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19206     My Two latest USA vacuum cleaners
Created by gsheen on 01/01/2013

19218     Sanitaire ST Tube and Overmold For Conversion of F&G
Created by djtaylor on 01/02/2013

19220     Calling all Hoover canister owners!
Created by hooverman2121 on 01/02/2013

19221     Who makes this Kenmore Powermate?
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/02/2013

19223     The Electrolux Nimble.
Created by RainbowD4C on 01/02/2013

19225     B&D flex Powerbrush
Created by eurekapowerline on 01/02/2013

19226     removing odor
Created by kirbyeureka95 on 01/02/2013

19228     Hoover Windtunnel Air
Created by FantomVacuumFan on 01/03/2013

19230     Electrolux Silverado
Created by bagintheback on 01/03/2013

19231     Hoover Professional Series Upright (Conquest)
Created by concept12 on 01/03/2013

19232     My new Sebo X2
Created by mieles7 on 01/03/2013

19234     Are these made in USA models?
Created by Diabeticdoode on 01/04/2013

19235     Miele UK Next Step In Personalisation...
Created by sebo_fan on 01/04/2013

19237     My Brand new dyson
Created by parwaz786 on 01/04/2013

19239     World's most expensive vacuum
Created by stricklybojack on 01/05/2013

19242     Finally a Philips p72
Created by gsheen on 01/05/2013

19250     Storing attachments on upright/canister combos
Created by mieles7 on 01/05/2013

19255     Cord and Hose Lengths on Canisters
Created by eurekaprince on 01/06/2013

19258     Singer Canister Vacuum
Created by funvacfan on 01/06/2013

19259     Oreck, Hoover and Electrolux
Created by FantomFan on 01/06/2013

19265     got this today for free
Created by mr_mom on 01/07/2013

19266     My Latest Hoover
Created by gsheen on 01/07/2013

19267     Dyson thread- parwaz786?
Created by dysondestijl on 01/07/2013

19268     G6 rebuild nozzle lock screw issue
Created by cparman on 01/07/2013

19269     Does Anyone Have?
Created by thevacuumman on 01/07/2013

19273     Oreck motor question
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 01/07/2013

19274     Cremated Remains Vacuum
Created by stricklybojack on 01/08/2013

19278     Hoover UH20060 Bag-less Quick Vacuum
Created by stricklybojack on 01/08/2013

19279     Top Ten vacuums of 2012
Created by stricklybojack on 01/08/2013

19282     Kenmore floor washer
Created by Blackheart on 01/09/2013

19286     New Vacuum under $200
Created by skippy on 01/09/2013

19287     Brand New Vac For Christmas- So Awesome! Super Coach Pro 6
Created by rhalfax on 01/09/2013

19288     Air watt and water lift question
Created by kirbyeureka95 on 01/09/2013

19290     My New Aerus Vacuums
Created by kirbyloverdan on 01/09/2013

19295     My Brand New Electrolux
Created by jakesvacs on 01/10/2013

19298     Attachment cheapening
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/10/2013

19301     Sanitaire SYSTEM_PRO Canister Vacuum Model SP6952A
Created by stricklybojack on 01/10/2013

19303     Found a Miele Red Star canister yesterday for 8 bucks!
Created by alkirbyguy on 01/11/2013

19309     A UK Royal......
Created by SeamusUK on 01/12/2013

19310     Using the Rainbow
Created by williamr1248 on 01/12/2013

19311     Aqua King
Created by stricklybojack on 01/12/2013

19314     New Bissell 10 amp
Created by FantomFan on 01/12/2013

19316     Unexpected find this morning.
Created by kloveland on 01/12/2013

19317     Sanitaire Canister
Created by dwhdarren97 on 01/12/2013

19320     What was the strangest thing you found stuck in a modern vacuum
Created by superj on 01/13/2013

19321     finally my favorite Dyson Canister
Created by gsheen on 01/13/2013

19323     Miele Aluminium Vacuum For Sale
Created by compactelectra on 01/13/2013

19328     News About The Hoover T-Series
Created by TheHooverMan on 01/13/2013

19329     Dc 24
Created by kirbykid on 01/13/2013

19330     Rainbow Demo. Will I really get the gift?
Created by DLB764 on 01/13/2013

19333     1991 Hoover Turbopower Freedom
Created by Alexhoovers94 on 01/14/2013

19337     new vacuums to part out
Created by kirbykid63 on 01/15/2013

19338     Looking for a hoover or royal, can you believe it?
Created by luxguy85 on 01/15/2013

19339     Hoovers Website Lies
Created by Alexhoovers94 on 01/15/2013

19350     I saved a Dyson but never bought it!
Created by parwaz786 on 01/16/2013

19351     Todays 5$ Find Sanitaire System Pro Need Cord
Created by luxguy85 on 01/16/2013

19354     LEAD IN VACUUM'S?
Created by singingrainbow on 01/16/2013

19358     How many Canisters offer a 12' hose?
Created by motojoejo on 01/17/2013

19359     SEBO Felix bites the dust
Created by mikeklondon on 01/17/2013

19367     Quietest vac for all surfaces
Created by mllc on 01/17/2013

19368     What Hoover is this?
Created by stricklybojack on 01/17/2013

19369     Salvaging plastic parts - example w/ WT2
Created by gmerkt on 01/18/2013

19371     EBAY-Eureka Freedom,Hoovers,more
Created by rugsucker on 01/18/2013

19372     And guess what i saw today...
Created by super-sweeper on 01/18/2013

19375     My "New Toy"
Created by rainbowd4se1 on 01/18/2013

19377     Bare floor brushes
Created by floor-a-matic on 01/18/2013

19378     Panasonic MC6220 revival...
Created by stricklybojack on 01/18/2013

19383     General vac help and Miele s5/s6/s8 canister blower?
Created by cue003 on 01/19/2013

19384     Kenmore uprights
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/19/2013

19387     Miele Quickstep
Created by cue003 on 01/19/2013

19388     Bissell Plus upright filter
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/19/2013

19402     Weird Ugly plastic vacs...
Created by stricklybojack on 01/20/2013

19407     Sanyo Transformax Find!!!
Created by compamac on 01/21/2013

19410     What was Your Worst Vacuum Experience?
Created by compamac on 01/21/2013

19415     How to ? Tri Star
Created by beerad on 01/21/2013

Created by eurekaexpress on 01/21/2013

19419     Vacuum article
Created by stricklybojack on 01/21/2013

19421     Eureka-Forbes Revisited
Created by sebo_fan on 01/21/2013

19427     Miele Or Numatic? Please Help Me Choose
Created by Ultimatevacman on 01/22/2013

19430     Owners with Multiple vacuum... is there a goto one?
Created by cue003 on 01/22/2013

19432     Help, Kenmore Direct Drive brush roll spinning backwards..
Created by stricklybojack on 01/22/2013

19434     New Aerus Lux Guardian Platinum Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Created by eurekaprince on 01/22/2013

19436     Thermax AF.1
Created by Blackheart on 01/23/2013

19440     Dyson DC03 Brand New in box!
Created by parwaz786 on 01/23/2013

19443     Advice, looking for the BEST canister (Unhappy w/Miele)
Created by GeorgeCT on 01/24/2013

19444     Have you ever used Capture or Host?
Created by kacyc1 on 01/24/2013

19446     Sanitaire top bearing removal
Created by kirbykid63 on 01/24/2013

19450     Panasonic Stick-Vacuum model HV-900
Created by super-sweeper on 01/24/2013

19453     Vax Zoom Range
Created by sebo_fan on 01/24/2013

19458     Hoover Elite C1404
Created by dwhdarren97 on 01/25/2013

19459     Kirby G5 Squeak
Created by 01n3on on 01/25/2013

19460     Help Comemercial Eureka Upright Dirt Bag
Created by camelotshadow on 01/25/2013

19464     Hoover Elite Commercial C1404
Created by sanitaireboy99 on 01/26/2013

19466     Stores use vacuum displays? GROSS!!
Created by compamac on 01/26/2013

19468     Silver King Tools
Created by thermokid on 01/26/2013

19471     The Mother of all shopvacs, Wap M2 turbo
Created by gsheen on 01/26/2013

19476     Kenmore Progressive Glide "all floors"
Created by magic-clean on 01/26/2013

19483     Now,Exactly WHAT about this is,"Safe"?
Created by super-sweeper on 01/27/2013

19484     Samsung Vacuums
Created by stricklybojack on 01/27/2013

19487     fixing an Oreck, could use some help...
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 01/27/2013

19489     Made in the USA, does it matter? What is truly built to last?
Created by GM1982 on 01/28/2013

19494     Do guarantees REALLY mean that much these days?
Created by jmurray01 on 01/28/2013

19496     Simplicity Vacs any good?
Created by heritageIIhd on 01/28/2013

19497     Electrolux Prolux!
Created by stricklybojack on 01/28/2013

19500     Electrolux Power Nozzle Elbow Break
Created by pnluxconvlvr on 01/29/2013

19502     Vacuums being sold on these shopping channels
Created by marks_here on 01/29/2013

19506     Got A Free Hoover T Series
Created by TheHooverMan on 01/29/2013

19507     Oreck wiring diagram
Created by super-sweeper on 01/29/2013

19512     Dumpster find: Kirby G6
Created by Human on 01/29/2013

19513     Nasty vac spa session in progress
Created by stricklybojack on 01/29/2013

19516     Miele SET210 Electric, telescopic Wand ??
Created by cue003 on 01/30/2013

19517     Consumer Reports (March 2013) Vacuum Tests
Created by GeorgeCT on 01/30/2013

19518     Fair asking price for Kirby G-4?
Created by heritageiihd on 01/30/2013

19520     For the Dyson lovers -- Video
Created by cue003 on 01/30/2013

19526     Help finding an original Numatic bucket
Created by Ultimatevacman on 01/31/2013

19531     Hoover "Task-Vac"
Created by daknx1994 on 01/31/2013

19532     New items just arrived!!!
Created by cue003 on 01/31/2013

19533     My Rainbow D4 SE
Created by rainbowd4se1 on 01/31/2013

19534     Kirby Mini Emptors
Created by 01n3on on 01/31/2013

19536     Elextrolux Versatility El8501F
Created by Kirbysthebest on 02/01/2013

19538     Nutone hose
Created by OCScott3085 on 02/01/2013

19539     What kind of upright is this?
Created by fan-of-fans on 02/01/2013

19545     Look what I ordered off ebay today!
Created by ericaustin on 02/01/2013

19548     Kenmore Telescopic Wand
Created by ryan1994jeep on 02/01/2013

19549     ATTENTION! Vacs for sale
Created by vacuumman206 on 02/01/2013

19550     Electrolux Discovery II
Created by vacuumman206 on 02/02/2013

19553     Simplicity Synergy X9 or G9?
Created by heritageiihd on 02/02/2013

19555     Top care eureka belts Junk?
Created by kirbykid63 on 02/02/2013

19556     kirby g6
Created by kirby505 on 02/02/2013

19558     My Rare Hoover TurboPower 4200
Created by TheHooverMan on 02/02/2013

19562     For Bagintheback
Created by TheHooverMan on 02/02/2013

19565     Dyson Dc04 Zorbster
Created by jakesvacs on 02/03/2013

19566     SSS Twin Power Vac Upright
Created by compamac on 02/03/2013

19575     Vax 6151F or Numatic George???????
Created by JohnaMarsz on 02/04/2013

19579     Circa 2001 Hoover Purepower U3330
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 02/04/2013

19580     ORECK
Created by kirbyloverdan on 02/04/2013

19583     What Miele is this?
Created by stricklybojack on 02/04/2013

19585     9 Top High Tech Vacuums
Created by jfalberti on 02/05/2013

19589     Aerus in Australia!
Created by lunchboxsean on 02/05/2013

19590     Modern Vac / Arus-Lux knock off?
Created by stricklybojack on 02/05/2013

19591     Wessel Werk HEB160 Power Brush
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/05/2013

19592     Wessel Werk HEB160 Power Brush
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/05/2013

19593     Wessel Werk HEB160 Power Brush
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/05/2013

19595     my collection
Created by hoove94 on 02/06/2013

19599     Hoover Portapower, what happened?
Created by stricklybojack on 02/06/2013

19602     and yet another water filtered vac totally unheard of
Created by kirbyvertibles on 02/06/2013

