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"What’s the Hardest Thing for Collectors to Find? Someone Who Wants Their Stuff"
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Post# 329310   7/15/2015 at 01:38 (1,074 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


Some interesting reading...

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Post# 329313 , Reply# 1   7/15/2015 at 03:06 (1,074 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Yes,COLLECTING-everybody does it in one way or another.Collectors like to buy their specimens CHEAP-and want to sell them to ANOTHER collector at a higher price.But most of the time this doesn't happen.Some of those things listed as collections-the things really aren't useful.You have to admit things like vacuums,appliances,lamps,fans,radios,TV's,guns,and such can be used.And yes when the collector dies-what to do with his collections???Sadly for some of those things-yes,they will probably be tossed into the Dinosaur Dumpster.Then to the landfill!sad end for a collection someone spent years collecting.You are going to have to find someone that collects that item-then try to sell or even donate it to them.thats life!

Post# 329319 , Reply# 2   7/15/2015 at 09:41 (1,074 days old) by Marks_here (Crossville TN & Altoona PA WOO HOO )        

I've been recycling mine, making sure it doesn't go to the landfill. Whatever else can't be recycled gets put in a burn pile then on a cool night it all goes up in flame. Came in handy when we had the ice storm & couldn't get to the wood pile!

Post# 329378 , Reply# 3   7/15/2015 at 23:28 (1,073 days old) by human (Pines of Carolina)        

human's profile picture
My dad is facing that now with his collections. He's 81 and Mom is 79 and they are looking to move into a retirement facility in two years and the prospect of liquidating all that stuff is absolutely overwhelming to both of them. My nephew is helping out this summer while he's home from college, listing stuff on eBay but all Dad wants to let him list is the 'yard sale' crap. I tried to help him put some stuff on eBay a few years ago but he wanted to micromanage every mouse click and keystroke so I walked away from it. He doesn't seem to grasp the fact the EVERYTHING MUST GO! Dad's worst fear is that they'll have to call in an auction company and sell everything "for pennies on the dollar" but that's probably what's going to have to happen.

Post# 329391 , Reply# 4   7/16/2015 at 09:44 (1,073 days old) by electrolux137 (Land O Plenty USA)        


That's really sad. My parents went through the same thing when they had to downsize and move into a retirement community. My dad isn't much of a collector other than old coins but my mother ... oy vey.

She was just this side of being a compulsive hoarder -- never dirty or messy or filthy, it never got so bad that they were buried under mountains of stuff, but she just had to save everything -- plastic containers, bottles, cans, plastic bags, boxes, bags and so on; countless rolls and packages of gift wrap that she planned "to use someday," sewing stuff -- endless odds and ends of fabric, etc. She also had a large collection of dolls and stuff animals, some of them very old and valuable.

Since I live so far away I was spared the horrific emotional turmoil my siblings had to endure when three of them spent nearly a week "uncovering, discovering, discarding" my mom's stuff. She had a few really bad melt-downs as things were divided between being discarded and donated to thrift shops. Even though she intellectually understood there would just be no way to take all of it to their tiny new apartment, it was hard for her to see it go.

She inherited this trait from her mother who grew up during the Great Depression and, as many of her generation, developed a trait - sometimes to pathological extremes - of saving everything. My Grammma went through the same ordeal as Mama did when -she- had to move into a nursing home and -her- children went through her large, very cluttered home in Virginia and had to get rid of all her stuff. She became very hardened and bitter and died a very unhappy old lady. It was heartbreaking.

As for my vacuum cleaners, I already know what the sad fate of most of them will be if I predecease my partner. It's just something I have to accept because there's nothing I can do about it "from beyond the grave." I just enjoy them while I can.

Post# 329394 , Reply# 5   7/16/2015 at 09:52 (1,073 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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When I retire in 12 years, I'm planning on selling my entire vacuum collection to Tacony Corporation, so they can keep the Museum open, and doing the two things it was designed to do: be a resource for vacuum collectors and the Engineering Depoartment, and be an attraction for the public who wants to see History.

Post# 329418 , Reply# 6   7/16/2015 at 14:51 (1,073 days old) by arh1953 ( River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

arh1953's profile picture

We had Miss Chapman, a couple of blocks away, she moved into her house in 1970, it was beautiful inside, but every closet and drawer, cabinet, the little bedroom, was loaded to the gills. Mom went in and got rid of a lot of stuff that wasn't necessary or her family keepsakes. One big thing with Miss Chapman was plastic bags from cereal boxes. "You never know when someone might need one." Aunt Aileen saved everything too, but her house was never dirty or crammed to the walls either. 

Post# 329438 , Reply# 7   7/16/2015 at 18:31 (1,073 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
"-selling--collection to Tacony--Museum-"

Great idea!
How much do they pay?
When can you send cash and a truck??,

Post# 329475 , Reply# 8   7/17/2015 at 09:31 (1,072 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

dysonman1's profile picture
Ha Ha Jimmy. They are not buying YOUR collection. They are buying MY collection. I can't wait for the day I can walk away from them all. I'm going to love being retired (in 12 years from now). I'll take my Rainbow, my DC17 Dyson, and my Vac U Flo central vac, and go off to Hawaii to live out my days with my husband. I probably won't want to ever see another vintage vacuum again. Not that I don't like them, but after all these years - I'm kind of burned out on them. Selling my collection to Tacony means I don't have to eBay them, or leave them in my will for Donnie to get rid of.

