39294     kenmore 600 series op n go canister
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39295     Lindhaus silently gives the finger to the cordless sick Vaccum market
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39298     Windsor Sensor S12/XP12
Created by Provactsf on 12/05/2019

39299     kenmore progressive swivel connector
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39304     NIB NOS Hoover Guardsman C1631 Unboxing
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39308     Newest Hoover
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39310     Another Vacuum for Christmas
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39311     2 dyson DC17’s found in the trash
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39315     Dating a Vacuflo Central Vacuum Unit
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39317     Miele C3 motor part number
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39319     Sebo K3 with PN
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39327     Strangest or worst clog found in vacuum
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39332     Sebo Felix questions
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39335     Sanitaire SC679J fan chamber depth
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39338     Is the thick felt around the vacuum motor necessary?
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39340     The brand new Titan T8000 canister
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39349     Sanitaire s647 Giveaway
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39350     New dusting brush for my Kenmore Progressive
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39353     Dyson DC03 Absolute
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39355     4
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39357     Sanitaire/eureka
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39358     The disappearing shark Nr96 31 and its brushroll and hose.
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39371     Fantom Wildcat on eBay
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39373     Awesome Christmas gifts
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39374     Aerus Fresh Era upright by Hoover
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39378     My first Robot Vacuum- how was yours?
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