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LOL! Swept up a nail in my moms oreck!
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Post# 162918   12/20/2011 at 22:00 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

Ok, so while I was vacuuming at my friends, with her Oreck XL Commercial her mom told me to vacuum up ANYTHING, while she was vacuuming 2 pennies and a paper clip went through it, no biggie, but when it hit the fan, it sounded like the motor stopped for a second, why is that? Anyways, the poor sweeper swept up lots of coins since it didn't have a headlight, and the light in the hallway was out, plus, they have really thick shag carpet, so you cant see what is in your carpet! Well, around the edge her sister got everything from the edges, and dumped it infront of the sweeper, then a loud pop, and a odd noise, and her mom said that dosent sound good! Because the nail was rubbing the fan blades, luckily it went through after some use, not the smartest idea but Orecks are pretty tough! Nails coins, and screws go through it, pretty impressive. You got a storie like this? Tell me! (;

Post# 162941 , Reply# 1   12/20/2011 at 23:04 (2,314 days old) by aeoliandave (Stratford Ontario Canada)        
So if her Mom told you to jump off the roof into a thorny ca

aeoliandave's profile picture
Ok, that's enough. I'll tell ya, alright, young pup.

These are lame excuses and not justification. "it didn't have a headlight, and the light in the hallway was out, plus, they have really thick shag carpet.""her sister got everything from the edges, and dumped it infront of the sweeper."

Sucking up such items by accident is understandable and expected but doing it on purpose is just the definition of immature. Admitting that you did nothing to stop it creates a sad impression.
It is your responsibility as a wannabe Vacuum Collector to both prevent and counsel against this type of abuse, even if it is 'only an Oreck'.
Sorry, I have no patience for this sort of 'story'. It is not amusing; it is cruel humour that offends many serious aficionados on this site. Spend more valuable time on spelling, punctuation and grammar, too...

Please direct this tweeter-twit nonsense to vacuum web groups elsewhere.

Dave, the Dad

Post# 162944 , Reply# 2   12/21/2011 at 00:41 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

This post has been removed by the webmaster.

Post# 162945 , Reply# 3   12/21/2011 at 00:47 (2,314 days old) by twocvbloke ()        

vacmaster0000, you have to remember that most of the members here get their knickers in a twist if you so much as say the wrong thing about the colour of a vacuum, so it's to be expected...

Post# 162946 , Reply# 4   12/21/2011 at 00:52 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

I mean if shes not worried about it, the why should I, and I honestly couldnt see what was in the shag, its so thick, what do you want me to do go through every blade of shag to make sure there isnt a screw?

Post# 162950 , Reply# 5   12/21/2011 at 01:44 (2,314 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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Now now, I think that reply to Dave was just uncalled for.

Surely you can see why us Vacuum lovers would be a bit distressed to see somebody DELIBERATELY vacuuming a floor that could have coins and nails on it, which can, and in the past, HAS damaged Vacuum Cleaners.

Just because the owner said to do so, that doesn't mean it is right!

Next time, I'd advice you replace that light bulb first.

Just because it is an Oreck, it doesn't mean it is indestructible. Would you really want to risk killing a good cleaner just because you couldn't be bothered doing a pre vacuum check like I do every day before cleaning ? If you would, then I don't think you are of the right mentality for Vacuum Cleaner Collecting...

And for the record, I do agree with Dave. It made me cringe just reading it.

The worst I've ever picked up with any of my cleaners is a bit of paper, and if I did pick up a coin, I'd be sure never to do it again, let alone brag about it.

Post# 162952 , Reply# 6   12/21/2011 at 02:01 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        
I was sharing a story?..

I was sharing a story, I thought it was interesting. I love vacuums, and DID I SAY IT WAS RIGHT TO DO? Uh no! I did look through the floor, so next time Ill check every blade of carpet for you. Ok? and I do feel bad, i am sorry dave, its just sometimes I have a temper, i should of said anything. I respect your opinion, and I didnt know that there was change all over the floor. But we were in such a hurry we all just rushed to get things done, and I didnt have time to change a bulb, plus there wasnt any, and if you saw that carpet, you wouldnt wait till the next day to vacuum it. Trust me. So I am very sorry Dave. And I wasnt bragging about it. Just theres so many people that do this, noy saying that its right, it just amazed me that the Oreck was able to do all that without damage to the vacuum. So, from now on, I'll use the filter queen. Considering its a canister, it will sweep up anything through it, without damage to the vacuum fan or fan casing. And Dave Again very sorry..