19604     sebo felix filter
Created by thekirbylover on 02/07/2013

19606     Henry with terrible bearings!
Created by Ultimatevacman on 02/07/2013

19608     Fantom Crosswind on eBay!!!!!
Created by compamac on 02/07/2013

19616     Aerus Lux Gaurdian Platinum
Created by thermokid on 02/08/2013

19618     Parting out a like new hoover encore
Created by kirbykid63 on 02/08/2013

19626     Vac shops
Created by Schmidt-Center on 02/09/2013

19628     Let's see your canister vacuums!
Created by Ultimatevacman on 02/09/2013

19630     Steam floor cleaners
Created by paulg on 02/09/2013

19632     help needed, mystery VAX
Created by dysondestijl on 02/09/2013

19637     Miele Solaris Canister Vacuum
Created by denise on 02/09/2013

19638     Please help me choose a vacuum!
Created by mistyp11 on 02/10/2013

19639     My new Dyson DC01!!!
Created by Parwaz786 on 02/10/2013

19641     My New Toy!
Created by JDrums0789 on 02/10/2013

19642     Look What I found on Bissell's Website
Created by Ipreferkirby on 02/10/2013

19643     Worst trash find I've ever seen
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 02/10/2013

19644     It happened. U.S Vax Air3
Created by eurekapowerline on 02/10/2013

19647     elecrolux twinturbo for sale
Created by thekirbylover on 02/10/2013

19651     Dyson DC01 DAS gets a tear down
Created by dysondestijl on 02/11/2013

19656     Pro team vacuums
Created by vacuumman206 on 02/12/2013

19657     Scan books to digital with a Miele canister...
Created by stricklybojack on 02/12/2013

19664     How Do I Reassemble the Wessel Werk 360 Head???
Created by rd on 02/14/2013

19668     Electrolux EL7070A ULTRAONE
Created by stricklybojack on 02/14/2013

19669     Hoover HushTone Commercial Vacuum
Created by stricklybojack on 02/14/2013

19670     windtunnel self propelled
Created by mr_mom on 02/15/2013

19678     Hoover WindTunnel 2 brush roll melt down...
Created by stricklybojack on 02/15/2013

19683     odd hoover convertible
Created by kirbykid on 02/16/2013

19686     Miele S8
Created by joshdonnell on 02/16/2013

19688     My New Aerus Guardian Ultra
Created by danorob1 on 02/17/2013

19690     Regina HELP?
Created by epiceurekalover on 02/17/2013

19696     New Fantom Fury
Created by FantomFan on 02/17/2013

19697     let me know what you think
Created by kirbyfan99 on 02/17/2013

19700     My collection
Created by kirbyfan99 on 02/18/2013

19703     Rookie Kirby mistake!
Created by stricklybojack on 02/18/2013

19704     Kirby G4 thrift store find
Created by macmansam on 02/18/2013

19708     Hoover Windtunnel upright motors old and new
Created by gmerkt on 02/18/2013

19709     Black and decker DustBuster flexi
Created by dysondestijl on 02/19/2013

19714     Forget the Flexi, lets go for an ORB instead...
Created by dysondestijl on 02/19/2013

19723     Favour needed: ST style Sanitaire bags posted to uk
Created by richardc1983 on 02/20/2013

19724     BNIB dirt devil road rascal
Created by dysondestijl on 02/20/2013

19725     Some new vacuums are impossibly cheap...
Created by stricklybojack on 02/20/2013

19730     kirby heritage noise on tv
Created by FantomFan on 02/20/2013

19732     Vacuum motors
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/20/2013

19739     Above floor cleaning on an upright, at what cost?
Created by stricklybojack on 02/21/2013

19741     Numatic 2009 motor into a 1994 NVQ250
Created by beko1987 on 02/21/2013

19742     Ebay Thread # ?
Created by stricklybojack on 02/21/2013

19743     Henry Vacuums/Numatics
Created by pr-21 on 02/21/2013

19744     "Uh, mom, we need a new vacuum cleaner"
Created by gmerkt on 02/21/2013

19748     harlem vacuum
Created by uksausage on 02/22/2013

19749     henry the hoover with steve
Created by uksausage on 02/22/2013

19753     Desktop Henry!
Created by NYCWriter on 02/22/2013

19757     In the market for a commercial carpet cleaner
Created by floor-a-matic on 02/22/2013

19760     Electrolux z61a
Created by dysondestijl on 02/23/2013

19762     My new hoover compact electronic
Created by dysondestijl on 02/23/2013

19765     New Oreck Bagless
Created by isufan11 on 02/23/2013

19771     My first Rainbow SE
Created by beerad on 02/24/2013

19778     Turbopower motor - random washer remaining on re-assembly
Created by beko1987 on 02/25/2013

19790     An interesting vacuum
Created by cam2s on 02/27/2013

19792     Dyson DC24 Epic Fail
Created by hoovermad on 02/27/2013

19793     Electrolux Dolphin Electronic
Created by beko1987 on 02/27/2013

19799     Erm, might have bought a few parts
Created by beko1987 on 02/28/2013

19805     Funny vacuum story that occurred to me tonight :)
Created by SUPER-SWEEPER on 02/28/2013

19809     In the market for a decent Hoover.
Created by filterboy244 on 03/01/2013

19815     nib Kenmore Powermate find
Created by petek on 03/01/2013

19816     Amazing Electorlux find! (Electorlux fans,Take your medicine before proceading!)
Created by super-sweeper on 03/01/2013

19819     Does anybody have a Grey Royal shake out bag?
Created by nubz3760 on 03/01/2013

19820     Royal commercial vacuums
Created by vacuumman206 on 03/02/2013

19822     Kenmore Destiny Plus, 11 amp Fantom, Hoover D.A.M
Created by FantomFan on 03/02/2013

19823     Got another Dyson DC01!!!
Created by dysondestijl on 03/02/2013

19825     Kenmore Progressive with Direct Drive sighting
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/02/2013

19827     Filterqueen question
Created by cc on 03/02/2013

19830     Filter Queen Majestic after a spa day
Created by beerad on 03/02/2013

19831     The boss vacuums
Created by kirbyg6 on 03/02/2013

19836     phantom vacuum
Created by kirbykid on 03/02/2013

19837     Interested in a new vacuum
Created by brboy2014 on 03/03/2013

19839     Beginning to wonder.
Created by brboy2014 on 03/03/2013

19840     Three more vacs to go.
Created by williamr1248 on 03/03/2013

19841     Wireless options
Created by sopranojam85 on 03/03/2013

19843     "Mom, we need a new vacuum... this one's too dusty"
Created by gmerkt on 03/03/2013

19847     Help with Kenmore Whispertone 5.1
Created by BuddyC on 03/04/2013

19854     New Hoover stalling - HELP!
Created by classicfan1 on 03/05/2013

19858     Cleaning it "OLD School"
Created by sbnhvlvr on 03/05/2013

19860     SEBO D1 in Canada
Created by sebo_fan on 03/05/2013

19861     Differences Between Kirby Sentria and Sentria II?
Created by kirbytradition7 on 03/05/2013

19864     A new brand?
Created by isufan11 on 03/06/2013

19869     Most expensive production vacs?
Created by KirbysNphones on 03/06/2013

19875     My Lux Dolphin turned up! - Questions!
Created by beko1987 on 03/07/2013

19879     VAX SALE 2 (UK)
Created by sebo_fan on 03/07/2013

19883     Hoover T Series?
Created by Diabeticdoode on 03/07/2013

19886     ProTeam ProCare 15xp
Created by vacuumman206 on 03/07/2013

19889     Kirby Generation Series
Created by PoconoVacMan on 03/08/2013

19890     Looking for a Filter Queen
Created by luxguy85 on 03/08/2013

19895     Question for the Aerus experts
Created by geoffrack8 on 03/08/2013

19897     The Fantom Vacuum Story
Created by stricklybojack on 03/08/2013

19899     Filtrete Miele G/N Synthetic Bags and Filters
Created by cleanz on 03/08/2013

19901     Kirby G6 attachment hose assembly
Created by sumoovr on 03/09/2013

19905     Daily driver...
Created by dysondestijl on 03/09/2013

19909     New trash find! What a surprise, a DYSON!
Created by dysondestijl on 03/09/2013

19910     Royal Power Tank 4000
Created by dennis on 03/09/2013

19913     Eureka 1934A
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/09/2013

19914     Manual for Hoover Help Mate
Created by fan-of-fans on 03/09/2013

19926     Are We Ever Going To Get Any Decent Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners In The UK?
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/10/2013

19933     Royal Pro Series
Created by bravokid on 03/11/2013

19935     Eureka Victory
Created by myles_v on 03/11/2013

19937     Cleaning a Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled
Created by mieles7 on 03/11/2013

19938     Three New (To Me) Vacuum cleaners
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/11/2013

19939     G4
Created by tylerawells on 03/11/2013

19943     NSS PIG vacuum for sale
Created by vacuumman206 on 03/11/2013

19948     $100 Electrolux Lux Legacy and Free Riccar
Created by StarryBlues4u on 03/12/2013

19951     Dirt Devil Deluxe motor
Created by Blackheart on 03/13/2013

19953     Filter Queen advice
Created by ryry_87 on 03/13/2013

19962     Whew! I am not the only one that likes Miele vacuums!
Created by sarasvacshack on 03/14/2013

19968     Specifically looking for......
Created by vacuumman206 on 03/14/2013

19971     Eureka Altima
Created by suckolux on 03/15/2013

19972     Two Generations Of Permabag Sysem Technology
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/15/2013

19973     I See They Have Dropped The Price On The Purepowers Again
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/15/2013

19974     Early Easter present...
Created by s31463221 on 03/15/2013

19976     Fantom Euro-Pro Canister Vac
Created by compamac on 03/16/2013

19978     Early 90's Electrolux Service Manual
Created by beko1987 on 03/16/2013

19981     New AEG/Electrolux UltraCaptic cylinder/canister.
Created by sebo_fan on 03/16/2013

19983     TWO NEW SEBO Felix designs
Created by sebo_fan on 03/16/2013

19984     New Dyson DC50
Created by williamr1248 on 03/16/2013

19986     Royal Prince, thrift store find :o)
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 03/16/2013

19987     Was this a good price?
Created by marks_here on 03/16/2013

19991     Dyson DC07 cutting out
Created by croutbarney on 03/17/2013

19993     What Is Better - Piston Bag Full Indicator? Or Bag Full Indicator Light?
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/17/2013

19994     For the Sebo experts
Created by vintagerepairer on 03/17/2013

20000     My New Aerus Vacuums - Part 2
Created by Unimatic1140 on 03/18/2013

20004     Best Basic Vacuum with roller brush/upright or cannister
Created by rmany31 on 03/18/2013

20007     Panasonic MC-UG302
Created by richardc1983 on 03/18/2013

20008     Identification of a bag
Created by gmerkt on 03/19/2013

20009     What does a vacuum need to be good?
Created by mieles7 on 03/19/2013

20013     Dyson DC14 Animal BRAND NEW!!!! OMG!!!!!!!11
Created by parwaz786 on 03/19/2013

20017     Vacuums For Future House In Asheville, NC
Created by director12 on 03/19/2013

20019     Power Tank
Created by cam2s on 03/20/2013

20020     Strange Henry Vacuum
Created by Ultimatevacman on 03/20/2013

20023     Need a Hoover part
Created by stricklybojack on 03/20/2013

20024     Kirby Help!!!
Created by daknx1994 on 03/20/2013

20025     Electrolux 2100 troubleshooting
Created by greenjp on 03/20/2013

20029     Dont see this every day at the Goodwill
Created by Brandon_W_T on 03/20/2013

20030     Do Dyson's Really Rip Up Carpet? Or Is It Just The Underwhelming Quality Carpets These Days?
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/20/2013

