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Simplicity 7 Series
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Post# 232112   5/10/2013 at 21:25 (1,867 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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I was at a thrift store the other day and I noticed a vacuum that looked like the one picture below. It was green instead of purple and I thought it was a Riccar at first, but after I got home I tried to to find pictures of it and it turned out to be a Simplicity 7 Series from what I can tell. It was 20 bucks, but I didn't buy it because it was missing the attachments and the lower cord wrap was broken off (things like that bother me)... Anyway, now I'm kicking myself. Anyone know anything about these things?

It seemed very heavy and solid and I really liked the location and feel of the power switch. If I remember right, it had a belt lifter thing to turn the brush off, similar to Panasonics. Really, the whole thing reminded me of an early Panasonic, but it felt more solid.

What do you guys think in case I see one again... maybe I should go back and see if it is still there?


Post# 232125 , Reply# 1   5/10/2013 at 22:31 (1,867 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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The 7 series has one of the best motors you can put in a vacuum today, Double fans, double ball bearings, huge commutator - that motor is bullet proof. The steel brush roller with replaceable brushes is an excellent agitator for a vacuum, grooms and cleans very well.

If you buy the machine, let me know. I can get you HEPA bags, new brush strips, a new lower cord hook, and the attachments, for the wholesale cost of the parts. It's DEFINITELY worth $20. Once you fix it up it will become one of your favorite vacuums. Yes, it's slightly heavy (about like a Concept 1) but is the perfection of the by-pass upright design.

Post# 232132 , Reply# 2   5/10/2013 at 23:17 (1,867 days old) by mieles7 (DFW, TX)        

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One of the most impressive vacuums in my collection is the Riccar 8900. The vacuum works well on both hard floors and carpets, and is on par with my Sebo X series. I have the bottom of the line model, so my vacuum can only clean floors unless the extension hose is added, but I can actually hear the air being sucked through the vacuum, in contrast to nearly every other clean air upright in my collection. If you add in all the parts you would want to replace on the vacuum (tools, cord hook) the price would come up to $40, $10 more than I paid for mine.


Here's a video of the Riccar against the Sebo.


Post# 232138 , Reply# 3   5/11/2013 at 01:34 (1,866 days old) by Blackheart (North Dakota)        
Go get it!

I found one in the trash recently the cord was cut the baseplate missing but it cleaned up really well and it is one good machine! With a new bag it pulled a 7.5 on my air guage.

Post# 232165 , Reply# 4   5/11/2013 at 07:30 (1,866 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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The irony is that we still manufacture the Riccar 8900. About once a month, they take the Simplicity 7850 line, and make Riccar 8900's. We also make the commercial 8920 and 8925 (with tools) models as well.

Post# 232200 , Reply# 5   5/11/2013 at 12:08 (1,866 days old) by vacuumfreak95 (Aransas Pass, Tx)        
Go Back And Get It!

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I have the Simplicity 7350 its the best upright I've ever used. I love the sound of the motor so smooth/quiet and the steel brush roll grooms carpet better then anything else. Tacony has really outdone themselves with these machines great company!

Post# 232219 , Reply# 6   5/11/2013 at 13:09 (1,866 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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Thanks guys... I just called the thrift shop and they still had it... they put it to the side for me and I'm going to leave here in just a little while to go get it. I didn't want to make a 45 minute drive if it had been sold already, but it hadn't... they confirmed the price of 20 bucks, so I'm excited. Pics to follow of course.

Tom, I'll take you up on that... I'll need bags, belts, lower cord hook, and an upholstery tool if memory serves, but I'll know more once I get the machine in my possession. Thank you!

Post# 232226 , Reply# 7   5/11/2013 at 14:54 (1,866 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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It's mine, all mine mwha ha ha ha ha.....

Post# 232230 , Reply# 8   5/11/2013 at 15:19 (1,866 days old) by mieles7 (DFW, TX)        

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Nice Simplicity! Other than the decals being a little scratched up, it appears to be in good cosmetic condition. Does this one have the metal bottom plate?

Post# 232269 , Reply# 9   5/11/2013 at 18:20 (1,866 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        
got it home...

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I got the thing home and started exploring it.  There are a few problems... both head lights are burned out, the plastic that front wheels screw into is broken, the belt has a hole in it, and it smells to high heavens of dog...  Only missing the upholstery tool and lower cord hook.