Post# 162953 , Reply# 7   12/21/2011 at 02:08 (2,314 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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I didn't know you had a canister cleaner, but seeing as you do, it would be best to use that on any carpet you can't fully inspect, as there is no fan blade to get damaged.

I'm sure you didn't post it knowing it'd have that reaction, and I wish you all the luck with your future collecting.

Post# 162954 , Reply# 8   12/21/2011 at 02:12 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

Yea it would be wise.. It was in they're basement. Her oreck is pretty much done anyways, So she said not to worry about me sweeeping up junk that deff shouldnt be! So im sorry to you too! (; No hard feelings?

Post# 162957 , Reply# 9   12/21/2011 at 02:20 (2,314 days old) by jmurray01 (Scotland)        

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No hard feelings.

Post# 162961 , Reply# 10   12/21/2011 at 03:02 (2,314 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

Vacmaster would have liked the Royal metal upright demo Bill and I witnessed-Bill used to run the Vacuum Cleaner hospital.Its closed and he died.Anyway they were the local Royal dealer.One of my visits-the Royal area sales rep was there making a delivory.He took one of the metal uprights and fitted the hose adaptor.The machine was a commercial one equipped with the cloth dump bag.The rep let the Royal vac suck several pennies from his hand.Both Bill and I said at the same time-"that would have DESTROYED a Kirby plastic fan"The man emptied the pennies from the bag-they were bent,twisted and distorted.He then opened the fancase and showed the fan-one blade was barely nicked-another very slightly bent.With most direct air vacuums-they may be able to withstand an OCCASIONAL "accidental" pickup of a coin,nail,pebble or such.But not a floorful of them.
an Oreck I bought at a yard sale---You would have loved this one---the fan was destroyed-all blades broke off.the fancase had many holes and cracks in it.In the Oreck bag-the cloth one-the person who used it before didn't put a paper bag in the machine.I found several coins-enough to buy sodas from the work soda machine that week,pebbles,several fired .22 shells,and two keys---wonder what those went to?Now the parts of this vacuum reside in my junkbox.The Oreck had the Kevlar fan.
another Kirby G4 I got as a TriStar trade in-it had a wad of stuff in the Mini emptor--wrapped around a dead baby snake.Glad it was long dead and dehydrated.

Post# 162963 , Reply# 11   12/21/2011 at 03:58 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

Wow, Im officialy going to buy a royal and take it over there.

Post# 162969 , Reply# 12   12/21/2011 at 06:34 (2,314 days old) by tolivac (Greenville,NC)        

but WHAT type of penny was that Royal test used on-Zinc pennies would be no problem-but the stronger copper ones could be!That test is a ruggedness test-but NO vacuum should be subjected to that sort of abuse.----even though they are.Like a screwdriver and a knife-another of the most abused tools in the toolbox.I have accidently picked up hard things with my Royals-try to avoid it as much as possible.and sometimes a hard object can get jammed or wrapped in a fan blade-causing an undo load on the motor-if theis happens,shut down the vacuum right away and unplug it-than remove the object-you may have to take the fancase apart in severe cases.

Post# 162972 , Reply# 13   12/21/2011 at 08:15 (2,314 days old) by Kirbysthebest (Wichita, KS)        

What I think is the most amazing part of the story was that the Oreck could handle shag carpet. Not dis'n Oreck, but I had heard that the brush roll design and high pile carpeting were not a good match.

Post# 162977 , Reply# 14   12/21/2011 at 09:33 (2,314 days old) by HooverCelebrity ()        

I deleted your reply, as some members marked it as offensive. I appreicate your apology to Dave. But please know that I will not tolerate language like that on this forum. Blaming your temper is not an excuse. If you're old enough to be posting on this forum, then you are old enough to know when to step away and take a deep breath if something upsets you. Don't let it happen again.

Post# 162978 , Reply# 15   12/21/2011 at 09:41 (2,314 days old) by HooverCelebrity ()        

I also don't appreciate you fanning the fire here.

Post# 163036 , Reply# 16   12/21/2011 at 14:55 (2,314 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        
No worries.

I completly understand. It was stupid and inmature on my part, sorry to everybody ifI had offended them.

