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Voorwerk help needed : )
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Post# 369962   4/4/2017 at 06:39 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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I would appreciate any help here.

I have just had a chappie round to demonstrate the Vorwerk VK200. I needed the basic unit at £749 and the tool kit at £100. If i bought today i could have £50 of bits bags etc but would have rather had £50 off the price.

The vac was well built quiet and worked well on my hard floors. Stair cleaning etc was good too. The pb440 was good but expensive at £200.

I am going to downsize from an a house to a 2 bed apartment so just want one vac to replace my Sebo E3 premium and x1.1 which have both old been used once as i have a cleaner who brings their own vac (i had a stroke last year and have poor grip in my left hand, my right hand works well : )

I used to have a Felix and just kept thinking for a third of the price i could have another Felix.

The guy will call me back at 3ish and i have no idea what to do : (

Plus :-

Vac was light
worked well
looked good
Well built


bit of hassle when using hose
price of extra tools

I also asked to look at a vc100 for cleaning the car but the guy forgot, he also did not know you could buy a tool lit at £10 for the VC100 and he was a team leader


Post# 369963 , Reply# 1   4/4/2017 at 06:54 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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The Vorwerk is fantastic vacuum cleaner but very expensive! I couldn't justify spending that kind of money. Plus you have to pay extra for the hose and attachments.

Personally i'd get a Sebo Felix. You can pick one up for £198 at the mo. Very good value. It is also a fantastic machine plus bags and filters are very reasonably priced.

I have just purchased an E3 Premium this morning. Wish I knew you were selling yours as I would have bought it. Damn :)

Post# 369964 , Reply# 2   4/4/2017 at 07:11 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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I will be selling both my E3 and X1.1, both have loads of extras :and are unmarked )

Still don't know what to do : (

Money is not the main concern and the eb400 head was good so i would not need a separate hard floor head at £75


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Post# 369965 , Reply# 3   4/4/2017 at 07:16 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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If you're not worried about the money you will be hard pushed to find a better cleaner than the Vorwerk.

If money was no object I would love to own one, but only you can decide :)

Post# 369968 , Reply# 4   4/4/2017 at 07:18 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Here is a good review of it.


Post# 369969 , Reply# 5   4/4/2017 at 07:50 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Thanks for your help. Money is not a great problem (although i don't work at the moment)and i get new vacs every time there is something new or once a year whichever is sooner : )

Just quality and i know i will have less space so i need one main vac

I have seen the video, the guy is Swedish and has a cat

The guy has emailed me to say if i buy the VK200 and tool kits and a vc100 he will knock £40 off for me

He thinks it would be delivered tomorrow


Post# 369970 , Reply# 6   4/4/2017 at 08:11 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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That's him. Love the accent :-)

Excellent let us know how you get on with it.

Post# 369971 , Reply# 7   4/4/2017 at 08:19 by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Both the Vorwerk and the Sebo are excellent cleaners. Both reliable and high performing, though I wasn't too impressed with the very narrow opening on the cleaner head on the Vorwerk - that would block up in no time in our house with the pussy cat!

The joy of the Vorwerk over the Felix is that it's considerably lighter and less top heavy, which would be of benefit if you have difficulty with your left arm. Maybe the Vorwerk vacuum on it's own plus a handheld vacuum would be a better set up, not so faffy with the tools that way?

Post# 369975 , Reply# 8   4/4/2017 at 08:54 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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The cleaner head is very narrow and the bags are quite small too at 2.2 litres. It won't take long to fill one of those. But still it's the best looking modern cleaner I've seen and quadruple A rated.

I would love one if anyone from Vorwerk would like me to review one feel free to post it to me 😁

Post# 369977 , Reply# 9   4/4/2017 at 08:56 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Thanks guys for your advice : )

I will buy :-

VK200 vac
Tool kit, bag, crevice, soft dusting brush, ext tube, flex head, carry strap, powered hose
PB440 + mattress kit
Box of bags
Dovina chips

VC100 vac
Tool kit

It was light and easy to use and looks stylish : )

I am 48 and go to the gym about 5 times a week, its just my balance and left grip and joint pain, Right hand works a treat ; )

Just waining for them to get back with a full price. I did not know that VK direct and Kobold UK were 2 different companies. VK are trowing in the PB440 for free,i ts usually £200


Post# 369978 , Reply# 10   4/4/2017 at 09:02 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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VK Direct Ltd
Unit G, Upperboat Business Park
Treforest, CF37 5BP

Not too far from Marcus : )

I have never filled a bag in by life as i usually change vacs often

I am on the verge of OCD so a dropped crumb would be the biggest thing on the floor.

