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My New Aerus Vacuums
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Post# 213316   1/9/2013 at 16:27 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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The Ultimate in Performance and Beautiful Design

The Lux Guardian Platinum is designed to be stylish and durable, with intuitive performance, so you can create a clean, healthy home. Despite a high-powered motor, operation is exceptionally quiet and two sealed HEPA filters ensure the tiniest contaminants are captured and clean air is released. Featuring sleek design and stainless steel appearance, the Lux Guardian Platinum is a sophisticated appliance. With intelligent features such as the Automatic Operation Mode that senses what type of cleaning you are performing, and the System Indicator to alert you when maintenance is needed, you'll find everything you'd expect from a high-performance floor care system.
•High-Powered Motor - Features an amazing 505 air watts and 116" of water lift.
•Remarkably Quiet Operation - The Lux Guardian Platinum features an aerodynamic air guide design and multi-layered sound insulation.
•Sleek Design - The stainless steel design is protected by a special anti-fingerprint finish.
•Performance Indication - A System Indicator alerts the condition of operation including suction level & automatic mode, prefilter notification, full filter bag and over-heated motor.
•Intelligent Suction - Suction control can be adjusted across 8 levels according to the task you are performing. Control manually or automatically. Use maximum power for vacuuming floors and deep cleaning, medium power for vacuuming upholstery or dusting and minimum power for delicate cleaning.
•Simple Maneuverability - The 3-wheel guidance system makes the canister easy to pull as you vacuum. A rubberized coating prevents scratches on wood floors and ensures quiet operation.
•Convenient - An Automatic cord winder easily stores the 28-foot cord.
•Versatility - Top-mounted power switch is operated with a simple foot tap. Switches located on the handle adjust suction and turn off the power nozzle brush roll when using on hard surface flooring.
•Ease of Use - The unique L-shape power nozzle provides 4-sided cleaning and self-adjusts its height between types of flooring.
•LED Headlight - The Lux Guardian Platinum features a LED headlight that makes it easier to see in dark areas.
•Effortless Assembly - The patented Push & Pull Connection System makes inserting and removing the electrical hose effortless. The hose rotates 360° on both ends and the handle features an ergonomic design for comfort.
•Unique Parking Positions - The canister features two power nozzle parking positions, one on the side of the canister for interruptions while cleaning and one on the bottom of the canister for storage.
•Automatic Protection - If an object becomes tangled in the power nozzle brush, the circuit breaker will automatically shut off the brush to prevent damage. A built in thermo coupler protects the motor by shutting it down if it overheats.
•No Worries - The Lux Guardian Platinum features a worry free ownership with a 15-year limited warranty

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Post# 213321 , Reply# 1   1/9/2013 at 16:37 (1,988 days old) by KirbyUltimateG (Troy Ohio 45373 USA)        

Very nice! Enjoy!

Post# 213330 , Reply# 2   1/9/2013 at 16:59 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
All my New Aerus Vacuums

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I decided to buy the The Lux Guardian Platinum and received the Fresh Era free .

I also purchased Two (2) Lux Guardian Uprights . Next to Kirby Aerus is the best

bagged vacuums out there IMO . My family has owned Aerus (the real Electrolux)

since the 40`s and not one has had a problem ever .

Quality made in the USA : ) fresh era is not USA made but a great machine .

Post# 213336 , Reply# 3   1/9/2013 at 17:13 (1,988 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Ultimate and Beautiful


I am very pleased with my Lux Guardian Platinum. In my lengthly conversation with the President of Aerus last week, I learned it was designed by them and partner Lux International AG over a 6 year period. Excellent performance, super quiet and the machine offers superb results in its current form. I have a German Shorthair pup and there is NO dog odor with the double HEPA. I made numerous suggestions as far as hose handle, wand and power nozzle improvements. Changing the double helix OEM roller (48497) to the 48011 Lux Green HPO roller from the Lux 9000 boosts soil removal in real-world testing from about 75% to about 85% or so, making it pretty close to the performance of the Miele 236. Lux used to figure about 20% improvement in soil removal with the 2.1A motor in the Omniflo nozzle. This is very evident when mating it to the Lux Floor Pro with Kirby Lavendar soap. Carpets stay cleaner longer with this vacuum.


Post# 213339 , Reply# 4   1/9/2013 at 17:19 (1,988 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Guardian Upr Airwatt Numbers


What are the airwatt numbers on the Guardian Upright? When I sold them they had the V-bulkhead and Domel VM 3's like 380 or so. The website is showing 318 and that can't be right.


Post# 213344 , Reply# 5   1/9/2013 at 17:27 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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I love Aerus if I don`t grab my Kirby Sentria II or My Rainbow E4 Black I use my

Areus vacuums most it seems . I am pleased with the Lux Guardian Platinum the

wands never bothered me but that`s what I like . The problem with a more aggressive

brush roll is it damages carpets . The Lux Guardian Platinum is my Favorite bagged

canieter vacuum . I sold my Miele and Sebo canisters and uprights because I did

not care for them . The only other bagged canisters that I own and prefer are

Tri Star , Vortech Force , Filter Queen , Riccar/Simplicity and Miracle Mate .

The Upright I hear is 425 air watts .

Post# 213345 , Reply# 6   1/9/2013 at 17:32 (1,988 days old) by luxflairguy (Wilmington, NC)        

Now that's a vacuum cleaner! Could you measure the length of the hose? It looks longer in the pics on the website, but...Thanks!

Post# 213346 , Reply# 7   1/9/2013 at 17:51 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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the hose measures end to end 7`8" which is very long . Longer than my X-Miele

Capricorn plus this has adult sized attachments not the toys that my X-Miele`s

had .

Post# 213350 , Reply# 8   1/9/2013 at 18:07 (1,988 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        


That sounds better on airwatt numbers. Seems like they were just partnering with Johnson Electric for the brushless suction motors when I left. I am told the Guardian Platinum is a Dome motor. I too like Tristar for durability and excellent mobility. FILTER QUEEN is a super vacuum and it is difficult to beat Kirby for performance and durability. Love Sebo and don't mind Miele when someone else is paying the bill. Have had all of the above for several years.

I would like to see a tear down on the Guardian Platinum. How about you go first and post the pics since you have more experience?


Post# 213352 , Reply# 9   1/9/2013 at 18:12 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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I would love to tear it down but I don`t have the time . It does look very easy

to take apart . If you go to Lux International website they show it apart and show

the motor and all internal parts .


Post# 213362 , Reply# 10   1/9/2013 at 18:48 (1,988 days old) by rainbowjoel (Dexter NM)        

Beautiful Luxes you got there. I love your picture.

Post# 213367 , Reply# 11   1/9/2013 at 19:13 (1,988 days old) by kirbykid (this user is not allowed to sell anything on Vacuumland)        

how much did it cost???

Post# 213371 , Reply# 12   1/9/2013 at 19:18 (1,988 days old) by FantomLightning (Ohio)        

Hasn't this machine been out for a few years as the Sauber Intelligence? Not only that weren't there claims of unreliability and electrical problems? More information would be appreciated.

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Post# 213373 , Reply# 13   1/9/2013 at 19:23 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I paid

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$1000.00 for my Lux Guardian Platinum canister which came with the free fresh Era .

My Guardian uprights were $500.00 a piece .

I get a discount because I buy many Aerus products yearly and give to family members and select close friends .

I am not the typical buyer as I buy in bulk around 10 every year not just one .

All problems have been worked out years ago thats why this one is going to be reliable . The problems stemmed mainly from the hose controls . Plus my 15 year warranty leaves me worry free .

Post# 213379 , Reply# 14   1/9/2013 at 20:03 (1,988 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Got my lux platinum about two months ago. Love it. Very quite and all the good old fashioned Electrolux tools.

Post# 213382 , Reply# 15   1/9/2013 at 20:15 (1,988 days old) by s31463221 (Frenchburg, KY)        

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Beautiful lineup of machines you have there! I've been wanting the guardian platinum ever since I got to see one up close last October. In fact, I'm in the process of trying to get one and hopefully I'll have one myself soon. They are awesome machines and I really can't wait to add one to my lineup! Congratulations on your machines you have there as I'm sure you'll get many great years of use out of them!

Post# 213393 , Reply# 16   1/9/2013 at 20:46 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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Thanks I know you will love it as I think its worth every penny . I would have paid full price for it if I didn`t purchase so many Aerus vacuums over the years .

Super quiet and super powerful Aerus is back I can`t wait to see the new Upright
thats in the works .

I always trust Aerus even when I owned my store and Sold Miele as an Authorized dealer . Aerus canisters can`t be beat IMO I liked Miele but I love Aerus period.

Aerus (Electrolux) was the first to introduce multi layer filter bags they had filtration down before anyone !


Post# 213400 , Reply# 17   1/9/2013 at 21:58 (1,988 days old) by mieles7 (DFW, TX)        

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When did Air-Way introduce their bags? I always heard about how they were the first to have disposable bags and great filtration because of this.

Post# 213402 , Reply# 18   1/9/2013 at 22:02 (1,988 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
I love Aerus Vacuums

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This looks so cool. I supposed the tools don't store on board though? My friend (Joanne) told me her vacuum was dying and she used to have an Electrolux years ago and it lasted for decades and she saw an Electrolux at Kohl's and was going to buy it. I had to tell her that what she saw is NOT the REAL Elextrolux and explained to her that if she wants a real Electrolux, she should look for the name Aerus (Electrolux). So sad about the name change because people think they are really getting Electrolux when it's not even close to it. She ended up buying a used real Electrolux on Ebay. I like my Epic 6500 a lot but this baby looks like it would put it to a crying shame.

Post# 213405 , Reply# 19   1/9/2013 at 22:08 (1,988 days old) by s31463221 (Frenchburg, KY)        

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I agree, it is a crying shame that the so-called Electroluxes found in big box stores are nothing even close to the original Electrolux vacuums from yesteryear...I too have had to explain to many family and friends that they are NOT the real thing and won't last 20+ years like their original ones did!

If you've not had a chance to see one in person, I would highly recommend going to a vac shop that has one and trying it out...I was SO impressed with the one I got to play with in October! They are super quiet and have as much if not more suction than a central vac has! I have been drooling for one ever since!

Post# 213406 , Reply# 20   1/9/2013 at 22:09 (1,988 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Hi mark,
The tools kind of store on board with an attachment to the wand like the lux ultra, not on the canister itself like the legacy.

Post# 213408 , Reply# 21   1/9/2013 at 22:16 (1,988 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

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Dan, do you know what is going on with the Guardian Ultra canister?? I thought it was discontinued, due to the Guardian Platinum coming out, but yet it is still showing up on the Aerus website. What gives?? WHY would they keep producing it when they already have the Legacy & Classic as lower-tier models?


Post# 213411 , Reply# 22   1/9/2013 at 22:26 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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They are toying with getting rid of the Classic or the Legacy. I think it will be the classic according to my guy who owns my local Aerus store .

The Guardian Ultra is a big hit which I find hard to belive . I own one and was
shocked how full my bag was when I replaced it for the first time .

I thought it was just an OK vacuum until I replaced the bag . People love it because it is light weight and simple to use .


Post# 213415 , Reply# 23   1/9/2013 at 22:36 (1,988 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Dan, have you ever had to empty the bag on your platinum yet. I found it to get really packed too before the change bag light comes on. We have a German shepherd so we go through a bag about very third week.

Post# 213416 , Reply# 24   1/9/2013 at 22:42 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

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not yet as I only used it once and put it back into the box .

I use my Guardian uprights and those bags get packed full also .

I just used the new Upright today as I retired my Blue and white the previous model Guardian because the new one is more peowerful.

I find everytime they bring out a new Upright they ad more power to them which you can really notice .

Post# 213422 , Reply# 25   1/9/2013 at 23:09 (1,988 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

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I have NEVER had my Epic 6500 shut off on its own. I always changed the bag WAY before even close to being packed. I don't think I've ever owned a bagged vacuum that I let the bag get to the state of being packed. And that dial on the top, not sure if it even really does anything. I can't tell.

Post# 213423 , Reply# 26   1/9/2013 at 23:15 (1,988 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Dan you sure have great taste sir!!! I love my Aerus machines as well as kirby, vortech, patriot rainbow and tristar!!!

Post# 213425 , Reply# 27   1/9/2013 at 23:25 (1,988 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

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Phillip I love Quality vacuums and collect mainly high end Vacuums .

Just like my cars I drive their moto is "When Only The Best Will Do" and "The Best Or Nothing "
I feel that way about my vacuum cleaners I choose to collect .

I haven`t purchased a big box Vacuum in years , I wish they would improve them but
I have heard Hoover is on it`s way back to Quality Vacuums I sure hope so as I LOVE my Convertibles , Decades , Supremecy`s , Dial A Matics , Concepts , Elites and Legacy`s ect .

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Post# 213427 , Reply# 28   1/9/2013 at 23:37 (1,988 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The platinum with its P bag does get that solid brick look and feel like all the C bag canisters when full.

Mark, the dial on the lux vacuum does effect how full it lets the bag get before they automatically shut off. The new platinum does not have an adjust dial or as they called them on the old metal canisters,"retard" dial. If u turn it all the way to the right the bag will be less full when it automatically shuts off and the bag indicator light comes on.

Post# 213439 , Reply# 29   1/10/2013 at 03:04 (1,987 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Sounds like the 'Lux Guardian Platinum may be worth looking at.Sounds like 'Lux is raising the bar here.At some point may be a nice vacuum to add to my collection-gotta pay for some others first!

Post# 213441 , Reply# 30   1/10/2013 at 05:39 (1,987 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuums

Thanks for posting the information on the new Aerus!
It sure looks like an improvement over the last machine. We have lost our Aerus store in Indianapolis. I sure hope they have not waited too late for the new machine to come out. I would not be comfortabel buying one when we do not even have an Aerus store in the area.
Your machine looks great! It would be hard for me to go back to the bag vacuum after having the new Rainbow.
I agree with Mark in that with my recent Lux machines,the automatic control seemed to be worthless unless yo want to leave the bag in the machine until it is packed and I do not want to store the filth for weeks.
Thanks so much for the pictures and keep us informed of it's performance as you have had a chance to use it. It looks beautiful in the picture!

Post# 213442 , Reply# 31   1/10/2013 at 06:58 (1,987 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
Hey KirbyLoverdan

I have the Guardian Upright for almost two years now, I like it, but don't love it. My complaints are with the separate tools, dated design, and some air leaks out of the bottom near the duct. (Does it emit any particles back into the air? Is it sealed?) Always wondered about this... Also, do you know if Aerus is coming out with a new upright? Your new canister looks nice, much improved than what was being offered..... I think one of the challenges is Aerus needs to get its name out there! period! I live on Long Island and we have just about three dealers here, the rest closed down over the years, but very pushy and sleezy store owners, make for a bad sales experience, that's why Aerus has not seen my repeat business. Ive been contemplating a switch to Miele or Riccar, but not making any rushed decisions yet. Would like to see what will be rolling out. The Platinum aside, I find the rest of their line up not as quite or refined as a Miele or Riccar

Post# 213443 , Reply# 32   1/10/2013 at 07:07 (1,987 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Also, in Long Island, not sure how New Jersey is, but they sell Miele very well here. The vacuum stores stock them three times over any other brand. Riccar and Simplicity with a decent line up is hard to find as well. Many of the stores are not that pleasant to shop and demo in either...very shanty! I don't know if its just Long Island people or the demand for premiums vacuums is not here. How lucrative is it to open a retail store?

Post# 213444 , Reply# 33   1/10/2013 at 07:34 (1,987 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

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It looks like the hose handle is slightly shorter on the Guardian Platinum than it was on the previous models? It still looks bulky however. I had a 6500 and a 9000 and I hated the bulky handle and wands. They were great if all you wanted to do was vacuum the rugs or floor but for above the floor cleaning it was just too bulky and heavy to use so I ended up getting rid of both of them. Otherwise I like Electrolux a lot. Is the Platinum any quieter?


Post# 213447 , Reply# 34   1/10/2013 at 08:47 (1,987 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
George & Gary

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The Upright is not sealed so unless you have major alergies it holds the dust pretty good I know the first generation HEPA filters didn`t fit properly as the new one fits and is sealed to the machine .

They are in the process of bringing out a new upright no news at
all about that .

The seperate tools do not bother me at all I guess owning uprights and canisters I use the canister for the tools and carpets and upright just for the carpets .

The handle is close to the old one just a bit thinner and lighter it`s the same set up on the Tri Star their other company .

I happen to like the wands they work for me because I like taking one section to clean stairs and furniture .

The Platnium is very quiet I think it`s quieter than a Miele .

Owning a store is very time consuming and can be a money maker but in my area they dont care about quality when WalMart sells a $29.00 vacuum thats all they care about . Thats why I closed my store and I sell on Ebay where people know Quality .

I know about NY vacuum shops a friend used to be Electrolux`s best sales man from Long Island and if you walked into his shop you walked out with a brand new Electrolux . It`s all about the $$$ and how many they can sell per day .

Post# 213496 , Reply# 35   1/10/2013 at 16:39 (1,987 days old) by JDrums0789 (West Des Moines, IA)        

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I am a HUGE fan of the Aerus Electrolux Uprights. I have an Epic 3500 SR (the dark gray model) and it is my favorite upright to use. Lightweight, good suction, great brush roll. Its the triple threat! And its so easy to go from rugs to bare floors, and the Sidekick, well it just puts air powered hand tools to shame. If I didn't love Kirbys so much, I would only have Electrolux!

I would just love to have the new all white model! Maybe I'll be able to score a deal when they debut the new upright.

I'm imagining the new upright as the next evolution of the discovery design, black with the stainless steel. I bet its going to be a real looker!

Post# 213522 , Reply# 36   1/10/2013 at 17:56 (1,987 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

I'm hoping to buy the Guardian Platinum & Classic canisters & Guardian upright soon.

Currently, I own a G, L, two 1205s (might also get a 3rd 1205 & a XXX) a B-8 shampooer/polisher/scrubber (1205-era) a Diplomat & a Super J.

I just can't be without Aerus/Electrolux! They are my family favorites & everyone loves Electrolux (Aerus) products.

Post# 213535 , Reply# 37   1/10/2013 at 19:45 (1,987 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Great looking G Erik

Post# 213541 , Reply# 38   1/10/2013 at 20:25 (1,987 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Aerus is a

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
great Quality made vacuum cleaner . Like I said every family member owns at least 3 or more .

We have owned Aerus/Electrolux for generations along with Kirby .

Post# 213557 , Reply# 39   1/10/2013 at 21:46 (1,987 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

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Hey guys...just to clarify the history here: though you may have a fierce loyalty to Electrolux vacs that were designed and built in the USA, there would never have been an American Electrolux company had the Swedish Electrolux parent company not decided to invest in a branch in North America. The REAL Electrolux company is indeed the Swedish parent company that innovated the cylinder vacuum over in Europe.

It is fair to say that you prefer the products made between 1968 and 2007 by the American subsidiary of Sweden's Electrolux company and its heirs. And it's fair to say that you don't like a lot of the current vacs designed by that European company. But to remain true to historical facts, the real Electrolux is actually the Swedish company that now produces the Ultra Silencer and the UltraOne vacs - whether you like it or not. To be perfectly fair, one could also say that you prefer the vacs made by the Sara Lee cake company...Consolidated Foods.

Just to prevent any rewriting of history here.... :-)

Post# 213564 , Reply# 40   1/10/2013 at 22:05 (1,987 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Ummm I

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know that history Brian . I have 2 Vikings made in Sweeden , they along with the European and American Cylinder tube shaped Electrolux/Aerus Vacuums are the best made in many Americans minds .

We now have the new Electrolux vacuums here since the person I dont remember his name sold the name back to the European Electrolux company . Those machine do not hold up as well as the old style Electrolux(Aerus)machines we are used to. Plus we know many of them to be Eureka Vacuums which are lower quailty vacuums sold in big box stores here in the USA . Yes we love our Sara Lee vacuums and baked goods thank you very much .

No one is trying to rewrite anything we are just LOYAL to our Electrolux (Aerus) we are used to and grew up with .You may like your Electrolux`s many Americans do
not . To each his own . I am not sure where you got us trying to rewrite history from ???

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Post# 213567 , Reply# 41   1/10/2013 at 22:19 (1,987 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Joe Urso the current CEO of Aerus is the guy who sold the Electrolux name back to Electrolux Sweden. To this day I think it was a huge mistake.

Post# 213569 , Reply# 42   1/10/2013 at 22:27 (1,987 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

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Mike I try to forget his name . It was a huge mistake on his part and very smart on Electrolux of Europe .

I remember when it first happened they were selling their rebadged Eurekas on QVC and they were using pictures of the USA Electrolux vacuums trying to say they are the same Quality which they never have been here in the USA .

Many people purchased the "new" Electrolux rebadged Eurekas and had no idea about what happened and hate Electrolux because of poor quality and they don`t know Aerus is our Electrolux vacuums of yesterday .It would be like Hyundai buying the Mercedes name and calling a Sonata an C Class Mercedes .

Post# 213571 , Reply# 43   1/10/2013 at 22:33 (1,987 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I agree Dan. I cringe when I see the the Electrolux name on those big box store vacuums.
Funny though any time I call my aerus store they still answer the phone with "aerus / electeolux". Any time a buy anything Including my platinum in October, I write out the check to Electrolux.. Funny they always take the check and don't say a word.

Post# 213573 , Reply# 44   1/10/2013 at 22:39 (1,987 days old) by eurekaprince (Montreal, Canada)        

eurekaprince's profile picture

I am just saying that we should be careful what we label as the "real" company here. To me, the word "real" somehow means the original, authentic thing. We in North America bought the right to use a Swedish brand name on a certain line of American and Canadian vacs. We sold it back to the original owners in 2007. Can you imagine if some British vac collectors labelled their Candy Hoovers as the "real" Hoovers?

And it's not to say the "less real" or less original companies aren't producing good products. I am sure there are many European Candy Hoovers that could outperform some TTI Hoovers...

In truth, I am a loyal fan of the Eureka Williams company that no longer exists. But I am willing to give Electrolux credit for producing some great little vacuums, like my wonderful little Electrolux UltraSilencer Green imported from an Electrolux factory in Hungary. I challenge Aerus to produce a little powerful and quiet canister vac like that one for under $400 which is what I paid for it.

Post# 213577 , Reply# 45   1/10/2013 at 22:51 (1,987 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Well Brian

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we here in America we call our Aerus Vacuums the "Real" Electrolux as we have yet to find a "New" Electrolux last over 50 years plus as my family still own and use today .

Like I said to each his own : ) Aerus here in the US is not known for building and selling "Inexpensive" vacuums . Im sure if they decided to go that route they could but thats not what they do : )

Most of us that know vacuums are not fans of the New Electrolux vacuums and its hard to go into a WalMart and see the Same brushroll and Attachments on a $59.00 Eureka and then go to Home Depot and see the Same Brush roll and attachments on an Electrolux selling for $400.00 .

