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35715     Miele Plus...S 251i Motor Question
Created by funvacfan on 01/01/2018

35718     Qustion about Rainbows and cat litter.
Created by gottahaveahoove on 01/01/2018

35720     Got my Grandparent's Hoover Windtunnel Twin Chamber
Created by ultramvp on 01/01/2018

35721     Bissell Powerforce Compact Airflow Losses
Created by vaclab on 01/01/2018

35723     How to change individual brushes on Royal brushroll
Created by Steve on 01/02/2018

35733     New Year, New Cleaners
Created by funnynet1231 on 01/04/2018

35735     I bought my first NEW Hoover Vacuum
Created by Kirbysthebest on 01/05/2018

35739     What do you think about Oreck Vacuums?
Created by FantomTechGuy on 01/05/2018

35743     Question about Miele S7 Series Uprights
Created by tazcatsdad on 01/06/2018

35747     Which High Dollar Vacuum?
Created by markhenry on 01/06/2018

35748     Kirby Avalir tool holder
Created by Evilvacuumman on 01/06/2018

35751     Kirby Avalir VS Kirby Sentria II Questions
Created by HonestJoe68 on 01/07/2018

35752     All Tacony machines pass stringent CRI tests
Created by electromatik on 01/07/2018

35753     Royal brush roll repairing failed bearing...
Created by Steve on 01/07/2018

35754     Tom Gasko signature series Airway for sale on eBay
Created by vacman1961 on 01/07/2018

35755     What comes closest today to a 1960 canister Electrolux?
Created by cochitin on 01/07/2018

35760     I Robot Vacuum
Created by Compactelectra on 01/08/2018

35762     Airflow Box Measurements 1975-2015
Created by vaclab on 01/08/2018

35763     Kirby/Rainbow
Created by markhenry on 01/08/2018

35769     Electrolux
Created by Mieles5380leo on 01/09/2018

35778     Shark NV680UKT
Created by dave on 01/11/2018

35782     Miele C3
Created by markhenry on 01/11/2018

35785     My updated vacuum cleaner collection
Created by Jashields83 on 01/12/2018

35794     Just bought a brand new
Created by gottahaveahoove on 01/13/2018

35795     Miele active airclean filter
Created by Mieles5380leo on 01/14/2018

35802     Wet N Dry Vacuums?
Created by markhenry on 01/15/2018

35803     Huge airflow differences in the recent vacuums
Created by Mike811 on 01/15/2018

35806     Watch out boys...
Created by cuffs054 on 01/15/2018

35807     Felix being discontinued?
Created by dave on 01/16/2018

35812     Generic backpack vacuums
Created by Rainbowvacfane2 on 01/17/2018

35817     My latest acquisition
Created by Oldskoolguy on 01/18/2018

35819     Brand new canister vac options
Created by dylanmitchell on 01/18/2018

35827     Hoover Air Cordless BH50140 vacuum
Created by vacuumdevil on 01/18/2018

35828     Lux Guardian upright--U147F & U147G comparison
Created by Paul on 01/19/2018

35829     new Dyson big ball joke
Created by royalfan on 01/19/2018

35831     Kenmore U bags-Miele
Created by fan-of-fans on 01/19/2018

35832     Miele C3 Electro heads...
Created by markhenry on 01/20/2018

35838     Youtube: Dyson Ball 2 Better Than The Miele C2 electro
Created by Mike811 on 01/21/2018

35842     Electrolux 2100 Question
Created by eurekastar on 01/21/2018

35850     Shark Week- an experiment
Created by blackheart on 01/22/2018

35851     Check this out guys!
Created by Louvac on 01/23/2018