20031     Miele White Pearl
Created by r2d2 on 03/20/2013

20035     Just got a Hyla GST!
Created by bsmith on 03/21/2013

Created by hoover78 on 03/21/2013

20042     Dating Kirby Machines
Created by tylerawells on 03/21/2013

20049     Electrolux Oxygen canister
Created by gmerkt on 03/22/2013

20058     Bissell commercial now playing
Created by marks_here on 03/22/2013

20059     The Odd-Ball General Electric (A picture thread)
Created by super-sweeper on 03/22/2013

20060     Portapower vs. Platinum Collection
Created by mb_1981 on 03/22/2013

20061     Numatic
Created by filterboy244 on 03/22/2013

20062     Vac companies where'd they come from?
Created by vacuumman206 on 03/22/2013

20063     Kenmore Destiny II
Created by Andeco701 on 03/23/2013

20067     I Am So Impressed With This!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/23/2013

20068     fantom/destiny pics
Created by ihavefantoms on 03/23/2013

20076     Electrolux uprights
Created by kirbyg6 on 03/24/2013

20080     Plastic convertible lens cover
Created by hoover78 on 03/24/2013

20083     ge vacuums
Created by ilikeoddvacuums on 03/25/2013

20085     Numatic Henry Colour Info.
Created by Ultimatevacman on 03/25/2013

20093     My amazing EPIC eBay purchase!
Created by floor-a-matic on 03/25/2013

20095     Vacuum Store for sale
Created by vacuumman206 on 03/25/2013

20098     Royal Power Cast 9000 repair problem
Created by rugsucker on 03/26/2013

20101     800+ vacuums for $8000
Created by stricklybojack on 03/26/2013

20102     Looking for a Fantom vacuum
Created by compamac on 03/26/2013

20104     Dirty Eureka
Created by cam2s on 03/26/2013

20106     What if Commercial Vacuums Were Sold in Big-Box Stores?
Created by bagintheback on 03/26/2013

20107     rainbows
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 03/26/2013

20108     Metroplitan fullsize canister vacuum
Created by joshdonnell on 03/26/2013

20114     GUYS IN THE UK!
Created by baglessball on 03/27/2013

20118     Hyla NST
Created by indykirby on 03/27/2013

Created by sensotronic on 03/28/2013

20121     Miracle Mate Experts
Created by cc on 03/28/2013

20123     Another Henry HVC200? Why Not?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 03/28/2013

20125     hoover guardsman commercial
Created by jpow30 on 03/28/2013

20126     i have a turbocat 2
Created by jpow30 on 03/28/2013

20133     A face only a mother could love...
Created by stricklybojack on 03/29/2013

20134     New Honda van comes with built in vac...
Created by stricklybojack on 03/29/2013

20135     Airider is out of business....
Created by kirbylux77 on 03/29/2013

20138     Look what my sister got me...
Created by thevacuumman on 03/29/2013

20144     Oreck XL Handheld
Created by compamac on 03/30/2013

20145     Have You Ever Tried Everything To Fix A Vac, Nothing Goes Right So Finally Decide It's Had It's Day?
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 03/30/2013

20149     What are Oreck doing?
Created by vintagerepairer on 03/30/2013

20151     2013 Rainbow E-Series Black
Created by funeraldirector on 03/30/2013

20153     NuTone Ads/Paperwork/Brochure
Created by vacuumfreak on 03/30/2013

20157     The Dyson DC07 gets a bath
Created by dysondestijl on 03/31/2013

20161     My Henry burnt out ;(
Created by Ultimatevacman on 03/31/2013

20162     Rainbow "Gold Series" Motor Question
Created by concept12 on 03/31/2013

20163     Rexair CSD
Created by kirby505 on 03/31/2013

20168     Modifying Vacuums To Use Different Bags
Created by kirbylux77 on 03/31/2013

20173     Hoover Turbopower 1000 U2812 - Febuary 1993
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/01/2013

20175     Panny Puke fest...
Created by stricklybojack on 04/01/2013

20177     What type of bags does this Kenmore Magicord take?
Created by myles_v on 04/01/2013

20178     Many new vacuums
Created by FantomFan on 04/01/2013

20185     Are Turbopower 2 Motors supposed to be serviced?
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/02/2013

20186     A Dream Machine Found
Created by edog192 on 04/02/2013

20189     New Aura Roboclean from Germany, now selling in U.S.
Created by massagemiracle on 04/02/2013

20196     Experimenting with Miele vs Filter Queen, Electrolux, Dyson etc..
Created by sarasvacshack on 04/03/2013

20199     Just picked up a really cool DustBuster!
Created by dysondestijl on 04/03/2013

20201     My Current Vacuum Cleaner Collection 2013
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/03/2013

20204     Kirby Diamond Edition
Created by filterboy244 on 04/03/2013

20205     Looking for a canister vacuum
Created by vacuumman206 on 04/03/2013

20216     Good Test for Air-Flow
Created by williamr1248 on 04/04/2013

20217     I Knew It Wasn't All That Great But I Didn't Think It Would Do THAT Bad!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/04/2013

20218     Morphy Richards Complete Clean Lift Away
Created by sensotronic on 04/04/2013

20231     Miele Alize
Created by mielesalesman on 04/04/2013

20235     The difference between Rainbow D4 and the first E
Created by kirbyvertibles on 04/05/2013

20236     Do you ever wonder about a Vacuum's history?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 04/05/2013

20241     Help needed with my filter queen triple crown...
Created by dysondestijl on 04/05/2013

20248     Today's $3 Finds
Created by thevacuumman on 04/05/2013

20250     Electrolux Trade In Value?
Created by dlb764 on 04/05/2013

20254     My new hoover turbopower 3 autosense permabag
Created by dysondestijl on 04/06/2013

20259     Numatic help
Created by rutger on 04/06/2013

20261     here's an odd vacuum
Created by ilikeoddvacuums on 04/06/2013

20262     Oreck Age
Created by mieles7 on 04/06/2013

20266     Hoover FloorMate H3000 vs.FloorMate Plus H3010
Created by floor-a-matic on 04/06/2013

20267     The best above floor cleaner?
Created by baglessball on 04/06/2013

20274     How long has Oreck been around?
Created by Vac_whisperer on 04/06/2013

20290     Here is the Hoover Elite Launch Video
Created by Thehooverman on 04/07/2013

20299     My friend Rob's small vacuum cleaner collection
Created by dysondestijl on 04/08/2013

20312     Let's see your early Hoover Elites from 1988-1990
Created by kirbyvertibles on 04/08/2013

20314     Can one 'freshen' a central vac system?
Created by powermate63 on 04/09/2013

20317     Hoover Windtunnel T Series Find
Created by starryblues4u on 04/09/2013

20320     New Fantom Fury 10 Amp
Created by FantomFan on 04/09/2013

20323     New Eureka Commercial Vacuum
Created by daknx1994 on 04/09/2013

20324     Electrolux Renaissance motor plastic shroud removal
Created by offthelake on 04/09/2013

20331     Cyclonic Nunatic Henry HVR200!!!
Created by dysondestijl on 04/10/2013

20333     your thoughts on...
Created by electroluxxxx on 04/10/2013

20334     WindTunnel Cannister
Created by stricklybojack on 04/10/2013

20337     Windsor Versamatic 18
Created by KirbysNphones on 04/10/2013

20352     2011 Consumer Reports Vacuum Test on ABC
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/11/2013

20355     So I cut into my Rainbow 5 year old hepa- Here's what I found
Created by mark40511 on 04/11/2013

20356     HELP!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 04/11/2013

20357     Electrolux Epic 6500SR low suction
Created by floor-a-matic on 04/11/2013

20369     New SEBO Canister Floor Head
Created by sebo_fan on 04/12/2013

20371     I just
Created by kirbyloverdan on 04/12/2013

20372     Can someone help answer a Kirby question for me?
Created by logdog on 04/12/2013

20375     2 new vacuums!!!
Created by dysondestijl on 04/13/2013

20378     11 amp Fantom
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/13/2013

20381     Dyson DC08 Help!
Created by sebo_fan on 04/13/2013

20386     Riccar pristine
Created by joshdonnell on 04/13/2013

20402     Oreck Magnesium
Created by vacman117 on 04/14/2013

20406     MR Henry?????
Created by Ultimatevacman on 04/15/2013

20409     April Curb Finds
Created by jodan3399 on 04/15/2013

20411     What is.....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 04/15/2013

20416     ZEPTER water vacuum cleaning system
Created by stricklybojack on 04/15/2013

20419     Help in evaluating a craigslist vacuum
Created by odle53 on 04/16/2013

20421     Outdoor vac- recommendations? Earlex combi vac replacement
Created by dysondestijl on 04/16/2013

20424     My New Electrolux Oxy 3
Created by gsheen on 04/16/2013

20426     parkside vacuums
Created by irish-vac-king on 04/16/2013

20427     Aerus.
Created by RainbowD4C on 04/16/2013

20434     best vacuum for this situation
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 04/17/2013

20435     Rowenta (RO4762) Silence Force Eco Intelligent
Created by GeorgeCT on 04/17/2013

20436     Oreck Bigfoot
Created by stricklybojack on 04/17/2013

20438     My "New" Hoover Turbopower 3 Autosense U2880
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 04/17/2013

20450     Hoover PowerMax U3729-910 question
Created by kloveland on 04/18/2013

20459     Question for rainbow owners?
Created by chris on 04/19/2013

20463     Hoover Turbopower 2 U2462 1994
Created by Alexhoovers94 on 04/19/2013

20464     My Latest Wap , sl200
Created by gsheen on 04/19/2013

20470     Hoover turbo power junior model U1412
Created by dysondestijl on 04/20/2013

20472     Odd Regina
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/20/2013

20474     "I Love My Hoover"
Created by bagintheback on 04/20/2013

20475     Kenmore Cleanmore Shampooer
Created by fan-of-fans on 04/20/2013

20476     More numatic Henry help needed!
Created by dysondestijl on 04/20/2013

20485     Return of the Hoover Elite
Created by tylerawells on 04/20/2013

20488     Carboot sale finds!!! Dyson Dc01 DeStijl and Dirt devil handy zip!!
Created by dysondestijl on 04/21/2013

20514     Nothing is working!!
Created by vacuumman206 on 04/24/2013

20524     Oreck XL21
Created by compamac on 04/24/2013

20526     Regina Housekeepers
Created by vacuumman206 on 04/24/2013

20540     Weird Test Drive?
Created by wxman on 04/26/2013

20544     My latest dc02 dyson and some of my dyson time line in my shop
Created by gsheen on 04/26/2013

Created by DESBURMAN on 04/26/2013

20548     Vacuum testing tools
Created by KirbysNphones on 04/26/2013

20549     My new (to me) Hoover Elite
Created by sanitaireboy99 on 04/26/2013

20550     Shark Sonic Duo
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 04/26/2013

20552     Renaissance triac replacement. I'm being told I have to replace both the canister and handle boards
Created by offthelake on 04/26/2013

20556     Kirby g4
Created by vacuummorgan on 04/27/2013

20558     what are the best selling vacuums?
Created by ilikeoddvacuums on 04/27/2013

