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Why the big price disparity between Sebo and Miele in the US and the UK?
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Post# 367621   2/27/2017 at 18:09 (480 days old) by Mixman (Central NJ)        

I would say the disparity is more so with Sebo's products than Miele's. Most of Sebo's products are very comparable between the US and UK.....except for the 700W Eco thing......but the prices can tend to be anywhere from 2 to 3 times those in the UK. For example, a Sebo D4 is about $435 in the UK and $1,299 here in the US. An X4 is about $300 in the UK and $849 here......Wow!

Miele's upright pricing seems to be pretty comparable but the canisters tend to be almost double even when you factor in the added powerheads and electric wands.

Are the pricing disparities just to give the dealers here more margin? Is it to make them more premier brands here? I would say its definitely not just not just because of export fees and such. While I like and own both companies products (S7 and Felix) it tends to make you either go used or seek less expensive alternatives.

Post# 367623 , Reply# 1   2/27/2017 at 18:33 (480 days old) by senornathan (Massachusetts)        

Keep in mind that Miele only has one PN canister model available in the UK - the C3 Electro Plus EcoLine. Everything else is straight suction, which are comparable in price to the US models...

... JK. Still $500+ more. Yeah, I think Miele just wants to appear as more premium in the US (and charge for it). On the bright side, their coffee makers are about the same price in the US as in the UK.

Post# 367633 , Reply# 2   2/27/2017 at 20:11 (480 days old) by Mixman (Central NJ)        

Miele isn't as bad as Sebo in this regard. Miele's upright pricing is pretty comparable between the countries. Sebo's machines are the same minus the Eco wattage. The extra cost explains why Sebo is a little more common in the UK than it is here. It's really hard to find press or reviews of Sebo here.

Post# 367638 , Reply# 3   2/27/2017 at 21:56 (480 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
price of Miele and Sebo

Interesting comparison. I don't think the prices relate to dealers since Sebo and Miele sell their products directly from their web sites. It could have to do with importing costs, or perhaps they don't sell as much here so have to make up the difference. I have a Miele C1 Olympus and a Sebo D1, both great vacuums. Another brand that is made in Europe is the Numatics. I wonder if there is a big price difference for a Numatic Henry. Another interesting price difference is for attachments. I think most of the attachments that come from Miele and Sebo are made by Wessel Werk, yet those versions cost much more than the attachment with just the Wessel Werk name on them. And let's not forget Lindhaus. You don't see their products as much in the United States, but I have seen the Aria canister sell for around $1000 which seems rather high.

Post# 367653 , Reply# 4   2/28/2017 at 09:31 (479 days old) by sebo4me (Cardiff)        

sebo4me's profile picture
Because Americans are gullible?

Post# 367688 , Reply# 5   3/1/2017 at 01:35 (478 days old) by Mixman (Central NJ)        

It's not because we are gullible but because we want alternatives to Dyson and Shark, in addition to the American brands.....which keep in mind can be just as, if not more expensive than the German brands.

Just to open this up, Dyson does manage to keep the pricing even. Their MSRP's are generally on par with what they charge in the UK. Although from a quick look on Amazon UK and Dyson's UK site, we may actually get better bargains on the Dyson products.....even from Dyson themselves, who are always having a sale. As a matter of fact if you pay full pop for a Dyson it's because you are too rich or too lazy to look for a deal.

Post# 367756 , Reply# 6   3/2/2017 at 23:27 (476 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
preferred brands

I'm not a fan of bagless vacuums, so would not even consider a Dyson or Shark, not to mention neither brand is very good quality, at least from what I've seen. The brands I prefer, in no particular order are Miele, Sebo, the Tacony brands, which are Riccar and Simplicity, a Numatic Henry, the high end Electrolux models such as the Ultra One, one of the Aerus models, or one of the Perfect canisters, which are basically clones of the old Electrolux models. I'm also a big fan of the backpacks. And, if you really want something powerful, get a central vacuum, you don't have to install pipes, just attach a utility valve and a central vacuum hose, and you have an incredibly powerful canister cleaner. The Panasonic vacuums are good too, but unfortunately they are pulling out of that market.