Post# 163076 , Reply# 17   12/21/2011 at 22:35 (2,313 days old) by djtaylor (Salt Lake City, Utah)        

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I spent two and a half years as the Service Manager for the Oreck franchise here in Utah and had some really odd customers. In my experience Oreck owners have been some of the MEANEST and most DIFFICULT people to deal with. They all seemed to think that the Oreck can pick-up ANYTHING, should NEVER need any kind of service or repair and when they do need to be repaired it should ALWAYS be FREE OF CHARGE. All of the years I did service work for Kirby Dealers I rarely ever had such nasty, hateful and cheep customers. The Orecks are decent vacuums, not great at deep cleaning, but light and easy to use. As for the newer Orecks, like the Magnesium, I don't know how good they are. I have heard some bad things about the Magnesium... but, I prefer to 'play' with machines and base my opinions on experiences.

Post# 163102 , Reply# 18   12/22/2011 at 09:54 (2,313 days old) by vac-o-matic (Saint Louis, Mo.)        

Justin, working in an Oreck store part time, I have to remind many of my customers that it says Oreck on the front, not Toro! It is amazing what people mow over, and in my area, there are many customers with cleaning help, who don't really care. If a machine is under warranty we will repair it the first time for free, even if it's abuse or neglect, but we note it, and tell them if it happens again, the repair is on them. Some 12-14 yr. old machines come in for service and are pristine and well maintained, some 3-4 yr. old machines come in and look like they've been dragged behind a truck to get there...oh well. Our seven stores in the St. Louis area have had quite a few Magnesium sales. Our prices on the Forever Gold and Magnesium are 100.00 under the website price. My favorite is the Gold, former Platinum/Xl21 platform and when I demo both the Magnesium and Gold together, I let the customer make an informed decision. I hope that the Magnesium, like the Halo and the Edge, doesn't come back to bite us you know where!

Post# 163109 , Reply# 19   12/22/2011 at 11:09 (2,313 days old) by parwaz786 ( )        
dyson story

i had a DC04 absolute green and purple last year and i was vacuuming till i stepped on the cable and it fell out LOADS of spakrks i was even vacuuming barefoot then it was about to land on my foot!

Post# 163121 , Reply# 20   12/22/2011 at 14:12 (2,313 days old) by vacwarlock ()        
r u people serious??

this guy did nothing wrong experimenting with his machine--not a human being

he doesnt owe any apologies to ANY of you!

this is not the brute who destroys vacs at random on youtube for evil pleasure

oreck is brand that ripped off many of my friends & family in the past from dave oreck days

make it a priority to say or do something positive like pray for Adam Lambert who is languishing in a foreign prison for the holidays

Post# 163130 , Reply# 21   12/22/2011 at 15:18 (2,313 days old) by sanitaireboy99 (Orange County, CA)        
Agree with vacwarlock!!!!

sanitaireboy99's profile picture
Yeah. I definatley agree with u vacwarlock. U guys dont have to make such a big fuss about it. Though that reply from vacmaster0000 was a little mean. But still. Its not the end of the world just beacause he let someone vacuum up a coin. Seriously... ugghhhh :/

Post# 163158 , Reply# 22   12/22/2011 at 22:27 (2,312 days old) by vacmaster0000 ()        

I mean, I don't worry about it. I love vacuums so much but, I'd rather worry about something else, instead, of me sweeping up a nail.. and no damage was done, so why worry!? It wasn't your vacuum.. Then I would understand.

Post# 368430 , Reply# 23   3/14/2017 at 18:32 (404 days old) by crazykirbydude (Lexington, KY)        
Sucking Up Something Bad...

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A few days ago, my sis asked me to vacuum her room. The one thing about the room is, it's a jungle in there. The floor was particularly bad that day, so I used my Kirby Heritage II. There was nothing on the floor that phased it, even some tacks I didn't know about, but it ate everything up. Then I used it in hose mode. I went to vacuum behind a shelf when I heard a CRACK! I immediately pulled the plug, and I removed the hose. I was sweating. I didn't know if it had damaged the fan. I don't have the money for a new fan. Did it damage the motor? No, it didn't I looked at the fan and all my fears were quelled. The fan wasn't damaged. I looked in the Mini Em-Tor and found the culprit. It was a blue fake rhinestone. It had been split in half by the Kirby's fan. I decided to do a test run of the machine after that, and everything was fine.

A close call, wasn't it?

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