20559     Almost 1 Year Old Miele Capricorn...(Broken Park Lever)
Created by GeorgeCT on 04/27/2013

20563     Hoover Elite fan help
Created by sanitaireboy99 on 04/27/2013

20565     Sebo X2 from a different pespective
Created by mieles7 on 04/27/2013

20566     Filter Queen Princess 3
Created by KirbysNphones on 04/27/2013

20573     Kirby Generation Series Speed Switch
Created by kirbylux77 on 04/28/2013

20585     Renaissance oem to aftermarker motor retrofit?
Created by offthelake on 04/28/2013

20597     Can a Candy-era machine be dated?
Created by beko1987 on 04/30/2013

20599     New Euro Pro/Shark
Created by isufan11 on 04/30/2013

20603     New Rainbow Power Nozzle
Created by williamr1248 on 04/30/2013

20623     Oops fried my motor...
Created by beko1987 on 05/02/2013

20624     Goblin Mini-vac?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 05/02/2013

20632     Repairing over-sized axle holes in Kenmore uprights
Created by gmerkt on 05/03/2013

20641     Efbe Schott VU-3R / Upright
Created by sebo_fan on 05/03/2013

20642     Who is Dyson's Closest Competitor in Cyclonic Technology?
Created by bagintheback on 05/03/2013

20646     Kirby g4
Created by vacuummorgan on 05/04/2013

20656     More carboot sale finds! Dyson DC02 DeStijl and bissel carpet washer
Created by dysondestijl on 05/05/2013

20657     My New (To Me) Dirt Devil
Created by Ultimatevacman on 05/05/2013

20670     Rainbow E Series Separator Question
Created by vacman117 on 05/05/2013

20672     As If I Needed Any More Vacuums...
Created by vacman117 on 05/05/2013

20676     Bagged upright vacuums (uk)
Created by vacuummorgan on 05/06/2013

20690     Meile parts
Created by knoxfrzb on 05/07/2013

20691     vorwerk attachments
Created by knoxfrzb on 05/07/2013

20692     Oreck Filing for Chapter 11
Created by tylerawells on 05/07/2013

20699     Madonna & her Miele
Created by sydneysteve on 05/08/2013

20710     Kenmore Upright Problem.
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 05/08/2013

20712     Hoover Steam-Vac Dual V Opinions
Created by daknx1994 on 05/08/2013

20717     Dyson DC39 Question
Created by kirbyeureka95 on 05/09/2013

20720     Hoover Quickpick Backpack
Created by ozhoover on 05/09/2013

20721     What would YOU do if you were ORECK?
Created by paulg on 05/09/2013

20724     What belt does my Kenmore use???
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 05/09/2013

20734     Simplicity 7 Series
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 05/10/2013

20738     My Designs.
Created by shopvacdude on 05/11/2013

20739     oreck is gone...
Created by ilikeoddvacuums on 05/11/2013

20740     My new dyson DC05 in red!!!
Created by dysondestijl on 05/11/2013

20745     Aerus Lux Guardian Platinum
Created by NYCWriter on 05/11/2013

20748     TTI Techtronic and their vacuum brands
Created by paulg on 05/11/2013

20750     Keep the Dyson DC07 or the Electrolux "the boss lite"
Created by richardc1983 on 05/11/2013

20760     Dirt Devil Broom Vac (1st Generation) Questions
Created by Thebillbot on 05/12/2013

20767     Early Riccar Vacuum Question
Created by thevacuumman on 05/12/2013

20772     Oh My God!! Mum Had A Turbomaster!
Created by Alexhoovers94 on 05/13/2013

20783     Kirby Sentria in Tacoma WA
Created by s31463221 on 05/14/2013

20784     Think I have been converted to Dyson
Created by richardc1983 on 05/14/2013

20794     Our New Vacuum At Work
Created by ElectroluxKirby on 05/15/2013

20801     Argos Value Bagless Vac
Created by beko1987 on 05/16/2013

20803     3D face Henry's
Created by rutger on 05/16/2013

20806     Riccar 8955 Platinum Find
Created by camelotshadow on 05/16/2013

20809     Disappointed with latest VAX machines
Created by madabouthoovers on 05/17/2013

20812     I'm so excited!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 05/17/2013

20814     Well, I think I'm going to buy a new Tacony Vacuum
Created by thevacuumman on 05/17/2013

20816     tristar exl
Created by hoove94 on 05/17/2013

20819     My new Vax Mach 9 Pics
Created by madabouthoovers on 05/18/2013

20824     Kirby vs Miele?
Created by crock on 05/18/2013

20827     Hoover Whole House Bagless
Created by tylerawells on 05/19/2013

20834     Aerus Home Wellness Consultant position
Created by Paul on 05/19/2013

20841     Aquaviva Slovenian made vaccum
Created by koboldlover on 05/20/2013

20843     National Geographic TV Show - Vacuum Collectors outside the USA
Created by guy on 05/20/2013

20846     vax power 3 pet
Created by jord123 on 05/20/2013

20849     Need some help from a Dyson-ite
Created by lunchboxsean on 05/20/2013

20850     A Crazy Trash Find
Created by vacman117 on 05/20/2013

20854     Rare Dyson DC04 in yellow?!
Created by parwaz786 on 05/21/2013

20859     What's the best handheld vacuum?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 05/22/2013

20861     Numatic History
Created by Ultimatevacman on 05/22/2013

20866     New Hometek Cyclonic Upright HT681
Created by sebo_fan on 05/22/2013

20867     Eliminating dog odor in vacuums?
Created by dustin on 05/22/2013

20880     Silly Dyson DC02 seller LOL
Created by parwaz786 on 05/23/2013

20889     Glade Shake n Vac / Carpet Freshener Powder - Your Opinions?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 05/24/2013

20891     Hoover Caddy Vac
Created by bagintheback on 05/24/2013

20894     Miele S7 Salsa... fair price for used?
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 05/25/2013

20895     AEG Nimble
Created by ultraperformer on 05/25/2013

20898     Today's thrift store find!
Created by compamac on 05/25/2013

20899     Even more carboot sale finds! Electrolux masterlux and more !
Created by dysondestijl on 05/26/2013

20900     Electrolux Bolero
Created by beko1987 on 05/26/2013

20904     With Bagless Vacuum Cleaners - do you empty the container after every use or when it gets full?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 05/26/2013

20909     Vacuum keeps clogging
Created by mllc on 05/26/2013

20910     IF Your Daily Driver Could Do Something Extra, What Would It Be?
Created by sebo_fan on 05/27/2013

20912     My Hoovers.
Created by Numatic99 on 05/27/2013

20913     I need recommendations.
Created by Vac_whisperer on 05/27/2013

20915     Miele Upright S 7000 -- running hot?
Created by aaronvan on 05/27/2013

20917     Parsing the Aerus/Electrolux models (last decade or so)
Created by AudibleNectar on 05/27/2013

20922     Kirby polishing
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 05/27/2013

20923     Filter Queen Motor Question...
Created by thevacuumman on 05/28/2013

20928     What's the most disgusting mess you've ever had to vacuum up?
Created by dysondestijl on 05/28/2013

20929     What are your current daily drivers?
Created by thevacuumman on 05/28/2013

20930     Vax Mach Air Total Home C89-MA-T
Created by ultraperformer on 05/28/2013

20931     Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G-4?
Created by ron350 on 05/28/2013

20937     Dirt Devil Turbo Tool
Created by gmerkt on 05/28/2013

20946     dyson airblade tap
Created by jord123 on 05/29/2013

20948     Riccar 500 Any Comments
Created by camelotshadow on 05/29/2013

20952     I shall be on BBC Radio Leeds tomorrow from 8am
Created by Turbo500 on 05/30/2013

20955     Fantom headlight lens.
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 05/30/2013

20962     Kirby Sentria 1 trans question
Created by dsmith5195 on 05/31/2013

20966     2002 Kirby Ultimate G For Sale
Created by BriankirbyClass on 05/31/2013

20968     numatic henry 2013
Created by jord123 on 05/31/2013

20977     My Riccar Vibrance is here!!!
Created by thevacuumman on 06/01/2013

20978     I been converted to Kenmore
Created by tjhooverman on 06/01/2013

20979     Kirby G4 Transmission
Created by andyzanny on 06/01/2013

20987     New Panasonic Eco-Max Uprights
Created by ultraperformer on 06/02/2013

Created by sonnyndad on 06/02/2013

Created by sebo_fan on 06/03/2013

20997     I need suggestions - my Dyson has packed up
Created by Numatic99 on 06/03/2013

20999     Need advice!
Created by filterfreek on 06/03/2013

21004     Searching for Electrolux Hi-Tech 2100 and Ambassador III
Created by Paul on 06/03/2013

21012     Fantom Cyclone XT works!
Created by man114 on 06/04/2013

21014     Kirby shampoo attachment help
Created by KirbysNphones on 06/04/2013

21015     I Must Be Dreaming....
Created by vacman117 on 06/04/2013

21016     Gtech AirRam
Created by Ultimatevacman on 06/05/2013

21019     Shark Rotator Lift Away.
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 06/05/2013

21022     3M electronics service vacuum
Created by KirbysNphones on 06/05/2013

21027     What's the deal with Royal carpet cleaners?
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 06/05/2013

21030     two new vacuums to the now growing collection
Created by hoove94 on 06/06/2013

21036     Argos Ireland Versus Argos UK
Created by sebo_fan on 06/06/2013

21038     Riccar 8900/8955 brush help
Created by starryblues4u on 06/06/2013

21040     I feel a Felix calling me
Created by suckolux on 06/06/2013

21048     Saw this in a load of weeds and grass outside a car park...
Created by dysondestijl on 06/08/2013

21051     Hoover Silent Energy TSE0100
Created by ultraperformer on 06/08/2013

21061     bagless suction as it fills up
Created by uksausage on 06/09/2013

21063     DC07 motor seized up :(
Created by richardc1983 on 06/09/2013

21065     Dyson
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 06/09/2013

21066     1993 Numatic Henry HVR200 In Green!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 06/09/2013

21079     New Hoover CleanJet CJ600 & CJ800
Created by sebo_fan on 06/10/2013

21080     Cleanfix Aquapearl
Created by ryry_87 on 06/10/2013

21085     Bought a Dirt Devil Deluxe and a Eureka SuperLite on Ebay
Created by myles_v on 06/11/2013

21088     Dyson buying help
Created by parwaz786 on 06/11/2013

21089     Hoover Carpet Washers
Created by myles_v on 06/11/2013

21091     The Kirby guy visited me!
Created by tolivac on 06/12/2013

21102     Stick Vac
Created by countryguy on 06/13/2013

21105     My Dirt Devil Deluxe came in the mail yesterday!
Created by myles_v on 06/13/2013

21109     anyone tested a Filter Queen with a particle counter?
Created by KirbysNphones on 06/13/2013

21110     Fantom Thunder help needed!
Created by compamac on 06/13/2013

21111     Maytag Satellite Question
Created by philip0603 on 06/13/2013

21116     Different commercial vacuum s
Created by vacuumman206 on 06/13/2013

21122     Hoover Print Ad's
Created by TheHooverMan on 06/14/2013

21123     Measuring CFM?
Created by KirbysNphones on 06/14/2013

21130     So , Opinions on the permanent Absolute Hepa filter on the dc18
Created by suckolux on 06/15/2013

21133     "It came from Craigslist"
Created by super-sweeper on 06/15/2013

21136     The DC01 Is finally working!
Created by Ultimatevacman on 06/16/2013

21139     New vacuum, I got one, and it's different
Created by Numatic99 on 06/16/2013

21146     Faulty Electrolux twinclean
Created by keredf on 06/17/2013

21152     My first Riccar
Created by bvac6 on 06/17/2013

21154     Vaccum cleaner manuals
Created by fan-of-fans on 06/17/2013

21156     Something Intresting
Created by TheHooverMan on 06/18/2013

21159     Kriby Maintenace/Repair
Created by shaneg on 06/18/2013

21162     Elite Model 350
Created by bvac6 on 06/18/2013

21164     New Vax Carpet Washer
Created by sensotronic on 06/18/2013

21173     Dyson DC11 On Preloved!
Created by parwaz786 on 06/19/2013

21174     look what i found very rare Millenea Appollo [egg vacuum]
Created by jord123 on 06/19/2013

21175     What's what in Aerus/Lux uprights....or ProTeam??
Created by AudibleNectar on 06/19/2013

21178     HELP!!!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 06/19/2013

21179     Bissell Big Green Clean Machine
Created by daknx1994 on 06/19/2013

21190     Dusting Brushes
Created by OCscott3085 on 06/21/2013

21197     2009 Kirby Sentria - Polish & Wax
Created by vacfanatic on 06/21/2013

21198     Matte black Kirby Sentria
Created by miraamimiele on 06/21/2013

21200     Buying Advice - Used Kirby Sentria 1 or New Kirby Sentria II
Created by pglover19 on 06/22/2013

21202     Dyson DC 14 repair
Created by jfalberti on 06/22/2013

21205     Carpet Pro! (With pics)
Created by Vac_whisperer on 06/22/2013

21207     Miele S4-212 'plus' vacuum teardown!!
Created by dysondestijl on 06/23/2013

21208     My friends Miele Deep Clean S5
Created by dysondestijl on 06/23/2013

21209     How long have Bissell been producing Upright Deep Carpet Cleaners in the UK?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 06/23/2013

21211     What's the best Miele vacuum at the moment?
Created by dysondestijl on 06/23/2013

21223     Another New hoover Turbo Power
Created by sebo_fan on 06/24/2013

21232     New Theo Klein Miele S2!!
Created by sebo_fan on 06/25/2013

21245     Dyson pictures
Created by parwaz786 on 06/26/2013

21247     My Newest Addition
Created by ElectroluxKirby on 06/26/2013

21248     Miele White Pearl
Created by r2d2 on 06/26/2013

21250     TriStar MG1 mystery attachment
Created by floor-a-matic on 06/26/2013

21251     Aerus Lux Guardian Platinum achieves CRI SOA
Created by electromatik on 06/26/2013

21262     Now that I have a Lux Guardian (Renaissance style)......
Created by AudibleNectar on 06/27/2013

21264     Dyson DC01 DESTIJL Manual scans
Created by dysondestijl on 06/27/2013

21267     Hoover website changes
Created by daknx1994 on 06/27/2013

Created by dysondestijl on 06/28/2013

21271     My Collection
Created by jimmer on 06/28/2013

21274     NIB Hoover PowerMax Runabout
Created by decade_800 on 06/28/2013

21291     Dyson Dc04 wanted
Created by parwaz786 on 06/30/2013

21292     I now have all 4 dyson DC01's!!
Created by dysondestijl on 06/30/2013

21295     Vacuum Spotting In Commercial Environments
Created by Ultimatevacman on 06/30/2013

21296     where was the British wind tunnel sold
Created by thekirbylover on 06/30/2013