Post# 329479 , Reply# 9   7/17/2015 at 10:00 (1,072 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        

So MY collection of---Hoover from the 20s including 425,700,825 & most others & dusting tools & Mo 82 in box & remote switch Constellation & Elux from 30s including Mo T,Hosp G,chrome polisher,CA with proper wands and Power Nozzle & Elux with original boxes & Sears before,after and including Lady Kenmores & Westinghouses for every type house & Universals & Leywts to do it & Hamilton Beach tanks & canisters & old uprights & a Frantz & Premiers & Royals and GEs from 20s to 70s & R Loewy Singers with correct bags & Modern Hygiene & Prisilla & AirWays including uprights with and without power nozzle & Rugmaster & canisters starting with purple and many with power nozzles & Montgomery Ward & JCPenney & Kirbys from the 50s & Fairfax & Eurekas from the 20s with most canisters & more & MORE have no value and are not museum worthy.
Now that I understand this I will now call the local scrap yard for todays price on electric cords,metal and aluminum.Anyone have wirecutters and a sledge hammer?

Post# 329790 , Reply# 10   7/21/2015 at 14:04 (1,068 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

countryford's profile picture
I'm only 32 so hopefully will have a long time to go before having to deal with this. However considering how much I've already have collected at my age, I hate to think of how much I will have by the time I am in my 70's and 80's. I don't only collect vaccums, I also collect washers and dryers, TVs, and radios. When I collect something I tend to go overboard(Just ask my husband).

As far as what happens to my stuff when I go, I have no kids to pass it onto. I do hope whoever is in charge of my estate will try and find them decent homes first. After that do an estate sale(either on their own or by a professional company). Whatever doesn't sell, donate to Goodwill. What they don't take then toss the rest. At least they gave it a try to find them a home.

I've already got one collector who has told me that when he dies, I get his washing machine collection.

Post# 329794 , Reply# 11   7/21/2015 at 14:32 (1,068 days old) by gottahaveahoove (Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18640)        
Oddly, there are people who have

gottahaveahoove's profile picture
'expressed an interest' in my stuff already! Some things are already spoken a Declaration of Trust. I had put some folks in my will, but had to change that. My sister has been told that there are very specific directions for my collection. However, she is older than I am, so, I might survive her. In that case, my niece and nephew will have that task. They, too, already know NOT to just chuck it all after they have a good laugh. I plan to enjoy and share all of it with all of my friends for a long time.
Anybody want me to add your name to 'the list'? lolol

Post# 329842 , Reply# 12   7/22/2015 at 13:36 (1,067 days old) by charleskirby66 (Manteca, CA)        
John @gottahaveahoove, add me to your list!

charleskirby66's profile picture
If there should happen to be a Hoover that you think you can trust me to care for! :-) I know nothing about Hoover, so I'd trust your judgement with which of your fine specimens should move to California.

My favorite color is blue, especially turquoise blue. My favorite year is 1966. I was born in 1981. I love Kirby, especially vintage (like Kirby 505, 515, Sanitronic 50).

How long on the list am I? Person number 971,943,817 I'm sure. LOL Your collection really is awesome! In fact, I've yet to see a collection on Vacuumland that is not impressive. You guys all rock!!!! I really hope to be able to make a convention soon!


Post# 329883 , Reply# 13   7/22/2015 at 20:54 (1,066 days old) by compactelectra (Rancho Mirage, CA - New home of the Obamas)        
I Have To Agree

compactelectra's profile picture
I was just thinking about this today as I took the next wave of EBay sales to UPS. It is much easier to acquire them than to dispose of them. Want them to go to good homes. If I knew how much work this was going to be my collection would be less than half this size. Oh well, onward and forward. At least I have the time to work on downsizing. It is interesting that my interest in this is waning. I looked around the collection and thought, could I live without these? The answer was yep. I'll keep my favorites - enough to store in closets, otherwise, bye, bye. Next stop - Palm Springs - no basements.

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Post# 333496 , Reply# 14   9/8/2015 at 11:43 (1,019 days old) by HOOVER61 (baltimore maryland USA)        



Post# 358688 , Reply# 15   9/4/2016 at 10:42 (657 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

Right now I am letting go of as many vacs possible but keeping a chrome dome Rainbow D 'R2D2' & a D4SE; they will be the only 2 vacuums I cannot be without.  All the others like Compact or Electrolux (my top fav) are or will be out the door & hopefully in another collector's hands

Post# 358721 , Reply# 16   9/4/2016 at 19:33 (656 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        

You know as well as I do you like MONEY too good to throw ANYTHING away!!!

Post# 358732 , Reply# 17   9/4/2016 at 21:57 (656 days old) by kenkart (Mocksville, NC)        
I just keep finding more!

I bought a 2 speed 70s Avocado Kenmore at a estate sale yesterday,,,It was my birthday and that was my birthday present to me!

Post# 358902 , Reply# 18   9/7/2016 at 05:36 (654 days old) by Real1shep (Walla Walla, WA)        

This is food for thought for those of us with collections and being older. Do make some kinda will provision for your kids or relatives. It's grossly unfair to burden people with this after you die. Your stuff is useless junk to everybody except like collectors.....and that's true of all hobbies except art and true car classics.


I was forced into a farm auction once and like they say, you don't want to be alive when that happens. The farm equipment sold very well, but principally because I took very good care of everything. The household stuff did go for pennies on the dollar. And....they charge higher fees because they have to do it in small lots, takes more time than the equipment etc. The only thing worse than that is the business of death.




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