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The Kirby Demo.
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Post# 225713   3/30/2013 at 16:11 (1,908 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        

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Hoover94 suggested that as I was a training manager, I should do a demo for the club. If we were to have a mini meet in the area, I would have somebdy record it. But here is the basic text of a demo.

Post# 225720 , Reply# 1   3/30/2013 at 17:19 (1,908 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Kirby demo.

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There was a basic formula to the demonstration of every vacuum cleaner sold in the home. Most were tailored around the features of the make and model. While a tank style used the hose, the upright used the straight suction and sometimes the rotating brush. But in each case there was a degree of showmanship. The dull salesman who told what brand X could do in a ten minute talk was not likely to get very far, however, the salesman who told about each feature, bonded with the prospect, and usually got the sale. There's an old saying. "If you can't dazzle them with briliance, baffel them with b.s." That was certainly true with Air-Way, Compact, Electrolux, Eureka, Filter Queen, Hoover, Kirby, Rexair, Royal and Scott/Fetzer. In the case of Axel L. Wenner-Gren (Electrolux), Murray J. Spangler Hoover, and James B. Kirby, each worked out the way their machines should be demonstrated. Each also worked little catch phrases into the speach, phrases that have stayed with us even today.

The Kirby demo was designed to dazzle, and showmanship was part of the training. How we acted in the home, how we demoed with the flair of a magician, or in my case an actor added to the demo. We also insisted on audence participation. Getting the husband to try the sander of the Handi-Butler, the wife to vacuum her rug a few times. If you put it in their hands, they feel they own it. Do a mattress test, shampoo a carpet. All this was part of the act. In addition, you had to be extra friendly, laugh at the husbands off color jokes and so on. You were not the man (or woman) there to sell a vacuum cleaner, you were their friend who's only interest was to help them get the dirt that brand X missed. And if you did you're job well not only did they buy and give you the names of several people to demo to, but you got goodies. Coffee and cake, to a full meal, and to top it off you got paid for it.

The Kirby demo originated with the Wireless Vac-U-ette, and is still going strong. First it was the Sani-em-tor, then tripple cushion vibration, the Handi-Butler, and Miracle head followed, and finally Tech-Drive. But the basic formula remained the same.

For those who've never watched a kirby demo, I'd like to use this thread to share my experience. Remember that I did my last Kirby demo in 1995, I don't have my proof book, and I'm using the Classic 111 as my demo machine.

I'll use the next post to set the stage so you know how the process works. As I said, we were there to dazzle the prospect.

Post# 225737 , Reply# 2   3/30/2013 at 19:21 (1,908 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Before the demo.

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The most important part of the demo of any vacuum cleaner took place within the first few minutes I was in the home. Here I got to see the size of the area I was working in, and size up the prospect. Most of the homes were at least clean, and several were real showplaces, but a few were a pigsty! I wasn't there to judge, but to demo. One pigsty actually turned out to be a cash sale with thiry leads.

One look around told me what I was working with. The warm comfortable living room was a joy to demo in, but sometimes the upholstered furniture was covered with clear plastic. How could I deep clean the couch? Was the floor a clear work space? often it was strewn with toys, playpen, rocking horse and so on. In each case my trainees or I were ready to deal with it, having talked about this at sales meetings.

Finally, I chatted with the prospects. This casual conversation was designed to find out key information. What did the husband do for a living? did both husband and wife work? Did they own or rent? This told me if they could the $549.00 price for the Classic 111. Again I was not there to judge, because there was a staff to set oppointments, get the address correct, and make sure they understood we were there to sell the Kirby.

To the expert Kirby dealer, all this took less than five minutes, though the general conversation often laster a bit longer. Now I noticed something in the room to talk about. It might be the antique geandfather clock, or the set of Blue Willow china in a corner cabinet. What I was doing was letting them know I was there as friend, not that greedy vacuum cleaner salesman.

So after sizing up the condition of the room, their income, and personality I was ready to procede. No longer are they Mr. and Mrs. Jones, now there John and Mary, and I was Alex. By being on a first name basis, you are somebody to help them get their home cleaner than it's ever been before.

Post# 225742 , Reply# 3   3/30/2013 at 20:05 (1,908 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Setting the stage.

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Now I told John and Mary to get comfortable, and as they sat down I placed the main box on the floor with the botton section used to hold the top standing upright so they could read the name 'KIRBY.' On top of the main box was the inflator/deflator, and the massage cup. Next to this were my small boxes of Handi-Butler, and Rug Renovator. The attatchment cabinet close at hand with the hose coiled over the straight wand, and my demo kit open and ready. Finally I placed the lifter grip (small handle) on the main motor, and the cord. My proof book was set up and opened to the words 'KIRBY PRESENTS.' and it was showtime.

Post# 225758 , Reply# 4   3/30/2013 at 22:13 (1,908 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Front talk.

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Every salesman says that his product is 'the best' on the market today. We at Kirby were no exception. Also I'm following the demo of the Classic 111, so as I said before the time is 1976. Before actually starting the demo was the front talk with me standing there on the side of the upright box.

