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1960's Regina brooms
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Post# 175389   3/31/2012 at 00:31 (2,214 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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It's been a while since there was a vintage broom thread on here so here we go.
I found the blue one on the curb and the mauve one was a free but not trash.
The blue one is a two speed and dates 1968 adn still has the toggle switch, the other one is around 1964iss, it's a single speed and was one of the first to have the new economy style nozzle.
The older one was jacked up it's motor was dry as a bone and had half of a wash cloth stuck under the fan. After a total motor service they both sound like new and washing the bag doubled suction and air flow.

Post# 175390 , Reply# 1   3/31/2012 at 00:36 (2,214 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Here is my oldest broom, its a model 1. The motor on this one was dated 1947. It sounds amazing too. I did pay a little for this one but I really enjoy having it.

Post# 175391 , Reply# 2   3/31/2012 at 00:38 (2,214 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Just some other pics I ran across while looking for these. I have many broom but sadly I dont have pics of them all.

Post# 175392 , Reply# 3   3/31/2012 at 00:40 (2,214 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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I got these as new in box machines. It was a joy unboxing them!!
It's to bad the blue one has that crease in the bag.

Post# 175393 , Reply# 4   3/31/2012 at 00:44 (2,214 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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The one on the far left is the same model as the new old stock one on far right. See what 30+ years of abuse does.

Post# 175394 , Reply# 5   3/31/2012 at 00:47 (2,214 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        
Last one

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This was taken out in my work shop.
on the left is my model 600 from between 1958-62 ( not yet serviced but still works great )(another trash find) and my first powerteam model.

Post# 175396 , Reply# 6   3/31/2012 at 03:18 (2,214 days old) by raycarter (Taylor, Michigan)        

That's quite an attractive array of Electrikbrooms you have! The models from the 1970s and 1980s were especially stylish, with all the different patterns on their fabric filter sleeves. Years ago, my mother had one styled in Harvest Gold, with a gold, brown and white paisley print sleeve, and one of her friends had a deluxe 3-speed rust brown with a diamond print filter sleeve. Both were as handsome as they were efficient. You've really done a fine job of restoring your Reginas.

Post# 175397 , Reply# 7   3/31/2012 at 04:06 (2,214 days old) by 1926700 ()        
you see......

i know why hes colleting brooms, cuse his cars are getting to be way more money than there he FIANALLY taking my advise, and flying. but i told him for his weight, he might need something a bit bigger like a Hoover couldnt resit being a smart alec on his thread....its almost tradtion...

Post# 175405 , Reply# 8   3/31/2012 at 07:33 (2,213 days old) by raycarter (Taylor, Michigan)        
Truth be told...

With gas prices being.what they are today, flying on a broom or vacuum cleaner may well be preferable to driving...LOL

Post# 175407 , Reply# 9   3/31/2012 at 07:46 (2,213 days old) by vinvac (Dubuque IA)        

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Thanks for starting this thread.

I so would love to find a nice Shetland electric broom! One of the vacuums I remember using as child.


Post# 175410 , Reply# 10   3/31/2012 at 08:52 (2,213 days old) by westingman123 ()        

Okay, Phil, why isn't Rick doing his Vanna impression in any of these shots? He did drive all that way just for the photo-op!


Post# 175415 , Reply# 11   3/31/2012 at 09:48 (2,213 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
Shetland brooms?-

Did I see 1 or 2 or 5 in the place of which we do not speak?Was it aisle 3,section 10??

Post# 175416 , Reply# 12   3/31/2012 at 09:57 (2,213 days old) by rugsucker (Elizabethton TN)        
Regina brooms,beginning & end

Nice variety.There was a matching floor polisher to your oldest.I believe the brooms started as the Electricbroom Co. and later part of Regina.Anyone know more?I have seen a Regina broom,possibly in 90s,in a Bennett type catalog that I have never seen or found.I recall it looked more like the Hoover brooms of that time than the earlier Reginas(but NOT private label Hoover).Anyone have or seen?