I too miss the Eureka williams company the "Real" Eureka IMO also : )

Post# 213579 , Reply# 46   1/10/2013 at 22:58 (1,987 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Not only wouldn't they last fifty years, but wouldn't have the same great horsehair tools, wouldn't deliver supplies and bags to your home personally, wouldn't come to your home to service your vac if needed and would pick up and rede liver your vac and leave a loner it ever couldn't be serviced in your home.

Post# 213580 , Reply# 47   1/10/2013 at 23:00 (1,987 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        

aeoliandave's profile picture
Dan, I agree. great Quality made vacuum cleaner. They really have paid attention to detail with this machine, it is worth every penny - a bargain even - and if I was in the market for a brand new 2013 vacuum canister this would be my choice over a Miele or other high end machine.
As an engineer I am impressed and satisfied with its design, versatility and robust construction. Plus it looks real good and purposeful.


Post# 213583 , Reply# 48   1/10/2013 at 23:18 (1,987 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Mike and Dave

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
you guys hit the nail on the head . This is what we expect and are used to from our Aerus/Electrolux Vacuums . QUALITY decades long lasting well Built Vacuum Cleaners !

Post# 213612 , Reply# 49   1/11/2013 at 09:28 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

What great vacs. My ONLY issue with Aerus uprights is the lack of on board attachments. It wouldn't kill them to put them on board and attach the hose. Love the new Platinum.

Post# 213614 , Reply# 50   1/11/2013 at 09:37 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

By the way, Aerus has updated it's website and features a lengthy video about the Platinum and it's features. It appears more advanced than I thought. Apparently in "Automatic" mode it adjusts it's suction itself based upon the dirt it's picking up.

Post# 213620 , Reply# 51   1/11/2013 at 10:04 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
the attachments clip between the the hose and the wands just like the TriStar vacuums .

Yes this machine is very advanced compared to many other vacuums out there .

Post# 213623 , Reply# 52   1/11/2013 at 10:31 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

To be totally fair, the "real" electrolux doesn't exist. The original tank was invented by Axel Wenner-Gren, and he contracted it's manufacture. He called it a Lux at first. The ancestor of original vacuum is Lux International, not Electrolux AB.

Post# 213625 , Reply# 53   1/11/2013 at 10:32 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Oh sorry Dan I meant the Guardian Upright. I wish they had on board attachments. I wish I had the money to buy one.

Post# 213626 , Reply# 54   1/11/2013 at 10:46 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
The Aerus Lux 4000 and 6000 had tools on board I own a 4000 .

Aerus said customers did not like tools on board I find that hard to belive .

Very Interesting Lux international is a part of Aerus .

Post# 213627 , Reply# 55   1/11/2013 at 10:56 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I don't believe that either. That's Aerus' problem recently-arrogance. They want to tell consumers what they should want, instead of providing what they want. Most people love having everything handy. I knew Aerus use to have a built on hose and stuff. They say they sold the design to another company called ProTeam. I bet the new upright will be incredible if it's anything like the canister.

Post# 213634 , Reply# 56   1/11/2013 at 12:34 (1,986 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
On board attachments

mark40511's profile picture
Aerus said their customers didn't like on board attachments??????

Well, I'm not one of them! I love my Epic 6500 but if there is one thing I can't stand, it's that there is no where to store the floor brush. I have it basically lying on the top as I vacuum and it falls and I have to pick it back up as I go. The whole point of quick disconnect is to have the attachments right there with you when you want go from carpeted to non-carpeted. When I first got this machine (which is my first and only Electrolux so far), other than my short lived experience with the Renaissance, I was pretty shocked there was no place for the floor tool, yet there is a place for the dusting brush and crevice tool.

Post# 213641 , Reply# 57   1/11/2013 at 13:41 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
to solve your no place to put the Floor brush problem .

I always get another set of wands and keep the floor tool attached to that and I
hang it in the closet or you can just stand it somewhere .

Christopher , I here the new upright will follow the Guardian Platinum foot steps .

Post# 213646 , Reply# 58   1/11/2013 at 14:28 (1,986 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
A little online research and....

The Platinum is basically a re-badged Sauber Intelligence sold in Australia. Also, Lux International seems to be the parent company, which probably holds the patents to design. Interesting, I guess Aerus LLC needed some ideas from Europe. By the way Aerus needs to fix its Shop Now/Buy Now part of the lacks many parts, bags and filters for the new machines. Somebody in the IT department is falling asleep!!!

Post# 213651 , Reply# 59   1/11/2013 at 15:17 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Lux Intelligence vacuum is the same as the Sauber as the Aerus Platinum .

A very popular vacuum in Europe and soon to be here in the USA .

They are one Aerus & Lux international .

This post was last edited 01/11/2013 at 16:50
Post# 213653 , Reply# 60   1/11/2013 at 15:47 (1,986 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I would kill for that braided hose that come with the Lux Intelligence that Lux international sells :)
I am not sure how but Aerus and Lux international are some how connected

Post# 213674 , Reply# 61   1/11/2013 at 18:43 (1,986 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus vacuuums

Maybe the storage for the floor brush did not used to be a problem when the Electrolux came with the flip/over rug and floor tool and it remained attached to the set of wands.
I really like the new machine but how are they going to make the public aware of the machine and brand? Collectors know and understand the name change but so many of the old Electrolux offices have been closed and their good name has sure taken a beating from the Electrolux's sold at Lowes.
Does the new machine have a power nozzle that locks in the upright position?
There is something about the metal and blue-gray color and shape that reminds me of the XXX.

Post# 213675 , Reply# 62   1/11/2013 at 18:50 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
That was the problem but my Aerus guy says the name Aerus is catching on in this area and across the US most people have caught on many are bringing the Lowes Electrolux to them for repairs and walking out with Aerus vacuums because they are so disapointed and feel they were conned into beleiving it was an Electrolux as we know it in the USA .

The machine has two parking positions one on the side and one underneath .

The color is Black and Stainless .

Post# 213679 , Reply# 63   1/11/2013 at 19:30 (1,986 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        


The Lux Intelligence was designed by Andy Eide at Aerus and I forget the engineer at Lux International AG. The development process and costs were shared by both and took six years. The reason for the delay in the North American launch was primarily the exchange rate with the euro. Originally they were going to bring the Lux 1 Royal to the North American market. I spoke at length with the President of Aerus this past week. I would definitely like to see the european hose handle and matching teardrop switches on the current hose. The european hose is a Plastiflex hose with a braided cover over it unlike the Silverado gimp hose made by former Lux subsidiary Lawrence MFG. now called Flexible Technologies. Aerus felt the urethane hose was better for the Platinum because of the braid split on the older hoses that become "furry." Great care was taken with this vacuum to avoid another "Renaissance" and the electrical issues with the circuit boards inside it. There may be some changes in the future depending on how well it sells. I like the remote handle controls of the original Guardian as well.

In lots of respects, the change to Lux makes sense for both sister companies. First Electrolux USA needed to expand beyond US and Canada and could not go global under the Electrolux name. Lux International AG is a global supplier without any manufacturing capability or access to the NA market. Both companies are spinoff's of Lux AB. Aerus has a super FloorPro and a nice upright and commercial vacuum line and great, cutting-edge air purification and water products. Several of these could be marketed globally for Lux International with 220v motors. Aerus definitely has the manufacturing capacity and volume drives production costs down. This may be the best thing ever to happen to both companies. Electrolux AB wanted to sell dishwashers and washers and dryers also. Stainless kitchen appliances and stainless floor care are complimentary as are the names Electrolux and Lux. I would have sold the Electrolux name , adopted Lux the way Aerus did, but Electrolux AB would have to brand their vacuums Eureka in North America to avoid confusion with the original American Electrolux.


Post# 213681 , Reply# 64   1/11/2013 at 19:42 (1,986 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

A lot of great information Brian. Thanks . I wonder if aerus Electrolux will ever introduce that steamer here that is on the lux international web site.

Post# 213682 , Reply# 65   1/11/2013 at 19:45 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
do you work for Aerus ?

Thank you for the information I love the Aerus Guardian Platinum . Being a collector and owner of over 400 Vacuums my collection consists of mainly top of line companies ,

I feel this is the best canister on the market and Aerus has a true hit and will sell millions with zero problems .

If I am not mistaken this Aerus is built in Slovania my Great Grandparents country .

Post# 213683 , Reply# 66   1/11/2013 at 19:54 (1,986 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

That is a great idea about having an extra set of wands for the floor brush Dan. They also come in handy when I have to vacuum the crown on our ten foot ceilings. I only had one extra for my legacy but will order two for the platinum.

Post# 213684 , Reply# 67   1/11/2013 at 19:57 (1,986 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Former Lux Guy


I did, in fact, work for Lux for more than a dozen years. I almost scored a MAJOR contract with a French company and would now be retired if the Lux commercial was similar to the Windsor Versamatic. I am toying with going back to Lux which is why I bought this vac to evaluate. I sold about 90% Guardians and this vacuum was the Electrolux Epic 8000 when I started in the come-as-you-are section of Malden, MA in 1998.


Post# 213686 , Reply# 68   1/11/2013 at 20:01 (1,986 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
pretty cool , I am really impressed with this machine I am considering selling Aerus I might be talking to my Aerus guy very soon !

Post# 213696 , Reply# 69   1/12/2013 at 00:15 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

The reason Electrolux/Aerus doesn't provide on board storage for a floortool is because they market the power nozzle as both for carpets/rugs and barefloors once the brushroll is turned off.

Post# 213698 , Reply# 70   1/12/2013 at 00:18 (1,986 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Kirbyloverdan, the Aerus film at the website seemingly shows the Bristol, Va. factory manufacturing the Platinum, do you think it is being made there?

Post# 213717 , Reply# 71   1/12/2013 at 06:45 (1,985 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Lux Platinum


The Lux Intelligence/Guardian Platinum in made in the EU by Kolektor (sp?) since europe has been the primary distribution area. I expect Bristol to make other products for worldwide distribution as well as new products as well. Both FloorPro and Tristar manufacturing has returned to Bristol after a short run in Asia. I am told they are now manufacturing two shifts daily.


Post# 213720 , Reply# 72   1/12/2013 at 06:55 (1,985 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

OK thanks funeraldirector, I imagine they will manufacture them there eventually if a sales success, which it ought to be.

Post# 213746 , Reply# 73   1/12/2013 at 11:47 (1,985 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
last year someone posted a topic about this vacuum coming in January 2013 and there was a picture of it. It was a pretty long string of discussion. Now, here we are Jan 2013 and here it is. At any rate, someone had mentioned that only 500 of these were being made or something similar to that. I find that hard to believe.

Post# 213751 , Reply# 74   1/12/2013 at 11:55 (1,985 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
That`s not

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
true this machine will be produced as many as needed .

Post# 213766 , Reply# 75   1/12/2013 at 12:37 (1,985 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus vacuums

I see the wand holder on the side of the machine. Could this side holder be used for the wand when usng the flip/over straight suction tool?
I know -too many questions-but such a handsome machine. In the picture it looks like a top line Electrolux should look. Makes my new Miele look pretty sad with it's short power cord,short cheap hose,tiny tools and the cheap plastic flip up lid!
I hope they can make this a successful machine. I like the fact that is says LUX on top of the machine.
Thanks again for sharing the information.

Post# 213783 , Reply# 76   1/12/2013 at 15:01 (1,985 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Thats the one flaw Aerus over looked adding the clip to the flip carpet/floor tool so you could park it also . I am sure they will realize this and add it soon .

I know what you mean about Miele I sure hope the new S8 line brings them back to the quality they were known for . My sister and I owned the S6 Capricorns and both had many parts break on them and I for one used mine very gently and my sister is very gentle with hers .

She went back to using her Aluminium and an Aerus Guardian Ultra canister I purchased for her .I have fixed and sold both Miele capricorns .

Post# 213787 , Reply# 77   1/12/2013 at 15:29 (1,985 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus vacuums

I think I like the set up of having the tools on the wand. I have serveral differen makes of canisters with the tools under the lid on the machine(even my Electrolux Epic 8000) and I just don't like having to bend down,open the door and then refit the tool in the correct space and be careful to close the plastic door and not damage the door.
I thought Electrolux had it right when you just clipped the combo tool on the hook on top and years ago you already had the rug/floor tool attached to the wands. So simple and easy to use.
It was a BIG improvement on my new Rainbow to have both the simple clip-on tool caddy on the front and it also carries the floor brush on board.
Sometimes I won't be using the tools so I don't even attach the tool carrier to the front.
This will be an exciting time for Aerus,if they market the new machine correctly.
I am sure Aerus will make some changes on this new machine after it has been out on the market a few months.

Post# 213792 , Reply# 78   1/12/2013 at 16:29 (1,985 days old) by joshdonnell (Denton ,Texas.)        

Dont you mean s5 capicorn ?

Post# 213793 , Reply# 79   1/12/2013 at 16:31 (1,985 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I agree 100 percent Rob about Miele's tools and cheep hose. There is not a perfect machine out there but I think lux with its platinum has the best machine here since the model G.
According to my lux guy the platinum is made in Europe and assembled in the Bristol plant in Virginia. How much assembling is actually done in Bristol is anyone's guess, but I really love my new platinum.
I am really thinking about getting a second one for our cabin in the north Ga mountains and retire in my 10 year old legacy

Post# 213797 , Reply# 80   1/12/2013 at 18:00 (1,985 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus vacuums

I really like the position and size of the wheels. Their posititon looks like it would make the machine easy to move around. Also like the 360 turning on both hose ends. It is hard to improve on the Lux tools.
I really like my Electrolux Epic 8000 and thought it looked like a Deluxe Electrolux with red lettering on the sides and the slightly rounded front like the old XXX.
Mine 8000 is very quiet but I have read on this forum that some were not so quiet.
So glad to have the flip/over rug tool back again and a longer power cord and hose.
I sure enjoyed the new video they have done for this machine. Will have to wait and see how reliable this machine proves over the first year. Let's hope they do some type of promotion to the general public to let them know Lux is back.

Post# 213807 , Reply# 81   1/12/2013 at 20:01 (1,985 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I love the flip over floor brush is now standard again all though my lux guy gave me one when I bought my legacy 10 tears ago. They added the flip brush to the ultra too even thigh they never changed their web site to reflect it

Post# 213815 , Reply# 82   1/12/2013 at 21:42 (1,985 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I wasn`t too

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
sure about Aerus when I purchased the previous model the Guardian Ultra . I said to my Aerus rep when he brought over the newest Aerus I thought he was joking . I thought it was a revised classic . I reluctantly purchased it but turned out very impressed after a few uses the bag was packed full . I vacuum every day with a Kirby and my Aerus Guardian upright and once every other week with my Rainbow.
I dont wear shoes in my house so I have no idea where all the dirt came from . I still had doubts about Aerus`s future . So when my guy called me again saying he had a new TOL Aerus I would want to buy I said if its like the Ultra but a different color I`m not interested . He stopped by and had this huge box pulled out the new Guardian Platinum and I was like FINALLY Aerus is back I whipped out the cash and it was mine . He did tell me that the Ultra sells very well and the only person who had a problem with it was me . I do love this new Platinum and I feel if the Ultra did so well this will do ten times better it is an awsome vacuum . I agree the tools are hard to beat they had it right for many years . I love the tools clipping to the wand its the perfect spot for them .That flip rug/floor tool is the BEST tool ever produced PERIOD. I love love love the fact that its metal again it reeks quality TOL . If anyone is considering this vacuum I say go for it . The Aerus Platinum my Kirby Sentria II and my Rainbow would be the three vacuums I could live with if I had to give up my 400 vacuums .Well I am waiting to see the new Kirby 100th anniversary " Avalir" if thats what its called I will have to ad a fourth .

Post# 213826 , Reply# 83   1/12/2013 at 22:47 (1,985 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I hear ya talkin kirbyloverdan and I love what I hear. I was worried about Aerus' future when they changed thier name and nobody knew them, but the name Aerus has grown on me. It apparently means "fresh air" in Greek so that is perfect for what they seek to do. I was worried to death Aerus would NEVER produce a machine that could truly compete with other high end canisters. I liked the Ultra but it was too loud and needed a variable speed motor to make me want one. My 3 biggies on vacuums is it must be a canister, must have strong suction/airflow, and must be fairly quiet. To me that is getting more for the money. Aerus never abandoned performance and quality tools but I couldn't understand why they couldn't quiet them down. I am so happy my favorite vacuum company will live.

Post# 213833 , Reply# 84   1/13/2013 at 00:21 (1,985 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
It doesn't really matter to me whether the tools are on the wand or the unit itself, as long as they are on board the vacuum somewhere for easy reach.

Post# 213850 , Reply# 85   1/13/2013 at 08:17 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I don't think Aerus had a choice. They most likely needed to produce the Platinum to compete with the other brands, because they were probably sinking. They sure do need to understand and grasp the concept of "Marketing" and figure out a way to re-invigorate the company. I am fairly young and never knew that they existed until a few years ago, but In my experience the salesperson and branch locations are a joke! (Long Island) cant comment about anywhere else.

Post# 213875 , Reply# 86   1/13/2013 at 10:46 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
was not sinking , the Guardian Ultra was a sucess along with everything else they sell .

The Guardian Platinum will just make them better than they ever have been .

Post# 213879 , Reply# 87   1/13/2013 at 11:21 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I own a Guardian Upright and a Miele canister. I like both brands equally, however, The Miele so far, I think is just a much better made/sealed vacuum with lower noise than any Aerus (except the Platinum) Miele is hands down a much more profitable company across the board, so is Oreck (quality aside)....they market and get the product in front of the consumer. Its seems Aerus wants you to discover it through a home demo or if you are a loyal customer and have been buying them since 1962. I have a good friend, who's father is an Aerus salesman, and he gets me bags. He even said the company/brand is not what it used to be...they aren't made as well. (the white machines). His sales have declined, since Miele and Sebo have been breaking into the market very quickly at better price points.

Post# 213882 , Reply# 88   1/13/2013 at 11:34 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
HEY .......................

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I own and have given many of the "White" Aerus vacuum away as gifts to family members and they are VERY reliable just as they have always been . Way more reliable than any Miele I have given to the same family members and friends when I owned my store I converted everyone to Miele and they did NOT hold up as Aerus has . Since then I have replaced every family member and friends Vacuums with Aerus .

Aerus is the only brand I can gift and never have to repair they are always problem free .

Post# 213889 , Reply# 89   1/13/2013 at 12:15 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I don't know, I have dropped my miele down the stairs twice, a good fall and its still in one piece, a couple times chrome wands slammed to the floor...still in one piece. Its durable on my count then.... The Aerus leaks air from the body (canister- by the cord winder hole & upright- base of vacuum by duct) strong body and durable--yes. Sealed system and inspected/quality control, definitely NOT! Severe allergies would not recommend it.... Sometimes the Legacy and even guardian canister will leak air at the handle, I noticed this two years ago when demo in a store.

Do you like the Riccar/Simpl vacuums at all?

Post# 213893 , Reply# 90   1/13/2013 at 12:24 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
The Platinum is

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
totally sealed and has TWO hepa filters .

I love Simplicity / Riccar I was a Simplicity dealer . IMO they are much better vacuums compared to Miele they out feature have longer cords , hoses better attachments and out clean Miele . I like Miele but LOVE Simplicity/Riccar and Aerus as they are IMO better machines .

I have really bad dust alergies and have used Aerus/Electrolux for years grew up with them and I have never had any reactions using them .

Post# 213894 , Reply# 91   1/13/2013 at 12:30 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Yes, the Platinum I'd agree with you....however, Id like to see if they come out with a new upright, before I go Platinum. Here's a question: Just going from my local observations, how come Miele is much easier to find and are sold then the other brands, Ex: Riccar/Simplicity/Sebo/etc.? Its seems vacuum shops like to sell Miele and even display the light up Miele sign in the window.

Post# 213898 , Reply# 92   1/13/2013 at 12:46 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

In addition... I have been to most of the vacuum stores on LI over the past two years and only two out of seven stores had them, and was not even the who line up...just a few models. Salesperson said they aren't stocking them anymore due to problems in the past with breakdowns....they show me to the Miele everytime

Post# 213899 , Reply# 93   1/13/2013 at 12:57 (1,984 days old) by joshdonnell (Denton ,Texas.)        
My new Aerus

I never like Riccar becuase it felt like i was using a Kenmore. I never found both brands to be all that great. Thats a nice Aerus you got there . But i would lean towards a new Tristar . I like simple vacuums like the Tristar and Kirby and Miele

Post# 213900 , Reply# 94   1/13/2013 at 13:03 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I have never heard of TriStar... hey Im 30, so probably 1/2 the average age of most people on here.

Post# 213913 , Reply# 95   1/13/2013 at 14:53 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
How can U

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
not know TriStar ? Im 45 not too much older than U .

I dont understand how anyone who claims they like vacuums don`t know EVERY brand made that includes one`s that are out of business too ?

Post# 213923 , Reply# 96   1/13/2013 at 16:24 (1,984 days old) by HooverCelebrity ()        

I dont understand how anyone who claims they like vacuums don`t know EVERY brand made that includes one`s that are out of business too ?
Dan, that was just plain rude.  Maybe that wasn't your intent, but that's sure how it came across.
Sorry that not everyone isn't as much of an EXPERT as you...  In fact, you use that line "I'm shocked that someone who claims to be an expert...." way too often and it really bothers me.  This is supposed to be a place of learning; not shaming someone for not knowing something.  It's wonderful that you have 400+ cleaners, used to sell vacuums, have fixed vacuums... etc.  So share your knowledge with other members, don't be surprised that everyone doesn't know everything. 

Instead of saying what you said,  couldn't you have posted a picture of a TriStar and said -- "Wow!  Never heard of a Tri-Star??  This is what one looks like; they're great machines..."  ?

Post# 213927 , Reply# 97   1/13/2013 at 16:42 (1,984 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

...well that's an interesting vacuum. I was able to pull up the website. Very cool. How much do they go for?

Post# 213929 , Reply# 98   1/13/2013 at 16:56 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
It wasn't meant to

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Be rude . I am just truthfully shocked especially these days when you have the Internet at your fingertips . I did not have that and had to go to the library or visit vacuum shops ect .
I guess my learning and love of vacuums goes a little deeper than most people's .

Post# 213930 , Reply# 99   1/13/2013 at 16:58 (1,984 days old) by joshdonnell (Denton ,Texas.)        

I kinda felt that was a little rude too . Im on here to learn too . Im not a expert but im willing to learn and i want to

Post# 213932 , Reply# 100   1/13/2013 at 17:09 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
There is this

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Web site called and if you go to it and type in the word "vacuum cleaner " many different brands will come up . Hope this helps 😬

Post# 213964 , Reply# 101   1/13/2013 at 21:02 (1,984 days old) by joshdonnell (Denton ,Texas.)        

Your such a wonderful person and nice . Btw i love your new vacuum

Post# 213966 , Reply# 102   1/13/2013 at 21:07 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thanks Josh

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
you are also I hope you get one of these Aerus vacuums soon : )

Any thing you want to know about vacuums I am here for you bud .

Post# 213978 , Reply# 103   1/13/2013 at 23:19 (1,984 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

To be honest, I didn't know about Tristar until I started reading this site. There's still a few brands I probably don't know still, the ones that went of business I mean. I find Tristar's website humorous in that it claims THEY build the best home cleaning system but that's what Aerus also claims. I know Tristar is owned by Aerus, but still, it's almost like they are competing with themselves and cancelling thier marketing out. LOL

Post# 213981 , Reply# 104   1/13/2013 at 23:35 (1,984 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
they are both made out of metal again .