"John, mary, what you're about to see is truely outstanding. It's the finest home cleaning system on the market today. Kirby is a division of the Scott/Ferzer company which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. They've been in business since 1914, and are recognized by the New York, Midwest, and Pacific stock exchanges. In addition to their main plant, there's another in Andrew's, Texas, and a die casting plant in Winnipeg, Canada. However, Kirby products go back even further. James B. Kirby designed his first vacuum cleaner, the Domestic Cyclone, back in 1906, and the result is what you're about to see. So, sit back, as I introduce you to the Kirby Classic 111, because no other single appliance does as many things for you as the Kirby."

Post# 225792 , Reply# 5   3/31/2013 at 08:35 (1,907 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
A few words before I start my demo.

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As I said, there was a formula to follow here. The demo started with the power plant, or motor of the Kirby, followed by the Handi-Butler, and then the crystalator followed by the spray gun. All four were planed with the husband in mind. The idea was to show that he could use it at the workbench, spray his berry bushes for bugs, or even blow leaves off the driveway. Until the sprayer becomes the suds-o-gun, the demo is geared to him.

To draw him into the demo, we had certain props. A block of wood, package of moth crystals, a beach ball, or some other inflatable toy, and a pack of cigarettes (explained later). The talk on the power plant and Handi-Butler was simple but effective. It was two men talking about machines, therefore it was not a vacuum cleaner demonstration. And if done correctly, the seed was planted. "Let her use it on the rugs, this is for my workshop!" And that really helped me when I got to the close.

Each part followed a pattern, and if you broke that, the demo fell apart. Even if I knew it was a sure sale, as the customer had called the office to send over a machine, we still followed the patern.

With the exception of the knife sharpener attatchment, the Handi-Butler didn't change much. When I sold the Classic Omega, there was a massage attatchment, and that was a lot of fun. There were often slightly erotic looks from the husband and wife. This was also designed to help assure the sale.

So now I was ready to start my demo, begining with the power plant.

Post# 225796 , Reply# 6   3/31/2013 at 08:55 (1,907 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Power Plant.

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"John, Mary, this is the power plant of the Kirby Classic 111. It's made of die cast aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. You have you're main fan in front for creating suction and pulling dirt, and a cooling system in back to keep the machine cool at all times. As for the motor, it has two speeds, low for cleaning carpets and scattered rugs, and high for above the floor cleaning. There are wide drack wheels in front, and narrow track rear wheels for easy manuverability. A headlight so you can see what your cleaning, and the power cord is detachable, so it can be used as an extension cord whenever you need one. Each of the attatchments fit on the front of the power plant, and except for the hose and crystalator, are all belt driven."

Post# 225935 , Reply# 7   4/1/2013 at 11:14 (1,906 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Handi-Butler.

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In my demo kit was a dirt meter outfitted with a white test pad. The dirt meter was used in place of the sani-em-tor and bag to show what the Kirby could do, for now however, it was used to keep the exhaust from blowing all over the place. Without them seeing me I attached the meter and reached for the box containing the Handi-Butler.

"John, here's something you'll really like, the Handi-Butler. With this you can have a workshop at the tip of your fingers. Like most of the other parts of the Kirby, it's belt driven, and by placing these little cups under the front wheels, your Kirby can sit on the corner of the workbench, or on a table. In front is the magnetic clutch holds you're tools in place. You have the choice of these two buffing wheels, or this jig saw used for cutting soft wood, plexiglass, cardboard and so on. By adding this drill chuck you can use this rubber disc to hold sand paper, or this buffing pad. But there's more, because most jobs are not on the workbench, but around the house, garage or outside, the folks at the Kirby company came up with this idea. The flexable shaft. Now that jig saw can go wherever you want it to go. By using the sanding disk and polishing pad you can buff the car making the chrome shine like new. And Mary, you can polish your John's shoes or your own to a high gloss. Or you can use it for various sanding jobs. Here in my briefcase, I've got a rubber disc outfitted with sandpaper, try it for youself on this block of wood."

This is the first time I put them to work using the Kirby, letting them both sand the wood, and after changing to the disk outfitted with the polishing pad, let Mary polish a section of the coffee table. Once they get the Kirby in their hands, they feel like they own it, exactly what I want. Also, throughout the demo I use the term "your new Kirby" this lets them feel comfortable with it, and will be hard for them to part with it at the end of the demo. result, making the close easier.

"Now John, here's something you can really use, the chuck holding that sanding disc can be used to hold a drill bit, try it yourself on that block of wood you just sanded. And you can use a wire brush to remove rust from the charcoal grill, or the railings on the back steps. Maybe the kids bike is getting rusty, think how easy it will be to remove that rust. And later I'll show you how to paint that bike, or the rusty lawn furniture. Because, with the Kirby Classic 111, you're just getting started. And if you need both hands free, look at this, a carrying strap. Now your Kirby can be worn over your shoulder. Mary, you can wear the Kirby like a pocketbook as you buff that grandfather clock over there. Why, there's no end to the things both of you can do."