Post# 175452 , Reply# 13   3/31/2012 at 15:35 (2,213 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Thanks everyone for your input.
Morgan, Rick said to talk to him, he might be able to hook you up.
Keith, sadly I took pictures before he got here but he wouldn't be in the pics anyway because his color,wash, and set wasn't done and the princess can't let anyone see that Jason, you would need a Hoover Z or a central vac to fly on.
Electrikbroomguru is one that I chat with when ever I need info on these. He's a pretty cool dude and know his stuff about Reginas

Post# 175462 , Reply# 14   3/31/2012 at 19:32 (2,213 days old) by westingman123 ()        
Color, wash and set...

Wait, Endora just CAME from the salon. SHeesh.

Personally, I prefer to fly the Filter Queen, much as the little girl from "The Wednesday Witch." Just sit, and point the wand where you wish to go.

Post# 175471 , Reply# 15   3/31/2012 at 21:01 (2,213 days old) by BrianKirbyClass (Eudora Kansas)        

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Back in the 1970s, We had an elderly neighbor lady that all she had for a vacuum cleaner was an Electric Broom. (I always knew what kind of vacuum all the close neighbors had)
She said other vacuums were too heavy for her to use, which im sure was true,,the "Light Weight" vacuums such as Oreck, Dirt Devil, ect, werent a household name then like they are today.
Anyway, she always called her vacuum the "Regina",, she prounounced it like CHINA.
And prounced the REG like as in (Veg)-table,, so it came out "Reg-ina".

One time she was standing out on her front sidwalk next door, and my mother was standing on our sidewalk, they were visiting back and fourth, but almost had to holler.(dont know why they didnt just get closer to eachother)

My mother asked her what she had been doing lately, and she hollered back,,"Just been using my REG-INA!" (you can imagine what it sounded like she said,,VA-!)

I'll bet the neighbors LOVED that!

Post# 175485 , Reply# 16   3/31/2012 at 23:53 (2,213 days old) by collector2 (Moose Jaw, Sk)        

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Hey Brian:

Just a bit of trivia for you. The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina and it is pronounced the same way as your neighbor lady said it. It was named in honor of Queen Victoria (Victoria Regina)and is reflected in the citys nickname (The Queen City). If you look it up in the dictionary ( ) that is the correct pronounciation. It is also the Latin term for Queen (with Rex meaning King) I realy wonder where the pronounciation ree gee na came from as it doesnt make any sense to pronounce an I as an E.


Post# 175508 , Reply# 17   4/1/2012 at 15:07 (2,212 days old) by d-jones (Burbank, CA)        

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In certain names, like Lisa, Tina and Gina, the i has typically been pronounced like a long e. Since the name Regina actually contains the complete name "Gina" I would imagine that's the source.

Post# 175512 , Reply# 18   4/1/2012 at 15:49 (2,212 days old) by pnluxconvlvr (Georgia)        
This is the actual first vacuum that started it for me.

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This Shetland Electric Broom is the actual first vacuum I remember. I was lucky to find and save it. It was kept in the third story attic of the house we had in New Hampshire. When I first brought it home to GA I turned it on and it was so screaming loud that my two cats thought the world was coming to an end. Interesting vacuum. I remember it vacuuming best on low loop carpet. Some label trim has peeled off but it is still in great shape. It must be late sixties. Very little information on this vacuum anywhere.

Post# 175791 , Reply# 19   4/3/2012 at 21:14 (2,210 days old) by electrikbroomgu (Rome, NY)        
Cool I love broom threads!

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Some of my latest 2012 finds
From left to right-
Brown and orange 1971 one speed economy
Harvest gold Sears kwik Sweep from 1974
Blue One speed 1974 upgrade model
Green upgrade model 2 speed with black slider edge cleaning
Brick red 3 speed Heavy Duty from 1982 with air pulse nozzle
Avocado 1969 one speed economy
Light blue 1985 one speed

Some of these still need to be serviced but all are in good turn key working order!

Post# 175792 , Reply# 20   4/3/2012 at 21:18 (2,210 days old) by electrikbroomgu (Rome, NY)        
I have a few in the spare bedroom too!

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Well a few hundred that is!!

Post# 175793 , Reply# 21   4/3/2012 at 21:19 (2,210 days old) by electrikbroomgu (Rome, NY)        
A few more...

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On the right side of the bedroom

Post# 175794 , Reply# 22   4/3/2012 at 21:23 (2,210 days old) by electrikbroomgu (Rome, NY)        
And some more

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Hanging out in the computer guest bedroom

Post# 175795 , Reply# 23   4/3/2012 at 21:38 (2,210 days old) by electrikbroomgu (Rome, NY)        
In the living room....