Post# 367764 , Reply# 7   3/3/2017 at 02:23 (476 days old) by godfreys_guy (Melbourne, Australia)        
I think it's all subjective

godfreys_guy's profile picture
Every country as different value scales - In australia We can buy the Sauber (aerus) for $1499 rrp but the rrp is almost $1000 more in the US - here though it's sold in retailers.

Miele vacuums here are priced similar to the UK when the exchange rate is accounted for. Shark vacuums are often a lot more expensive here than other countries - Rotator Powered Lift away is $649!, however their warranty is 2.5 times the average and 2 years have won the best overall vacuum from Canstar.

Post# 367778 , Reply# 8   3/3/2017 at 11:42 (476 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

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Here in South Africa , A miele is roughly half the price of a dyson, They do not have the best reputation here, People hate bags here.We do not get any power nozzle models here only straight suction
The other problem is that the cost of repair is horrific, Buying a floor tool wand and hose which typically only last a year or two( cleaning staff here are very hard on a vacuum ) and you are pretty close to the cost of a new one. I see so many of them been thrown away. A few weeks ago I counted 5 s8's at the recycling plant.
Sebo is similar in price to the USA but they only sell through specialized store and dry carpet cleaning agents

Post# 367794 , Reply# 9   3/3/2017 at 16:14 (476 days old) by Mixman (Central NJ)        

So it seems like in some countries Sebo and Miele are average vacuums and in others they are premium vacuums depending on what they charge. For the US, Miele at least tries to add value by including the powerheads along with the power hoses, which will add to the price. While Sebo is basically shipping the same machine at a hefty markup to the US and calling it a premium machine. Although this seems like a difficult sell, because there seems to be a lot fewer sales of Sebo here in the US than Miele sales.

Post# 367797 , Reply# 10   3/3/2017 at 17:48 (476 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
premium vacuums

Miele and Sebo could be considered premium brands in the U.S. if you compare to some other brands. Both are far better than the junk you would get at a department store, and I would guess that neither Miele or Sebo sell as many vacuums here as the department store garbage, because many people are not willing to pay a bit extra for better quality, they don't mind replacing things every couple years.

Post# 367817 , Reply# 11   3/4/2017 at 03:59 (475 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Three of my central units do not have utility inlets-so the vac shop guy installed standard inlets on them so I could use my hose with the machines.Two NuTones and a Beam/Electrolux.The bags for the NuTones are getting harder to find-so I use them less.They are good machines,though.A CX650 and a CV450.Both came from the vac shop trade in pile.He now saves central vacs as well as some others that come in as trades.

Post# 367840 , Reply# 12   3/4/2017 at 16:48 (475 days old) by Mixman (Central NJ)        
Premium Yes

I do agree they are good premium vacuums, with for the most part good value too. Cost wise a little too premium as in Miele's case or just plain over the top price wise like Sebo.

Post# 367846 , Reply# 13   3/4/2017 at 20:29 (475 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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It's nice to know we can get Miele budget C1 canisters in our major Canadian department stores - it means I can always get bags and filters whenever I am at Sears or the Bay.

Too bad Miele Canada no longer sells the U1 Dynamic upright line in Canada...those are great cleaners.

Here's a link to the Bay's webpage:

CLICK HERE TO GO TO eurekaprince's LINK on eBay

Post# 367849 , Reply# 14   3/4/2017 at 21:31 (475 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture
I don't know how it happened, but my link changed from the Bay to eBay.

Let me try again....if it automatically changes again, please ignore the link! :-)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO eurekaprince's LINK on eBay

Post# 367863 , Reply# 15   3/5/2017 at 08:31 (474 days old) by n0oxy (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)        
Miele in department stores

There is one department store here called bed bath and beyond that sells some of the Miele vacuums, that's actually where I got my C1 Olympus. They only sell one model from each series I think, but most department stores only sell vacuums that I would never even consider, mostly bagless and low quality.

Post# 367891 , Reply# 16   3/5/2017 at 17:54 (474 days old) by Mixman (Central NJ)        
No U1's in Canada?

Wow, that stinks no Miele U1's any more in Canada? I guess Canada isn't as upright friendly as here in the US, either that or Miele can't compete with the bagless brands sold there.

Right now my U1's are my favorite uprights, even over the Felix. I just feel they are more 'complete'......great for the floor and above floor cleaning, where the Felix, without the extension hose, is kind of useless for above floor.

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