Post# 213993 , Reply# 105   1/14/2013 at 02:46 (1,983 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
Aerus leaking

mark40511's profile picture

I have owned the Kenmore canisters in the past and this (other than the short that developed in the wands) was my biggest complaint. You could feel air coming out of the cord area and it was obviously NOT sealed! That's why I only wanted to use the hepa type cloth bags only in those machines.

MY Epic 6500 doesn't have a hepa filter, but only an after filter. When the machine is running, I feel ZERO air coming out of any part of the machine EXCEPT straight out of the after filter. Nothing coming out of the cord area or anywhere else on the machine.

Post# 214001 , Reply# 106   1/14/2013 at 06:59 (1,983 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

...perhaps that model does not leak air. Go to an Aerus retailer or if you know of someone who has a current Legacy model or the Guardian Upright like I do, turn on and feel the underneath of the Upright near the duct hose at the base before the power head and you will feel air blowing out from the connector cord. On the Legacy you will feel air escape from the cord winder hole and/or the handle sometimes. I do not know if this is every machine, as it could just be hit or miss. It happens to mine, I think the air passes through the bag and then gets forced through the seams by the duct hose before getting pushed out through the side HEPA filter.

Everyone on this post seems to ignore this, touting its such a great brand, its the best... nothing is the best! Yes the Platinum is much more solid, but the other models have small issues if you really look them over carefully. My Guardian does not even have LED headlight, something I wish it did. I like my machine, but the S7 is better IMO

Post# 214014 , Reply# 107   1/14/2013 at 09:41 (1,983 days old) by NYCWriter (New York City)        
Dan ...

nycwriter's profile picture
... I was quoted $2700 for the new Lux Platinum at the dealership in Manhattan.

Good price?

Post# 214015 , Reply# 108   1/14/2013 at 09:42 (1,983 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I own 25 Aerus vacuums all from the past 7 years up to todays newest Guardian , Ultra , Guardian Uprights , Legacys and now Platinum . Plus purchased around another 50 for family and friends .

I tried all of mine and only air comes out from filter area no where else .

I called my Sister ,Mom ,best friend and Brother and asked them to try all of theirs and same thing no air leaks either .

I owned an S7 it cleans well but is very heavy and bulky and bag changes are difficult compared to Aerus . Plus in the first 3 months the Electronic speed control burned out and had to be replaced twice .

Aerus Kirby Rainbow and Filter Queen are the best IMO !

Post# 214016 , Reply# 109   1/14/2013 at 09:46 (1,983 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
that seems rather high try to get them to come down on the price and make sure they throw in a few packs of bags .

I get a special price because I buy many machines . I have heard of people paying $1500.00 -$1800.00 sometimes if you pay cash they give a better price .

Good Luck

Post# 214022 , Reply# 110   1/14/2013 at 10:01 (1,983 days old) by NYCWriter (New York City)        
Thanks, Dan ...

nycwriter's profile picture
... frustrating that buying vacuums, like (absurdly enough) mattresses has become as much of a headache as buying a car.

Post# 214029 , Reply# 111   1/14/2013 at 10:25 (1,983 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Your welcome

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Matt ,

It does suck trying to get a great price but I always have been lucky and always use cash as my weapon of choice to get the best bargins that includes car purchases . I hope you get a great price and enjoy your Aerus for many years .

I know this may not be easy for evryone but if you can it works out for the best savings .


Post# 214033 , Reply# 112   1/14/2013 at 10:35 (1,983 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
So question:

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Has Aerus/Electrolux always advertised their vacuums as being "sealed"?

I find it very hard to believe that a premium brand like Aerus would not have sealed their vacuums since at least the 90s!

Another thing I find strange with my Epic 6500 is the bags. With the type C bags that mine use, they feel so much cheaper feeling than the Kenmore paper bags, yet in the Kenmore, there was always a fine dust all throughout the bag compartment, yet in my Epic 6500, there is no dust at all in the bag compartment. It's funny to me that the bag that feels/looks to be lesser quality works better. Perhaps it's the way the bag fits perfectly into the compartment. I know I think an Electrloux Aerus has GOT to be the most idiot proof when it comes to bag changing. It couldn't be any easier to change a vacuum bag in these type of machines.

Post# 214045 , Reply# 113   1/14/2013 at 11:52 (1,983 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
The Guardian

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Paltinum is it first sealed system .

Areus/Electroulx has always been ahead of the others in filtration , always had multi-layer bags from the very first bagged vacuum they introduced . They have yet to jump on the filtrete cloth type bags because they`re bags filter very well.

In every Aerus/Electrolux I have owned or a family member and friend has the bag compartment is always clean and dust free .

Post# 214095 , Reply# 114   1/14/2013 at 15:13 (1,983 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

No NYCwriter, it is not a good price. They can be had for under 1500. Got mine for way less than 1500.
That New York guy is trying to rip you off at to the aerus web site and use the dealer locator button and call around.

Post# 214107 , Reply# 115   1/14/2013 at 16:27 (1,983 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I have never

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
until now heard of an Aerus gooing for over $1800.00 . It is sad that NY stores seem to over charge customers I guess they think everyone in NY is a Billionaire even if that was true they should be fair and not try to rip people off .

An Aerus Guardian Platinum should be purchased for well under $1500.00 peoiod .

Post# 214111 , Reply# 116   1/14/2013 at 17:26 (1,983 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The Aerus store in Orlando says they retail for 1799 but will sell to you for 1100. Got mine for a little less since a got one of just about everthhing they sell except water purifiers. Email me if you decide you want one and I will give you the name of my local rep and his phone number if you are interested. Even for about 70 bucks shipping it will still be less that what they are quoting you in NYC.

Post# 214113 , Reply# 117   1/14/2013 at 17:28 (1,983 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Btw any aerus franchise will service you and homer any warranty.

Post# 214114 , Reply# 118   1/14/2013 at 17:30 (1,983 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Sorry that is honer any warranty.
Will try to post a pic of my platinum tomorrow

Post# 214116 , Reply# 119   1/14/2013 at 17:45 (1,983 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
like I said in another post I will see what my guy can do I will call him tomorrow and let you know .He owns the store and I deal with him only .

Wow for as rude as I am portrayed to be from someone on this site thats rather nice of me isn`t it ?

Post# 214150 , Reply# 120   1/14/2013 at 22:02 (1,983 days old) by KirbyUltimateG (Troy Ohio 45373 USA)        

Kirby, Rainbow, Filter Queen, Aerus Electrolux, Tristar, Thermax are the very best IMHO! :)

Post# 214191 , Reply# 121   1/15/2013 at 09:37 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Here is my lux platinum

Post# 214219 , Reply# 122   1/15/2013 at 12:21 (1,982 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuums

Thanks for posting the picture. That is a very good looking machine.

Post# 214223 , Reply# 123   1/15/2013 at 12:37 (1,982 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Nice vacuum! For all you Lux vacuum lovers, can you explain the air that comes out from duct at the base of my upright. Here is a picture demo using a tissue and turning the vacuum on. It shows the tissue being blown away. (KirbyLoverDan) any thoughts? If both of your Guardians do not have this issue, then I guess I got a reject.

Post# 214229 , Reply# 124   1/15/2013 at 13:02 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
You must

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
have , take it to your Aerus dealer and have them fix it . Mine do not do that at all .They NEVER advertised that machine as sealed so unless you have severe alergies I really don`t think it`s that big of a deal .

Post# 214243 , Reply# 125   1/15/2013 at 13:48 (1,982 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Got curious...I took it in yesterday, before I even sent this a call just before, they said its the motor that blows out air, and nothing is wrong. I questioned and said how could it be, everything should come out of the final hepa filter. The air goes into the bag>pre-filter>into main cavity>out the hepa filter, including the motor air and carbon dust they usually give off. They said it was working fine, and that's how it is. I really wasn't to thrilled, so I called Aerus corporate customer service and they referred me back to the local dealer...I explained my situation, they went on to say they do not know of any problems with the Guardian and I should consult the local dealer I purchased it from.

There is such disconnect and no accountability between Aerus and its franchises... I am not thinking of putting it to market and choosing a different machine that is built better.

Post# 214244 , Reply# 126   1/15/2013 at 13:52 (1,982 days old) by stricklybojack (Southern California)        
Is the brush roll off?

stricklybojack's profile picture
If its moving that could account for the air flow you are witnessing...

Post# 214247 , Reply# 127   1/15/2013 at 14:04 (1,982 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
Is it

mark40511's profile picture
that difficult to create a sealed vacuum? Is that why Aerus never did it until now?

Post# 214248 , Reply# 128   1/15/2013 at 14:08 (1,982 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

The brush roll on or off, I does not matter, air still comes out. It cleans well, but its just the idea and fact that it blows air out where it shouldn't. at $700 its a joke

Post# 214249 , Reply# 129   1/15/2013 at 14:21 (1,982 days old) by KirbyUltimateG (Troy Ohio 45373 USA)        

Kirby, Rainbow, Thermax machines are better values because they convert into carpet/rug shampooers.

Post# 214256 , Reply# 130   1/15/2013 at 14:44 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks rob, my picture taking isn't the best. Sorry it is blurry

Post# 214259 , Reply# 131   1/15/2013 at 15:09 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Then I

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
suggest you just get another vacuum . It obvious you dont like Aerus so why own an Aerus get rid of it and get something else .
Problem solved !

Just like I dont like Miele I chose not to own any in my collection of 400+ vacuums . Not every machine is for every person thats why there are many to choose from .

Hope you find one that fits .

This post was last edited 01/15/2013 at 16:39
Post# 214261 , Reply# 132   1/15/2013 at 15:15 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 214262 , Reply# 133   1/15/2013 at 15:17 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Hey Mike

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
wow that looks just like my Platinum , seems like we both have exellent taste in great quality made vacuums : )

Your house looks very nice also .

Post# 214266 , Reply# 134   1/15/2013 at 15:40 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks Dan. :). Love the new lux. Like I mentioned before I really think this is lux's best machine since the model G. I also love how it almost sound like my xxx

Post# 214267 , Reply# 135   1/15/2013 at 15:49 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Mike it is

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
"THE" best Aerus ever made IMO . I love this vacuum its very close to my Favorite brand Kirby .

Kirby`s 100th anniversary had better be as good or better than this Aerus Guardian Platinum .

Post# 214268 , Reply# 136   1/15/2013 at 16:05 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Kirby's are awesome machines. When Is the 100th anniversary due to come out.

Post# 214269 , Reply# 137   1/15/2013 at 16:07 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
is the Anniversary so I am guessing next January I hope sooner like this summer but who knows with kirby .

Post# 214276 , Reply# 138   1/15/2013 at 17:18 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

If you can post some picture of your collection some time that wous be great Dan. . Would love to see some of your machines. I don't have too many machines but love seeing others especially high quality machines.
I just have an xxx, AF, super J , silverado, a legacy which I still use at our cqbin in north ga and my new plarinum. I am actually thinking of retiring the 10'year old legacy for another platinumm. Only thing is I would never need the power noisily up there, the few area rugs I have, I just use the flip brush.

Post# 214282 , Reply# 139   1/15/2013 at 18:15 (1,982 days old) by djtaylor (Salt Lake City, Utah)        

djtaylor's profile picture
Dan, any idea if or when Aerus will offer the cloth-like synthetic bags for better filtration? I converted to those Perfect HEPA bags for three of my four vintage Electroluxes and I love them. I only use the synthetic bags in my fleet of Kirbys and have now converted my blue line Sanitaire and my Koblenz to use the synthetic ST style bags. It seems that more and more these kinds of bags are being used, it would be a shame if Aerus didn't.
Also, I would like your opinion of the Lux Renny and 6500. How they compare to other lux machines. Cheep Rennys and 6500 show up on ebay often and I'd like to buy one... someday since I'm poor as dirt right now. Which would be best for a house with a fifty/fifty mix of commercial grade carpet and tile... add three cats and loads of 'debris' coming in from outside.
Thanks in advance.

Post# 214283 , Reply# 140   1/15/2013 at 18:22 (1,982 days old) by pr-21 (Middletown, OH)        
I have had the same issue with the exhaust....

pr-21's profile picture

I have had a couple of the Lux Uprights that have had air escaping. I too took mine in the first time I noticed it. The explaination I was given was the upright is not a truly sealed system, but the air escaping was not coming from the tube that connects the power nozzle to the suction motor. That tube can be replaced rather easily. It is a reverse screw in and is a tight fit. I truly do believe that the air is coming out from the cavity in the machine somewhere. My first was a Discovery III and I did not notice it with that vacuum, as I did have to replace the duct hose. Maybe too much back pressure from the side filters they added on after the Discovery's were discontinued.




Bud Mattingly


Post# 214288 , Reply# 141   1/15/2013 at 18:52 (1,982 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Bud, my model- the current model Guardian Upright has the HEPA filter on the side, its a cartridge that appends to the side of the machine. I think it puts too much pressure on the inside forcing air out of the cord or duct areas. Anything that is not sealed will cause air to escape. I really like Aerus and want to own and keep their products, however, I think they lack in quality control and engineering. I bet most people are not even aware there is air leaking from the underside area on these uprights, or perhaps its a hit or miss problem not affecting every machine. That being said, I still like the performance and my carpets look good, but Id rather own something that is solidly engineered for now until they improve their upright line. I might start looking into Riccar TOL upright and the Miele s7 salsa, they seem much more advance and feature LED headlights...

Post# 214291 , Reply# 142   1/15/2013 at 19:02 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Riccar and Simplicity

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Tol vacuums with tandem air are way better than Miele .
I had an S7 salsa and it was a heavy vacuum very bulky and I am a Kirby lover and feel my Kirby Sentria is way easier to use and isn't as bulky . I have a Jack Russell and no vacuum but My Miele smelled like dog and my dog doesn't smell . I had the charcoal hepa filters in it and it really smelled bad . No Aerus , Kirby or my Riccar or any other vacuum smelled as bad as my Miele . That was the main reason I sold it . The LEDs are cool but I find regular incandescent builds to be very bright . Maybe it's my white carpets I see no big difference .

Post# 214293 , Reply# 143   1/15/2013 at 19:10 (1,982 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I guess I will be looking into the Riccar then... Why is that? The bags don't contain anti-odor blockers.

Post# 214294 , Reply# 144   1/15/2013 at 19:26 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I have no idea

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
But none of my bagged vacuums smell just Miele maybe it's because the are sealed too good but it is really nasty especially since my dog never smells shes bathed twice a month and i was her paws when she come in yes she is pampered , and no other vacuum smells not even regular standard bags like when I use a Hoover convertible . My Capricorn smelled also along with my Silver moon and Aluminium .

Post# 214303 , Reply# 145   1/15/2013 at 20:12 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Justin, I don't know this for sure but I don't see why Aerus/lux couldn't offer a cloth/hepa type bag some day as the lux intelligence in Europe does offer a cloth hepa P style bag.

Post# 214312 , Reply# 146   1/15/2013 at 20:49 (1,982 days old) by djtaylor (Salt Lake City, Utah)        

djtaylor's profile picture
Thanks Mike. Maybe someone here will do a synthetic bag for the after market. I wonder why nobody has already?

Post# 214326 , Reply# 147   1/15/2013 at 21:35 (1,982 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        
Guardian Upright & Aerus' Filtration Claims....

kirbylux77's profile picture
Daniel....Aerus may not directly say on their website that the Aerus Guardian upright is a Sealed HEPA Filtration upright, but they do make some statements that would mislead a consumer to believe it is.

Like "A specially designed, HEPA afterfilter captures contaminants as small as 0.3 microns such as pet danders, dust mites and other pollutants." It also says at the top of the page "True HEPA Filtration". Nowhere on their website do they state that their HEPA filter is a "HEPA-Type" filter, that the HEPA rating applies to only the filter & not the vacuum as a whole, like Bissell does on their website. The average consumer who looks at the statement where the filter is specially designed, they would immediately think the vacuum has been made to filter properly & is sealed. By using such wording, in my opinion they are using misleading & false advertising to sell their product. And especially for the price they are commanding for the Guardian Upright, Sealed HEPA Filtration should be a standard feature! There's no excuse for poor, improper design when buying a premium product....Aerus could have easily spent a few dollars on a small redesign of the product to make it sealed.

And so you are aware, the Guardian Platinum is not the first vacuum they have made the claim of having Sealed HEPA filtration. That rightfully belongs to the Aerus Guardian Ultra....they also currently claim on their website it is a Sealed HEPA Filtration vacuum, when in reality it is not. The ONLY WAY they have made it so all the air goes thru the filter is they are using a inferior HEPA filter which does not offer much resistance to airflow. If they have modified their original design & made it sealed, I would love to see them prove it, as when I had seen one there appeared little evidence of it. All they have done is design a new top control panel....nothing more. I wouldn't even dream of buying that vacuum based on it's claims & what I have seen in person.

Justin....Just so you are aware, there is another manufacturer besides Perfect that are making Cloth HEPA filtration bags for Electrolux vacuums. JohnnyVac, a vac shop distributor & supply company based in Montreal, Quebec, has been making their own brand of Cloth HEPA filtration bags. The code you need to order for the Electrolux Type C canister bags is 6X25H, 6 bags per package....and for the Electrolux upright the code is 6X26H, 6 bags per package. You would have to call them & see if they would arrange to sell to you directly, or if they would refer you to a dealer who would sell & ship the bags to you. JohnnyVac's website to contact them directly is make the Guardian Upright a Sealed HEPA Filtration vacuum is simple. All they would have to do is put the motor in a plastic case inside the motor compartment that would direct the air to the HEPA filter opening, & use some rubber seals where the case meets the opening. As to whether or not Electrolux has advertised their vacuums as being sealed in the past, the answer to that is no. But then again, there was also no need for it, either. The Electrolux bag, as you have clearly seen yourself, does the majority of the filtering, & is one of the best designed & best made paper bags in the industry, in my opinion. Also, the cloth afterfilter the Aerus Classic & Legacy models use does an excellent job of capturing particles, yet they do allow the vacuum's airflow to escape well. So, due to the design of the filters, it wasn't necessary.

EurekaPrince/Brian....Yes, Electrolux AB of Sweden did establish Electrolux here in North America, BUT that's all they did. The North American division is solely responsible, in my opinion, for Electrolux having the legacy & reputation it has today worldwide. If you look at some of the European Electrolux models from the 60's & 70's, like the Dometic & Husqvarna canisters, it's clear when compared to the North American models that they are copying their basic design with slight changes. And this was LONG BEFORE Consolidated Foods bought Electrolux in that point, they had already come out with the major innovations they are known for today, such as the Power Nozzle, Automatic Control & self-sealing 4-ply bags. With the exception of the introduction of new power nozzle designs, & the introduction of the Sidekick mini PN, all that Consolidated Foods did was introduce new models with styling changes, but with the same features, quality, & maintain the image that Electrolux had built for themselves before the buyout.


Post# 214349 , Reply# 148   1/15/2013 at 23:06 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you Rob

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
but as lucky as I have been in my life I dream of purchasing EVERY vacuum my heart desires . Thats why I own over 400+ vacuums . When ever I see a high end vacuum I desire I just pull out the ca$h and make my purchase .

I love all of my brand new high end vacuums and especially Aerus my new next to Kirby Favorite . Stay tuned I will be posting my new purchases of three Kirby Sentria II`s . One was just not enought for me so I bought three .

Post# 214351 , Reply# 149   1/15/2013 at 23:25 (1,982 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Which vacuum in your collection do you use mostly to do daily cleaning ? Do you keep most in the original carton .. What is your oldest lux in the original carton?

Post# 214353 , Reply# 150   1/15/2013 at 23:48 (1,982 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
the oldest Brand New in bow Electrolux is a 1987 Marquis .

I use my Kirby , Aerus Guardian uprights , Guardian Ultra and Platinum and my Rainbow E4 Onyx 2012 model and my Riccar Radience and my Riccar 1800 premium canister and my Simplicity Freedom F 3700 and my Oreck Pilot .

I like to swith around from time to time but my Kirby Sentria II get the most use and now My Guardian upright and Platinum Canister are my 3 go to vacuums and once everyother week the Rainbow .

Post# 214354 , Reply# 151   1/16/2013 at 00:00 (1,982 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
I think the best guard against dirt escaping a NON-SEALED vacuum is to use a cloth type hepa type bag because not much of anything escapes them! The Aerus C type bags from perfect are available to fit C type machines, but for whatever reason, there are no other Lux bags that I can find, aftermarket or otherwise that are synthetic cloth (at least the last time I looked) because I looked high and low for them when I had the Renny which takes type R bags. Paper only on those, no cloth type to be found. I think it's ODD!

Post# 214361 , Reply# 152   1/16/2013 at 01:11 (1,981 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I can't believe how long this thread is getting. It seems Aerus now has a machine that's highly desireable. This is an exciting time for Aerus fans and I can't wait to see what the upright is gonna be. Did anyone else notice the different paint scheme on the power nozzle? The pic luxman posted has a gray or white halfcircle on the power nozzle while Aerus' website shows a solid black nozzle with "Lux the original since 1924" on the L-shaped outcropping. I wonder which it will be upon wide release?

Post# 214363 , Reply# 153   1/16/2013 at 01:59 (1,981 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

KirbyUltimateG-you can bash Aerus' products all you like in your own head, but don't insult others' intelligence by saying we don't know how to spend OUR money! That's rather rude. We can decide what the best value for our money is for ourselves, thanks. I will buy the Aerus over all those mentioned. I don't like a vacuum that doubles as a shampooer nor do I like a "dry" shampoo method like Kirby uses. The oldest Electrolux vacuum lasted 70 years with it's original motor. Very good value for money, indeed.

Post# 214369 , Reply# 154   1/16/2013 at 07:15 (1,981 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

What new upright can't you wait for? I was not aware that Aerus was having a new upright come out yet?

Post# 214383 , Reply# 155   1/16/2013 at 10:00 (1,981 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Christopher ,
Here is a better picture of the platinum power nozzle. It could have just been the way the light was hitting it in the first picture.
I am absolutely the worst picture taker :)

Post# 214384 , Reply# 156   1/16/2013 at 10:03 (1,981 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The area is like a metallic color to match the metal body.

Post# 214385 , Reply# 157   1/16/2013 at 10:05 (1,981 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

That is awesome Dan. That is quite the collection you have going ..

Post# 214394 , Reply# 158   1/16/2013 at 11:25 (1,981 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Aerus is

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
changing their entire line upright included .

Thanks Mike but I am running out of room gonna start selling off most of my Vacuums and just stick with one of each high end model .

Post# 214415 , Reply# 159   1/16/2013 at 13:52 (1,981 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Any ideas of when Aerus might roll out the new uprights? I am not sure if I should just hold onto this Guardian, be patient and deal with the shortcomings, or just go start browsing the Riccar Line.