Don't know what the VC100 will be like, if it is poor it can be returned, I have mats on top of mats in the cars so only bits are next to the seats.

My house is pussy free so no hairs here : ) ha ha

Post# 369980 , Reply# 11   4/4/2017 at 09:13 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Just down the road where Tom Jones is from 😁
My house has been pussy free for a few months now but that's another story haha

Post# 369982 , Reply# 12   4/4/2017 at 09:19 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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I am sure there are plenty in your area : )


i was in a Chinese in Portishead last week and there was a sign for a lost cat. I said to the woman behind the counter "that will be in a curry by now" i don't think she found it funny : )

I am just waiting for the woman from VK Direct to finalise the price. The vac and bits will be here on Friday. I will ask for them to be double boxed.

Post# 369983 , Reply# 13   4/4/2017 at 09:23 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Haha you're probably right 😀

How exciting. Hope you enjoy it. I think you better keep this one for quite a while considering the money you spent on it 😉👍

Post# 369992 , Reply# 14   4/4/2017 at 10:32 by Turbo500 (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Ooooh Treforest! My company have an office there!

Post# 370025 , Reply# 15   4/4/2017 at 14:29 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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All ordered and will be here on Friday. Kobold Uk could not match the offer from VK direct.

I have been to Cardiff a few times and to Cwmbran. When i was younger i used to live in Mumbles near Swansea.

Had many good times on the beach there : ) ha ha

I have had hundreds of vacs over the years and just want to downsize in my old age (48)

Thanks again for your help and banter : )


Post# 370026 , Reply# 16   4/4/2017 at 14:36 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Jakub we don't mention Swansea in Cardiff! 😰
Can you possibly do a demo of your Vorwerk on YouTube?

Post# 370034 , Reply# 17   4/4/2017 at 15:38 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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You tube? is that the same as you porn ? : )

I have listed my sebo E3 and X1.1 on ebay, plus loads of bags filter etc, almost emptied my vac cupboard. Most of them were in my sebo storage bag.

I had to order the tool kit for my VC100 from Kobold in Sunninghill as VK direct do not stock them.

I have not been to Swansea for years.

it was over 25 years ago that i lived in Swansea. No Polish shops in those days, not a bit of polish sausage back then. Not even at the uni : )

Post# 370035 , Reply# 18   4/4/2017 at 15:42 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Handle not extended


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Post# 370077 , Reply# 19   4/5/2017 at 08:55 by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

What a nice looking machine. 

Almost futuristic looking.  I hope it grants you years of trouble free service.

Post# 370079 , Reply# 20   4/5/2017 at 09:05 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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I have just been on eBay and purchased a Vorwerk Kobold VF200 cleaning head for £100, i just need some carpets now : )

This morning i contacted VK direct and apparently Zoe has added a couple of boxes of bags for me free of charge. I will find out on Friday when it has been delivered.


Post# 370105 , Reply# 21   4/5/2017 at 15:10 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

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Congratulations v6jme on the purchase of your new Kobold VK200, hope your enjoy owning and using it. Great price you got for the VF200 saving £50.

I own the previous generation Kobold the VK150, it's an amazing vacuum cleaner and cleaning system. I've used the new VK200 and put it through its paces and have to say some great improvements over the VK150.

The hard floor tool is not generally supplied with the kit in the UK as the new EB400 power head can vacuum carpets and hard floors unlike previous generations like the VK140/VK150 and others too. I believe you probably can get hold of one, the idea in the UK is to keep the system simple and easy to use from a user/owner point of view. The hard floor tool is useful as it swivels into tight spaces and corners that the EB400 can't but I understand why this isn't generally included in the UK.