I haven't gotten to play with it yet because of the bad belt and smelly bag, but I did fix the broken plastic screw holder with plastic epoxy.  Someone had already done it on the other side because I see JB Weld there....  Must be a weak spot/design flaw... this thing has obviously had a hard life, but that's all over with now :o)  Hopefully it isn't scarred too badly from the abuse from the past and will become a contributing member of the vacuum family.  Spa treatment to ensue.


This is how I found it with the cord wrapped around the handle.  The cat had to come see what it was as soon as I brought it in the house.



 photo GEDC0002_zps96893235.jpg

The back...  Only missing the upholstery tool.  So glad that the handle release pedal works.



 photo GEDC0005_zps9f8e98d6.jpg


Here's the problem... The screw holder was broken.  I wonder how common this was on these.   I used plastic epoxy and that usually fixes this...  

I had to use it on my Windsor Sensor 12 when I got it too as it had the same problem.  Maybe it's just high end vacuums that do this!


 photo GEDC0009-1_zps82baba7a.jpg


You can see the plastic stuck the the screw... that is not supposed to be separate from the vacuum!


 photo GEDC0018_zps976a9a92.jpg


The other side that someone has obviously fixed with JB Weld...


 photo GEDC0022_zps80af9a32.jpg



The brushroll.  It spins freely, and while I wouldn't exactly call it clean, I've seen worse.


 photo GEDC0020_zps56858b6d.jpg


The replaced plug.  I'm going to have to play with this.  The cord isn't inserted far enough in and there is a gap between the cord end 

and the plug where insulation is coming out.  It says "spring action" on it, so I'm not sure how comes off... but I like it better than the 

kind I've seen before that screw together because it has a cord clip on it.


 photo GEDC0023_zps1f9198ac.jpg


So, still getting to know this baby and lots of clean up ahead of me, but it should be a fun process.  No experience with Simplicity/Riccar,

so this is all new to me.  I like that the metal bottom plate doesn't require a screw driver and that you can control the suction with the 

knob on the back, much like a Dial A Matic (the whole machine is similar to a Dial-a-matic)...


Anyway, Tom, how do we got about this process of me getting the parts and paying you and all that fun stuff?  Thanks again for offering 

that to me (I knew there was a reason I missed you LOL... there were several really).  I need bags, belts, the other filters (pre

and post motor) since these smell like a dog, and an upholstery tool.  I may be able to find the light bulbs at Lowes.  Can you tell

from the picture if the brushroll is in good enough shape to not need to be replaced yet?  It seemed to extend past the bottom plate and

spun freely, so I'm thinking that a clean up might be all it needs, but you would know better than me since you are around these things all

day every day.  


Thanks again...  I wouldn't have gotten this thing if I hadn't been encouraged to do so by you guys, and I'm sure I will be glad I did once I 

get this nasty part over with :o)




Post# 232523 , Reply# 10   5/13/2013 at 09:12 (1,864 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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OK, update for anyone who is interested....  I am going to call Tom today at the museum after I wake up a little more (too groggy to be coherent right now) and order the parts from him.  However, being me, I just couldn't wait to  for the right supplies to arrive to play with this thing.   


I got all the machine parts clean and dry.  I polished the plastic with a car clay bar, then with Mother's metal polish, then with Meguire's plastic polish, then waxed it with car wax and finally hit it with a spritz of spray detailer and I think it's about as shiny as it's going to get...  I can see my reflection in it.  I was really careful not to get polish on the decals because they are already so scratched, I didn't want to remove them completely.  


I found two bayonet style light bulbs at Lowes and put them in... never seen a headlight system like the one on this machine before.  Two separated lights make it look like a car and to change them, you have to unscrew two plastic holders on the bottom right behind the agitator.




I thought a Panasonic/Kenmore Progressive bag might fit, so I snatched the almost full bag out of my lovely direct drive and popped it in the Simplicity.  Then I found an old belt that I thought was stretched enough that it wouldn't be too tight (I think it was from a Concept 1, but I really don't know as there were no markings on it and it was just loose in the bag/belt bin).  I put that on and it went on easily so I know it was stretched enough that it wasn't too tight.  


Then I fired this puppy up and started using it for the first time.  All I can say is WOW.  At first, when I read Tom's comment that this machine would quickly become my favorite, I was skeptical.   Yeah, sure, a glorified Panasonic is going to become my favorite... I already have a direct drive, how can this thing possibly compare?