Post# 225964 , Reply# 8   4/1/2013 at 13:27 (1,906 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Crystalator.

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Now I launch into the crystalator which will open the door to using the hose. Naturally, this speach has to be altered to the conditions of the house. If it's basically neat and tidy I go for it with gusto. However, if it's a pigsty I omit it all together, and shorten this section. In this case John and Mary's house is a showplace, so here's the long version.

"Mary, I can see that you like your home neat and presentable, and later I'll show you how to keep it this way, but there are certain things you're not aware of. Back in the 1920's and 30's women used to have a cedar chest in the bedroom, or maybe even a closet lined with cedar. They were used to protect things like wool blankets, or the raccoon coat that was popular in the roaring 20's. Today we have different fabrics, and the mink coat is going out of style. In the old days, people who didn't have a cedar closet or hope chest, used moth balls to protect their fine blankets, quilts, and so on. I'm sure there are some expensive sweaters in your clothes closet, John's jackets, maybe your wedding dress. All those things are subject to unseen pests, like moths, and so on, that could easily chew holes in a few of John's good jackets. What I have here is the crystalator, and there are two ways to use it. The first is to fill this chamber with moth crystals, like the package I have here in my briefcase. The crystalator has two vents, the small one here at the back, or the larger one on the top. Place the crystalator on the front of the power plant of your new Kirby. Have the power switch on but the cord unplugged from the wall, roll it inside the closet and close the door with the cord outside. Plug in the cord and let it run for fifteeen minutes, then leave it in there a good 24 hours. What happens is this, the crystals are drawn into the fan, pulverized and released as a gas. This is Paradichlorobenzene, so make sure you have anything made of vinyl like garment bags, hat boxes, or plastic coat hangers out of there. For a faster way to so this, use a small amount of the crystals, attatch this hose and with the crevice tool, direct the gas where you want it. Now you can get under rugs and so on. Another thing you can do is saturate a cotton ball with John's after shave or you perfume and fill the closet with your favorite scent.

When you think of the cost or replacing just three of John's suits, or an evening gown, the Kirby pay's for itself in one use. But as I said, there's more that the Kirby can do, a lot more!"

Unless John or Mary want me to show how to direct that gas I don't use the crystals, I just pass the box to them. Generally speaking I'd use the affore mentioned after shave, because those moth crystals are nasty.

Now the Kirby's set up to go directly into the sprayer/ suds-o-gun. As I said, we're just getting started!

Post# 225988 , Reply# 9   4/1/2013 at 16:36 (1,906 days old) by whirlpolf (Germany)        
interesting how little...

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...the demo has changed over the decades.
Even the setup (standing cover of main box) seems to be the same. When I started working for them (just at the changing months from G4 to G5, it was the same here).
I am more than looking forward to the "objections - counteractions" section here.

Still remembering tons of similar stories and some rare but even heartbreaking moments. Others were plainly ridiculous, but all were highly interesting, on some occasions I even made good friends.
I loved the Kirby demo, I loved doing it and creating that "Christmas shine" (could tell you dozens of stories there).

Keep posting please ;-)

Post# 225996 , Reply# 10   4/1/2013 at 17:03 (1,906 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Spray gun, Suds-O-Gun, and Inflator/Deflator.

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"But you can do far more than just mothproof closets, with the hose on the exhause port you can use this sprayer to do all sorts of jobs around the house. Mary, would you fill this jar with warm water for me, and get me a page from yesterday's newspaper?"

While she does that, I turn to John and focus on the landscaping.

"As I was driving up, I noticed the well kept front yard. Those are lovely rose bushes, and I really like the hedge along the driveway. Caring for those must be very expensive, and require a lot of work."

Now our talk centers around his back yard which I've not seen. As Mary returned with the jar of warm water and a newspaper, I draw her into the conversation I was having with John.

"Why pay an exterminator to spray those bushes? all you need is some insectacide in this jar. And while this is a 16 oz jar, this tube extends so you could easily use a 30 oz mayonaise jar. With this dial you can change from a fine mist to a needle like spray. While I'm using Kirby shampoo, it could be floor wax, a solution to wash the car, or light paint. If you remember we talked about painting the bike, or the lawn furniture, with this it''s easy."

Now I spray the newspaper with a light mist.

"And if I put on this little cap, I've just turned the spray gun into a Suds-O-Gun, and letting you shampoo upholstered furniture, like that couch. Those are Kirby suds I've just spread out on that newspaper, theyre dry suds, and designed to lift up the dirt, so you can simply vacuum them away along with the deeply embedded dirt. And look at this. It's an inflator/deflator. Designed to inflate a beach ball like this one. And John, by using the crevice tool, you can use the hose as a blower, to remove the grass or leaves from the driveway, or out of the gutters. Isn't that amazing?"

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The Kirby vacuum cleaner.

