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Kirby Bagless Conversion System
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Post# 35395   3/21/2008 at 22:08 (3,680 days old) by kc_kirby (Kansas City, MO)        

I found an auction today for what claims to be a Kirby Bagless Conversion Kit. I know there has been talk about Kirby coming out with a bagless vacuum, but so far they haven't. So some guy decides to make his own conversion kit to make the Kirby a bagless. I just can't imagine how good it would be. I think a true bagless would need to be designed to be bagless in the first place and not converted. Has anyone actually witnessed this bagless conversion in person? I know I have no desire to own one myself, I think the Kirby does a fine job the way it is and I don't mind the bags.


Post# 35396 , Reply# 1   3/21/2008 at 22:23 (3,680 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        


That's precious!

It's the equivalent to the Hoover Elite bagless that came out around 2000. All of the dirt is being PUSHED, not PULLED into the dirt container. When the filter is full and clogged--you know, cuz people won't clean the filter; they never do... Dirt will seep out from wherever it can.

Also, who wants that cumbersome "container" on an already somewhat cumbersome machine?

They may as well just put a dump-out bag on the vacuum.. As that's essentially the same thing as "bagless".


Post# 35397 , Reply# 2   3/21/2008 at 22:43 (3,680 days old) by lux1521 ()        

Look at those prices! Thats insane coming from a place called With the horizontal unit I think you could set a record for longest upright. It's got to make the thing 2 feet from front to back. When your paying $149-249 for the conversion kit plus the cost of filters, I think it could take a while before your investment paid off from saving paper bags. He even says it takes a year in a heavy use situation.

I also have a hard time seeing how it saves weight. Plastic container + filter + hose is somehow lighter than the cloth and paper bag unit. Even if it were lighter it looks so clumsy that any weight savings would matter very little.

Post# 35398 , Reply# 3   3/21/2008 at 22:45 (3,680 days old) by luxg ()        

Also have to wonder what a new filter is going to cost, because you know you are going to need one probably sooner than later!!

Post# 35402 , Reply# 4   3/21/2008 at 23:13 (3,680 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        
Sounds a whole lot more time consuming to accomplish the sam

aeoliandave's profile picture
As he says himself "...each time you use my bagless system you will empty the cup and clean (aka wash & thoroughly dry) the filter...". The Kirby as we all know sucks so strong the filter would be well clogged before you were finished the main floor carpet. Fun to watch it fill up, tho'.

Heck, I just vacuum and go and change the bag when it needs it. Not a huge loss of suction til the bag is way too full. I'll stick with the Kirby cloth bag, paper filter bag and the combination of both, thanks.

That horizontal version will be bruising a lot of ankles...

Oh well, if Jim Keeler needs to re-invent the wheel to suppliment his retirement income then fine...after all, it says he engineered the power drive. Maybe Kirby restructured him out to the curb...?

$100 for a 3 foot plastic hose on the 'Tornado Action' model! I mean, it's the same canister but for the name. That's a mighty expensive hosing...

Those cylindrical HEPA filters have to be absolutely dry or the water trapped in the microgrid blocks the airflow. I have a cheesy china bagless hepa vac and I have to dry the filter on the furnace floor register before I can use it again. Don't use it much.

Post# 35428 , Reply# 5   3/22/2008 at 02:55 (3,680 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Kirby "Bagless"?what a joke!You need a BAGGED vacuum to "clean" the filter!Jim Wheeler must be really joking if he thinks users are going to clean the filter after each use-The bagless vacs I see at Vacuum Hospital have really NASTY filter-and the machine is clogged.And how much does a replacement spare filter for the system cost?Ideally if you use the system should have two filters-one in use-the other drying from being cleaned-and if you wash the filter or vacuum it-you won't EVER get it completely clean.Remember what Kirby says in their sales proof books on Kirby Bagged vacuums--"You get a NEW CLEAN HEPA filter each time you replace the bag"!I'll stick with the bags,thanks.Oh yes if used with pets--bet that internal HEPA filter is going to really STINK after it has cleaned up after your pets-the bags can be replaced and the smell is gone!You can tell if a bagless vacuum has been used in a pet home-the filter is really rude!Replace it!You can't wash out the "pet" smell!Oh yes remember if you wanted a "bagless" Kirby you could get the optional "dump" bag-would rather have that than the cumbersome system shown.Maybe that option should be brought back.The Kirby would then appeal to "bagless" fans.