This vacuum blows every other machine in my collection out of the water.  I put some of those smelly pellets down to see if that would help with the dog smell (the ones that look like bird seed almost, not the powder, they are grape scented and come in a paper packet)...  it made those things dance around like nobody's business.  Then I vacuumed under the sewing machine... I had a lot of scrap fabric on the floor because I'd just finished a quilting project... this thing inhaled the fabric scraps from an inch away... they were gone before the cleaner head got anywhere near them!  Have you seen the Youtube video where the guys take an empty paper towel tube and use a Royal all metal upright and kind of pull the tube with the vacuum?   Well, I had a round bottle of carpet spot cleaner on the floor and I vacuumed up to it and pulled the vacuum back to keep going and it pulled the bottle up to the nozzle and wouldn't let go... I had to turn the machine off to make it release the bottle!  I'm sure I could have removed it with my hands, but that just speaks to the power of this machine.  I cannot believe a clean air vacuum can be this powerful.  This is all with a nearly full bag and an old stretched, cracked  belt that wasn't even made for this machine.  I put my hand up to the end of the hose and if the hose was any larger in diameter, I'd still be trying to fish my arm out of the machine!  


There are only a couple of things I don't like.... the switch to turn the brushroll off requires you to bend over to activate it (and it doesn't work, but that may be resolved when I get the right belt... I made sure the clutch pin was in the hole on the brushroll, but it still doesn't work).  Another thing I don't like is the bag door.  You have to push a button while simultaneously pulling the bag door in the opposite direction and I think that is a really bad design.  It is difficult to remove.  However, those are my only complaints and they are relatively minor considering what an amazing power house this thing is.  


I'm thrilled and can't wait to get the right parts for it....



Post# 232540 , Reply# 11   5/13/2013 at 11:00 (1,864 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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The 7350 has had a rough life, but there's still a LOT more left in the old guy. You'll notice that the wheel assembly has the marks on the outbound wheels where the axel was bent and they rubbed against the sole plate as the machine was moved back and forth.

The brush roller's hole for the linkage rod should be UP, while the 'forked tongue' is DOWN. Many times the forked tongue and the hole for the linkage rod and both UP and that would make the brush roller not shut off in the bare floor position.

Your brushes look good. New bristle strips are not expensive (less than $15).

Here's a photo of how the brush positions should be when replacing it into the machine. And also how the wheel carriage and wheels 'should' look.

Post# 232541 , Reply# 12   5/13/2013 at 11:01 (1,864 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        
forked tongue down, linkage hole up

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They should be at opposite ends, but it's easy to turn them so they're both facing the same direction - which is the problem with most of the ones I've seen where someone changed the belt but didn't understand 'how'.

Post# 232542 , Reply# 13   5/13/2013 at 11:03 (1,864 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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New rubber wheels and wheel carriage.

Post# 232569 , Reply# 14   5/13/2013 at 14:12 (1,864 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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Just got off the phone with Tom...  I always knew he had a vast knowledge, but today I also learned what a nice person he is.  So friendly and eager to help...  He's sending me the bags, belts, filters, upholstery tool, and the rubber pad to make the bare floor setting work... bags and upholstery tool for free because he has extra.  Such kindness and generosity are very much appreciated.


He also explained things about the vacuum that I hadn't even considered asking and told me my machine was from year 2000...  I was still in 10th grade when this thing was made!  


One other thing I noticed that I don't like is that the belt path is way too wide and a whole couple of inches of the side of the vacuum where the belt is doesn't pick anything up...  I understand that they probably had to do this because of the clutch assembly and because of the fact that the belt is separated from the dirt path, but for such a wide nozzle, there's a huge portion that just isn't usable.  Still, an awesome vacuum and it will no doubt be my daily driver for a long time.  If it is this good with a full bag and old belt, I can't imagine what it will be like with fresh expendables... it will likely suck the carpet off the floor!  