VKDirect was setup when Vorwerk stopped selling in the UK for a period in the mid 90's (or around that time) to still service owners of Kobolds of accessories, parts, bags, filters etc plus they sold the current Kobold via phone sales to previous owners as an upgrade or to any new customers. They don't really offer in home demonstrations or offer the setup and run through of the kit service you get from a sales advisor will do once you receive your new Kobold system that Vorwerk Kobold UK do.

You will notice VKDirect do not display the current line of Kobold products like the VK200 and the spares, parts and accessories for them. If ordering them online for the current range you have to go to Vorwerk Kobold UK, I'm sure VKDirect can get hold of these if you call them.

When I had my VK150 Kobold I was curious about the bottom fill bag and the narrow inlet on the power head EB370 (or the EB400). Although the bags are small they can hold quite a lot of dust and dirt as it compacts. The bottom fill works great and doesn't caused issues with performance as it fills. The narrow inlet hasn't caused any blockages as yet I'm still surprised how narrow it is but doesn't seem to cause issues might be down to partly the airflow through the machine! I did a test recently with the EB400 by vacuuming up my dogs hair after we gave him his annual clip and it was pulling the clumps of hair into the head ok. There was a few hairs wrapped around the brush roll which I would expect. I was quite surprised how well it coped with the mess of pet hair like that.

Let us know how you get on with your new Kobold VK200 and what you think of it once you have been using it v6jme.

Post# 370106 , Reply# 22   4/5/2017 at 15:11 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

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v6jme can I ask what the name of your demo sales advisor was?

Post# 370107 , Reply# 23   4/5/2017 at 15:41 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Hi Jon

The guy was called Nat and lives in the Birmingham area. He was polite, helpful and young.

VK direct seem to stock everything. I have seen the VK150 on their site and nearly bought one from ebay last weeks (new old stock)

DPD will deliver it all on Friday.


Post# 370112 , Reply# 24   4/5/2017 at 17:47 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

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Hi Jakub

I know Nat! He's a great guy.

VKDirect do stock everything but just don't show the latest products on their website! I believe there is usually old new stock to be picked up! VKDirect probably would have had great deals on the VK150 just before they launched the VK200 last year to sell off the surplus stock! I was offered a few deals from them on the VK140 just before the VK150 came out!

I love my DuoClean mop head and the PB430 same as you will get with yours PB440 except yours will have the extra mattress cleaning attachments which are new for this VK200 model. I could upgrade my PB430 to the PB440 if I want for my VK150 will see!

That's great, not long to wait! You'll find it will come in a big box with the individual parts in their own boxes inside! You'll probably notice a difference once you start using your Kobold after a while too.


Post# 370134 , Reply# 25   4/6/2017 at 03:06 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Hi Jon

I did call Pam at Kobold Uk to say that Nat had been punctual and polite etc and that i had not realised VK direct were different from Kobold Uk. And VK did the better deal.

I have wood and tiled floors and am almost OCD, i just liked the simple design and its lightness.

I emptied a cupboard full of Sebo stuff and have listed it on eBay, i had no idea how many bits i had.

On ebay there was a chappie in Reading who had a few new (old) vorwerks for sale. I was in Swindon last week and was going to pick one up from him (VK150) but he did not have pics of the vac so i left it.

If the vc100 is no good it will be returned. It is too much hassle to plug a vac in to clean the cars. I do have mats on top of mats so the car is never dry, no kids, pets, women etc : ) ha ha

Post# 370165 , Reply# 26   4/6/2017 at 15:47 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

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Hi Jakub

That was very nice of you to do that. He sure is a very polite person.

It is a very simple easy to use vacuum for the user! Did you not order the DuoClean mop head? I'm sure you'll love using it.

Yeah it's surprising what you collect over time! Least you'll get some more back on them! You'll have a nice bag to put your Kobold tools in as your having the full tool kit! Easy to store them as you can hang the bag up if you want.

