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Quiet, powerful, high filtration upright commercial vac
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Post# 47291   7/28/2008 at 15:39 (3,614 days old) by eluxca (Tennessee)        

for my office. We have low pile commercial carpeting, no pad, glued to the floor. Our cleaning service does many things well, just not vacuuming the floor. They bring their own Orecks with broken fans, etc and push them too fast to actually pick anything up.

My employees are going to take turns doing a thorough vacuuming once a week.

So, experts, what do you recommend for our situation? We absolutely do not want a canister or backpack, and, well, you know most employees, something that also won't crack when it slams into a wall.

I look forward to good ideas!


Post# 47292 , Reply# 1   7/28/2008 at 15:47 (3,614 days old) by lux1521 ()        

I like the Electrolux Commerical Uprights. They perform well on low pile and filter fairly well.

Royal Commerical Uprights (metal) are fairly good too. I'm not sure what filter bags are available for these.

I think Sanitaire uprights have the lowest cost for repair and upkeep and are very simple and easy to use on a variety of carpet types.

I tend to keep away from the other brands that are not as common. The repair parts for lesser known brands tends to be more expensive from my experience.

Post# 47293 , Reply# 2   7/28/2008 at 16:19 (3,614 days old) by eluxca (Tennessee)        

I have noticed that the ProLux and the Sanitaire commercial uprights are almost identical. But the Sanitaire costs less. Is it the name or quality of manufacture?

Post# 47294 , Reply# 3   7/28/2008 at 16:22 (3,614 days old) by clarkecombi ()        

Go with the Windsor Sensor.....High Suction Good Filtration and Easy mantinance....Or if you have some money to spend look on ebay and Find you The Indestructible Windsor Versamatic. U can find em for 200$..Same goes for the sensor..But windsors i think are the best Commercial Uprights ive used..I personally own a Versamatic and love it. Cause of the 18" wide Nozzle it cuts the Cleaning time in Half.

Post# 47300 , Reply# 4   7/28/2008 at 17:00 (3,614 days old) by lux1521 ()        

The clean air ProLux and Sanitare are very similar. I just like the Electrolux ones better. I don't know if there are any technical differences between the two as I have never used the Sanitare version. Perhaps someone could fill us in about that.

Here is a compilation image of my suggestions:

Post# 47301 , Reply# 5   7/28/2008 at 17:20 (3,614 days old) by clarkecombi ()        

Heres some good buys

Post# 47302 , Reply# 6   7/28/2008 at 17:46 (3,614 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        
Type of business?

John, if you have an office type environment, there shouldn't be anything easier to use and effective on commercial low pile carpet than an Oreck. I just don't recommend them for restaurants because of the food factor. Most Orecks that are ineffective is in truth unmaintained, like you said, broken fans, or stretched/broken belts, worn out brushrolls. To this day, I've never seen one with a broken/cracked housing. Now fan housings are another thing if something too big is picked up, but there the problem lies with the user being too lazy to bend over and pick something up. I think a new Oreck commercial 8lb. version, not the two-motor, that would be overkill for your needs, would run you 199.00 if you purchased it direct from Oreck Commercial. They sell in the stores for 259.99. I know alot of people have their opinions on Orecks, but from the sound of your needs, it would work great. Just my 2 cents.


Post# 47310 , Reply# 7   7/28/2008 at 19:17 (3,614 days old) by elux89 (Canada)        

Have you thought of a Lindhaus??? Durable, easy to use machine. Stay away from the single motor unit, I've heard rumors these ones tend to be problematic, (clutch??) but the two motor versions are durable. Good deals are to be found on ebay.

Post# 47313 , Reply# 8   7/28/2008 at 19:35 (3,614 days old) by clarkecombi ()        

I forgot my Most favorite vacuum of all time......The durable Dual Motor Clarke Combivac(hence my name) i have one and they work magic. There just as good as a Windsor and Cheaper and bags are 10 for $3

Post# 47315 , Reply# 9   7/28/2008 at 20:00 (3,614 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
Quiet,powerful,high filtration upright commercial vac

While I was working I noticed they used several brands over the years. It seemed like everybody hated when they used the Orecks and Sanitaires because they were so loud and the Sanitaires at that time were still using dusty cloth bags that as you can imagine were never cleaned out. We had flat commercial carpeting that LOOKED clean but one Saturday I took my old Electrolux 60 in to clean around my desk. You would not believe what that straight suction Electrolux pulled out of that carpet. The bag ejected and I could not believe how much fine dirt had been in that rug.I ran out of bags that day doing just around my desk and that was a straight suction rug tool.
I have also noticed the CVS stores in Indiana almost always use Electrolux Commercial uprights. Our local manager told me it was because they were quiet,didn't break belts and the bags were easy to replace. The Orecks and Sanitaires at my place of employment were of course terribley abused. What about the commercial Hoover that looks like the old Convertible? I saw one in a vac shop not long ago and it looked sturdy.

Post# 47336 , Reply# 10   7/29/2008 at 02:37 (3,613 days old) by beerad (Beautiful Vancouver BC)        

I would go with the sebos..

Post# 47338 , Reply# 11   7/29/2008 at 06:40 (3,613 days old) by eluxca (Tennessee)        

Thank you all for suggestions. I need to keep the purchase price under $300, so I'll watch ebay auctions for some deals. I already have a Sebo 370 at home that may make its way to the office.


Post# 47406 , Reply# 12   7/29/2008 at 21:03 (3,613 days old) by turboace (Wilmington, NC)        

turboace's profile picture
I have sold a few of these Duralux from Sanitaire/Eureka and my customers really like them. They have two motors, a suction motor and brushroll motor. They have washable hepa filter and everything is sealed quite well. The bags are big and impregnated with Arm and Hammer baking soda to prevent odors. Its very quiet and does a great job grooming carpet. There is a model with an on-board hose with an integrated wand that either has a nylon end for by baseboards or around things and a built in brush that slides down over that. The other model does not have any way to connect a hose. It has a geared belt and so far, I have not had any problems with them. They have great suction and can really pack the bag full, I was at a customers and checked the bag and I could not believe how heavy it was an how tightly packed, yet it still had suction and was picking up.


Post# 47457 , Reply# 13   7/30/2008 at 08:22 (3,612 days old) by xraytech ( Pittsburgh, PA)        

xraytech's profile picture
I would choose one of the Hoover guardsman uprights like the old convertibles or a commercial Sanitaire or Eureka, they have a Commercial eureka upright at Sams club for around $150.

Post# 47478 , Reply# 14   7/30/2008 at 12:51 (3,612 days old) by hoover_elite_20 ()        
I'll start the chant...



How about the SC886? Extremely simple. All metal. Popular. Cheap. Easy to get and replace parts. Shake-out bag. The list goes on...

Very good vac. I just love the shiny, curved head.

Post# 47480 , Reply# 15   7/30/2008 at 12:58 (3,612 days old) by hoover_elite_20 ()        
Or the Hoover Guardsman?

Based on the convertible:

Post# 47540 , Reply# 16   7/30/2008 at 21:19 (3,612 days old) by riccarlover ()        

On Ebay you usually can find like a R800 for under a $100 through a certified vac shop. Wonderful machines!

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