Post# 214431 , Reply# 160   1/16/2013 at 15:49 (1,981 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Dan, I would love to see your collection some time. I grew up in NJ but have not been there in over 30 years

Post# 214434 , Reply# 161   1/16/2013 at 15:50 (1,981 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Btw, don't sell them Dan, that has got to be one of the best collections of backs ever. If you do I could be interested in a lux or 2

Post# 214441 , Reply# 162   1/16/2013 at 16:56 (1,981 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
if you ever get to this area you should stop by people would be amazed seeing my collection . Most Every vacuum was purchased brand new no trash finds at all I cant do that anymore . When I was young trash vacuums were like brand new with broken belts .

Post# 214443 , Reply# 163   1/16/2013 at 17:32 (1,981 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I just may take you up on that sometime Dan :) thanks

Post# 214512 , Reply# 164   1/17/2013 at 10:07 (1,980 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Thanks 4 your responses luxman, and yes that metallic section on top of the PN was what I meant. On Aerus' website, the entire PN is black, there is no metallic coloring on it, and "Lux the original since 1924" is on the small outcropping. I just wondered which it will eventually be.

Post# 214529 , Reply# 165   1/17/2013 at 15:35 (1,980 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Good eye Christopher, I did not even notice the difference until you bought it up here. :)

Post# 214696 , Reply# 166   1/18/2013 at 21:41 (1,979 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
The Stainless

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
plate on the powernozzle is a nice touch instead of it being plain .

Post# 214739 , Reply# 167   1/19/2013 at 01:26 (1,978 days old) by lunchboxsean (Fort Wayne, IN)        
Boy that thing is pretty

No offense, but Aerus hasn't exactly done much in styling in some time... I'm glad they finally updated the styling of the cannister, though I'm disappointed that they have yet to address that of the power nozzle or the uprights.

Post# 214754 , Reply# 168   1/19/2013 at 07:02 (1,978 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
The Power Nozzle

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
has been redesigned and now features LED`s .They are know for the "L" shaped PN theres not too much you can do with it .

The Upright is up for a change also . The entire line will be reworked .

Post# 214762 , Reply# 169   1/19/2013 at 08:47 (1,978 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My new Aerus vacuums

The 2 things I was hoping Aerus would fix or improve was to make the power nozzle quieter and redesign it so it would stand up by itself. I don't like the PARK feature on the machine. My new Miele has that same feature and I just don't care for that or the fact that the tools are under the plastic lid (like my Electrolux Epic 8000) as it forces you to bend over every time and be careful not to snap the plastic door. With all my Elctrolux's you have the power nozzle and clunky handle to mess with and it it always either falling on furniture or I am tripping over the wands.
I think I only own 2 machines that the power nozzle stands by itself. One is a Hoover Spirit canister with a quadraflex power nozzle and the other is my new Rainbow.
I sure like the looks of the new Lux so maybe in time they will update the power nozzle too.

Post# 214767 , Reply# 170   1/19/2013 at 09:13 (1,978 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
The noise

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
that the power nozzle makes is what they are known for . They have sounded that way ever since they made their very first power nozzle .

I personally dont think it`s that noisey I love the sound it is very unique to Aerus/Electrolux .

As far as the handle standing I never had a problem with it falling, I just set it in the upright position and it stays put . Maybe its just a skill of owning Aerus/Electrolux for many years that I am used to it .

I am quite pleased with everything about the new Aerus Platinum .

Post# 214790 , Reply# 171   1/19/2013 at 11:09 (1,978 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

countryguy's profile picture
I hated how the power nozzle on my 6500 and 9000 would not stay upright either unless it was placed in just a specific way. It had to be placed close to the canister otherwise the weight and tension of the hose would cause it to fall. The power nozzle base was not heavy enough and the power nozzle elbow did not lock. On the other hand, the power nozzle on my new Rainbow stands up no matter where it is placed in reference to the canister.


Post# 214811 , Reply# 172   1/19/2013 at 13:44 (1,978 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

Nice looking vacs, Dan!

Post# 214818 , Reply# 173   1/19/2013 at 15:15 (1,978 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
David I love them !

Post# 214827 , Reply# 174   1/19/2013 at 16:37 (1,978 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

This might be an unusual desire, but I'd like to see a Platinum box and how it is packaged inside...

Post# 214854 , Reply# 175   1/19/2013 at 20:03 (1,978 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I have no problem getting the power nozzle to stand. But I do use the park position on the new platinum now.

It's a great machine. I am thinking of getting a second one for our cabin and retiring the ten year old legacy.

Post# 214856 , Reply# 176   1/19/2013 at 20:09 (1,978 days old) by smith (North Carolina)        

If no one else posts pics of the box I will do it Monday.

Post# 214860 , Reply# 177   1/19/2013 at 20:13 (1,978 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Sorry got my machine 2 months ago and got rid of the box.

Post# 214861 , Reply# 178   1/19/2013 at 20:17 (1,978 days old) by smith (North Carolina)        

also if you want any other pics post here and I will get them for you as well when I get to the store Monday .

Post# 214867 , Reply# 179   1/19/2013 at 20:50 (1,978 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Hey David

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
any idea when the new upright will be introduced ?
I want that too : )

Post# 214870 , Reply# 180   1/19/2013 at 21:08 (1,978 days old) by smith (North Carolina)        
New upright

Unfortunately, I have not heard anything. When I do I will definitely let you know.

Post# 214889 , Reply# 181   1/19/2013 at 22:56 (1,978 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
David : )

Post# 214937 , Reply# 182   1/20/2013 at 12:52 (1,977 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        
The noise the PN makes......

mark40511's profile picture
I know! When I first got my Renny I noticed as soon as I heard the PN I remembered that same sound from when I was very little. My grandma had a Lux in the 70s with the white PN and the body of the vacuum I think was a dark green color......Then I got the epic 6500. Those nozzles do all make the same noise.

Post# 214965 , Reply# 183   1/20/2013 at 15:22 (1,977 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Anybody have any idea if they are going to change the wands? I feel like it needs a quick release pedal for the PN and perhaps at least an optional telescoping wand would be nice... Those are my ONLY quibbles with this machine.

Post# 214978 , Reply# 184   1/20/2013 at 16:19 (1,977 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
Who knows...

I doubt it if I had to guess.... The wands and the power nozzles seem to always stay the same, and they rarely change things. Its just a staple of this company and the design. I have the upright and I like it, however, it has not changed much in a long time. Aerus does not believe in change, perhaps, with the release of the Platinum they are looking to go in a new direction, and come out from underneath the 1960s time capsule. If your looking for convenience features, then Miele is the way to go, maybe even Riccar/Simpl as they seem to come out with clever and purposeful features in their product lines.

Post# 214984 , Reply# 185   1/20/2013 at 17:02 (1,977 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

No don't go Miele. Their above the floor tools are horrid and the canister itself is no different plastic wise as a 200 dollar kenmore canister

Post# 214992 , Reply# 186   1/20/2013 at 17:47 (1,977 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

...I think there is a difference, A Kenmore canister is totally cheap thin plastic compared to a Miele. The plastic ABS is much more thicker and the bottom half of the unit is very tough... you cannot compare the two- seriously. I have the base model S2 and not even the TOL and its proven to be very durable for me so far....The tools are fine, they happen to work nicely. If you want larger ones, Miele has a very large dusting brush available, as well as hand turbo, long crevice tool, car kits, etc... not many other vacuum brands make such as diversity of accessories.


Post# 215010 , Reply# 187   1/20/2013 at 20:03 (1,977 days old) by smith (North Carolina)        
telescoping wands

I personally do not like them. I get several Kenmore, Eurekaluxes, and Panasonic's in my shop with bad telescoping wands and they are quite a bit more costly to replace.

Post# 215011 , Reply# 188   1/20/2013 at 20:05 (1,977 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Oh don't get me wrong, I love the Platinum. I said I had only two quibbles with it, and minor ones at that. I wouldn't buy a Miele cuz the tools don't satisfy me, and that's what I want a canister for-above floor tools. The Platinum has many features, including some a Miele does not-longer hose, longer cord, auto shut off, 8 levels of suction, L-shaped PN, better made tools. Overall I think it competes well. I think all vacuums should require as little bending over as possible. Changing a few things about the wands would make this just about perfect. I have no problems with the PN itself, except maybe that it doesn't lock upright.

Post# 215014 , Reply# 189   1/20/2013 at 20:44 (1,977 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I don't think you can honestly say Aerus doesn't change. The Rennaissance was a vast departure from anything before it. The Ren was easily the most advanced vacuum of it's time when it was released. EVERYTHING was changed. It was a highly advanced machine, and so is the Platinum. But it can always get better.

Post# 215027 , Reply# 190   1/20/2013 at 22:53 (1,977 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
does change but they do have a lot of stuff that works and why change a good thing . Like I have said before the wands do not bother me at all . I like the idea of using one piece to do stairs and furniture . Storage for me I remove wands from the PN and stand them in the corner of the closet and the hose is hung on a hose holder and the PN is set on the shelf . The canister itself is stood on the end in the corner also it takes up very little space. The Upright is right next to the canister .

Post# 215056 , Reply# 191   1/21/2013 at 06:02 (1,976 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
I want to buy a new Aerus Gaurdian Platinum

but there isn't an Electrolux (Aerus) dealer in this state anymore. Is Mr. Smith in North Carolina a Aerus dealer?? And if he is can he sell to someone out of the state?I did buy my Aerus Gaurdian upright last year from an Aerus dealer in Billings, Montana. But I would rather buy a new Platinum from somebody on here.I wasn't that impressed with the Aerus dealer in Billings, because I wanted to purchase a couple of Electrolux white crevice tools and the manager said I couldn't get those because they didn't make them in white anymore.. it seems funny though because the new set of tools that came with the Gaurdian Upright was a white crevice tool.And after I bought this new upright, nobody has called to see if I liked the machine or needed bags for it or anything.When I was a service manager for Electrolux back in the 8o's my one and most important job was to keep the customer happy( and that included calling the customers every so often to see if they were happy with their purchase or if they needed bags or shampoo. Oh well I guess Aerus Electrolux doesn't check up on it's customers anymore... Anyway I would like to buy a new Lux Gaurdian from Mr. Smith or someone on here... Thank you for letting me vent on here. We don't even have a Kirby dealer in this state anymore. If I need Kirby parts I would have to call my old Kirby dealer in California... Dan

Post# 215064 , Reply# 192   1/21/2013 at 08:11 (1,976 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
read back in the thread I posted a name and number of a dealer in Ga.who ships .

I get calls too much from my Aerus rep . always asking if I need supplies and how I like my machines .

Post# 215065 , Reply# 193   1/21/2013 at 08:18 (1,976 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

Yes I am a dealer. You can call me if there is anything I can help you with. (336)724-5578

As for calling to check, we do that as well here. I know most of the ones around here do as well.


Post# 215067 , Reply# 194   1/21/2013 at 08:29 (1,976 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

Here are the pics I promised earlier.

Post# 215068 , Reply# 195   1/21/2013 at 08:30 (1,976 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        
another one


Post# 215069 , Reply# 196   1/21/2013 at 08:31 (1,976 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        
one more


Post# 215076 , Reply# 197   1/21/2013 at 10:12 (1,976 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

very cool machine...

Post# 215090 , Reply# 198   1/21/2013 at 11:57 (1,976 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I should also mention that there are a few important advantages to Aerus' wand system. They are designed to operate the full range of electric and non-electric attachments. You can plug the hose into one or both wands and also directly into the power nozzle itself or Sidekick. The other thing I love about them is the attachments lock onto the hose or wands.

Post# 215093 , Reply# 199   1/21/2013 at 12:05 (1,976 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuum

Thank for posting the pictures of the box. I love the old XXX on the box.

You brought up a great feature that I really enjoy with my Epic 8000 and my new Rainbow. It is handy to be able to use the small power nozzle on hose handle,one or both wands when cleaning stairs and narrow spaces.

Post# 215123 , Reply# 200   1/21/2013 at 14:26 (1,976 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Great pictures David. I love all aerus lux products and their customer service can't be beat anywhere

Post# 215125 , Reply# 201   1/21/2013 at 14:40 (1,976 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Thanks for the pictures! They keep hanging on to Axel Wenner-Gren's heritage as best they can with all the Lux fiddle faddle. I too love the old Lux on the box, really shows off the heritage. Although I still think they are going to have to build the Aerus name more to prevent people from thinking the ones at Lowe's are grandma's Electrolux.

Post# 215127 , Reply# 202   1/21/2013 at 15:01 (1,976 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
Lux customer service.... :-0

my experience has not been that glowing; from the pushy salesperson to never hearing about home bag delivery or pick/up drop off services to disconnect between the branch location and corporate customer service.... I give their customer service a C- Maybe in your area they operate and function better, but not here. I get the impression the Aerus associates do not want to be bothered, as this has become Mieleland! (Long Island)

Post# 215139 , Reply# 203   1/21/2013 at 15:27 (1,976 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Only in

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
NY I experienced that every where while shopping in NY no one seemed eager to help and I was made to feel like I was bothering the sales people of the many stores I have visited through out NY state and city !

Post# 215145 , Reply# 204   1/21/2013 at 15:47 (1,976 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

maybe I need to relocate eventually... Seems many people have some sort of bad experience with NY, maybe it is this area.

Post# 215325 , Reply# 205   1/22/2013 at 14:35 (1,975 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I went to

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Mercedes of Manhattan to buy a Mercedes E 500 4 matic , I paid in cash and all the sales guy did was bitch because he had to count it out . I should have left but the deal was way better than here in NJ .

I also stopped into an Aerus on York Ave on the way home and they were nasty also so I know what you are talking about .

Post# 215328 , Reply# 206   1/22/2013 at 15:23 (1,975 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

You guys need to move south. Can't beat southern hospitality!

Seriously though, I treat all my customers like I would like to be treated. Without them I have no business! I have never understood people who are rude to customers. If you don't like people then don't work with the public.

Post# 215341 , Reply# 207   1/22/2013 at 17:27 (1,975 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

You are right David. I split my time between florida and the north ga mountains.. The Carolina's and Ga have the best customer service,,,As I have said before all I have to do is call my local aerus guy and he's at my home that afternoon or next morning latest.

Post# 215456 , Reply# 208   1/23/2013 at 11:49 (1,974 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I am in

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
NJ close to Atlantic City and my Aerus guy is wonderful,he calls to check up on my Aerus vacuums and asks if I need supplies . Can`t beat the service of this company .

Post# 215478 , Reply# 209   1/23/2013 at 15:38 (1,974 days old) by kirbylux77 (Orillia, Ontario, Canada)        

kirbylux77's profile picture
I couldn't agree with you more about the outstanding customer service Aerus dealers offer! My local dealer in Barrie, Ontario has always provided outstanding service, & their prices for parts, bags & filters are very reasonable. I also found this to be the case when I visited a Aerus store in Toronto last summer, when I was buying parts for my Electrolux Grand Marquise, & had to deal directly with this store as he was the owner of the Barrie store & the parts needed to be special-ordered. When you spend $1G + on a vacuum, you expect quality customer service & prompt repairs....and Aerus certainly knows how to deliver on that count!


Post# 215493 , Reply# 210   1/23/2013 at 17:17 (1,974 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Hey I know something we'd all like to see! Someone take a pic of thier Platinum in the dark so we can see how bright LED light is and the LCD screen!

Post# 215526 , Reply# 211   1/23/2013 at 21:28 (1,974 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Here you go Christopher. I can't take a decent pic to save my life. Hope it helps

Post# 215530 , Reply# 212   1/23/2013 at 22:01 (1,974 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Looks like a constellation. I'll stop now I swear. I'm gettin on people's nerves I think, lol.

Post# 215613 , Reply# 213   1/24/2013 at 11:13 (1,973 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I like

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
LED`s they are very bright , brighter than I thought they were .

I even purchased LED light bulbs for the house and I love them much better than the fluorescent bulbs I have .

My Aerus guy called me yesterday and offered me a service manager job . I start on Monday we shall see how it works out .

He`s even talking about retiring and would consider selling me the business . I will see how it goes as they have a lot in the works .

Post# 215623 , Reply# 214   1/24/2013 at 13:28 (1,973 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

This vac is very clean and sleek looking... but is it tough? What happens if it tumbles down the stairs? Does the metal just dent? there doesn't seem to be any give like there is with ABS plastics etc that most other vacs are made of. Also, is there a long hose say 15/20ft or so that you can get that you can connect directly to the vacuum, leave the vacuum at the bottom of your staircase and then vacuum the steps? (in my case my steps are wood so I won't need a power brush just a bare floor tool or a nice dusting brush.)

Post# 215639 , Reply# 215   1/24/2013 at 15:13 (1,973 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
The Platinum is

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
metal wrapped around ABS so dents would be hard . ABS plastic vacs gets scratched and gauged so will metal .

In case you didnt know Aerus/Electrolux vacuums are made in that tube shape to fit on a stair tread so you don`t need a long hose you just move it from step to step .

It`s hose is much longer than others 7`8" is a generous length .

Post# 215645 , Reply# 216   1/24/2013 at 15:46 (1,973 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Just found out today my lux guy is no longer at lux after 20 plus years. He semi retired. Called my today to thank me .. I need a new lux guy. Anyone know if parts are available for the platinum yet. I need an extre set of wands, an extra dust brush and adapter.

Good luck danin your new Aerus Electrolux job. Wish you were closer.

Post# 215681 , Reply# 217   1/24/2013 at 19:20 (1,973 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Lux Service Manager


Good Luck in your new job. I could tell you some stories about my dirt digging days in Boston and a power nozzle elbow change on a Guardian that disabled several new vacuums lol. Make sure you never pinch those wires by accident! I think this is an exciting time to be with Lux and I think they are finally back.


Post# 215682 , Reply# 218   1/24/2013 at 19:23 (1,973 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Platinum Wands


I am waiting on two additional Platinum wands and a new nozzle cover with the vents that match the vacuum. as soon as I get the part numbers as well as Swissaroma scents I'll let you know unless Dan beats me to it.


Post# 215691 , Reply# 219   1/24/2013 at 19:48 (1,973 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks Brian. Appreciate it.

Post# 215692 , Reply# 220   1/24/2013 at 19:52 (1,973 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
Looking to the future...

Lux needs to develop a better dealer network...they should probably retire the direct sales method, open stores and put legitimate pricing on the wheel and deal like a used car salesman. I have yet to find an Aerus dealer that is not a phony scam artist. I still feel its largely an underground brand at this point...Ill give it a good five years or so until the name becomes as familiar as Miele.

Post# 215707 , Reply# 221   1/24/2013 at 22:03 (1,973 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
we have been through this enough times it seems like this is only in NY every where else Aerus stores and sales people are WONDEFUL and KIND .

It seems like just because of your bad experience you are saying Aerus is a bad company when in reality your experience does not make Aerus as a whole a bad company let it go please !

In home sales still work even though you find it hard to beleive , if it didnt brands like Aerus , Kirby, Tri Star, Filter Queen and Rainbow ect. would be sold at department stores or vacuum shops .

This post was last edited 01/24/2013 at 23:29
Post# 215708 , Reply# 222   1/24/2013 at 22:04 (1,973 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 215743 , Reply# 223   1/25/2013 at 05:27 (1,972 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Oh wow kirbyloverdan, congrats on your job! I wish something like that would happen to me... I hope Aerus can succeed, they have shown they can come up with something with the Platinum. I wonder though, it seems some here are still stuck on telescopic wands and won't even consider it.

Post# 215756 , Reply# 224   1/25/2013 at 09:09 (1,972 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        


Its frustrating when your area lacks a decent vacuum store, and you get an attitude when you have an issue with the product. Makes me not want to go back to try out the Platinum and inquire about the possible new upright. Other vaccum stores here carry a mixed arrray of brands, all seem to carry Miele, few Sebo and Riccar is hard to find. Most of these stores are so dingy, you wonder how they stay in business. Its crazy because a good amount of Long Island are wealthy households and you'd think they would want TOL vacuums just like their Wolf ranges, Thermadoor and Viking. I don't know I'm lost for answers. PS Try finding a good reputable mechanic here, ha! Its worse than finding a dedent/reputable vacuum place.

Post# 215758 , Reply# 225   1/25/2013 at 09:14 (1,972 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
the one thing you need to know is "Rich" don`t care about vacuum cleaners because they have cleaning people and can just replace dirty worn out carpet when they redecorate their homes .

I am in Real Estate also and every "Rich" persons home I go into they have a $35.00 dirt devil or Bissell .

Thanks Christopher ,
We shall see how I like it . The only bad part is it`s a 45 minute ride which I am not sure I want to do .

Post# 215785 , Reply# 226   1/25/2013 at 12:26 (1,972 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
Good point...

Although, I don't go out of my way to look, when I do walk throughs or open-houses on some of my high end listings...I've encountered seeing central vacs- Vacuflo and Beam I can recall with the Eurekalux power heads/hose/parts etc. An older Electrolux grey canister and Miele S7 Upright a Dyson mixed in here and there, otherwise you have a point about wealthier households not giving a damn about the vacuum or cleaning. I like my place cleaned with my own vacuum, not the cleaning ladies' vacuum, God knows how many homes her vacuum has been in, and what it has sucked up. Don't want that in my air.

CTsooner on the other thread had no so great experience with his Aerus dealer in West Hartford, CT... I think its hit or miss no mater where you are, and the parent company Aerus LLC should make sure its franchises are living up to a code of ethics and provide quality customer service including a welcoming environment. This goes for any product- just smart business sense! Some of these branch owners are just looking to rake and rip $$$$ Correct me if I am wrong but I think Miele actually sends managers out to check on their retailers to make sure the displays and operations are proper, or else they will pull the line.

Post# 215805 , Reply# 227   1/25/2013 at 14:51 (1,972 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
So does

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Aerus send out managers to inspect and make sure things are run right .

When I had my store and sold Miele`s I only saw my rep once in 4 years when he sold me the line . He never came back until I closed my store and was trying to buy back my machines at 35% less than I paid for them I told him to leave my store and I kept them and sold them all on eBay .

Lot`s of people who live in NY move or have homes in CT maybe thats why they are nasty there as well ? It seem`s like your trying really hard to paint all Aerus stores as being rude and nasty . I get you don`t like Aerus stores in your area but you need to give it a break I heard your story and it needs to end .They are all owned by different owners and you will have bad apples any where. Thank you .

This thread is called my new Aerus not George`s & CT sooners bad experience at an Aerus store start that thread if you like .

This post was last edited 01/25/2013 at 16:18
Post# 215844 , Reply# 228   1/25/2013 at 18:17 (1,972 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Kirbyloverdan will you keep us informed on the machine and how well you still like it in the months/years ahead? Also, will you tell us what to do with the scent cup? Utahprideboy says on youtube everything he puts into it melts.

Just a few thoughts...

Post# 215868 , Reply# 229   1/25/2013 at 20:04 (1,972 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I read that on utube also about the melting. I would like to know what others do with the scent cup that works. My dealer has the lux scents but only in lemon so I never tried one.

Post# 215869 , Reply# 230   1/25/2013 at 20:10 (1,972 days old) by ctsooner ()        
Dan, I hope my posts haven't upset you

As I've said money aside, I'd own the Lux. Brian helped guide me through my purchase and he knows how much I'd love a Lux. I was ready to sell the Sebo is I could have gotten the Lux for 1k shipped. That's just one great machine and it feels head and tails above all others for my dollar.