I've only briefly used the VK100 I've heard people use it to clean their cars, I'd like to think it's more of a quick up of dry messes around the home or in your car! Depends if you want a deep clean in your cars! I'd use it for dusting and quick mess clean ups if I had one! See how you get on let me know your thoughts on it. Ha ha what you like :)

Post# 370196 , Reply# 27   4/7/2017 at 06:39 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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It has arrived. The hardest part was putting the tools in the tool bag as the hose is too long for the area illustrated

VC100 on charge, seems well made and is quiet and quite powerful.

Zoe at VK added another box of bags and dovina chips free of charge so i will send her a thanks you card and some chocs.I have been delighted with their service.

Only downside is that i was told i would get a pb440 and i got a pb430. Not a great problem as i would never clean my mattress, it does get vac'd often. i have tempur bed & mattress which has the tempur mattress protector which is semi waterproof (no sweat or sperm has go to the mattress : ) ha ha

I will try it over the weekend. I might not go to the gym and have a vac round instead.

Thanks for your help and advice guy, i really appreciate it.

Going to have a pot noodle now as it is lunchtime and i need something warm inside me : )


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Post# 370197 , Reply# 28   4/7/2017 at 06:49 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Could be the world's best vac!

I would love one! Think I'll start saving 😁

Hope you enjoy it Jakub, I'm sure you will!

Post# 370200 , Reply# 29   4/7/2017 at 07:54 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Thanks Marcus : )

Not yet used it and VC100 is still on charge

Have a good weekend


Post# 370212 , Reply# 30   4/7/2017 at 12:11 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

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Welcome to Vorwerk Jakub, looks amazing enjoy using it I'm sure you will! Let me know what you think of the VK100!?

That's very kind of them, I have to say the service for Vorwerk is great and friendly too.

I would ask them to exchange it and send you the PB440 as that is what you paid for lol! Must still have stock of the PB430! The extra mattress attachments only work on the PB440 and come as a 3 part set you can't buy them (as yet) separate. In fact the two extra attachments with the PB440 can be used to deep clean soft furnishings and sofas etc so not just for mattresses deep cleaning.

Did you get any Kobosan to go in the VF200 hopper?

Did you not fancy the DuoClean for your hard floors?

One great thing about Vorwerk you can add the other attachments later on and they are still the same price as if you brought them at the time of the main purchase. Plus if an updated attachment or new one comes out it will fit your Kobold direct or Vorwerk will supply an adapter meaning you don't have to upgrade you own Kobold system to the latest one! Though 2 things I like and think it's great they think of the customer/owner.

You'll love it I'm sure, be interested to know how you get on with it!?

sebo4me....they do finance options to buy one lol!


Post# 370218 , Reply# 31   4/7/2017 at 13:33 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Could VL members contribute to a get marky a Vorwerk fund? 👍

Post# 370244 , Reply# 32   4/7/2017 at 16:17 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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There was not any Kobosan powder with the VF200, i will place an order after easter for a few bits.

The VC100 is now charged. I might try it in the car tomorrow.

Had a quick vac round with the VK200, it was ok.

The PB430 was provided free, Zoe might have said powered head and PB430.

I will be moving to an apartment soon and will be all carpets so don't need the duo clean head yet. As you say i can always add bits later.

I received a leaflet with the vac telling me about the interest free options. I had already paid in full.

All my furniture and car seats are leather, well i am 48 so need wipe clean : )

VK direct got my name and address wrong (spelling) which meant they had to ask for ID, never had that before.

Could Marcus not get a job as a seller for Vorwerk and sell the 1st one to himself, discounted of course : )

Wish they sold the VT300 here as i much prefer a cylinder vac.


Post# 370245 , Reply# 33   4/7/2017 at 16:56 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Looks so cool! Reminds me of the difference between Apple computer products and packaging and all other computer/smartphone companies. Very white and clean and sleek-looking and futuristic! Enjoy your new toy!

Our friend Roger Ibaisaic Sensotronic in England deserves to get one as a gift from all of us. His videos are so helpful and valuable for the world's cleanerphile community. I should start up a crowdfunding project called "Vorwerk for Roger"!!!!

Post# 370246 , Reply# 34   4/7/2017 at 17:04 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        
Kobold VK200

madaboutsebo's profile picture

I didn't if there would be as you said you git it off eBay.