Post# 35440 , Reply# 6   3/22/2008 at 09:12 (3,679 days old) by myvacsrock (Dayton, OH)        

All he did is modify a Eureka Dust cup on a Kirby and sell it for that much!?!?!?!

That guy a $@#%@#%@$#!$@#%@!@$!@$ (something else)
comsidering you can modify it yourself and buy one of those containers at Hesco for like, what?, $20.00?

Post# 35444 , Reply# 7   3/22/2008 at 09:45 (3,679 days old) by electroluxxxx (cortland, NY)        

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actually it looks like a dirt devil dust cup with a eureka filter I would not do it even if I was paid to do it. converting the kirby to bagless would be the waste of a perfectly good vacuum as the bagless machines usually have racing motors which cause the machine to burn out quicker.

Post# 35445 , Reply# 8   3/22/2008 at 09:52 (3,679 days old) by louvac (A)        

Another point....

Decreased suction as a result from a paper filter bag that is constantly being filled DOES NOT mean a whole lot. The machine will still pick up dirt. Who cares that HEPA traps it "all"! Unless you plan on living in an air-tight environment, dust microns and the like are once again present when a window or door is opened, HELLO! There is a reason why so many adults, and children particularly are now asthmatics. People are overly concerned with being too "clean". Not all germs and dust is harmful and in fact, some strains might just help to build one's ammunity. I think some people should be worrying about what may be hiding out under their fingernails after using the bathroom rather than what may be floating in the air (only to land on a piece of furniture and be sucked up the following week).

Post# 35530 , Reply# 9   3/23/2008 at 11:02 (3,678 days old) by vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        
I've seen everything now

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It DOES look like a modified second generation Eureka Whirlwind dirt cup... did he mention that the the chamber will clog faster than any bag?

Part of the charm of Kirbys new and old is that they have the ballooning buoyant bags... that's one of my favorite things about them and is ever more special now that almost NO vacuum does that anymore. Very sad!

I bet he's not selling very many if any.

Anyone else notice that he swapped the handle on two Kirbys? The G3 handle is on the power plant of a later version and vice versa... I can't tell what model the darker one is.

Post# 35534 , Reply# 10   3/23/2008 at 11:21 (3,678 days old) by hoovercelebrity ()        

Part of the charm of Kirbys new and old is that they have the ballooning buoyant bags... that's one of my favorite things about them and is ever more special now that almost NO vacuum does that anymore.

I couldn't agree with you more! I have always loved that trait about Kirbys!

...and any vacuum with a soft outer bag.


Post# 35535 , Reply# 11   3/23/2008 at 11:45 (3,678 days old) by vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        
yes, any vacuum!

vacuumfreeeke's profile picture
I do so love a soft outer bag on any vacuum! The Kirbys seem to inflate so much more than the other brands. And the old ones that were on chains like the Dual Sanitronic 80... WOW.

There is nothing like seeing a completely flat bag inflate as the machine comes to life. Also, watching it fill up and sag as it gets more dirt over time... and seeing it bounce with movement of the handle... why there's nothing like it! Give me that, with some metal and a transmission and I'm happy. That's why my G5 and Concept 2 are my favorite machines :o)

Post# 35542 , Reply# 12   3/23/2008 at 12:49 (3,678 days old) by thunderhexed (Edmond, OK)        
bagged Kirbys

thunderhexed's profile picture
I totally agree with you guys.... what's a Kirby without its signature bag? That's my favorite part about them! I give him points for being creative and using his imagination, but personally, I think his units look hideous. Who wants to clean a filter out everytime after you vacuum anyways? Give me my Legend II or G-4 with Micron Magic bags and some Kirby Odorific and I am ready to go!

Post# 35543 , Reply# 13   3/23/2008 at 13:09 (3,678 days old) by vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

vacuumfreeeke's profile picture
I meant to ask you a while ago... how do you like the power drive Kirbys now that you have some in your collection? I remember you posting that you were getting one and hadn't had a power drive model before, but I haven't seen how you felt about them yet!

