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Model 800 Hoover on ebay
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Post# 177868   4/21/2012 at 15:31 (2,188 days old) by jimbeckwith ()        

Beautiful Canadian-built Model 800 Hoover on ebay, with original dust bag and rubber hand-grip both in nice condition. Not cheap but not in the stratosphere, either.

Post# 177906 , Reply# 1   4/21/2012 at 21:57 (2,188 days old) by Brandon_W_T (Omaha NE- Das Auto)        

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That sure is one beautiful example!!!! The price is high, but I don't think its too unreasonable for an all original machine, in that good of shape.

Post# 178075 , Reply# 2   4/22/2012 at 20:11 (2,187 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        
Canadian Hoover 800....

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I think it would be a good machine for someone hard-up for a restoration project. The bag is a genuine Hoover replacement but seriously doubt it could be the original Hoover issue. I know what the original bags look like.

Post# 178207 , Reply# 3   4/23/2012 at 18:00 (2,186 days old) by jimbeckwith ()        
Hoover 800

Bernie- That looks like the original bag to me...I can't see the bottom of it to see if the silver jubilee wording is there, and I also don't know if the Canadian version of this Hoover would have been exactly the same as the North Canton counterpart. Why do you think that the bag is not right?

Post# 178234 , Reply# 4   4/23/2012 at 21:46 (2,186 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        
Hoover 800 bag question...

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I think that because I have seen the US version and also the British version. They are very similar in design except for slightly different colors. I would think the Canadian version would follow near the same pattern, why not? The bag on that machine looks like plain genuine Hoover replacement bag. I have seen dozens of them and have had them on my machines, sadly, replacing the lovely original bags.
Just wondering why you think it is original to that machine? Convince me; I freely admit that I don't know everything, but would be curious to know something new and valid. ;-) Thanks for that information.

Post# 178239 , Reply# 5   4/23/2012 at 22:15 (2,186 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        
Hoover 800 bag.....

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What I am having a problem understanding is this: Why would the Canadians go through the extra trouble of adding the lovey winged relief and not have used the elaborate 800 bag? Most Hoover original bags, that I've ever seen, were well designed to compliment the machines. If I am not mistaken, Henry Dreyfuss was part of the Hoover coffee-can design team long before he fashioned the streamlined model 150. I believe he took part in the artful designs on the bags as well.
Perhaps we'll get some feedback from some of the other members on this interesting issue.

Post# 178249 , Reply# 6   4/23/2012 at 22:49 (2,186 days old) by Brandon_W_T (Omaha NE- Das Auto)        

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The ad seems to have a yellow pattern print, whilst the original seems to have orange.

Other than that, it looks pretty darn close to an original. It makes you wonder.

There is no doubt; it is still a beautiful bag!

Post# 178311 , Reply# 7   4/24/2012 at 09:36 (2,185 days old) by jimbeckwith ()        
Hoover 800

My thought is that the original colors have faded...but I'm no expert either and know next to nothing about Hamilton produced machines.

Post# 178442 , Reply# 8   4/24/2012 at 22:11 (2,185 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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Attached is a photo of the bag on the Ebay Hoover 800 in question.

Post# 178443 , Reply# 9   4/24/2012 at 22:14 (2,185 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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Original Canadian Hoover 800 with proper bag on left in photo along with a 541

Post# 178444 , Reply# 10   4/24/2012 at 22:16 (2,185 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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US Hoover 800 with proper bag

Post# 178445 , Reply# 11   4/24/2012 at 22:18 (2,185 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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British version of Hoover 800 and bag

Post# 178446 , Reply# 12   4/24/2012 at 22:22 (2,185 days old) by HooverCelebrity ()        

This is the auction in question:  Canadian Hoover 800 on eBay


It has the correct, original Hoover bag, with the slide-top. 


The bag on the 800 in post 178444 (2 up from this one), and the bag below this post both have the correct pattern for the 800 -- but they, too are the incorrect bag.  Those bags are 1933-ish era replacement bags for cleaners that took the bag with the bag-spreader on top (models 102, 541, 543, 700, etc...).



Post# 178449 , Reply# 13   4/24/2012 at 22:25 (2,185 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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An original Hoover 800 bag solo. Sorry about all the postings - it was the only way I could show all of the bag photos. I rest my case. :-)

Post# 178457 , Reply# 14   4/24/2012 at 23:36 (2,185 days old) by Brandon_W_T (Omaha NE- Das Auto)        

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Interesting, that I have never seen a hoover 800 with a bag spreader.

I know the hoover 800 was the first year to have the new fancy strap mechanism that coiled into the handle when the handle was pulled down, to prevent the bag from dragging. Every hoover 800 I have seen has had this feature.

Post# 178459 , Reply# 15   4/24/2012 at 23:55 (2,185 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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I know the 800 had the slider top with retractable strap hanger. I am simply trying to make the case for the elaborate design on the 800 bag. I know some of the bags in the photos have the scissors hanger top mounts, probably from slightly earlier Hoover models but with the same applique. The silk screened appliques, however, are nearly all the same. My case is, and I don't mind stating it again, that the Ebay Hoover 800 does have a genuine Hoover bag, but, it is not the original bag that came with that machine. It is a genuine Hoover "replacement" bag. In short, this argument is simply centered around the applique.
BTW - if you have any spares, I'd be the first in line. ;-)) Thanks for your input.

Post# 178482 , Reply# 16   4/25/2012 at 08:54 (2,184 days old) by jimbeckwith ()        

Bernie- No wonder you didn't think the bag was original on the picture shown in your post isn't and is definitely a replacement, and the machine that it is on is kind of a dog, too. The machine I was referring to on ebay is item #270960911936. Sorry for the confusion. You probably thought that I was smoking some of that funny stuff!

Post# 178498 , Reply# 17   4/25/2012 at 10:33 (2,184 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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You may have to smoke some until I finish my rant. ;-) That junky 800 is definitely a dog. I'll check the Ebay listing you're referring to. I did see another 800 for mucho dolares. Maybe that's the one...anyway off to Ebay.
You can put away that water pipe. I'm finished. Thanks.

Post# 178499 , Reply# 18   4/25/2012 at 10:50 (2,184 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        

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Yes, that's the other one. Obviously, the confusion was mine. That posting was updated April 20 and now shows the bag. Looks good but for $400 plus shipping, I'll keep looking. I have a fairly decent 800 that I've been putting back together for the last several years - just need a proper bag and hanger mechanism for it now.

Post# 178555 , Reply# 19   4/25/2012 at 16:53 (2,184 days old) by portable (Tucson, AZ)        

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Bernie -That is a beautiful 800. One day the right bag will come your way. I like the way that bag looks with the 800. It compliments the black and silver of the machine. - J

Post# 178568 , Reply# 20   4/25/2012 at 18:12 (2,184 days old) by truckerx (Palm Springs, CA)        
Hi John...

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Thank you. I too think the bag is nice for the machine, but you know how we purists can be. Someday my bag will come.
Thanks for posting all the great Eureka ephemera. Your Eureka M is lovely. A nice Eureka M like yours would be hard to find today. Eurekas were not as common as Hoovers.
I learned on my mom's D272 but have only seen two of them in the last 10 years. My dad replaced the belt on our's with one that was too tight. The thing smoked and next day went into the trash. I loved that machine and pleaded with my parents in vain not to throw it out.
I'd like to have one back again but just don't see them out there.

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