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Diamond Jubilee Model 1521 Circa 1985
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Post# 385952   2/13/2018 at 12:55 by keither (California )        

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I snapped up this beauty at an estate sale! The owner used to sell Kirby, bought this Electrolux and never used it. She kept it wrapped in its original plastic cover, wrapped it in more plastic and stored it in a closet. She tossed the original box. Per my Electrolux Guru, this model came out in 1985 after the intro of the 60th year anniversary Diamond Jubilee in 1984. The differnce between the two is that the 1984 anniversary model has the Diamond Jubilee label on it. The later versions made in 1985 were distributed without the label.

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Post# 385972 , Reply# 1   2/13/2018 at 17:28 by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

Beautiful machine and great cleaner! The hose still probably has suction?

Post# 385977 , Reply# 2   2/13/2018 at 18:18 by human (Pines of Carolina)        
Holy time capsule, Batman!!!

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Keith, how do you do it? Wrapped in several layers of plastic for over 30 years and never used? That stuff just doesn't happen. Is that a PN6 with yours or just a PN5 with a dark jadestone top shell?

My Diamond Jubilee, which has the anniversary sticker on it, came with a light gray PN5, same putty gray as the vacuum cleaner and the wand. It also came with a third-party vinyl replacement hose instead of the original braided one. I had to laugh when I bought the machine at Goodwill for $10 and the replacement hose still had a price sticker for $69.99 from a local independent vacuum store. Made me feel like I was really getting a bargain.

The only thing remotely resembling a complaint I have about the Diamond J is it's got to be one of the blandest color schemes Electrolux ever came out with. You'd think they'd have come up with something a little more visually compelling for an anniversary edition. Even dark side bumpers to match the front control panel would have helped. Fortunately, its performance is anything but bland and I'm all about function over form.

Post# 385978 , Reply# 3   2/13/2018 at 18:36 by keither (California )        

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LOL @ Holy Time Capsule Batman !!!! Hi know...I dont know how I do it except it just happens that way! Seek and you shall find I guess ?!! I believe that the Electrolux design team were either replaced or ran out of ideas, because there was a lot that they could have done better for the 1521 models, especially the colors. Yes thats a PN6 with the machine ;-) Your Goodwill find was for sure a bargain! Thanks Edgar

Post# 385980 , Reply# 4   2/13/2018 at 19:03 by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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What a great find! Congratulations!

Post# 385987 , Reply# 5   2/13/2018 at 20:13 by keither (California )        

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Thanks Bill :-)

Post# 385988 , Reply# 6   2/13/2018 at 20:17 by Paul (MN)        

Sweet! Way to go, Keith. Not only is that an Electrolux Corporation classic, but the brand-new condition is rare for a 33-year-old cleaner!

The jade PN6 is another indication that it's a later version. I have the 1984 manual that pictures a sand PN5.

One more thing, the earlier version had pinstriped bumpers, and the later ones were plain.

Post# 385990 , Reply# 7   2/13/2018 at 20:21 by keither (California )        

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Thanks Paul :-)

Post# 385991 , Reply# 8   2/13/2018 at 20:47 by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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I think Princess Diana had one of these [joke]

Post# 386001 , Reply# 9   2/13/2018 at 21:25 by keither (California )        

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Hmmm...that missed the mark

Post# 386015 , Reply# 10   2/13/2018 at 22:58 by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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Post# 386023 , Reply# 11   2/14/2018 at 02:47 by huskyvacs (Indiana)        

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Was just a subtle joke considering the machine is mostly all white. Princess Diana did a bit of humanitarian work for the United Nations back in the late 80s, which uses entirely white vehicles for the color scheme. That and white is kind of a sign of royalty too. :)

Post# 386061 , Reply# 12   2/14/2018 at 11:59 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

Great machine Keith....was ambushed by wife, saleswoman & mother-in-law to buy one new on the farm in 1984....I've told the story before and how the saleswoman insisted on taking my recently refurbished Hoover upright with her.


Anyway, fantastic find....hope you got one of the good motors. If not you'll know soon enough with usage. If I'm serious about cleaning or short of time, I always defect to one of the DJ's.



Post# 386064 , Reply# 13   2/14/2018 at 12:25 by vacuumdevil (Denver)        

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Great find! I think that's about the Crown Jewel of the Electrolux super J style machines.

Post# 386067 , Reply# 14   2/14/2018 at 13:03 by Keither (California )        

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Thanks for the kind words guys ! I really appreciate it

Post# 386072 , Reply# 15   2/14/2018 at 13:54 by dysonman1 (Rolla, Missouri)        

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I love the Diamond Jubilee almost as much as I love my KitchenAid Superba - My Diamond J. was purchased by me, brand new, at the end of 1984 (it was an X-Mas gift to myself). Yours is fantastic.

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Post# 386073 , Reply# 16   2/14/2018 at 13:57 by keither (California )        

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Thanks Tom !

Post# 386075 , Reply# 17   2/14/2018 at 14:03 by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        

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great machine. lucky for you.
Yes, no doubt, "Diana" cleaned the palace regularly, draperies, mattresses, etc. a thorough go through. That's our Di.

Post# 386083 , Reply# 18   2/14/2018 at 18:21 by keither (California )        

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Hey thanks :-)

Post# 386105 , Reply# 19   2/15/2018 at 08:13 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

Just as an FYI...the Diamond J did not have the Super J motor. They had problems with the commutator plates flying off and problems with the motor in desert climates. Electrolux took care of the problem as usual on troublesome machines. I've restored about 12 of these vacs and have never seen a bad motor yet, but you gotta figure after all the yrs if they had had a bad motor originally, it was probably replaced. That's why I caution about this one because it's had no real use yet.......chances are though it's just fine.:-)



Post# 386132 , Reply# 20   2/15/2018 at 11:45 by keither (California )        

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Kevin thanks for the heads up :-) I experienced the issue you described with my 1st DJ. My Electrolux repair guy corrected the problem for me. My current one sounds very nice, with good suction. I hope it will be fine. Thanks again :-)

Post# 386159 , Reply# 21   2/15/2018 at 19:34 by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        
The hose?

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Keith, is the hose in tact and free of leaks after all these years?

Post# 386176 , Reply# 22   2/15/2018 at 23:00 by keither (California )        

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Hi Bill ! Incredibly yes-the hose is fully intact with no leaks. The machine has that " new Elux " smell to it !!!! It has honestly not been used - Its as if it was just taken out of the box :-) :-) :-)

Post# 386266 , Reply# 23   2/17/2018 at 05:59 by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

Crazy find....very envious. That would be my 'flagship' of the


I remember that smell well....before the pet she was breaking in. 




Post# 386273 , Reply# 24   2/17/2018 at 10:41 by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

You really find some great stuff!

Post# 386278 , Reply# 25   2/17/2018 at 11:21 by Keither (California )        

keither's profile picture
Hi 👋Ken ! Thanks for the kudos! I guess persistence pays off as they say. Iím humbled by the opportunities Iíve been given to acquire these machines for my collection. I appreciate your kind words Ken 😊

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