Look forward to hearing what you think of the VK100!?

Surprised the PB430 was free, that's a great deal you got there! What was the total cost of the package you got if you don't mind me asking!?

No that's true wouldn't require it, always add later if needed :-)

Lol yeah so no need for the PB440 and the other parts!

Oh no that's not good, fancy being ID for a vacuum cleaner :-)

I want to try connecting the EB head to the electric hose which I'm told you can do!

Well yes he could either pay for one in full, have finance or join Vorwerk as a sales advisor in home demonstrator and earn his Kobold for free! Then Marcus will have a VK200!! Unfortunately you can't discount the machine especially to yourself lol :-)

Same hear love the Tiger, never tried it, not ideal for taking to home demo's probably due to size! You never know once Vorwerk and Kobold become more well known in the UK we might get the VT300. Although I can't see the sales advisors having 2 machines when doing in home demo's! May be we might get retail outlets in the future so the VT300 we'll be sold through them! I want to try the Thermomix at some point!


Post# 370268 , Reply# 35   4/8/2017 at 02:58 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Good morning Jon

I paid £749 for the vk200 and ek400 with a box of bags and chips

£100 for the tool kit

£75 for the vc100

Zoe added the pb430 free and also threw in a box of bags and chips.

From Kobold UK i bought the tool kit for the vc100 at £10 + £4.95 delivery

The VF200 was bought from eBay at £100 new in box.

I did think about getting a VT300 from Germany, i will see how i get on with the VK200 first.

This will be a weekend of gardening and car cleaning. It is supposed to be 20oc here tomorrow so i am hoping to get chance to rest and roast in the garden : )

Post# 370269 , Reply# 36   4/8/2017 at 04:43 by Madaboutsebo (Midlands, UK)        

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Good Morning Jakub

It sure is a lovely sunny day!

Thanks for answering my questions!

Good prices, great deal on the VC100 (not sure why I put VK100!! last night haha!) as that retails at £149 I believe. As you got the PB430 free that would of been £200 which you saved, great bargain!! PB440 is £200 too which the additional 2 parts. If you buy the PB440 but not the accessories kit that comes with the hose the hose is added ffor free with the PB440. Plus you saved on the VF200 too, I think you might of got some Kobosan with it if purchased from Vorwerk UK/VKDirect but like you say you can get hold of that anyway.

I think you got a great saving from the options you choose. That's the great thing about the Kobold you design your own vacuum cleaner and choose the options you want. Add to it later if you want!

That's true try the VK200 first! Vorwerk UK might be able to import one, but suppose you can do that yourself if you wanted too. To be fair you'd only need the actual machine and the VT300 electric hose as everything else you have with the VK200 will fit it as it uses the same tools and accessories as you probably know! Only difference is the bags and it has 2 filters!

Don't blame you enjoy the sun and garden while we have nice weather :-)

Enjoy your weekend :-)

Post# 370273 , Reply# 37   4/8/2017 at 07:59 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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It is 20oc here at the moment, i am on a sun lounger with a fab ice lolly. I am sure i won't have any white bits : )

I did ask Kobold Uk if they could get a VT300 for me but they said no. I am sure i could get one imported from Germany once i have moved house.

I will contact VK Direct after Easter and order a few bits.

Have a great weekend " )


Post# 370418 , Reply# 38   4/10/2017 at 11:17 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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The two things Kobold could do to make their Vorwerk better: provide an adjustable telescopic wand and a headlight on the nose of the main body for use with any floor brush or carpet attachment. A spotlight on the end of the optional hose would be great too!

Post# 370431 , Reply# 39   4/10/2017 at 15:00 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture

In 2012 i bought a Miele S8 Uniq which had the spotlight on the handle, it was useful.

I will soon be moving to a 2 bed apartment in Portishead which i will have fully carpeted to keep the noise down,

I bought the VK200 as i needed something light and easy to use : )


Post# 370488 , Reply# 40   4/11/2017 at 13:36 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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It does have a telescopic wand.