21300     Hoover Really needs another power nozzle canister!!
Created by Durango159 on 06/30/2013

21304     Any Suggestions?
Created by glenste on 07/01/2013

21313     IDEA!!!
Created by NYCWriter on 07/02/2013

21318     Another Vacuum Sign for My Collection
Created by bagintheback on 07/02/2013

21319     Is the Numatic BX.BX rare?
Created by parwaz786 on 07/02/2013

21323     vax on 2.4 children
Created by thekirbylover on 07/02/2013

21326     latest haul from South Bend
Created by bvac6 on 07/02/2013

21334     What Were The Last Good Bissells Made
Created by director12 on 07/03/2013

21335     Newish Bosch vacuums
Created by sebo_fan on 07/03/2013

21337     Cool Hoover UK Rap Song & Video Vac Usage
Created by sebo_fan on 07/03/2013

21345     Affordable Turbo BrushRecommendation's
Created by ryan1994jeep on 07/03/2013

21350     light n easy upright vac from Home-tek
Created by anthony on 07/04/2013

21352     Mintel Vacuum Cleaner Sales In UK reports
Created by sebo_fan on 07/04/2013

21353     Dyson DC17
Created by RainbowD4C on 07/04/2013

21369     Vacuum attacks
Created by parwaz786 on 07/06/2013

21370     Whats your best?
Created by parwaz786 on 07/06/2013

21371     Dirt Devil Floor Keeper
Created by compamac on 07/06/2013

21372     Today...
Created by dysondestijl on 07/06/2013

21373     Show Me Your HOOVERS!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 07/06/2013

21375     Kirby vacuum Micro-Matic problem
Created by ncovert on 07/06/2013

21377     New to me Rainbow E2
Created by StarryBlues4u on 07/06/2013

21381     Kirby G5 stuff I got from a carboot sale!!
Created by dysondestijl on 07/07/2013

Created by parwaz786 on 07/07/2013

21387     flea market finding
Created by mr_mom on 07/07/2013

21395     Another S6 Joins Miele UK range & other...
Created by sebo_fan on 07/08/2013

21396     8 Month old Kirby for sale; a nice deal
Created by highroller on 07/08/2013

21400     TTI Now Owns Oreck
Created by bagintheback on 07/08/2013

21403     Odd Numatic
Created by Ultimatevacman on 07/09/2013

21405     Kirby G 2000 Limited Edition.
Created by RainbowD4C on 07/09/2013

21407     Miele DOA
Created by r2d2 on 07/09/2013

21409     Skip find on holiday
Created by beko1987 on 07/10/2013

21411     Lindhaus CH Pro Commercial - Info Needed
Created by Ultimatevacman on 07/10/2013

21413     I finally got a Fantom Fury Limited Edition!!!!
Created by FantomVacuumFan on 07/10/2013

21414     monster vac
Created by anthony on 07/10/2013

21415     Electrolux brush roll specifics.....
Created by AudibleNectar on 07/10/2013

21417     Lindhaus CH Pro Commercial - Photos
Created by Ultimatevacman on 07/10/2013

21421     New Dyson Hard - rechargeable hard floor cleaner
Created by Turbo500 on 07/10/2013

21422     Suddenly, 3 Numatic Henries
Created by DeluxeWolf on 07/10/2013

21425     Was this worth 7:00!!!!!Simplicity 5200
Created by kenkart on 07/10/2013

21431     Has the Aerus/Lux Guardian upright motor.......
Created by AudibleNectar on 07/11/2013

21433     Vax carpet washer
Created by dysondestijl on 07/11/2013

21434     Some interesting vacuums I might swipe up
Created by vacuumman206 on 07/11/2013

21439     Have you ever had a shop vac do this?
Created by vacuumman206 on 07/11/2013

21443     No More Wall To Wall Carpet, Getting Rid of Our Rainbow E2 Black
Created by criswan on 07/12/2013

21444     Sonicclean upright
Created by ralph123 on 07/12/2013

21445     terrorist designs vacuum cleaner
Created by ralph123 on 07/12/2013

21451     I thought I was the only Vacuum Freak
Created by vegassucks on 07/12/2013

21460     Panasonic MC-UG302
Created by beko1987 on 07/14/2013

21461     Tacony Question
Created by tylerawells on 07/15/2013

21463     Curious Question about Kirbys ...
Created by NYCWriter on 07/15/2013

21466     Hoover floormax versus Koblenx cleaning machine
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 07/15/2013

21470     A nice morning hunting for vacs
Created by gsheen on 07/15/2013

21475     Vorwerk, Who has one?
Created by vegassucks on 07/15/2013

21476     Eureka ESP vs non-ESP
Created by broomvac on 07/16/2013

21484     Hoover Freedom Pets
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 07/16/2013

21494     Hyla NST
Created by sonnyndad on 07/17/2013

21495     my autoflex system wownt come out
Created by thekirbylover on 07/17/2013

21499     1989 Hoover Turbolite U4527
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 07/17/2013

21503     grey Electrolux Epic 6500SR issues
Created by floor-a-matic on 07/17/2013

21505     Which Numatic should I buy?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 07/18/2013

21510     Weird Dirt Devil Website Find
Created by compamac on 07/18/2013

21512     Kirby Tile and Grout cleaner
Created by Kirbysthebest on 07/18/2013

21518     Brand new Dyson Dc14's in Argos!
Created by parwaz786 on 07/18/2013

21519     Hoover turbopower U2602
Created by thekirbylover on 07/18/2013

21520     A little recent project
Created by singingrainbow on 07/18/2013

21522     My Dyson DC14 Animal
Created by RootCyclone on 07/19/2013

21527     Odd mismatched serial numbers with Kirby's
Created by ncovert on 07/19/2013

21529     Thank you for welcoming on Vacuumland
Created by tjhooverman on 07/19/2013

21533     How to Dissemble Dyson DC-14 Dirt Bin?
Created by super-sweeper on 07/19/2013

21552     Oreck Bags
Created by JDrums0789 on 07/21/2013

21557     Agressive Agitation may be hurting your carpet.
Created by vegassucks on 07/21/2013

21559     Do Bosch make good Vacuum Cleaners? (UK)
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 07/21/2013

21560     IS THIS RARE?
Created by compamac on 07/21/2013

21563     Vacuums from Russia and Finland
Created by Vinvac on 07/21/2013

21574     Hide a Hose Retrofit
Created by OCScott3085 on 07/22/2013

21580     Holiday vacs.
Created by numatic99 on 07/22/2013

21587     Hoover Mac5 All terrain spotted at Birmingham AL thrift store.
Created by ron350 on 07/22/2013

21589     Simplicity Gusto vs. Kenmore Intuition, Blue or Kenmore Progressive, Red
Created by tjhooverman on 07/22/2013

21595     Electrolux Contour Z1435 'Chic'
Created by beko1987 on 07/23/2013

21597     Hoover Windtunnel V2
Created by sonnyndad on 07/23/2013

21601     Oreck XL3120
Created by oreckboy on 07/23/2013

21603     Old Electrolux New Zanussi Vacs 2013
Created by sebo_fan on 07/23/2013

21604     Sanyo Transformax
Created by RMS2192 on 07/23/2013

21606     Electrolux Versatility
Created by oreckboy on 07/23/2013

21607     Vax Mach Air
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 07/23/2013

21608     Maytag Vacuum Cleaners made in USA
Created by dysonman1 on 07/23/2013

21613     miele S7 I Changed my Opinion.
Created by vegassucks on 07/23/2013

21617     Oreck XL3700
Created by oreckboy on 07/24/2013

21621     UK Hoover Turbopower for Sale in USA?
Created by bagintheback on 07/24/2013

21622     Dyson DC07
Created by oreckboy on 07/24/2013

21628     Vacuums
Created by oreckboy on 07/25/2013

21632     Should i get a DC04?
Created by RootCyclone on 07/25/2013

21638     Hoover Elite
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 07/25/2013

21640     Which April 1993 & 1996 Scans
Created by sebo_fan on 07/25/2013

21643     HOTPOINT HD Floorcare
Created by sebo_fan on 07/26/2013

21645     Oreck Pilot II Help!
Created by sonnyndad on 07/26/2013

21653     1988 Which UK Mag Scans
Created by sebo_fan on 07/26/2013

21655     Oreck XL3120 Outer Bag
Created by oreckboy on 07/26/2013

21659     Kenmore Progressive Glide
Created by myles_v on 07/27/2013

21661     dyson dc49
Created by jord123 on 07/27/2013

21663     Chard firm makes production switch from Far East
Created by jord123 on 07/27/2013

21664     Over-Priced vacs on eBay!
Created by compamac on 07/27/2013

21665     bosch
Created by hoover119dude on 07/27/2013

21667     My Electrolux T8 vacuum
Created by dysondestijl on 07/27/2013

21669     My Aerus/Lux Guardian with green brushroll
Created by AudibleNectar on 07/27/2013

21671     Henry, Hetty, Harry, George, or James?
Created by RootCyclone on 07/27/2013

21672     Garry Vacuum cleaner
Created by anthony on 07/27/2013

21673     Another version of the Hoover Sebo Copy
Created by vegassucks on 07/27/2013

21677     ARGOS 1985 Catalogue Scans
Created by sebo_fan on 07/27/2013

21678     The Top Panansonic MC. UG787
Created by vegassucks on 07/27/2013

21681     WHO SELLS???
Created by kenkart on 07/27/2013

21688     Deal of the Decade :)
Created by SeamusUK on 07/28/2013

21691     Vacuuming Uneven Floors with a Kirby.
Created by RainbowD4C on 07/28/2013

21692     Sebo X4 Not Working
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 07/28/2013

21695     I just ordered.....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 07/28/2013

21696     check it out
Created by vacuumssuck213 on 07/28/2013

21697     Does this ever happen to anybody???
Created by compamac on 07/28/2013

21701     Bissell 3521-6 soft body seems excessively loud
Created by Silentjon on 07/29/2013

21703     Is this Hoover Freespace Bagless worth the price?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 07/29/2013

21707     Help, Vacuum advice wanted
Created by linny144 on 07/30/2013

21710     Numatics - Commercials or Domestics?
Created by RootCyclone on 07/30/2013

21712     My Hoover Dimension Upright
Created by dwl93 on 07/30/2013

21726     AAA Service on my Rainbow
Created by williamr1248 on 07/31/2013

21728     Some New dysons for me including a clic
Created by gsheen on 07/31/2013

21730     Rare Hoover?
Created by orecklover on 07/31/2013

21734     Electrolux 75th Anniversary Edition Ambassador III
Created by floor-a-matic on 07/31/2013

21736     New vacuum collector that is new to vacuumland
Created by dwl93 on 07/31/2013

21739     Age of Hoover Elite.
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 07/31/2013

21741     I seem to be on a High End US streak.....
Created by SeamusUK on 08/01/2013

21743     Sebo BS36
Created by domesticbliss on 08/01/2013

21748     witch rainbow is better?
Created by rexair on 08/01/2013

21752     Will the Miele S4 post filter cage fit the Miele S5?
Created by dysondestijl on 08/02/2013

21753     A bit of Vacuum art work
Created by RootCyclone on 08/02/2013

21754     Vacuum Lines
Created by OCScott3085 on 08/02/2013

21755     Nasty vacs in for repair
Created by ncovert on 08/02/2013

21757     kirby g5
Created by anthony on 08/02/2013

21762     Anyone have the new Rainbow Mini Jet yet?
Created by chris on 08/02/2013

21766     Educate the nation on clean!!
Created by Durango159 on 08/02/2013

21770     Oreck XL2
Created by orecklover on 08/03/2013

21771     Dirt devil
Created by jord123 on 08/03/2013

21772     Dirt devil handy zip
Created by jord123 on 08/03/2013

21773     now i want a lux guardian platinum
Created by linny144 on 08/03/2013

21775     Motor Design
Created by dressur on 08/03/2013

21781     My New Queen .... :)
Created by SeamusUK on 08/03/2013

21783     The carboot sale delivers once more!
Created by dysondestijl on 08/04/2013

21791     Dyson DC07 Animal Spa sessions
Created by beko1987 on 08/04/2013

21796     Aerus Electrolux Vacuums
Created by cleanfreak on 08/05/2013

21799     Selling rainbow
Created by kirbyduh on 08/05/2013

21800     New kinda-collector, and a few questions
Created by jade_angel on 08/05/2013

21802     Weird Hoover Elite
Created by compamac on 08/05/2013

21805     Vacuum Cleaner Ad Drawings (me bored at work)
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 08/05/2013

21807     New Member
Created by dyson1991 on 08/05/2013

21809     1998 Hoover Turbopower 2 U2090
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 08/05/2013