As for my experience, I can go to many stores in WH, CT and get the same snobbish service or lack of service.

I can also go to the Aerus store in Meriden, CT and probably get great service. Not sure of the door to door stuff, but maybe. Meriden is lower economically than WH. I never tried to go to another store as the price was WAYYY more than I was able to pay so I didn't want to waste anyone's time. I have lived all over the world and been to 48 states. I went to the local vac store here in Venice, FL this week as I'm helping my folks. He had all the vac's other than the Lux and he was great. Very open about his thoughts on build quality and what he recommends. He has the Sebo like I do and he doesn't even stock the D4.

he serviced my dad's little filter and upgraded it. He cleaned the vac and made sure it worked the way it should. he was just great. I almost expected that outside of CT, lol.

You brought up the point of different attitudes in different areas and i fully agree with you. Without question. The reason McDonalds grew the way it did was due to the ability to get the exact same thing at any McD's anywhere. Lux and others should take heed, that's for sure.

Thanks for sharing and making me want the Lux, lol.

Post# 215873 , Reply# 231   1/25/2013 at 20:18 (1,972 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
you did not upset me .

I used your name because George used it , I don`t understand why he is so trying to smear Aerus because of his bad experience and then he threw you in the mix tryin to prove like its every Aerus period .I am over the bad treatment stories they happen in all businesses .

I dislike some brands and have said it but I dont go on and on about it until it seems like I am bashing a brand .

I am glad you got your Sebo and love it and some day you can get an Aerus if you choose . We all have our favorites because thats the way a human is period .


Post# 215874 , Reply# 232   1/25/2013 at 20:30 (1,972 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I will keep everyone posted especially because I will be servicing them and I am sure it will be updated and if any problems come up I will be first to know .

My Aerus guy has no idea about the scent cap I showed it to him the other day , in fact when he brought me the machine I showed him how to use it since he just got back from a convention with the new Platinum .

Post# 215881 , Reply# 233   1/25/2013 at 21:15 (1,972 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I'm not trying to smear Aerus, I actually own an Aerus upright and like Aerus, I just think it needs some re-structuring to be more successful, and some re-vamping of its uprights. I like innovative and high quality appliances and electronics, not just vacuums. I am into a lot of things, but would like to see Aerus become a solid US brand that is just as popular as Oreck, but time will tell. It does face still competition from Sebo, Riccar and Miele. Enough said, not trying to bash, just conversate.

Post# 215883 , Reply# 234   1/25/2013 at 21:25 (1,972 days old) by ctsooner ()        
I go through this all the time with high end

audio. All ears are different, but some feel that some brands are better than others. It's fun to listen to.

Post# 215902 , Reply# 235   1/25/2013 at 23:50 (1,972 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Yeah it is funny at times, but I personally have NEVER claimed any brand was the "best" because best is subjective. Other people here do it all the time however. The truth is though, some brands really ARE better than others. In terms of build quality, longevity, and performance there are few brands that truly stand out. You really cannot objectively say that a Shark can beat a Kirby in quality. It is just not so. I will state that price doesn't "always" guarantee "best" performance. Sebo is a great example. Miele and several other brands sent thier vacuums to IBR labs in Germany for testing and they all were far worse than Miele in emissions. Sebo was the worst, with 15,000,000 particles per minute. You can say Miele paid for them to say it, but the lab had no interest in doing so. They weren't gaining anything by saying Miele was best. I for one believe thier tests because they were subjected to rigorous scientific standards and thier methods and results were repeated and given to the public. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for, but usually you do.

Post# 215933 , Reply# 236   1/26/2013 at 04:32 (1,971 days old) by utahprideboy (Southern Utah)        
My solution to synthetic aerus bags.

utahprideboy's profile picture
For all of you who own the guardian platinum, I was the first one who told the Vacuum group on Facebook about this vacuum that Being said I was one of the first to own a guardian platinum! On thing for sure is that the aerus bags for the platinum leak and will prematurely were out your 1st Hepa filter! I would use something I between them to help protect it like a piece of carbon filter! This is my solution to the bag problem , I do love my platinum as its one of my favorite vacuums! No matter what I will always love my renaissance the most I really enjoy this! I two own a lot of luxes and this one will out clean them all! Utahprideboy is my YouTube name there are videos of some of my luxes on there

Post# 215934 , Reply# 237   1/26/2013 at 04:38 (1,971 days old) by utahprideboy (Southern Utah)        
More pic's

utahprideboy's profile picture

Post# 215967 , Reply# 238   1/26/2013 at 09:38 (1,971 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Hey Daniel

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
your video made me run out and buy the Platinum thanks .

My bags dont leak at all maybe you got a bad batch ? I did hear the ones that came with the machine had problems .

This machine does out clean many vacuums it is amazing you must own one to really experience the difference .


Post# 215978 , Reply# 239   1/26/2013 at 10:57 (1,971 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        
Upright question:

Can you change out the headlight bulb to an LED one or something brighter? I have been looking for a 15W led bulb, but I don't know if its compatible?

Post# 216014 , Reply# 240   1/26/2013 at 14:44 (1,971 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I really don't think you can GM1982... If you own the present white Guardian as I believe you do? I believe it had another type of bulb just like the old uprights. It isn't a LED, but they claimed it was a super longlife bulb. I believe at one time Electrolux used halogen bulbs. I don't think there is any way to realistically change it as the wiring, socketing, and entire housing must be changed. I'll bet the new Platinum upright will have a LED headlight.

Post# 216018 , Reply# 241   1/26/2013 at 14:53 (1,971 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Utahprideboy's pictures show that Aerus may have no choice but to switch to another material for bags. The suction power of the motors is seemingly getting too strong for the paper based bags to withstand. I hate to see it happen, because most synthetic/cloth type bags are quite a bit more expensive while Aerus bags were cheap.

Post# 216020 , Reply# 242   1/26/2013 at 14:59 (1,971 days old) by filterqueenman (Park City UT)        
Congrats Dan

filterqueenman's profile picture
Love the look of your new Machine and look forward to hearing your evaluation after using it sometime. Best of luck in your new endeavor; nice to have someone on the "inside" to give us the scoop! Thanks again for sharing!

Post# 216023 , Reply# 243   1/26/2013 at 15:09 (1,971 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

did you not read what I have said ? Laughing

My Aerus Platinum bags are NOT leaking it was a bad run of bags that were sent with the vacuum itself .

Thank you Doug I love this new Aerus and hope I love my job also time will tell .

Post# 216026 , Reply# 244   1/26/2013 at 15:27 (1,971 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Yes kirbyloverdan I read it. He isn't the first one I've read that from though. The same complaint was lodged against the Guardian Ultra here and elsewhere. I just try to take what everyone says into account in order to remain objective. :)

Post# 216029 , Reply# 245   1/26/2013 at 15:45 (1,971 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The platinum bags can't be leaking too much. I have gone through 4 bags since I got my platinum and the after bag hepa filter is now only beginning to show a slight amount of dirt on it.

Post# 216049 , Reply# 246   1/26/2013 at 18:00 (1,971 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I own

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Two Guardian Ultras one first edition with regular headlight and one last edition with led headlights redesigned powernozzle and none had leaking or broken bags .

Post# 216059 , Reply# 247   1/26/2013 at 19:03 (1,971 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Really luxman? Then that's enough for me to not worry about it. Unlike most, I love the Home Solutions bags.

Post# 216070 , Reply# 248   1/26/2013 at 20:17 (1,971 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I take a picture for you when I get a chance. On my fifth bag and the after bag hepa doesn't have much dirt on it at all

Post# 216075 , Reply# 249   1/26/2013 at 20:52 (1,971 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I just

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
changed the bag in my Guardian Ultra because the light finally came on . I took the bag out it weighed a ton and was packed . The machine still had a ton of suction I was in shock . I weighed it and it weighed 9.6 pounds where in the H@$$ did all that dirt come from ? I just took a damp paper towel to wipe inside the bag compartment and the towel was spotless no dust using the genuine bags . I have had this machine for two years an never changed the hepa filter it's still Snow White . I am now going to give this to my sister because she's tired of her upright Guardian and like this Ultra .

Post# 216177 , Reply# 250   1/27/2013 at 12:59 (1,970 days old) by utahprideBoy (Southern Utah)        
maybe i will

utahprideboy's profile picture
i am thinking i will try a new box of bags as the ones i had were the ones that came with my machine! i do have to admit i do like the synthetic bags as i think they maintain suction longer and filter better! They are still worth a try! I Hate glueing bags! as i think its a cheep thing to do!

Post# 216180 , Reply# 251   1/27/2013 at 13:12 (1,970 days old) by utahprideBoy (Southern Utah)        
Funeral director

utahprideboy's profile picture
i didn't know they had a new cover for the platinum as in my video i mention how i don't like the vents on the top cover because they match the guardian ultra not the Platinum! i am kinda nervous when i talk on there so i am sure there are a lot of mistakes when i am talking! also for guys waiting on wands, there are vacuum dealers that have tristar wands that are used that would work as they are the same and the same color! they would be cheeper than a new set!

Post# 216184 , Reply# 252   1/27/2013 at 13:26 (1,970 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture
Hey Dan Congratulations on your new Aerus

I know how much you like them.
I hope it gives you many years of trouble free service.

Post# 216189 , Reply# 253   1/27/2013 at 13:35 (1,970 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Gareth ,
You guys have had this machine for years huh ? Is it a Lux Intelligence there ?

I do love this machine I am glad Aerus finally brought it to the USA !


Post# 216194 , Reply# 254   1/27/2013 at 13:52 (1,970 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I love the Home Solutions bags! It's my understanding they are a new form of paper mixed with fibers and provide excellent filtration. The truth is, Perfect bags are made in China and are not subjected to the U.S. Dept. of Energy specs. In fact, there is no U.S. govt. agency that regulates HEPA outside of the Dept. of Energy. Vacuum cleaners can "decide" to call thier bags, filters, and machines "HEPA" even if they fall short of the Dept. of Energy's regulations. There is no law that says they must conform, but many manufacturers do have thier equipment tested to make sure it does. Vacuum bags claiming "HEPA" filtration can redefine it to mean "Highly Effective Particulate Air" which falls short of govt. standards. Shady yes, but nonetheless true.

Post# 216215 , Reply# 255   1/27/2013 at 15:38 (1,970 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I never said this before but thank you funeraldirector for your "inside information" and commentary. It is so nice a vacuum fanatic has access to the top man and listens to the input of an Aerus fan. They will tweak this machine to be sure, and I cannot wait. What would be so wonderful would be a dry crystal carpet/rug cleaner attachment like they used to have since the Platinum's power nozzle can run without the tank being on. What a fabulous money's worth that would be.

Post# 216226 , Reply# 256   1/27/2013 at 15:53 (1,970 days old) by ctsooner ()        
Hmmm, say's wrong!

Post# 215902, Reply# 235 1/25/2013 at 23:50 by electromatik (NC, USA) posts: 96

Yeah it is funny at times, but I personally have NEVER claimed any brand was the "best" because best is subjective. Other people here do it all the time however. The truth is though, some brands really ARE better than others. In terms of build quality, longevity, and performance there are few brands that truly stand out. You really cannot objectively say that a Shark can beat a Kirby in quality. It is just not so. I will state that price doesn't "always" guarantee "best" performance. Sebo is a great example. Miele and several other brands sent thier vacuums to IBR labs in Germany for testing and they all were far worse than Miele in emissions. Sebo was the worst, with 15,000,000 particles per minute. You can say Miele paid for them to say it, but the lab had no interest in doing so. They weren't gaining anything by saying Miele was best. I for one believe thier tests because they were subjected to rigorous scientific standards and thier methods and results were repeated and given to the public. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for, but usually you do.

Go watch the Sebo video on and they put the meter on the Sebo exhaust and it's 0 particulates. Just saying.

Post# 216248 , Reply# 257   1/27/2013 at 16:18 (1,970 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.) is SELLING Sebo machines. I'm sure they WOULD say that. Do they show any dirt in the bag as they measure? IBR disclosed thier results...

Post# 216252 , Reply# 258   1/27/2013 at 16:26 (1,970 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Guardian Platinum


As soon as I come up with a part number for the top cover I'll get it out here. Tony said yesterday it is avail along with black matching wands just has no number attached to it. Love the stainless sticker on mine, hate the smooth top and a zillion round holes that do a lousy job of muffling the noise. I believe the new one is exactly the same texture finish as the Legacy with the groove for the LED light. At least the vents will match the tank. Your video convinced me to buy and I thought it was well done.

I wish I had an iPhone so you guys could see my HEPA filter. About three actual bags and it looks like I dumped two tsp's of Nestle chocolate powder on it. Enough dirt in the bag housing so I had to wipe it out with a damp cloth. It looks like dust from the Kirby Lavender suds I use in my FloorPro. The President of Aerus said they want to continue with the blue bags because of the cost to the end user. Definitely a good selling point comparing it to Miele. Remember all of us here are fussy. The average consumer won't be able to see the difference between these bags and Iota or cloth.


You are very welcome. I think you will see some changes as time goes on. I am pushing for the Sebo ET-1 as a smaller nozzle option since the power of the unit and a GOOD 12" nozzle with commercial components and telescopic wand would be popular. The Lux Omniflo is an old nozzle they are currently working on an update for it so it matches the quality of the Platinum in build, performance, and noise. I have been talking with their head engineer about this machine since 2003 and the Lux 1 Royal. I am definitely looking forward to the new upright said to be here in April. I wonder if the new power nozzle will premiere with that machine? Hopefully Dan will know more soon and can keep everyone informed.


Post# 216257 , Reply# 259   1/27/2013 at 16:36 (1,970 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Platinum Upgrade

Software Upgrade

I forgot to mention the software upgrade in the new units kills the power nozzle powering up when the unit is off. I have not seen one of the new ones yet but I think there was one other change as well. Dan can fill us in this week I'm sure. I believe the European one is set up the same way mine is.

If anyone knows how to teach a 19 month old German Shorthair Pointer to wipe her feet before she hits the white berber, please send me a PM.


Post# 216258 , Reply# 260   1/27/2013 at 16:40 (1,970 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

The things you are saying are making me positively GIDDY. lol

Post# 216280 , Reply# 261   1/27/2013 at 17:33 (1,970 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Brian , is there any way of getting the software update if you already own a platinum. Thanks

Post# 216284 , Reply# 262   1/27/2013 at 17:40 (1,970 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        


I think that was manufacturing-specific on the software upgrade.


Post# 216289 , Reply# 263   1/27/2013 at 17:55 (1,970 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Brian and Mike

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Once I start at Aerus I will look into that problem as I don't feel the machine should operate like that .

I can't wait until the new upright arrives it will be very exciting . Guess I gotta thin out some of
my vacuums to make some room for the newest upright . 😁


Post# 216296 , Reply# 264   1/27/2013 at 18:04 (1,970 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Lets hope the new upright has some sort of on board tools, LED lights and swivel head, which might be pushing it....It's Aerus, lets see what happens, and hope they don't blow it with the same body recycled again just in dark grey with LED lights.

Post# 216311 , Reply# 265   1/27/2013 at 18:35 (1,970 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I'm sure it will be changed. Those who are familiar with Electrolux/Aerus history probably know that thier power nozzles and upright brushroll motors were essentially one and the same. An Aerus upright IS the same as an Aerus tank. Since they are working on a new power nozzle for the Platinum, you will see it on the upright as well!

Post# 216326 , Reply# 266   1/27/2013 at 19:42 (1,970 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks Brian and Dan. It is the one feature on the machine I don't care for. Other wise the platinum is such a great vac, I can put up with it. As I said before I think it is lux's best machine since the model G, of course in my humble non expert opinion :)

Post# 216360 , Reply# 267   1/27/2013 at 22:42 (1,970 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
You are

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
welcome Mike ,

I am excited to be apart of this awsome company and can`t wait to get all the inside things about Aerus .


Post# 216368 , Reply# 268   1/28/2013 at 01:09 (1,969 days old) by utahprideboy (Southern Utah)        
I like the omni flo

utahprideboy's profile picture
I know most of you want to see a new p/n. But I have to say I like the omini flo power nozzle! It's a great cleaner IMO! I would like to see at least a remote switch on the handle! They can keep the speeds on the tank but just put the 3 position switch on the handle so you can turn in on and off! That way they don't have to use computer boards or triac's! A part of me likes the plastic wands with but I agree some new metal ones would be nice! I am just not a fan of telescoping power nozzle wands! I don't mind them with a floor nozzle I just dont like them with a pn. As I think lady's extend them too far and beat up there power nozzles with them! I have a few good friends that are still with aerus! None of them have said anything about a new upright! I guess we will have to see what they come up with

And I am glad my videos have helped when it comes to collectors wanting to get new vacuums :-)

Post# 216388 , Reply# 269   1/28/2013 at 05:33 (1,969 days old) by gsheen (Cape Town South Africa)        

gsheen's profile picture

Hey Dan 


We got the Lux I the previous version to this machine, While that machine itself is Faultless its hosing was a problem, With no on off button for the PN and if you wanted to clean around the edges with the pipe you had to unplug the wires at the elbow. For what it cost here in SA this was below par, They have obviously fixed these on the new version which you have

Post# 216415 , Reply# 270   1/28/2013 at 10:10 (1,969 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
you are so right about that PN I love it also . I am a fan of the wands too.

I think I may have purchased a Riccar TOL canister from you a year or so ago on eBay ?

Hi Gareth ,
Thanks for the info I love this machine and like Daniel posted I want an on/off switch on the hose also .


Post# 216522 , Reply# 271   1/28/2013 at 21:06 (1,969 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Any one know if there is a way to get the synthetic bags used in the intelligence from lux international?

Post# 216632 , Reply# 272   1/29/2013 at 14:03 (1,968 days old) by utahprideBoy (Southern Utah)        
No Riccar

utahprideboy's profile picture
i still have my 3 Ricarrs but it might have been some other person here in southern utah as the store i work at sells a lot of Riccar canisters

Post# 216645 , Reply# 273   1/29/2013 at 15:26 (1,968 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Cloth Bags,


If several of us got together and bought a few cases from Godfreys in Australia or New Zealand (Sauber Intelligence) or if anyone here speaks french the Lux France site (francepurification,com) is excellent. Who wants a homework assignment? I would like to put the european braided hose, telescoping wand and the neck adapter that snaps on the bottom of the direct connect wand. The neck adapter connects to...the Sebo ET-1 power nozzle. according to that site it fits but what about being designed for 220 volt. Should work ok with 115v I would think?


Post# 216668 , Reply# 274   1/29/2013 at 17:47 (1,968 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The braided hose would be awesome.. I tried linking on the international site to order bags but cant get past the country to order from :(

Post# 216738 , Reply# 275   1/29/2013 at 22:11 (1,968 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

I thought it was you must be someone else . I will have to try and figure it out . It is an 1800 Premium used once it was like brand new and smells brand new .


It would be neat to try those synthetic bags I am sure some after market company will bring them out like DVC or someone like that .

Post# 216749 , Reply# 276   1/29/2013 at 22:33 (1,968 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The French site is great. Wish I New French or at least be able to figure what the price tranfers to in US dollars. They got the braided hose too.

Post# 216786 , Reply# 277   1/30/2013 at 07:17 (1,967 days old) by countryguy (Astorville, ON, Canada)        

countryguy's profile picture
The braided hose is 160 euros which is approximately $217 USD - not inexpensive by any means. The telescopic wand is 60 euros or $81 USD

The site below does currency conversion.



Post# 216837 , Reply# 278   1/30/2013 at 13:00 (1,967 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks Gary.

Post# 216871 , Reply# 279   1/30/2013 at 15:41 (1,967 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Lux Intelligence

There are new wands model HP and braided hoses on and also some aftermarket company makes synthetic bags. Who speaks German? According to the Lux France website, the HP model hose on the Intelligence is compatible with the classic (aerus platinum) so all we need is some neck adapters for the Powerprof Sebo nozzles and you have the european vacuum. Who is willing to try this?


Post# 216984 , Reply# 280   1/31/2013 at 15:55 (1,966 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Brian ,

I am very happy with the Aerus Wand and Hose set up .


Post# 216990 , Reply# 281   1/31/2013 at 16:43 (1,966 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        


The wand prices don't look too bad. Hell even their Lux intelligence prices are really good with the conversion compared to what our equiv machine would cost here with deep discount.

I would gladly try it and see what heads/wands/nozzles etc work but I sadly do not have a Lux to use as the test subject.

Post# 216991 , Reply# 282   1/31/2013 at 16:44 (1,966 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Hose and Wands


I like the hose as well but do seem intrigued with that european hose though. Very cool! How is the new job? Tony was telling me this morning that the replacement P bags are a little thicker paper than the seven that were shipped with the vacuum so no more dust leakage.


Post# 216992 , Reply# 283   1/31/2013 at 16:45 (1,966 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

Braided hose and telescoping wands on convert out to be about $256ish with todays conversion rates.

Post# 216997 , Reply# 284   1/31/2013 at 17:21 (1,966 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I was there on Wednesday first day . I love it but the only thing is it`s 45 minutes from my house so I am not sure if I will stick with it or not .
Tomorrow (Friday) I am going back I will see what happens it`s kinda hard because I don`t need the job so that makes it tough .

I am excited because I get to clean out the basement grave yard and shed out back .
I got a quick tour but didnt get to spend anytime there .

Yeah I am not a fan of braided hoses because they are too stiff . I heard about the bags I knew they would fix them the first run is always going to be a problem .

So April the new upright comes out ? Any news about it ?


Post# 217081 , Reply# 285   2/1/2013 at 08:09 (1,965 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

Welcome to Aerus. Hope you enjoy it even though you don't need the work. I started in 1995 and still love it!

Post# 217082 , Reply# 286   2/1/2013 at 08:20 (1,965 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
David ,
I should have said because I am a full time Realtor its hard to do both . Because of my job it makes it difficult to do the Aerus job which I would enjoy more .

I am sure my haters enjoyed that post lol .

So David do you think Aerus is finally back with all the new and exciting products they offer today as compared to when you first started ?


Post# 217133 , Reply# 287   2/1/2013 at 18:11 (1,965 days old) by eluxca (Tennessee)        
Decisions, decisions

I am in the mood to buy a new vacuum and am stuck between an Aerus Platinum and a Rainbow E2. (Yeah, Rob, I still haven't bought a new E2!) They are two different beasts with pros and cons and this makes the decision tough. I've looked at both and can get a good deal on either. My main vacuum now is a Miele Aquarius. It is a very good vacuum with a short cord and hose for the large rooms in my 50's ranch. Filtration is excellent - there's no dust in the bag chamber after 5 years. The Aerus and the Rainbow have the long hose and cord that I'm looking for.

I like the fresh exhaust and quality of the Rainbow, but I do not hesitate to suck up whatever is on the floor, be it stray cat litter, paper clips, paper bits, etc. That makes for messy and inconvenient disposal of Rainbow water by pouring it through a strainer into the toilet or outside. Is there a better way? I know, I should sweep those things up into a dustpan before vacuum, but the reality is that I'm not going to do that.