Post# 232728 , Reply# 15   5/14/2013 at 22:40 (1,863 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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Post# 232744 , Reply# 16   5/15/2013 at 08:56 (1,862 days old) by suckolux (Yuba City, CA)        

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Nice video Bobby, well explained, nice views. What a bunch of kind and cute guys we have on this site. Shocked at how much that lovely machine has in common with my old Panasonic 6255, the metal baseplate with clips to remove, same, hose on the back very much like, cord clips, same, belt switch, same, well made, same. Even the same power switch. I hope like that machine which I think I got in 91?? never ever a problem, belts live for years.Good buy,I hope it keeps going that well

Post# 232746 , Reply# 17   5/15/2013 at 09:15 (1,862 days old) by knoxfrzb (maryville, tennessee)        

those brushrolls can be completely rebuilt...the floor/carpet switch problem may be part of the brushroll's little gear which can wear brushrolls arent that expsensive, maybe 50-60 bucks...i think they sell rebuild kits for the bearings for 15 bucks and brushstrips are around 15 a set...

Post# 232842 , Reply# 18   5/15/2013 at 22:37 (1,862 days old) by cam2s (Nebraska)        

Thanks for the video, it was very informative. These really are wonderful machines. I have a Riccar R600. It doesn't have some of the features of your 7 series, but I believe the design is otherwise similar. It is very well made and I too was very surprised at the level of performance when I first got mine home.
Happy vacuuming!

PS...Nice Windsor too. I have a Versamatic and I really love it.

Post# 233678 , Reply# 19   5/23/2013 at 03:06 (1,854 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        
stuff came!

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It was like Christmas when the Fed Ex man came Tuesday... I got a lovely box from Tom.  He sent a new belt, a pack of HEPA bags, new pre and post motor filters, a new brushroll, new back wheels that are rubber coated, a new cord hook, a new upholstery tool, and brochures for the Simplicity machines and the original brochure for my machine with lots of great info the the back... and a magnet from the museum.  I also got a package of Hoover HEPA A type bags that I can use in the Converible and Concept and Innovation.  Nice bonus!  Everything is awesome and I went ahead and put everything on the machine except the wheels.


This really has become my favorite machine just because of the power...  such a fun vacuum.  I learned that the extension wand telescopes 3 times, instead of just 2 like every other vacuum I've ever seen.  There are a few things that bother me... for example the upholstery tool has no bristles at all, the machine doesn't work the best on shag, the bare floor selector is annoying... but still, overall, it's an awesome vacuum and I couldn't be more pleased.


Tom, thank you again for all your help with this and for the extra bonuses that I wasn't even expecting.  



Final glam shot... I tried this with an F and G style Eureka years ago and it worked well... not so well with this machine, but that's OK....


 photo GEDC0007.jpg


The correct bag... now I can put that nasty leaky yellow paper Panasonic bag back in the direct drive where it belongs.


 photo GEDC0008.jpg


The new cord hook and upholstery tool... I may paint them to match, not sure yet.



 photo GEDC0011.jpg

The brushrolls... the new one definitely spins more freely than the old one and the bristles are longer (which I didn't expect because the old one looked and worked fine), and this has solved the problem of the bare floor feature not working.


 photo GEDC0014.jpg


The whole package with literature...


 photo GEDC0016.jpg

Post# 233680 , Reply# 20   5/23/2013 at 03:11 (1,854 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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One more thing that annoys me, the exhaust will blow dirt out of the way before the machine gets to it... I've seen this with other vacuums, and it seems like a problem that could be completely avoided if they would just angle the vents differently.  


BTW, Cameron, I love the Windsor... it is great on everything except thick/plush carpet...  I wish it came with an 2nd extension wand and had the ability to turn the brushroll off for bare floors, but other than that, it is awesome.  I originally wanted a Sebo Automatic X, but I never found any for sale used, so when I found this one,  I snapped it up even though it didn't have the automatic height adjust...  Never used a Versamatic before, but I have tried a Felix... didn't like it much.

Post# 256733 , Reply# 21   11/17/2013 at 23:02 (1,676 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        
Got one today!

Hi Everyone,

Checking in to see if the S 7350 is worth repairing & adding to my slimmed down collection so its got to be really good.

Guess its worth it with the good motor

Motor purrs but handle is cracked.

Have to get to looking it over & seeing what it need sbut for $20 guess its not a bad another GW find
My last prize a Riccar 8950 which looks alot like it.

Yeah, got to take pics

Post# 256738 , Reply# 22   11/17/2013 at 23:44 (1,676 days old) by Jaker15 (Meridian, ID)        
I like Riccars, too

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My aunt has the Riccar 8900 commercial model, and it is fantastic. Quiet, powerful, and grooms the hell out of the carpet. I just love how the motor sounds......