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Now I'm getting down to the heart of the matter, the vacuum cleaner. Again, please remember this is from memory with only my Classic 111 instruction book to fall back on. So if things are not 100% correct send me feed back on the thread I've created.

Alex Taber.

Post# 226026 , Reply# 12   4/1/2013 at 20:08 (1,906 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The four types of vacuum cleaners.

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"Mary, the person in our office who booked this appointment told me that you have an old tank type vacuum cleaner. Could I see that?" Mary goes and gets a tank vacuum cleaner from the hall closet, and places it in the center of the room.

"Mary, that's a Filtex from about 1948, which a very good vacuum cleaner, but as you have wall to wall carpeting, let me show you how to get them really clean." And with this I go into my talk about vacuum cleaners.

"There are actually four types of vacuum cleaners on the market today. The first is the tank/canister like your Filtex, which is great for above the floor cleaning, and surface cleaning of carpets. The second is the upright for deep cleaning of carpets, but not designed to clean above the floor. The third is the stick vacuum cleaner or electric broom without a rotating brush for kitchen floors, and the last one is the hand vacuum for upholstered furniture, or the stairs over there. To have all four would be a real problem, where would you store all of them? In addition you'd need disposable bags, belts and so on. And what about a floor polisher, and carpet shampooer? But what if I told you that you could have all four in one machine? Well you can, because the Kirby does all those things and a lot more.

Post# 226042 , Reply# 13   4/1/2013 at 22:30 (1,906 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Tank/Canister.

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At this point I place the dirt meter on the exhaust outfitted with a white test pad. It's time for the Kirby to go to work, but at the same time, I have to reassure Mary that the dirt I'm pulling is not a reflection on her job as a homemaker. Nor do I say that her Filtex has failed to do it's job. I let the Classic 111 do that for me.

I start this segment by telling John and Mary some important safty features.

"John, Mary, at this moment the Kirby will not run. This is a safty switch, it has two functions, to prevent the motor from running without an attachment on the front, and secondly to set the correct speed for the job required. This is the hose to the Kirby, it's a flexible hose and won't kink. In fact you could easily tie it in a knot." And I do! "These ends turn completely around. The holes here in the hose handle are safty bleed holes, designed to prevent any personal injury. The hooks on this coupler fit on the attachment bar on the front of the power plant, and this tab activates the switch to go to high speed for maximum power. This lever holds the hose tight to the fan chamber, and now you have a powerful canister vacuum cleaner.

The wands on most vacuum cleaners are heavy. They often fall apart when you're cleaning, or else, jam together and you can't gat them apart. These are lightweight and because there friction held, fit together with a twist of the wrist, and stay together till you remove then. They are also strong and durable, you can bang them togther like this" And I tap them together lightly. "Do that with metal wands. As you see there is one straight wand and one curved one, they're also outfitted with the safty bleed holes. You can use them in a number of configurations. In this tool cabinet you have all the tools you need for every job. The swivle surface nozzle cleans both carpets and bare floors with a flip of this lever. And look at this, the swivel elbow is removable. All vacuum cleaners have a crevice tool but not with a removable brush, which is great for cleaning the track of that sliding glass door.

One after the other I put each of the attachments to work, and as I do, start building up a collection of dirt pads which will be placed on the coffee table, top of the television, on end tables and so on. Also I let Mary clean places her wands and attachments won't go. As I said, I don't say anything to put down her Filtex. I don't have to.

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Post# 226060 , Reply# 14   4/2/2013 at 03:35 (1,905 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

hTe time I was shown the Kirby Classic-was not in my home-lived in an apartment at that time in the Wash DC area.Instead they had Kirby stores and Electrolux stores.You went there to see the demos and get the machine or its accerries.Liked the Kirby Demo of Suitland,MD-At the shop were various floor surfaces and furniture to try the machine on-like in a house.He introduced the machine by saying"I am going to show you the Kirby Classic-The first vacuum cleaner you can use to build a birdhouse-then clean up the mess!"And just that-he did-He cut out the parts for the birdhouse-put it togther and converted the Kirby to a canister-cleaned the workbench he used-then to an upright to vacuum the sawdust from the floor.He let me try the scrollsaw and sanding wheels,too.He asked if I had any knives with me he could sharpen-say a pocketknife-obliged-and he sharpened the pocketknife I had.It was a good demo despite they didn't go to people homes in that area.Apartments,bad neighborhoods and so on.I am kicking myself for not buying the machine-he offered to take it and me to my apartment.The Kirby store of Forestvillee made a similar demo-The Forestville place used the powerplant like a gyroscope-not really useful-but entertaining.He commented that your Kirby could entertain as well as clean and do other chores.And he made it into a blower and did the beachball thing.Of course he pumpted up the beachball with the blower setup.

Post# 226073 , Reply# 15   4/2/2013 at 07:13 (1,905 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Hi tolivac.

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See my thread, Feedback on my Kirby demo for my responce. The speach I'm using here is mine, and what I trained my people to use.