Post# 35547 , Reply# 14   3/23/2008 at 13:53 (3,678 days old) by thunderhexed (Edmond, OK)        

thunderhexed's profile picture
I LOVE IT! I love that it doesn't just choose a speed on its own but rather adjusts to the speed of your movements. I love the way it hugs the carpet and how clean and groomed the carpets look after using it. I've been using it the most out of my collection since I have gotten it. I also love the retro/futuristic look as well. It looks like it could fit in in the past as well as the future. It's definately one of my babies!

Post# 35685 , Reply# 15   3/24/2008 at 19:33 (3,677 days old) by riccarlover ()        

Kirby Bagless?!?!?!!

Post# 35746 , Reply# 16   3/25/2008 at 05:18 (3,677 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I could think of one use for that kirby bagless attachment from Jim Keeler-If you are using dry carpet-rug cleaners such as Host or Capture-since these are mostly bulk-the Keeler attachment would work well for them. The dry carpet cleaners fill up disposable bags fast-even Kirby ones.I have good luck with the dry carpet cleaners-even the Kirby "Dry Foam" takes awhile to dry here in the humid South.I am almost wondering if the shampoo attachment for the kirby could work in the Capture or Host-I also have Kenmore-Capture machines for that too.Just a thought.I have gotten the Dry Kirby Shampoo to dry faster after it has been worked in by using the Kirby as a blower with the wands attached and directed to the floor.-and sweep it side to side.It takes several minutes of blowing-but can dry the carpet you shampooed.Then you vacuum it with the Kirby.Another machine the Kirby can be used as--A carpet Dryer-blower.

Post# 35754 , Reply# 17   3/25/2008 at 07:12 (3,677 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

vinvac's profile picture
This is just my opinion, but I have never had a Kirby loose suction with a full bag. Especially with the new Micron Magic bags, plus with those there is no leakage.

When we moved into our home, we had to sand down the kitchen walls after removing the wall paper. I used my Diamond G with a Heritage Turbo sander, a micron magic bag. We sanded the entire kitchen and when I removed the bag there was no plaster dust inside the outer bag, the paper bag was lined about an inch thick with plaster duster, no loss in suction at all. The turbo sander left no dust in the air, the floor or on any of the woodwork. It was awesome.

When I was finished, I just pulled the bag, put a peice of tape over the opening and disposed of who would want to empty that container full of plaster dust, change the filter at a cost... does that make any sense!

my two cents for this day.


Post# 35777 , Reply# 18   3/25/2008 at 12:03 (3,676 days old) by junior1975 ()        
BAGLESS KIRBY???????????

Mmmmmmmmmmm, something is not quite adding up here!

Just my thoughts guys, but surely a bagless Kirby is light a Hoseless LUX canister, or Beaterless HOOVER, A Sunbeam Mixmaster bereft of bowls, or other such analogies!!!

One word describes it perfectly.

Just plain old WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy hoovering guys and gals.


Post# 35789 , Reply# 19   3/25/2008 at 16:11 (3,676 days old) by thunderhexed (Edmond, OK)        
my question is...

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If you purhcased the "Tornado Action" model, how would those who like to use their small portable handles on their machines go about doing that?

Post# 35858 , Reply# 20   3/26/2008 at 02:52 (3,676 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

I can agree with the VinVacs entry on Kirby bags-I have seen Kirby vacuums still pick up with the bag PACKED full of debris.there was a Kirby G6 brought into a vac place out here for service-the cloth bag was so packed it was HARD-and poofed out without the machine turned on!Yes, it would STILL pick up dirt off the vac places floor.the machine was brought in by a woman who was bedridden for several months and her grandkids took care of her house-they NEVER replaced the bag and when the bag was opened at the repair place it was so full the paper bag BURST inside the cloth one.Glad it wasn't really nasty dust and dirt thaey picked up.took a few hours to clean up that machine-helpted out the serviceperson.I have also used the Kirby sander to help out in drywall sanding at a freinds house-made a GREAT drywall sander-and truely dustless-and you could attach the sander to the wand and do high up work-this is where I wish Kirby would have LOCKING tools.It did fall off a time or two during the job.But no plaster dust left behind as vinvac points out.Usually that stuff gets EVERYWHERE with regular sanders-even if they have a bag.Sometimes I even used the kirby sander with my NSS M1-that sander REALLY went to town!

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