21814     Hoover Aria 1300 vacuum
Created by dysondestijl on 08/06/2013

21815     Hoover Platinum Lightweight upright
Created by orecklover on 08/06/2013

21817     Jamie Murray - Would You Mind...
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 08/06/2013

21820     Dirt Devil Royal Upright Plus
Created by RMS2192 on 08/06/2013

21824     Dirt Devil Ultra Vision
Created by orecklover on 08/07/2013

21829     Filter queen help
Created by jord123 on 08/07/2013

21830     "Carpet Lifting" With Various Uprights
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 08/07/2013

21835     My Birthday Find!
Created by ryan1994jeep on 08/07/2013

21836     John Pease with the Rainbow AquaMate
Created by sleepdoc on 08/07/2013

21837     well this is new!!!
Created by rexair on 08/07/2013

21842     New vacs in the the UK/ New Samsung Vacs
Created by sebo_fan on 08/08/2013

21847     Yesterday's Vacuums
Created by orecklover on 08/08/2013

21848     Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition...
Created by ncovert on 08/08/2013

21849     Dyson fans out there
Created by dressur on 08/08/2013

21852     Electrolux Upright Motor Problem
Created by kloveland on 08/08/2013

21853     Hoover Caddy Vac
Created by dwl93 on 08/08/2013

21855     New Vax Zoom Upright (Argos Exclusive) Review & Pics
Created by madabouthoovers on 08/09/2013

21856     Hoover Whirlwind Pets Upright - review & pics
Created by madabouthoovers on 08/09/2013

21857     Black and Decker Dustbuster 9.6V in B&M for £25
Created by madabouthoovers on 08/09/2013

21861     I can't decide!!!! :(
Created by RootCyclone on 08/09/2013

21865     What happened to the "new" Aerus Upright?
Created by bimmer740 on 08/09/2013

21867     Bissell Big Green PowerBrush
Created by compamac on 08/09/2013

21874     And some Modern vacs
Created by Blackheart on 08/10/2013

21878     Rubbermaid Bissell Products??
Created by compamac on 08/10/2013

21880     So I got a new to me vacuum today.
Created by dressur on 08/10/2013

21889     Goblin bvc
Created by jord123 on 08/11/2013

21895     oh my goodness!!! mountion of vacuums
Created by kirby505 on 08/11/2013

21898     What is the future of rainbow?
Created by kirbyduh on 08/11/2013

21899     Zelmer Vacuum Cleaners now in Canada
Created by eurekaprince on 08/12/2013

21900     wheelie bin find
Created by anthony on 08/12/2013

21901     Electrolux Epic upright problem
Created by electroluxfan on 08/12/2013

21906     New Hoover Windtunnel Dual V Upright dripping water from front.
Created by dwl93 on 08/12/2013

21907     Quality control matters
Created by vegassucks on 08/12/2013

21909     I'm developing quite a family of numatics...
Created by dysondestijl on 08/13/2013

21910     Dyson Testing
Created by baglessball on 08/13/2013

21911     My New Lux Platinum ...
Created by NYCWriter on 08/13/2013

21913     Lindhaus
Created by dressur on 08/13/2013

21920     What's Your Favorite Bagless Vacuum?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 08/14/2013

21921     Bye Bye Miele S5 : (
Created by sebo_fan on 08/14/2013

21926     Miele Delphi Vacuum
Created by danar on 08/15/2013

21929     SEBO Duo-P carpet cleaner review
Created by dysondestijl on 08/15/2013

21932     has anyone ever seen this before?
Created by rexair on 08/15/2013

21937     HEPA Bags-Are They Worth The Price?
Created by bagintheback on 08/15/2013

21940     Vax Pro Cleaning Kit (Type 1)
Created by sebo_fan on 08/16/2013

21945     Electrolux Epic 2500 SR wont turn on
Created by electroluxfan on 08/16/2013

21963     My new Dyson
Created by parwaz786 on 08/17/2013

21965     An argument against Bagless
Created by vegassucks on 08/17/2013

21966     Rainbow alternative Ritello
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 08/17/2013

21968     oh no! numatic george help
Created by kirbykid on 08/17/2013

21978     Turbo Brushes
Created by glenste on 08/18/2013

21980     Is this a fair trade?
Created by sonnyndad on 08/18/2013

21982     New Kirby floor and grout cleaner (expanded)
Created by vacuumman206 on 08/18/2013

21984     Kirby Sentria: No Longer Pink Edition
Created by TASE on 08/18/2013

21990     Point me in the right direction, please
Created by joni4122 on 08/19/2013

21996     Which Vacuum Would Be Best for my School?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 08/19/2013

22001     Hoover
Created by chan55 on 08/19/2013

22003     What was/is the best Hoover Vacuum?
Created by dwl93 on 08/20/2013

22009     Some miele motor advice please!!
Created by baglessball on 08/20/2013

22012     Against the odds.
Created by RootCyclone on 08/20/2013

22017     New FloorMate
Created by floor-a-matic on 08/20/2013

22019     Amway Cleartraks
Created by vacuumman206 on 08/20/2013

22020     Sam's Club US now selling Miele S5 Canister
Created by tylerawells on 08/21/2013

22023     Vacuum Cleaner Pixel Art
Created by Ultimatevacman on 08/21/2013

22027     Lux 3500 SR 4sale
Created by VeteranVacuum on 08/21/2013

22039     My first E Series Rainbow...
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 08/21/2013

22041     Hoover Heirs
Created by henrydreyfuss on 08/21/2013

22043     Cleaning power of a Miele?
Created by dustin on 08/22/2013

22046     Dyson brush motors
Created by parwaz786 on 08/22/2013

22051     My 1st canister in 20 Years.
Created by vegassucks on 08/22/2013

22052     White-Westinghouse Millenium
Created by bvac6 on 08/23/2013

22053     Hoover Jive SJ48DWB6 001
Created by RootCyclone on 08/23/2013

22054     Kirby G Series Attachment Caddy?
Created by ncovert on 08/23/2013

22055     New vacuums, and a suprise!
Created by FantomFan on 08/23/2013

22056     Anyone Have Experience With the Hoover S3865 (Multi-Cyclonic Canister)
Created by tylerawells on 08/23/2013

22062     Very cool hose for Miele canister owners
Created by vegassucks on 08/24/2013

22063     I was very naughty and treated...
Created by kirbymodel2c on 08/24/2013

22069     DC01 from hell
Created by beko1987 on 08/24/2013

22072     kirby
Created by kirby505 on 08/24/2013

22077     Is your suction killing your airflow
Created by vegassucks on 08/25/2013

22079     Panasonic MC-E53
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 08/25/2013

22080     Funny Vacuum Cleaner Ad
Created by sebo_fan on 08/25/2013

22082     dyson dc01
Created by citroenbx on 08/25/2013

22085     Is this Vax Rare?
Created by parwaz786 on 08/25/2013

22088     dyson dc02
Created by citroenbx on 08/25/2013

22100     Machines I'm after
Created by RootCyclone on 08/26/2013

22101     My new bissell
Created by jord123 on 08/26/2013

22102     Hoover Aquajet S4514
Created by beko1987 on 08/26/2013

22110     Recommended vacuums for these situations?
Created by ncovert on 08/27/2013

22114     What your favorite Vacuum?
Created by vegassucks on 08/28/2013

22115     I've had my fill of the Eureka The Boss Smartvac
Created by gmerkt on 08/28/2013

22116     No filter maintenance? DC54.
Created by baglessball on 08/28/2013

22119     Do you think Dyson Appliances will go Up in Value after James Dyson has Died?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 08/28/2013

22121     yay
Created by jord123 on 08/28/2013

22123     How do I post?
Created by matt8808 on 08/28/2013

22126     Can My Steam Mop Be Repaired?
Created by dlb764 on 08/28/2013

22129     Budget Canister Vacuum
Created by vegassucks on 08/29/2013

22134     G4 manual
Created by jord123 on 08/29/2013

22138     Bargain Vax Mach Air Reach £99!
Created by sebo_fan on 08/29/2013

22140     Samsung vacuum TV commercial
Created by stricklybojack on 08/29/2013

22141     Hoover S3865 (Bagless WindTunnel Platinum Cyclonic Canister)
Created by tylerawells on 08/29/2013

22143     Hoover Powerdrive / Concept Brushroll
Created by vacuumman206 on 08/29/2013

22145     Silver King upright on eBay
Created by jade_angel on 08/30/2013

22148     Perfect canister
Created by dressur on 08/30/2013

22149     Miele UniQ
Created by floor-a-matic on 08/30/2013

22151     Dyson DC01 and before carboot visit stuff
Created by RootCyclone on 08/31/2013

22153     Miele bags and filter generic options
Created by vegassucks on 08/31/2013

22156     Nib Dyson dc 26 canister on local for sale by owner
Created by beerad on 09/01/2013

22158     The carboot has delivered! (Sort of)
Created by RootCyclone on 09/01/2013

22160     Very cool power head
Created by vegassucks on 09/01/2013

22163     Removing rust
Created by cam2s on 09/01/2013

22168     My "new" gift!
Created by Durango159 on 09/01/2013

22169     Dyson DC24
Created by beko1987 on 09/02/2013

22176     The Lindhaus Story
Created by vegassucks on 09/02/2013

22182     Miracle Mate death and upgrade
Created by MiracleMateV8 on 09/02/2013

22194     My New Favorite Sebo
Created by vegassucks on 09/03/2013

22196     Buy New or Repair SteamVac?
Created by rosiembanks on 09/03/2013

22199     Another new toy!
Created by PoconoVacMan on 09/03/2013

22201     Bissell Digi Pro
Created by starryblues4u on 09/03/2013

22218     New Use for the Hoover Constellation
Created by williamr1248 on 09/05/2013

22219     New (sort of) Rainbow
Created by Blackheart on 09/05/2013

22229     The Belt Makes The Difference
Created by TASE on 09/05/2013

22231     Kirby G-series accessory kit
Created by Human on 09/05/2013

22236     One hell of a capacitor 'pop'...
Created by dysondestijl on 09/06/2013

22237     Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Hose/Wands/PN for Sale
Created by meba2233 on 09/06/2013

22240     Fantom Vacuum Cleaner-1995
Created by super-sweeper on 09/06/2013

22242     Great Deal on German Canister Vacuum
Created by vegassucks on 09/07/2013

22245     Machines I'm after. UPDATED
Created by RootCyclone on 09/07/2013

22246     Will Hoover Turbopower 2 Belts fit a Hoover Turbopower 3 U2880?
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 09/07/2013

22253     Nice German Made upright 50% off
Created by vegassucks on 09/08/2013

22259     My Kirby G5 smells FUNKY.
Created by sonnyndad on 09/08/2013

22267     Hello from the UK
Created by Adamthemieleman on 09/09/2013

22269     AEG UltraCaptic opinions please!
Created by Adamthemieleman on 09/09/2013

22274     10 Best Vac Brands Rated By Reviewauthority.
Created by sebo_fan on 09/09/2013