Post# 256747 , Reply# 23   11/18/2013 at 01:08 (1,675 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        
try to load pics

just gave it a quick clean & spin.
It's drying ready for new bag

Post# 256749 , Reply# 24   11/18/2013 at 01:12 (1,675 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        
need handle

pretty clean

lights work

has all attach & tools too!


Post# 256768 , Reply# 25   11/18/2013 at 07:07 (1,675 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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I can help you with the 7350 handle halves.

Post# 256796 , Reply# 26   11/18/2013 at 11:41 (1,675 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

thanks, how do I contact?

What about a repair?
guess any glue/ hot glue would be temporary?

Post# 256802 , Reply# 27   11/18/2013 at 13:02 (1,675 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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The handle halves, new, are less than ten dollars for both. Replace them, don't bother gluing them, it won't hold.

Post# 256803 , Reply# 28   11/18/2013 at 13:08 (1,675 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        


PS Pic before cleaning...belt a little flex.
Have belts & bags from Riccar 8955 do they fit?

Post# 256844 , Reply# 29   11/18/2013 at 18:24 (1,675 days old) by Vacuumfreeeke (Orlando, FL)        

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Hey you broke into my apartment and stole my Simplicity while I was at work today! LOL Congrats on the find... it is worth saving... very powerful!

Tom was very instrumental in helping me with mine.... good guy he is! :o)

Post# 256870 , Reply# 30   11/19/2013 at 00:34 (1,674 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

Mean Green machine.

Has a qua;ity sound though I like the purple better.

Post# 313773 , Reply# 31   1/30/2015 at 04:26 (1,237 days old) by Fantomfan57 (Central Texas)        
Found one!

Howdy all, I picked up one of these at a GW here in Austin Texas. Only problems I found are: missing one headlight lense, a crack in the metal base plate near the front and the chrome on the side of the same plate, is flaking off. I have been hoping to find another for parts, but that has not proven to be easy given that these are great machines.

Before checking on here, I ordered a lense which is taking a long time.

Can anyone help me with a replacement base plate?

I really like this vac. for all the same reasons..sturdy, well-built.


Post# 313784 , Reply# 32   1/30/2015 at 10:20 (1,237 days old) by dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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If you will email your address, I'll send you a new baseplate as well as a HEPA bag, filters, and new belt. Let's get the old gal going again. Love the Simplicity 7000 Series models.

Post# 313833 , Reply# 33   1/30/2015 at 19:20 (1,237 days old) by vacuumfreak95 (Aransas Pass, Tx)        
Love these!!!

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I have a Riccar 8850 and LOVE it! I need to get attachments for it since they are all missing and I filter, but it really is a beast. Powerful and lovely to use.

Post# 326943 , Reply# 34   6/14/2015 at 23:42 (1,102 days old) by someoldjoe (Washington)        

Anyone with a Simplicity 7 series willing to open up the front panel and snap a photo of the power cord wiring? I have a 7850 in need of a power cord I'd love to get up and running. Not positive where to connect (believe there's a splice required, but not sure where). I would absolutely be in your debt!

We purchased one many years ago, and the power cord arc'd after about 9 mos. Took it in to a Simplicity service rep and paid for power cord replacement, and sparks started shooting out after about another 6-9 mos... nearly caught on fire on my son. Put it away, started using the spare cheapo Hoover, and told the wife I'd get to it.

About 6 years later after rebuilding an LG dryer ground up from a dryer fire (this one only sat for 3 years - clean your ducts regularly folks!), I'm in the mood to fix the vacuum. We loved the thing - great vacuum purchased for daughter's bad allergies, just had very bad luck with the purchase. Time for one last try.

Opened it up and see why sparks flew - lazy repair workmanship (didn't even bother to channel cord wires, so any pull pulled directly on the splice). Unfortunately, splice point is a bit fried and looks like spaghetti, so impossible to determine exact connections. Would truly appreciate it if anyone had the time and willingness to snap a photo.

Post# 326958 , Reply# 35   6/15/2015 at 10:43 (1,101 days old) by Dysonman1 (undisclosed)        

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This is how it's wired

  View Full Size
Post# 327133 , Reply# 36   6/17/2015 at 21:57 (1,099 days old) by someoldjoe (Washington)        

Have to thank Dysonman for taking the time to upload pic and provide written description of connections. As a result, a 7850 purchased long ago but used very little is back to life. Thank you, sir!

Figured I'd throw a few pics up of what the original "job" looked like.

