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Lux 7000 Help Please
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Post# 370795   4/15/2017 at 15:40 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

I have a Lux 7000. This morning when I was using it I decided to turn the knob on the top that regulates the bag alert function. The blue knob on the top. I had not moved the knob for probably a few years. After I moved the knob, the machine turns on and cuts right back off. I tried moving the nob fully back and fourth thinking something got stuck on the iner mechanics to currect the situation. This did not help. Could one of the tubes disconnected inside? That is the only thing I can think of. I know how to take the machine apart but figured I would check with one of the MANY EXPERTS in this forum.

Thanks so much and hope everyone has a great holiday! Best, Richard.

Post# 370799 , Reply# 1   4/15/2017 at 16:08 by vacuumlad1650 (North-East Illinois)        

vacuumlad1650's profile picture
Sounds like your bag check vaulve is shot. They still sell them. They run like $15 I think.

Post# 370802 , Reply# 2   4/15/2017 at 17:33 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

Thanks for the reply. Where is the valve located? Where is the best place to get one? I also tried powering the machine on with out a bag and pressing the little black button in in the between the door and machine where the bag goes and the vac stayed on. Thoughts? Thanks again! Really appreciate! Richard.

Post# 370803 , Reply# 3   4/15/2017 at 17:54 by vacuumlad1650 (North-East Illinois)        

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Contact your local Aerus dealer to get one. It is located under the knob on the top of the machine. You have to completely disassemble the machine to access it and replace it. Its a simple job to replace it, but the machines are touchy to be put back together.

Post# 370807 , Reply# 4   4/15/2017 at 19:28 by pr-21 (Middletown, OH)        

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Before you buy the new valve, which should fix it. There is a youtube video out that shows tricks from a repair guy. He said sometimes if you twist the control valve back and forth fast several times, it will correct itself. I did just that and mine started working again. If you can put a control valve in yourself, it probably would not cost too much, but again you may want to try doing what I did....before you get a new one. PS mine is a Lux 7000 also.



Post# 370810 , Reply# 5   4/15/2017 at 20:37 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

Thanks Bud....I will try that! Andy thank you too!!! Andy, You are correct. I have taken the machine apart before to fix the cord real. You have to have patience putting it back together. Again thanks to you both!


Post# 370813 , Reply# 6   4/15/2017 at 21:25 by vacuumlad1650 (North-East Illinois)        

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Your quite welcome, Rich! If you are interested I should have a valve here or can order them easily. I would be glad to help out.

Post# 370815 , Reply# 7   4/15/2017 at 23:06 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

Andy, That would be helpful. The Aerus dealer here in Kansas is not the freindliest. My email is if that is helpful. Have a great Holiday!

Post# 371086 , Reply# 8   4/19/2017 at 20:09 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

Update, So I replaced the bag valve today. The machine is still cutting off when I turn it on. The machine cuts right off when I turn it on. I don't see anything blocking the tubes. The old valve looks identical to the new one. I dont see anything wrong with the old valve. I still tried the new valve and have the same probem. The machine was working fine until I turned the nob last Sunday so I too would have thought the bag valve was the issue.

Anyone think of anything else it could be? Thanks much!

Post# 371088 , Reply# 9   4/19/2017 at 20:16 by vacuumlad1650 (North-East Illinois)        

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Did you clean out the tubes that bring air to the Valve? They get packed with fine dust over time.

Post# 371089 , Reply# 10   4/19/2017 at 20:23 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

I blew through then. I did not see anything in them. Do you recomend still cleaning them? If so do you have a suggestion? Thanks Andy!

Post# 371090 , Reply# 11   4/19/2017 at 20:25 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

One more thing. As mentioned I also tried powering the machine on with out a bag and pressing the little black button in in the between the door and machine where the bag goes and the vac stayed on. Therefore I know it is not the motor. Very odd.....really thought it would be the switch.

Post# 371092 , Reply# 12   4/19/2017 at 21:09 by vacuumlad1650 (North-East Illinois)        

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O wonder if the Diaphragm in the switch is shot. Did you try changing out the switch assembly?

Post# 371093 , Reply# 13   4/19/2017 at 21:23 by lux14 (Leawood Kansas)        

Is the diaphram toward the front top with a tube attached to it? Not sure what that is. Would my having turned the knob affected the diaphragm. The old bag valve did have problem. The little black seal in the knob came off. The very small lip that holds it broke off. I went ahead and glued it on. Still had the same problem when I powered up the machine. I then put the new one on and powered up and still had the same problem. That is why I think it is the bag valve.

Perhaps I did not attach the tubes correctly??? I think I did though.

Post# 371096 , Reply# 14   4/19/2017 at 21:46 by vacuumlad1650 (North-East Illinois)        

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I can forward you a service manual next time I use my computer...just email me!

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