22275     Which UK Tells All Via AEG in What Consumers Want
Created by sebo_fan on 09/09/2013

22277     IFA Berlin 2013 Show
Created by sebo_fan on 09/10/2013

22281     Miracle Mate upgrade to a Central Vac motor
Created by MiracleMateV8 on 09/10/2013

22284     Vax Turboforce V006 Trash Find!
Created by beko1987 on 09/11/2013

22287     What's the deal with Oreck?
Created by adamthemieleman on 09/11/2013

22288     Strange Looking Royal
Created by tylerawells on 09/11/2013

22292     This is a little weird
Created by vacuumman206 on 09/11/2013

22295     My birthday gift from me to me!
Created by vacuumfan96 on 09/12/2013

22298     Childhood Vacuum Found
Created by orecklover on 09/12/2013

22301     Will the new AquaMate work on a Rainbow SE?
Created by floor-a-matic on 09/12/2013

22308     Eureka World Vac
Created by RMS2192 on 09/13/2013

22315     Rainbow SE Question
Created by adambomb on 09/14/2013

22317     New Find Electrolux Excellio 5045
Created by gsheen on 09/14/2013

22321     Yellow Numatic George
Created by Ultimatevacman on 09/15/2013

22322     The "Sirena"
Created by williamr1248 on 09/15/2013

22323     Dyson DC14 Origin from the carboot!
Created by RootCyclone on 09/15/2013

22325     Shark Rocket/ Rocket Pro
Created by paulc on 09/15/2013

22326     What do I Gain/Lose by using Paper Bags in my Sentria?
Created by TASE on 09/15/2013

22328     Hoover S3865 Cyclonic Canister Question
Created by tylerawells on 09/15/2013

22333     Cross-eyed Numatic's Thread!!
Created by Ultimatevacman on 09/16/2013

22339     Powder coating a kirby
Created by rexair on 09/16/2013

22344     Sears Kenmore Destiny / Fantom Thunder HELP.
Created by fantomfan57 on 09/17/2013

22352     What's the CRAZIEST vacuum deal you have experienced?
Created by parwaz786 on 09/18/2013

22358     Wow!!!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 09/18/2013

22361     Sourcing Aerus motor
Created by Abhorsavacuum on 09/19/2013

22362     PurePower or Turbopower 2?
Created by RootCyclone on 09/19/2013

22365     Rainbow Imitators
Created by Blackheart on 09/19/2013

22368     New Product Season
Created by isufan11 on 09/19/2013

22372     Help
Created by orecklover on 09/19/2013

22373     Hoover Dual Power
Created by floor-a-matic on 09/19/2013

22374     Numatic Harry Power Nozzle Canister!
Created by eurekaprince on 09/19/2013

22377     Replacing a Dyson
Created by jade_angel on 09/20/2013

22379     Question regarding Cyclo Vac Central System
Created by filterqueenman on 09/20/2013

22383     Look here
Created by beerad on 09/20/2013

22386     Rainbow or competitor
Created by rexair on 09/20/2013

22387     Dyson DC07 Update and a Thank you!
Created by RootCyclone on 09/21/2013

22388     Bissell Opticlean Rippoff of a Electrolux Ultraone ?
Created by gsheen on 09/21/2013

22389     What's your favorite Dyson(S)?
Created by parwaz786 on 09/21/2013

22396     I gifted myself a little :)
Created by koboldlover on 09/22/2013

22397     Carboot sale haul!!!
Created by dysondestijl on 09/22/2013

22399     New Vacs!
Created by orecklover on 09/22/2013

22400     Dyson toys
Created by tomvacuum10 on 09/22/2013

22409     Numatic with a PN
Created by Ultimatevacman on 09/23/2013

22410     Any Word on NEW Riccar Canister? (getting close to end of year)
Created by GeorgeCT on 09/23/2013

22412     Riccar carpet cleaner / Extractor
Created by ralph123 on 09/23/2013

22416     Mystery Hoover
Created by orecklover on 09/23/2013

22420     Looking for a Numatic Henry Hound
Created by Ultimatevacman on 09/24/2013

22421     Good buy or not?
Created by adamthemieleman on 09/24/2013

22429     Vax Supabroom
Created by beko1987 on 09/25/2013

22436     Miele Cat and Dog Vs Riccar Vibrance
Created by colette on 09/25/2013

22438     $4 Fantom Lighting with a damaged powerhead motor need some help
Created by Impfac on 09/25/2013

22440     Eureka's Latest - The MyVac
Created by tylerawells on 09/26/2013

22441     so I bought my nephew a little present
Created by thekirbylover on 09/26/2013

22446     it arrived,  it arrived.  
Created by dressur on 09/26/2013

22450     New Kenmore Bagless Canisters
Created by fan-of-fans on 09/26/2013

22456     DC07 Stuck in Hose Mode
Created by TASE on 09/27/2013

22460     Vacuum memes
Created by RootCyclone on 09/28/2013

22461     My latest freebie
Created by jord123 on 09/28/2013

22462     Numatic george
Created by jord123 on 09/28/2013

22463     Wednesday was an interesting day
Created by Adamthemieleman on 09/28/2013

22466     I now have all dyson Dual cyclone machines! And my new Dyson DC03!!
Created by dysondestijl on 09/28/2013

22467     Rainbow e-series wands question
Created by sweeperboy on 09/28/2013

22468     The Results Of My Latest Shopping Spree...
Created by gusherb on 09/28/2013

22469     It was a Kirby kind of day.
Created by RainbowD4C on 09/28/2013

22485     Numatic george opinions
Created by jord123 on 09/30/2013

22504     The Love Child of a Miele S6/SEBO K1 Series?
Created by sebo_fan on 10/02/2013

22507     Hoover Elite
Created by gsheen on 10/02/2013

22529     Any Others Getting the call form Aerus/Lux
Created by williamr1248 on 10/04/2013

22530     Another awesome find!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 10/04/2013

22531     Check out my new driver!
Created by Adamthemieleman on 10/04/2013

22533     Relatively late run Fantom Thunder found today
Created by man114 on 10/04/2013

22534     Are SEBO the only ones with optional brush rolls?
Created by sebo_fan on 10/04/2013

22537     Are Fantom vacuums really "rare"?
Created by man114 on 10/05/2013

22538     Out with the new in with the old.
Created by Blackheart on 10/05/2013

22540     Kenmore's Newest
Created by tylerawells on 10/05/2013

22544     The master of tank-like vacuums, Hoover Conquests
Created by vacuumman206 on 10/05/2013

22548     This month was good to me :)
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 10/06/2013

22551     Hoover centralized vacuum- stopped working partially
Created by r_u_live on 10/06/2013

22554     Vacuum Cleanup
Created by Durango159 on 10/06/2013

22556     How rare is...
Created by bvac6 on 10/07/2013

22557     Air-Way Vacuum Bag Help
Created by mwarnke on 10/07/2013

22562     Does this vacuum have a rotating brushbar?
Created by parwaz786 on 10/07/2013

22564     Apparently my living room needed to be SteamVac'd...
Created by PoconoVacMan on 10/07/2013

22568     My new toy arrived today!
Created by PoconoVacMan on 10/08/2013

22574     FILTACLEAN at Lakeland
Created by sebo_fan on 10/09/2013

22575     Door to Door canister comparison
Created by Blackheart on 10/09/2013

22579     Electrolux Brush Roll Clean
Created by bagintheback on 10/09/2013

22581     Dyson long term durability vs. other brands
Created by man114 on 10/09/2013

22582     9 amp Fantom Thunder (Domestic)
Created by man114 on 10/09/2013

22583     Are Oreck Vacuums any good?
Created by dwl93 on 10/09/2013

22591     Sirena
Created by filterqueenman on 10/10/2013

22597     Bagless Canister Design Question
Created by tylerawells on 10/11/2013

22600     Vacuflo Carpet Cat
Created by matty0033 on 10/11/2013

22602     BEST cleaning vacuum?
Created by dustin on 10/11/2013

22606     Dyson DC25 Refurb
Created by beko1987 on 10/12/2013

22611     numatic nv250
Created by jord123 on 10/12/2013

22615     American Flag Riccar
Created by mieles7 on 10/13/2013

22617     Dyson DC25 refurb part 2!!
Created by dysondestijl on 10/13/2013

22618     Riccar vs. Lindhaus
Created by vacuumalex on 10/13/2013

22619     1998 Dyson DC04 Absolute +
Created by RootCyclone on 10/13/2013

22624     Opinions on Kenmore Intuition Canister...
Created by ryan1994jeep on 10/13/2013

22625     Some Thoughts on Rainbow E2 Black
Created by funeraldirector on 10/13/2013

22626     Desperately need a replacement roller on my Riccar Model 8900!!!
Created by SandyWins on 10/13/2013

22628     Hoover "Sparkle" Karcher Window Vac
Created by sebo_fan on 10/13/2013

22630     Best Craigslist Trade EVER (Sentria II)
Created by TASE on 10/14/2013

22635     Bagless Versions of Panasonic's MC-UG522
Created by sebo_fan on 10/14/2013

22638     Filter queen majestic filter change
Created by Paulashuler on 10/15/2013

22640     rainbow e-series red button
Created by rexair on 10/15/2013

22646     Kenmore Progressive Curb Find
Created by jodan3399 on 10/16/2013

22650     Hoover Concept 2 Electronic.
Created by Cap10323 on 10/17/2013

22651     Cyclone Season
Created by constellation86 on 10/17/2013

22654     Will a DC08 hose fit a DC11?
Created by parwaz786 on 10/17/2013

22655     Fantom jackpot!
Created by bvac6 on 10/17/2013

22659     What's your favorite commercial cylinder vacuum?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 10/18/2013

22660     Numatic MS Paint Art
Created by Ultimatevacman on 10/18/2013

22662     My new nv250
Created by jord123 on 10/18/2013

22665     Thrift store find - Simplicity 6970
Created by jade_angel on 10/18/2013

22670     Sentria II Dilemma
Created by jkbff on 10/20/2013

22672     I won a Dyson DC07 Allergy Purple lime Bagless Upright Root Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA+!
Created by parwaz786 on 10/20/2013

22674     Anybody got this dyson booklet?
Created by parwaz786 on 10/20/2013

22675     My new Kirby Sentria
Created by markus79 on 10/20/2013

22676     Good bye Dyson DC14
Created by parwaz786 on 10/20/2013

22677     Hoover Europe launches Athos
Created by sebo_fan on 10/20/2013

22684     Dead vacuum
Created by fiery on 10/21/2013

22685     WANTED Dyson DC14 or DC15
Created by parwaz786 on 10/21/2013

22686     Small Apt Vac, $200 budget
Created by Geckoblue545 on 10/21/2013

22688     Ricarr Brilliance Deluxe
Created by williamr1248 on 10/22/2013

22693     Help me buy a vacuum- rainbow
Created by vacyume on 10/23/2013

22695     The monthly "Win A Sebo" price draw
Created by Turbo500 on 10/23/2013

22702     Victor 470 Box upright bigfoot Sebo thing
Created by parwaz786 on 10/24/2013

22703     Can you bypass a Dyson DC07 thermal cut-out?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 10/24/2013

22705     Henry Hound spa session
Created by beko1987 on 10/24/2013

22706     weired dyson da001
Created by citroenbx on 10/24/2013

22708     hoover steamvac help
Created by thekirbylover on 10/24/2013

22709     The New SIRENA
Created by dysonman1 on 10/24/2013

22710     The Bissell lives again!
Created by bvac6 on 10/24/2013

22716     I saw something rather interesting.....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 10/24/2013

22721     New Fuller Brush Bagless Upright from Tacony Corp.
Created by dysonman1 on 10/25/2013

22722     Sebo Questions
Created by parwaz786 on 10/25/2013

22726     Current Orecks
Created by orecklover on 10/26/2013

22727     Vacuum cleaner exam :P
Created by parwaz786 on 10/26/2013

22735     Simplicity Gusto vs. Miele S8 Uniq
Created by tjhooverman on 10/26/2013

22737     1990s Hoover Turbopower Junior U1426
Created by RootCyclone on 10/27/2013

22740     My best friends son
Created by beerad on 10/27/2013

22745     "Trash Find" Vacuums Thread
Created by Ultimatevacman on 10/28/2013

22748     hoover spirit
Created by vacuumdude on 10/28/2013

22750     Hoover unplugged 30v - impressions
Created by Adamthemieleman on 10/28/2013

22752     I think I'll get one of these
Created by beerad on 10/28/2013

22753     I Think I Am Starting To Bite Off More Than I Can Chew!
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 10/28/2013