The first picture was taken after I cut the power cord a few inches up from original splices, stripped additional shielding, then ran the two individual wires thru the channels included on back of wiring harness support. The cut PC wire is in background (black & white) dangling ready for new connections. The wire nuts show the remnants of the old connections.

On the right, the black PC wire was joined to a short black wire that connected to the switch. The two wires were apparently not twisted well (neither the unshielded copper connections, nor the shielded wires), and no electrical tape was used. Likewise, the individual PC wires were not run thru the wiring harness support channels (which I assume exist to keep any tension from cord tugs, e.g. when vac gets to end of cord reach, away from actual wired joints). As a result, any tug on the line was a pull directly on the wire joint (there was no other type of stop). What's unclear in this picture is the origin of those bare copper wires - they did not come from that joint.

Which leads to the joint on the left. This was originally the joined Full Bag Light wire + Power Cord wire + Motor wire. Again, not twisted exceptionally well, no electrical tape (if you're too lazy to throw some electrical tape on there, find something else to do), and PC wires not channeled. What was odd was, it appeared that the black PC wire was spliced at the the connection on the right and joined to the connection to the left (white PC wire was hanging, unconnected, and bare copper was fused between connection on L + R). So, wire wasn't fastened very well, PC wasn't run thru channel, tug on wire was a tug directly on joints, wire worked loose, and and bare wire fused together across connections producing spark city.


Anyhow, the next pic shows the re-wire.

PC strands are run thru wiring harness channels so a tug on the wire produces tension on the individual wires between the two middle plastic tabs and the tabs themselves and not on the weak wire joints instead (assume that's the intent of the channeling... if not, it's been re-purposed!). The individual connections are nice and snug (thanks to dysonman, connected to the right wires too!), and electric tape co. stock should spike. Which means this thing (3rd pic), which really saw very little use given two power cord fails in a short time after purchase, has some life to live.

Thanks again, dysonman! Now, if I could just get it to stop pulling to the right (and find one for downstairs).

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Post# 351408 , Reply# 37   5/2/2016 at 20:36 (779 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        
Similar results with this thread

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I too got a 7 series at a thrift store but I think I only paid like 10 bucks for it. It's a 7300 model that's just like the 7350 with the same motor and everything but it doesn't have tools on board. It also was dirty when I got it, maybe the most dirtiest vacuum I have ever cleaned out. Smelled like a hamster, there was alot of dirt inside of it because the bag ripped for not putting it in correctly, brush strips were worn down, new handle valve grips, a new bag light indicator, a new bottom plate and it a new clutch rod for it. Did all of that work except for the bag light and the bottom plate and it turned out very nice but it was probably the most expensive vacuum to ever work on doing all of that. When I was about to get a new bottom plate and a new bag light for it, I knew it was going to be very expensive to get at my vacuum store as they told me so I decided to contact Tom because I hear he offers very good deals on parts for Tacony Vacs. After ordering from him and when the parts came, he also gave me extra bags and a belt for my Simplicity, I also got a shirt I ordered from him as well, and he also put in flyers about the museum which I think it's very cool to have.

Now my Simplicity works like new again.

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Post# 351412 , Reply# 38   5/2/2016 at 21:59 (779 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

I have that same model Alex and it's one of my favorites to use in my rotation of uprights. Fortunately mine came to me in pristine condition from a fellow collector, not even a nick in the finish. I really wasn't looking for one but the color caught my eye, almost like the color of an eggplant. I happen to like the fact that it doesn't have tools on board as I never would use them since I have a selection of canisters to use. Before I got it, my favorite clean air machine was the original Hoover Windtunnel, and loved it for it's deep cleaning, but the motor on the 7300 has a much smoother sound, and cleans/grooms very similar to the WT. Enjoy your new find!

Post# 351416 , Reply# 39   5/2/2016 at 22:33 (779 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
It's not really new to me anymore cause I've only had this for like maybe a year now and the parts I just got a week or two ago. I'm not a fan of the color on this, I like the colors of the green 7350 and black 7250 better than this. If I ever get the green 7350, I will sell this for one because of the colors and it is my favorite color on a vacuum of all time, two I like that it has attachments on board, and three it is a childhood vacuum to me.

Post# 363816 , Reply# 40   12/18/2016 at 19:18 (549 days old) by Walt (California)        

Hi, new guy here. I'm not a collector, I just like my simplicity.