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The amazing thing with these Regina brooms is they all turn on and work! Many were estate sale finds. Some came from the garbage and others from thrift stores or flea markets. Some were missing cords or the nozzles were worn to the point they fell off the vacuum. One blue two speed from the 80's found at a thrift store didn't power on but was in very good shape. Come to find out the carbons were worn down to nothing! A new set of carbons and it worked like new! That has to be a first, finding one of these with so many hours on the motor that the carbons were almost gone.

Post# 175808 , Reply# 24   4/3/2012 at 22:30 (2,210 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Joel, I always love your pictures, I just drool. If you ever find any doubles think of me hint hint lol ;)
Thanks so much for sharing your photos and your knowledge. I would LOVE to drive there some time for a mini meet. It's only 20 some odd hours away

Post# 176046 , Reply# 25   4/6/2012 at 01:19 (2,208 days old) by hoover28 (Oneida N.Y.)        

If you do come down. you must come see my vac shop and all of meany vacuums///////////LOL

me and Joel are very good friends.


Post# 176074 , Reply# 26   4/6/2012 at 08:23 (2,207 days old) by SunbeamFan65 (Brighton,Ontario,Canada)        

Amazing Electrikbroom collection you have :) I was wondering if you had any spare parts that you would be willing to sell for the Blue 3 speed early 1990's models?The model no. I have is KBO2301 AA. I need a Floor Glide Nozzle and the back of the lower motor housing ( see pics ).I owned this one since new and was purchased in the US in the early 1990's and my other half broke it ( which I think was on purpose lol he never seemed to like that machine ) Wow that was favorite vacuum ever it is too bad that Regina went out of business :( They had the best quick up vacs ever and were the best on stair cleaning also going under beds :) If you do have these parts that would be Awesome and I am willing to pay you what ever you want for these parts :) I can send you payment via PayPal.Thank you so much for sharing your collection with us and I hope you can help me out?

Post# 176136 , Reply# 27   4/6/2012 at 17:09 (2,207 days old) by dsmith5195 (Chicago)        

Wow that rings an old bell. Does anyone have the older model for sale? EBay's are way too modern. Mom's was tan w/ a pleated bag, anyone know the model number? It had the dial i think on the nozzle.

Post# 176413 , Reply# 28   4/8/2012 at 22:48 (2,205 days old) by electrikbroomgu (Rome, NY)        
Broom parts

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Hey Dave,

I have about 6 boxes of broom parts available. I'll look and see if I have that piece and I should have a floor glide nozzle kicking around too. I'll email you sometime this week.

Phil, You are welcome any time for a mini vacuum meet in big Rome/Oneida, NY! There are a few other collectors not too far away that may also be able to attend and we could keep you busy for days between our collections. Also if you need any broom parts I'm sure I could fix you up and yes I do have numerous doubles and triples on the brooms themselves.
Take care,


Post# 176418 , Reply# 29   4/9/2012 at 01:48 (2,205 days old) by kirbyvertibles (Independence, KS)        

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Chris, that would be aaesome, would love to meet with all of you sometime.

Post# 248821 , Reply# 30   9/2/2013 at 18:16 (1,693 days old) by vacman1961 (North Babylon, New York)        

OMG , that is some collection, I have been looking for a certain era Electrikbroom for the longest time, ironically , I just purchased it a few weeks ago on eBay. I'm sure you would have the exact model I was looking for, I had a few certain demands, one of the biggest things it had to have the pleated bag, not the newer style straight bag, the rug pile dial had to be metal, not the plastic design, I preffered a 2 or 3 speed model and it had to have the plastic trim in the front covering the air duct going from the fan to the bag, oh one more thing I needed it to have screw on carbon brush caps, LOL quite a high order to fill, I'm sure you had many. Well, sorry for going off on a tangent, I would be very interested in attending a mini meet up there if your having one, it would be worth the 5 hour drive. I have been in the vacuum business since I was 16, that was way back in 1977, I recently closed my store in 2010 due to a business partner going through a bad mid life crisis and also tough economic times , I was fortunate enough to get a job with Whirlpool home appliances doing service, another one of my life passions. Well, please keep me in mind if your having a mini meet or get together, you can contact me at Thank you.


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