22755     Aerus Canisters
Created by tylerawells on 10/28/2013

22757     Miele Hybrid
Created by rexair on 10/28/2013

22761     Here's a familiar face
Created by Blackheart on 10/29/2013

22766     Fantom FM766HG
Created by PJ on 10/29/2013

22767     Kenmore Whispertone Canister Brochures and Boxes. Early, Mid, Late 1990's
Created by tjhooverman on 10/29/2013

22773     New Carpet with Vacuum Limits
Created by tdembroidery on 10/30/2013

22776     New SteamVac!
Created by PoconoVacMan on 10/30/2013

22779     Dyson Direct - eBay store
Created by Turbo500 on 10/31/2013

22780     Rare Turbopower 2?
Created by matt8808 on 10/31/2013

22784     Hoover
Created by keiththomas on 10/31/2013

22785     Dyson DC59 Animal
Created by spiraclean on 10/31/2013

22788     Dyson Constant Max brand new bargain
Created by parwaz786 on 11/01/2013

22790     Hoover Tempo 460
Created by tjhooverman on 11/01/2013

22793     Trash Find Dyson
Created by orecklover on 11/01/2013

22796     Latest toy..
Created by Adamthemieleman on 11/02/2013

22797     dyson dc01 like NEW
Created by citroenbx on 11/02/2013

22798     Ricarr Brilliance or Ricarr Vibrance Premium
Created by williamr1248 on 11/02/2013

22799     My new Dyson :)
Created by dysondestijl on 11/02/2013

22800     Hoover Aria 1300 AR32
Created by RootCyclone on 11/02/2013

22806     down but not out?
Created by vacuumssuck213 on 11/02/2013

22818     What a Difference a Year Makes
Created by bagintheback on 11/03/2013

22821     Oh my days, never heard such rubbish
Created by Adamthemieleman on 11/04/2013

22824     New Shop Vac
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/04/2013

22825     Blow up diagram of Sebo K3 wand?
Created by sebo_user on 11/04/2013

22828     Latest vac - Turbopower 1000 Autosense U2812
Created by madabouthoovers on 11/05/2013

22829     Numatic Vacuum offer
Created by matt8808 on 11/05/2013

22830     Hoover Jazz TJA1410
Created by HI-LOswitch98 on 11/05/2013

22831     Sebo BS46 Comfort - Schools new hoover!
Created by numatic99 on 11/05/2013

22834     Kirby Centennial?
Created by Kirbyguy1 on 11/06/2013

22839     Dirt Devil's Got A New One
Created by tylerawells on 11/06/2013

22840     I got my bday gift today
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 11/07/2013

22843     Smoke from carbon brush
Created by Bobby on 11/07/2013

22848     Dyson DC14 after refurb
Created by dysondestijl on 11/07/2013

22851     Riccar Commercial
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 11/07/2013

22854     Electrolux Epic 6000SR
Created by floor-a-matic on 11/07/2013

22866     Dyson DC07 Bath
Created by parwaz786 on 11/09/2013

22867     Dyson DC01 De Stijl Limited edition- Perfect
Created by parwaz786 on 11/09/2013

22870     My latest bargain Kirby
Created by madabouthoovers on 11/09/2013

22875     Hoover SoftGuard Series
Created by Durango159 on 11/10/2013

22877     Hoover PowerMAX canisters
Created by tjhooverman on 11/10/2013

22878     My collection now hits 50! (With Pics)
Created by madabouthoovers on 11/10/2013

22880     hoover turbomaster WINS have a LOOK
Created by citroenbx on 11/10/2013

22881     kirby g6 carpet system HELP!?
Created by vacuumssuck213 on 11/10/2013

22883     Question about Eureka Bravo models
Created by skystrick on 11/10/2013

22884     Looking to buy a new vacuum.
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 11/10/2013

22885     What's you daily driver
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 11/11/2013

22886     New Kenmore Progressive, Lime Green
Created by suckolux on 11/11/2013

22888     Fantom Fury Help
Created by daknx1994 on 11/11/2013

22896     My Luck With Riccars Is Crazy!
Created by Vacman117 on 11/12/2013

22901     Dyson dc07 Full Gear
Created by orecklover on 11/12/2013

22905     Panasonic MC-CG902
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 11/13/2013

22907     Panasonic/Sears canisters
Created by williamr1248 on 11/14/2013

22914     Dyson DC04 Absolute+ Dual cyclonic HEPA vacuum
Created by parwaz786 on 11/15/2013

22918     Vacuum Cleaner Brochures Thread
Created by Ultimatevacman on 11/15/2013

22920     EU Reducing Energy on Vacuums Update
Created by sebo_fan on 11/15/2013

22922     My New Cream and Brown Henry
Created by Ultimatevacman on 11/16/2013

22923     New Panasonic Upright Design
Created by williamr1248 on 11/16/2013

22925     Dyson DC04 Absolute+ Swap
Created by parwaz786 on 11/16/2013

22930     1992 Electrolux Airstream 1000 Z1490
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 11/16/2013

22936     New Vacs
Created by orecklover on 11/17/2013

22937     Dyson DC04 after clean (Thanks Sebo_Fan!)
Created by parwaz786 on 11/17/2013

22941     A very interesting concept....look:))
Created by beerad on 11/17/2013

22949     The Miele S 2 contour
Created by beerad on 11/19/2013

22950     The Miele S 2 contour
Created by beerad on 11/19/2013

22951     I Just Had To Treat Myself... Again - Numatic Bertie
Created by Ultimatevacman on 11/19/2013

22952     Ametek Lamb motor P/N for Kenmore Premier 12.0 canister
Created by jwbodnar on 11/19/2013

22954     When is a SEBO not a SEBO??
Created by DaveTranter on 11/19/2013

22955     A slew of new toys
Created by PoconoVacMan on 11/19/2013

22958     Sebo Customer Service...
Created by Vacuumfreeeke on 11/19/2013

22960     Dirt Devil Plus Hand Vacuum.... wait.... it's GREEN?!
Created by Jaker15 on 11/19/2013

22966     D-D Roommate
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/20/2013

22968     Panasonic arrived today
Created by williamr1248 on 11/20/2013

22971     My New Aerus Vacuums - Part 3
Created by Unimatic1140 on 11/21/2013

22972     Fun Face From Numatic
Created by Ultimatevacman on 11/21/2013

22975     French Electrolux vacuums 2013
Created by sebo_fan on 11/21/2013

Created by marcusprit on 11/22/2013

22983     Repair for Dyson Slim?
Created by collectrolux on 11/22/2013

22988     bearing oil
Created by jord123 on 11/22/2013

22991     Hoover Aria - HELP!
Created by RootCyclone on 11/23/2013

22992     Hoover Breathe Easy/late model Elite
Created by fan-of-fans on 11/23/2013

22994     A quiet shop Vac ?
Created by beerad on 11/23/2013

23001     Robot vacuums: No longer expensive toys?
Created by singingrainbow on 11/24/2013

23004     Needing a new shopvac....
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 11/24/2013

23006     My nee to me yellow hvr200 1992
Created by jord123 on 11/24/2013

23013     Looking for a cordless vacuum...
Created by umaga on 11/24/2013

23018     Kirby Generation Bag Horn adapter
Created by reo580 on 11/25/2013

23020     Cleaning and lubricating Kirby G series motors
Created by sopranojam85 on 11/25/2013

23022     what should my next vacuum(s) be?
Created by katieboo72 on 11/25/2013

23023     Ugh!
Created by vacuumfreak95 on 11/25/2013

23024     Dyson Tools
Created by frkirby560 on 11/25/2013

23025     Sebo ET 450 e looook at this:))))))
Created by beerad on 11/26/2013

Created by marcusprit on 11/26/2013

23032     dyson ish--...thing
Created by MysteryManBob on 11/26/2013

23036     Hoover convertible u4595 vs simplicity synergy x9
Created by hoover78 on 11/26/2013

23045     Electrolux vacuum Ultra Active ZUA3840 motor won't run, error code blinking L?
Created by ml70 on 11/28/2013

23047     Gtech Multi Hand held.......
Created by paulc on 11/28/2013

23049     AAAGH I nearly cried! Numatic Charles disaster
Created by dysondestijl on 11/28/2013

23053     Gadget show review cordless vacs
Created by adamthemieleman on 11/29/2013

23054     1994 Hoover F4002
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 11/29/2013

23056     Looking for an odd part
Created by jade_angel on 11/29/2013

23060     Goblin Skyline 1250
Created by dysondestijl on 11/30/2013

23061     The Dyson That Picks Up Water???
Created by sebo_fan on 11/30/2013

23063     DC15 vs DC18 vs DC25 vs DC27
Created by parwaz786 on 11/30/2013

23065     Panasonic upright + Eureka mighty
Created by katieboo72 on 11/30/2013

23067     Eureka Airspeed One
Created by man114 on 11/30/2013

23073     My new Cream and brown Numatic Charles CVC370
Created by dysondestijl on 12/01/2013

23074     Bissell, hoover elite look alike
Created by orecklover on 12/01/2013

23075     Stunning Powerful Dyson DC33 Stubborn refurbished for sale
Created by parwaz786 on 12/01/2013

23078     Vacuum: Hoover Conquest/Guardsmen Church
Created by BlueRidgeBoy14 on 12/01/2013

23079     1997 Hoover Purepower Autosense 1400S U3141
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 12/01/2013

23087     2001 Hoover Professional Dual Purpose C1417-903
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 12/02/2013

23089     Show me your numatics
Created by jord123 on 12/02/2013

23090     Sears-Kenmore's Latest Cleaners!
Created by super-sweeper on 12/02/2013

23092     Sebo, Dyson, Numatic or Miele?
Created by matt8808 on 12/03/2013

23098     What vac do you want for Christmas
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 12/03/2013

23100     Kenmore Professional 15 (Sebo)
Created by gmerkt on 12/04/2013

23102     ARGOS 2013 Product Placement
Created by sebo_fan on 12/04/2013

23118     drive belt for electrolux sanitaire zc880
Created by watsonw on 12/06/2013

23120     Black friday vacuums
Created by singingrainbow on 12/06/2013

23125     I need help with this vac
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 12/07/2013

23126     Vacman Systems
Created by williamr1248 on 12/07/2013

23127     Early Christmas gift :D
Created by FantomVacuumFan on 12/07/2013

23134     'New' Hoover Eco-G Range at Argos...
Created by hi-loswitch98 on 12/08/2013

23135     1995 Hoover Turbopower 3 U2876
Created by AlexHoovers94 on 12/08/2013

23144     Differences Between Bissell US & Canada Canister Offerings
Created by tylerawells on 12/09/2013

23155     Dyson-istas?
Created by suckolux on 12/11/2013

Created by citroenbx on 12/11/2013

23160     So I picked this up
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 12/11/2013

23166     Tristar SB Steam Buggy Cleaner
Created by camelotshadow on 12/12/2013

23168     Filter Queen adaptor tube
Created by floor-a-matic on 12/12/2013

23169     Kenmore model 11622513202
Created by titaniciscool on 12/13/2013

23176     What's your oldest Numatic?
Created by Ultimatevacman on 12/14/2013

23177     Speaking of TriStars... My Luck Has Stricken Again
Created by vacman117 on 12/14/2013

23178     numatic vacuum his selling hoover dual purpose LOOK LOOK
Created by citroenbx on 12/14/2013

23180     Generic Kenmore attachment set
Created by fan-of-fans on 12/14/2013

23182     finally
Created by jord123 on 12/14/2013

23188     Vacuums That Failed To Sell Well In America
Created by director12 on 12/14/2013

23189     Beautiful Plastic Vacs
Created by parwaz786 on 12/15/2013

23190     where have Rodgers video's gone
Created by thekirbylover on 12/15/2013

23199     My new DC39 Animal
Created by matt8808 on 12/16/2013

23204     Hoover TurboPower2 U2466 Permabag & Autosense
Created by matt8808 on 12/17/2013

23206     Simplicity 7850
Created by pr-21 on 12/17/2013

23207     Stunning powerful lime grass apple green Dyson DC04 Non Clutch! :D
Created by parwaz786 on 12/17/2013

23208     New Dirt Devil Ultra Hand Vac.
Created by caligula on 12/17/2013

23214     Oreck Xl21 Brush Roll
Created by bagintheback on 12/17/2013

23216     I fixed the kenmore
Created by rainbowvacfane2 on 12/18/2013

23217     Black and Decker 18v Lithium Dustbuster Flexi - Dyson rival?
Created by matt8808 on 12/18/2013

23219     2 New Additions
Created by jord123 on 12/18/2013

23221     Bit of advice needed
Created by Adamthemieleman on 12/18/2013

23224     Increase in Vacuums in the trash?
Created by fan-of-fans on 12/18/2013

23229     Heavily abused Dysons
Created by matt8808 on 12/19/2013

23236     Vax6131 VS numatic george
Created by jord123 on 12/20/2013

23240     Matte Black Sanitaire SC-899
Created by miraamimiele on 12/20/2013

23244     Hoover Decade 800 found
Created by sonnyndad on 12/21/2013

23250     My poor Dyson DC24
Created by blakaeg on 12/22/2013

23252     Non genuine vacuum bags
Created by magic-clean on 12/22/2013

23253     Kenmore Elite: What a Beast!
Created by vacman117 on 12/22/2013

23254     Kirby Attachment Haul...
Created by TASE on 12/22/2013

23257     Aftermarket Brushrolls
Created by sonnyndad on 12/23/2013

23259     Old Vacuumland photo appears on eBay listing
Created by katieboo72 on 12/23/2013

23261     Why Kirby plastic fans are superior...
Created by sptyks on 12/23/2013

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