Post# 226082 , Reply# 16   4/2/2013 at 08:26 (1,905 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Hand Portable.

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"Mary, you have a fine vacuum cleaner, and I'm sure it's given you many years of service, but it was made in 1948, that's older than I am, you need a cleaning system designed for today. Don't you agree John?" He simply smiles and nodds his head, no doubt thinking of all the things he can do with the Handi-Butler. Without saying anything to put down her Filtex, I go for the obvious.

"Mary, if you were to loose the hose to your Filtex you couldn't use it, could you? Like with all tank/canister vacuum cleaners, the hose is their life-line, but not with the Kirby, because even without the hose you still have a way to keep your home as nice as it it right now. I know we vacuumed your chair, but let me show you what else the Kirby can do. John would you mind moving over to the couch?

John, Mary, this is the main cleaning nozzle to the Kirby, later I'll show you all it can do, but right now I want to show you what's in this recliner, what you've been sitting on John."

While I place the nozzle on the power plant, John's interest gets the better of him, and he stands next to Mary, which is right where I want him. As I vacuum the recliner, all three of us watch the dirt meter fill. After turning the Kirby off, I remove the test pad, place it on the arm of the recliner and put a black cloth in the dirt meter.

"John, Mary, you can do all sorts of things with the Kirby set up like this. The couch, your chairs, the stairs over there, but there's a far more important area that I want to clean."

As I unplug the cord and coil it, I ask. "Have you any idea where the dirtiest place in the home is?" I wait for suggestions from each of them. John says "the bathroom" Mary suggests the carpet by the front door. With this I lift the Kirby with the coiled cord around my wrist. "John, Mary, which is the way to your bedroom?"

Next is the most important part of my demo. The mattress test.

Post# 226091 , Reply# 17   4/2/2013 at 10:25 (1,905 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
A few words before starting the next phase of the demo.

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To all those who don't want to know about the mattress test, I won't be offended if you want to skip it and go on to the section, which is of course, 'the upright.'

In the early days I did't like the mattress test on little bit and omitted it from my demo. As I said at the start of this, if you alter the pattern of the demo it falls apart. In the first months I lost sales because I refused to go with the most effective section of the demo. Once I started training however, I had to use it, and closed 90% of my demo's!

The Mattress test is graphic, and can be considered very disgusting. It's designed to be! The idea is to plant the seed of what's in a mattress, and let the prospect think about that while the demo goes on. Trust me, it's effective! In fact, I got phone calls at home in the middle of the night from a sleepy husband, or wife telling me that they couldn't sleep. "Even though it's 2:00 in the morning, can you bring back that Kirby? and we'll even make you breakfast!" In every case that was a cash sale.

After I saw the mattress test I made sure mine was vacuumed with a Kirby every week, then finally went a step further. I got a waterbed! So for those of you who can handle it, join me in the bedroom of John and Mary. For the rest of you, we can get together back in the living room.

If you have any comments, please direct them to my other thread for feedback.

Alex Taber.

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Post# 226116 , Reply# 18   4/2/2013 at 15:29 (1,905 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Mattress Test.

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"Before I start this I want to warn both of you not to touch that black cloth after I take it out of my dirt meter.

Down in the living room I asked you what the dirtiest place in the home is. The answer is going to shock you, because you're looking at it. Yes, your mattress! Mary, you can throw John's pajamas, and your night gown into the washing machine along with the sheets and maybe even the mattress cover, but you can't wash your mattress! It's a scientific fact that we shed our skin just like a snake does, but in our case it comes out in basic sweat. It's also true that we spend a third of our lives in bed. So if you can expose the botton of the mattress I'll show you what I'm talking about."

At this point, I simply place the hand portable on the bottom corner of the bed with the nozzle at the lowest setting and turn on the motor. Again we watch the dirt meter fill, but this time it's a white powder, and the word KIRBY remains black. Over the hum of the motor I say.

"John, Mary, that is dead skin and body ash!" Audible gasps from both, then I continue. "When we get a cold, or the flue, where do we go? straight to bed and sleep it off right?" They nod in agreement. "But you're breathing all these germs in as you sleep, so it takes longer to recover. When we get a cold, were told to sweat it out, but we're only adding to the problem."

"Do you vacuum your mattress?" John asks"

I shake my head no. "Not any longer John, after I started working for Kirby I ditched the filthy mattress and bought a waterbed, I didn't want to breath that all night!"

Now I turn off the Kirby. "Seriously John, Mary, of all the things I've shown you so far this is the best feature of the Kirby, because if you simply run the Kirby over the mattress every time you change the bed, you can keep THAT! out of the mattress!"

Now I carefully open the dirt meter, and fold the black cloth making sure I don't touch anything, because that IS dead skin and body ash!

"Again I have to ask if you agree that the Kirby is the finest vacuum cleaner on the market today?" As both nod their heads I know I'm on my way to a sale, so with this I add. "Now let's return to the living room, as I have a lot more to show you."