Bagged vacuums make sense at this point, but I have found that they can take on odors and not give that fresh smell like the Rainbow. I like the convenience of the Aerus bag and they seem small enough that frequent changing will prevent smells. It is definitely easier and quicker to use out of the closet. I love the design that's reminiscent of the Model XXX. The question is: Is the filtration as good as the Rainbow? If it is, then I might lean toward the Platinum.

Both Aerus and Rainbow branches are great here. I've been sleeping on it for two weeks now and I hope that the lightbulb will come on soon so that I can move on from the indecision. This is a great thread and I'm not a hater of any of the vacuums discussed!

Post# 217144 , Reply# 288   2/1/2013 at 19:12 (1,965 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Filtration/Aerus Platinum


Tough choices I know. I'm not really a Rainbow guy and I would like to have the new one. I guess you should get one of each. Rainbow is nice as there is no suction loss and the scents are great. However, the weight of the E-series makes it clunky and the machine is less convenient to use. The Lux weighs 14 lbs. on the tank and 7 ish on the wands and nozzle. Real world about 12 lbs less than the Rainbow or about the weight of a Miele Capricorn canister body. Significantly more power and double HEPA filters with DAAB, TUV, and GUI certification and recommendation from the NAC Australia for people with asthma/allergies. The answer to your question whether the Platinum filters better is yes. Overall this is a super vacuum that is also quieter and way more convenient to use and the Swissaroma scents should also be avail soon. The new E-series nozzle is great, but I prefer the Lux Omniflo with side vs center driveline and the L-shape head. Again convenience and design win. Either way, you will be very pleased and have a very clean house.


Post# 217151 , Reply# 289   2/1/2013 at 20:30 (1,965 days old) by eluxca (Tennessee)        

Thanks, Brian. I do want both. Funny, the Aerus manager has sold out of all Platinum machines in two weeks. They must be catching on!


Post# 217153 , Reply# 290   2/1/2013 at 20:33 (1,965 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Hi Brian,
What are the Swissroma scents. Do you know if I can buy an extra set a black wands for my platinum yet? I want to get an extra dust brush and adaptor too. Thanks

Post# 217185 , Reply# 291   2/2/2013 at 00:56 (1,964 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

I just bought a brand new TriStar CS & am happy with it. Paid only $800.00; compared to $650.00 in 1985 for the red CXL 2-speed.

Later this year, I hope to buy a brand new Aerus Guardian Platinum & a Rainbow e3; if my finances improve by then.

No, I did NOT trade any vacuums that I own for the new TriStar CS; it even includes the MiniStar.

Post# 217201 , Reply# 292   2/2/2013 at 06:39 (1,964 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Aerus Platinum Wands


The Swissaroma scents go inside the pop out scent holder on the switch side of the machine. I am told they are fantastic. I am still waiting for the part number for wands and Swissaroma and I will let you know.


We have some new Platinum vacuums in stock. Drop me a note if you are interested. I can probably have you digging dirt by the end of the week.


How about a brand new thread with lots of PICTURES so we all can see your new unit. I had a DXL years ago and the big wheels and hose connected high off the floor make this machine very maneuverable. What's under the hood the Johnson brushless motor from the Guardian Ultra? I don't think they hurt you too bad on the price. Ebay or authorized dealer? Congrats!


Post# 217240 , Reply# 293   2/2/2013 at 13:00 (1,964 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks Brian. I probably could just order my lux stuff from your store in NC and have you ship it to me. :)

Post# 217241 , Reply# 294   2/2/2013 at 13:02 (1,964 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Sorry Brian. I mean Boston

Post# 217334 , Reply# 295   2/3/2013 at 03:31 (1,963 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
Lux and Tristar wands

I thought there was a slight difference in size of these two brands af vacs. I think the wands on the Tristar are slighty larger or smaller then a Lux wand.. So they don't fit together tight.. I will check it out when my new Lux Gaurdian Platinum gets here..I have a Tristar MG1,MG2, and a CS. and I think those wands from those three machines are the same size, I just don't think the Lux wands are compatible with the Tristar wands... Dan

Post# 217337 , Reply# 296   2/3/2013 at 05:25 (1,963 days old) by utahprideboy (Southern Utah)        
Thermokid Dan

utahprideboy's profile picture
The wands for the aerus and the Tristar are the same and they both fit and work! I have used my guardian ultra nozzle on my Tristar mg2 and visversa! I bought a used set of Tristar wands to use my floor tool with and they work great! FuneralDirector I am glad you told me about the thicker bags as i ordered some and I will try them as soon as I get them, I just hope they don't leak like the ones that came with my machine! That's why I was hot glueing the perfect bags to the cardboard I didn't want to clog my filter prematurely ! Thanks again guys Daniel

Post# 217351 , Reply# 297   2/3/2013 at 11:05 (1,963 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I am just

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
wondering when Tri Star will ad LED headlights .

Hopefully the do it for the next model change .

Post# 217380 , Reply# 298   2/3/2013 at 14:37 (1,963 days old) by Eluxfan71 (Switzerland )        
Lux Intelligence

Hi nice to see, that this modell find the way to the US as Aerus. I own a Lux intelligence since over 1 year. The vacuum cleaner is great. the only problem on the european models is the hose with remote contol...

Post# 217390 , Reply# 299   2/3/2013 at 15:05 (1,963 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Ours does

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

not have the remote control hose . Maybe its for the best .

Post# 217426 , Reply# 300   2/3/2013 at 18:21 (1,963 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

You know it's kind of funny that people demand remote control handles but then have to face the consequences of much higher repair rates and extra expense. What to do? I have to say I can live without it but some people seem to think it makes the vacuum less "high-end" if it doesn't have that feature. Perhaps the best way is to offer it as an OPTION, and let the customer decide if it's worth it. I'm glad to see Aerus, Tri-Star, and Lux working together and sharing research and development on products like the Platinum. They are all fine companies with decades of vacuum knowledge.

Post# 217443 , Reply# 301   2/3/2013 at 20:02 (1,963 days old) by ctsooner ()        
aren't all three the same company?

I thought one of you said that the Lux is owned and made in VA in the same plant that they make their Tri Star brand. Brian??? Thanks.

Post# 217446 , Reply# 302   2/3/2013 at 20:21 (1,963 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Tristar is owned by aerus lux. Aerus lux is in a partnership of some kind with luux international but are separate companies.
On the platinum my local lux guy before he just retired told me the hose, wands and tools are made in Bristol Virginia the rest of the canister parts are made in Europe and assembled in Bristol ..

Post# 217450 , Reply# 303   2/3/2013 at 20:57 (1,963 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks for the tip on the tristar wand Daniel. I just ordered two .. Local guy says he still can't get extra parts yet.. I still would like to get an extra dust / upholstery tool in the platinum black as well as the tool adapter..

Post# 217452 , Reply# 304   2/3/2013 at 21:08 (1,963 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

My version of the Aerus / Lux web site photo

Post# 217457 , Reply# 305   2/3/2013 at 21:38 (1,963 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Holy vacuum cleaner Batman! That's a totally awesome vacuum (both) The Platinum is so streamlined and ultramodern in it's steel and black coat and it's cool LCD screen.

ctsooner: Tri-Star was bought by Electrolux USA a long time ago and is 100% owned and controlled by Aerus LLC today. Lux International is the legacy of the original Lux vacuum cleaners invented by Axel Wenner-Gren of Sweden. Wenner-Gren contracted AB Lux (who made kerosene lamps at the time) to make it. A few years later Wenner-Gren bought Elektromekaniska and set up Svenska Elektron and AB Lux agreed to grant it the sole sales rights to the vacuum and note AB Lux as the maker. Over time Wenner-Gren's companies totally merged and became Elektro-lux and that morphed into Electrolux. Lux International spun off into it's own company around the time Aerus changed it's name and they have signed contracts to share research/development. They are cousin companies who jointly developed the Platinum. The present day Electrolux AB is completely divorced from the Electrolux vacuums invented by Wenner-Gren. I know it's hard to digest such a mouthful, but that's the story. Hope it makes sense. LOL

Post# 217504 , Reply# 306   2/4/2013 at 09:09 (1,962 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

I love the history of Aerus/Lux thank you .


Mike ,

Love the pic pretty cool how they have evolved but look sorta like where they came from.



Post# 217516 , Reply# 307   2/4/2013 at 13:19 (1,962 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Dan, I agree, I love the history of Electrolux / Aerus. Love their products too.

Post# 217523 , Reply# 308   2/4/2013 at 13:35 (1,962 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

That pic is striking in how much larger the new one is compared to the old one. We tend to think in the old days things were bigger/better/whatever. The Platinum brings them back full circle from metal to lexan and back to metal. The Platinum has a distinct Art Deco look if you notice.

Post# 217558 , Reply# 309   2/4/2013 at 15:02 (1,962 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
And to just

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

think several years back we thought Aerus made their last metal vacuum cleaner , I guess we were wrong they are BACK !!!

Post# 217625 , Reply# 310   2/4/2013 at 19:32 (1,962 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

When you turn both machines on they really do sound a lot a like too. :)

Post# 217644 , Reply# 311   2/4/2013 at 21:32 (1,962 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Cool I

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

will have to dig my xxx out and compare I`ll bet its really cool .
















































Post# 217653 , Reply# 312   2/4/2013 at 22:51 (1,962 days old) by KirbyUltimateG (Troy Ohio 45373 USA)        

I have five Kirby's. I have the Classic III/Legend II/Generation 3/Diamond Edition/Sentria. I am thinking about trading them in for two Sentria II's or I might trade the Classic III/Legend II/Generation 3/Diamond Edition in for one Sentria II and keep the Sentria and send it to the Kirby factory for a rebuild.

Post# 217702 , Reply# 313   2/5/2013 at 11:51 (1,961 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I can't wait to hear a Platinum in person. I've heard it on Utahprideboy's video. It is very quiet. Similar to the old days most of what you hear is rushing air from the suction.

Post# 217735 , Reply# 314   2/5/2013 at 15:58 (1,961 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Christoper, it is amazingly quiet, when you are are dusting or doing the hard floors with the flip brush, that is about all you hear is the sound of the air ..

Post# 217744 , Reply# 315   2/5/2013 at 16:54 (1,961 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Out of all

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

400 vacuums I own this Aerus Guardian Platinum is the quietest vacuum I own .

Post# 217749 , Reply# 316   2/5/2013 at 17:31 (1,961 days old) by danorob1 (Central New Jersey)        

danorob1's profile picture
Hello All,

Great Thread - Now it gave me the itch for a new toy...

I was viewing some videos on the platinum and found that if you have the canister and the power nozzle on, and then turn off the canister without turning off the power nozzle wand switch, the canister will go off but the nozzle will continue to run... I found that a little odd...

I then went to see one of my friends at the local Aerus Dealer and check it out in person... It is a nice looking machine but I thought it was actually made entirely of metal like a silverado, etc... It in fact is actually a double wall plastic canister with steel trim crimp/bonded to certain parts of the outside... So overall, It is a nice machine, but I too would worry about dents in Day to Day usage... Plus I am not a fan of of the tools on the wand...

However, After talking to the owner for quite a while, we got to prices... I was given very very good pricing on either the Platinum, Ultra, or Legacy.... I actually think I like the legacy the best since the tools are on the tank and not on the wand...

I also think the plastic body would hold up better to gentle bumps then the steel on the Platinum...

Since this is going to be a daily driver and i will most likely only keep it 1-1.5 years, then sell it, or gift it away, I was really looking for opinions if it really is as bad as Consumer Reports makes it out to me (since it got such a low rating)...

And The last question - If you could purchase the Guardian Ultra, or The Legacy what would you purchase, and are there any real performance differences? Since they are the same exact motor, I would assume no...

Opinons before I jump and buy it tomorrow during lunch?

Post# 217750 , Reply# 317   2/5/2013 at 17:36 (1,961 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

While I prefer uprights, I think the Aerus canisters are good and durable... I would not go by consumer reports- they favor value over longevity. The newest canisters by Aerus I think are better built and sealed. I would look into them over the Classic and Legacy.

Post# 217753 , Reply# 318   2/5/2013 at 17:40 (1,961 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Quiet Lux


I agree with you. The quietest vacuum I have ever had. Have not tried the S8 but definitely quieter than the Miele Capricorn in a side by side. I hope when they quiet the nozzle down they put as much thought into it as the vacuum itself. How is the new service manager position going? As we used to say in the Teamsters in Charlestown, MA, there are 24 hours in a work day. What's new in the Lux rumor mill?


Post# 217759 , Reply# 319   2/5/2013 at 18:20 (1,961 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

If U don't like having the tool caddy on the wand, all U need to do is tape the tool holder onto the handle. That's what I do with my TriStars CXL & EXL. That way, the tools will always be onboard all the time instead of having to get the wands just for the tool holder.

This post was last edited 02/05/2013 at 23:25
Post# 217760 , Reply# 320   2/5/2013 at 18:51 (1,961 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Your New Lux


Without even a little doubt in my mind-BUY THE PLATINUM. You will come to like the attachments on the wand. I did. Must be a carryover from my days in the Teamsters since I hate to bend over. Quality and performance are day and night over the Legacy and Ultra and your carpets will show it. Double HEPA is awesome and no odor from the vacuum. Not only does it look cool, it is super quiet. I think those other machines will soon change also since they are 1984 vintage and the Platinum rendered them obsolete. I sold very few of the Legacy-style vacuums over the years and primarily TOL starting with the 8000 and original Guardian. I refused to sell the Ultra due to poor design associated with noise, plastic trim panels that don't have the same texture and HEPA filters that require plumbers tape for a proper seal.


Post# 217869 , Reply# 321   2/6/2013 at 10:48 (1,960 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

its going ok , the repair shop is a mess . The lady that ran it for the past 16 years has zero experience in vacuums and has been winging it since day one . One gripe I have with her is her lube of choice for the vacuums is vasaline . She`s in Canada now so maybe she will not be back .


Its going to be difficult in the begining to make it my place but we shall see what happens . Lets just say I know more than the owners of this Aerus store so I`m gonna have to figure things out for myself .



Post# 217881 , Reply# 322   2/6/2013 at 11:38 (1,960 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

Are you going to be doing the repairs as well as selling?

Post# 217882 , Reply# 323   2/6/2013 at 11:39 (1,960 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

yes Repairs and selling from the store .



Post# 217887 , Reply# 324   2/6/2013 at 11:44 (1,960 days old) by Smith (North Carolina)        

Cool. I am sure you will enjoy it. Good luck!

Post# 217913 , Reply# 325   2/6/2013 at 14:02 (1,960 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Good luck Dan. I would love working in an aerus/ lux store but I am just not a salesman.

Post# 217921 , Reply# 326   2/6/2013 at 17:17 (1,960 days old) by ctsooner ()        
Thanks for the history lesson

on Lux. Very cool. Of all the Lux vacuums I tried in their store (I think it was all of them), I only liked the Platinum. For the price, I didn't think the other ones were worth what they wanted to be honest. I may have had a bad experience with the shop 'owner'?? but I'd buy the Platinum if I had the cash.

Post# 217927 , Reply# 327   2/6/2013 at 18:02 (1,960 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

That's pretty much the way Aerus (and when it was Electrolux also) has always did things. They build ONE top of the line model and update it repeatedly and only keep the older models as a last resort in difficult sales. The "main" model is the one they heavily push and promote. Electrolux almost never had over 3 canister models at a time. In the 80's, the Silverado Deluxe was the main model but they made a very basic Silverado for lower budgets. When a new model comes out, the older ones will usually eventually wither and die off. They are no different from Miele in having some basic models and steadily going up. Miele's basic models are higher priced too. The price is justified in the marketplace because a number of people feel it is worth it to pay more to get a higher performance machine than those at big box stores that could last for 50 years.

Post# 217939 , Reply# 328   2/6/2013 at 19:38 (1,960 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

David and Mike so far it`s ok . I love Aerus but just wish the store was closer than 45 minutes away from my home .



Post# 217988 , Reply# 329   2/7/2013 at 09:11 (1,959 days old) by ctsooner ()        
Dan, you're in NJ

is anything within 45 minutes? LOL....I always had long commutes, even when I owned my own executive recruiting agency. 45 minutes just meant isolation for making important calls and not getting interrupted, lol.

Post# 217992 , Reply# 330   2/7/2013 at 10:04 (1,959 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

yes everything is very close to my house . Atlantic City , Margate , Ventnor , Ocean city , Long Port beaches night life all within 20 minutes from my house . Two Mall`s one is 5 minutes one is 10 minutes from me . Everything is very close to me except Aerus Embarassed

Post# 218011 , Reply# 331   2/7/2013 at 11:51 (1,959 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

If there isn't an Aerus near your home, would it be lucrative to open your own franchise? I do not know how that works

Post# 218032 , Reply# 332   2/7/2013 at 14:50 (1,959 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Received by extra set of wands from tristar today. As Daniel said exactly the same as the platinum. Thanks again. For the tip. Called my dealer and told him I didn't need them anymore since he still couldn't get extra parts yet for the platinum. He was really superised when I told him they were from tristar and the exact same wands.

Post# 218036 , Reply# 333   2/7/2013 at 16:13 (1,959 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

What were the problems with the Epic/Rennaissance/Guardian/Legacy style hose/wands/PN if they are similar to the TriStar A101/EXL/MG/CS & Lux Guardian Ultra & Guardian Platinum?  I find both styles to be OK, so no more plugging/disconnecting or removing/re-installing pigtail PN cords like what I used to do with my TriStar CXL until I got extra wands for the bare floor brush.Smile

Post# 218037 , Reply# 334   2/7/2013 at 16:18 (1,959 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

it would have been lucrative a few years ago . Today with the new taxes on their way (Obama Care) it is way too expensive to start a business today . The Aerus store I was at had to let go of their repair girl because it was too costly to pay her and insure her was outrageous.


I just quit working for them it is too far and with gas prices and wear and tear on my car its not worth it for me . I will be buying all the Aerus and trades from them and gonna sell them on eBay along with the other vacuums I sell on eBay now .


Cool Mike yes the Paltinum parts are available but they don`t seem to want to order them yet until the sell them for a few months .



Post# 218039 , Reply# 335   2/7/2013 at 16:26 (1,959 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Not good for small business... Nobama! That stinks...

Post# 218045 , Reply# 336   2/7/2013 at 16:59 (1,959 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Sure does

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

George ,


I would love to and could afford to open up an Aerus Store and hire people but because of Obamacare taxes I refuse to start a new business and then pay all my hard earned money to the Government .  


My buddy who owns the store thats 45 minutes from my home wants to sell me his store but once I did the numbers and realized the taxes they are paying it`s crazy .


Thats why they had to let go their repair girl and said most Aerus stores are run totally by the owners who also repair the vacuums . The stores are essentially a one man or woman run store . Full time employees are a thing of the past especially in vacuum stores . It was going to cost them $2500.00 per month just in taxes and insurance on top of her pay .



Post# 218046 , Reply# 337   2/7/2013 at 17:31 (1,959 days old) by stricklybojack (Southern California)        
No worries Dan,

stricklybojack's profile picture
unless you were going to hire 37 or more people at 40 hrs a week to help you run your store, at that point businesses come under Obamacare guidelines, below that you're free to opt out...

Post# 218047 , Reply# 338   2/7/2013 at 17:43 (1,959 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Well Robert

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

I just don`t trust anything the Government or Obama is doing and refuse to take a chance because they are finding things in the law that no one even knows fully whats going to happen because NOBODY read the bill prior to signing it .


So unless you can 100% guarantee any new taxes that become law and pay my additional taxes I think I will just keep my money in its safe place Wink



Post# 218054 , Reply# 339   2/7/2013 at 19:52 (1,959 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Hey everyone, lets try to leave politics out of this awesome thread on lux products and its history. I am so over politics after listening to all, and I mean all the BS from both sides the last two years. :)
Whenever anyone asks what political affiliation I am, my standard answer is it doesn't matter, either way we are screwed.

Post# 218066 , Reply# 340   2/7/2013 at 22:13 (1,959 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I'm positively about to burst wondering when the new power nozzle will arrive, in addition to the new upright.

Post# 218068 , Reply# 341   2/7/2013 at 22:32 (1,959 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

for the new upright who knows about the PN ?

Post# 218095 , Reply# 342   2/8/2013 at 05:48 (1,958 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Are there any photos of what it might look like since its coming out in April- not that far way. Will it be made in US, or outsourced?

Post# 218106 , Reply# 343   2/8/2013 at 07:22 (1,958 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
Aerus and Tristar wands

Some of them do not interchange with each other. My wands on my Tristar MG1, MG2, MG3, and CS don't fit on my Lux 75th Anniversary Gaurdian, and my 9000, and my Aerus Lux Gaurdian. I tried. However the wands from my Aerus Lux Gaurdian Platinum do interchange with all my Tristars Just not my Gaurdians... Go Figure... Dan

Post# 218118 , Reply# 344   2/8/2013 at 08:48 (1,958 days old) by ctsooner ()        
Ironic how you can't take politics or taxes out

of any talk. Doesn't matter where you are. My wife opened her own insurance agency two years ago and when we got the number for health insurance for her and her employee (I'm on Medicare) and my drug policy, we realized that there won't be any real profits unless she grows and grows. It's unreal.

There's my rant and it's more than just vacuums.

Dan it really is too bad that it disuades you from opening up your own store as that's what would help the economy and from your posts, you'd give a darn and be a great service provider. In my quest for vacuums last month I realized that service is lacking greatly in your industry by so many. I ran into shysters, liars and some who just wanted to move stock at all costs. It was a strange world I stepped into, but thank goodness for Brian and the rest of you guys who have guided me along.

Post# 218138 , Reply# 345   2/8/2013 at 10:20 (1,958 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Software update for the Platinum is done at the factory to the newest machines currently being made not the recent solds .

The hose only comes out if the user doesn`t put it in correctly it is not hard to
attach .


Post# 218207 , Reply# 346   2/8/2013 at 20:32 (1,958 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I figured it would be something along those lines regarding the hose coming out. Surely to goodness a VACUUM CLEANER COMPANY would realize that a canister hose must be used to pull it along and design it so it doesn't pop out. Electrolux designed idiot proof bag change, now they have to design idiot proof hoses. LOL

Post# 218209 , Reply# 347   2/8/2013 at 20:39 (1,958 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        
Aerus/Lux Epic & TriStar A101/EXL/MG/CS

"Some of the wands/tools do not interchange with each other. My wands on my Tristar MG1, MG2, MG3, and CS don't fit on my Lux 75th Anniversary Gaurdian, and my 9000, and my Aerus Lux Gaurdian"

When I first got my TriStar EXL & Electrolux Epic 6500SR, I first thought that the wands & tools were interchangeable; but I was wrong.  However, I really like the design of the plastic wands on the Electrolux Epic 6500SR & TriStar EXL & CS.


Can the hose handle from a MG Series TriStar fit a Lux Epic 6500SR or Lux Epic 6500SR hose handle fit a TriStar A101/EXL/MG/CS hose?