My 7350 just had the same problem as the one in post #9 and it led me to this old thread. I got that issue taken care of but ran into a couple of other things I thought you might be able to help me with.

Parts. Dysonman, do you still sell parts? It would be nice to get them from someone on the forum. If not, where is the best place to go? My belt is looking rather checked, one of my headlights just died, and it would be nice to replace the brushes.

Ride height. I've always felt my simplicity rides a bit low. On carpet it sounds like it's digging in more than it should and wants to bog down. Is there any way to check this? Is it just a function of that little spring?

Are there any other problems common to this machine I should be aware of? While I'm servicing it, it would be nice to catch everything.


Post# 363844 , Reply# 41   12/18/2016 at 22:05 (549 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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You probably have a local Simplicity dealer near you and that's maybe the first thing that I would do. Dysonman1 still sells parts for Simplicity and all brands that are made by Tacony, you can either order from him or you can go to where they also have parts for the 7350.

Based on your height adjuster wheel you are describing, it sounds like the spring is worn out from all the pressure that's bending it when it hits the carpet, even mine does the same thing but it doesn't really bother me.

One thing I would highly suggest to to be aware of, DO NOT CARRY the vacuum up by the handle, it will break the handle if you carry that much weight on it just like mine when I first got it and on Reply #26 on how that handle broke.

Other than that, if you do regular maintenance on the machine and if you take your 7350 to a Simplicity dealer to do a inspection tune up on it once a while, I think your 7350 will do just fine serving your house for many years.

Hope this helps.

Post# 363854 , Reply# 42   12/19/2016 at 06:13 (548 days old) by vacerator (Macomb Michigan)        
Excellent machines,

and they have been making them in America for years and years!!!!!!

Post# 363887 , Reply# 43   12/19/2016 at 19:34 (548 days old) by Walt (California)        

"Excellent machines,"
Yup. I've probably had mine for around 10 years now. I vaguely recall doing a full service on it then. I haven't touched it since. I can live with 10 year service intervals.

"DO NOT CARRY the vacuum up by the handle"
That gets a bit confusing since this vacuum has a carry handle built into the body, but I know what you mean.

I took a closer look at the ride height. That little spring has little or nothing to do with the ride height. The "Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment" is controlled by the air flow. If the nozzle gets too close to the carpet, the air flow is cut off and the air is forced past the two little flags that are attached to the ride height carriage. I may replace the little spring just to be sure.

I suspect, that as the machines age, they start leaking vacuum from places where they shouldn't and the effectiveness of those flags goes away. Once I get some parts to do the service, I'll try to get it sealed back up and get the ride height back. Failing that, I'll just make those flags bigger. ;-)

Post# 372393 , Reply# 44   5/19/2017 at 15:22 (397 days old) by camelotshadow (Valley Village)        

3 plus years & not bought the S 7350 handle. Have to try to get in touch w Tom if he's still here. I had to recreate my member ID as they dropped me for my long absence.

I have cancer & will be getting chemo but dragged out the simplicity & taped the handle & took her for a spin.

Suction & motor is strong. Tools will pull the carpet up off the floor!
Still my complaint is he cheap handle that cracked & there are some broken pieces of plastic trim inside the bag compartment. The plastic on these things was not great.

Well off to maybe get this handle & put it on but if recall even some plastic on the switch inside has problems & I just saw I installed it upside down but may have done that as it attached better.

Post# 375369 , Reply# 45   7/14/2017 at 13:24 (341 days old) by Ovrphilvac (Michigan but live in Georgia)        
Adding to the Simplicity collection photos

Hi all - I haven't been active here in a while. I found this Simplicity 7200 a few years ago and did post some photos of my other vacs. Unlike many here, my collection is very small and nothing too interesting, I think. But just to add to the photos and comments here about the Simplicity 7 series...what a nice surprise after I got this cleaned up and running with clean bags and filters. It was really treated roughly. I need to buy a 1) a new cord, 2)a couple of cord hangers, 3) replace a light(both were replaced, but one has burned out recently), 4) and figure out if I can repair(?) the feature that keeps the vac upright when moved to the vertical. It doesn't stay up in its original rigid form as before...very frustrating. I/we use it quite often, but a soon to arrive Compact system will probably become my new toy. Thanks for looking.

...very sorry to hear Camelotshadow has cancer - best wishes to beat that and be free again from concerns.


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