Naturally, I could vacuum their mattress, but that would remove the amunition in need for the close. I let them think of what's lurking in their bed. So while John's dreaming of his Handi-Butler, Mary's thinking of that disgusting mattress, and the comment buzzing in her mind is. "We have to sleep on that tonight!"

Yes, I'm on my way to a cash sale!

Post# 226484 , Reply# 19   4/4/2013 at 11:03 (1,903 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Demo interupted due to changes in Vacuumland.

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Because of the new website I was busy in other areas, now the demo continues. However, let me stress that this was the way I ran the demo, using tried and true metheods of our office. There is no time here to go into objections, this is simply an explanation of the demo from front talk to close. As I have a separate thread on feedback, I'll start one on objections. However, let me finish the demo for John and Mary.

Alex Taber.

Post# 226502 , Reply# 20   4/4/2013 at 12:36 (1,903 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Upright.

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"Mary, I've shown you a lot of things the Kirby can do. Demoth a closet, spray paint, shampoo an upholstered chair, vacuum the drapes, dust a bookcase, remove cobwebs from corners, and deep clean a mattress. However, all these things are nothing compared to what you and John will see now, because while all that's great, the Kirby works best is on rugs, carpets and bare floors."

"Where do we get those white pads?" John asks. I smile, then tell him. "John the white pads and dirt meter are just to show both of you what the Kirby can do, later I'll show you where the dirt goes and how to get rid of it.

Now Mary, while the Kirby is great in this configuration, you certainly don't want to use it like this for the carpets. By removing this pin the little handle comes off, and this long handle goes on. By attaching the cord to this grommet, and these two tabs at the bottom here, it's out of the way, and you can wrap the excesss cord around these hooks. And look, the upper hook moves downward so you simply slide the cord off.

They say Kirby does everything but talk to you, well it does that too. It tells you when you've reached the right setting for the carpet. This is an exclusive Kirby feature. Toe touch control. With this lever you can raise the rug nozzle, and with this tab, lower it to the right setting. And look at this, the power switch is here in the back, a press of the toe and it starts. Mary, John, see if you can tell me when we're at the right setting." As I turn on the motor I lower the nozzle one notch at a time, I go slowly so they hear the rush of air between the carpet and nozzle. Then there's a sound of vibration, and a low hum. "Hear that? now you've reached the correct setting for this carpet."

"So it's the beater bar that vibrates?" John asks. I turn off the motor, raise the nozzle, and lift it off the power plant. "No John, there is no beater bar, just gentle vibration, or what we call 'Triple cushion vibration.' Basically, the suction grabs the carpet, holding it tight to the bottom of the nozzle, the rotating brush taps it while air moves between the floor and the carpet gently shaking the carpet clean, and it hapens in a fraction of a second. With this I show him the underside of the nozzle and the brushroll, explaining each in detail.

"To show you how safe the Kirby is on carpets, I brought a pack of cigarettes, watch this." Now, with the nozzle on the power plant and the Kirby up side down resting on the upper handle, I place a cigarette between the nozzle and brushroll and turn on the motor. As they watch, the tocacco is drawn into the dirt meter, but they can't see that yet. I turn off the motor and hold up the cigarette. "See, the paper is fine, so now you see how safe it is on carpets and rugs, and look" I place the Kirby right side up, "the tobacco is here."

The next phase will be putting Mary's Filtex to work.

Post# 226833 , Reply# 21   4/5/2013 at 19:06 (1,902 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Starting to pull Mary's Filtex.

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With all of the features of the upright out of the way, I start to show what the Classic 111 can do. This is actually a side by side test.

While some salesman would make remarks about Mary's vacuum cleaner I won't, I'll simply stress that it's outlived it's effectiveness, and can't clean as it should. But I don't say that, I let Mary see this for herself. With 4 playing cards I mark out an area wide enough for the nozzle of her vacuum cleaner, and long enough for good strokes, then I drew her into the action.

"Mary, I'll mark out a spot on the carpet that I want to have you vacuum with your Filtex. Give it a good cleaning, 25 strokes front, 25 strokes back." As she does this I count out each stroke, then when she's finished I grab the hose. Here, let me give it another ten strokes." Turning off her Filtex, I move it out of the way. "That carpet should be really clean, after all who would do 60 strokes in one section of carpet?" And as I say this I place the Kirby in the center of the carpet, and simply turn on the motor. Both Mary and John can't believe their eyes as the dirt meter fills with the dirt the Filtex missed.

"Mary, you see what the Filtex left behind, let's give it a good cleaning, I'll start with a new dirt pad." As I give that area 2 strokes front, and 2 back, both Mary and John watch in complete shock. I pull about 10 test pads, then move the Kirby.

"Well you can see that the Kirby Classic 111 will get your house really clean. You see why you need the Kirby. However, this is how it works on carpets, let me show you how it works on bare floors, like in you kitchen."