Post# 218211 , Reply# 348   2/8/2013 at 21:03 (1,958 days old) by pr-21 (Middletown, OH)        
I bought one also....

pr-21's profile picture
I am now the proud owner of the Aerus Platinum Guardian. Received it Thursday, but due to work, have not had a chance to use it yet. I unboxed it tonight and turned it on. I will give it a workout this weekend. The one thing I noticed is the flip over rug and floor tool, has black stiffer brushes, than my other flip over tool that fits the older lux wands. The older one has gray softer bristles. Does anyone know if the black bristles are horsehair or nylon?

Thanks for your input and I am anxious to try this wonderfully designed Aerus Vacuum.

Bud Mattingly

Post# 218236 , Reply# 349   2/8/2013 at 22:25 (1,958 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
The hose is not a problem it fits perfect every time and never pops out . Only one person in another thread who just purchased it had a problem and I know it was due to him not knowing how to use it properly . It always turns out to be user error the Aerus hose clips in perfectly every time
I use mine . Just like people complain how difficult It is to use Kirby attachments it takes me less than 30 seconds to remove the nozzle and attach the hose or any other attachment .

Post# 218237 , Reply# 350   2/8/2013 at 22:28 (1,958 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Congratulations Bud

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
You will love your new Aerus Guardian Platinum . The bristles are horse hair just a bit stiffer than usual . Enjoy many years of use with it 😄


Post# 218239 , Reply# 351   2/8/2013 at 23:07 (1,958 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Never had a problem with the hose coming out of my platinum or any lux machine before. Dust brush Long with the floor brush are both horse hair.

Post# 218248 , Reply# 352   2/9/2013 at 00:19 (1,958 days old) by floor-a-matic (somewhere)        

That's why I just leave the hose connected to the canister vacuums all the time & not disconnect the hose, unless I need to use the vac in blower mode, unclog the hose or sometimes when I change the bag.

Post# 218261 , Reply# 353   2/9/2013 at 04:09 (1,957 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
I must be Stupid

that I can't even figure out how to put a hose on a vacuum cleaner. Well if the hose keeps coming out of my vacuum then I just won't bother using that Platinum any more. At least then people won't think I am stupid and don't know how to use a vacuum, maybe I should just use a broom.. Or is there a trick to that too??? Dan

Post# 218262 , Reply# 354   2/9/2013 at 04:23 (1,957 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        
I'm sorry thermokid...

I didn't mean to suggest you were an idiot. What I said came out wrong. I was joking about how they made the bag change so easy and this has to be an issue. If it is a design flaw, it needs to be corrected. There may in fact be a problem with your vacuum. I'd hate to think you couldn't use it.

Post# 218263 , Reply# 355   2/9/2013 at 04:26 (1,957 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
Flip over floor tool

my flip over floor tool on the platinum is not horsehair, it appears to be black nylon and very stiff. And the gleaner bar on the rug nozzle side is just a straight round bar. No grooves in it like my other flip over tools. But maybe I'm not using that right either. Oh well since I am not going to use the Platinum anymore, I guess it doesn't matter.. At least I can turn it on and listen to the air rushing through the quiet macshine... DAN

Post# 218264 , Reply# 356   2/9/2013 at 06:49 (1,957 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuums

I have really enjoyed following this thread. It seems like the new machine has some wonderful features. So far would this be the problems areas with the new Platinum:
(1) bags that come packed with the machine my be leaking
(2) hose connection to machine may not be catching and coming out
(3) power nozzle runs without machine turned on
(4) question as to where it has too stiff brushes on floor tool and if they are nylon or horsehair
(5) questionable future growth of Aerus stores-or stores that will be only be very small one person operations
(6) Aerus no longer has a one price policy-now you need to shop and make your best deal.
(7) 15 year warranty,if you can find an Aerus dealer close enough to give service in your area.

I really appreciate all the positive input on this thead.

Post# 218266 , Reply# 357   2/9/2013 at 07:31 (1,957 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Sounds like we have a few Aerus brand bashers in this thread .
Every new product introduced be it a new car or vacuum in this case will have
some bugs that need to be worked out . This machine is a totally new vacuum for Aerus
not just another color change like Kirby , Rainbow and others .

Post# 218267 , Reply# 358   2/9/2013 at 07:34 (1,957 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        

I wasn't upset about what you said. That was cool. I was upset with what KirbyLoverDan said. Oh well I can still use my Kirby's. I never have had any problem with them. And yes I think there is a problem with the hose connection on the Platinum for it to keep coming out so easy all the time. I guess I will have to take it to the Aerus Dealer in Montana to get it fixed. I will just have to swallow my pride and take it to them.(Kinda hard to do since I told them I was buying a Platinum from somebody else instead of them) And then turning around and taking my new machine to them to fix... LOL Dan

Post# 218269 , Reply# 359   2/9/2013 at 07:57 (1,957 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Nothing is perfect, most of the time its user error... have your machine checked if you really cannot figure it out. I will agree with some of the above comments about Aerus regarding operations and pricing. If you knew the mark up on these machines, I bet ones eyes would glow.

Post# 218271 , Reply# 360   2/9/2013 at 08:20 (1,957 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I have never

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
paid full or list price for any Aerus I have purchased and I've bought many .
Any products price can be haggled there is nothing out there
that you can't haggle . I have yet to purchase anything at full price ,
I always haggle every purchase .

Post# 218278 , Reply# 361   2/9/2013 at 08:26 (1,957 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuums

I hope you are not referring to my post. I am very positive about the new machine but the thread is getting so long it was difficult to follow all the comments. I was just listing what I have read on the thread by some of the new owners.
You are very correct. I would expect them to have a few problems in a new design and I would also expect that Aerus will make FAST corrections for a machine in the price level of an $1500.00 Lux.
Certainly not a brand basher here, as I own and love my Electrolux's but I am a careful listener and am very interested in what the new owners are experiencing with this top of line cleaner and what their buying experience has been with the Aerus dealers.

Post# 218281 , Reply# 362   2/9/2013 at 08:29 (1,957 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Dan I know, but the average consumer out there pays full price... some people are not out to be negotiators or have no business tact. A few years ago, when I bought my Audi, I haggled the shit out the salesperson....$6,000 less than list and this was on Dec 30, so I am sure they wanted the sale. Also, in real estate, I have had to represent the buyer (dual agency) and they made full offer on my condo listing, when I knew they could have gotten a better deal (maybe $10-15k less) but it was my seller-client, so I had to get them the highest and best.

Post# 218286 , Reply# 363   2/9/2013 at 08:34 (1,957 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
You may be a positive person but your post had only the negative things about the newly released Platinum . You only posted the negative features and not the positive .

Post# 218287 , Reply# 364   2/9/2013 at 08:34 (1,957 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuums

I did not understand that you could haggle over the price of an Aerus Lux. I am thinking back in the days I worked for Electrlux and that was an absolute no no.
Everyone paid the same price except for a standard trade allowance. Now bear in mind this was years ago when it was company owned stores.
I have found BIG price differences when buying a Kirby,TirStar and some wiggle room in the Rainbow but not a big difference.
It has been several years (1998) since I bought my last new Electrolux from our now closed branch and I bought from an "old" Electrolux life time salesman. At that time it was still a pretty cut and dry pricing for all customers.

Post# 218288 , Reply# 365   2/9/2013 at 08:45 (1,957 days old) by williamr1248 (USA)        
My New Aerus Vacuums

I already understood and read all the positive features. I just got a little lost in the problems the new owners were having with their machines because the thread became so long. I like to understand the plus features and also the possible problems when you pay $1500.00 for a piece of equipment. I am sure they will make any needed corrections.

Post# 218292 , Reply# 366   2/9/2013 at 09:15 (1,957 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Thermokid, I'm wondering if the hose has to be installed at a certain position or if something must "line up" so to speak? What does the manual say? I wish I had one in front of me to see.

Post# 218301 , Reply# 367   2/9/2013 at 10:12 (1,957 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I have purchased brand new Electrolux/Aerus since the Super J and always paid cash and always got a better price than what was "List" price .

My Grandmother taught me to always haggle and I have been very successful at never paying full or list price .

As far as the hose goes it must be broken on that other users vacuum because I tried for an hour last night to get mine to come out even pulling with all my might and that hose would not budge . It has a 15 year warranty I suggest he return it and have it repaired or demand a new machine thats what I would do .

Bags have been made with thicker paper my advise is throw out the bags that come with the new machine and ask for the new bags .


Post# 218408 , Reply# 368   2/10/2013 at 03:34 (1,956 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
Hey Guys!

I found out what is wrong with my platinum. One of the two prongs on the end of the hose is cracked. So I glued the piece of the prong I put some super glue on it and so far it is fine, but I am going to have to send the hose back to Aerus for a new hose. So I am glad it wasn't operater error on my part... Dan

Post# 218411 , Reply# 369   2/10/2013 at 05:05 (1,956 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Well I can't say that's good news but I'm glad you know what it is now. I hope it is a flaw that doesn't start happening regularly. It would be a shame if those prongs crack easily.

Post# 218430 , Reply# 370   2/10/2013 at 08:05 (1,956 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

Please post pictures of the cracked hose end so we may see . You can also post pictures of your new Aerus while your at it Laughing

Post# 218458 , Reply# 371   2/10/2013 at 11:59 (1,956 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Best advice

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
is if anyone is having problems with their Aerus they need to return asap to the Aerus store so Aerus can repair it free of charge and if there are many with the same problem Aerus will issue a recall and replace parts that are causing problems even if your machine is working perfect .

Post# 218499 , Reply# 372   2/10/2013 at 15:54 (1,956 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

I still have a few of the original bags the came with my machine. My local lux store owner did not hear anything about newer thicker bags. I asked him to check into it for be because my after bag filter is getting quite dirty after 5 bags now.

Post# 218511 , Reply# 373   2/10/2013 at 16:45 (1,956 days old) by pr-21 (Middletown, OH)        
I purchased new bags from Aerus

pr-21's profile picture
I purchased some new bags from Aerus and got them about the same time I got my machine, since this seems to be an issue. I took the original bag that had not been used and a new bag from the Aerus batch. I cut them. As Dan said earlier, Aerus fixed this by making the bag thicker. They do seem thicker to me. Holding the cut versions up to a light, you can see a difference. Also the fold at the end of the bag is thicker, which would point to a thick bag material.....

Since you are on bag 5 out of 6, you may want to order directly from Aerus, assuming they would have the newer stock.....


Post# 218516 , Reply# 374   2/10/2013 at 16:55 (1,956 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Thanks Dan. I will do that.

Post# 218617 , Reply# 375   2/10/2013 at 23:04 (1,956 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
You are

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

welcome Mike Laughing

Post# 218750 , Reply# 376   2/11/2013 at 19:03 (1,955 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
More months and the new upright will be here anyone hear anything yet ?
I know I will be getting two .

Post# 218766 , Reply# 377   2/11/2013 at 20:19 (1,955 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
New Lux Guardian Upright

Hey Dan,

How come you couldn't stay with Lux long enough to get all the details on the new stuff lol? I too heard a new upright was to be here in April along with some more new water systems. I am wondering about some other updates including the nozzle for the Guardian Platinum canister and other new canisters. It will be interesting to see if they go the way of the new canister or again re-hash the Discovery II. I think the new vacuum will have the same motor the Platinum has making it a very potent unit.


Post# 218784 , Reply# 378   2/11/2013 at 21:00 (1,955 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I tried to hang in there but I am a realtor and I couldn't juggle both .
I wish I could have stayed but it didn't work for me . I knew more than my
Aerus guy and his wife knew lol .

That upright will be awesome with the Platinum motor . The water systems are
A great idea they have going .


Post# 218832 , Reply# 379   2/12/2013 at 06:02 (1,954 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the new upright is about... I tried doing internet searches, sometimes your find articles or news releases, but nothing. I will definitely be trading my current Guardian Upright for one, just hope it has better features similar to the platinum, if they go that route, then I think in the near future, Aerus could really outshine Riccar, Miele and perhaps Sebo.

There has to be some information by now for dealers ?

Post# 218834 , Reply# 380   2/12/2013 at 06:18 (1,954 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I wonder if the new upright will feature the patented double HEPA filtration? Aerus/Electrolux uprights are basically canisters on a stick. The power nozzles are basically the same on the uprights as on the canisters. The new upright will have the new power nozzle I would assume with LED light. I just hope it will return to on board attachments.

Post# 218835 , Reply# 381   2/12/2013 at 06:58 (1,954 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

Is the double Hepa necessary? What is the frequency and cost to replace both those Hepa filters?

Post# 218841 , Reply# 382   2/12/2013 at 09:03 (1,954 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

No, it isn't necessary. They are trying to produce the best possible filtration, just like Miele with it's 2 filters. They could blow dust like most of the rest but instead they tried to come up with something that would benefit. The first filter is 3 months, same as most filters. The afterfilter is lifetime filter but I would change it some.

Post# 218855 , Reply# 383   2/12/2013 at 10:34 (1,954 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        


thanks for that. I was wondering the cost compared to some of the others out there since the HEPA filters on other brands such as Miele aren't cheap I was thinking that since you would have to replace 2 now on the Lux that could get pricey per year on filters.

But it sounds like you only need to change one of them on a regular basis and the other every couple of years maybe. Is that about right?

Post# 218895 , Reply# 384   2/12/2013 at 16:07 (1,954 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

The aerus lux after filter should be replaced every five years .. The after bag filter is recommended to be changed every six bags.. For a lot of people that is one a year or more, for me that would be every six months.. I have a German shepherd that sheds a lot.. I also vacuum everything above the floor. I don't believe in feather dusters or dusting cloths which just rearranges the dust and doesn't get rid of it

Post# 218912 , Reply# 385   2/12/2013 at 18:01 (1,954 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
you are right it will be at least one year for the HEPA behind the bag and 5 years for the after motor filter .

This Aerus is awsome I love it more every day .


Post# 218937 , Reply# 386   2/12/2013 at 20:34 (1,954 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

Every five years? The Aerus website claims it's a lifetime filter. I assumed they meant life of the machine, but still, 5 years is quite long enough to not worry about cost. The better the filtration, the better I love it!

Post# 218938 , Reply# 387   2/12/2013 at 20:48 (1,954 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Here a quote from the aerus lux website which says long life

Unique Double HEPA Filtration

A 4-stage process, unique double HEPA filtration and a sealed system take cleaning to a higher power:
Filter Bag - Home Solutions Filter Bags are 4 times more effective at capturing dust and tiny particles than the previous 4-ply design.
True HEPA Filter - Significantly improves indoor air quality by trapping and retaining 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
Carbon Filter - A high porosity, activated charcoal filter follows the True HEPA filter to effectively reduce odor and moisture.
LongLife True HEPA Filter - Before the air is released back into the environment, it passes through the LongLife HEPA filter to capture any tiny particulates that may still exist.

Post# 218939 , Reply# 388   2/12/2013 at 21:09 (1,954 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
I thought

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
It said lifetime too I had to read it several times before it clicked in .
I usually see what I want to see but filters are never lifetime at
Least I would never not change a filter .


Post# 218945 , Reply# 389   2/12/2013 at 22:11 (1,954 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        
I downloaded the manual

It says every five (5) years for the after filter.

dans le manuel.
To Replace HEPA Long Life Afterfilter
• The HEPA Long Life afterfilter should be
replaced at least every 5 years to keep the unit
running at optimal performance.
• Open the afterfilter door on the underside of the
canister. (46)
• Slide the old HEPA Long Life afterfilter out
and discard. Replace with a new HEPA Long
Life afterfilter (47). The diagonal grid on the
afterfilter should face down.
• Replace the afterfilter door by snapping into

sorry the cut and paste from the PDF caused the formatting to kind of fall apart.

Post# 218969 , Reply# 390   2/12/2013 at 23:39 (1,954 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        
Thanks luxman!

That clears it up, and long life is good enough for me as 5 years is quite long.

Post# 218970 , Reply# 391   2/13/2013 at 00:04 (1,954 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Thank you

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

Harley ,

That was very kind of you to post that .



Post# 218979 , Reply# 392   2/13/2013 at 07:22 (1,953 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

Thanks for the answers. How much does each Hepa filter cost?

Post# 218998 , Reply# 393   2/13/2013 at 14:01 (1,953 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

So I went on Aerus website earlier today...and there is a chat feature. I asked the customer service person if there were plans for a new upright, here is what she said:

At this time we are not planning on introducing a new upright vacuum cleaner. I am not aware of any plans to introduce one in the near future.

YOu may check back in a few months, though because we introduce products at different times throughout the year.

Whether or not she was telling the truth, remains to be seen... So I guess no upright

Post# 219002 , Reply# 394   2/13/2013 at 14:33 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

My guess is th CSR person doesn't have clue. The people on this forum are usually more reliable for information ;)

Post# 219003 , Reply# 395   2/13/2013 at 14:35 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Btw, thanks again for the tip on the bags Dan. Aerus, lux is sending me a box for free of the thicker new bags.

Post# 219004 , Reply# 396   2/13/2013 at 14:37 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

No problem Christopher, I am happy to be part of,this great thread

Post# 219005 , Reply# 397   2/13/2013 at 14:37 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

No problem Christopher, I am happy to be part of,this great thread

Post# 219007 , Reply# 398   2/13/2013 at 15:01 (1,953 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I hope your correct, but she works for the company, many people on here just seem to be collectors, enthusiasts or past vac shop owners. I hope they come out with an upright with on board tools or direct connect hose, LED headlight, suction control maybe even swivel.

Post# 219011 , Reply# 399   2/13/2013 at 15:18 (1,953 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

Do you actually think she was going to say oh yes it will be here April 12th ???

They cant say anything because they must sell off all the old stock if this gets out they are screwed with old stock they cant sell .


Sure thing Mike anytime I gotta get my bags too .




Post# 219014 , Reply# 400   2/13/2013 at 15:40 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Make sue the give them to you for free Dan :).

Post# 219015 , Reply# 401   2/13/2013 at 15:42 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Has any one ever heard anything if aerus lux will come out with the steam cleaner that lux international has

Post# 219017 , Reply# 402   2/13/2013 at 15:48 (1,953 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

did you call Aerus directly or your sales man (local store) ?



Post# 219040 , Reply# 403   2/13/2013 at 19:53 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Hi Dan,
I called my local store and he contacted aerus corporate.. They overnighted him new 12 packs of bags and to give for free to anyone he sold a platinum to. He said since they only where officially released in early January he didnt think anyone other than me had gone through many if any bags yet. They do hold quite a bit of dirt and when full as we talked about before come out like a brick .. He is personally dropping a pack off to anyone he sold a machine to to replace the ones that came with the machine.
That why I like lux. If there is a problem they stand behind their product and take care of their customers.

Post# 219060 , Reply# 404   2/13/2013 at 21:42 (1,953 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

I was on a Canadian Aerus store Facebook page and they said when the Platinum canister came out it was the "first of our new Platinum series lineup." It sounds like more is planned to me. A lot of companies keep new releases secret, so we'll see. They always have an upright to match the canister, like Epic, Guardian.

Post# 219063 , Reply# 405   2/13/2013 at 21:45 (1,953 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

They also have the recently introduced platinum air purifier

Post# 219072 , Reply# 406   2/13/2013 at 22:25 (1,953 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I called Aerus this evening and they are sending me a box of bags and a Hepa filter , They said this was the first they are hearing about this . They might want me to send them a bag to show them what is happening . I think this is
an awsome customer service company . They were so helpful and caring it is so wonderful that this American company cares so much about their customers.

I can`t wait to see the entire Platinum line especially the upright once it is released in April .


Post# 219106 , Reply# 407   2/14/2013 at 05:03 (1,952 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

sounds good, can't wait to see what they come up with for the new upright...

Post# 219113 , Reply# 408   2/14/2013 at 07:52 (1,952 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

At least their customer service is getting those that call in etc new bags. And good idea on getting them to send you a heap filter as well. Those aren't cheap.

Post# 219116 , Reply# 409   2/14/2013 at 08:43 (1,952 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
they are a great company it just shows they care .

Post# 219135 , Reply# 410   2/14/2013 at 12:50 (1,952 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

So on my lunch break this afternoon, I stopped by my Aerus dealer to inquire about the new upright everyone here is talking about.... needless to say they do not know anything about it! :-0 Mind you this is the same place I purchased my Guardian Upright from a year and a half ago. I noticed they did not even have the platinum canister in the store. What is going on? hmmmmm, two weeks ago I went to another vacuum store, not an authorized Aerus dealer, but still carries the aerus's- the place where I tried out the Platinum. I forgot to ask about the upright, but during my visit, he said I sell a few Aerus canisters here and there and the Platinum is a great machine, however, most people balk at the price....I sell three times as many Miele's and customers love them.

Post# 219137 , Reply# 411   2/14/2013 at 13:28 (1,952 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture

Once again they NEVER tell when a new machine is on its way . How do you think they can sell the previous version ?

 Keep asking around you`ll get the same answer , no or we have no idea . Sealed

I paid less for my Aerus Guardian Platinum than if I were to buy a comparable Miele sounds like the vacuum shop owner just has the Aerus there to make his Mieles seem less expensive thats a good idea on his part . He better watch out though as you need to be authorized to sell Aerus .



Post# 219144 , Reply# 412   2/14/2013 at 15:23 (1,952 days old) by gm1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I think that's a very bad idea.... I am a potential customer who maybe wants to buy one. It would be smarter for them to tell me, hey when they come in, I will call you.... And of course we take trades. Not good business practices IMO, I'm tomorrow's sale.

Post# 219145 , Reply# 413   2/14/2013 at 15:25 (1,952 days old) by gm1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I highly doubt every person walking into Aerus is asking about the new models. I don't think it would affect current inventory....

Post# 219146 , Reply# 414   2/14/2013 at 15:29 (1,952 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

My local Aerus Lux guy dropped by today with my new 12 pack of P bags and a new hepa filter for my platinum..
Ended up a good call for him, cause I purchased a new hepa filter and two new lux guardian Airs for my house..Taking the old Guardian air up to our cabin in the north Ga mountains..

Post# 219148 , Reply# 415   2/14/2013 at 16:21 (1,952 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Love the picture of the day of the Electrolux G. Still the most beautiful vac Electrolux ever made in my humble opinion :) with the xxx and the new platinum a very close second.

Post# 219158 , Reply# 416   2/14/2013 at 19:46 (1,952 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Ok George

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
You need to understand they are not allowed to say a thing sometimes or they don't even know until they have a meeting or convention about the new products being introduced . I know a lot of high end vacuum people that's where I get my info from . Plus because of the fact that I purchase many vacuums from each of them they let me know of new product way before the public even know . I know next time I won't say anything until I actually have the product in hand . So this has nothing to do with poor customer service and more with you being upset because they don't know or won't tell you anything .


Post# 219178 , Reply# 417   2/14/2013 at 22:12 (1,952 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
thats very cool that they brought you a HEPA filter also .

My bags and filter are in the mail coming from Aerus .


Post# 219179 , Reply# 418   2/14/2013 at 22:18 (1,952 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

He took the bag that was in the machine back with him to send back to engineering. . It had a few little pin holes in the bottom of the bag. You will really notice how much thicker the newer bags are..