Post# 370516 , Reply# 41   4/12/2017 at 02:52 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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It was fully extended this morning ; ) ha

I called Kobolded Uk to try to order some extra bits. I wanted the HD60 hard floor head, the window cleaning set, Kobosan powder and a spare motor filter. Pam said the window set is available free if you host a party and 3 people attend, i did say i don't know 3 people. The HD60 head is not yet available in the UK even though it is shown on their website and youtube etc. I did not bother ordering anything else as i will go away for Easter.

Not yet used the VC100 and have used the VK200 3 times.

I did also check with VK direct who said they could not het either part. I have seen a HD60 on Amazon but there is not a pic of the head so i can't be sure what i would be getting, plus the seller is in Italy.

Has anyone started a fund for a VK200 for Marcus? though to be fair a Sebo e3 is a much more useful vac as it has everything. I have mine listed on eBay, it has not been used and i listed filters pages etc ofr it too.

Have a good day guys, i am on my second whites wash of the day and will head to the gym at 10am.


Post# 370517 , Reply# 42   4/12/2017 at 03:04 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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No one has made a donation 😫

Oh well I'm enjoying my Sebo E3 Premium it's a great cylinder 😁

How are you getting on with the Vorwerk Jakub? The more I look at it the more I want one!

Post# 370532 , Reply# 43   4/12/2017 at 08:36 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

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Hi Marcus

I would give you a donation (or a rash) ha ha

Well the Vorwerk is ok, already having some regrets as customer service is not quite up to Sebo standards (which was not great but much better than Miele)

I was after a few bits for my VK200, a GD15 window cleaning brush, a HD60 head, and Dovina sommer chips, Just told none in the UK and they can't order from Germany. Tried to contact .DE but just keep getting error message as i am not in Germany.

I did receive a call from Dan at VK direct who said he would email his details, not yet received the email and i did call to say email had not been received.

I did like the look of my E3, i bought it because it was white and the top model.

Now used VK200 4 times. It is easy to use but i will say a Sebo Felix is more versatile with built in hose plus parts are easy to get for it

I also asked if they have any special offers from time to time e.g. % discount or free delivery, told maybe.

I am away for Easter : )


Post# 370533 , Reply# 44   4/12/2017 at 08:42 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

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Hope you find the items you want. Felix is a great vac but I believe the Vorwerk is lighter so better suited to your needs? I'm sure it will grow on you. Like fungus haha

Enjoy you're Easter. I have one day off. Zippedy doo da! 😂

Post# 370536 , Reply# 45   4/12/2017 at 09:05 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
I am going to Portishead property hunting. Have to take my macBook to cribbs for a new screen as the anti reflective coating has failed, it is 4 ½ years old but Apple will do it for free : ) Then a clinique facial at noon. I sound well gay. Makes a change from my own facial ha ha

On a vac note just used the handheld VC100 and it was ok. I have a Leaf which is now 2 months old and have mats on mats so they don't get dirty so its just the sides f the seats etc that need a vac. It is a weird floor covering not like the carpet in my Mercedes SLC.

Enjoy your day off, i will wave at you from the other side of the Bristol Channel : )


Post# 370537 , Reply# 46   4/12/2017 at 09:07 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
No insult meant when i said "well gay", i love gays but i could not eat a full one : )

I am not very pc : (

Jakub : )

Post# 370538 , Reply# 47   4/12/2017 at 09:14 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
A facial? You poof! Haha

If you did want one for lunch there's plenty to choose from on here 😁

I will be down the bay Friday night so I'll give you a wave back 🙋

PS Hope you don't develop the accent my loveerrrrr 😂


Post# 370545 , Reply# 48   4/12/2017 at 09:31 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
I love the South West accent. I went to Street to the outlet village and a woman said to me she hated her accent, i said it made her sound slow, i meant calm, soothing and peaceful.

ooo arr my lover

No gays in Telford, not in my gym anyway : )

I worked once, never again, it was not worth the effort, i am 48 in the body and about 17 in the head : )

I used to love living in the Mumbles, a hassle to get anywhere in summer though. I do miss being by the sea. can't wait to move.

I did go to Cardiff in 2015, i almost went to the DR Who place but it was a Sunday and never got past the Lego Dalek inside.