In the kitchen I take the Duster Buffer rom the tool case and place it on the floor. "Simply place the rug nozzle over the tabs and lower the toe touch control. The pad will simply snap in place. Then by turning this lever the belt is lifted off the drive shaft. Now you're in straight suction mode, and your Kirby becomes an electric broom. See how easy it will be to get cookie crumbs, dry cat food, and light dust off the floor? And to remove the pad, simply put you're foot on either end and press down on the handle.

See how the front of you're Kirby lifts up? that's because the handle's spring loaded. That's also great for scattered rugs.

But what if you wanted to do more than vacuum the floor? what if you wanted to wax it? You can do that too. Yes, You're new Kirby is the last name in floor care."

The next phase is the Handi-Waxer and Miracle Head.

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Sorry for the interuption.

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But with the changes in format I didn't have time to spend on the demo. I will do the last segments, Handi-Waxer, Miracle Head, Rug renovator and closing display tomorrow.

Thanks for waiting.

Alex Taber.

Post# 227836 , Reply# 23   4/11/2013 at 09:23 (1,896 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Miracle Head and Handi-Waxer.

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Before I start this part of the demo I put on the Miracle Head, then find a spot on the kitchen floor that I can vacuum once I complete my talk on the Handi-Waxer.

"Mary, I'm sure you just hate to have to wax floors, well with the Kirby it's easy, but before you wax them you have to deep clean, so what I have here is the Miracle Head. It's the way you can keep this floor looking great." Here I pull another three or four dirt pads, then go into the talk of the handi-Waxer.

"This is the Handi-Waxer, it's placed on the end of the wands, and this soft felt pad will let you distribute the wax inside this applicator evenly. The applicator holds one bag of Carnauba wax, which can be used on all types of floors. This is linoleum, but it also works on asphalt, vinyl, rubber or cork floors and of course hardwoods. This is a no-slip wax, and depending on the thikness, dries within an hour or less. All you need to do is cut open the bag, and glide the waxer over the floor. The Kirby Miracle Head will let you polish the floor to a high gloss, simply lower the toe touch control to the lowest setting and let the powerful brush roll do the rest. For a really good shine move the handle lock, lower the handle, then move the handle lock till it holds the handle like this. Now all the weight of the power plant is on the brush roll. See how easy that was?" Again I wait for Mary and John to respond, then return to the living room, the Miracle Head still in place.

"But the Miracle Head isn't just for bare floors, it's also great on carpets. A lot of women use it after they vacuum to remove footprints, or the lines made by the wheels of the Kirby. I'll show you more of that in a few minutes, but first I want to show you how to shampoo your carpets."

Post# 228011 , Reply# 24   4/11/2013 at 20:34 (1,896 days old) by fatalfranklin ()        

I read a lot of this thread...honestly skimmed towards the end. It's perfectly calculated salesmanship! A testament to be sure. Anyone in sales needs to connect with their customer, make them feel safe, provide them with a product that feels like quality and service that is perceived as "over-the-top".

My mom has a Kirby from the early 1970s...when she got married. Last year she was approached by a salesman, I don't recall how. But the sales "strategy" was so bizarre she was very put-off. We are in Michigan...lower, central area.

The sales pitch was awkward. Delivered by a desperate young guy in his early 20's at best. He was delivered to the house by a woman driving a car load of 20-somethings. He did his sales demonstration to the best of his ability. My mother is not an easy customer... At the end, he asked if he could sit at the end of her driveway for the next 30 minutes because his "ride" wouldn't be back for at least that long...his tone was begging according to my mother. He even asked to use her phone, so that he could tell his "ride" he was done. It was intimated that she didn't like him finishing early and had expectations for him to meet.

Having chosen a Kirby more than 30 years ago, and now seeing the difference in sales technique, my mother was not inclined to buy. Or even consider it. I would have thought it was strange, but this was not the only occurrence of this practice that I have heard about in my area. Other relatives have expressed this same "begging" posture. And I have friends that were hard-up on jobs and responded to vacuum cleaner sales adverts... Where I am, this seems to be a common practice.

Sad that it does a dis-service to a product that was very good!

Post# 228030 , Reply# 25   4/11/2013 at 22:28 (1,896 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Hi fatalfranklin

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I have a special thread to deal with questions and comments. See Kirby Demo feedback.

Post# 228071 , Reply# 26   4/12/2013 at 07:25 (1,895 days old) by fatalfranklin ()        

Sorry to go off topic on your thread. I guess I misunderstood the thesis of the thread. Didn't realize it was a "How-To"...I thought it was more of a place to convey experiences. I understand if you have my comments removed!

Post# 228078 , Reply# 27   4/12/2013 at 09:34 (1,895 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
Hi fatalfranklin.

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No problem. You made some good points, go to 'feedback for my comments.

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The Rug Renovator part 1.

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Most of the demo has been completed and all that's left is the Rug Renovator. When the person in our office set the appointment she offered a free gift, and Mary asked that it be a free carpet shampoo, so this would be incorporated in the end of the demo.