Post# 219184 , Reply# 419   2/14/2013 at 22:48 (1,952 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

The forum member funeraldirector I believe is the one who started the speculation about a new upright. The man personally knows the CEO of Aerus, Joe Urso. He was the one who stated they are updating the power nozzle for the Platinum and he personally spoke with him. The truth is we won't really know until we know. I'm more interested in the new power nozzle update anyway. I'm quite sure a new line-up is coming, including an upright. All they have to do is seal it with HEPA filtration, add the more powerful motor, and go back to the 4000 design with built-in hose, on board attachments, and a LED headlight and it will be a highly advanced machine. Remember, Aerus has gone backwards in recent years. I roundly criticized Aerus for stripping away most of the high-end features with each successive model after the Renny. All they must do is add them back. All we can do is wait.

Post# 219195 , Reply# 420   2/15/2013 at 06:05 (1,951 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

thanks, I agree, we will see in time what comes of the new upright... I am just baffled by the operations of this company, the CEO and top people just seem to have absolutely no clue on product development, innovation and competition. The products are good, but the way they are sold, to the stores, to the design, its amazing they are still afloat. Its such an old school company, the way they operate, I don't care what anyone thinks or has to say on here, and I might make the grey parted hair older folk eyes spin on here, but six years and an MBA, I am surprised they still have customers. I see other vacuum brands, design, functionality, sales, marketing, etc. blow Aerus to nothing in the global market. Yes, perhaps their strategy its to be a niche brand, but with all the stores nationally and in Canada....I cant see the point of staying of door to door or being secretive about upcoming products. When you are about to launch a product, you want to create enough stir that when you release it, you get record sales.... think cell phones! Its goes for any appliance as well. Im not saying make a tv commercial, but there should be enough material on the website and in the stores to catch consumer interest... the salespeople, franchise owners, etc. should definitely be saying, hey we haven awesome new products coming out....Id love to show you the new platinum, look at what it can do compared to your 1999 Electrolux

Post# 219196 , Reply# 421   2/15/2013 at 06:34 (1,951 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

Only a couple more months and we will see what innovation they bring.

Post# 219207 , Reply# 422   2/15/2013 at 08:58 (1,951 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
with your six years and MBA plus your youth and you still dont seem to understand the way vacuum companies operate NOT ONE company shows you a sneak peek at their up and coming products .When they are ready to be shown and ordered most vacuum shop owners preview them at the VDTA show but most D2D dont go to the VDTA show if any do at all, so we are left to wait until they decide to release them .

Vacuums just dont operate like that never have never will . When the new product comes out Aerus does call all of the 1999 Aerus owners and do say look at this new 2013 model I have and do trade them out . So you have a choice be patient like most of us are or just go with another brand .

To your disbelief the company is doing VERY well and will be here after you or I are gone .Vacuums are the last things on most consumers mind if they had a choice between buying the latest cell phone or the latest vacuum they would chose the phone . Not everyone is like us as frustrating as it may be all we can do is wait .


Post# 219214 , Reply# 423   2/15/2013 at 09:09 (1,951 days old) by Gm1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Dan I agree with a lot of what you said, however, you view the situation of a vacuum company or product in the "how it is" scenario, I look at things as "what can be" Not saying Aerus doesn't do well, but just voicing my opinion on what I think would make them even better going forward.

This link below is an example of my point about getting the word out there about the release of a new product. Not that I am interested in a Eurekalux, but I think this proves my point.


Post# 219224 , Reply# 424   2/15/2013 at 10:18 (1,951 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
that is just a single owned by an individual vacuum shop eVacuums not Eurekalux the companies advertisement so it just proves that vacuum shop is trying to create a buz .

I totally agree that they should create buzz but there would only be a select few that would be interested. You never see people standing out side in the freezing cold for miles waiting to buy the newest Hoover or Aerus .

Hopefully Aerus is reading this because there are some great ideas to make it the best company ever .


Post# 219296 , Reply# 425   2/15/2013 at 20:20 (1,951 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        
Well I dunno...

All I know is we never had a clue the Platinum was on it's way until someone posted the story here. It was a total surprise to me. Electrolux in particular NEVER did a lot of advertising. There was a store in my hometown and occasionally they would place a small ad in the classified section of the paper but that was ALL they ever did. Every few years you'd drive by and a different machine would be on display in the window. One gets the feeling the company just whips it out without much warning to anyone. The dealers have to learn the machine just like the customers. And to be honest, I feel door-to-door selling is the ONLY way to combat the myths that Consumer Reports propagates about Aerus/Electrolux machines. If Electrolux couldn't clean a rug, people would have noticed by now after a century nearly; thier rugs/carpets would've worn to a nub after a while. People need to SEE with thier own eyes they can clean better than most of the competition, and they need to see the dirt in the bag. Are they going to believe what Consumer Reports says or are they going to believe thier own lying eyes?

Post# 219298 , Reply# 426   2/15/2013 at 20:27 (1,951 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
You are so right thats why they have been around all these years .

I beleive many products should be sold in the home thats the live test in real life settings .


Post# 219305 , Reply# 427   2/15/2013 at 21:36 (1,951 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Well said Christopher,
Apple is always mum on their new products until they make an announcement a week before its release. A good example was the new iPad 3 last winter at this time.

Post# 219349 , Reply# 428   2/16/2013 at 12:38 (1,950 days old) by cc (louisiana)        

Just got my Platinum. It is quite the machine. Powerful and quiet. Cleans carpet and wood, brick and tile with equal ease. I had just vacuumed the day before, when I received my Platinum. I of course wanted to play around with my new purchase, so I vacuumed my whole house, so I could try it on different surfaces. Guess what guys, I filled up an entire bag! I was shocked, there was no visible dirt, and the house was just vacuumed. Also, the air seemed fresher in the house. This is a comment usually reserved for Rainbow users, but it is true. I feel that this new Aerus represents a turning point for the company. This product puts others to shame, and once the word gets out there, I believe people will really go for these. Now, If only consumer reports would give Aerus a fair review!
This vacuum is worth the price. It is excellent. Quality through and through, with a little aesthetic value as well.
BTW - have learned quite a bit from Kirbyloverdan, and others, thanks for the knowledge.

Post# 219361 , Reply# 429   2/16/2013 at 13:54 (1,950 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

Cc, congrats on your new vac

Post# 219362 , Reply# 430   2/16/2013 at 14:01 (1,950 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        
Guardian Platinum Brochure

bagintheback's profile picture
Page 1

Post# 219363 , Reply# 431   2/16/2013 at 14:01 (1,950 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        
Guardian Platinum Brochure

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Page 2

Post# 219364 , Reply# 432   2/16/2013 at 14:02 (1,950 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        
Guardian Platinum Brochure

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Page 3

Post# 219365 , Reply# 433   2/16/2013 at 14:03 (1,950 days old) by bagintheback (Flagstaff, Arizona)        
Guardian Platinum Brochure

bagintheback's profile picture
Page 4

Post# 219367 , Reply# 434   2/16/2013 at 14:12 (1,950 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
Cliff ,

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Congratulations on an awsome purchase I am glad I was of help to you , I appreciate your kind words . Enjoy many years of use with Aerus`s best to date
vacuum . I surely enjoy my Aerus Platinum and I also want to thank Nathaniel for posting the brochure .


Post# 219370 , Reply# 435   2/16/2013 at 14:47 (1,950 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Congrats Cliff on your new platinum. My local lux Aerus guy told me they were selling far better than they forecast for. A
So is there new platinum air purifier

Post# 219409 , Reply# 436   2/16/2013 at 19:55 (1,950 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
My Aerus

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
guy just did the Philadelphia home show and sold 12 Platinums and have a ton of demos lined up because people are finally finding out about the newest Aerus .

He said it is very easy to sell and many people love the Stainless steel and its power and features . He has taken 4 newer Mieles in trade so far , he said if he traded one Miele a month he was lucky as these Mieles were traded in one week .


Post# 219416 , Reply# 437   2/16/2013 at 21:30 (1,950 days old) by cc (louisiana)        

I really believe the Platinum is far superior to the Mieles. I have a Blue Moon and it cannot hold a candle to the Aerus. Also with a 15yr warranty, no worries. I have heard that the new air purifier is selling well also. People love their stainless......

Post# 219418 , Reply# 438   2/16/2013 at 22:17 (1,950 days old) by electromatik (Taylorsville, North Carolina, U.S.A.)        

That's so awesome what you said about the air being fresher. It sounds as though they really came up with a simple yet brilliant filtration system. I mean they probably said since everyone's got HEPA, what more is there? Why not TWO HEPA filters? The vacuum has been demonstrated in an independent laboratory to reduce particles in the air. It clearly has incredible filtration-the utmost importance for me. I've also read the blue bags still have the antimicrobial treatment.

As for Consumer Reports, don't expect a fair review for the Platinum. It will score no higher than any of them ever do. CR's tests are inherently biased and flawed due to the media used-talcum powder-which clean air systems struggle with. Aerus/Electrolux machines (and many other high filtration systems) suffer rapid airflow decline when the bags are clogged with the powder and dirt pickup suffers. Aerus knows that, and thier salemen can prove otherwise by filling two bags up during a demo. Consumer Reports is not the Bible, and they are not vacuum experts nor are they engineers. Most of the machines they recommend will be cleaning/filtering FAR worse when traded in a couple years later-as shown by particle counters.

Post# 219424 , Reply# 439   2/16/2013 at 23:37 (1,950 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

I am sure the platinum is on the top of its game but I don't think I would trade the miele in for it. :). I did cross shop the miele with the platinum however the store/dealer experience didn't leave a good impression at all with the Mrs so it got removed from the list. I still plan to revisit and see it closer up.

Post# 219426 , Reply# 440   2/16/2013 at 23:47 (1,950 days old) by cue003 (S. FL, USA. )        

I would live to have or borrow a platinum for a week or two to use in our home for a true comparison against the Miele.

That 15 year warranty is nice.

Post# 219430 , Reply# 441   2/17/2013 at 01:17 (1,949 days old) by GeorgeCT (Fairfield, Connecticut)        
Anything is better than Miele...

georgect's profile picture
Even though I don't own a Platinum I can say for sure they are better then the Miele Capricorn.

On another note I hear from a source that the Riccar should be coming out with new canisters by the end of the year (I so hope).

Post# 219439 , Reply# 442   2/17/2013 at 05:57 (1,949 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Anything is better than a Miele, no that's your opinion. I would take a Miele over many machines out there.... people also love Miele, there a tons of online reviews of satisfied customers. I hardly see any on Aerus, nor do many people out there know what Aerus is yet....I have family members who love them and haven't had any problems with them. Larger and customizable tools are available. There are features that Miele offers that Aerus does not and vise versa.

Remember it has only been until recently that Aerus stepped up with the Platinum. Miele has been around a very long time in Europe. Also, their in store/sale experience and customer service is way better than Aerus. It seems many people are turned off by the high pressure used car salesman tactics done with in store or home demos of the Aerus. They have been loosing customers and closing branches down, especially in my region. NY/NNJ & LI.

Again, for some of you, I own a Guardian upright and remaining hopeful and positive that Aerus makes a come back... I do like what they have to offer and the quality is becoming exceptional. Who else is offering a 15 year warranty?

Post# 219442 , Reply# 443   2/17/2013 at 07:15 (1,949 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        
When I owned

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
My store and was a Miele dealer I converted my entire family into Miele owners .
Most of them had problems with their Mieles and they did not like Miele because of the short
Hoses and mini attachments . Yes I gave everyone the larger attachments but they didn't like the fact
that they had to store them in the closet and not on the machine or hose.
All were previous Aerus/Electrolux owners and all have returned to Aerus .

Aerus has for a long time offered long warrantys on their TOL canisters
some 25 years . Seems like the sales bullies are in the upper East coast
because like I have said here salespeople couldn't be nicer and their is
never any pressure . That's why they make so many brands of vacuums to
please everyone .


Post# 219443 , Reply# 444   2/17/2013 at 07:34 (1,949 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

I think the older Miele's up until only a few years ago, did have some problems. I think they actually went the way of China for while on some of their line. I think most of the line today is fairly solid. Aerus has had issues with their product line as well. I told you about the air leakage on the Upright and Lux Legacy. The neck of the power nozzle breaks over time. Nothing is flawless. But I try and give each brand a fair go around. Dan, you on the other hand will discount any problems on an Aerus, just because yours or your family members doesn't leak air. The hose on the Aerus is 7" and Miele 6" one foot is really that much bigger? Id like to see an 8 or 9 foot hose. no one makes that. We can keep playing red sox vs Yankees here though... or better yet Mets vs Phillies. ha

Post# 219446 , Reply# 445   2/17/2013 at 08:22 (1,949 days old) by thermokid (Casper, Wyoming)        
Aerus or Miele

I have always had good service and good luck with the aerus products. Of course most of the time it has been Electrolux not Aerus.I have a Miele Capricorn and the only things I don't like about it is the cord and the hose is to short. But this new Aerus Platinum is Fantastic. I will use it all the time now when I need a canister, and I will quit using my Aerus Gaurdian. Electrolux (Aerus) products have always been my favorite canisters ever since I was a little boy when I would ride my mom's Electrolux Automatic G around the house. It took a beating from us kids riding it down the basement stairs. And 53 years later it still runs and looks like a dream.. I hope the new Platinum lasts that long, of course I will probably be in the bone yard long before it is.LOL Dan

Post# 219447 , Reply# 446   2/17/2013 at 08:39 (1,949 days old) by cc (louisiana)        

One thing to remember about Aerus as well, if you have a bad experience with a person, don't buy from that person. There are many great Aerus people out there who will answer all your questions, and ship you a unit for free. Also, my Miele is a fine vac, but has had issues. If you listen to people who know, like people who owned shops and worked on them, the mieles have many problems. I believe Miele to be a top brand, but not the best of the best. Just my 2 cents.

Post# 219448 , Reply# 447   2/17/2013 at 08:42 (1,949 days old) by mark40511 (Lexington, KY)        

mark40511's profile picture
For someone who vacuums a relatively clean house everyday, what would the operating cost be for this machine - bags, filters, ect. I know it depends, but how often would these typically have to be replaced.

For example: My Epic 6500 says to change the after filter after every six bag changes.....and the after filters are cheap.

This thing looks like is has way more filters to keep buying.....Is it expensive to upkeep?

Post# 219450 , Reply# 448   2/17/2013 at 09:05 (1,949 days old) by GM1982 (Garrett Park, MD )        

Yes, it has more filters and they are expensive. a bag and two hepa filters... I tried the platinum out and think its awesome, but I didn't jump to buy it because I am awaiting to see the supposedly new upright. I also did not like that you still cannot collapse the wands. I only have a 1500 sq ft condo and it would be annoying to maneuver that machine through my the hallways and storage- its too big. I'm not really a canister person. Miele canisters I find to be very easy to use and not so large and tank like. I would probably go for a platinum if I had a 5 br ranch or colonial with more than 50% wood floor

Post# 219452 , Reply# 449   2/17/2013 at 09:36 (1,949 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
Aerus has problems but the ones owned by my family and myself have been problem free as the Mieles owned by your family are . The newest Mieles we owned were the Capricorns and S7 uprights . When I owned my store Mieles were brought back for many problems. I am sorry my upright is not leaking air .

The Guardian hose is 7`8" or 20 inches longer than Miele thats a lot when using a canister .

Mark ,
The HEPA behind the bag should be replaced once a year and the after motor HEPA according to Areus should be a lifetime . I will change mine every 5 years or so .
The Filters are no more expensive than Miele . They are around $49.00 same as Mieles bags are cheaper than Miele $38.49 for 24 bags .


Post# 219503 , Reply# 450   2/17/2013 at 15:52 (1,949 days old) by luxman107 (USA )        

Have anybody filled up one of the newer bags yet? Just got my new batch on Thursday that lux bought out to my home for free along with a new after bag hepa filter. . So far so good. Absolutely no sign of leakage .

Post# 219504 , Reply# 451   2/17/2013 at 15:59 (1,949 days old) by kirbyloverdan (Egg Harbor Twp . NJ aka HOOVERLOVERDAN ❤️)        

kirbyloverdan's profile picture
I am still waiting for my bags they are being shipped from Aerus along with my HEPA I will keep you posted . Thats good to hear the new ones dont leak .


Post# 219512 , Reply# 452   2/17/2013 at 16:59 (1,949 days old) by funeraldirector (Boston)        
Thicker Platinum Bags

Mike and Dan,

My HEPA was replaced Friday and have used the new thicker bags only once. Mine were splitting in thee back and when I took the filter out in my garage and hit it with the air compressor, there was a ton of dirt in it but never leaked through. The new bags are much thicker and definitely better quality. Mine has a stain on the new HEPA and a little dust on it after only one run. I'm thinking Kirby Suds residue from the FloorPro is what that is. I can definitely live with this since the bags are not $6-$7.00 ea. I was surprised how thick the new Miele bags are compared to mine when I had the Silver Moon and they had problems with dust leakage in the early days of the diaper bag.

As far as the new miele UniqQ, I liked it when I looked it over yesterday. I like the wands and the 236 nozzle is quiet and pulls itself along on various carpet types. The vac is quiet but not like the Platinum (still that rushing air in your face sound like the original Guardian) and the stiff gray plastic hose makes it look cheap. I thought they were all brown? This one was a metallic gray with metal buttons. Not real crazy about the velvet "antlers" around the side and the "toys" inside the velvet compartment. The twister floor tool is cheap when compared to the one on the Guardian Platinum. However, It looks like they did lighten it up around three pounds. I was also put off by the numerous tiny buttons on the hose handle (small like the tools) and the clunky feel. There are some here that complain about the bulky hose handle and wands on the Lux. The diameter of the telescoping wand and hose handle on the Miele is just as bad. I think this is a nice vacuum but the others in the S8 series offer a better value dollar for dollar.


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Completely agree... the Miele Uniq is not worth it for the features. That is a ton more to pay for some velvet and a longer warranty vs the next "level" down which is the Marin. You can get the same setup, minus buttons on the hose for all settings and save $400+.

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Thanks Dan and Brian. There is a definite difference in the thickness of the new lux bags.
The old bags got 2 or 3 small pin holes in the bottom of it that rhe dust and dirt was pulled through. You could also see dog hair being pulled through other parts of the old bag. So far none of this at all on the new ones.

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I have had a Platinum 10 days now

I wanted to have some time with the vacuum before I made comments about it, so that it might be grounded in experience rather than first impressions. A Miele Aquarius, the S5 model under the Capricorn, has been the daily machine since I bought it early 2008. It replaced a White Pearl after the motor went south. I began looking for a new vac a year after moving into a large mid-50's ranch style home. The rooms are big and the outlets are fewer than you would find in a new home. The Miele became a chore to use due always running out of cord, and I have never really liked the price of the bags.

After hearing positive comments about the Platinum, I decided to buy one. Both my local branches were out of machines, so I contacted David Smith in Winston Salem and bought one. He is an asset to Aerus, very pleasant to deal with! My experience has been very positive: solid construction, quality attachments, best gas pump hose out there, powerful suction (maybe too much for my needs), and excellent emissions. This is the only vacuum beside the Rainbow that does not cause my sinuses to act up.

Our house is 95% hardwood flooring so the power nozzle doesn't get a workout, but it performs well on the two Turkish rugs we have. I bought a 16" commercial horsehair floor brush that works nicely. You have to use the dusting brush adapter to make it work. It is more efficient for my purposes than the old style flip over floor tool.

The only deterent would be the leaking dust bags - I have only used the revised style in my machine and the filter is getting dusty. I don't think it is the paper leaking, but it is the disk or collar deforming under suction and allowing dust to escape. An official response from Aerus said as much. I believe that they will come up with a remedy to it. At any rate, no dust will make it through the HEPA filter into the motor, and I am satisfied with that.

Even though it is hard to get it all right on a first-run machine, Aerus has a winner in the Platinum. I don't find its shortcomings outweigh its advantages and I consider it an excellent machine. It won't make me sell the Aquarius, though. I will still use it on occasion...

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I have a question. Would the PN brushroll with the green bristles work on the uprights? Thanks.

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When will Aerus Electrolux come out with a self propelled upright to compete with Kirby and Hoover? Aerus Electrolux already has a 8 pound upright to compete with Oreck and Riccar and Simplicity. Thanks.

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That makes sense to me....

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I noticed on the Lux Guardian Platinum, that they did away with the rubber gasket around the tube that goes into the bag. I wondered why they took it away. I am sure this rubber gasket covered the entire hole on the previous models. The new bags are thicker, but if they would add that rubber gasket back, it could be a quick fix. I just measured the tube on an older lux and it is almost 1 1/2 inches wide, the tube on the Lux Guardian is shorter and wider 1 3/4 inches. John you may be onto something. I will watch mine closer. I do have the newer bags.

Bud Mattingly

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On my epic 6500

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I know that rubber seal you're talking about and it's a GREAT seal. Doesn't leak. I can't BELIEVE they took that away. On the Kenmore this was a problem because when the bag slides onto the collar and you close the bin lid and put the hose on, it's not as good of a seal as it could be, and the bag chamber gets dusty and I think people think the bags are leaking when really it's the seal that's not so great. I'm sure some dust would still leak through the bags, but I think the majority of it is from the seal not being good......I hope they fix that !!!!!!

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John what a great review . I will have to look into the bag collar once I receive my new bags .
I too think this machine may have too much suction but I think it's perfect for my thick frieze' carpets .

Yesterday I vacuumed with my new Rainbow E series onyx after I used my Aerus and I barely had any
dirt or sand in the basin and that's unbelievable to me as it
never has happened to me doing a follow up cleaning with any other vacuum .
Enjoy your new Aerus John I surely do love mine 😬


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Aerus Gaurdian Platinum Bags

I have filled up three bags in my new platinum and the bag chamber is really got a fine coating of dust on it. i tried to find out where to get the new bags at for the machine but so far no luck. But I will say one thing the Platinum sure makes the nap on the carpet stand up. And it is Berber carpet. And now it actually has a soft feel to it when you walk on it. Does anyone know how to get hold of Aerus to getg new bags? Dan

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Are the Areos Platinum bags made of a Filtrete type material-maybe the bags should be larger to allow for the power of this vacuum.Usually Filtrete type bags can be packed more full than paper type ones.

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Yes tolivac...

The bags are made to Aerus specifications by Home Care Industries Inc. formerly of N.J. but now operating in Va. and N.C. The bags aren't really "paper" at all. They are a woven type of fibers mixed together. It's actually more closely related to fiberglass than paper. Home Care Industries has a website with info on the bags. They also make numerous other companies' bags and have a license with 3M.

P.S. this thread is getting so long we may have To Be Continued on another... ;)

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Just go to and call the 800# and tell them about the bags they will send a new HEPA and a pack of bags .


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what number is your Platinum

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my first on is 00027 so i am assuming its the 27 one made, my second one i just got is 1770 so i am assuming its 1770 made! whats all your thoughts?

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@utahprideboy; does the one you just got have the updated bags?

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My number is 00065.
I am thinking of getting a second one for my cabin in the north ga mountains and retiring my 10 year old legacy

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Serial Number


Is Number 416.


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they seem to be the same as the ones i have so i doubt they are! i called the 800# and no luck the lady told me she had never heard of the bags leaking and i would have to have it checked by a Aerus service center! Kinda frustrated! errr

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