I wonder if Welsh gays taste of lava bread? not that u would know that!

I wonder what i taste of? Polish sausage : )

Off to M&S now, i hate it as i can't stands crowds but have a £5 off a £25 voucher which i need to use today.

I hope that when i get back i will learn to love the VK200


Post# 370584 , Reply# 49   4/12/2017 at 19:40 by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
Sorry for the error Jakub - I had in mind the single long tube wand that is included with the Tiger cylinder cleaner. I wonder if Vorwerk includes an extra telescopic wand with the Tiger - in addition to the single long one.

Post# 370703 , Reply# 50   4/14/2017 at 13:30 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture

The tube that comes with the tool kit does extend. I doubt i will use though.

Had a new screen fitted to my McBook pro yesterday and within and hour it was flickering. Next time i am in Portishead i will get it replaced again.

Everywhere is closed on Sunday. That baby Jesus sure has a lot to answer for : )


Post# 370704 , Reply# 51   4/14/2017 at 13:33 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
Haha he does. How inconsiderate of him.

I'm very tempted to buy a VK 150. Are youiking your Vorwerk a bit more now Jakub?

Post# 370777 , Reply# 52   4/15/2017 at 09:41 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
Hi Marcus

I am away until Tuesday. as yet absence has not made me any fonder ok the VK200.

Been to Clevedon today. They had unisex toilets : (

Hoe is your E3?


Post# 370791 , Reply# 53   4/15/2017 at 14:04 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
I'm liking my E3 Premium very much.

Ideally I'd like a bit more airflow but it's still pretty good for a 700w motor.

Very stylish looking vac and the ET1 PN glides across the carpet effortlessly 😀

Post# 371117 , Reply# 54   4/20/2017 at 09:08 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
I liked the look of my E3

Having a couple of issues with VK direct so will probably return my VK200 and tools for a refund

Post# 371118 , Reply# 55   4/20/2017 at 09:28 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
Sorry to hear that. What issues are you having?

If you return it what will you use to clean your home?

Post# 371141 , Reply# 56   4/20/2017 at 13:48 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
Hi Marcus

Strop over, i will keep Vorwerk, well for now

VK got my name and address wrong, then i was told i would get a PB440 and i got a PB430 which does not include the mattress cleaning heads. I wanted to order a HD60 head and simmer air fresheners which you can get in Germany but not here.

I had a list of bits i wanted :-

Kobotex Stain Remover - £6.00
KoboclearGlass Cleaner 750ml - £12.00
Kobold GT15 Micro Fibre Glove/Mitt – £15.00
FL-200 Motor Filter - £5.00
2.5kg (5 sachets) Kobosan - £11.00
GD15 - £28.00
Courier - £4.95

Total £81.95

Kobosan is £25 not£11 but £25

My Sebo E3 is still in its box and on eBay, i might keep it as i have until the 28th to return the VK200

Young Alex has a battery Henry, ideal for cleaning the car


Post# 371143 , Reply# 57   4/20/2017 at 13:56 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
I love my E3 Premium. I dont think you would be disappointed with it.

The cordless Henry could be the best cordless yet in the UK but is there enough power to run a turbo brush? I don't like straight suction on carpets and they don't do a PN.

Post# 371144 , Reply# 58   4/20/2017 at 14:19 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
My E3 will either be kept or given away if it does not sell.

I had 2 of the Miele Hybrids. Absolute rubbish both failed and needed control panels which also failed. I bought direct from Miele in Abingdon and got a full refund on both.

Straight suction, there a joke there somewhere : )

I might be moving to Portishead within the next few months, i thought it might have been next year


Post# 371145 , Reply# 59   4/20/2017 at 14:21 by v6jme (Telford, Shropshire/Gdansk/Gdynia)        

v6jme's profile picture
I have no idea where the link came from?

There is nothing there and was not meant to be.

I saw a pair of lesbians in Clifton Bristol. They look quite spectacular close up : ) ha ha

Post# 371146 , Reply# 60   4/20/2017 at 14:28 by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
Haha 😁

If you're giving it away I'll give it a good home 😁

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