As John and Mary have low plush carpeting there was no reason to show them the Shag King in action, and only now do I briefly mention it. Still sitting on the top of the upright box is one attachment. This is the Massage Cup, something John and Mary have glanced at throughout the demo. Now I pick it up. "Here's one of the most useful tools in you're attachment kit. Designed as a massage tool to invigorate the scalp, it has also been used in other ways. It's perfect for unscrewing a hot lightbulb, or if you turn it inside-out, and place it on the end of the hose when in blower mode, you can unclog the kitchen, or bathroom drain."

I turn to Mary. "The office told me you wanted one room of carpeting shampooed, I'd like to do that now, what room do I shampoo?" Mary leads me to the den off the living room and informs me that she vacuumed it for me. "Well lets give it a good cleaning" I tell her as I put the rug nozzle on the power plant and a clean pad in my dirt meter. "Mary, while I vacuum this carpet will you please fill this Renovator tank' to the 'fill' line with warm water? As she does that, I start to prepare the room for the final phase of the demo. When she returns with the water tank, she and John watch as I pull one dirt pad after the other, building up several more reasons that she needs the Kirby.

Once the room is ready, not only will I go into the shampooing of the carpet, but start my pre-close process.

Post# 228123 , Reply# 29   4/12/2013 at 19:20 (1,895 days old) by caligula (Benton, Pa)        
The Rug Renovator part 2.

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On the couch in the den are now another 20 test pads, and the carpet's ready for shampooing. As I remove the the rug nozzle and the dirt meter I tell them the way the normal shampooer works, then explain that the Kirby works exactly like the brush roll of a vacuum cleaner.

"Mary, John, the shampoo I used on that upholstered chair in the living room is the same that I'm adding to this water. I'm also putting a small amount of an all purpose cleaner called Scuttle. For the exact measurement, use the cap on the Renovator tank." Now the Renovator, and suds tray fit on the power plant. "The Kirby's always set at the propper speed. The shampoo's mixed in the water dispenser, travel's through this little hose that fits into this grommet on the suds tray. Now I'm ready to shampoo, watch how easy this is. I always start at a corner, and work backwards, then overlap where there is a bed of suds. Start with a five foot square, leaving a nice blanket of suds. Then I simply move on to the next section till I've used all the water in the dispenser. Returning to the place I started I use the brush to work in the suds and draw the dirt into the tray. In twenty minutes this carpet is dry enough to walk on. Here's where the Miracle Head works best. I'll put the dirt meter back to show you what's in that carpet."

Again the meter fills, but now it's mostly carpet fiber. "See that John, that's the carpet. Did you ever get a small pebble in your shoe, and have to walk on it?" John nodds, "well that's what's happening to this carpet. As we walk our feet are cutting the carpet fibers, that's why a carpet fears out at places like the front door, but with regular vacuuming with her new Kirby, Mary can keep that grit out of her carpets. Not only that but keep the upholstered furniture, drapes, and other surfaces free of dust. With a quick vacuuming once a week the carpets, bookcases, and so on stay clean, she can also pervent your jackets and her dresses free of moths, to say nothing of using the sander or drill in your workshop." As I tell them all this I use the Mirical Head fluffing the carpet. "The shampoo will dry to a fine powder and you simply vacuum it up as I'm doing now, and the shampoo is designed to repell dirt so all you need is a weekly vacuuming"

With the carpet shampooed, vacuumed, and fluffed, I ask Mary if I can rinse off the rug Renovator, and as I do so, show her how to clean it.

Finally I return to the living room, put my dirt meter in my demo kit and set up the Kirby with the bag. The tool kit is on one side with the hose coiled over the long wand, the Miracle Head, Handi-Butler, Handi-Waxer, and Rug Renovator in the a semi circle. I've also taken all of the dirt pads including the ones from the den and place them on the floor. The cord has been wrapped on both hooks on the handle. Again I ask John and Mary to sit, and I Point to her Filtex. "There's a 20 foot cord on that Filtex, the Kirby has a cord 32 feet long, and as I said at the start of this, is detatchable. Look at this, turn the upper hook and the cord slides right off, isn't that easy?"

After I move the tired, old, Filtex next to the shiny new Kirby I turn to John. "So what do you think Mary needs to clean the house, this vacuum cleaner with limited attachments, and uses, or the Kirby Classic 111 that's four vacuum cleaners in one, plus a sprayer, demother, carpet fluffer, floor polisher, and shampooer?" Before John can answer I add "and instead of disposaable bags, there is the Sani-Em-Tor." And with this I show briefly how it works, then look at John. "Don't you agree that Mary deserves the shining new Kirby?"

"What is the price?" he asks, and I take a note pad, write down $549.00 complete. Passing the pad to John I know telling him about financing will be an insult. "Sold, will you take a check?" he asks. "Sure" I tell him.

Now with the sale made all I have to do is show them how to attach the various heads to the power plant, and how to change the belts.

An hour later I thank them for the sale, tell Mary to enjoy her Kirby, put the two dozen leads in my demo kit, and go on to my next demo.

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